Scandinavian kitchens: 25 Scandinavian Kitchens That Celebrate Nordic Cool

25 Scandinavian Kitchens That Celebrate Nordic Cool


Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel is an interior design expert who has covered architecture, interiors, and decor trends for publications including the New York Times, Interior Design, Lonny, and the American and international editions of Elle Decor. She resides in Paris, France, and has traveled to over 30 countries, giving her a global perspective on home design.

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Updated on 07/14/22

Fantastic Frank

Scandinavian-style kitchens are known for their functional layouts, neutral palettes, less-is-more aesthetics, wood tones, and occasional eccentric touches. The same clean lines, fine craftsmanship, and timeless design principles that informed so much of midcentury design in Europe and the United States in the 20th century still inspires modern interiors. Today, an ever evolving interpretation of Scandi style, often mixed with other interior design styles and regional influences, is one of the most popular interior design styles in many countries around the world. 

Check out these Scandinavian and Scandi-inspired kitchens from interior designers and stylists around the world located everywhere from minimalist chic city apartments to warm, rustic Swedish farmhouses that offer ideas for incorporating some cool Nordic style into your own kitchen design.

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    Celebrate Natural Wood Tones

    Fantastic Frank

    This modern Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank has flat-front cabinetry with barely there hardware that keeps the focus on the warm toned floor-to-ceiling wood, while a cool aluminum backsplash adds contrast and reflects light. Kelly green chairs around the pale wood round kitchen table break up all the natural wood colors and add energy to the design.

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    Embrace an All-White Palette

    Design by Sissy + Marley Interiors / Photo by Marco Ricca

    This airy kitchen from NYC-based Sissy + Marley Interiors has a clean, modern feel with all-white cabinetry and light oak flooring, and Scandi-style spindle-back painted wood bar stools and a trio of pendant lights with a Danish modern bent.

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    Minimize Upper Cabinetry

    Design and Photo by deVOL Kitchens

    This serene kitchen from UK-based deVOL Kitchens uses classic English Shaker-style cabinetry to create a Scandi-style oasis in shades of taupe and white. A side wall features ample storage and glass-front cabinetry, allowing the back wall above the sink to remain free and clear to contribute to the calming, Scandi-style aesthetic.

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    Add Industrial Farmhouse Elements

    Design by Chango & Co. / Photo by Jacob Snavely

    This spacious Flatiron kitchen from NYC-based Chango & Co. combines industrial, modern farmhouse, and Scandi-style elements, with its stainless steel appliances, white subway tile backsplash, white Shaker-style cabinetry, and custom-built island stained in a rich dark wood tone.

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    Blend with Classic French Style

    Design by Leymarie Gourdon Architectes / Photo by BCDF Studio

    Scandi style is wildly popular in France, where many interiors marry classic French architecture with Scandi style decor to create a pleasing contemporary mix that celebrates both styles. This Parisian kitchen from Chloé Leymarie and Eva Gourdon of Leymarie Gourdon Architectes has elegant French bones and intricate historic ceiling moldings that are contrasted beautifully with minimalist warm wood cabinetry and a restrained Scandi-style aesthetic that brings the period room into the 21st century.

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    Prioritize Function

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Christy Q. Photo

    This California kitchen from Cathie Hong Interiors has a simple palette of white, black, and silver, a functional layout, and warm wood accents throughout that keep it feeling homey and warm. Pale oak flooring reinforces the Scandi-style aesthetic.

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    Add Sculptural Accents

    Fantastic Frank

    This slick contemporary Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank has a wall of white cabinetry, silver appliances, a shiny marble dining table in place of a kitchen island, and black accents from the countertops to lighting to chairs.

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    Highlight Midcentury Classics

    Design by Joshua Smith Inc. / Photo by Lance Gerber

    A Scandi-inspired modern kitchen and dining area from Joshua Smith Inc. features soft white walls and sculptural midcentury bentwood chairs and wishbone bar stools.

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    Add Black Accents

    Design by Chango & Co. / Photo by Christian Torres

    This Southampton, New York kitchen from Chango & Co. has a polished, clean aesthetic that blends American modern farmhouse with Scandi-style accents like the black painted wood bar stools and black metal pendant lighting.

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    Maximize Natural Light

    Fantastic Frank

    This white-washed, light-flooded Scandinavian eat-in kitchen from Fantastic Frank has pale painted floors and simple midcentury furnishings like Eames Eiffel chairs and a Danish modern pendant light hanging over the tulip-style table.

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    Add a Touch of Bling

    Design by Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop / Photo by Chad Mellon

    This glossy take on Scandi style from Costa Mesa, California-based Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop has a mix of warm toned wood and pale marble effect quartz countertops and gleaming white backsplash tiling. Double islands and touches of gold add some American-style bling, but the Scandi-style pendant lighting is a callback to the source.

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    Use Flat-Front Cabinetry

    Fantastic Frank

    This Copenhagen kitchen from Fantastic Frank has a contemporary Scandinavian feel with its streamlined layout and minimalist white flat-front cabinetry. Here, the kitchen island has a lip on one short end that accommodates bar seating for two, leaving the long side unencumbered by bar stools and full of under-island storage that helps maintain an uncluttered look. A nearby dining table in the open plan room accommodates sit-down meals for friends and family.

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    Add Warm Wood Touches

    Design by Jessie Tobias Design / Photo by Sarah Szwajkos

    This homey L-shaped kitchen from Camden, Maine-based Jessie Tobias Design has floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinetry accented with black hardware. With simple glass bulb pendant lighting, and warm wood detailing from the ceiling to the oven vent to the bar stools and flooring, it’s a warm American take on Scandi style.

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    Mix Metals

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Amber Thrane

    This California galley-style kitchen from Cathie Hong Interiors takes a minimalist Scandi-inspired approach with a black, white, and gray palette, minimal upper cabinetry, and adds mixed metal finished to keep it from looking too stark.

