Decorating house christmas: 100 DIY Christmas Decorations – Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

100 DIY Christmas Decorations – Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Sian Richards

Christmas is the time to let your creativity shine. This year, deck the halls with these eye-catching Christmas decoration ideas. As you work your way through this list, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to add cheer to each and every corner of your home — both indoors and out. Get ideas for every aesthetic, color palette and budget, whether you’re looking for cheery door decorations to welcome family and friends, table settings fit for a holiday feast or full-on festive mantel displays.

While we’re all for giving your entire house the North Pole treatment (check out these Christmas-worthy living rooms), there are so many small ways to make a big impact, like adding a few homemade ornaments to your tree or dressing your staircase with shades of red and green. Big or small, all of these DIY ideas are bound to make your house — and everyone in it — merry and bright all season long. (And hey, if you really want to get in the holly, jolly spirit, try your hand at these Christmas crafts, too. )

Danielle Daly

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Put Cards on Display

Tie a trio of fresh greens to a wooden hanger and hang it somewhere within reach, so you can clip on Christmas cards as soon as they arrive.

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Danielle Daly

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Deck Out Your Mantel

If you’re short on storage space, DIY your own paper garland, holly berries and all. That way, once the season wraps, you can take it off your mantel or bannister and lay it flat until next December.

Danielle Daly

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Cast a Warm Glow

Fill glass lanterns with LED twinkle lights and put them by your front door, inside your fireplace or along your stairs to light the way.

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Danielle Daly

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Personalize Your Place Settings

Once you have your guest list squared away, make a monogram napkin ring to place at every seat. Simply, twist and form a pipe cleaner to look like the letter of their first name, then secure it to a napkin ring in the same color.

Aydin Arjomand

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Combine Greens and Glitter

Mix in metallic garland and glittery pillar candles with fresh greens to add a touch of glam to your space.

Danielle Daly

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Round Up Vintage Bulbs

Head to your local flea market (or grandma’s attic!) to find a bunch of festive-colored bulbs. Then glue them around a wreath form, dusting a few bulbs with glitter as you go along.

Max Kin-Bee

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Trade Stockings for Mugs

Perhaps, it’s time to start a new tradition: This year, keep your stockings packed away and round up a matching Christmas mugs, one for each family member. Fill them with sweet treats, tiny trinkets or whatever else Santa normally leaves behind.

Danielle Daly

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Get Festive With Felt

Turn your dining room table into a forest of Christmas trees by placing a felt cut-out at every setting. Follow this tutorial to ensure that everything is uniform and the flatware slides through easily.

Maggie Griffin Design

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Opt for Red Accents

Red is a sign of the season, so go all-out with festive pillows, berry wreaths and plaid throws in the cheery hue.

Mike Garten

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Bring Reindeer to Your Table

Make these friendly-faced reindeer fit for the occasion by covering their antlers with gold and silver glitter. Dot them around your mantel, bookshelf or table throughout the month, then use them as place card holders for your holiday feast.


Brian Woodcock

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DIY a Christmas Card Tree

You probably receive a countless number of Christmas cards (which isn’t a bad thing), so pick the very best to display on your wall. Arrange them in a Christmas tree shape for a festive look.

Brian Woodcock

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Award Your Family Members

Considering all of the times you snagged prize ribbons as a kid, there’s no reason why you can’t find a spot for some on your Christmas tree. String a collection of colorful ribbons together to make a playful garland.


Laura Moss

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Give Santa a Warm Welcome

There’s no doubt that Santa and Rudolf will appreciate a handwritten chalkboard greeting when they swing by for milk and cookies.

Brian Woodcock

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Get Creative With Ice Skates

This year, forgo the traditional wreath and try an unexpected design, like this ice skates wreath with pom-poms and pretty silver ornaments.

Brian Woodcock

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Decorate a Tree With Citrus

Who said fruits have no place in your Christmas decor setup? For a fun twist, consider making your very own garland out of dried citrus. Simply use twine, nylon thread, or wire to assemble it.

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Brian Woodcock

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Craft a Paper Leaf Garland

Put your creativity on full display by dressing your Christmas dinner table with a DIY leaf garland. All you need are green craft paper and fun red jingle bells to complete the look.

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Go Big on Berries

Looking for an easy way to take simple garland to the next level? For a standout holiday entrance, wrap garland in red berries—a perfect accent to frame your door—and then hang a wreath of the same design to pull the look together.

Annie Schlechter

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Incorporate Pops of Plaid

Boost your living room’s cozy factor with an assortment of stockings in a festive plaid pattern.


A Fresh Squeezed Life

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Go for a Bold Palette

There’s no reason why you can’t embrace bold colors for the holiday season. Give the traditional Christmas palette a break and opt for a combination of white and bright green, as seen in this playful living room. Incorporate pops of gingham to finish the look.

See more at A Fresh Squeezed Life »

Michael Partenio

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Arrange Felt Tree Hurricanes

Go for a playful, crafty look by sprucing up your table with glass hurricanes decked out in felt Christmas trees. Play up the green theme with complementary dishware, cloth napkins and spruce branches.

Randy Mayor

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Add a Festive Pillow

Watching your favorite holiday movies will be way more enjoyable with a cozy throw pillow in the mix. Top a red pillow with white ribbon and a bit of greenery to enliven any basic chair or sofa.

Erika LaPresto

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DIY an Advent Calendar

If you’re not feeling traditional chocolate or toy advent calendars, make your own with paper tags and on-theme trinkets. That way, the whole family can join in on the fun.

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Brian Woodcock

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Wrap Garland Around Bedposts

Your kids won’t have to worry about any rogue pine needles with this felt holly leaf garland. Just weave it between the bedposts and bed frame to ensure that it stays in place all night long.

Brian Woodcock

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Decorate a Tabletop Tree

A diminutive tree feels just as majestic as an eight-footer when perched atop a table. Bonus: Santa will love the space beneath the table for stashing larger gifts!

Mike Garten

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Build a Makeshift Fireplace

No fireplace? No problem! Attach this cloth wall hanging, hang stockings with care, and easily remove it once the festivities are over.

Brian Woodcock

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Go for the Candy Effect

Skip the traditional red and green, and opt for candy-colored ornaments instead. Add some candy canes and peppermint garland for good measure.

Marcus Nilsson

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Have Fun With Santa

Once Santa does his yearly duties, he can let his hair (or beard?) down. Show everyone his true colors — red, white and wild — with a cute, mantel-ready display.

Mike Garten

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Deck the Walls

When you have too many gifts underneath the tree, it’s time to get creative. Enter this gift-covered bookshelf, complete with matching wrapping paper and black, white and silver touches.

Kim Cornelison

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Mix In Fresh Fruit

If you believe apples are only reserved for fall, think again. Stick them throughout a large evergreen garland for a fresh look.

Brent Darby Photography LTD

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Dress Up a Twig Tree

For an affordable décor option, spray paint a twig and accessorize it with mini ornaments. The best part? You don’t have to worry about watering it.

How To Frugally & Quickly Decorate For Christmas

You guys.. in case you didn’t know, Christmas is next week! I’ll let you soak that in a second. Ok, now that full Christmas decorating panic has set in, calm down. I have a few frugal & quick Christmas decoration ideas anyone and do. What qualifies me as an “expert” in this situation? Well, a few weeks ago Mr. LMB & I were living in a rental in NC & we were leaving the day of Thanksgiving. Well, me being the crazy person I am, I wanted to decorate our rental for the holidays because it was such a beautiful house. I had to work quickly since the movers were coming to pack up your belongings & I had to work frugally because let’s face it, I wasn’t going to be spending a lot of money decorating a house we were about to leave. So, here are my tips on decorating your homes for Christmas for those who are running out of time, those on a budget, or those who just want to whole process of decking the halls to go by quickly. With some quick DIY projects, thrift store finds, & items from you own backyard you can create some beautiful holiday spaces instantly!

1. Put up a Christmas tree.

Well, this is the easiest & quickest way to add that Christmas charm to your home. The most obvious way to bring Christmas into your home is by adding a Christmas tree in your home no matter what kind of tree it is. It can be big, small, silver, gold, made of paper, or just a tiny rosemary plant. You can see a bunch of Christmas tree ideas {here}. Whether you like a classic douglas fir or a white tree with colorful lights, either way it’s the number one way to make your house ready for the holiday season. Christmas ornaments can be made by hand like the star ornaments we made from popsicle sticks on our neutral Christmas tree.  

2. Hang up a Christmas wreath.

A christmas wreath hanging on your front door will welcome your holiday guests into your home, but wreaths look great inside too. You can DIY a spiffy red & green wreath by adding ornaments & other christmas items or you can simply hang a plain pine needle wreath with a ribbon to give off the holiday vibe. Wreaths are a fun and easy way to bring the yuletide spirit to your home. I use wreaths almost everywhere in our home, & what is great is you can find great sales on them at the stores or make them out of natural elements from your yard. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to be beautiful.

3. Light some candles

Lighting can really set the mood for warm and cozy winter days. Lighting a candle or a group of candles in some holiday decor can really bring these Christmas decoration ideas to the next level. Candles look great as centerpieces on tables, vignettes & on any piece of furniture in your home, & as a bonus the holiday ones smell great and set the mood with great scents like cinnamon & baked goods. Use candles you already have around the house & surround them with some holiday elements to create the perfect centerpiece that didn’t cost you a penny.

4. Bring out some throws & holiday pillows.

Adding cozy blankets & holiday pillows with pops of gold, green, red, or any other fun holiday colors is a great way to add warmth to your everyday home decor. Plaids, Christmas patterns, holiday colors, & even DIY’ing a Christmas themed pillow is the perfect way to bring the cozy decor in your home. A tip for a quick plaid throw: we purchased some cheap plaid fabric from walmart & used it as a holiday throw & no one knew the difference!


5. Wrap those gifts early.

Adding Christmas gifts and placing them under the tree it adds that thrill to your holiday decor. There are a million ways you can wrap Christmas gifts, & you can even wrap faux  boxes to look like christmas gifts to place them under your tree or add to your Christmas vignettes before you wrap your actual gifts. Add some cute ribbon, some ornaments, & even some chalkboard gift tags & you have some lovely holiday decor for under your tree. Wrapping tip: The dollar store sells great brown craft paper that looks great paired with some natural elements you can find in your yard. Cheap & chic holiday wrapping paper!

