James bond houses: These James Bond houses have a licence to thrill

These James Bond houses have a licence to thrill

These James Bond houses have a licence to thrill | loveproperty.com

These James Bond houses have a licence to thrill

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Spectacular homes fit for a secret agent

EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

Along with dazzling destinations, armed henchmen and the obligatory vodka martini (shaken, not stirred), spectacular homes are an essential ingredient of any Bond film. From futuristic spaceship lairs to magnificent Mediterranean villas, we’ve brought together a selection of show-stopping properties that have featured in the films or deserve a part in one. Click or scroll on for more…

The Elrod House, California, USA

Coldwell Banker

The otherworldly Elrod House, designed by architect John Lautner for interior designer Arthur Elrod, appeared in Diamonds are Forever – a Sean Connery classic from 1971 that sees him thrown into the home’s pool after a fight with Blofeld’s henchwomen.

The Elrod House, California, USA

Coldwell Banker

Built in 1968, the luxurious concrete residence with its conical dome is perched on a hillside a mile outside of Palm Springs – the perfect viewpoint to spot approaching Bond villains. With five bedrooms and a separate guest house, there’s ample space to host sophisticated soirees.

The Elrod House, California, USA

Coldwell Banker

Beneath the iconic dome, a dramatic 60-foot circular living room oozes elegance and style, with its black herringbone floor and atmospheric rock formations that come right into the room. Swathes of glass frame sweeping views of the breathtaking valley below.

The Elrod House, California, USA

Coldwell Banker

Adjacent to the main living space sits a state-of-the-art gym, which leads out onto a concrete terrace, flanked by palm trees. We can’t imagine a more idyllic place to work out! Once you finish pumping iron, you can head outside to soak up the view over a vodka martini – or maybe just a strong coffee.

Dar Bianca as Blofeld’s HQ in Spectre

EON productions / United Artists / Danjaq LLC

This ultra-modern mansion in Marrakech looks like the perfect Bond villain’s lair, which is precisely why it featured as Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s desert villa in Spectre. With Daniel Craig as 007 and Christopher Waltz as the head of a criminal organisation, the villa is the setting for the spy’s arrival at his hidden base accompanied by Dr Madeleine Swann, played by Léa Seydoux.

Dar Bianca, Marrakech, Morocco

Emile Garcin

Set in nearly five acres of parkland with views of the Atlas Mountains, the palatial property occupies a rather more hospitable location than the film portrays. For the film, the modernist house was superimposed into a huge crater called Gara Medouar – the perfect way to hide a mansion in a desert!

Dar Bianca, Marrakech, Morocco

Emile Garcin

It may have been the home of a criminal mastermind in Spectre, but there’s no reason why wannabe covert agents can’t call this sleek space home too. We can just imagine Bond relaxing by the fabulous pool and taking a refreshing dip after a hard day undercover. Those stunning verdant gardens are about as far from an arid desert as we can imagine!

Dar Bianca, Marrakech, Morocco

Emile Garcin

The 9,472-square-foot property features a spacious open-plan living room with floor-to-ceiling windows that let the intense Moroccan sunlight flood in. Elsewhere, the extravagant home also offers three bedrooms, a fitness centre and a separate guest house that contains a further three bedrooms.

Dar Bianca, Marrakech, Morocco

Emile Garcin

Crafted from glass, metal and concrete, the streamlined residence was designed by architect Imaad Rahmouni and was built in 2006. Encircled by an artificial river, from a distance, the property looks as though it’s floating, adding an extra obstacle for any nefarious henchmen trying to break in.

Château d’Anet in Thunderball

EON productions / United Artists / Danjaq LLC

At the beginning of the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball, Sean Connery as 007 makes a daring pursuit of the SPECTRE operative Colonel Jacques Bouvar, using a jetpack and his trusty Aston Martin DB5. The chase takes place in and around a sumptuous French castle, which gives us a good insight into the wealth and influence of this global criminal organisation.

Château d’Anet, Dreux, France

Chartres Tourism

Steeped in history and built by fine craftsmen, the castle is as beautiful today as it has ever been. The spectacular 16th-century Château d’Anet in northern France was built by King Henry II for his mistress Diane de Poitiers in 1548.

Château d’Anet, Dreux, France

Chartres Tourism

The exquisite chateau is a prime example of French Renaissance architecture and was built and designed by famed architect Philibert de l’Orme. With its grand sweeping staircase, intricate balusters and priceless works of art and furniture, it would surely be the ultimate status symbol for any criminal mastermind.

Château d’Anet, Dreux, France

Chartres Tourism

Today, the magnificent building is a tourist attraction rather than a stately residence. After sections of the château were demolished in the late-18th century, only one wing remains, along with the royal chapel, the imposing main gate featuring a fascinating clock that shows the phases of the moon, and the funeral chapel where Diane is laid to rest.

Château d’Anet, Dreux, France

Chartres Tourism

The exterior has beautiful rolling gardens designed by Jacques Mollet of the famous French gardening dynasty, along with intricate statues, including this one depicting Diane de Poitiers as Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting and nature. Thunderball isn’t the château’s only starring film role – it also featured in The Pink Panther Strikes Again in 1976.

Villa Sylva in For Your Eyes Only

EON productions / United Artists / Danjaq LLC

The pool and gardens of the luxurious Villa Sylva appeared in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. Roger Moore as 007 is observing the enemy through binoculars before he’s caught by armed henchmen and escorted to meet the boss, Cuban hitman Hector Gonzales. Of course, it’s less than a minute before he’s fought his way out using little more than his MI6 training and a parasol.

Villa Sylva, Corfu, Greece

Villa Sylva

On the silver screen, the villa was located in Spain. In reality, however, the property is found on the tranquil east coast of Corfu. You can play at being a Bond villain yourself as the lavish residence is available to rent as a holiday home.

Villa Sylva, Corfu, Greece

Villa Sylva

The movie home is in a spectacular location with uninterrupted views of the Ionian Sea and the island of Pontikonisi. If you want to make a quick getaway, Corfu Town with its airport and harbour is only 10 minutes away, plus you’ll find a myriad of restaurants and cafes a stone’s throw away from the property’s front door.

Villa Sylva, Corfu, Greece

Villa Sylva

For entertaining your friends – or perhaps your enemies – there’s this fabulous 753-square-foot terrace where you can enjoy a meal or cocktails over tranquil vistas of the sea. There’s also a guest house, three gardens and a private 52-foot-long pier – ideal for making a speedy escape when the henchman close in.

Villa Sylva, Corfu, Greece

Villa Sylva

Inside the main house, you’ll find two master bedrooms and four twins – all with ensuite bathrooms – a large open-plan living and dining area, plus a reading room where you can plan your next move. The guest house offers a further double bedroom and twin, both with private bathrooms. No stranger to the big screen, the house also featured in The Executioner starring George Peppard and Joan Collins in 1970.

Villa Le Torre in Quantum of Solace

EON productions / United Artists / Danjaq LLC

In this 2008 Bond film, Daniel Craig as 007 visits his old friend René Mathis, played by Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini, to persuade him to join an unsanctioned mission in Bolivia. Ever the suave operator, Bond approaches the house on a classic 1970s open-top speed boat.

Villa Le Torre, Tuscany, Italy

Papavero Villa Rentals

Perched on a cliff in the village of Fonteblanda in beautiful Southern Tuscany, Villa Le Torre needs little help in dazzling during the scenes filmed here. Fittingly, the handsome historic home was once a fortified tower that was built to defend against Saracen invasions.

Villa Le Torre, Tuscany, Italy

Papavero Villa Rentals

There are four double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, so there’s plenty of space to host guests here too. The approach to the villa is lined with agave cacti – ideal for warding off intruders, while the tower offers 360-degree views, making it easy to spot any potential threats on the horizon.

Villa Le Torre, Tuscany, Italy

Papavero Villa Rentals

The spacious terrace has spectacular panoramic views and is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail after a hard day keeping villainous forces at bay. Impressively, the estate has its own private beach shared with the neighbouring villa, while the unspoilt beauty of Maremma Natural Park is on your doorstep.

Villa Le Torre, Tuscany, Italy

Papavero Villa Rentals

Raised high above the sea, you can take a dip in the private pool while keeping a lookout for any suspicious boats approaching. The villa is now available to rent as a holiday home and has all the facilities you could want for a comfortable stay, including WiFi, satellite TV and air conditioning for hot summer nights.

Villa Arabesque in Licence to Kill

EON productions / United Artists / Danjaq LLC

This luxury hideaway features as the residence of drug dealer Franz Sanchez in Licence to Kill – Timothy Dalton’s last outing as 007. In the 1989 film, Bond has sweet-talked his way into being a guest of the villa and manages to get away with all sorts of covert sabotage before he escapes from the roof by a helicopter.  

Villa Arabesque, Acapulco, Mexico

Luxury Link

The true story behind Villa Arabesque is almost as exciting. Built between 1978 and 1982 for Baron di Portanova, a title more than worthy of a Bond character, this extraordinary house has been the setting for many amazing scenes. Overlooking Acapulco Bay, it’s even hosted an off-duty James Bond actor…

Villa Arabesque, Acapulco, Mexico

Premium Estates

The parties the baron and baroness hosted here in the 1980s were legendary, with celebrity guests including legendary Bond actor, Roger Moore and star of the silver screen, Sylvester Stallone. The vast 40,000-square-foot home has exquisite grounds too, with an amazing infinity pool enjoying jaw-dropping views.

Villa Arabesque, Acapulco, Mexico

Premium Estates

Among the villa’s 28 rooms you’ll find a discotheque – the Poseidon – with room for 200 guests to party amidst its lavish underwater-themed décor. The property also houses the Poseidon Grill, where 60 people can dine in style, along with the Camel Walk terrace on the roof, where James Bond flees via helicopter in Licence to Kill.

Villa Arabesque, Acapulco, Mexico

Premium Estates

When it comes to grandeur, you don’t get much more lavish than the master suite, which takes up almost a whole floor. While the fairytale décor has drawn comparisons to Aladdin, this villa makes the perfect fantasy lair – whether you’re a hero or a villain. Elsewhere, there’s a total of three swimming pools, a tennis court and a tranquil private beach.

Sylvan Rock, Dutchess County, New York

Corcoran Country Living

Nestled in dense woodlands, this modern masterpiece is currently under construction in the wilds of New York. The striking mansion is the brainchild of the Aston Martin Design Team in partnership with S3 Architecture and though it’s never been an official 007 residence, it looks as though it’s been plucked straight out of the latest James Bond film. A 2,000-foot driveway meanders through the rocky outcrop to the 55-acre private estate – now that’s how to make an entrance.

Sylvan Rock, Dutchess County, New York

Corcoran Country Living

Listing pictures from Corcoran Country Living show the completed mansion’s distinctive black cedar exterior, which almost camouflages the property into the surrounding rock formations – the perfect hidden home for a spy looking to lay low. As well as its architectural good looks, the residence is packed with gadgets befitting of Bond himself.

Sylvan Rock, Dutchess County, New York

Corcoran Country Living

Encompassing 8,430 square feet, the prime piece of real estate offers swathes of floor-to-ceiling windows, while the state-of-the-art master suite cantilevers over the structure, as though floating amongst the trees. There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a plethora of entertaining spaces, from the lounge and bar to a custom-designed wine cellar for storing prized bottles of vino, perhaps collected during missions overseas. ..

Sylvan Rock, Dutchess County, New York

Corcoran Country Living

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Aston Martin mansion without a show-stopping garage. Accommodating three vehicles, the glass-framed garage faces out onto the living spaces so your supercars will never be far from sight. Elsewhere there’s a geothermal swimming pool flanked by a stone terrace and an outdoor kitchen, as well as an agricultural food garden to help the new owner lead a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Camouflaged bolthole, California, USA

TTK Represents

This amazing house in California’s Joshua Tree National Park looks like it was built for a Bond film. With its shell-like exterior blending perfectly into the rocky desert location, it would make the perfect hideaway for any criminal mastermind plotting to take over the world.

Camouflaged bolthole, California, USA

TTK Represents

Designed by American architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg for artist Beverly Doolittle and her husband, it was completed in 1993. Now owned by Facebook executive Matt Jacobson and his wife, the breathtaking interior was designed by John Vugrin and is every bit as sci-fi as the façade.

Camouflaged bolthole, California, USA

TTK Represents

Openings in the concrete structure let natural light flood in, with the desert rocks dramatically intruding into the rooms, forming part of the décor. In this futuristic TV lounge, an unusual fluted fireplace with an angular copper hood makes a wow-factor focal point.

Camouflaged bolthole, California, USA

TTK Represents

Crafted from concrete, steel, glass and copper, the hidden home sits on 10 acres of land so there’s plenty of space to explore. With three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, it’s the ideal wow-factor pad to host guests. From this quirky bedroom, you can see views of the rocky terrain outside, with the swathes of glazing mimicking the striking architecture of the roof.

Futuristic hideaway, Moscow, Russia

Zaha Hadid Architects

This spectacular home almost looks like it’s landed from another world and would make the perfect woodland retreat for any spy or Bond villain. Appropriately, it was designed for a man that architect Zaha Hadid dubbed the Russian James Bond – businessman Vladislav Doronin.

Futuristic hideaway, Moscow, Russia

Zaha Hadid Architects

Set on a hillside in the dense Barvikha Forest near Moscow, the futuristic property is as remote as it gets. The master suite appears to float on a concrete column 72 feet above the ground, offering 360-degree views over the treetops. The two balconies let you take in the fresh woodland air while surveying the land for any suspicious activity.

Futuristic hideaway, Moscow, Russia

Zaha Hadid Architects

A lift whisks you up to the master suite or you can take the stairs if you’re feeling fit – with a glass-lined ascent, you can take in those dazzling vistas on the way up. The lower part of the building is partially underground, featuring overhanging angular roofs and floor-to-ceiling windows, drawing light down into the semi-subterranean space.

Futuristic hideaway, Moscow, Russia

Zaha Hadid Architects

On the ground floor, you’ll find a lounge, living room and kitchen, plus entertaining spaces next to a luxurious swimming pool. Capital Hill Residence was the only private property Hadid designed before her death in 2016. The structure has been hailed as ‘extraordinary’ by award-winning architect Norman Foster. Now that’s what we call out of this world!

Modern Bond mansion, Sydney, Australia

Tony Owen Partners

Overlooking the iconic Sydney Harbour, this striking modernist house would make the perfect villain’s pad in a 1960s Bond film. It was designed by architects Tony Owen Partners with meticulous attention to detail. Its flowing curves and unconventional angles make the three-storey residential home completely unique, especially amongst the neighbouring conventional properties.

Modern Bond mansion, Sydney, Australia

Tony Owen Partners

Made from a steel frame clad in pre-cut metal panels, the architects describe the way it was assembled as more like building a car than a house. The open-plan living, dining and kitchen area, decked out in a calming colour palette of white and neutral hues, opens out onto a spacious balcony for the ultimate indoor-outdoor scheme.

Modern Bond mansion, Sydney, Australia

Tony Owen Partners

A minimalist orb fireplace creates a bold focal point in the room, while swathes of glass draw in plenty of sunlight. Elsewhere, the property offers five bedrooms and four bathrooms so there’s more than enough space to host guests. The best bit? You can get a front-row view of the New Year’s Eve fireworks over Sydney Harbour from the upper floor.