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    Add a Whisper of Color

    Fantastic Frank

    This Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank includes plenty of negative space thanks to ceiling-scraping cabinetry that leaves room for a swath of blank wall, giving the design a chance to breathe. Pale pistachio green paint adds relief from all the white while acting as a neutral. A single acid yellow chair at the adjacent dining table adds a shot of color that wakes up the quiet design, showing that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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    Incorporate Vintage Touches

    Design by Brexton Cole Interiors

    This kitchen from Brexton Cole Interiors takes a page out of the Scandi playbook with acres of clear countertops, a white tile backsplash that reaches to the ceiling, a simple black-and-white color scheme, and touches of vintage art and decor to add a sense of timelessness.

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    Keep a Low Profile

    Photo by Sarah Szwajkos

    Losing upper cabinetry is one way to streamline your kitchen design and create a serene Scandi-inspired feel, like this light and airy kitchen with white walls, warm wood cabinetry, and a central island defined by pendant lights outfitted with shades to produce diffused warm light.

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    Add Decorative Wall Tile

    Fantastic Frank

    This country style Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank has a simple palette of white, blue, and green, with a backsplash wall of timeless patterned tile, a farmhouse sink, and a pair of colored glass pendant lights that add charm to the simple, timeless, homey design.

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    Opt for All-White Dishware

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Christy Q. Photo

    Glass-front cabinetry filled with an assortment of all-white dishware and wood accents like a collection of cutting boards leaning against the backsplash give this kitchen from Northern California-based Cathie Hong Interiors a Scandi-inspired sense of detail that’s easy to emulate if you want to add some Nordic style to your kitchen without remodeling.

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    Incorporate Mismatched Seating

    Fantastic Frank

    Instead of a kitchen island, this spacious modern Scandinavian kitchen in the Swedish countryside from Fantastic Frank has a long table that is a modern take on the farmhouse table. Anchored by a pair of colorful, sculptural pendant lights that perk up the overall neutral color palette, the table has a motley assortment of dining chairs in a couple of different styles that add personality and break up the otherwise clean and contemporary lines of the kitchen, with its flat-front cabinetry and stainless steel fittings.

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    Celebrate Rustic Elements

    Design by deVOL Kitchens / Photo by Our Food Stories

    This classic family style kitchen located in a tiny fishing village in Skåne, Sweden from deVOL Kitchens and Our Food Stories features a mix of airy whitewashed floorboards and ceilings, with vintage and midcentury furniture that creates a warm and timeless feel.

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    Add Statement Furniture

    Design by deVOL Kitchens / Photo by Our Food Stories

    This Swedish kitchen from deVOL Kitchens and Our Food Stories features a stunning Scandinavian-style kitchen island that creates a custom, one-of-a-kind design in this warm family home.

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    Refresh With Scandi Details

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Christy Q. Photo

    Cathie Hong Interiors gave a Sunnyvale, California single family home with a recently updated traditional American-style kitchen a Scandi-inspired refresh by adding new pendant lighting and bar stools to make the space feel more modern. A soft neutral palette of gray and white keeps the light-flooded space feeling serene.

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    Add Sculptural Seating

    Design by Melinda Kelson O’Connor Design / Photo by Wendy Concannon

    This kitchen from Philadelphia-based Melinda Kelson O’Connor Design puts the focus on natural materials with a kitchen island fitted with a wood bar and sculptural midcentury Cherner molded plywood bar stools in a rich walnut tone.

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    Embrace Eccentricity

    Fantastic Frank

    And lest you think that all Scandinavian kitchens are an object lesson in serenity and neutral-toned minimalism, feast your eyes on this eccentric Swedish countryside kitchen from Fantastic Frank, with its mix of vintage furniture and accessories and bold Mondrian-inspired cabinetry and tile work in primary shades of red, yellow, and blue.

Scandinavian kitchens: 20 ideas function and character

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(Image credit: Future)

You can instantly recognize Scandinavian kitchens. Natural materials, clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic are all defining features of a Scandi-scheme. Unlike pure minimalism, however, the look has a softer and warmer edge as the design riles against the bitter climate of the Nordic winters. Cozy textiles, warm woods and calming, light colour-schemes all have a home in Scandinavian kitchens.

Scandinavian kitchens are undoubtedly one of our favorite kitchen ideas, however it is a difficult look to perfect. The design prioritizes practicality, with the space’s function defining its form and appearance. There are even differences among the looks favored in different countries that make up the region.

‘Scandinavian interiors rely on layers. They are functional light-filled spaces, primarily made up of neutral colors but with bursts of character and plenty of textures,’ says Julia Miller, Creative Director of Yond Interiors . ‘Many Scandi spaces utilize a variety of warm and natural materials like wool and wood to create unfussy and well edited spaces.’

Scandinavian kitchens

Channeling simple serenity, Scandinavian decor has become an influential part of our interior design lexicon. While it might seem like a new trend – think the Hygge revolution of 2017 – our love of all things Scandi actually dates back to the 1950s. Scandinavian design took Europe and America by storm in the mid-20th-century travelling hand-in-hand with the rise in popularity of modernism. It’s enduring appeal stands as evidence of the timelessness of this iconic look.

Here we look at the different features as well as the aesthetic of Scandinavian kitchen design, with expert guidance to help inform a new room.

1. Opt for limed wood for instant Scandi charm

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

Wood kitchen cabinet ideas provide the perfect complement to Scandinavian kitchens. For the ultimate Scandi-look, limed wood is a must. Maintaining the warm appearance of the grain, liming gives wood a bright white-washed finish that complements the pale colour scheme and the minimalist aesthetic that is inherent to Scandinavian kitchens. The process of liming has the added benefit of protecting the wood, making it a practical as well as aesthetic choice – an ethos that is intrinsic to Scandinavian design. 

‘A brushed limed grain finish is a fabulous addition to combine with gentle colour tones to embrace the Scandi look. Just a touch is sufficient, such as using this finish for accent cabinets to contrast with paler tones for the other areas,’ says Jayne Everett, co-founder and creative director of Naked Kitchens .

2. Stick to a serene color scheme

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

A minimal colour scheme is essential in creating the calm, relaxing sanctuary that epitomizes Scandi-style. Use traditional white kitchen ideas as your base and then accent with creams, greens and blues for a serene, bright and airy kitchen. Blonde woods and gold accents will introduce warmth to the space and unify the look.