6. Create holiday inspired vignettes.

By creating some simple holiday vignettes throughout your home you really can set the mood for Christmas with just a few elements. For example, some ornaments, a wreath, some natural elements from your yard, a few candles, & a small Christmas tree can go a really long way! Use your imagination & play around with some holiday decor that you already have to make some Christmas vignettes in your home on buffets, dressers, media stands, coffee tables, & more. Most of these items in our vignettes were DIY projects, found at thrift stores, free, or things that we already had proving yet again that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be festive & beautiful!

7. Get your dining room Holiday ready.

You might not be throwing a huge Christmas part at your house this holiday season, but by adding some Christmas decor to your dining room you can really turn every meal you and your family have into a festive feast. By simply adding a centerpiece of candles & some greenery or any holiday centerpiece of your choice , your dining room instantly screams Christmas. Remember it doesn’t have to cost a lot to be beautiful. We created some candle centerpieces with beans, a glass jar, & a candle for a simple holiday look.

8. Create a Hot Chocolate Bar.

Or any kind of festive bar. Creating a quick and easy hot chocolate bar or drink bar is a great way to make your home instantly ready for a holiday party. Again, this doesn’t have to cost a lot & you can just use things you already have like coffee cups, straws, hot chocolate, marshmallows, & other utensils. In minutes you can bring your holiday decor & parties from drab to fab with a lovely hot chocolate bar that everyone will be talking about.

Seriously most of the things we decorated with were on sale, free, found on the side of the road, found at a thrift store, or a DIY project. It truly doesn’t have to cost a lot to create beautiful holiday spaces. I hope these tips help you decorate your homes for Christmas! Do you have any tips on decorating your house quickly & frugally? Leave them in the comments below! I would love to hear from you. Also, be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to chat.

xx Liz Marie

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90+ Best Christmas Decoration Ideas

Jean Allsopp

It’s here: Our ultimate guide to the best Christmas decorating ideas! Deck the halls (and every single room in your house) with our best Christmas decorations. From tree decorations to outdoor Christmas decorations and even front door decorations, our tips and tricks will have you spreading cheer all the way through the holidays. Holiday home décor doesn’t have to be expensive or time-intensive to make a big impact—in fact, it shouldn’t. Instead, each of the ideas here makes use of small, affordable props, decorations, and furniture shifts so that you can build the winter wonderland you’ve always dreamed of without having to empty your wallet. And when it comes to color schemes, don’t be afraid to stray past red and green!

Whether it’s blue Christmas decor or something more regal like rose gold, there are Christmas decorations for every palette. And when it comes to props, an antique toy train set that’s been sitting in your attic all year can work beautifully as an under-the-tree decoration, while a simple vintage Christmas candy box looks lovely sitting beneath a mini tree. Dollar store finds like Santa figurines can work wonders when they’re placed together on a Christmas mantel, and dried citrus and gingerbread DIY ornaments look positively luxurious hanging from your family’s tree. There’s no limit to what you can do with a bit of elbow grease, some crafty finds, and a healthy dose of Christmas spirit. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get decorating!

David Meredith

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Red & White Christmas

A tight palette of red and white (with a hint of green from the tree) set a relaxing, Scandinavian vibe in this Utah home.

David Meredith

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Brown Paper Advent

Country down the days until Santa’s arrival with a sweet and neutral toned advent calendar made form brown craft paper.


Virginia Macdonald Photographer Inc.

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Don’t Forget the Mudroom!

Every room in the house deserves a little Christmas charm, particularly the one you see when you first walk in the house.


Dylan Chandler

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Oversized Garland

A floor to ceiling garland gives this stone fireplace the appearance of height, helping the room in this slow-slung cabin feel tall and airy.


Becky Stayner

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DIY Door Bells

Hang these “bells,” made from mini Bundt pans and molds on the front door or over the mantel.

To make: Stack mini molds and Bundt pans to form bell shapes; affix together using epoxy. Hot-glue small ornaments to the bottom to create the clappers. Glue ribbon loops and a bow to the top for hanging. Add a swag of greenery, if desired.


Becky Stayner

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Shiny Brite Curtain Tiebacks

Add instant and easy flair to curtains by simply threading ribbons through the loops of a few Shiny Brites and tying them around your curtain tiebacks.


Virginia McDonald

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Headboard Garland

An oversized garland draped across a headboard adds some Christmas cheer without going overboard. Swap out accent pillows for plaid ones to up the ante.


David A. Land

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A Warm Wooden Kitchen

Fresh pine-and-cedar garland and an antique Santa pop in this all-white kitchen. The island doubles as a wrapping station.


Virginia McDonald

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Citrus Garland

To string your own strand, all you need are dried navel and blood oranges, jute or natural twine, a skewer, and decorative hooks.

Kassandra Arbour

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Blue, Gold, and Green Color Scheme

Peg rail-lined shelves are the ideal spot to hang evergreen branches, while a simple garland adds contrast to the window. The sprawling central island is perfectly sized for baking pursuits, including a gingerbread barn.

David A. Land

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A Very Nautical Fireplace

A pair of sconces flanks this brick veneer fireplace to give it a warm holiday glow. The homeowner added a splash of nautical flair with an antique life preserver adorned with a festive bow.

Brian Woodcock

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Bits of Flair

You want to add some Christmas cheer to your kitchen, but you also don’t want it to get in your way. A small wreath hanging from the window does the trick—and will remind you of the holiday season while you’re washing dishes!

Brian Woodcock

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Use Mini Trees

Have a side table that needs some sprucing up? A sparse alpine balsam fir placed in an antique copper pot adds a vintage touch to a living room or entryway. Use bird and pine cone ornaments and dried-orange garland to hit an organic note.

shop mini christmas trees


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Toy Train

There’s a reason these antique toys are often used as under-the-tree decorations—they’re adorable and classic. But the reason we’re so into this particular 1950s No. 2065 locomotive is that it features real steam and a two-tone whistle. Now that’s a fun way to ring in Christmas!



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Candy Colors

Who says you have to stick to red and green at Christmastime? This homeowner opted for lighter hues—even pinks, blues, and soft yellows—and managed to keep things looking festive.



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Mini Christmas Tree

What an adorable, tiny tree! We love the idea of using a vintage candy box as a tree stand for any mini tree. A cookie tin would work beautifully too.



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Desk the Halls

Striped tape dispensers, Christmas-inspired flashcards, and other vintage school supplies look positively merry on this desk. The rulers in the shape of a star have to be our favorite part though.


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Prioritize the Palette

Non-seasonal items in red and green colors can be used to spiff up any area of your home—and they don’t have to be intended to be used at Christmastime! Here, camp lanterns, decoware tins, coolers, and more are used to liven up a simple set of shelves.



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Think Full Circle

You don’t need to have a traditional wreath—anything circular will do! Take, for instance, this metal tree skirt, which looks lovely tacked up on an empty wall. Old tires, cookie tins, mirror frames, and wagon wheels would also fit the bill here.



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Don’t Overlook the Packaging 

Don’t throw out your empty boxes and bins! Stacked in height order, these vintage bulb boxes make for a glorious and oh-so-festive nightstand display—in fact, one on top of the other, they almost look like a tapered tree.



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Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

Even if you haven’t collected Santa figurines over the years, this is the perfect excuse to begin. A family of Saint Nicks—no matter how mismatched—will look beautiful sitting atop your mantel or bureau.



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There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Ever wondered why these tiny, charming decorations are called “Putz houses”? The name actually comes from the German word “putzen,” which means “to decorate.” Who would’ve thought? With or without that cute origin story though, these beauties are just the thing to place all over your home come December.



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Very Merry Railing

Every corner of this Michigan home, owned by Christine and Gabe Bridger, is decked to the nines. That includes the staircase: Stockings and a garland keep it feeling fun and festive.



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Mad for Plaid

Red plaid items, which are available all year round, are conveniently completely Christmas-appropriate. This room features the pattern in the garland, on the presents, and even on the kids’ pajamas!



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Tree Centerpiece

Crafting sessions take place around a dining room table complete with “trees” made from Styrofoam cones covered in baker’s twine and topped with star cookie cutters.



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Subtly Festive

A few merry adornments—such as a wreath and a few other holiday decor items—are just what your kitchen needs.



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Apple Garland

To make this Fraser fir creation, use a skewer to puncture a hole through an apple, close to the center, then string wire through the fruit and secure wire to the garland.



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Decorate Everywhere

Add a simple string of garland anywhere—yes, even in the bathroom!—to make every inch of your home merry and bright.



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Mitten Garland

Put your old winter gear to good use by simply stringing mittens together to make this craft that’s perfect for a kids room.



30 of 97

Vintage Centerpiece

Singer-songwriter Holly Williams, the owner of this Tennessee farmhouse, uses a 1960s Holly Beverage Co. soda crate filled with bottle brush trees to add festive cheer to her dining nook.


20 of Our Jolliest Ideas

Wondering how to decorate for Christmas? We’re here to help you deck the halls—while staying true to your budget and style.

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication.



Go nuts!

For a retro look, break out the nutcrackers. These cute collectibles pair well with a variety of other holiday decor, and they can be found in various shapes, sizes and designs. This silver and gold solider, for example, pairs well with the metallic lanterns and frosted tree. (We love these vintage Christmas decorations, too.)


Country Woman

Go for a rustic look

Natural details—like wood, pine boughs and holly sprigs—are perfect for holiday decor. We love this cute little deer family made with twigs and wood scraps. And, since they’re not overly seasonal, they can stay up all winter long! Speaking of winter, these are the top seasonal recipes from every state.  


Sergey Mikheev/Shutterstock

Capture a quote

Whether it’s a popular song lyric or a sound bite from your favorite holiday movie, you can’t go wrong with a Christmas quote. Display it on a chalkboard ($50) for all to see. (And keep the change, ya filthy animal!) Next, check out genius gifts inspired by your fave Christmas movies.