Modern Bond mansion, Sydney, Australia

Tony Owen Partners

The striking pool area looks like the perfect spot to make a dramatic entrance or fight off an archenemy. If you fancy something more low-key, taking a refreshing dip beneath the hot Aussie sun sounds pretty good too.

Brutalist bunker, Queensland, Australia

Charles Wright Architects

This mind-boggling house, which looks more like a bunker than a home, would surely make an ideal hideaway for an aspiring Bond villain. It ticks all the boxes of a super-secure lair, nestled in a remote location in North Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest with off-grid amenities and a resilient exterior.

Brutalist bunker, Queensland, Australia

Charles Wright Architects

Perched on the shoreline, sections of the property cantilever out, creating the illusion that the property is floating just above the water. That tough concrete exterior is designed to withstand the tropical climate with its regular cyclones and flash floods, but we reckon it’d do a pretty good job of keeping enemy agents out too.

Brutalist bunker, Queensland, Australia

Charles Wright Architects

The open-plan communal areas of the house have no walls, allowing a cool tropical breeze to run through the interior. Geometric concrete beams create a wow-factor roof, while a central pool and a landscaped courtyard with a waterfall offer idyllic spots to cool off from the heat.

Brutalist bunker, Queensland, Australia

Charles Wright Architects

Even Bond villains need to rest every now and again, and they’d be sure of a good night’s sleep in this serene bedroom that looks out over the water. Designed by Charles Wright Architects, the residence was created for a renowned stamp dealer, referenced in the home’s perforated concrete facade.  We’d like to see 007 try to sneak into this fabulous fortress!

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08 October 2021


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Dazzling James Bond Houses That Define Elegance

Bond. James Bond … houses. For fans of the James Bond movie franchise, the title character’s lifestyle is the ultimate fantasy. Gadgets, designer attire, and of course, martinis are definitely a part of the mix. But what about the real estate? As it turns out, many notable scenes starring 007 were shot on location. And you can bet there are some good stories behind these dazzling interiors!

James Bond and the Queen at Buckingham

See their Olympics stunt when Bond and the Queen parachute themselves for the opening ceremony / on YouTube

Today we showcase six properties featured in fans’ favorite James Bond films. Let’s call them James Bond houses! From historical sites to modern wonders, there’s a residence for every design style. Find out which places you can visit, and which were built solely to be destroyed in a screen-worthy display of pyrotechnics! Read on for the showstopping details…

Château d’Anet from 

Thunderball (1965)

We begin with a château near Dreux, France, built by Philibert de l’Orme from 1547 to 1552. This stunning castle was the site of the fight in the opening sequence of Thunderball from 1965! Sean Connery and his opponent destroy a large number of fine furnishings and collectibles in the process, but no worries–we’re guessing they were props!

The exterior and grounds of the Chateau d’Anet

The exterior and grounds of the château are exquisite–stately and manicured, as shown in the next set of images. A historical monument, the castle is open to visitors, but check the visiting information on the château’s official website before arriving in hopes of a tour.

Chateau d’Anet – James Bond Thunderball

Courtesy of ell brown

Chateau d’Anet red salon

With thanks to French photographer Patrick FORGET of SagaPhoto

The Elrod House from 

Diamonds are Forever (1971)

With its reinforced concrete structure, Palm Springs’ Elrod House was the perfect modern dwelling to serve as the winter retreat of villainous billionaire Willard Whyte in the 1971 film Diamonds Are Forever.  Built by noted architect John Lautner in 1968, the home was named for its owner, interior designer Arthur Elrod.

Daring design for the Elrod House by John Lautner, an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright

A domed roof filled with skylights is one of many design highlights, along with the massive rocks incorporated into the home’s architecture. [Images in this section from Faustian urGe & PalmSpringsLife]

The Elrod House by John Lautner

Did we mention that Bond (played by Sean Connery) is beaten up by two acrobatic beauties named Bambi and Thumper in the film scene set at this exquisite contemporary house? No, we’re not kidding… And Bond ends up in the pool! Design enthusiasts will cringe while watching the destruction of a gorgeous modern coffee table in the midst of the brawl.

The Elrod House swimming pool

Other Elrod House highlights include a gorgeous kitchen hidden from the living room by a curved wall, and a stunning spacious master bedroom.

The Elrod House, featured in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever

And we can’t forget about the guest and servants’ quarters, reached with the help of a descending spiral staircase accessed from the pool deck. Now that’s a dwelling fit for a spy!

The Elrod House guest quarters

A stunning modern kitchen in the Elrod House

(A “remember” by Deborah Smith Ford of Examiner)

Villa Sylva from

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

It’s the swimming pool and garden area of our next property that are featured on screen! Villa Sylva in Corfu, Greece is the house of hitman Gonzales in the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only. Interesting tidbit: the Greek setting passes off as Spain in the movie. In the scene at hand, Gonzales meets his end, and he’s left floating in the swimming pool with an arrow in his back. Not a good way to go, but at least the setting is luxurious! [Images below from JamesBondLocations via Kontodimas]

James Bond location Villa Sylva in Corfu, Greece

Do you like what you see? This property can be rented for a luxury vacation. It costs a pretty penny, but die-hard Bond fans in need of a getaway will consider it well worth the price!

Scene from James Bond movie at Villa SylvaJames Bond Villa with pool in CorfuVilla Sylva in Corfu stuns with its beautiful large pool

The Ernest Hemingway Home from 

License to Kill (1989)

Not every Bond house was the scene of a destructive fight or a violent dip in the pool! For example, Ernest Hemingway’s Key West, Florida residence was featured in the 1988 Bond film License to Kill.  At sixteen feet above sea level, it is the second-highest site on the island. Built by Asa Tift in 1861, this sturdy home has survived many hurricanes and is now a U.S. National Historic Landmark (as well as a museum open to visitors).

Ernest Hemingway Home in Key West, FloridaThe interior of the Hemingway HomeAn interior shot of the Hemingway Home

In the License to Kill scene featuring the Hemingway Home, James Bond resigns from the secret service, then escapes through the garden. Speaking of the garden, it is filled with a slew of tropical plants that add lush beauty to the landscaping. [Photos by Senses at Play]

Garden images from the Hemingway Home

Ready for a swim? Who can resist that blue water under the tall palm trees? Visitors to the home enjoy the smell of gardenias as they stroll the grounds surrounding the pool.

The pool at the Ernest Hemingway Home

Villa Le Torre from 

Quantum of Solace (2008)

This stunning villa in Southern Tuscany, Italy was featured in the 2008 Bond film Quantum of Solace. In the movie, Bond visits his ally René Mathis at the villa after enjoying a performance of Tosca in Bregenz, Austria.  Property highlights include a clifftop location and exquisite views of the sea. [Images below from Your Tuscany]

Villa La Torre featured in the James Bond film Quantum of SolaceBond location Villa La TorreThe gorgeous view from Villa La Torre

Eager to visit Villa La Torre? The good news: you can rent this property through Your Tuscany, and discover what it’s like to vacation in style. Bond style. Check out the view from the pool:

The pool at the Villa La Torre

It’s a Tuscan getaway that you won’t forget! Especially since the villa features 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Perhaps this is a vacation to enjoy with a group. After all, there are plenty of areas for seaside relaxation, as shown below:

Seaside luxury at Villa La Torre

Skyfall Estate from 

Skyfall (2012)

What’s not to love about Skyfall Estate?! The home has a prominent role in the newest James Bond film (appropriately named Skyfall). In fact, this mansion was built in Surrey specifically for the purpose of going up in flames.

Bond at the Skyfall Estate, looking at his family’s home

Construction materials included plywood and plaster stone. We can’t divulge any plot details, as Skyfall is still in theaters, but the images below from the Daily Mail (taken before the film’s release) didn’t leave much to the imagination! [Photo Credit: Paul Hennessy/Splash News]

Skyfall Estate in flames

And what exactly is Skyfall? James Bond’s Scottish family estate! Below we see the mansion surrounded by the film crew and plenty of equipment. [Photo Credit: Simon Bridger/Flynetpictures.com]

Bond home Skyfall Estate

In fact, the place holds a great deal of sentimental value for our beloved main character, who has vivid memories of living there as a boy. [Photo Credit: Simon Bridger/Flynetpictures.com]

Daniel Craig exits Skyfall Estate

The interiors of this grand estate are magnificent, as well as a bit worn down. But as you can see from the next image, their purpose in the film revolves around espionage, not entertaining. No dinner parties will be hosted in the room below. [from Best Movies Ever Entertainment News]

The interior of Skyfall Estate

That about does it for our Bond home feature! If you’re planning a getaway in the near future, perhaps you’ll follow in the footsteps of 007 and spend some time at a luxury villa. If dropping thousands of dollars on a vacation rental isn’t in the budget, pay a visit to destinations like The Hemingway Home, which are open to the public for touring. At the very least, take a break from the daily hustle and bustle by enjoying a nice view with your feet propped up, all the while sipping a martini. Shaken, not stirred, of course.

Best and Worst Real Estate in James Bond Movies

The secret agent has taken us to many beautiful places around the world, but not all James Bond architecture is created equal.

Best and Worst Real Estate in James Bond Movies

James Bond movies are known for several staples, like questionably named women, last-name-first introductions, expensive suits, flashy cars and unique villains. But something we take for granted in Bond films is the exotic real estate and architecture used as backdrops and stages for the world’s most acclaimed spy to do his dirty work. 

Since Sean Connery’s Bond in the first Bond movie, “Dr. No,” from 1962 through Daniel Craig’s Bond in 2021’s “No Time to Die” (which will be the actor’s last portrayal as 007), James Bond movies have taken place in beautiful places. From mid-century modern party pads in California to hotels, mansions and palaces around the world, the architecture of James Bond is worth a closer look. 

This is the best and worst real estate in James Bond movies. 

20. Bouvar’s Chateau

Location: Eure-et-Loir, France

Featured in: Thunderball (1965)

Note: The artwork is by Leonie Wharton and is courtesy of Home Advisor’s “License to Build” project. 

Bottom Line: Bouvar’s Chateau

Shown briefly during the pre-credits of “Thunderball” is Jacques Bouvar’s chateau.

This mansion is part of Château d’Anet, where several other “Thunderball” scenes were filmed, including the chapel.

As far as Bond locations, this one is a solid “meh.” It’s just not very imposing or all that impressive. 

19. Blofeld’s Lair

Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

Featured in: Spectre (2015)

Bottom Line: Blofeld’s Lair

This is Blofeld’s Lair from Daniel Craig’s James Bond universe. You might notice that it is not located in the middle of a Moroccan desert, but is instead surrounded by lush greenery. 

But in “Spectre,” Blofeld has no such worries about “not building a home where no one else would ever want to buy it.”

They CGI’d this home onto the desert, but in reality, the concrete, steel and glass home is located about 10 miles away from the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. It was on the market for $4.3 million in 2015. 


18. The Drax Estate

Location: Maincy, France

Featured in: Moonraker (1979)

Bottom Line: The Drax Estate

In the Bond universe, this French estate belongs to Hugo Drax, the evil, spaceship-building billionaire who wants to kill off the entire world’s population and repopulate it with his own race of superior humans.  

In reality, the Drax Estate is Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, a French estate located near Paris, France. The chateau dates back to the mid-1600s, when it was built for Nicholas Fouquet, the superintendent of France who served under King Louis XIV, until Louis XIV imprisoned him for 19 years in the prison of Pignerol, where he died. 

This is a notable piece of architecture because Louis Le Lau, Andre Le Notre and Charles Le Brun all collaborated for the first time while building this massive estate, which marked the beginning of Louis XIV-style architecture. 

17. Fort Knox

Location: Knox, Kentucky

Featured in: Goldfinger (1964)

Bottom Line: Fort Knox

If Goldfinger could get his grubby hands on Fort Knox, he could control the entire world’s gold market.

He would certainly be able to manipulate the market — Fort Knox (or more specifically, the United States Bullion Depository) holds 147.3 million ounces of gold, about half of the United States Treasury’s gold.  

Almost never photographed from the inside, Fort Knox is quite literally stuffed with gold bars. The 1974 photo above shows Mary Brooks, then the director of the U.S. Mint, in front of hundreds of gold bars. Each one weighs about 27.5 pounds.

Architecturally, though, Fort Knox and the adjacent Bullion Depository where the gold is actually held is quite boring. Although the grounds are lined with minefields and razor wire, which is pretty cool. 

16. Villa Sylva

Location: Corfu, Greece

Featured in: For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Bottom Line: Villa Sylva

Villa Sylva is the place where Bond is held hostage by Gonzales, who is killed by a crossbow bolt while taking a dive into his pool. 

In the movie, the estate is located in Madrid, but in reality, this villa is located in Corfu, Greece. It’s a wedding venue able to be rented. For your bride only.

And many others can rent, too. 

15. Palmyra

Location: New Providence, Bahamas

Featured in: Thunderball (1965)

Bottom Line: Palmyra

Palmyra is an iconic estate belonging to villain Emilio Largo in “Thunderball. ” It’s the place where Bond has to escape from man-eating sharks. 

The real estate is located in the Bahamas. During filming, the home belonged to a millionaire couple from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but it appears to now be abandoned. 

Architecturally, the house is great. It’s set right on the ocean, and that beautiful 1960’s pink color will never go out of style. Hopefully, someone repairs this piece of cinema history. 

14. Casino Royale

Location: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Featured in: Casino Royale (2006)

Bottom Line: Casino Royale

The Casino Royale from 2006’s “Casino Royale” is a spa in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. The building dates back to 1895 and actually was a casino for a brief time during the 1980s.

The building is now known as Lazne I, or the Imperial Spa. According to a Tripadvisor reviewer, as of 2018 the spa is open and available to enter for 50 koruna ($2.37). Apparently, you can see the grand staircase where Bond and Felix Leiter meet as well as the bar used in the casino.

He also reports that the place was being turned into a cultural center. 



13. St. Petersburg Square/MI6 HQ

Location: London, England

Featured in: Goldeneye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Bottom Line: St. Petersburg Square/MI6 HQ

Somerset House, located in central London, England, has been used as the location of two Bond films. It was first used as the St. Petersburgh Square in “Goldeneye,” where Wade uses a sledgehammer on a Moskovich (the tank scene was done on a sound stage). 

In “Tomorrow Never Dies,” the neoclassical building became MI6 headquarters. 

In reality, Somerset House houses creative organizations, restaurants, cafes. Various types of public events are held here, from art galleries to movie premiers to experimental dance routines.

The building dates back to 1547 and was originally going to be the personal palace of the Duke of Somerset.

12. Hotel Atlantic

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Featured in: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Bottom Line: Hotel Atlantic

In “Tomorrow Never Dies,” Pierce Brosnan makes his escape from an executive suite after killing Dr. Kaufman, and scales the Hotel Atlantic up to the roof. It’s quite a breathtaking scene, thanks to the block-long building and its curved corner façade. 

The 221-room hotel was built over the course of two years in Hamburg, Germany, with construction completing in 1909. In 1942, a line item was added to the menu: “The possibility of an air raid warning forces us to kindly ask our honored guests for immediate payment.”

This luxury hotel is quite striking from the street, especially at the corner angle. 