3. Add heritage charm with reclaimed materials

(Image credit: Leanne Ford)

Modern Scandinavian kitchens are characterized by a combination of sleek minimalist kitchen cabinet ideas and gloss paints in light shades. 

However, if you are looking for a more traditional kitchen ideas then reclaimed furniture is a must-have addition alongside more matt paint finishes, as seen in this kitchen designed by Leanne Ford .

‘I always want to balance the simplicity and clean lines of Scandinavian design with elements that feel deconstructed or imperfect to keep things feeling warm, casual and easy. I also try to choose materials that will get better with age – you want to choose wood that will only look and feel better as it wears, same with the floors you choose and even the kitchen faucets (unlacquered brass always wears beautifully over time!),’ explains Leanne Forde. 

4. Bring nature inside with botanical wallpaper

(Image credit: Boråstapeter)

While it may seem like an unusual choice, kitchen wallpaper ideas are a brilliant addition to Scandinavian kitchens – bringing color, texture and life into the space.

A botanical inspired print offers a way to instantly imbue your kitchen with that quintessential Scandi design. ‘We Scandinavians love nature and bringing it into our interior. Wallpaper is a great way to achieve this,’ says Sissa Sundling, head of design at Boråstapeter .

‘When it comes to kitchen wallpaper, you can afford to be bold. With base and wall cabinets, splashbacks and appliances, you will not have as much exposed wall as in other rooms of the home. A floral design will keep the feeling of the summer all year round.’ 

5. Install wood flooring to ensure a warmth 

(Image credit: Oka)

After the walls, your flooring is the largest area in the room, therefore, it has a strong impact on the look and feel of the space. In Scandinavian kitchens, the answer comes in wood flooring ideas, imbuing the space with instant warmth and character.

‘For those looking to maximize the available natural light, opt for long, narrow floor boards that create a seamless flow through the kitchen. If specified in a light colourway, this will reflect the natural light beautifully, giving a greater feeling space,’ says Calven Gurr, showroom manager at Havwoods . 

However, when it comes to kitchen flooring ideas, practicality reigns supreme. ‘If installing wooden flooring in your kitchen then an engineered board would be your best option over a solid wood plank. The multi-layered construction of an engineered plank means that it’s far less susceptible to warping in areas where temperatures fluctuate, which will enhance the longevity of your wood flooring as the risk of swelling and shrinking is significantly reduced.’ 

Enhance the look by pairing with classic Scandi furnishings such as this chair from Oka . 

6. Add rugs and soft furnishings to channel Hygge style

(Image credit: Anne Nyblaeus/A Design Features)

It is the softer edges and the accessories that provide the marked difference between minimalist kitchen ideas and Scandinavian kitchens. Be sure to incorporate lots of seating areas, with plenty of cushions and faux furs throws.  Draw on Scandinavian living room ideas and dress wooden floors with soft yet durable rugs in neutral colorways. 

‘Due to the cold climate in Scandinavia, many kitchens feature a modest area rug to make them seem cozier. This is an example of hygge, the Danish notion of living well at home via simplicity and comfort. Little comforts can go a long way toward ensuring that you live a long and happy life,’ says Zaeem Chaudhary, Architectural Draftsman at AC Design Solutions .

7. Prioritize form and fiction

(Image credit: Our Food Stories /Devol)

Practicality is another buzz word of Scandinavian design. Everything must have a role and be functional as well as beautiful. 

‘Scandinavian kitchens are all about simplicity and functionality. They rely on the fact that most people don’t have time to go back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room, so everything has to be easy for the cook. This means that you want your kitchen to be easy to use—and not just by you, but also by everyone who works in your household or lives with you. That’s why Scandinavian kitchens tend to be small spaces with big appliances, such as a refrigerator and a stovetop range,’ explains Ismail Kuden, the Co-Founder of Kuden Rugs .

If you’re looking for more inspiration there are plenty of pantry storage ideas and kitchen cupboard storage ideas that will help you to create a design that works for you and your family.

8. Ensure you have a large table and plenty of chairs

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

As in many cultures, Scandinavian kitchens form the heart of the home. They are a space where the family comes together to enjoy good food and good company. No Scandinavian kitchen is complete without a space to dine. There are plenty of eat-in kitchen ideas that are sure to inspire, however, for Scandinavian kitchens invest in a substantial wooden table, with enough room for all the family to gather around and pair with classic Scandinavian wishbone chairs, as seen in this kitchen from Gunter & Co .
If you want to make your dining space feel as though it has its own identity, then why not incorporate some dining room ideas into your look, too?

9. Balance natural and artifical for a bright space

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Nordic winters bring with them dark nights and often gray days, so it is essential that the interior of the home provides a light and bright contrast to the dreary exterior.

There are several ways for how to increase natural light which together work to brighten your Scandinavian kitchen. 

Large windows bring the outside in and flood the space with natural light and make the most of the stunning views outside. Light walls and cabinetry and glazed dresser fronts all reflect light back into  the room. 

Artificial light, provided by Garden Trading’s large concrete pendant, provides atmospheric illumination come the evening, too. If you’re wondering how to balance these two elements together, then knowing how to plan kitchen lighting while also seeking inspiration from kitchen lighting ideas will help you to achieve the perfect combination. 

10. Embrace Scandinavian blue

(Image credit: IKEA)

Blue kitchen ideas have come to prominence in recent years, loved for their timeless charm and versatility. Enter Scandinavian blue.

‘One-color is particularly linked with Scandinavian design. Scandinavian blue is a muted blue that’s been blended with gray to give it a desaturated, toned-down look and it can be found all over the house. In a Scandi kitchen, I think it looks best as cabinet paint. With a square white tile backsplash and a gray wood kitchen island table,’ says Zaeem Chaudhary.

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

The essential principle of Scandinavian design? ‘The concept of “form follows function”, which basically means that function is key and every design should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose,’ says Sofia Bune Strandh, founder of Sola Kitchens . 

Scandinavian kitchens are, of course, no exception. Great emphasis should therefore be placed on getting your kitchen layout ideas just right – aesthetics come later.