Taste of Home

Have a theme in mind

Planning a holiday meal? Give your table a theme! We love this idea for a Santa brunch that incorporates red napkins, gold silverware and a big black belt buckle crafted from ribbon and glitter paper. Here are 50 festive Christmas brunch recipes St. Nick would approve of.


Taste of Home

Make it merry

Holiday decor doesn’t have to break the bank. You can make a lot of gorgeous pieces with craft supplies and a little elbow grease. This paper wreath, for example, was DIY-ed with patterned scrapbook paper. ($7) These wreath-shaped treats are equally impressive.


Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Overload on ornaments

Of course, one of our favorite things to do every Christmas is hanging ornaments on the tree (and here’s how to hang them without using the metal hooks). But that’s not the only place you can use ’em! Pile them in bowls, vases and other vessels for an oh-so-easy centerpiece. Pick up shatterproof ornaments for this task, though—because no one wants to pry tiny shards of glass out of their carpeting. Check out these fun foodie ornaments, too!


Sergey Mikheev/Shutterstock

Get pretty in pink

Sure, red and green are the classic Christmas colors. But feel free to branch out and design your decor around another hue. We’re obsessed with this soft pink theme, but blue, maroon or purple can be equally stunning. Get 45 pretty pink recipes here.


Taste of Home

Whip up some jolly gingerbread

Hold up—decor that’s actually edible? Yep! Festive gingerbread houses are the perfect accessory for your holiday buffet table. (And they make a delicious post-party snack for the host.) Here’s everything you need to know about making and decorating gingerbread.


Nina Buday/Shutterstock

Keep it cozy

Even if the weather outside isn’t frightful, we still encourage you to make your home a chic, cozy space. After all, what’s more relaxing than cuddling up next to the tree with a steamy mug of cocoa? Stock your space with festive throw blankets, twinkle lights, candles and anything else that can help set a hygge mood.



Dress up your kitchen

Between baking cookies and whipping up a ham dinner, we know you’re going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen this holiday season. Cheer up your space with Christmas linens, mugs, dinnerware and even a strand of garland!



Bring the outdoors in

Even if you don’t have a real tree, you can still enjoy the heavenly scent of fresh pine boughs. Add in some pinecones, cranberry branches and other rustic elements and you’ve got yourself some super-simple (and super-cheap!) decor. If you suffer from allergies, recreate this look with foliage items from your local craft store. Michael’s has a great selection. You can reuse fall mums for Christmas decorations.



Make merry with metals

Metals make decorating so easy. You can opt for a monochromatic design (like this silver tablescape), or mix and match for an ultra-glitzy look. Impress your guests with a jaw-dropping menu, too. 


Nesolenaya Alexandra/Shutterstock

Consider minimal touches

Don’t feel like your holiday decorations have to be over-the-top. Minimal touches—like a strand of lights, a simple greenery wreath ($15) and typography wall art—get the job done just as well.



Build an awesome advent calendar

A decoration and a kid-friendly activity? We’re listening. Nix the chocolate advent calendars and create a homemade one with paper bags, rope and a long stick. Hang it on your wall to double as decor.


Ingrid Balabanova/Shutterstock

Create a winter wonderland

If matching colors isn’t your strong suit, pick a theme you can’t mess up: winter whites! This wonderland-inspired color scheme uses the same hue (plus a few mixed metals) to create a stunning, snow-kissed tablescape. Speaking of snow, here are 20 ways to build a snowman treat.


Roman Kosolapov/Shutterstock

Get glam

See ya later, singing Santas. Today’s Christmas decor is downright chic. Look for bright, shiny and glittery accents. Check out these Christmas kitchen decor ideas from our stylists.



Add some pretty poinsettias

If you have a room that’s lacking Christmas cheer, add a poinsettia or two! These pretty plants come in many sizes and colors, and can be picked up for less than $5! (Allergies? Opt for faux!)



String lots of lights

Want to know a secret? The easiest way to turn a plain room into a cozy space is with strings of twinkle lights. Don’t save ’em just for the tree. String your favorites over windows and doors, on mantels and through tablescapes. You can even find battery-operated versions ($16) to conserve power. Add lights to your cookie tree, too!


Tatsiana Tsyhanova/Shutterstock

Have a blue Christmas

Channel your inner Elvis with this theme. Replace the traditional warm hues with cool blues and silver. Try it with the ornaments on your tree, garland and even colored lights.

Also check out these stunning nativity sets to celebrate the season.

Originally Published: September 23, 2019

Katie Bandurski

As Senior Shopping Editor, Katie connects Taste of Home readers with the best gifts, deals and home products on the market. An avid foodie and a holiday enthusiast, Katie is an expert at cultivating meaningful moments. When she’s out of the office, you’ll find her exploring Wisconsin, trying out new vegetarian recipes and watching Christmas movies.

75 Christmas Decoration Ideas 2020

Annie Selke; Janis Nicolay

The holidays are just around the corner—you’ll be decking the halls with Christmas decorations before you know it. While wreaths, stockings, and your classic well-appointed pine tree are de rigueur this time of year, your decorations can always use a refresh. (After all, nothing will cramp your style like mini Santas or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer everywhere.) Admittedly, Christmas decorations can feel a little constricting, as if straying from a red-and-green color palette will land you on the naughty list. But as it turns out, Christmas decor is packed with unlimited design potential—you just need to get a little creative.

To help kick-start your inspiration, feast your eyes on the 75 divine Christmas decorating ideas here. From pared-down wrapping paper to glitzy accessories to an innovative alternative to your favorite holiday staples, we’re positive you’ll find something to make your spirits merry, bright, and oh so beautiful.

Kylie Fitts

1 of 75

Revel in Repetition

Consider repetition an easy, low-maintenance way to make a statement. In this living room from Havenly, the dual wreaths complement the matching cocktail and side tables.

Kylie Fitts

2 of 75

Rose-Colored Glasses

Just because red and green are the typical Christmas color palette doesn’t mean they’re your only options. Havenly’s Heather Goerzen shook up the status quo by filling this nook with warm pinks, creams, and oranges. The result is a fun, refreshing take on the classic palette.

Kylie Fitts

3 of 75

Haute Heater

You can dress up any nook and cranny of your home—just take a look at this space from Havenly. Shelby Girard, the brand’s vice president of creative and design, beautified this radiator with a garland, string lights, and minimalist stockings.

Lauren Elaine Interiors

4 of 75

Luxe Laundry

Anyone who wants to spruce up their laundry room should take a cue from Lauren Elaine Interiors. The Atlanta-based designer decked out this butler’s pantry with a lush green wreath and matching mini topiaries.

Rachel Robshaw

5 of 75

Wintry Whites

Bring the snowy outdoors to your dining room table by coating the surface with a medley of whites, creams, and ivories. Textile designer John Robshaw added a vibrant green bouquet to keep this neutral tablescape from feeling dull.

John McClain

6 of 75

Craft Service

As interior design John McClain proves, some of the best Christmas decorating ideas can come from flexing your creative muscle.

“Use what you have,” he says. “This bookcase was accented with ribbon and wreaths strategically placed in the center of each opening. Replace a few of your everyday accessories with holiday ones, and you have a holiday bookshelf!”

John McClain

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On the Flip Side

What’s the best way to balance a decadent Christmas tree? A smaller upside-down tree, as seen in this space by John McClain. “To mimic the effects of a chandelier, an inexpensive faux tree was hung from a grommet over the table,” he says. “Backyard vines that are sprayed gold and wired to the base both hide the mechanics and create an additional element of whimsy.”

John McClain

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Sitting Pretty

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a fancy tablescape to make your dining room shine. John McClain cleverly tied a batch of festival foliage to the back of each chair. The result? A beautiful arrangement that will look good from breakfast to dinner.

David M. BenettGetty Images

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Get Glitzy

A wreath is a fail-safe way to bring the holiday spirit to any room. Want to take this Christmas staple up a couple of notches? Adorn it with gilded baubles.

Annie Sloan

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Accessorize with Asymmetry

In case you missed it, Christmas decorations don’t have to be perfectly asymmetrical. Annie Sloan created plenty of movement and visual interest in this room, thanks to the off-kilter garland and defiant plant.

Annie Sloan

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Gift Garland

If you want to give your home a sense of childhood wonder, bring the Christmas decorations to your children’s bedroom. Annie Sloan adorned this space with a strand of pint-sized presents. (Translation: This decorating idea is literally the gift that keeps on giving.)

Annie Sloan

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Fine Dining

Looking to create a dining room that appeals to all of the senses? Add some leafy greens to your space. Annie Sloan took Christmas decor to new heights with a suspended branch that’s decked out with ornaments. It’s like a Christmas tree for your dining nook!

Julie Blanner

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Christmas Kitchen

Filling a kitchen with holiday cheer is a tall order. However, as Julie Blanner proves, it’s as easy as hanging a minimalist wreath above your stove.

Rachel Ashwell

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Small But Mighty

As this corner from Shabby Chic founder Rachel Ashwell proves, the biggest statements can often come in small packages. This Christmas tree might be small, but its pink color scheme and glitzy ornaments pack a punch.

Monica Wang

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Midcentury Marvel

Calling all midcentury lovers: This space from Anne Sage proves you can take a modern approach to Christmas decorations. The cheery palette and sleek silhouettes of the dinnerware feel delightfully retro, while a tiny silver tree in the middle offers some subtle holiday spirit.

Monica Wang

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Tremendous Tree

Want to give your Christmas decorations a “wow” factor? Interior designer Bunny Williams opts for a supersized tree. “It seems to get bigger every year,” she says. “Ornaments become very sentimental, and I still have a few from my childhood. You put them on the tree every year, and then when you take them down, you just can’t wait to see them again the next year.”

Bunny Williams

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The Textured Treatment

Mixing different materials is an easy, effective way to add a homey spirit to your space. Here, Bunny Williams juxtaposes lush branches with berries, fruit, and tactile trees. Williams sticks to an earthy color palette to keep the vignette cohesive rather than contradictory.

Bunny Williams

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One with Nature

If you want to bring the winter wonderland to your home, decorate your space with elements from the great outdoors. Bunny Williams covered her mantel with faux mushrooms, branches, and wooden accents. The strands of pine cones and chestnuts give this look a seasonal spin.