11. Monsoon Palace

Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan India

Featured in: Octopussy (1983)

Bottom Line: Monsoon Palace

In “Octopussy,” this castle is where Bond is served a stuffed sheep’s head (with eyeballs intact) by Kamal Khan (he loves those eyeballs). 

Built in 1884 by Maharana Sajjan Singh, this palatial home is located high on a hill overlooking Lake Pichola. Several scenes from “Octopussy”  were shot here, including the finale and the elephant-riding tiger hunt scene (the sheep’s head dinner wasn’t, though).  

The former palace is now owned by the Rajasthan government and is open to visitors. 


10. Sutton Residence

Location: Oakland, California

Featured in: A View to a Kill (1985)

Bottom Line: Sutton Residence

In “A View to a Kill,” this is the home of Bond girl Stacey Sutton, the oil tycoon heiress whose endowments are taken away from her by the evil Max Zorin. Embattled in a long-running lawsuit with Zorin and his company, the house is almost entirely bare, as Sutton had to sell her family heirlooms to fund her case. 

In reality, the Sutton Residence is a neoclassical revival home known as Dunsmuir House. It has a bit of a tragic back story. Similar to the Sutton story, Dunsmuir House was built in 1899 by a wealthy coal miner named Robert Dunsmuir. The house was a wedding gift for his new wife, but he never got to live in it. He died while on his honeymoon in New York City. His wife died shortly thereafter, in 1901.  

The mansion has been used in a number of other films, including “Phantasm,” “Gloria” and “So I Married an Axe Murder.” 

9. Mr. White’s Estate

Location: Lombardy, Italy

Featured in: Casino Royale (2006)

Bottom Line: Mr. White’s Estate

Quantum leader and high-ranking Spectre member Mr. White lives in this imposing waterside castle. 

In reality, the oddly shaped mansion is known as Villa La Gaeta, a 1921 medieval-style building located in Lombardy, Italy. 

It’s a very strange-looking house, and you can get an up-close view of it if you’re willing to spend $1,322 per night to book it. 

8. Matera

Location: Matera, Southern Italy

Featured in: No Time to Die (2021)

Bottom Line: Matera

This one isn’t a house. It’s an entire city. Specifically, it’s the city of Matera, Italy. We’re not entirely sure what role the city will play in “No Time to Die,” but we do know the movie has filmed some scenes there.  

Matera is an incredible-looking town. Over the last 70 years, the city went from being an impoverished place of squalor to a European capital of culture that’s a hotbed for tourism — a quarter of the city’s houses are available to rent on Airbnb. 

Some of the homes are built into caves, and many of the cloistered homes are limestone grottoes built on a ravine. 

7. Willard Whyte’s House

Location: Palm Springs, California

Featured in: Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Bottom Line: Willard Whyte’s House

Reclusive billionaire Willard Whyte lived in this spectacularly futuristic, mid-century modern house in “Diamonds Are Forever.”

In reality, this 1960s-built home is known as John Lautner’s Elrod House. The home with the curved dome sits on a hill in Palm Spring’s swanky Araby Cove neighborhood, overlooking Coachella Valley. Lautner built the house for American designer Arthur Elrod, who in turn, designed the interiors.  

This is the pinnacle of 1960s-1970s fantasy life. Recently, in the 2010s, the owner of the home defaulted on the property, and the home went to the bank (it was reportedly in need of repairs, as the roof had been neglected and was badly damaged). It went up for sale in May 2016 for $8 million and sold on Sept. 2, 2016, for $7.7 million. 

6. Raoul Silva’s Island

Location: Island off of Nagasaki, Japan

Featured in: Skyfall (2012)

Bottom Line: Raoul Silva’s Island

2012’s “Skyfall” featured the villainous Raoul Silva, who made his lair on an abandoned island off of China. 

While that was a bit of fantasy, the island lair was based on Hashima Island, an abandoned island located off of Nagasaki, Japan. The 16-acre island was initially used for undersea coal mining in 1887, and several thousand people lived there up until 1974.

During World War II, it was a forced labor camp for Korean and Chinese prisoners of war, while the mine officially closed in 1974, signifying an end to the island. It has been occupied only by nature and the old, abandoned concrete buildings since. You can now visit it. 

There’s something just so hauntingly beautiful about this piece of land and its cold, industrial architecture. 

5. Castle Thane

Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Featured in: The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Bottom Line: Castle Thane

In “The World Is Not Enough,” Scotland’s MI6 headquarters is located in Castle Thane. In reality, Castle Thane is Eilean Donan Castle, which dates back to the 13th century. 

The first defensive structures on this small island were used to defend against the Vikings, and was also used as a defensive position against warring clans. That castle grew and shrunk over the ages, and in 1719, the castle saw heavy warfare during a Jacobite uprising and was partially destroyed. The castle lay neglected for 200 years until it was restored in 1932. 

As far as Bond architecture — well, this is a friggin’ 700-year-old castle. You don’t get much cooler than that. The castle was also featured in 1986’s “Highlander.”

4. Fontainebleau

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

Featured in: Goldfinger (1964)                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Bottom Line: Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau is one of the most recognizable pieces of architecture in America. 

Designed by Morris Lapidus, this curved neo-baroque resort is synonymous with Miami resort life. In “Goldfinger,” this is where 007 meets Felix Leiter, and it’s where Oddjob kills Jill Masterson. 

The luxury resort opened in 1954. Lapidus, riding that fame, was commissioned to build another, competing resort called Edon Roc right next door to the Fontainebleau. That really brought out the villain in Fontainebleau’s owner, Ben Novak.

Furious that Lapidus had designed a resort so close to his, Novak built a 14-story addition on the resort’s northern edge for the sole purpose of shading Edon Roc’s pool. It’s called a “spite wall.”

3. Piz Gloria Restaurant

Location: Schilthorn, Switzerland 

Featured in: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Bottom Line: Piz Gloria Restaurant

The Piz Gloria restaurant is called just that in both “Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and in real life. That’s because the building was only partially constructed when the filming team found the location. In exchange for filming rights, the movie’s production studio funded the completion of the restaurant. 

In the film, the restaurant was Blofeld’s clinical institute, which is swarmed at the end of the film by Bond and his allies. In real-life, Piz Gloria is located in the Swiss Alps, and the restaurant revolves. There’s a James Bond-themed bar, as well as other Bond-themed memorabilia at the place.  

This is a rather awesome piece of architecture. It just looks like a Bond villain’s base, doesn’t it?

2. St. Cyril’s Monestary

Location: Central Greece

Featured in: For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Bottom Line: St. Cyril’s Monastery

This is the lair where “For Your Eyes Only” villain Aris Kristatos hid the stolen ATAC system, and Bond has to scale a steep rock precipice to reach it. 

This is an incredible piece of architecture known as the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Meteora. Located in Central Greece, the building is located on a 60-million-year-old cliff over 500 miles high. It was built by monks in 1475, and is one of 24 similar monasteries in the area. 

As far as buildings with a view go, this one certainly takes the cake. 

1. Franz Sanchez Villa

Location: Acapulco, Mexico

Featured in: License to Kill (1989)

Bottom Line: Franz Sanchez Villa

In “License to Kill,” this was the home of Franz Sanchez, a Central American drug lord.  

In real life, Villa Arabesque in Acapulco, Mexico, was one of the homes of  Baron Enrico di Portanova and his wife, Sandy Hovas, two socialites well-known for their flamboyant lifestyles and parties in the 1980s.

They mainly resided in Houston, Texas. The Baron once remarked that the best things in life were “sun, sex, and spaghetti.” He was, as Texas Monthly put it, the “unwelcome heir” to a fortune that grew from $5,000 a month in the 1960s to $1.2 million a month in the 1980s. 

It would be fair that lots of sun, sex, and spaghetti happened here in Acapulco. As well as ungodly amounts of cocaine. 

Also, the home is a fantastic slice of tropical mid-century modern living. You can vacation there, too. 

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The James Bond Jamaica House

Welcome to our in-depth look at the No Time To Die James Bond Jamaica House! In this post we’re going to be covering affordable alternatives for everything from Bond’s furniture to his lamps to his books. There’s a lot to look at, and we’ll have specific comments as we go room by room. But first let’s talk about the overall style of the place.

In our first post on The Affordable James Bond Apartment, we discussed some overarching characteristics of his preferred style of interior design. The four main principals were: keep it simple, focus on textures rather than patterns, don’t worry about matching, and when in doubt go for the classics. I’m happy to say that it seems like those principals also apply to Bond’s new home in Jamaica.

As we saw in the SPECTRE apartment, Bond likes furniture that’s larger in scale. And the pieces he’s used in Jamaica show that as well. His bed is massive. The desk is the size of 12 seater dining table. And the lamps definitely make a statement. It’s sounds cliché, but size does matter. At least when it comes to decorating like Bond.


Mixing it Up

Perhaps more interesting than the size of the furniture is the way Bond mixes and matches pieces with distinctive design styles and different cultural influences. For example, that huge bed is very similar to a traditional Japanese tatami platform. When we look at his “office space” we see an industrial cantilever-style lamp contrasting with the rustic wooden table combined with a minimalist metal frame task chair. And then, over on the bar, there’s a Streamline Moderne style chrome double headed lamp.

All of these pieces work together for the same reason the blend of styles worked in his London apartment. Each piece has character. And collectively they tell the story of a man who appreciates quality, understands tradition and believes that form follows function.

The house also looks lived in. Bond may be a military man. However, now that he’s retired, keeping everything ship shape at home obviously isn’t a priority. I don’t think he’s the type to leave a sink filled with dirty dishes. But he obviously doesn’t care where he leaves his books. Those things are stacked on every available flat surface in the place! On a brighter note, at least he found time to hang some of his artwork.

We’ll have more to say about Bond’s design style as we explore room by room. Let’s get started!


Outdoor Living

It seems like Bond keeps his house open to the environment a good part of the time. So the whole “outdoor living” thing can get a little blurry. To keep things simple, we’re just going to focus on those rattan chairs in this section. And there’re some behind-the-scenes trivia that makes them a little more interesting than they first appear.

Over on AJB007, there’s a thread about the furniture we’ve seen so far in No Time To Die. And in that thread, forum member HalfMonk HalfHitman shared some photos of the rattan chairs used at the famous Goldeneye Resort in Jamaica. As he notes, they look remarkably like the chairs Bond has on his deck.

Most of us know Goldeneye was once the private home of Ian Fleming and the place where he first wrote about the character of James Bond. But it would also seem that the No Time To Die design crew poached a couple of chairs from the property to use as set dressing in the film. It’s an insignificant but fun piece of information. And I like that fact that the movie-Bond’s home has a small connection to the place where he was created. It also has me wondering what other stuff from the Goldeneye Resort ended up in Bond’s house ….


Mbare Malawi Cane Chair in Natural: $490.00

A great suggestion from AJB007 forum member Noi on the aforementioned Furniture in NTTD thread. The chair is handmade in Malawi by Mbare, a company that works with more than 2000 artisans in the west African country and adheres to fair trade practices. It’s made with a blue gum tree wooden frame wrapped with bamboo strips.


Rika “Nature” Armchair: on sale for $428.00/£308.00

This is the closest model I could find to the chairs Bond uses on his deck. This is genuine rattan wrapped wood and comes from a Danish design company called House Doctor. For those of you in the U.S., I’ve linked to Royal Design above. If you’re in the UK or Europe, it’s probably easier to order directly from House Doctor. I think they’re made to order since the shipping time is 8 to 10 weeks. So if you want a pair for this summer, best order soon!


Safavieh Jessica Rattan Accent Chair in Honey Brown Wash: $374.00

If you’re willing to sacrifice some design details (while saving yourself about fifty bucks) then you can get this alternative in about two weeks. The construction is genuine rattan on a bamboo frame and they do include the cushion, which is nice.


Threshold Mulberry 2 Piece Patio Chair in Natural: $400.00

We’re dropping down to $200 per chair. But now we’re getting a steel frame and there’s no mention if the wrap is natural or synthetic (I’m assuming plastic). On the plus side, these should be very easy to maintain. And the do come with the cushions. They also have 5 stars out of 5 after 16 reviews, and most of the comments are extremely positive.


All Weather Wicker Outdoor Tub Chairs in Natural: $199.98 for set of 2

And our true budget option. Coming in at just under a hundred bucks per chair, these are steel frames wrapped in a resin plastic wicker material. And they’re stackable so they’ll take up less space when you store them during the colder months.


Bay Isle Home Damron 20″ X 20″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Grass Green/White: $62.99

If you go with one of the chair options that comes without cushions (or if you want to replace the included cushions with something more screen accurate), then these should do the trick. If you look at the photos of Bond in his Jamaica home, it seems like he keeps one cushion on the wicker chair and the other on his bed. So these kind of give you two decorating looks for the price of one. If the pattern of the Damron isn’t to your liking, you can also try the Bayou Breeze Karina pillow in Grass for $62.10 or the Harriet Bee Terkel Print pillow in Green for $53.92.


The Office Space

Based on his workspace setup, it doesn’t seem like Bond spends a lot of time at his giant dinner table/desk. Not that I blame him. If I had a view like that from my office I’d probably never get any work done. For me, there are two mystery pieces here. First is that chair. It’s a simple enough design: to my eye, it’s a basic tubular metal frame with a slung leather (or possibly wood) back and seat. In other words, it looks like it would be more at home at a dining table (or in a primary school classroom) than at a desk. I don’t think of Craig’s Bond as a Herman Miller Aeron kind of guy. But that’s a little austere, even for him.

Second is that cantilever lamp. The design isn’t all that unusual. But the boom part is so long I imagine it needs a seriously heavy base to stay upright. It’s one lamp I hope we get a closer look at in the film. In the meantime, I’ve suggested a couple of more modest alternatives for it below.


Christopher Knight Raphael Rectangular Acacia Wood Dining Table in Teak Finish: $269.99

The legs on this one are painted wood rather than metal. And it’s important to note that top is a slat construction with spaces between the boards. That should be fine if you’re just using your computer. But it’ll be a pain when you have to write (and you can expect a pencil or two to fall between the gaps). However, it is solid wood and it has a similar look to Bond’s table/desk. That’s not too bad for under $300.


Banyan Live Edge Wood and Metal Sled Base Table: on sale for $643.87

Tables like this are kind of cool since the tops have more organic flowing edges rather than the straight sides you normally see. Gives them more of a natural feel that works well with a rustic-contemporary decorating style. At six and half feet, this isn’t the biggest table on the list. But it should work just fine for a desk.


Modus Furniture Kali Solid Mahogany Live Edge Table: $799.99

Another option with those natural edges. It’s a jump up in price. But the table top is now made from solid mahogany planks which will definitely improve it’s durability and lifespan.


Pottery Barn Perkins Dining Chair in Brown Leather: $399.00

Not exactly screen accurate. But with it’s basic, gently curved metal frame and simple faux leather seat and back, it stays true the minimalist design of Bond’s chair. Lots of companies are selling this model under different names and the best price I could find was at Pottery Barn. Honestly, I’m not spending a lot of time on the chair since I don’t feel it’s really practical if you need to sit at a desk for hours. I appreciate many things about Bond’s decorating style, but his taste in office seating isn’t one of them.