12. Brighten your Scandinavian kitchens with white

(Image credit: Sola Kitchens)

As a rule, Scandinavian kitchen design is simple with clean lines. When it comes to color, Scandinavian kitchens major in light hues for a practical reason – think white kitchen ideas or wood kitchen cabinet ideas in paler finishes. 

‘The Scandinavian countries are very dark in the winter and light colors and materials will reflect the little light there is,’ says Sofia.

13. Invest in good kitchen lighting

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

‘Naturally, color can’t do all the work so good kitchen lighting is also essential, but a lighting layer for ambience should be included. ‘Incorporating mood lighting in every design is key,’ says Sofia. 

14. Scandinavian kitchens include natural materials

(Image credit: Sola Kitchens)

Scandinavian kitchen designs also feature plentiful natural materials. This includes as a starting point, wood kitchen flooring, and wood or natural stone kitchen countertop ideas. 

‘Both will imbue your space with instant warmth, then it’s just a case of layering with accessories that are packed with texture and muted natural colors to get the desired, practical but beautiful look,’ says Homes & Gardens Editor in Chief Lucy Searle.

15. Ensure kitchen storage is excellent

(Image credit: Humphrey Munson)

It’s not just color and the material palette that are crucial, but practical solutions. One of these kitchens might be an appealing prospect because it allows excellent organization, from storage to pantry ideas.

‘Scandinavian kitchens are full of clever kitchen storage solutions and are usually designed with a designated place for everything,’ says Sofia.

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

While a general concept of Scandinavian style as translated to kitchens is widely understood, it’s worth appreciating differences in the asethetic between countries, and in terms of classic and more contemporary takes as these might guide design choices for your own home. 

Danish and Swedish kitchen cabinet styles can be distinguished, and so can the kitchens. ‘Danish design is extremely contemporary and minimalistic and lacks any unnecessary details,’ explains Sofia. ‘When it comes to kitchens, Danish kitchens are very often flat fronted, handleless and super symmetrical and streamlined with focus on minimalistic details and materials.   

(Image credit: deVOL)

‘Swedish design, on the other hand, is more homely and Shaker kitchen ideas are very common. In Sweden, more details would usually be incorporated in the design and there would be a greater use of color as well as fabric,’ says Sofia.

Note, too, that Scandi kitchens might be more contemporary or classic in style. As with other contemporary kitchens, architectural lines and handleless cabinets exemplify the look of the former, while classic Scandi kitchens might have Shaker style or raised panel cabinet doors, and features such as tongue and groove paneling. Be aware, though, that even in a classic kitchen, the design details remain pared back. ‘The lines are still clean and simple and there will be very little “fluff”,’ says Sofia.

A transitional kitchen style is also a possibility when designing a Scandi kitchen by blending different contemporary and classic elements to personal taste. 

18. Max out on practical solutions in a Scandi kitchen

(Image credit: Future / Carolyn Barber)

A Scandi kitchen is much more than an aesthetic choice, and functionality is a key tenent. Behind sleek cabinet doors and inside drawers, storage should be efficient with good organization solutions such as partitions for flatware, inserts for the specific items stored in an individual room, and pull-out storage for pans. Places for herbs and spices, wine, glasses, and more can also be designed in as required. And pantries and larder cabinets may also be part of a Scandi kitchen.

With pride taken in practicality of design, clever solutions are valued. ‘At Sola Kitchens we have a range of very simple yet super practical solutions, such as the integrated plinth ladder, which is a little step ladder that sits under the plinth and which can easily be taken out to reach a higher cupboard in the kitchen and can then be put away in a few seconds,’ says Sofia.

(Image credit: Sola Kitchens/Frank Dixon Architects)

Scandinavian design is not a static concept, and an important trend is the use of even more organic elements. 

‘Design is moving towards very light wood such as limed oak and limed ash,’ says Sofia. ‘This is in line with the move towards using more natural materials in order to integrate more of nature into the house. Light woods are beautiful on their own and can also be successfully combined with both light colors to keep a light and fresh feel to the space, as well as darker, more muted colors to get a striking combination.’

20. Ensure your kitchen has eco appeal

(Image credit: deVOL)

Not unique to Scandi design, but nevertheless a major trend for these kitchen designs is a concentration on sustainability and awareness of the environment. 

‘Scandinavian design is constantly moving towards being more sustainable and environmental friendly both in terms of the manufacturing process as well as in the terms of what materials and products are selected,’ says Sofia.

What is a Scandinavian style kitchen?

Whether it tends to the most contemporary of looks or is designed with more classic elements, a Scandinavian-style kitchen retains a pleasing simplicity. ‘Scandinavian kitchens are always sleek and streamlined with a modern touch,’ says Sofia Bune Strandh.

Think pale and light-reflective colors, but warming touches achieved through the use of wood perhaps for cabinets, but also in additional design details such as paneling, a wood floor, and furniture such as bar stools and dining chairs.

Wood brings appealing tactility to a Scandi-style kitchen, but consider introducing different textures to the room when selecting materials for features such as the backsplash, pendant shades or area rugs.

How to you give a kitchen a Scandinavian look?

To give a kitchen a Scandinavian look, ensure it is decluttered and organized, the the cabinetry is pale-colored, that there is a ton of natural texture – from flooring through to accessories – and that wood features heavily. Scandinavian kitchens can be both contemporary and traditional in look, so you really can achieve the look, whatever your current kitchen’s style.

What are Scandi colours?

‘Scandi colours are a range of muted pastel colors that have become popular
in recent years, especially among Scandinavian interior designers. The
palette is often described as consisting of light blues, greens, and pinks,
with occasional grays and blacks. While the colors may be used to create a
range of moods, they are typically considered to be calming and relaxing,’ says David Gu,  CEO and Interior Designer at Neutypechic .

How do you make a hygge kitchen?

You can make a hygge kitchen by ensuring that the space feels cozy, warm and welcoming. Cushions, rugs and fire in the logburner are all great ways to make a hygge kitche.

‘Lots of handmade and time worn items make a kitchen hygge. Another key to the hygge feel is to ensure that you fill your kitchen with items that you enjoy using and looking at,’ says Julia Miller.