Marie Flanigan Interiors

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Color Coordination

Want to transform your home into an elegant space that can rival your favorite Christmas movie? Interior designer Marie Flanigan recommends opting for a curated color palette.

“Streamline the decorating process by committing yourself to a color palette,” she says. “Whether it’s white on white or traditional red and green, decide on a clear direction and ensure any newly purchased items coordinate.


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Unexpected Elegance

If hanging a wreath on your front door feels a tad basic, take a cue from Gillian Segal and opt for a cluster of varying branches. It’s an unexpected yet effortlessly cool alternative.


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Wonderful Wrapping

Well-appointed gift wrapping can give your space a festive, photogenic finishing touch. Gillian Segal kept it simple with a neutral palette and a stray twig.


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Keep It Casual

Decorating your home with an easygoing nonchalance will give your space a cool, modern edge. Instead of tightly wrapping garland around a railing, Gillian Segal draped a loose, wild strand down a flight of stairs.


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Dazzle with Dreidels

Christmas isn’t the only holiday worth celebrating this season. If you’re also ringing in the eight luminous nights of Hanukkah, keep a batch of colorful dreidels in an acrylic bowl à la Gillian Segal.

Rashmi Patel

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Town Tablescape

Turn your dining table into a makeshift North Pole by creating a lively centerpiece with snowy wooden houses, strategically placed branches, and miniature trees. Let Rashmi Patel of Rush Me Home show you how it’s done.

Shavonda Gardner

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Gorgeous Garland

A lush strand of garland can look good anywhere—even draped over a large mirror. Not only does this decorating idea usher in the holiday spirit, the vibrant green also pops nicely against Shavonda Gardner’s black walls and fuchsia front door.

Kaelyn Guerin

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Feeling Fruity

When decorating her mantel, Kaelyn Guerin traded in the boughs of holly for slices of dried oranges. The result? The perfect mix of festive and fruity.

Serena & Lily

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Simplicity Is Key

You don’t need to pull out all the stops to make a statement. As this setup from Serena & Lily proves, simply hanging a textured wreath can add plenty of visual appeal.

Serena & Lily

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Fancy Feast

Pine boughs can add a festive spirit to any space. Here, the extra foliage gives a wintry touch to a coastal bar cart by Serena & Lily.

Serena & Lily

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Looking for a Christmas decorating idea that’s stylish, seasonal, and snugly? Channel this table from Serena & Lily by draping a faux-fur throw on your dining chairs.

Harlow and Thistle

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Minimalist Mantel

Just because you’re decorating for the most wonderful time of the year doesn’t mean you have to settle for boughs of holly and plaid accents. If your aesthetic skews more minimalist, take a cue from Harlow and Thistle and deck your fireplace mantel with dried wheatgrass, scarce eucalyptus leaves, and nickel accents.

How to decorate a house for Christmas


Christmas is upon us again. Everyone is breaking out the decorations and getting ready for one of the best holidays in the entire year! When decorating the house for Christmas, some creativity goes a long way, so in an effort to inspire you to decorate your home a little bit differently and make it something special that will stand out from everyone else’s, we’re presenting you with the coolest indoor Christmas decorating ideas.

Many people like sticking to the standard norm of red and green when it comes to decorating Christmas interiors, and while it does have its charm, a little bit of deviation is always a good thing, especially when it  comes to decor. Most of the colors used are happy colors, with a lot of bright elements, however recent trends prove that simple decorations can sometimes be better.

Image source: Dawn Hearn Interior Design

No one likes to hear what’s already been done, everyone wants to know what’s new and what’s in. For everyone looking for ideas for a modern home, we’ve gathered what’s currently trendy and stylish, in an effort to influence your imagination and tickle your creativity.

A Twist on a Classic

Perhaps a timeless classic, the black and white combination offers something most combinations can’t. It’s simple and elegant. It looks sleek and cool whatever you decide to decorate with it.

Image source: AMR Interior Design & Drafting Ltd.

There’s a reason it’s called a classic, and that’s because it suits almost anything. Your home is no exception. If you like the accentuation that everything else gets from a black and white contrast combination, do it. It’s impressionable yet simple.

Spicing up the Standard

Sure, sticking with the traditional colors of Christmas can sometimes seem a little bland, but some creative thinking and new ways of implementing them does wonders.

Image source: Regina Gust

Christmas accessories in candy colors look great by themselves, but they can look even better. If you’re feeling crafty you can even personalize them. Decorating them with ribbons makes them even better.

If you prefer how Christmas decorations used to look a while ago, you can go old school and with the little help of colours like peacock blue, give your home that vintage feel.

Less doesn’t have to be worse

Just because you use traditional decorations, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be inventive. How do you accomplish that? We’ve gathered the best ideas that show less sometimes means more.

Image source: Louise de Miranda

Here are a few minimalistic decorating ideas that promise to inspire one’s inner artist:

  • The fewer items used the better. Nothing stands out more than items that have strong presence.
  • Christmas lights can sometimes be difficult to arrange the way you want. That’s why buying a Christmas tree that already comes with lights is sometimes a better option.
  • Using too many colors will not only give your items a chaotic look, but makes them lose their beauty. Use just shades from a few chosen colors. It looks modern and chic.
  • Save yourself some money by using fruits and vegetables as decoration. They look good, smell nice, and are very tasty too!
  • Replicate the feel of the outside atmosphere, inside your very own home. Paper snow lakes on the windows give your home a Christmas feel, even if there’s no snow outside yet.
  • Put in a little work by cutting colored paper into interesting forms and use them as decorations, it’s easy but effective.
  • Using just one color of lighting for your tree can make you calmer, plus it looks incredible when all other lights are off.
  • If you’re short on time, the useful Christmas cookie cutters responsible for making delicious cookies can be used as great decor. Hang them on any object of your choice with the help of a ribbon.
  • A simple pinecone can be used as decoration too. Fill a plate or bowl with pinecones and place them on a surface of your choice. If you’re running low on pinecones, candy will do too!
  • The sweetness to Christmas, quite literally, cookies. Before baking, pierce the cookie dough anywhere you want to make room for the ribbon with which you will later be hanging them to anything you want. Bake, and voila! One cookie decoration done.
  • Ribbons can be used as decoration on their own. You can tie them to any bottle or cutlery to give everything in your home a Christmas feel. The color choice of the ribbons is all yours.
  • As well as ribbons, you can tie bows around window and door handles too.

Refined and Minimalistic

Simple decorations along with light neutral colors and natural materials is often one of the best decor. It combines comfort and luxury, while looking timelessly elegant. It creates a familiar and warm atmosphere, which embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Image source: Chris Snook

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Christmas Materials

The decorations don’t have to be made from soft materials. Using metal pieces as decor has proven to be a viable choice.

The metallic look goes best with darker interiors where it can be accentuated. Gray works best, while grey mixed with some gold and silver does wonders, as everything looks in harmony.

Image source: Tobi Fairley

Flowers are still In

Using simple flowers, or wreaths if you prefer the look, can be used to liven up the entire house. There are no restrictions as to where you can use a wreath, so they can be placed on any door, window, or just as a centerpiece for whatever you have in mind. Ribbons can also give the wreath more tone and warmth.
Image source: opendoorstudio
A Christmas tree for Everyone

Not everyone has room for a pine tree, some people are even allergic to pine. But there are several other tree options, so everyone can get a tree of their choice and enjoy Christmas.

Image source: Louise de Miranda

It’s snowing!

The snowflake is arguably the best looking Christmas decoration. Hang them on a wall or the curtain, with varying sizes and shapes, so you can have the pleasant sight of snowing, without actually going outside in the cold.

Do you want to build a snow man?
A fridge that looks like a snowman is a guaranteed hit with everyone who sees it.

A Christmas Dinner

Transfer the Christmas spirit to dinner too. Decorating the dinner table with Christmas colors as well as with various different Christmas accessories gives everyone seated at the table a great big smile. Not only will they enjoy the delicious food, but the beautiful sight of a Christmas table.
Image source: AMR Interior Design & Drafting Ltd.

A unique take on a wreath

A wreath isn’t limited to a single color or form. Add some berries, pine cones, and anything that you deem appropriate into it to give it a more natural look.

Use Pine as Decor

Pines look simple and elegant, but they have a very rich and deep texture. Use lights or other decorations in conjunction to highlight that fact.

Image source: Christie Thomas

Willy Wonks look

A simple candy cane can give a sparkle to an otherwise boring wall or window.

A Year Round Decoration

Succulents are easy to maintain and require next to no watering, which makes them excellent all year round decorations. If you want to celebrate Christmas, you can arrange a few of them in a centerpiece, or upgrade to a succulent garland or wreath.

Image source: RedAgape Blog


The best way to make sure you’re unique is to add your own touch to something. Personalize a wreath to make it really stand out from the rest.

Image source: Sarah Greenman

Don’t throw anything away!

You can save money by saving the boxes you have lying around from that Christmas shopping. As well as being great for transporting whatever you bought, they can also serve as nice looking decorations.

Image source: Julie Ranee

Bright and Brighter

Lights are the star of a Christmas decor. Everything else is optional, but lights are a must. Use LED string lights to give your windows, door frames, walls, anything you choose really, a unique look. Good thing is you can shape them to form anything you want, so the possibilities are endless!

Image source: Janet Paik

Lanterns can do Wonders

Just lanterns by themselves are a great idea, but filling them with other Christmas accessories can be very effective. For anyone looking for more, lighting a candle inside will brighten up your holiday spirit even more!

Image source: Janet Paik

Christmas inspiration

We are accustomed that each year we should adorn the Christmas tree with all sorts of ornaments. Christmas is the time of the year when you get holiday gifts, peace and spiritual tranquility.

Each of us has a personal style to decorate the Christmas tree, but we don’t know the meanings and symbols of Christmas ornaments. Colored lights, tinsel, confetti, candy, nuts, light installations, candles hanging on tree branches giving us a sense of joy and fulfillment. Besides these there are some whose symbols make us give greater importance to decorating the house and Christmas tree.

The famous Christmas wreath, ornament originally from Europe, hanging on the doors of houses, symbolizes health and luck. The circular shape symbolizes the eternal nature of love that never fails. It can be decorated with ribbons, globes, pine cones painted in silver or gold.