360 Lighting Modern Desk Lamp in Black: $99.99

A relatively affordable option if you like the style of that cantilever lamp on Bond’s desk. You can adjust the height up to 20″, so it should provide plenty of illumination over your desk. Although the thinner boom arm won’t have the same dramatic impact.


Hay Fifty-Fifty Table Lamp in Soft Black: €295.00

This lamp has developed a bit of fan following since designer Sam Weller introduced it in 2018. He used his background in engineering and physics to create a simple system of counterweights that allows you to easily adjust the lamp head and arm into a variety of positions. The lamp head can be raised up to about two feet and, as you can see in the product photo, it uses a thicker tubing for the body. So it’s definitely going to stand out in your work area. This model is available from a variety of retailers around the world at varying prices (and with varying shipping costs!). So if you want one, I’d hunt around a little. Just make sure you get the “Table Lamp” version and not the “Mini Table Lamp”!


The Bar Lamp

That is a very funky looking lamp! And I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for it to no avail. I’m no expert on 20th century design styles. But the little I did glean from my research suggests the it’s in the Art Moderne or Streamline Moderne style, a design movement which took place during the transitional period between Art Deco and Functionalism in 1930s and early 1940s. We may not be able to find an exact match for Bond’s lamp. But another lamp with a similar aesthetic would definitely work in this setting.


CB2 Exposior Walnut Table Lamp Model 2014: $249.00

As I mentioned above, the maker of Bond’s double headed lamp is still unknown. And honestly, I wasn’t able to find a design that really came close. But I do like the similar industrial-meets-modernist vibe of this one from CB2 and think it would look pretty sharp lighting up my bar area.


LED Double Lamphead Banker’s Lamp: $162.00

The design is definitely more “Old school London banker” than “artistic industrial”. But it could still add some unique character to your bar area, especially if your other furniture is a more traditional style.


Annie Selke Baldwin Table Lamp: $145.00

The metal is a spun brass rather than chrome. But I think the parallel head/shade design gives it a look that’s closer to Bond’s lamp. It’s also a reasonable 24″ high, so the bottom of the shades won’t be banging against the bottles on your bar.


Versanora Mason Table Lamp with Chrome Finish: $60.60

And our budget option, which actually looks a lot like some of the more expensive alternatives above. Seriously, at just over sixty bucks, I would be tempted to get this one and hit the shades with some brown metallic spray paint to make it more screen accurate. But that’s just me.


The Bedroom

Bond accomplished an enviable feat with the design of his bedroom. There’s a lot going on here. But it still seems tranquil and uncluttered. The size of the room obviously helps with that. But he’s also used the furniture and decoration to create different areas and each serves a dedicated purpose.

The best example is the use of the mosquito curtain over the large bedframe. With the net hanging down at the four corners, it almost becomes a separate room. The dressing area with it’s set of drawers and mirror is set off in the corner. And when we look at the room from another angle we can see that the books and chess set are kept on that half wall that creates a dedicated reading area. It’s a nice layout that looks spacious yet warm and inviting.


Raku Tatami Platform Bed in Honey Oak: on sale for $949. 00 for Queen size

That, my friends, is a nice looking bed! But I’m also a minimalist kind of guy when it comes to furniture. While it doesn’t have the overly wide edges of Bond’s bed frame, the Raku’s Japanese inspired tatami platform design will definitely add an air of rustic elegance to your room. You’re also a lot less likely to smash your shins when you’re trying to crawl into it at the end of a long day. Haiku Designs has used an eco-friendly and sustainable solid Para wood, which doesn’t use any particle board or chipboard (or the toxic glues that hold those together). Which means you’re not breathing in any potentially unhealthy fumes during your night’s rest.

A few other things to note. First, the price above does not include the headboard. That’ll run you an extra $450. But I can’t tell from the set photos if Bond’s bed even has a headboard. Second, this design would work best with a thinner mattress, although your current regular  mattress won’t look ridiculous on it. Third, Haiku Designs has a few other more expensive models that would also work as alternatives for Bond’s bed. Check out their Takuma ($1,099.00 plus $349 for the headboard), the Tomaru (on sale for $1199.00), and the Luna ($1,499.00; a good choice if you want to use a regular thickness mattress).


Prestige Furnishings Zen Platform Bed in Honey Oak: $639.99 for Queen size

If you find yourself on a tighter budget (or you need a bed for the guest room), the Zen model gives you a similar Japanese inspired style for about $300 less than the Haiku Design. What’s nice is that it’s still made from solid hardwood.


Loon Peak Morgana Platform Bed: $1099.99 for Queen size

And if you just have to have the extra wide edges to sit on, check out this alternative from Loon Peak. It’s a darker tone wood and it doesn’t have those chunky legs we see on Bond’s bed. But it is a big, blocky design with ample seating space. Loon Peak has another model called the Elliston ($1599.99) which is very similar but includes extra storage drawers in the base. Could be a nice feature if your closet space is at a minimum.


Great Bay Home Cotton Jersey Knit Queen Sheet Set in Oatmeal: $54.99 for Queen size

Getting a new bed? May as well pick up some new sheets! These ones from Target are an 80% cotton, 20% polyester blend jersey. So they should be nice and soft right out of the box. The set includes a fitted sheet, a top sheet and two pillow cases. And that Oatmeal color looks very similar to what Bond’s using on his bed.


Bed Threads 100% Flax Linen Bedding Set in Oatmeal: $270.00 for Queen size

If you feel like going all out, this 100% French flax linen set from Bed Threads should keep you comfortable in hotter weather. It includes two pillow cases, a fitted sheet and a duvet cover (which you could use as a top sheet if you keep it empty).


Even Naturals Luxury Mosquito Net: $24.47

One of the most dramatic elements of Bond’s bedroom is the mosquito curtain hanging above the bed. And having lived for 20 years in a tropical country where Malaria and Zika were real risks, I can tell you that the good ones actually do work. But even if you’re not normally bothered by the disease carrying little blood suckers, a curtain like this over the bed can give your room design something extra. Even if it’s just a basic and inexpensive single layer model like this one from Amazon.


Sheba Hanging Sheer Mosquito Bed Canopy: $46.00

An extra twenty bucks will get you an integrated frame (which makes the rig more stable and manageable) and split, overlapping netting on all four sides. That will let you tie the netting at the four corners to get the look we see in Bond’s bedroom.


Cotton Mosquito Net Queen Box: $149.00

So what does another extra $100 buy you? Well, the netting is now 100% cotton with a tight 256 holes per square inch weave. And the curtains are hemmed so they fall closed more easily. There’s also a variety of ways to hang it from your ceiling using the 26 pairs of ties. And the box net’s ceiling is reinforced for durability. Granted, most of us aren’t going to need most of those features. But it’s also a better finished rig that will look sharp hanging over your bed.


Charlton Home Delmer Beige 6′ X 9′ Area Rug: $144.99

Using only the screen shot above, I can’t be 100% sure that the rug at the foot of Bond’s bed is an Oriental style. But it’s definitely a lighter color and Bond has certainly shown a preference for rugs like that in the past. So I’m going to make an educated guess. As we’ve mentioned in our previous articles on Bond inspired interior design, you could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on an authentic Oriental rug. However, that just isn’t realistic for most of us. Something like this 100% polypropylene alternative will give us a similar look without devastating our finances. And it’ll be easier to clean when you track beach sand all over it.


Joyce Black Metal Accent Table Lamps: $69.99 for set of 2

Just a pair of decent alternatives for the lamp standing on the dresser you can see in the background of the screenshot of Bond’s bedroom. Bond has A LOT of lamps in his house. If we’re on a budget we can’t be expected to pay $200 plus for each of them. Better to spend that money on a good bed frame in my opinion.


Daryl Wood Finish Rectangular Table Lamp: $69.98 for set of 2

Another budget set of lighting that work as an alternative for the lamp you can see on the bookcase in the background of the photo at the top of this post. These are only 23″ tall, so don’t expect them to have a huge presence in a room. But they’ll work just fine for a bit of mood lighting.


August Grove Hull 31″ Table Lamp in Brown: $199.99

If there’s one bedroom lamp that might be worth investing in, it’s the one standing next to Bond’s chess set. If only because it’s featured so prominently in one of the promo photos for the film (see that below). But it’s also nice to have at least one tall lamp in the bedroom to provide more illumination. This particular model from August Grove has a wood grained poly-resin base and a built in USB charger. My bedside table has this feature and I have to say I use it way more than I thought I would. It’s great for some in-bed phone scrolling when the charging cable is too short to reach from the wall socket. You may want to swap in a different shade with black trim to make it more screen accurate (this one for $64.99 would work).



The Extras

Another cliché: it’s the small, personal details that make a house a home. And Bond has a lot of small, personal details lying about. We’ve all collected mementos from our time here on Earth and no doubt you already have many on display. So, with a few exceptions, I don’t think this is an area where copying Bond’s style is the right move. Use the things that are priceless to you to make a space special.

Having said that, I also think this is an area of decorating where you can have some fun. Rather than shopping on-line for the books, art, lamps and knick-knacks go visit thrift stores, vintage shops and flea markets. Get out of the house and hunt for those weird odds and ends that speak to you. Sure you could pay $200 for a new brass barometer to hang on your wall. But it’s way more interesting to find one on a dusty shelf in some small town antique store. I always like to remember that costume designer Jany Temime found Bond’s SPECTRE dressing gown in a vintage shop in London. You can collect your own cool finds to decorate your home over time. And usually at a fraction of the cost of buying new!


“Woman Relaxing in Canoe” Black and White Photo: $19.99 (plus framing)

I’ll talk about the subject of Bond’s artwork first. From the little I can see of the black and white print, it looks like two people (adult and child?) paddling a canoe through some lily pads by the shore. And there seem to be some other boats lined up along the right and side of the image and something reflecting in the water.

“Woman Relaxing in a Canoe” obviously isn’t the best alternative for Bond’s art. However, it does have a canoe. And I get a bit of a “Sylvia Trench waiting for Bond in a boat in From Russia With Love” vibe from it that I really like. But that’s just me.

So anyway, how do you get this on your wall? It’s actually a stock photo from Alamy which you can buy as a digital download for $19.99. When you buy for personal use, the file is 6173 X 4859px or about 21″ X 16″ with a 3000 dpi resolution. Print it off at your local Wal-Mart or Office Depot. Then take it your local framing place. Or you could buy a low cost frame with matting from Ikea and you’ll have some fun but classy wall art for under $100! The best part is there are literally thousands of photos you can choose from to suit your taste.


Framed Black and White Canoe Art: $187. 49

Taking your art to a local framing store is still preferable in my opinion (support local business when you can!). But if that’s not an option for whatever reason, then ordering a finished piece like this also works. Not saying you have to go with a “canoeing” theme. But this particular print does seem to capture some of the spirit of the photo we see on Bond’s bedroom wall.


Maple and Walnut Chess Board: $129.00

We can’t see much of the actual chess board in that photo of Bond. It looks to me to be some sort of light brown material with a grain along the edge. So this 14″ X 14″ alternative may or may not be the best match. I will say that having a nice chess board displayed in your home isn’t a bad thing. You don’t need to spend a fortune if you only play occasionally. But if you’re going for some Bond style, a flimsy paper board with cheap plastic pieces ain’t gonna cut it. Speaking of pieces: the price above is for the board only.


Galaxy Staunton Wooden Chess Set Pieces: $79.95

While the chess board in Bond’s bedroom may be a bit of mystery, we do get a clear look at the pieces. The two main take-aways: they’re a traditional “Staunton” design and the dark pieces have a reddish-brown coloring. This handmade set available on Etsy meets that criteria. The pieces are carved from Hardwickia Rosewood and Boxwood and are triple weighted to keep them stable on the board. The king stands 3″ so these will look right at home on the bigger 14″ X 14″ board above.


British Staunton Acacia and Boxwood Chess Set Pieces: $149.99

A hundred and fifty bucks may seem like a lot for some small pieces of wood. But I just want to share that when I was researching for this part of the post, I was coming across wood chess sets that were in the $1000 to $1500 range! And that was without the board. Again, it just goes to show that our definition of “affordable” can vary depending on the topic. So if you feel like investing (or if you’re a lover of chess), this “affordable” set made from Babul Wood and Boxwood would be a great alternative for Bond’s set up.


One of things I like about Bond’s Jamaica home is the subtle nautical themed pieces we see throughout. There’s a book here, some artwork there, a beachy looking blanket on the bed. These are nods to his surroundings and retired lifestyle, but nothing’s overt. Those brass instruments on the wall are another example of this aesthetic. They not only look cool, they can also serve a practical purpose. I have no doubt that one is a barometer. But the other could be a thermometer or a tide clock. If anyone reading this knows something about sailing, please share your opinions in the comments!


KLSAMN 3 Piece Wooden Base Weather Station: $63.99

I’m sure that anyone who is really serious about sailing uses a modern digital weather station, regardless of what Bond has hanging on his wall. In which case, a vintage style setup like this is basically just decoration. But it’s still nice to be able see the temperature and barometric pressure at a glance on something that isn’t battery dependent. As a wise man once said, “Sometimes the old ways are the best.”


Weems and Plath Brass Endurance II Open Dial Barometer: $190.00

If you do feel like spending up to get more screen accurate wall decorations, something like this brass finished barometer from Weems & Plath would look great. Measuring 4 4/3″ wide at the base and just over two inches deep, it will stand out on your wall without looking too contrived. And it’s practical. Weems & Plath are actually pretty well respected makers of traditional nautical instruments. So the barometer really works. To complete the set, check out the Weems and Plath Brass Endurance II 105 Thermometer for $177.00.



Bond has a LOT of books. And they’re spread out everywhere in his house. Honestly, without an inventory from Eon of the items used during the production, it would be impossible to identify all of them. But thanks to some set photos and great detective work in the Bond community, we do know what a few of them are.

These are the books we see stacked next to the lamp on the bar with the Blackwell Rum and what I think is a bottle of McCarthy’s Single Malt Whiskey (the font used for the name looks right, but I can’t find a bottle with exactly the same label). James Bond Lifestyle has a great overview of the books if you’d like to learn more about them.


And these are the books we see stacked in Bond’s bedroom. Instagrammer @legallybond was doing a great series of posts showing some of the different books. But I’m also going to point out three I noticed myself. Welcome Aboard was published in 1987 and tells the story of a five day voyage on the QE2 from New York to England. There’s also a book definitely titled “The Complete Book of Sea Fishing”, but I haven’t been able to find many images of it. And lastly, I have to say I’m a little surprised to see Bond reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Never thought he’d go in for that type of philosophy.


And that wraps up our look at the No Time To Die James Bond Jamaica house! Do you have any ideas for what you’d include in your affordable James Bond home? Or comments on the finds we’ve discussed here? Share away in the comments! You can also visit our Facebook pageInstagram accountTwitter account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice and inspiration!

Home Inspired by James Bond Movie for Sale for $33.5M

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“Snowfall,” named after the James Bond movie “Skyfall” and inspired by another Bond film, “Spectre,” is being constructed in Utah.

Blok Studio

  • An under-construction home in Utah will be on the market soon for $33.5 million.
  • The home, called “Snowfall,” is inspired by the James Bond movie “Spectre.”
  • The developer, Matt Alcone, provided Insider with renderings of the property by Blok Studio — see them below.