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Scandinavian Kitchens: Ideas & Inspiration

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Eclectic and oh-so-stylish, the Scandinavian theme stretches to most living, dining and bedroom areas – but the kitchen is where it really comes out to shine. A step inside the kitchens of these fifty homes shows the Scandinavian can be much more than just white walls, wooden floors and lined tiling. Here, bright mustard cabinetry and chequered floors meet dreamy pastels and block monochromes. Stencil frames and finer elements wind boxes around benches, and cubby holes around ornaments. Plant life hangs and hides simultaneously, a breath of fresh air in light and airy spaces. Take our tour to see.

  • 1 |
  • Source: Stadshem
White brick and cabinetry open a light and bright space dotted with white accessories, a central wooden table, black stencil legs and lighting.

  • 2 |
  • Visualizer: AM Studio
Lit by a camouflaged lamp, this kitchen adds to the Scandinavian with pastel blue cabinetry, light wood, plain white shelving and a classic SMEG.

  • 3 |
  • Visualizer: Kanan Mammadov
Stencils create character in chair legs and differently-shaped drop lighting. Wide panes of white and wood form shapes, while traditional Scandinavian elements peek behind white brick.

  • 4 |
  • Visualizer: Natalia Okolus
Bring black to Scandinavia with French cabinetry in a darker hue. A chrome fridge and oven make classic white and wood contemporary.

  • 5 |
  • Visualizer: aTng 糖
Make thinly-lined tiles the feature in an urban jungle atmosphere. This kitchen mixes it up with a black SMEG and cabinetry, hanging plants and mismatching schoolboy chairs.

  • 6 |
  • Visualizer: MSR
The Scandinavian is simple enough to act minimal. Wooden floors and a white tiled inlet meet a striped rug, wide-paned cabinets and a death star-style lamp.

  • 7 |
  • Visualizer: Dark Room Studio
Housing ornaments in wood, this space exudes pure white space. A grey slingback, simple illustration and chiffon curtains sit to the side. Minimalist kitchen island lighting gels with the overall theme.

  • 8 |
  • Visualizer: Mohit Sanchaniya
Go minimalist with wide, white cabinetry with pops of chrome. A French window and hanging plant introduce nature.

  • 9 |
  • Visualizer: Anastasia Andryushchenko
Create a more natural feel with lighter wood tones. More potted plants drape and hide behind grey accents on large-format slate tiling.

  • 10 |
  • Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny
Form shapes in simple white, for the smaller space. This kitchen winds around an all-white stove, extractor fan and bench to add light to the room.

  • 11 |
  • Visualizer: darstellungsart
Rough elements introduce a rustic feel. White benches, seating and flooring welcome textured walls, a rough wooden table and pillar. Dome One-Light is the dining pendant used here and Caravaggio, the kitchen pendant.

  • 12 |
  • Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov
Keep it sweet with honeycomb detailing, a point of difference for any Scandinavian kitchen. A light curtain billows into white block elements and careful warm-wooden edging. Two kitchen bar stools and a lantern play with stencilling.

  • 13 |
  • Visualizer: Tyron Humphris
White and wood help features stand out. Potted plants, a black kitchen clock and wooden edging draw the eye.

  • 14 |
  • Visualizer: Landusheva Nastia
Achieve practicality with class. This kitchen calls on a drilled wooden wall to juxtapose tailored French cabinetry and a charcoal window ledge dotted with concrete herb planters.

  • 15 |
  • Visualizer: Zenit Design
Monochromatic hues find expression in this zen-themed kitchen. A striking tile design shows Asian influence; scattered books, pots, and potted plants Scandinavia.

  • 16 |
  • Visualizer: Tomek Michalski
A blackboard wall is a simpler approach to monochrome. Block black and white are softened by light wood, while multi-colour chalk plans out the week.

  • 17 |
  • Source: Muuto
Scandinavian backdrops are the perfect canvas for lighter shades. Stunning light-wood stencilling frames a milk-shed interior, as three teal kitchen pendant lights dangle through. The wooden bar stools you see here are the Nerd stools by Muuto.

  • 18 |
  • Visualizer: Vitaliy Chubko
Tight on kitchen space? This design has the answer in a varnished wooden floor, wall-hugging white cabinetry and marble LED-lit inlet.

  • 19 |
  • Visualizer: Zrobym Architects
Accent your kitchen with art deco tiles. This space uses squares and stencils in wood and black, to add just enough character to a busy floor.

  • 20 |
  • Visualizer: Fırat Bekiroğlu
Pops of yellow shine on a Scandinavian canvas. A sunshine-yellow storage frame hangs over a grey-lacquered benchtop, exposed grey brick and mint-and-mesh stooling.

  • 21 |
  • Visualizer: Int2 Architecture
Art offers a focal point for any kitchen. This space drapes the lady in stencil lanterns and exposed white brick, foregrounding in a wooden inlet and dipped stools.

  • 22 |
  • Visualizer: Volkan Kaçar
Enter a modern jungle with hanging plant life, dark wooden chest benching and grey wooden floors. Chrome-look pans and exposed brick add the urban.

  • 23 |
  • Photographer: Jonas Berg
Make monochrome art-deco with distressed black benches and alternating coloured switches. A gold-rimmed clock and tap watch afront classic tiling.

  • 24 |
  • Visualizer: Victor Naumik
Plan your rooms with this alternative view of a kitchen space. Lightly-patterned wallpaper greets white, black, grey and wood to help integrate scattered elements.

  • 25 |
  • Visualizer: Kaan Kılıçay
Love clean lines? This kitchen is after your own heart in a crescent extractor fan, chrome splashback, and black wooden cabinet in the simplest of detailing.

  • 26 |
  • Visualizer: Wiktoria Ginter
A darker kitchen adds a factor of surprise. This black-and-white beauty pops off silver drop lighting as it forms cylinders, black boards and Venetian blinds.

  • 27 |
  • Visualizer: Vladimir Prichina
Alternate wooden panelling with a striking recycled-wood floor. A six-piece painting draws the eye to white cabinetry housing dark wood.

  • 28 |
  • Source: Svenskfast
Make the lightest room a corner, with this space for inspiration. A gorgeous French window opens up to white cabinetry, beige inlet tiling and wooden-topped eating and cooking spaces.