The Christmas tree-shaped star symbolizes luck and achieving all your dreams. The star has a religious significance, reminiscent of the one that appeared in the sky at the birth of Jesus.

Mistletoe is a plant with the oldest tradition of celebrating winter. It is used in decorating the house with healing powers. For some people symbolizes peace and harmony. Kissing under the mistletoe brings harmony and understanding and love for the couple is stronger.

Even if you are skilled or not, this collection will help you to find the best design ideas for creating the warmest atmosphere in your house for you and your family. Happy X-mas everyone!

Being a family celebration, people use to meet for dinner in the holly night and spend time together so the table must be decorated properly. Personalized Christmas ornaments should decorate the table and the green and red colors shouldn’t be absent. The interior design of the room could be decorated with Christmas lights for a warm atmosphere thanks to the low lights.

Here is an example of Christmas tree ornaments absolutely fabulous that gives originality to your beautiful Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree decorated in the same color with the rest of the room gives a stylish aspect and it fits perfectly in the entire design.

Candles, an important Christmas decoration, should not be absent from the house. This decorations are so important not only because of their shape or color but more for their smell that relaxes your tastes and makes you dreamer.

Great Christmas gifts can be put on the table and surprise loved ones.

Below, you’ll find more images that will help you to decorate your house for Christmas.

Try to cook the favorite Christmas sweets and color them as much as you can in red and green.

15 ideas on how to decorate your house or cottage for Christmas

Do you dream that the atmosphere of the upcoming Christmas reigned in your house? Then this article is for you. We have selected the most original decorations for the interior, which you can easily and quickly make with your own hands.

When the days are getting shorter and the temperature outside the window drops to minus levels, people really miss the holidays, which are sure to cheer up. And preparation for the winter celebrations is a real prevention of the blues. Start decorating your home for the Christmas holidays, and we will show you what ideas can be implemented without much difficulty.

1. Christmas trees in pots

The Christmas tree is the main attribute of Christmas. But what if there is not enough space for this beauty in the house? The best way out of the situation is to purchase a small live Christmas tree in a container. Not only will it not take up much space, but it will not crumble, which means it will decorate your home for much longer than its sawn counterparts.

2. Spruce paws as a replacement for a large Christmas tree

Continuing the theme of spruces, we offer another option to replace the classic Christmas tree. A few spruce paws can quite create a festive mood, if you show a little imagination and decorate them beautifully. For example, take a large spruce branch, hang it on the wall and dress it up. Or put some paws in a ceramic pot and decorate them with toys as well. Fast, simple and very effective!

3. Variations on the theme of a Christmas wreath

Another bright element of Christmas decoration is a festive coniferous wreath. Wherever they hang it: on walls, windows, on the front door. And everywhere this attribute of Christmas looks organic and elegant. And yet, it is a symbol of prosperity in the family and the warmth of the family hearth.

4. Decor on the windows

When decorating the front door, do not forget about the windows. It is much more fun to look at the winter cold through the glass painted with colors. But this is not the only way to give the window opening an elegant look. You can hang Christmas decorations from the eaves, you can decorate windows with Christmas-themed stickers, you can hang a garland of home-made decorative elements . .. In a word, no one limits your imagination here.

5. Decorating the window sill

Next to the windows, it would be nice to decorate the window sill. It just seems that in such a small space of fantasy there is nowhere to roam. In fact, even on the most modest windowsill, you can create a real winter fairy tale. Put white candles on a silver tray on it – and they will give warmth to the winter landscape outside the window. Or come up with a whole story by sprinkling artificial snow on the “stage” and adding characters to the plot.

6. Decor of corners and shelves

Nooks and crannies in an apartment or house, bookshelves, shelving or bedside tables are great places to install holiday decor elements. Small decorations are especially suitable for this, which will not take up much space, but will certainly create a festive atmosphere.

7. Illumination

What is Christmas without festive lights? That’s right, very boring. Therefore, flickering garlands are what should be in every home on the eve of the Christmas holidays. Bright lights can decorate a spruce, as well as other interior items, or, if you live in your own house, then its facade.

8. Christmas plants

Among the symbols of Christmas there are living attributes of the holiday. For example, poinsettias tend to bloom during the winter holidays. This plant is also called “Christmas Star” in honor of the Star of Bethlehem. Another symbol of Christmas (as well as eternal life and rebirth) is the holly. Don’t forget the mistletoe. In Western tradition, under a sprig of mistletoe suspended from the ceiling, it is customary to exchange kisses. The custom came from Scandinavia, where mistletoe was considered a symbol of peace.

9. Candles in the interior

Large and small, in candlesticks and without, as an independent decor element and as part of decorative compositions… Candles are good in any form. Like New Year’s illumination, they create a festive mood. In many countries, a burning candle represents the victory of light over darkness. The best symbol of Christmas is hard to find.

10. Volumetric snowflakes

Decorating a house or summer cottage for Christmas does not necessarily mean big expenses. Some decorations can be made on your own. For example, everyone knows how to cut snowflakes. And if you complicate the task a little, then you can learn how to create voluminous snowflakes, which are made very simply, but look very elegant.

11. Using Contrasting Colors

You can play with contrasting colors to accentuate a subject. So, a bright shade on a white background always looks very catchy (and vice versa). You can also focus on the symbolism of flowers. For example, red color adds energy to the interior.

12. Edible decorations

Today, the production of Christmas decorations and decorations has reached such heights that a plastic gingerbread man can be mistaken for an edible one. But why torture children with artificial fakes when you can make these cookies yourself? For a while, gingerbread men or other figurines can live on your Christmas tree or on a table near it, and then you can eat them. The same goes for the gingerbread house.

Do not forget that Christmas still has its own special smell: cinnamon, cloves and anise. Twisted cinnamon sticks tied with a ribbon are a very fragrant decoration. As, however, is the fragrant mixture of the spices listed above, poured into one container.

13. Wall decorations

When decorating a house or summer cottage, it is very important not to overdo it and not to force the whole space with Christmas symbols. Therefore, in order not to occupy all the free surfaces, you can decorate empty walls. You can spice them up with garlands, decorative panels and any other Christmas-themed crafts that are easy to attach with buttons or hang on carnations.

14. Angels in the interior

Figurines, soft toys or Christmas decorations in the form of angels are another essential attribute of the upcoming holiday. Find “your” angel in the Christmas decorations department or make your own, and let it protect your home not only at Christmas.

15. Color range

Red, white and green are the main colors of Christmas, which contrast perfectly with each other. And it is absolutely not necessary to be a designer in order to learn how to correctly combine objects of these colors with each other. They will harmonize well. It is good to add shades of gold and silver to them. The decor of the room in these colors will give the atmosphere a special festive flavor.

We hope that in this article you have found at least one idea that you want to implement. Remember, a little imagination – and the interior will sparkle in a new way, giving a festive mood to both children and adults.

How houses are decorated for Christmas in Russia. Examples with photos

Do you want a magical atmosphere of the Christmas holiday to reign in your home? You have come to the right address! From our article you will learn how you can quickly make stylish and original decorations for the interior with your own hands. When the cold comes and the days get shorter, people look forward to the holidays, which will certainly cheer you up. And so that the blues do not really overcome, we advise you to start preparing for the winter holidays in advance. In this article, we will talk about how houses are decorated for Christmas in Russia. Free time can be spent decorating your home for Christmas. The ideas that you will find in our selection can be easily implemented together with children.

Christmas trees in pots

The Christmas tree is considered the main attribute of Christmas. But if the square meters of your apartment do not allow you to install a real coniferous tree, you can use an alternative, buy a small Christmas tree in a pot. Such a green beauty will take up very little space. In addition, coniferous needles from such a Christmas tree will not crumble, thereby your holiday will last longer than you choose a sawn tree for decoration.

Spruce branches as a substitute for a large coniferous tree

But, you can replace the classic Christmas tree in another way. For example, you can create a beautiful composition from several spruce paws. If you show imagination and decorate them in an original way, you will get an excellent decoration that will create a festive atmosphere of the upcoming holiday. Alternatively, you can hang a large spruce branch on the wall and decorate it with Christmas decorations and a garland. You can also put a few branches in a beautiful vase or pot, then decorate with toys, ribbons or cones. Such an ornament can be made with a minimum of time and effort, and the effect will be simply magical!

Christmas wreaths

If you decide to decorate your house for Christmas, the photos in this publication will come in handy. A wreath of needles has always been considered one of the brightest elements of Christmas decoration. It usually finds its use by decorating the front door, but it can also be placed on a wall or window. Such a Christmas attribute will look elegant and harmonious everywhere. It is not for nothing that such a wreath is considered a symbol of prosperity and family happiness.

Window decor

If you have already decorated your front door, you should also think about window decoration. Watching what is happening on the street in sub-zero weather through glass painted with beautiful patterns, your mood can noticeably improve.

If you show imagination, then the window opening can be “dressed up” in a very unusual and colorful way. Many decorate windows with purchased stickers, since manufacturers create them for every taste and color. You can also decorate the window by hanging Christmas decorations or a decorative garland from the eaves. It is best to create coziness with hand-made elements. The main thing is to approach this process creatively, and then the result will certainly please your family and guests.

Window Sill Decoration

If you use our ideas, decorating your home for Christmas will be easy. The window sill, just like the window, needs decoration. At first glance, it may seem that this part of the interior does not show much imagination, however, if desired, even the most modest window sill can be a great addition to the design of the entire room. For example, you can put a silver tray with white candles on it, this will give the winter cold outside the window of home comfort.

You can also come up with your own scenario and create a real Christmas fairy tale on the windowsill, using figurines of angels and artificial snow. The main thing is not to limit the flight of your imagination and then you will succeed.

Decoration of corners and shelves

In order to feel the atmosphere of the holiday around the perimeter of your apartment, you need to decorate bookshelves, racks, cabinets and even the most secluded corners of the rooms with festive decor. For this purpose, not large decorations are suitable, which will not take up much space, and at the same time create a festive mood.

Festive lighting

Christmas is a time of miracles, and in order to fully feel this magic, it is necessary to use various illuminations in festive decoration. Therefore, flickering garlands are one of the most necessary attributes of the holiday. Bright lights can decorate not only the forest beauty, installed on the eve of the holidays, but also walls and other interior items. If you live in a private house, then its facade decorated with a garland will look original.