A 15,000 square-foot home is being constructed in Park City, UT at the top of the Deer Valley ski resort that is inspired by the glass house in the James Bond movie “Spectre.” It’s referred to as “Snowfall,” an homage to another Bond film, “Skyfall.”

Aerial shot of what the front of the property will look like.

Blok Studio

It’s expected to be listed by Steve Jury of Keller Williams Park City this weekend, with an asking price of $33.

5 million. But construction won’t be finished until the 2023/2024 ski season, the home’s developer, Matt Alcone of Alcone Ventures, told Insider.

The pool.

Blok Studio

Alcone said that he visited the “Spectre” glass house in Austria, and searched for the perfect place to develop a similar home for years until he found it at the top of the Deer Valley Resort mountain. Here’s what the “Spectre” property looked like.

The glass house in “Spectre.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Alcone said that the “unobstructed views” and privacy of the location, as well as the “ability to snap on your skis anytime you want and ski down the mountain,” were the main inspirations.

Living room and ski lounge.

Blok Studio

The 1,500 square-foot master bedroom features two fireplaces, according to the home’s website, Snowfall.


Owner’s bedroom.

Blok studio

The main kitchen is adjacent to a catering kitchen and leads to an outdoor area for BBQing, the website says.


Blok Studio

Here’s what the movie lounge will look like, where people can watch “Spectre” or any of their other favorite movies.

Movie lounge

Blok Studio

The car show room features vehicle turntables to show off someone’s cars, and there are additional garages for snow vehicles, according to Snowfall.net.

Car show room and garage.

Blok Studio

And here’s the rendering of the wellness center, which leads into the pool deck.

Blok Studio

“I would imagine the privacy and security of this home would be of great interest, as well as its private Apres ski lounge and roof top decks offering the best views in the Wasatch Mountains,” Alcone said.

Roof deck.

Blok Studio

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Real Estate
James Bond

Hemmingway House in Key West, Florida

Hemmingway House in Key West, Florida


Booking biljetter
ticket online

ticket. Open mon-fri 11-15, sat. 10-14 Tweet 





[email protected]

Open Daily 11-15  Sat 10-14 Media/Press

James Bond Theme Party




Bollinger  Corgi 


James Bond store


Welcome to The World’s only James
Bond 007 Museum Nybro



The Hemingway House in Key West,



US Key West, Hemingway House Licence to Kill (1989)

Residence of famous author Ernest Hemingway house at Key West. 80
000 dollar selling after his dead 1961.
At his old office one can grasp the secrets to his emipirical writings and
then, for Bond fans,
the setting once had a dramatic impact to the double-o agent, too.



Why Bond was here

After 007s (Timothy Dalton) best buddy Felix Leiter (David
Hedison) gets beaten up by the gang of drug impresario Sanchez (Robert Davi)
Leiter disagreed to something that ate him James Bond goes on a private
vendetta. This doesnt go unnoticed by the MI6, as they want their agent back on
the tracks and on a mission in Istanbul. Bond gets picked up by fellow agents on
the streets of Key West and is brought to the former residence of famous writer
Ernest Hemingway. Usually cramped with tourists, the house is closed for a
private soiree this time. MI6 chief M (Robert Brown) made it his, well, instant
office. He meets Bond at the gallery of the Hemingway house and revokes his
licence. 007 becomes a renegade.




Licence To Kill
Lars Lundgren …. Soundoperatr (okrediterad) och Timothy Dalton
Lars Lundgren in Licence To Kill 1989 in a diving scene
LICENCE TO KILL 1989 Lars Lundgren with Timothy Dalton James Bond


First (and only time) 007 goes to the Hemmingway House in Key
West, Florida

USA Key West, Hemingway House // Licence to Kill (1989)

Residence of famous author Ernest Hemingway house at Key West.

At his old office one can grasp the secrets to his emipirical writings and
then, for Bond fans,
the setting once had a dramatic impact to the double-o agent, too.


Lars Lundgren a speciell thanks to Gunnar James Bond Schfer for good
dinner in Kalmar


Why Bond was here

After 007s (Timothy Dalton) best buddy Felix Leiter (David
Hedison) gets beaten up by the gang of drug impresario Sanchez (Robert Davi)
Leiter disagreed to something that ate him James Bond goes on a private
vendetta. This doesnt go unnoticed by the MI6, as they want their agent back on
the tracks and on a mission in Istanbul. Bond gets picked up by fellow agents on
the streets of Key West and is brought to the former residence of famous writer
Ernest Hemingway. Usually cramped with tourists, the house is closed for a
private soiree this time. MI6 chief M (Robert Brown) made it his, well, instant
office. He meets Bond at the gallery of the Hemingway house and revokes his
licence. 007 becomes a renegade.

Following the mutilation of Felix Leiter and the
death of Della Leiter at the hands of drug czar Franz Sanchez, 007
disobeys orders and pursues Sanchez with a vengeance. Bond’s obsession
costs him his licence to kill – and nearly his life.


Americanized to “License To Kill” (with an “s”), but the British
version won out. The title is referred to by M when 007 quits the secret
service – “effective immediately, your licence to kill is revoked”.

License Revoked

James Bond is catapulted into his
most passionate adventure — not for country, not for justice, but for
personal revenge. As Agent 007 turns renegade, Timothy Dalton brings
urgency, charm, and deadly determination to his portrayal of the
screen’s greatest action hero.

When drug lord Franz Sanchez
(Robert Davi) exacts his brutal vengeance on Bond’s friend Felix Leiter
(David Hedison), 007 resigns from the British Secret Service and begins
a fierce vendetta against the master criminal. Bond won’t be satisfied
until Sanchez is defeated, and to accomplish this aim he allies himself
with a beautiful pilot (Carey Lowell) and Sanchez’s sexy girlfriend
(Talisa Soto). But Bond, relegated to outlaw status, must battle agents
on both sides of the law as he discovers the horrifying extent of his
prey’s resources. In order to bring Sanchez down, Bond must survive a
ferocious boat chase, a mid-air brawl over the controls of an
out-of-control airplane, and an action-packed confrontation in the
Mexico desert.

It’s a pulse-pounding thrill ride
with awesome stunt sequences, subtle humor, and explosive
confrontations. When Bond’s licence to kill is revoked, he’s more deadly
than ever!


Timothy Dalton

James Bond, 007
Carey Lowell Pam Bouvier
Robert Davi Franz Sanchez
Talisa Soto Lupe Lamora
Anthony Zerbe Milton Krest
Frank McRae Sharkey
Everett McGill Killifer
Benicio del Toro Dario
Don Stroud Heller
Wayne Newton Joe Butcher
David Hedison Felix Leiter
Priscilla Barnes Della Churchill

MoneypennyBliss Miss Moneypenny

M Brown

Timothy Dalton: Timothy Dalton
Pam Bouvier: Carey Lowell
Franz Sanchez: Robert Davi
Lupe Lamora: Talisa Soto
Milton Krest: Anthony Zerbe
Sharkey: Frank McRae
Ed Killifer: Everett McGill
Professor Joe Butcher: Wayne Newton
Dario: Benicio Del Toro
Truman Lodge: Anthony Starke
President Hector Lopez: Pedro Armendriz Jr.
M: Robert Brown
Q: Desmond Llewelyn
Moneypenny: Caroline Bliss
Felix Leiter: David Hedison
Della Churchill: Priscilla Barnes
Heller: Don Stroud
Hawkins: Grand L. Bush
Kwang: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Perez: Alejandro Bracho
Braun: Guy De Saint Cyr
Mullens: Rafer Johnson
Loti: Diana Lee Hsu
Nick Fallon: Christopher Neame

  • The Facts

  • Rated: PG
  • Official Year: 1989
  • Number in Series: 16
  • Running Time: 127 minutes
  • Budget: $40 million
  • UK Premiere: June 13, 1989
  • US Premiere: July 14, 1989


  • Writing Credits: Michael G.

  • Producer: Albert R. Broccoli
  • Producer: Barbara Broccoli
  • Director: John Glen
  • Composer: Michael Kamen
  • Title Song: Gladys Knight


CIA agent Felix Leiter is played by David
Heidson same actor who 
played Leiter twice in 

Live And Let Die 1973  and

Licence To Kill 1989

Joe Butcher televangelist runs the Olimpatec Meditation Institute

Prince Charles and Lady Diana inspektion at Pinewood studios with
Broccoli and Timothy Dalton

James Bond Licence To Kill (1989) Olympus cameras tie-in

Olympus OM-4 Ti appeared in the opening title for the Bond movie
Licence To Kill. Poster from James Bond 007 Museum Sweden Nybro.
Thanks to my friend Tobias Brjesson.

(Carey Lowell) Bondgirl Pam Bouvier and Bond  

M Actor: Robert Brown M with Lupe Lamora Talisa Soto

James Bond CIA Agent Felix Leiter

Sanchez leguan and Bond with Felix Leiter             

The end of the movie, Pam Bouvier meet Bond at the end…

Albert “Cubby”Broccoli  

Harry Saltzman

Camera Signature Gun:  
In Licence To KillBond uses the Signature Gun.


KILL 1989
Lars Lundgren with Gunnar Schfer

in The
James Bond 007 Museum


Timothy Dalton …. James Bond  Carey Lowell. .. Pam Bouvier Lupe Lamora… Talisa Soto

Caroline Bliss …. Miss Moneypenny


Robert Davi …. Franz Sanchez

David Hedison …. Felix Leiter (1973, 1989)

Live and Let Die  

Wayne Newton …. Professor Joe Butcher


Dentonite Toothpaste 
Movie: Licence To Kill Film: Licence To Kill

Owner: James Bond 


Everett McGill …. Ed Killifer Priscilla Barnes …. Della Churchil Anthony Zerbe …. Milton Krest
Desmond Llewelyn …. Q  17 films Frank McRae …. Sharkey    

Albert “Cubby”Broccoli  

Harry Saltzman


Backlot in Licence to kill

Lars Lundgren a speciell thanks to Gunnar James Bond Schfer for good
dinner in Kalmar


Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier from Licence To Kill Shaken
not Stirred

Shaken_not_stirred. AV







LICENCE TO KILL 1989 Sweden Nybro

Felix Leiter,
James Bonds vn och agentkollega, ska gifta sig. Bond sjlv r marskalk. 
P vgen till kyrkan fr Felix reda p att knarkkungen Franz Sanchez r p
fri fot, och beger sig, med hjlp av Bond, ut p jakt. 
Tillfngatagandet lyckas, och brllopet stter igng p allvar. Men det
visar sig att Sanchez lyckas muta sig fri, och under fngelsetransporten
sker en planerad kupp som ger Sanchez friheten tillbaka. Som hmnd fr att
ha blivit tillfngatagen lter Sanchez dda Felix nyblivna hustru och kasta
Felix till hajarna, dr han mister ena benet. Bond har under tiden begett
sig frn brllopsfesten och r p vg hem, d han blir informerad om att
Sanchez rymt. Bond skyndar sig tillbaka till Felix hus, och upptcker en
medvetsls Felix med en lapp som lyder “He disagreed with something that ate
him”. Bond bestmmer sig fr att hmnas, och tar upp jakten p den frrymde
Sanchez. Nr Bond vgrar att lyda order frn M angende att sluta upp med
sin privata vendetta, blir han av med sin rtt att dda. Trots det
fortstter Bond sin jakt, och mter under sin vendetta Pam Bouvier, Sanchez
flickvn Lupe Lamora och ven Q, som blivit vertalad av Moneypenny att
hjlpa Bond. Pam Bouiver r ven hon villig att hjlpa Bond, och rddar
honom frn att d i en fabrikslokal. Efter en hetsig och brutal hmndaktion,
lyckas Bond till slut att f ut sin hmnd.



Agent 007 opererar denna gng i Centralamerika. Tv
vnner, Felix och Della verfalls efter sitt brllop. Attentatet leds av
Sanchez, knarkkung “frn Alaska till Chile”. 007 inleder sin personliga
vendetta mot Sanchez och infiltrerar dennes organisation. Med hjlp av
sin medagent, Pam Bouvier, oskadliggrs Sanchez och Bond fr demonstrera
en arsenal av undervattensteknik, mini-ubtar och hgteknologiska vapen.

Timothy Dalton and Lars Lundgren in a boat Timothy Dalton and Lars Lundgren in a boat
Lars Lundgren a speciel thanks to James Bond Gunnar Schfer for dinner in
Kalmar in his Goldeneye house.

Kenworth Tanker in Licence to kill backstage
foto:Lars Lundgren
Kenworth Tanker Trucks
(Licence To Kill)

Vehicle: Kenworth Tanker Trucks
Movie: Licence To Kill
Owner: Franz Sanchez
Status: Destroyed

A convey of large tanker trucks, which were bought by
Sanchez, and if petrol were not addictive enough they were also doped
with cocaine.

Franz Sanchez’s chemists had developed a way of
combining cocaine with gasoline by converting it into liquid and
chemically combining it with cocaine for export purposed, the cocaine
was then converted back to it’s pure form. The tanker trucks were used
to carry the fuel over the border without suspicion. After Sanchez’s
base was burnt down by Bond, the trucks were driven out of the base to
safety, where Bond destroyed the tankers and the drugs.

Large Kenworth tanker trucks with a white cabin and
polished aluminium tank

  • When Bond is on the gasoline tanker
    and is being shot at by machine guns, the bullets that ricochet off the
    tanker make the Bond theme.
  • Sanchez’s mansion was filmed at an
    estate in Acapulco.
  • Sanchez and the black DEA agent from
    the beginning of the movie also appeared together as FBI agents in
    Die Hard
  • The character of Krest was
    originally in the Ian Fleming short story, The Hildebrand Rarity.”
  • Felix Leiter’s shark attack was
    actually in the book

    Live And Let Die 1973.

  • One of the two DEA agents was an
    Olympic gold medallist receiving gold in 1964 in the decathlon.
  • 007 refers to Pam Bouvier as Ms.
    Kennedy when he arrives in Isthmus City. This is a reference to former
    first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and coincidentally, President
    John F. Kennedy was a fan of Ian Fleming’s novel,

    From Russia With Love 1963.

  • The scene where Bond turns in his
    resignation was filmed at the Hemmingway House in Key West, Florida.
  • While at the Hemmingway house
    Bond is asked to relinquish his gun, to which he replies, “I guess it’s
    a Farewell To Arms.” This is a reference to a novel of the same name
    about Hemmingway’s adventures in Italy during WWI


Licence to Kill
Written by Narada Michael Walden, Jeffrey Cohen,
Walter Afanasieff & Michael Kamen
Sung by Glady Knight

I feel I’ve got to hold on to
your love. ..

Hey baby, thought you were the
one who tried to run away.
Oh, baby, wasn’t I the one who made you want to stay?
Please don’t bet that you’ll ever escape me
Once I get my sights on you.

Got a license to kill (to
And you know I’m going straight for your heart.
(Got a license to kill)
Got a license to kill (to kill)
Anyone who tries to tear us apart.
(Got a license to kill)
License to kill.