  • 29 |
  • Visualizer: Level Archviz
The little elements can make all the difference. A golden cobweb chandelier sits over a beachy wooden table. White chairs join the party with different-coloured wooden legs.

  • 30 |
  • Visualizer: Daniel Reuterswärd
The Scandinavian achieves a more contemporary look in grey-panelled cabinetry. Wooden floors and white walls add the traditional, while a teardrop light and potted plants lure visitors in.

  • 31 |
  • Visualizer: Oleg Sidorov
Break the mould with wooden features that extend to the ceiling. This wooden ceiling box stores plates, houses ornaments and hangs black dome lights. Patterned grey tiling lurks beyond in an inlet, while a table, rather than bench, opens up the space.

  • 32 |
  • Visualizer: Akshay Yaravalli
A kitchen can look stunning with a feature wall. This charcoal matte beauty is matched by a grey-patterned counterpart, as a wooden stencil table frees up more room.

  • 33 |
  • Visualizer: Lyudmyla Dumin
Feature walls can be functional. This kitchen boasts wooden cubby holes as a living wall, while grey beehive tiling and white-and-grey cabinetry offer a background.

  • 34 |
  • Visualizer: Kul Design
Why not let white be the feature? This kitchen uses wood as the background, white as the wow factor in an LED-lit inlet, tables and chairs. Monochromatic aspects compare and contrast, culminating in a geometric black-and-white floor.

  • 35 |
  • Visualizer: İbrahim Ethem kısacık
The tiles do the talking in this black French kitchen with light-blue inlets. Matching walls and an amber light add the regal to floored potted plants.

  • 36 |
  • Visualizer: Bora Evgar
A dramatic twist, a chequered floor is a perfect match for mustard cabinetry. White provides a canvas in a bench, walls and dining area, while six monochrome prints bring them together.

  • 37 |
  • Visualizer: Mockup Render
The seventies become contemporary in this wood-laden space, resplendent with living wall. Long drawer handles and a boat steer are afforded space by white matte walls.

  • 38 |
  • Visualizer: Mockup Render
This black-and-white kitchen is a hipster’s heaven. Black dome lighting over a wooden table and chair sit beside a chalkboard wall, bike, and opaque cabinet doors.

  • 39 |
  • Visualizer: Anastasiia Andreichenko
A chalkboard can beautifully blend black and white elements. White cabinetry and chairs sit amongst a black bookcase, stove and wooden table, while white-on-black chalk creates harmony between the two. Do check out our feature on similar black and white kitchens if this theme excites you.

  • 40 |
  • Visualizer: Mockup Render
A blackboard can also extend a space. White cabinetry with a black inlet looks spacious enough to house large calligraphic writing, chairs and a bike. A black wall plays the same trick with large, square windows.

  • 41 |
  • Visualizer: Sergey Prudkyi
Chalkboards don’t have to be a feature. A yellow SMEG steals its thunder, while wood-topped floors and benches play among industrial white lighting.

  • 42 |
  • Visualizer: Vüsal Abbasov
Sitting on a marble floor, this Scandinavian-inspired space brings elegance with curved white chairs, thin-stencilled tables and a simple white light. A chalkboard panel hints at rebellion.

  • 43 |
  • Visualizer: Denis Krasikov
Take the industrial route with a kitchen clad in steel. This kitchen-come-burger-bar features a chalkboard menu, light-wooden bench shelving and white-and-black idea lights.

  • 44 |
  • Visualizer: Linee Studio
A Scandinavian kitchen can line a room. This kitchen wows in all-white, while simple prints and a patterned splashback show its function.

  • 45 |
  • Visualizer: Alex Dorokhin
Take a trip to the country with a wooden chest bench. Plates hide in the drawer, while black stools, drop lights and honeycomb tiling play to Scandinavia.

  • 46 |
  • Visualizer: Tung Le
An exposed brick wall and floor-to-ceiling French windows make this space inspirational. White cabinetry and wood-feature benches extend to a potted plant to the side.

  • 47 |
  • Visualizer: Miiguel Luque
Show off your kitchen space with a brightly-coloured inlet. This kitchen frames it in white, leaving the living room to add counterparts.

  • 48 |
  • Visualizer: Salih Gocmen
Primary colours add the kitsch in this Scandinavian space. Bold block lighting meets with a pea-green chair on a wooden floor, as white and chrome hold the ornamental.

  • 49 |
  • Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov
Mix up the colour palette in hues of mustard, charcoal and red. This space holds them all with white wooden brick tiling and square shapes as a background.

  • 50 |
  • Visualizer: Tigran Hakobyan
Make your kitchen look like an eatery. This-yellow segmented kitchen offers cabinetry in black, a dining area in wood and intermixed white elements to make a restaurant at home.

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10 Best Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Scandinavian kitchens are designed with form and function in mind. From sharp edges to minimalist designs to that famous ‘Scandinavian blue’ hue, there is much to learn from the kitchens of nordic countries.

Scandinavian decor refers to the interior designs found in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and sometimes Finland. These countries celebrate minimalism and practicality inside their homes. The color palette is often quite neutral with white, black, gray and beige being the primary hues.

When it comes to the kitchen, you want to create a practical space that is conducive to cooking, preparing meals, and serving beverages. At the forefront of this space is nourishment. We all need to eat healthy to survive and live full lives, and the kitchen is at the heart of our physical health.

With that in mind, there are a number of ways to design a kitchen inspired by Scandinavian interiors. We are here to share the best nordic kitchen design ideas with you today!

Scandinavian Blue Cabinets

There is one color strongly associated with Scandinavian design. It’s a muted blue that has been mixed with gray to give it a toned down, desaturated look. It’s called “Scandinavian blue” and you can find it in many places in the home. I think it looks best as cabinet paint in a Scandi style kitchen. Here is a great example of this blue, with square white tile backsplash, and a gray wood kitchen island table.


Vintage Range in Modern Kitchen

Scandinavians love to mix one or two vintage touches in their modern spaces. Here you can see a contemporary kitchen with a vintage style black range for cooking.