Christmas flowers

Thanks to this publication, you will learn about how to decorate your house for Christmas with your own hands . A very popular plant, poinsettia, which tends to bloom during the winter holidays, has long been considered one of the symbols of Christmas. No wonder it has another name “Christmas Star”.

Another symbol of Christmas, as well as rebirth and eternal life, is the holly. This plant serves as a talisman and drives away evil spirits from the dwelling. But in the west, mistletoe is considered a Christmas flower. A branch of this plant is suspended from the ceiling, and kisses are exchanged under it. This is a Scandinavian custom, in this country mistletoe is considered a symbol of peace.

The use of candles in the interior

Since ancient times, candles have been widely used to decorate the interior. For this, large and small candles are used, in candlesticks and without them, in decorative compositions and as an independent element. In any variation, candles will always add individuality to your interior design. They will not only decorate the room with their shimmer, but also create a festive mood for its owners. This is one of the most significant symbols of Christmas, because it is not for nothing that the inhabitants of many countries consider a burning candle to be the personification of the victory of light over darkness.

Volumetric decorative snowflakes

Decorating an apartment or summer house for the Christmas holidays is not always an expensive undertaking. Many decorations can be made by hand. For example, you can cut out paper snowflakes. If you try and spend a little more time, you can learn how to make voluminous snowflakes, which will not be difficult to make, but the effect will be quite unusual.

Playing with colors

In order to focus attention on a particular subject, you can play on the contrast of colors. For example, a bright shade can be placed on a white background, or, conversely, a “monotone” can be used on a colored background, such a contrast will create an interesting and profitable solution for decorating the interior. The idea with the symbolism of flowers will also look catchy and harmonious. For example, red shades in the interior set you up for positive, and green ones give you self-confidence. In any case, the contrast of colors can give new images to your room or apartment as a whole.

Edible decorations

Manufacturers of Christmas decorations never cease to amaze us with their variety. Today, some decorations are in the form of sweets; it is quite possible not to distinguish them from real, edible ones. Children, at the sight of such toys, strive to taste them. So that plastic or glass products do not suffer, and children do not eat artificial sweets, you can make gingerbread cookies yourself. It will not be difficult to bake a flour product, but it will serve as an excellent decoration for the Christmas tree, and a delicious treat for the kids. You can also make a gingerbread house, it will be great if parents and their children take part in this activity. Joint creativity will unite the connection of generations even more.

It is worth noting that Christmas has its own special flavor. This holiday is impossible to imagine without the smell of cloves, cinnamon, anise and ginger. You can decorate the Christmas tree with twisted cinnamon sticks tied with a ribbon. The aroma of such decoration will remain in memory for a long time. You can also mix all these spices in one container. The aroma of this fragrant mixture will spread throughout the house, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Christmas wall decor

You can also use homemade Christmas decorations for your home. And some ideas of such products can be seen on the Internet. It is very important, when decorating your home, not to overdo it and not oversaturate all the free space with Christmas paraphernalia. Therefore, if the room is small, and there is not much space on the shelves and other surfaces, you can decorate the empty space on the walls. You can choose any decor, most often they use, of course, garlands, panels or any other crafts related to Christmas. They are easily attached to buttons or small studs. Such decoration will greatly enliven the appearance of the room, make it brighter and more festive.

Angel figurines

Christmas tree decorations, figurines or soft toys in the form of angels are one of the most significant decor elements for the Christmas holiday. There is a huge variety of them on sale, but you can make “your” angel from improvised materials, which will protect your home not only on holidays, but throughout the year.

Christmas colors

White, green and red have always been considered the main colors of Christmas. They fit perfectly and complement each other. The main thing is to learn how to correctly combine objects of these shades with each other. This does not require any special work. In any case, they will harmonize well with each other. Gold and silver hues will add a special touch to familiar surroundings. Especially if these colors are used in combination with white, green and red.

We are sure that our article will help you realize ideas for decorating your homes. Show all your imagination, and your interior will be filled with a festive mood, which is so necessary during the winter Christmas days.

How to decorate your house for Christmas and New Year

If there is not enough space in your country house or apartment to install a large Christmas tree, this does not mean that your house cannot look festive.
We have put together a selection of ideas that will help decorate even the most secluded corners of your home and set the house in a real Christmas mood.

1. Decorate the Walls

Decorating empty walls in your home will give it an even more festive look. To decorate the walls, use vine wreaths and bright elements. These can be artificial birds, small decorations, berries that need to be glued to wreaths before tying the tape and hanging on the wall.


2. Create an artificial Christmas tree

If your house doesn’t have enough space for a Christmas tree or you just don’t want to buy a real Christmas tree, you can create a small Christmas tree from the branches yourself. Take a wide coniferous branch, hang it on a hook against the wall and dress it up.


3. Making use of vertical space

If space in your home is limited, but you still have extra Christmas decorations that have nowhere to hang, it is not necessary to leave them gathering dust in a box. Take a look around your home and you’ll see many unexpected places – under chandeliers, on windows, above doorways – that can add sparkle and fun to your home with a few Christmas decorations.

4. Decorate Corners

Nooks, shelving and bookshelves are great places to decorate for the holidays. If you don’t have enough space for a large Christmas tree, you can buy a dwarf spruce, dress it up and put it on a shelf. Instead of a garland, use miniature decorations.

5. Hanging decorations on the wall

Use wall space wisely to decorate your home. Liven up the wall in the following way – take a long ribbon, hang elements from it, for example, letters containing a Christmas greeting. To prevent the letters from slipping on the ribbon, tie them tight. Fasten the tape with buttons, and hide the ends under the coniferous branches.


6. Decorating the house with small wreaths

The house is usually decorated with large and spectacular wreaths, but small ones make no less impression. Hang a miniature wreath with velvet or satin ribbon on a shelf or sideboard.


7. Give the chair a festive look

The chair can also be used as a decorative element. Decorate it from different sides with bright gift wrappings so that it resembles a place under the Christmas tree where gifts are put.



Tiny Ornaments

Shiny Christmas balls are perfect for decorating small spaces. Glue the ball onto a small plastic or glass disc. Remove the hanging loop from the ball and insert small flowers and berries into the hole. Make a beautiful arrangement of these balls and place in the center of the table.


9. Use contrasting colors

To decorate the corner, take a white artificial Christmas tree with sparse branches. Then decorate it with red balloons. Bright color on a white background looks very original. Put the Christmas tree in a box, wrap it in a towel and fill it with mother-of-pearl balls. Add a few different gift wrappings tied with ribbon to the look.

10. Decorate the window in the kitchen

Decorate light window panes with bright snowflakes, which you can cut arbitrarily or according to the pattern. Coniferous branches will finally complete the Christmas look.



Create a tiny village

Place some shiny houses on small boxes wrapped in wrapping paper. To create Christmas trees, fold a square piece of scrapbooking paper into a cone, glue the edges and trim the bottom. Place your village on the silver tray.


12. Decorating a table with a Christmas tree

Even if you have a lot of free space in the house, a small Christmas tree on the table will add a charming look to your hallway. You can put a garland and glass balls under the Christmas tree or put it in a silver vase. Focus on miniature jewelry. It can be small gifts or sweets.


13. Decorate the window sill

Simplicity in decorating small spaces is the basis of decorating. White candles on a silver tray will add extraordinary grace to your windowsill. Two fake dwarf fir trees wrapped in burlap will add some color to this winter landscape.



Decorate a picture

If you have already decorated your house with various pictures, give them a festive look with the help of coniferous twigs. This does not require any special tools.

15. Decorating a window

A painted frame hanging on a ribbon with Christmas balls stretched inside will transform the window in your house in an unusual way.


16. Ornaments with Christmas greetings

Small Christmas balls can be used in an original way in interior decoration. With these balls, you can leave Christmas greetings above the fireplace or on a shelf. To do this, apply congratulations on glass balls with a brush and place them in terracotta pots. Pre-gloss the pots by spraying them with glitter paint spray.

We decorate the house for Christmas (49photo)

Christmas is one of the brightest and most pleasant New Year’s holidays, filled with the warmth and comfort of a home.

In anticipation of it, the very air is saturated with spicy aromas of pine needles and sweet tangerines, so many people will certainly want to complement their home interior with Christmas decor.

DIY Christmas room decor

If you are looking for creative ideas to decorate your home for Christmas with your own hands?

Then in this article you will find the most interesting elements of interior decoration, which you can make with your own hands. What will help to bring Christmas warmth and comfort to your home.

Elements of Christmas decor

Christmas is the time of traditional family meetings, pleasant surprises and sincere conversations, a wonderful time when the most cherished dreams come true.

However, this holiday is celebrated differently in different countries, but each variation is rich in its own customs and attributes. Next, we will talk about how to decorate a house for Christmas with your own hands in different countries.


  1. How do-it-yourself Orthodox people decorate a house for Christmas
  2. How to create a nativity scene with their own hands
  3. Do-it-yourself Christmas bell
  4. Do-it-yourself angel made of felt for Christmas
  5. Do-it-yourself candles at home
  6. for Christmas in Europe
  7. Advent wreath, decoration for Christmas in England
  8. Home decor for Christmas in France
  9. Christmas decor in Denmark
  10. Do-it-yourself deer made of branches
  11. How to decorate a house in the Netherlands for Christmas
  12. How to decorate a house for Christmas in Germany
  13. How to decorate a house for Christmas in America
  14. How to decorate a house facade in America

DIY Christmas

For Orthodox Christians, the Christmas tree is traditionally considered the main decoration of Christmas.

You can decorate the fir tree with festive balls, nuts, fragrant tangerines, LED garland, and place a star on top.

Christmas tree decorated for Christmas

Christmas decor is complemented by angels, golden bells, a Christmas nativity scene. The interior of the room can be decorated with spruce branches with colorful balls, lanterns, or forest cones.

How to make your own crib

There are many different ways to make a crib for Christmas. The composition itself can be both simple and complex. Models made from improvised materials are considered simple to manufacture.

Do-it-yourself Christmas nativity scene

Next, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the video instruction, which tells in detail how to make a nativity scene with your own hands.