Hey baby, think you need a
friend to stand here by your side?
Yes you do (your side)
Oh, baby, now you can depend on me to make things right (things right)
Please don’t bet that you’ll ever escape me
Once I get my sights on you

Got a license to kill (to
And you know I’m going straight for your heart.
(Got a license to kill)
Got a license to kill (to kill)
Anyone who tries to tear us apart.
(Got a license to kill)

Say that somebody tries to
make a move on you
In the blink of an eye, I will be there too
And they better know why I’m gonna make them them pay
Till their dying day
Till their dying day
Till their dying day

Got a license to kill (to
And you know I’m going straight for your heart, baby.
(Got a license to kill)
Got a license to kill
Anyone who tries to tear us apart.
(Got a license to kill)

Got a license to kill (to
And you know I’m heading straight for your heart.
(Got a license to kill)
Got a license to kill
Anyone who tries to tear us apart.
(Got a license to kill)
License to kill
Gotta hold onto your loving.
License to kill

  • First Bond film rated PG-13
  • First returning Felix Leiter (David
    Heidson played Felix in

    Live And Let Die 1973)

  • First time Felix Leiter is married
  • First time Felix Leiter is injured
  • First movie in which Bond and
    Moneypenny do NOT appear together
  • First time Bond M accepts Bond’s
    registration from Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • First film not to take a Fleming
  • First film to have a second
    generation Bond actor (Pedro Armendariz, Jr. is the son of Ali Kerim Bey

    From Russia With Love 1963)

  • First time the singer of the opening
    song is not credited in the opening. Gladys Knight was listed in the
    closing credits only.
  • First time Bond wears blue jeans
  • First use of a CD-ROM device
  • First movie to be filmed with
    Spectral Recording Dolby Stereo
  • First time where a Latin American
    drug lord is portrayed in a Bond film
  • First appearance of drug cartels
  • First (and only time) 007 goes to
    the Hemmingway House in Key West, Florida
  • First time an airplane is towed by a
  • First time 007 water-skis
    barefooted, behind a seaplane
  • First time 007 mutilates a shipment
    of contraband (cocaine)
  • First time 007 has custody of stolen
    drug money ($5 million)
  • First chase scene involving
  • First chase scene involving
  • First time undercover narcotics
    agents are seen in a Bond film (Hong Kong, U. S. DEA)
  • First time 007 goes on a rogue
  • First time 007 has his “license to
    kill” revoked by M
  • First time 007 jumps into a swimming
  • First time 007 uses a signature gun
  • First time a villain beats a woman
  • First time 007 sees a woman with
    scars on her back
  • First time Felix Leiter is widowed
  • First time 007 drives a Lincoln
    Continental Mark VII coupe
  • First time 007 kills someone doused
    with gasoline (Sanchez)
  • First time 007 uses a cigarette
    lighter to kill someone
  • First time a Jeep is crushed by an
  • First time an 18-wheeler does a
    wheelie (similar to the Mustang in Diamonds are Forever)
  • First time a henchman spits in 007’s
    face (Dario)
  • First time someone gets their heart
    taken out by the villain (or by anyone for that matter)
  • First time Bond plays blackjack
  • First and only Bond movie to
    have a Surgeon General’s warning. Near the beginning of the closing
    credits, there is a box featuring the same warning that is on a pack of

Camera Signature Gun:  
In Licence To KillBond uses the Signature Gun.


James Bond uses in Licence to KIll 

Camera Signature Gun
: this deadly gadget really does have a
viewfinder to a kill! The film magazine contains a magazine of .220
high-velocity bullets, while its tripod-like attachments screw into the body
to form the butt and barrel of a deadly snipers rifle. The handle of the
gun also contains an optical palm reader, ensuring only the person
programming the computer sequence can fire the weapon at a later date.
In Licence To Kill, Bond uses the Signature Gun (one of Qs most ingenious
and lethal gadgets) in an attempt to avenge the murder of his best friends
wife. On this rare occasion, 007 misses his target, South American drug
baron Franz Sanchez, when he is overcome by a group of Ninjas.


James Bond: “Licence To Kill” 1989 James Bonds (Timothy Dalton)
Scuba Equipment.

Museum Nybro Sweden


James Bonds (Timothy Dalton) scuba equipment from Licence To Kill.


Licence To Kill Magazine, Tid Fr Hmnd 1989

James Bonds (Timothy Dalton) scuba equipment from
Licence To Kill. This diving gear was used for the scuba sequences
as Bond thwarted Sanchezs (Robert Davi) drug shipment. The Dacor
diving vest and goggles were used by Bond during his initial
infiltration.The vest incorporates strapping for a gas tank and has
a built-in tube and mouthpiece. The gas tank is the style stolen by
Bond as he sabotaged the cocaine shipment and features a
Dacorbranded shoulder strap rig, black and yellow decals, a
mouthpiece and a diving gauge.

Displaying wear from use and storage including
scratches on the tank, cracked rubber on the vest and sand on
various pieces of equipment, the set remains overall in good
condition. Dimensions (diving tank): 40 cm x 30 cm x 71 cm (15 x
11 x 28)



AM General


























































Levande Mltavla 1985


Iskallt Uppdrag

Fr Hmnd 1989



Rollbesttning i Licence To Kill

Timothy Dalton .
James Bond
Carey Lowell …. Pam Bouvier
Robert Davi …. Franz Sanchez
Talisa Soto …. Lupe Lamora
Anthony Zerbe …. Milton Krest
Frank McRae …. Sharkey
Everett McGill …. Ed Killifer
Wayne Newton …. Professor Joe Butcher
Benicio Del Toro …. Dario
Anthony Starke …. Truman-Lodge
Pedro Armendriz Jr. …. President Hector Lopez
Desmond Llewelyn …. Q
David Hedison …. Felix Leiter
Priscilla Barnes …. Della Churchill
Robert Brown …. M
Caroline Bliss …. Miss Moneypenny
Don Stroud …. Heller
Grand L. Bush …. Hawkins
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa …. Kwang
Alejandro Bracho …. Perez
Guy De Saint Cyr …. Braun
Rafer Johnson …. Mullens
Diana Lee Hsu …. Loti
Christopher Neame …. Nick Fallon
Jeannine Bisignano …. Strippa
Claudio Brook …. Montelongo
Cynthia Fallon …. Consuelo
Enrique Novi …. Rasmusson
Osami Kawawo …. Orientalisk man
George Belanger . … Doktor
Roger Cudney …. Kapten p Wavekrest
Honorato Magaloni …. Chefskemist
Jorge Russek …. Gruvchef
Sergio Corona …. Pickolo
Stuart Quan …. Ninja
Jos Abdala …. Tankbilsfrare
Teresa Blake …. Biljettkontrollr
Samuel Benjamin Lancaster …. Dellas farbror
Juan Pelez …. Casinogare
Mark Kelty …. Radiooperatr hos vakten
Humberto Elizondo …. Assisterende hotellgare
Fidel Garriga …. Sanchezs chaffur
Edna Bolkan …. Servitris p Barrelhead
Eddie Enderfield …. Clive
Jeff Moldovan …. Lagervakt
Carl Ciarfalio …. Lagervakt
Tom Adams …. (okrediterat)
Gerardo Albarrn …. Alvarez, (okrediterat)
Tom Bahr …. Marskalk 1 (okrediterat)
Chick Bernhardt …. Marskalkchaffur (okrediterat)
Alex Edlin …. Marskalk 2 (okrediterat)
Lundgren …. Soundoperatr (okrediterat)
Branscombe Richmond …. Barkund p Barrelhead (okrediterat)
Jorge Valds Garca …. Gst p casinot (okrediterat)
Michael G. Wilson …. Rsten till DEA-agent (okrediterat)





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90,000 Bond-related houses – Tranio.Ru

In connection with the premiere of 007: Skyfall, the 23rd film about the adventures of the legendary special agent, the British newspaper The Telegraph published a list of 10 properties related to both James Bond himself, and to Jan Fleming, the author of the novels about agent 007.

1. Orakabessa, Yamaika

Type of Object: Villa

Sales Price: 934.8 thousand euros

on Yamaika took place part of the filming of the first James Bond film – “Dr. No”, which was released in 1962 years old. The directors did not choose this island by chance: it was here that Ian Fleming invented his hero and wrote 14 novels. Then the author lived in his own Golden Eye villa in the village of Oracabessa on the northern coast. Today the two-bedroom house is up for sale. By the way, next to the writer’s housing is the James Bond beach, whose role in the first film was played by Sean Connery.

2. South Bank, London, UK

Property Type: Apartment

Sale price: 2.8 million pounds sterling (3.5 million euros)

6 (UK Secret Intelligence Service). Then, the nearby residential complex Peninsula Heights, where you can now buy a luxury two-bedroom apartment, got into the frame. The building has a 24-hour concierge service, underground parking and a gym.

3. Estoril, Portugal

Property type: apartments

Sale price: 1.2 million euros

Hotel Palacio, which is located in Estoril. By the way, this was the only film with George Lazenby in the title role. Today, this castle, which has turned from a hotel into a residential complex, sells 26 luxury apartments. There is a garden and a swimming pool on the territory.

4. Whitehall, London, UK

Property type: apartments

Rental price: 4 thousand pounds sterling (5 thousand euros) per week

John Barry, composed 12 soundtracks for James Bond films. In addition, this apartment became the location for filming episodes with the participation of the mysterious boss of the super agent – Mr. M. After the death of the owner, the apartment with three bedrooms and two bathrooms is rented out.

5. Bahamas

Type of object: villa

Sales Price: from 3. 1 million euros

Films about the legendary specialist are always held in interesting buildings located in the solar corners of the world with good beaches and crystal water. Thus, the 21st James Bond movie, Casino Royale, takes place in the Bahamas. The filming location was the Albany complex, on the territory of which there is a horse riding arena, a golf course, swimming pools and marinas. In addition, there is a 24-hour concierge service. Now you can buy a villa here.

6. Lombardy, Italy

Property type: villa

Sale price: 6.5 million euros

Villa with 8 bedrooms is located on the shores of a private park of Lake Como, on the territory of Lake Como. This is one of the largest properties on the local real estate market. Next to the villa there is a separate guest house, equipped with a pier. This object can be seen in the movie “Casino Royale”, in the episode where James Bond is tracking down Mr. White, the head of the organization “Quantum”.

7. Victoria, London, United Kingdom

Property type: apartment

Sale price: from 850 thousand pounds (1.1 million euros)

1945 while living in an apartment at 22b Ebury Street. Here he wrote most of the novels dedicated to the adventures of James Bond. Now in a nearby building, apartments with one, two or three bedrooms are being sold. The complex has a concierge service, and the territory has its own square.

8. Venice, Italy

Property type: apartment

Sale price: 1.05 million euros

Now a furnished apartment is for sale near the filming location. It has 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms, the balcony offers a magnificent view of the historic city center.

9. Kent, UK

Property type: mansion

Price: 1.75 million pounds (2.2 million euros)

The 19th-century mansion in Kent has a story that is indirectly related to Bond. One day, Ian Fleming was approached by his ten-year-old son Casper and stated that his father loved his agent 007 more than him. Then, in order to somehow make amends, Fleming wrote the fairy tale Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the Russian version of the title is “Bang-bang oh-oh-oh”). It was the car that stood in the garage of this house that was the prototype of a fantastic car that not only drives, but flies and swims. Now a mansion from 9bedrooms is for sale. There is a home cinema, a workshop and a wine cellar, and a garden is laid out on the adjacent territory of 5 hectares.

10. Fulham, London, UK

Property type: house

Price: £800,000 (€1 million) James Bond in the 15th film about a special agent – “Sparks from the Eyes”. Now this object of 93 m² with three bedrooms and a small garden in the yard is for sale. Real estate agents who represent the landlady describe the house as “a great place to get creative.”

Irina Voropaeva, Tranio. Ru

Based on The Telegraph

New home for James Bond: Amazon bought MGM for $8 billion





James Bond
James Bond
no time to die
No Time To Die
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime Video
Prime Video
Eon Productions


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Digital giant Amazon has officially announced the purchase of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio . The deal is valued at $8.45 billion.

With nearly a century of film production history, the company said the MGM would be a great addition to Amazon Studios’ , which is primarily focused on releasing television shows. It is reported that the American corporation “will help preserve the legacy of MGM and the library of its films,” as well as provide users with more convenient access to all existing works of the studio.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s catalog of over 4,000 films and 17,000 episodes of TV shows will allow Amazon to expand its platform Prime Video lots of popular entertainment content. In addition, will now allow Amazon to produce new original tapes based on iconic series such as “ The Pink Panther “, “ Rocky ” and “ 007 “.

At the same time, MGM shares the rights to James Bond with Eon Productions , which has full control over the spy franchise and approves everything from marketing and casting to the distribution model. This means that Amazon will have to obtain additional agreements for any actions with IP, including the possibility of issuing “ No Time to Die ” on the Prime Video streaming service.

“The real financial value of this deal is a treasure trove of [intellectual property] in a vast catalog that we plan to rethink and develop with the talented MGM team. It’s incredibly exciting and opens up many opportunities to create [new] high-quality stories,” said Mike Hopkins , senior vice president of Prime Video and Amazon Studios.

MGM acquisition is Amazon’s second-largest deal after acquisition Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in 2017. The company did not say when it plans to complete the MGM takeover, which is subject to regulatory approval.

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“James Bond must be a man” | Articles

The new Bond film No Time To Die did not win the box office in 2021. But agent 007 didn’t say the last word, the franchise will get a sequel , and the new actor who replaced Daniel Craig as James Bond is sure to surprise the audience. This was told to Izvestia by the famous writer, screenwriter and biographer Philip Durand, who had just published the book James Bond.

“Many men would like to be like him”

– “No Time to Die” was supposed to attract the most viewers in the world this year. It was with him that the hopes of the film industry were pinned on a way out of the crisis. Does the expert’s forecast come true?

– Hardly. It is still confidently surpassed by the blockbuster Spider-Man, which seems to be breaking all records. Of course, it’s a shame for such a grated roll like James Bond to lose to a youngster, but he fell victim to an invisible enemy – COVID-19. The British agent 007 has seen everything in his lifetime, and he will still have a chance to take revenge.

James Bond must be a man

Still from No Time to Die

Photo: Universal Pictures

— What are the recipes for the phenomenal success of James Bond over the course of almost six decades?

– It is difficult for him to find a rational explanation. First of all, ‘s success is associated with the main character – charming, fearless, resourceful, elegant, cold-blooded – in a word, irresistible. Many men would like to be like him, and women would dream of having such a spouse or lover. Every time when the Bond film seemed to hit a dead end, and experts predicted its inevitable decline, the producers found a happy solution – either changed the lead actor, or came up with the most unexpected moves in the script.

Photo: Hors collection

Book cover by Philip Duran you quote in your book.

Young called him a sadist because Bond enjoyed killing. Over time, the image of agent 007 has changed a lot, , but he still remained a dangerous character that is so popular with a wide audience on all continents.

– Intellectuals, snobs and other aesthetes never complained about agent 007. Francois Truffaut claimed that the first James Bond film “Doctor No” marked the beginning of the degradation of all cinema.

— Of course, this is not an author’s film, and it’s ridiculous to compare. Bondiana belongs to a different weight category. In cinema, as in literature, everyone chooses what he likes. Truffaut apparently considered himself much smarter than the millions of people who preferred James Bond to his films. He should not lament about the crisis of cinema and humiliate those who watched Bond with pleasure.