Black, White and Gray

This is a great way to mix primary Scandinavian colors. This kitchen features gray cabinets, white subway tile backsplash and black wall sconces for lighting. The marble countertops of this kitchen further contribute to the chic grayish color scheme.


Wood Table Kitchen Island

Like many European countries, the Scandinavian region often employs the use of rustic wood tables to serve as kitchen islands. Wishbone chairs are placed around this island for seating. As you can see, it’s a great spot to read a bit and enjoy your breakfast in the morning.

Sara Medina Lind

Small Scandinavian Kitchen Design on One Wall

Here is a great example of small Scandinavian kitchen design using only one wall. Pale blue cabinets have been installed against the far wall. They are so minimalist that they don’t even have visible cabinet pulls or handles! The backsplash and countertop are made of marble. The sink faucet is brass. This small kitchen packs a lot of storage into one single wall.


White and Gray Scandinavian Kitchen

This is a beautiful minimalist Scandi kitchen designed using white and gray hues. I love the simple gray bar stools sitting at a white kitchen island. The cabinets look like they are painted a very, very light gray color. The ceiling pendants are simple white domes.


Marble Kitchen Island an Black Hardware

I love this high contrast Scandinavian kitchen design. The marble kitchen island is definitely an eye catching piece. It has three simple black counter chairs with square backs nearby. In the back, solid gray cabinets have been installed with tiny black pulls for handles. Two black ceiling mounted lighting rods hang down, lighting up the kitchen island.

Wood Bar Stools

This is one of the warmer Scandinavian kitchen designs we’ve seen. Three wooden bar stools, a wood frame kitchen island, and beige wood floors help warm up this otherwise cool space. The faint blue kitchen cabinets and stark white countertops keep it looking clean and fresh. The dome pendants above the island are minimal in design. A large photography print showing ocean waves gives the room a calming atmosphere.


White Subway Tile Backsplash

White subway tile is a very common design choice for the kitchen backsplash in Scandi kitchens. It is often sealed with white or gray grout.


Striped Rug

Since Scandinavia is quite cold, many kitchens have a small area rug to keep them a bit more cozy. This is an example of hygge, the Danish lifestyle concept of living well with simplicity and coziness at home. Little touches of comfort can go a long way in helping you live a long and happy life.


I hope these Scandinavian kitchen design ideas gave you lots of inspiration for your own kitchen. The nordic countries may be far away but I think we Americans have a lot to learn from their simple interior design. It seems like they have a profound appreciation for the simplicity of everyday life and find joy in the little things.

More Scandinavian Decor Ideas

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Happy curating!

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We share the best home decor ideas, furniture recommendations, coolest products, and interior design tips for America’s most stylish women.

14 Gorgeous Scandinavian Kitchens You’ll Want As Your Own

 Julia Robbs

Is there anything more satisfying than scrolling through beautiful kitchen after beautiful kitchen, dreaming of all the remodeling you’d do if time and budget were no object? While we admit to swooning over kitchens of all styles, there’s something about Scandinavian-inspired kitchens that really resonate with us. Maybe it’s the clean lines, the limited color palette, or the emphasis on texture to add interest, rather than a lot of bells and whistles. Whatever it is, we find that looking at a few Nordic-chic spaces is as relaxing as an hour of our favorite yoga class. Just us?

However, what seems to come so effortlessly to the design-savvy Swedes (and Danes…) isn’t always as intuitive for us Americans. The less-is-more mentality takes some getting used to, so we’re always looking for cool kitchens that remind us to pare down and embrace our inner minimalists. Or at least try to. Swapping oodles of cabinets for open shelving isn’t always easy, but we can all but guarantee the airy vibe achieved by doing so is more than worth any stress that Kondo-ing your kitchen might cause in the meantime.

Here are some of the most serene and sophisticated Scandinavian kitchen ideas we’ve found lately—take a look and you’ll be feeling calmer (and more inspired!) in minutes, we promise.

of 14

 Kevin Dumais

The contrasting-island trend is something we’ve been seeing for a while, but nowhere is it as striking as in this ultra-sleek, natural wood kitchen. The black island brings surprising warmth to the space (and serves as a de facto focal point.)

of 14

 Vanessa Alexander

A little industrial, a little nordic, and all-around chic, this kitchen makes use of a variety of juxtaposed textures—poured concrete, wood, leather—to show off the unique bones of this rustic brick building. We love how the open upper shelving doesn’t hide the character of the old stone, but rather frames it as a feature.

of 14

Design: Linherr Hollingsworth, Photo: George Ross 

This muted kitchen color scheme is nothing short of stunning. Light grey cabinets by Christopher Peacock play off of variegated countertops with veining, subtly stained upper cabinets, and modern shelving. We’ve never loved this “non-color” so much.

of 14

 Sarah Fultz Interiors

High-contrast black and white spaces always say “Scandi” to us, especially when they’re anchored in natural wood flooring. Modern statement pendants bring a funky touch to the island area, while super skinny subway tile puts a fresh spin on a classic backsplash.

of 14

 Julia Robbs

Why choose between black marble and white marble when you can have both? This is the dramatic, Nordic kitchen of our dreams thanks to its ultra-high-impact juxtaposition (and dreamy windowseat/banquette area, perfect for reading the paper over morning pastries).

of 14

 Coco Lapine

What is it about Scandinavian kitchens that make them look so much more soothing than their American counterparts? We’re increasingly of the opinion that eliminating upper cabinets is the answer. A few open shelves (or even just one ultra-long one) gives a more airy feel to the space.

of 14

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Tramp


Designer Emily Henderson describes this kitchen’s vibe as “rustic-modern-Scandinavian-contemporary-minimalist”…so it’s a true multi-hyphenate if there ever was one. And even though it’s located in a so-called “mountain house” and does incorporate some rustic elements, we think this is such a fresh take on the wood-filled image we conjure when thinking of that setting. A matte ebony stain on the island gives the space a little of the slightly-undone charm associated with Scandi style.

of 14

 Studio McGee

More light-colored wood, sleek hardware-less cabinetry, and matte black sink fixtures, please! This brilliant Studio McGee setup veers into “Scandifornian” territory in such a subtle way—that’s what we’re calling the marriage of Scandi and Cali-cool design—that we can imagine this kitchen melding perfectly with just about any style of decor.