DIY Christmas bell

To make Christmas bells, we need:

  • Paper cups;
  • Spray paint: silver or gold;
  • Wire;
  • Christmas decor: ribbons, tinsel, etc. ;
  • Small ball.

First, paint a couple of cups with paint. Since the bottom of the cup will be considered the top of the bell, you need to make a small hole in it for attaching the ball and ribbon.

Then we take the wire (which can be glued with tinsel) and form a loop out of it. After tightening it into the hole at the bottom of the cup, fix a small ball on it.

Do-it-yourself bells for Christmas

Do the same with the second glass. Next, we connect the loops of two bells to each other, and decorate with a beautiful New Year’s ribbon in a bow. Your Christmas decoration is ready!

DIY felt Christmas angel

You can make a Christmas angel not only from paper, but also from felt. Such an angel will be a great decoration for your Christmas tree. In order to make it, we need:

  • Felt
  • Thread and needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Beads;
  • Sequins.

We select the pattern template we like, and cut out the necessary elements from felt. Then we sew them with threads and sew them to each other. Referring to the figure below. Threads are best selected to match the material used.

Making an angel out of felt for Christmas

All that’s left is to sew on the bead-eyes, and you can additionally decorate the wings with rhinestones or sequins. And your Christmas angel is ready!

Do-it-yourself felt angels

Do-it-yourself candles for Christmas

Not a single New Year’s holiday can do without Christmas candles. Of the variety of options, the simplest is the method of making candles with fruits and berries.

All you need to make is: paraffin wax, wick, orange and molds. We will tell you in detail how to make candles with your own hands in the next video.

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How to decorate houses for Christmas in Europe

Christmas is the most desired holiday in Europe! After all, it is at this magical time that it is possible to plunge into a real fairy tale. As in Russia, it is customary to celebrate Christmas at home, among relatives and friends.

Traditionally, rooms are decorated with red, green, white, gold and silver items. Next, we will tell you about how beautifully Europeans decorate the house for Christmas with their own hands.

Advent wreath, a Christmas decoration in England

The Advent wreath is a traditional Christmas item in every home in Europe. A wreath is not just a beautiful decoration, but as Europeans read, it is a strong amulet that brings happiness and prosperity to the house.

The wreath can become a decoration of a window, an entrance door, a fireplace, original festive compositions are obtained with it. For manufacturing you will need: spruce twigs and four candles. The wreath itself can be decorated with festive balls, garlands and ribbons.

DIY Advent wreath

Home decor for Christmas in France

Traditionally, the French prefer to decorate not only their homes, but also the festive table with flowers at Christmas.

And a sprig of mistletoe is hung over the front door so that good luck accompanies business and undertakings. Mostly in the decor, the French use red.

Christmas decor in France

Christmas decor in Denmark

As a rule, in Denmark, instead of a Christmas tree, larch is decorated. And preference is given to pastel shades and natural materials, such as wood. Deer figures are popular.

Scandinavian Christmas decor

DIY deer made of branches

To make this craft, we need: twigs and glue.

Using a drill, make holes in the birch base. We install small twigs in the resulting holes and fix with glue. Thus, we got the legs.

Do-it-yourself deer from twigs

Next, we make a hole for the head, then we install the neck into it, and we attach the horns to the head. After we connect the head with the body. In conclusion, we fix the eyes and nose. Adorable Christmas deer made of twigs, ready!

How to decorate a house in the Netherlands for Christmas

When it comes to Christmas decor, the Dutch follow customs, so they decorate lush Christmas trees with splendor. The windows in the house are decorated with an electric garland, into which red ribbons are woven.

Christmas decor at home in the Netherlands

How houses are decorated for Christmas in Germany

In German Christmas decor, attributes of green and red shades are predominantly found. How can you decorate your house with your own hands for Christmas in Germany?

fashion interior photo of beautiful women in elegant dresses decorating Christmas tree in living room

It can be decorated with LED garlands, a wreath from any coniferous plant. It is worth noting that a mistletoe wreath with four candles is considered one of the main elements of Christmas decor.

Advent wreath in the interior of the room

The Germans also like to decorate the house with poinsettias. The poinsettia perfectly reflects the combination of the standard colors of Christmas: green and red.

DIY poinsettia

Below is a video instruction: How to make a poinsettia with your own hands.

How to decorate a house for Christmas in America

There are many ideas for decorating a house for Christmas in America, but still, the main elements of the Christmas interior among Americans are the Christmas tree and the Christmas nativity scene. Decorate the tree with flowers, garlands, cones and festive balls.

DIY home decor in America

Candles in beautiful old candelabra are widely used in the interior. And the chandelier can be decorated with an angel cut out of foil.

DIY Christmas room decor

It is popular among Americans to use foil of various colors, balloons, panels with family photos, as well as gift boxes in decor.

How to decorate a house for Christmas with your own hands

And in America, it is also customary to decorate the interior with New Year’s stockings and boots for Santa Claus. Such boots are hung over the fireplace, or by the bed, because this is not only a decorative element, but also an excellent bag for placing gifts in it.

Christmas boots over the fireplace

How the facade of the house is decorated in America

The most decorated house for Christmas in America is considered to be the one that is decorated not only inside, but also outside. Americans decorate the facades of houses with LED garlands. Below we present for you the best photos of houses decorated for Christmas.

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DIY Christmas decorations for home and garden

Hello dear friends!

On the eve of perhaps the most magical, long-awaited holidays loved by adults and kids, we enjoy the sweet, pleasant chores associated with the advent of Christmas. Aromas of pine needles and tangerines hovering in the air create a special atmosphere, which you certainly want to add with cute little things – to make a fabulous corner out of your usual everyday home, even a city apartment. We have collected photos and ideas for New Year’s decoration of the house and garden for Christmas in this article.

Everyone creates festive decorations in their own way. Some people like the ready-made, commercially available Christmas decor, while others lovingly make interior decorations with their own hands with the whole family. If you are in the second category, then today we will share with you inspiring home and garden decorating ideas.


  1. What is Christmas without?
  2. Santa Claus and other Santas
  3. Christmas wreath
  4. Sock-boot
  5. Luminous ideas for a bright holiday
  6. Christmas lighting for each stump and branch
  7. Light for your home!
  8. Our hands are not for boredom or there are no extra things in the house

Without what – not Christmas?

Even a child will answer:

  • without Father Frost or Santa;
  • without Christmas wreath;
  • without sock hanging on the fireplace.

If a country house has a fireplace, then the rest of the indispensable attributes of the holiday are made elementary.

Santa Claus and other Father Frosts

Are you planning to spend your winter holidays outside the city? It’s time to start preparing your possessions for the holidays. Simple Christmas decorations from what came to hand will transform the space in a few hours.

This is how Santa Clauses will meet your guests at the doorstep or gate.

You don’t even need instructions to figure out how to make them. Picking up a few logs in the backyard of a private house is not at all a problem. And if you put snowmen along the paths, decorated with tinsel and other bright little things?

The youngest needleworkers can make paper Santas. A series of photos will help you understand:

  1. Let’s prepare the tool, material and make the main details.
  2. Assembling the craft.
  3. Result.

Christmas wreath

Front door decoration is one of the main symbols of Christmas. Even 30-40 years ago, we did not hear about a spruce wreath with cones and balls, ribbons and bows. But the tendency to celebrate in a Western way – brightly, noisily, with lights and all kinds of decorations, not only indoors, but also in the local area – hit the spot.

Now huge Christmas wreaths and tiny cute wreaths, which protect from the evil eye and unkind words, are made from any materials:

  • bows;
  • tinsel;
  • Christmas balls;
  • sweets and gingerbread;
  • stars and flowers.

Can’t weave? Decorate any hoop, old hoop, bend a wire circle. A luxurious wreath for Christmas is obtained from an old bicycle wheel.

Sock boot

Of course, they also hang up old felt boots trimmed with sequins and tinsel, and ordinary red socks. But, if you want to celebrate Christmas in an elegant and beautiful way, then allocate literally a quarter of an hour to make a festive attribute:

Home decoration for Christmas, this cheerful mess with fantasy splashing with ideas, creates the very atmosphere of a miracle, expectations of magic. And if the source of inspiration suddenly dries up, watch the following video. Here is a whole kaleidoscope of ideas:

Luminous ideas for a bright holiday

In addition to the popular Christmas paraphernalia in the form of sparkling tinsel, coniferous branches, Christmas toys and all kinds of handmade decorations made of paper, textiles, natural materials, a lot of attention in the New Year’s atmosphere of the house is paid to light “special effects”. Simply put, festive illumination. Let there be light!

Candles, flashing colored lights, electric garlands, lanterns, LED strips, makeshift lamps from improvised materials, stylized Christmas crafts with lights inside enliven our house, yard and garden on Christmas, creating an absolutely amazing fairy-tale mood.

The flickering light of candles lit on Christmas Eve is a kind of rite of purification, protection, symbolizing the soul of the Savior. On the other hand, the living flame of fire creates an indescribable feeling of comfort, home warmth. Candles decorate the place of the festive meal, where all home and invited guests gather for Christmas dinner.

Christmas lighting for each stump and branch

For the Christmas lighting of the winter yard and the adjacent territory – the steps of the porch and the cleared path leading to the house – these ice candlesticks are used, which are very easy to build with your own hands.

This Christmas miracle is definitely man-made:

  1. We take a container of a suitable size, put a small plastic bucket or a tin can with a load into it.
  2. Place sprigs of pine needles, clusters of mountain ash or sliced ​​oranges into the resulting gap, fill with water.
  3. We put it in the cold and wait for the result.
  4. To remove the finished product from the mold, you need to let it melt a little.

Ice “crystal” put on the street, waiting for dusk to light candles. Well, isn’t it beauty?

Fans of practical, uncomplicated solutions will find the option of festive illumination with LED strips suitable for street lighting. They decorate tree trunks, fences, arched structures, the entrance area of ​​​​the house.

Interesting designs are made from colorful ribbons:

  • Christmas trees;
  • stars;
  • funny faces;
  • flowers;
  • Christmas tree branches with balls.

Even if the audience does not appreciate the lighting, you will definitely create a Christmas mood.