James Bond must be a man

Still from the first film of the James Bond film Dr. No

Photo: Eon Productions Ltd.

— Who is today the multi-million army of 007’s fans?

First of all, these are elderly people who have been following his adventures for decades, and James Bond knows how to stir up interest in his person. He also has a young audience that sees him as a hero of our time. All social strata are represented in the ranks of his fans without exception. You probably remember those times when agent 007 was banned in the Soviet Union, but his pirated copies were actively traded under the counter.

The French love detective stories

– President John F. Kennedy named Ian Fleming’s From Russia with Love as one of his favorite books. It is hard to imagine that General Charles de Gaulle or President François Mitterrand read his novels.

— Indeed, they had other literary tastes. In fact, the French love detective stories, police novels and thrillers, but they are embarrassed to admit it. But who knows, maybe de Gaulle read the spy saga about the French James Bond – agent OSS117 (its author Jean Bruce. – Izvestia) Anyway, Kennedy greatly contributed to the popularity of the British Crown Spy by noting the writings of Ian Fleming. Bond was also influenced by the fact that From Russia with Love and other books were set at the height of the Cold War. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, fans of 007 wondered: “What will happen to Bond now? Will he be out of work? With whom will he fight? But he was still waiting for battles with new enemies – first of all, with terrorists of various stripes ( in the film “A View to a Kill” the head of the KGB, General Anatoly Gogol, awards James Bond with the Order of Lenin for his help in cooperation. – “Izvestia” ).

James Bond must be a man

Ronald Reagan on his ranch in Santa Barbara

Photo: Global Look Press/Michael A.W. Evans

— President Ronald Reagan, himself a former actor, also made no secret of his sympathies: “Bond symbolizes the values ​​of the free world. He is fearless, brave, self-confident, and most importantly, he knows how to seduce any girl.

– He shared his impressions after the release of the film “Octopussy” 30 years ago. Reagan was convinced that a real man should have the qualities of agent 007, thanks to which (and thanks to a good script) he always comes out victorious in all fights. This is a typical American take on James Bond. It is not often that world leaders sing of the virtues of a spy born from the imagination of a writer or filmmaker.

Is James Bond in Ian Fleming’s novels and on screen the same character?

– No, they are completely different. Agent 007 is much more interesting in the movies than in the books. In the beginning, Bond looked like Western characters. He appeared out of nowhere, dealt with the villains and, having completed the mission, went to no one knows where. Nobody cared about his past. Much has changed with the arrival of Daniel Craig, who is in every way more human than his predecessors, with his – sometimes unexpected – weaknesses and experiences .

– A few years ago, the chief of the British intelligence agency MI6 claimed that James Bond would never have been hired by his office. How do professional spies treat their legendary colleague today?

They laugh at him – such scouts, of course, do not exist in life. Roger Moore himself, according to him, portrayed the only agent in the world who tells everyone his name and who is known at all intersections. A true spy is the complete opposite. He should be inconspicuous, no different from others. The world of James Bond is fictional from start to finish. He has nothing to do with the real-life scouts best portrayed by John le Carré in his novels. The true fighters of the invisible front – if they are not exposed – remain in the shadows to the grave.

— Doesn’t James Bond seem too politically correct to you?

– He is represented by a knight without fear and reproach, who is devoted body and soul to Her Royal Majesty. This is a 100% patriot who saves his fatherland and the entire Western world . If the British Queen requires him to jump from the Eiffel Tower without a parachute, he will not hesitate to follow her order.

— He seems to lack a sense of humor sometimes.

– From the very first tapes, the character of Sean Connery is distinguished by self-irony, which is even greater in Roger Moore. This is a kind of wink at the audience. It means that his character should not be taken too seriously: “Don’t forget that you are watching a movie where everything is not true.

James Bond must be a man

Sean Connery in Diamonds Are Forever

Photo: Eon Productions Ltd.

“James Bond succeeds with all the girls”

– French actress Léa Seydoux is in the latest James Bond film. But why was there no place for the superstar Catherine Deneuve at one time?

— It was a time when Kathryn’s career was in a bit of a downturn and she tried to make herself known as one of the James Bond girls. Her agent told the producers that she usually takes $ 400 thousand for participating in the film, but is ready to give in and agrees to $ 250 thousand. She was boorishly answered that the company never pays girls more than $ 80 thousand. The star felt insulted. In vain they refused her services – Deneuve’s participation would only benefit the film.

– Could such French celebrities as Belmondo and Delon claim to be agent 007?

Rather handsome Delon with his exceptional appearance and icy calmness. Once he was even listed among the possible candidates who could replace Sean Connery. But the producers chose only British actors and did not want to make exceptions even for Delon himself.

— Despite the abundance of girls on the screen, there are no frank love scenes in the Bond film, without which a rare picture can do today. Why such a puritanical approach?

In the film “And the whole world is not enough” there is a frame in which Sophie Marceau’s naked breasts are visible for half a second. But in all love scenes agent 007 behaves with the ladies, one might say, chastely, does not participate in frank sex scenes , which add nothing and reduce the viewer to the level of a voyeur. When the hero goes to the hotel with another girlfriend, it is clear what they will do in their room, and it is not necessary to show sex on the screen. One way or another, James Bond succeeds with all the girls who meet on his thorny path, and instantly abandons them as soon as they begin to interfere with him.

– Does agent 007 abuse alcohol? According to your calculations, in each film, the hero drinks an average of 4.5 times.

The experts came to the conclusion that he is abusing, which cannot but affect his espionage craft or sex. But this is in real life, and in the movies his favorite vodka martini cocktail has become part of his ritual. And although he drinks a lot, he never gets drunk.

James Bond must be a man

Photo: Getty Images/David M. Benett

– Which of the actors, in your opinion, turned out to be the best agent 007?

– The canonical character was and still is Sean Connery, who is only slightly behind Roger Moore in my rankings, followed by Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

— And who earned the most in this role?

– No one was left behind. By the standards of the time, Sean Connery was very well paid for Diamonds Are Forever . To get the maximum, Roger Moore warned the producers ahead of time that he would no longer act as 007. When the fee was noticeably increased, Moore allegedly reluctantly agreed. But Daniel Craig earned the most, who, according to some reports, was paid about $ 25 million for the last film “No Time To Die”. Who will take his place? Some see a black actor in this role, others are convinced that the producers will invite a woman.

Photo: Hors collection

Screenwriter and biographer Philippe Durant

I don’t think it will be a woman. Everyone used to think that James Bond should be a man. It doesn’t matter what color his skin will be – black, white or yellow . We need an excellent actor who will give the image new unexpected features. I think that the producers will try to greatly surprise the audience and find a performer that everyone will like. Or even restart the entire project. We will get an answer in three or four years.

Izvestia reference

Philippe Durand — James Bond chronicler, prominent French film historian, author of biographies of Gerard Philip, Sean Connery, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Gabin, Lino Ventura, Alain Delon, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Di Caprio, Simone Signoret, Liz Taylor, other world movie stars and the book “James Bond Girls: 230 Beauties of 007”.

Hidden part

Cyber ​​security in the Bond world | Kaspersky blog

No Time To Die was recently released, which closes the era of Daniel Craig as 007. It’s time to review all five films with him in the title role and find out how things are in this universe with information security. It turned out that the filmmakers consistently promote one idea – a complete lack of understanding of cybersecurity by MI6 employees.

It is not known whether they do it intentionally, to illustrate the thesis “the two-zero section is outdated”, or whether this is a consequence of the lack of awareness of the scriptwriters and the lack of sane consultants. If you are not afraid of spoilers, then let’s analyze what absurdities we saw in the films – we will do it in the order they were released on the screens.

Casino Royale

In the first film of the series starring Daniel Craig, there is such an episode: James Bond climbs into the house of his immediate boss M, connects to some kind of spy system through her laptop and finds out where the text was sent from message to the offender’s phone. In reality, this could be done if:

  • MI6 does not apply the auto-lock screen and auto-logout of critical systems policy, and M leaves his laptop turned on and logged in;
  • MI6 does not force its employees to use complex passwords, so M passwords are easy to guess;
  • M does not know how to keep his passwords secret from colleagues or uses passwords that have been compromised for a long time.

Any of these options is bad. The third one is most likely, since a little later in the story, Bond logs in remotely to a certain “secure website” again using the name and password M.

However, Bond himself is no better at passwords: when he secret account (minimum six characters), he uses the name of a colleague from the treasury – Vesper. Moreover, the authentication mechanism is built in such a way that the word actually serves only for mnemonics – the “word-number” system was used, which was used to remember numbers in old phones. That is, in fact, this is a password of six digits, and even based on a dictionary word – just the height of reliability, worthy of a super spy.

Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace is the least computerized of the last five Bond films. By and large, one point deserves attention here: at the very beginning of the film, it turns out that a certain Craig Mitchell, who worked for MI6 for eight years, five of them as the personal bodyguard of the head of agency M, is actually a double agent.

In itself, of course, this is not so much a problem of information security as of the internal security service. However, the carelessness of M., already known to us from the previous film, in relation to passwords, hints that completely outsider villains could have access to the secrets of the “sixth section”, and for a long time already.

Skyfall coordinates

But Skyfall, on the other hand, is the most computerized episode of all five – information security formed the basis of the plot of this film. Therefore, it is not surprising that the madness here begins literally from the first frames. For convenience, we will analyze what is happening in parts.

Data breach in Istanbul

An unknown criminal steals a laptop hard drive containing “data on every NATO agent infiltrated by terrorist organizations around the globe.” Moreover, this is a list that never officially existed, and MI6 allies do not know about it.

The very idea of ​​the existence of such a disk is already a vulnerability. It can be assumed that such a base was collected for some kind of espionage needs. But the fact that for some reason such a valuable disc is in a safe house in Istanbul under the protection of only three agents cannot be explained in any way. Even considering that the disk is allegedly encrypted and equipped with a security system that sends a signal to the MI6 servers when an attempt is made to decrypt it.

Cyber ​​terrorist attack on the SIS

Some time later, we are shown the first real cyber incident – a cyber terrorist attack on the headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service. The attacker is trying to decrypt the stolen disk, and, according to the security system, from the personal computer M. The defenders are trying to turn off the computer, after which the villains blow up the MI6 building.

According to the ensuing investigation, the hackers hacked into the MI6 building’s life support system, disabled security protocols, turned on the gas supply, filled the room with it, and blew it up. But before that, they managed to break into M’s files, including her appointment calendar, and get some codes with which decrypting the hard drive with a list of agents is a matter of time.

Let’s say the stolen hard drive alarm from computer M was an attempt at disinformation or trolling (because the hard drive could not have been in the building). We will also not focus on the supply of gas to the room – you never know why it is used there, maybe for heating. Or for lighting, since the 19th century, yet Great Britain is a country of traditions.

Hacking engineering systems is quite realistic. But why did the engineering systems control system and computer M, allegedly “the most secure system in all of Britain,” end up on the same network at all? There are problems with segmentation. Well, storing in clear codes for decrypting a disk on computer M is another example of negligence. At least use a password manager.

Cyberbullying M

Attackers troll M by periodically publishing the names of agents in the public domain. At the same time, they somehow display their messages on her laptop. Apparently, there is some kind of backdoor on the computer – otherwise how could they have managed to do this? But the MI6 “experts” are not concerned with checking the laptop, but with trying to track down the source of the messages.

They conclude that “messages were sent using an asymmetric security algorithm that forwarded the signal through thousands of servers around the world.” Such a tactic of obfuscation of traces may exist, but it is absolutely incomprehensible what an “asymmetric security algorithm” is in this context. In reality, the asymmetric encryption algorithm is a term from the field of cryptography, it has nothing to do with methods of obfuscating traces.

Attack on MI6 from within

Bond finds a hacker (a former MI6 employee named Silva), captures him and brings him, along with the laptop belonging to the hacker, to the new headquarters, unaware that he is actually playing into the hands of the villain. Then Q enters the game. Nominally a quartermaster, functionally a full-time MI6 hacker, in fact a clown. In intelligence, so to speak, it is necessary.

And here again it is not very clear – they made him a clown on purpose, for fun, or is this again a consequence of the screenwriters’ misunderstanding of the basics of cybersecurity. The first thing Q does is connect the criminal’s laptop to the internal network of MI6 headquarters and start spouting incredible nonsense, which we will try to decipher:

  • Silva has installed security protocols that will wipe memory when you try to access certain files” . Let’s say. But if Q understands this, why does he keep trying to analyze Silva’s data on a running computer that has such protocols installed? Well, how will the memory be erased?
  • Omega site. Its most encrypted level. Looks like code that has been obfuscated to hide its true purpose. Security through obscurity. In general, this is a set of terms, the relationship of which is not very traceable. A certain code is obfuscated (changed to make it difficult to understand) with the help of encryption – why not, but after all, something must decrypt it in order to execute the code? Now is the time to figure out what it is. Security through obscurity is a real-life approach to securing a computer system, where instead of the reliability of protection mechanisms, the emphasis is on the fact that it will be difficult for a potential attacker to understand them (not the best practice). What exactly the “expert” is trying to convey to the viewer is not very clear.
  • « It uses a polymorphic engine to mutate the code. As soon as I try to access it changes.” This is generally some kind of nonsense. It is absolutely unclear where this code is and how Q is trying to access it. If these are files, then these attempts are fraught with memory erasure (see the first paragraph). In addition, it is not clear why it is impossible to first stop this mythical engine in order to get rid of the “code mutation”, and only then figure it out. With regard to polymorphism, this is an outdated method of changing malicious code while creating new copies of viruses in their strict sense. Here it is absolutely inappropriate.

Visually, everything that happens on Silva’s computer is presented as a graph of some incredible complexity interspersed with some mysterious-looking combinations of symbols. However, the sharp-sighted Bond sees familiar letters, adds the word “eternity” from them to the name of the Granborough station and offers to try it as a password.

It seems that experienced scouts should understand that if such important information as the password to the system is in the most visible place – right in the interface, then this is very similar to a trap. Why else would the enemy leave it there? But Q fearlessly enters the password. As a result, doors begin to open, “system security breach” messages flash, and Q walks around and asks those around him: “Can anyone tell me how he got into our system ?!” After a few minutes, the “expert” understands everything and finally disconnects someone else’s laptop from his network.

In the end, the main question of the film is this: did the writers specifically want to show Q as a completely incompetent IT specialist, or did they just pick up some random terms from the encyclopedia and thought that they would be enough to make Q really look like an expert?


Theoretically, Spectrum was supposed to raise the issue of the legality, ethics and security of creating a single information system that aggregates streams of mass surveillance data from nine countries in order to more effectively counter terrorism. In practice, the only disadvantage shown in the film of creating such a system is the presence of a corrupt director of the Joint Secret Service (obtained by merging MI5 and MI6). That is, again, access to the systems of the British government is received by a villain-insider working for Bond’s personal enemy – Blofeld. Other disadvantages of creating such a system are not considered at all in the film.

In addition to the insider theme, Q and Moneypenny give secret information to the officially suspended Bond throughout the film. Moreover, they misinform the authorities about his location. In conscience, they act for the good of good and humanity. From the point of view of work for intelligence, they leak secret data and commit at least an malfeasance.