Light for your home!

Window openings, railings, supports of an open terrace, colored with lights of festive garlands, will turn the most ordinary building into a fabulous gingerbread house.

Christmas decor with lighting technology is limited only by your imagination, corresponding to the style of the holiday. Do not be shy about the breadth of scope with which you are ready to amaze the imagination of guests, passers-by and beloved neighbors in the area.

In the meantime, we will return to the house – inspect the interior for additional lighting. In addition to candles and lanterns, there are many creatively attractive options for decorating your home interior with the most common Christmas tree garlands.

Let’s celebrate Christmas already in the hallway! Let the very first seconds of your stay in your home swirl a long-awaited or random guest with iridescent colors, a kaleidoscope of lights and aromas!

The more light, the brighter and more joyful the atmosphere in the house. Cheerfully flashing garlands fixed under the ceiling, along the walls, in window openings significantly increase the chances that New Year’s miracles and pleasant events will not mix up the address in the near future – they will knock on your door.

A flight of stairs, a large mirror in a beautiful frame, any free wall or corner of the room can be the starting point for decorating an interior with a Christmas theme.

A movable screen in the corner, shining with a hundred small lights, or a plywood panel in the form of an impromptu Christmas tree – simple but effective solutions that will delight all households, and especially children!

Any, absolutely any household item with the advent of Christmas is declared magical. An improvised lamp from an ordinary glass flowerpot? Please! Old galvanized bucket in the hallway? Yes, it’s easier than ever!

An unprepossessing country step-ladder turns into a smart Christmas tree right before your eyes, decorated with running lights and children’s toys. Such a Christmas impromptu can be put on the veranda to raise the degree of festive mood.

A wooden birdcage, a garden lantern, a bunch of firewood or a dry sawn branch brought from a snowy garden. We declare with full responsibility: in the Christmas design of country apartments, these non-standard items, decorated with luminous garlands, will look just fabulous!

The main task of a designer is a conceptual approach to a solution. It is important to think over the festive composition to the smallest detail, to determine the optimal arrangement of details. In the hallway, in the kitchen, in the corridor or in the common room, where in the evenings you will gather in the family circle. The main thing is that it brings sincere joy and pleasure to everyone.

Our hands are not for boredom or there are no extra things in the house

By the way, a few more words about improvised means that will be useful for decorating festive Christmas lighting in the house or outside. In this sense, all kinds of glass containers have proven themselves perfectly. At any dacha, this goodness is always in abundance.

Jars, wine bottles as improvised lamps are just a godsend for needlework lovers. The perfect solution to celebrate Christmas in a rustic style.

Urgently turn on fantasy and crazy hands! A little patience, skill – and the most ordinary bottles turn right before your eyes into beautiful nightlights, and glass jars – into small lampshades, pretty candlesticks that can be arranged or hung indoors, outdoors.

Traditional window decoration for the New Year and Christmas is one of the favorite and relevant topics of festive home decoration. Illuminated by LED garlands, creating a light shimmering curtain, window openings enliven the interior space, delight us with their magic lights, beckon us from the snowy street to the comfort of a warm room.

Stylish original decorations in the form of Christmas trees, fairy-tale houses, knocked down from boards, cut out of cardboard or plywood, it is enough to equip them with lighting to turn them into wonderful Christmas decorations that will perfectly fit into the holiday atmosphere.

How to come up with and recreate an unforgettable winter fairy tale with your own hands? Yes, very easy! A little imagination, desire, and for inspiring ideas, be sure to visit us. With the upcoming holidays and best wishes for Christmas, your site about the cottage!

Tatyana Soboleva

How to decorate a house for Christmas: ideas, photos

When it’s snowing and frosty outside the window, and the days are getting shorter, we are overcome by winter melancholy. For long evenings, you want to wrap yourself in your favorite blanket and make homemade mulled wine. Favorite holidays, which are celebrated on a grand scale, help to dispel the apathy that has arisen. Cheerful New Year’s parties, and the meeting of all relatives at the festive table on Christmas, decorate the winter months and help to wait for spring. Next, consider how you can interestingly and brightly decorate your home to create a magical atmosphere and a festive mood.

Step 1. Take artificial spruce branches and place along the wall. We fix the garland with wire. We decorate the branches with red bows, small balls and bright ribbons. We complement the decor with bells and a small garland with LED bulbs.

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Artificial branches on the fireplace

Step 2. Decorate the shelf with themed accessories. Let’s do a little composition. We put two snow-white candlesticks, a figurine of a deer and an angel. We place a beautiful dish nearby and fill it with New Year’s balls, choose white ones with gold or silver decor. We complete the composition with golden tinsel and light candles. You can also place vintage lamps, red candles and porcelain souvenirs on the shelves.

Step 3. Add artificial snow to spruce branches, souvenirs and Christmas balls.

Step 4. Place the Christmas wreath. We hang the decoration on the wall or on the door.

Tip! You can decorate a wreath in an original way if there is a picture in the room. We take wrapping paper, cut out the desired size and close the image in the picture, leaving a free frame. We glue the paper on small squares of double-sided tape, then hang a wreath on the picture.

Step 5. Decorate the wall with a garland curtain, and the bed with small red pillows with a Christmas theme.

Step 6. Decorate the Christmas tree in red and gold. In order to achieve this effect, we first place the base on the green beauty: red bows, golden Christmas flowers, white roses and golden candies. After the base, we complement the Christmas tree outfit with beautiful balls.

Step 7. We make a small town of toy houses under the tree. Here you can show your imagination and complete the city with a railway, snow globes and clockwork toys.

Note! We decorate windows beautifully and unusually for the New Year 2019

Advice! You can create lighting in the winter town with electric candles. We place candles in the houses, light them, and create a festive illumination.

The decoration of the house is nearing completion, it remains to turn on the garlands, light candles and cover upholstered furniture with red blankets. Hot cocoa, tangerines in a beautiful vase and gingerbread cookies will be the best treats for guests who come to congratulate you on a bright holiday.

Lighting candles

Beauty is in the details

Elements of Christmas decor are very diverse. Many decorations can be made independently, without large financial investments.

This home design option uses shop-bought décor and original handmade decorations. At the same time, the creative process of creating unique products will not be difficult and very exciting.

Beauty is in the details

Christmas tree

We decorate the green beauty using unusual toys and balls. The color scheme should be dominated by white and gold. White bells, deer figurines, stars and shining gold balls will create the necessary decor. We close the bottom of the Christmas tree with gifts.

You can use ready-made surprises for family and friends or ordinary boxes decorated with golden wrapping paper. We place convenient battery-powered garlands on gifts that create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Tip! If you decide to purchase an artificial Christmas tree, choose a model with a built-in garland. This will get rid of a lot of wires that interfere with the decor.

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Wreath with candles

Wreath with candles

In this decor option, we will replace the traditional Christmas wreath with a luxurious and elegant composition. We are used to the fact that the symbol of Catholic Christmas consists of spruce branches, red bows and golden bells. However, in decorating the interior every year you want something special and unusual. Use a wreath made in the form of white stripes intertwined in a beautiful pattern.

Place the wreath on the table and decorate with cones. We place massive candles of gold and copper shades in the wreath. In the store, candles painted in bright colors are quite expensive, so you can decorate them yourself. You will need paint in gold and copper shades, sold in spray cans, and the original composition is ready.

Wreath with candles

Tip! Colored candles must not be lit, they are used only for decoration. To create Christmas lights, wrap the wreath with LED string.

Ornamental tree

Ordinary branches can be used to make an original composition that can replace the traditional spruce. We put the branches in a tall vase and paint with silver paint, then varnish. We place golden New Year’s balls on the branches and complement the composition with a garland.

Flashlight in a jar

You can complement your Christmas interior with original and safe lanterns. This decoration looks simply amazing, and is done in a matter of minutes. All we need is a glass jar with a lid, small Christmas balls and a battery-operated garland. We put balls and a garland in a jar, close the lid and tie with a decorative ribbon.

Flashlight in a jar

Tip! For a flashlight, choose shiny balls, reflecting the light of the garlands, they create a magical Christmas atmosphere.

Start preparing for Christmas with the suggested decor elements as a basis. In the process of decorating a house, you may have a large number of creative ideas that you can implement on your own.

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Scandinavian decor

Scandinavian style is often confused with minimalism, but these are completely different trends in decor. In the Scandinavian style, as a rule, there are many decorative elements, varied and original. For Christmas decoration in this style, soft colors are used, mainly white, gray, beige and black.

Scandinavian decor

Natural materials used for decoration:

  • branches;
  • stones;
  • wood cuts;
  • plants;
  • fresh flowers in pots;
  • bumps.

Scandinavians are very fond of natural natural shades, so the decoration contains the green color of fir branches, the red shade of ripe lingonberries and the blue colors of the sky. You will not find acidic, bright or shiny colors in this design option.

Most Christmas decorations can be made by yourself using the simplest materials. The house looks very cozy and festive, literally transforming before our eyes. We decorate the house in several stages:

  • Making a decorative composition in the Scandinavian style. In a vintage vase or a large bottle we place a branch of cherry plum. You can use branches of any tree, as long as they are large, wide and look spectacular. We decorate the branch with small mittens and stars made of artistic clay.
  • We decorate shelves and tables with triangular lanterns, candles in candlesticks and animal figurines.
  • Add fur to the interior. It is most convenient to make small pillows to decorate the sofa. For decor, you can use lining from outerwear or faux fur. We choose gray, white and brown colors.
  • We decorate the window sill. We place a photo frame with old New Year cards, selected in the same color scheme, cones and a large number of candles. Light elements are the main decoration for Scandinavian-style windows, so we place candlesticks, lanterns and garlands right on the windowsill.

Decorating the window sill

  • Making Christmas wreaths from vines and paper angels. These decorative elements can be assembled into a single composition, supplemented with candles, cinnamon bouquets and soft pompoms.
  • We decorate the Christmas tree. We exclude plastic toys, rain and tinsel from the outfit of the green beauty. We add straw angels and snowflakes, knitted and wooden toys. We decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree with snowmen and gifts, as well as a basket with cones.

Decorating the Christmas tree

  • Making Christmas stars.