No Time to Die

In the latest film of the Craig era, MI6 is secretly developing a top-secret weapon, Project Hercules: nanobots that can be tuned to an individual’s DNA. “Hercules” allows you to destroy the target by spraying bots in the room with the victim, or by introducing them into the blood of people who will sooner or later come into contact with the target. As usual, a double agent (more precisely, a triple one, but who counts) Waldo Obruchev is working on weapons.

Obruchev copies secret files to a flash drive and swallows it, after which militants of the secret organization Spektr, who were not killed in the last film of the series, break into the laboratory, steal samples of nanobots and take the traitor-developer with them. We have become accustomed to the problems with checking the reliability of personnel, but why does the laboratory where secret weapons are being developed not have a system for combating data leaks (DLP)? Especially on the computer of a person with the Russian surname Obruchev. Immediately clear – the villain.

The film also briefly mentions that due to the numerous DNA data released in the leaks, this weapon can be used against anyone. This, by the way, sounds quite plausible. However, it goes on to say that the same leaks also contain data from MI6 employees. But this is much more strange: in order to somehow compare the data from public leaks of DNA databases with data from MI6 employees, it is necessary that the lists of these agents themselves also fall into the public domain. And that’s kind of over the top.

And the icing on the cake is Blofeld’s artificial eye, which, while in a super-guarded prison, maintained round-the-clock video communication with a similar eye from one of his henchmen for years. And then there are questions to the jailers. Let’s say it was possible for many years not to notice a device constantly exchanging data from a prison. But the eye would have to be recharged regularly in some way, and that would be hard to do discreetly in a maximum security prison. In addition, at the end of Spectrum, Blofeld was detained without an eye, that is, someone gave him a spy electronic device after his arrest. Another insider?

Instead of an epilogue

I really want to believe that all these absurdities are the result of total laziness of the scriptwriters, but in fact MI6 is much more professional about cybersecurity. At least they don’t leak top-secret weapons and don’t store top-secret codes in the clear on devices that don’t block automatically. I would like to recommend scriptwriters to somehow raise the level of awareness about cyber threats – to listen to some courses, for example.

Locations where the spectacular scenes with 007 were filmed: location overview

We talk about the locations where James Bond managed to visit. Any of them can be included in your list of places to visit.

Publication date:


Material prepared:

Ruslana Vitko

It’s still two months to wait for the new part of the Bond movie (the world premiere of No Time to Die is scheduled for April 2), but you can already plunge into the dangerous world of the MI6 special agent right now.

1. Himeji Castle

In the film You Only Live Twice, Sean Connery as James Bond had a chance to visit a secret ninja school set on the walls of Himeji Castle. It was built in the 14th century, restored many times, and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best time to visit the palace complex is said to be in April, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. Here you can get acquainted with the history of the castle, take part in a tea ceremony and order green tea with Japanese sweets.

Location: Himeji, Japan
Movie: You Only Live Twice, 1967

Photo: japan-guide.com

Photo: japan-guide.com

2. Elrod House

This is one of the most stunning villas seen in the James Bond films. It was designed at 1969 by legendary architect John Lautner. House of 9000 sq. m is located on a rocky hill overlooking the city and the Coachella Valley.

The heart of the interior is a large round living room. Another highlight was the wheel-shaped concrete ceiling and skylights along the front of the building.

Elrod House has changed owners several times in recent decades. According to an insider, in 2016 it was sold for almost $8 million to fashion designer and creative director of the Moschino fashion house, Jeremy Scott.

Location: Palm Springs, USA
Architect: John Lautner
Film: Diamonds Are Forever, 1971

Photo: dezeen.com

Photo: dezeen.com

3. Lake Palace

James Bond sails here to meet with a dangerous female gang led by a beautiful Octopussy. This snow-white palace in the middle of Lake Pichola was built in the 18th century and was considered the summer residence of the Maharajas.

Two centuries later, it was turned into the city’s first luxury hotel, and to this day, it confidently holds the first place among the most romantic honeymoon destinations in India.

The hotel has 66 rooms and 17 suites overlooking the lake. Here you can feel like royalty: the interior has a lot of marble finishes, the walls are decorated with frescoes and paintings, and in the restaurant you can try dishes according to ancient Indian recipes.

Location: Rajasthan, India)
Architect: Maharana Udai Singh
Film: Octopussy, 1983

Photo: booking.com

Photo: booking.com

Photo: booking.com

4. The Guggenheim Museum

The titanium and glass building can be seen in the film The World Is Not Enough: at the very beginning of the film, it is here that Bond steals a case with money from a corrupt Swiss banker.

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has become a hallmark of Spain – every year it is visited by at least a million people. There is not a single right angle in the building, all surfaces are gently curved, and the interiors smoothly flow from one to another.

The secret of the museum’s success is not only the unusual construction, but also the expositions, which showcase the iconic works of contemporary artists. Here you can see the works of Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, the famous installation of Richard Serra “The Essence of Time” and the work “Tulips” by the famous American artist Jeff Koons.

Location: Bilbao, Spain
Architect: Frank Gehry
Film: The World Is Not Enough, 1999

Photo: pinterest.com

5. Eilean Donan Castle

Another attraction from the nineteenth part of the James Bond film with Pierce Brosnan is the old Scottish castle of Eilean Donan, where the headquarters of MI6 was deployed.

One of the most famous sights in Scotland is located on a rocky island, which is connected to the mainland by a small stone bridge. At the moment, six rooms of the castle are occupied by members of the MacRae family – they have owned the house since 1911.

By the way, the castle is decorated as it would look 100 years ago and is open to the public. Here you can learn about its history and taste the most delicious heather honey in Scotland.

Location: Donan Island, Scotland
Film: The World Is Not Enough, 1999

Photo: eileandonancastle. com

Photo: eileandonancastle.com

6. ESO Hotel in Cerro Paranal

Perhaps the lair of villains in a Bond movie has never looked so impressive. The L-shaped building was built in the desert and partly hidden underground.

It is impossible for the average tourist to rent a room at the ESO Hotel, as it was designed for the scientists and engineers of the Paranal Observatory in Chile. Its exterior has been designed to blend in with its surroundings as much as possible.

The complex includes 1000 sq. m of gardens, 120 hotel rooms and 18 offices. There was also a place for a restaurant, a music room, a library, a swimming pool and even a sauna.

Location: Atacama Desert, Chile
Architects: Auer+Weber
Film: Quantum of Solace, 008

Photo: eso.org

Photo: eso.org

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On a royal scale: the premiere of the new Bond film took place in London

https://ria.ru/20210929/premera-1752293158.html the premiere of the new Bond film was held – RIA Novosti, 29.09.2021

On a royal scale: the premiere of the new James Bond film took place in London

The world premiere of the new James Bond film No Time to Die took place at the Albert Hall. Neither the pandemic nor the rain that hit that RIA Novosti, 29.09.2021



Charles, Prince of Wales

William, Duke of Cambridge 9. However, most of the guests neglected the masks. By the time the actors who played the main roles in the film began to arrive on the red carpet: Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Rami Malek and others, it began to rain. But he did not interfere with the show. Craig, who played James Bond for the fifth and last time, said goodbye to his character in an original way. Instead of a classic black tuxedo, he opted for an Anderson and Shepherd berry-hued velvet jacket and Henry Poole black trousers. In this form, he stepped onto the red carpet to the soundtrack from the film. The crowd greeted the actor and honorary commander of the Royal Navy of Great Britain (Craig was awarded this title shortly before the premiere. – Approx. ed.), Ovations and shouts. Billie Eilish and the royal family in the spotlight Security officers tried to control the situation, but when Billie Eilish appeared on the screen (she was in a brilliant Gucci suit. – Approx. ed.), a crowd of girls rushed to the fences screaming. They were only calmed down when the singer, who sang the title song for the film, disappeared from the screen. They shouted and applauded from the windows. The last to arrive on the red carpet were Prince Williams and his wife Kate, as well as his father, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. Prince William and Prince Charles looked like they had taken clothes from Bond’s wardrobe. Both opted for a classic black and white tuxedo. And their companions looked no less impressive than the girls of the famous spy. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, looked delicate and elegant in a blue dress adorned with silver beads, allowing Kate Middleton to shine that evening. The Duchess of Cambridge’s performance was undeniably the best. It was impossible to take your eyes off her golden Jenny Packham dress. Kate completed her luxurious look with pendant earrings and a laconic hairstyle. We will find out what awaits James Bond very soon! The release date of the film, directed by Cary Fukunaga, has been repeatedly postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, the creators of the picture decided on the final dates. No Time To Die will be released in wide release in the UK on September 30, and in Russia a little later on October 7. The tape will begin with the fact that Bond leaves operational service and enjoys a quiet life in Jamaica. But everything changes when his old friend from the CIA comes to the island and asks for help to save the kidnapped scientist. But the mission turns into the fact that agent 007 falls into the trap of a mysterious villain who owns a unique technological weapon.



Great Britain

RIA Novosti




9000 9000


7 495 645-6601

Federal State Unitary Enterprise MIA Russia Today

https: //xn—c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/Awards/


RIA Novosti


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[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

Rossiya Segodnya




RIA Novosti






7 495 645-6601

Rossiya Segodnya


The world premiere of the new Bond film took place in London.

The world premiere of the new Bond film took place in London. People gathered on the streets in large screens

2021-09-29T14: 32








HTTPS: //CDNNNAM1. M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M1.M. ria.ru/images/07e5/09/1d/1752276054_200:0:2931:2048_1920x0_80_0_0_19f4368fe96567ddee20103414eaa3d3.jpg




RIA Novosti





[email protected]

7 495 645-6601 9000

Federal State Unitary Enterprise MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn—c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/Awards/

RIA Novosti




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[email protected]

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Federal State Unitary Enterprise MIA “Russia Today”


London, UK, Charles, Prince of Wales, William, Duke of Cambridge, Daniel Craig, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, James Bond, Ralph Fiennes, Kate Middleton , culture news, movies and series, billie eilish, what to see

Culture, London, UK, Charles, Prince of Wales, William, Duke of Cambridge, Daniel Craig, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, James Bond, Ralph Fiennes, Kate Middleton, Culture News , Movies and series, Billie Eilish, what to see

LONDON, Sep 29 – RIA Novosti. The world premiere of the new James Bond film No Time to Die took place at the Albert Hall. Neither the pandemic nor the rain that hit London that evening prevented the film from being shown. About the crowd of spectators, the royal family and guests on the red carpet, RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the scene.

Take a peek through the fence and rain

Your browser does not support this video format.

This year, due to epidemiological restrictions, people could not enter the public area without tickets, and the red carpet was hidden from fans by a high fence. The crowd lined up along the barriers that separated them from their idols and watched the show on a large screen set up outside the building.

COVID-19 testing points have been set up around the perimeter at several entrances. However, most of the guests neglected the masks.

1 of 7

Frenchwoman Lea Seydoux, who played the wife of James Bond in the film, shone in a Louis Vuitton dress in the Greek style.

© AP Photo / Matt Dunham

2 of 7

Anu de Armas (Paloma) also dressed the famous French house. Her silky minimalist black dress with sparkling spaghetti straps echoed the outfit she wears in the film.

3 of 7

Lashana Lynch, who became the first black female Bond spy, appeared in a puffy bright yellow Vivienne Westwood dress.

© AP Photo / Invision/Joel C Ryan

4 of 7

Naomie Harris chose an outfit by American designer Michael Kors.

© AP Photo / Invision/Joel C Ryan

5 of 7

The film’s main antagonist, actor Rami Malek, who played the role of Lucifer Safin, posed for photographers in a formal Prada suit.

© AP Photo / Invision/Joel C Ryan

6 of 7

Ben Whishaw, best known for his role as Agent Q in the James Bond films, attended the premiere dressed in a silver-embroidered Alexander McQueen suit.

© AP Photo / Matt Dunham

7 of 7

Actress, fashion designer and socialite Kimberley Garner seems to have confused a movie premiere for a beach party. She wore a racy Katie May dress with wide slits that barely covered her curves.

I wonder how Queen Elizabeth II would have reacted to this, who, either with part or unfortunately, was not there that evening.

1 of 7

Frenchwoman Lea Seydoux, who played the wife of James Bond in the film, shone in a Louis Vuitton dress in the Greek style.

© AP Photo / Matt Dunham

2 of 7

Anu de Armas (Paloma) also dressed the famous French house. Her silky minimalist black dress with sparkling spaghetti straps echoed the outfit she wears in the film.

3 of 7

Lashana Lynch, who became the first black female Bond spy, appeared in a puffy bright yellow Vivienne Westwood dress.

© AP Photo / Invision/Joel C Ryan

4 of 7

Naomie Harris chose an outfit by American designer Michael Kors.

© AP Photo / Invision/Joel C Ryan

5 of 7

The film’s main antagonist, actor Rami Malek, who played the role of Lucifer Safin, posed for photographers in a formal Prada suit.

© AP Photo / Invision/Joel C Ryan

6 of 7

Ben Whishaw, best known for his role as Agent Q in the James Bond films, attended the premiere dressed in a silver-embroidered Alexander McQueen suit.

© AP Photo / Matt Dunham

7 of 7

Actress, fashion designer and socialite Kimberley Garner seems to have confused a movie premiere for a beach party. She wore a racy Katie May dress with wide slits that barely covered her curves.

I wonder how Queen Elizabeth II would have reacted to this, who, either with part or unfortunately, was not there that evening.

By the time the actors who played the main roles in the film, Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Rami Malek and others, began to arrive on the red carpet, it began to rain. But he did not interfere with the show.

© AP Photo / Matt DunhamDaniel Craig at the premiere of the new James Bond film No Time to Die

© AP Photo / Matt Dunham

Daniel Craig at the premiere of the new James Bond film No Time to Die

Craig, who played James Bond for the fifth and last time, said goodbye to his character in an original way. The actor and honorary commander of the Royal Navy of Great Britain greeted the actor and the honorary commander of the Royal Navy of Great Britain (this title was awarded to Craig shortly before the premiere. – Approx. ed.), In this form, he entered the red carpet on the red carpet to the soundtrack from the film.0003

Spotlight on Billie Eilish and the Royal Family

Security officers tried to control the situation, but when Billie Eilish appeared on the screen (she wore a sparkly Gucci suit. – Note ed.), a crowd of girls rushed to the fences screaming. They were only calmed down when the singer who sang the title song for the film disappeared from the screen.

© AP Photo / Pool /Chris JacksonBritain’s Prince Charles talks to performers Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish at the premiere of the James Bond film No Time to Die

© AP Photo / Pool /Chris Jackson

Britain’s Prince Charles talks to performers Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish at the premiere of the James Bond film No Time to Die

red carpet view. They shouted and applauded from the windows.

The last to arrive on the red carpet were Prince Williams and his wife Kate, as well as his father, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

© Pool/Chris Jackson Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles at the premiere of the new James Bond film No Time to Die

© Pool/Chris Jackson

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William , Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles at the premiere of the new James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’

Prince William and Prince Charles looked as if they had taken clothes from a Bond wardrobe. Both opted for a classic black and white tuxedo. And their companions looked no less impressive than the girls of the famous spy. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, looked delicate and elegant in a blue dress adorned with silver beads, allowing Kate Middleton to shine that evening.

The performance of the Duchess of Cambridge was undoubtedly the best.