of 14

Almost Makes Perfect

If you’ve been sleeping on Semihandmade—the site that lets you customize standard IKEA cabinet configurations with designer-approved fronts (Sarah Sherman Samuel is a collaborator)—then it’s time for a wakeup call. We’ve been fans of their upscale styles for some time, but this wood option has just renewed our love for this budget-friendly fix. The final touch? Nearly-invisible sculptural brass pulls.

of 14

 Devon Grace Interiors

Dark floors feel so Scandi to us, especially when paired with bright white counters (double points for a waterfall edge). But it’s a kitchen’s lighting that really pulls the most weight. A sculptural standalone pendant or a cluster of several can completely transform the space with modern Nordic edge.

of 14

 Nordiska Kok

Hardware-less cabinets feel undeniably modern, especially when clad in a smoky shade of light grey. But if you’re missing your chance to show off favorite objects with some open storage, don’t despair—add open shelving at a lower level on your kitchen island, like this clever design shows.

of 14

On The Blue Sofa

When your whole kitchen is finished in neutral black, white, and light wood, it’s okay to go a little crazy on the floor tile. We love the playful touch that this whimsical pattern lends to even a petite kitchen—it’s a true lesson in maximizing style in a small space.

of 14

Sarah Karppinen

We’d love to wake up and brew our coffee in this serene space every morning. Oversized windows let the light stream in, while wall-mounted task lights over the countertop add a little more control to help home cooks see the endeavor at hand. BRB, replacing all our sconces with task lighting—maybe that’s what our failed cooking attempts have been missing?

of 14

Marloes Van Den Berg

This minimalist kitchen design proves that less really is more. Dark cabinets, sleek concrete flooring, and light wood furniture make this a no-brainer style that will never fade with the times. We’re even digging the exposed wire draping on the statement light fixtures—totally effortless.

Move Over, All White—This New Décor Trend Has the Scandinavian Stamp of Approval

50 Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas That Leave You Spellbound

The beauty of Scandinavian kitchen design is such that you might already be enjoying its many benefits without actually realizing that you are adopting this timeless style. Born out of rough Nordic winters that demand simplicity, efficiency and a sense of cheerful elegance, it has been combined with other local eccentricities across the globe to create a fabulous array of new decorating styles! Yet, at its heart, it still showcases a clean-lined, minimalistic setting that also embraces a hint of color, warmth of wood and textural beauty. This makes the Scandinavian style perfect for the modern kitchen.

Scandinavian-style kitchens are all about s seamless blend of form and functionality wrapped in an inviting ambiance. Cutting across budget constraints and themes, Scandinavian design fits in with almost any style that you already have going in your home. The 50 gorgeous Scandinavian kitchens on showcase today will not only tempt you to give your kitchen a quick revamp, but will show you ways to streamline design and maximize space.

1. White & Light Hues

Think of Scandinavian style and the first thing that comes to mind is the color white. As we alluded to earlier, the harsh winters that shaped the style dictated this color choice, as homeowners wanted an interior that was airy, cheerful and moved away from the chill and gloom outside. White is the obvious choice, as it maximizes the available natural light while keeping the visual fragmentation to a minimum. Since white is already a popular hue when it comes to kitchen design, most of us will have little hassle in switching styles.

Clever lighting enhances the appeal of the chic kitchenRustic touches coupled with Scandinavian style inside this London home [Design: Blakes London]White Scandinavian kitchen with a flood of natural light and herringbone wood floor [From: Sven Fennema – Living Pictures]Contemporary kitchen with wooden floors and Scandinavian minimalism [Design: Libby Winberg Interiors]

But having a white kitchen does not make it automatically ‘Scandinavian. ’ For a true Scandinavian kitchen design you need additional elements such as soft wooden tones, lovely lighting that drives away any dark corners and a hint of color to achieve the transformation. Clean straight lines, a clutter-free environment and smart organizational solutions help in achieving that fabled Scandinavian look.

2. A Hint of Color

Adding color to your Scandinavian kitchen is a lot simpler than in the case of living rooms or bedrooms that adopt the same style. Chic kitchenware with flower patterns, pastel hues that also usher in a breezy summer charm, and pops of bright yellow or green that stand out thanks to the neutral backdrop are the most preferred options. If you have an all-white subway tiled backsplash, then think of another section in the kitchen where you can add colorful geometric tiles or even some wallpaper to break the monotony.

A splash of mint green and light wood pieces for the cool kitchen [Design: Emma Persson Lagerberg]Ingenious use of kitchenware to bring color to the Scandinavian kitchen with black countertops [From: Chris Snook Photography]Wonderful use of geometric pattern inside the kitchen [Design: int2architecture]Lighting fixtures enhance the style and appeal of this small space [Design: OPEN RUUM]

It is generally the ‘summer colors’ that agree with this style, but stronger hues also seem at home when used with restraint. Remember that whether it is pattern or color, moderation is a mantra that you need to stick to when it comes to the classic Scandinavian look. Cabinets in gentle green or light aqua along with matching chairs in the adjacent dining space take the appeal to a whole new level!

3. Small Scandinavian Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen (which is the case with most of us) and need to make complete use of every inch on offer, then your search ends with Scandinavian style. Unlike many other styles, the Scandinavian look works elegantly both in the case of ultra-small utility kitchens, as well as in lavish catalog creations! Since minimalism, frugality and organization are an inherent part of the style, you will never have a problem while working with it. Modular wall-mounted cabinets, sleek floating shelves and ergonomic worktops that put efficiency over form make up the core of Nordic-inspired kitchens.

Small and stylish Scandinavian kitchen with black and white accents, breakfast nook, and floating wooden shelves [Design: Studio Cuvier]Attic kitchen in white and gray with Scandinavian style [Design: All & Nxthing]Scandinavian kitchens fit into even the tiniest of spaces [Design: Egue y Seta]Small Scandinavian kitchen idea with stainless steel appliances [Design: Nest Architects]

In the case of the small kitchen, there is obviously little room for anything other than what is an absolute must, and this is an idea that sits well with Scandinavian style. Despite this ‘back to the basics’ approach, try adding a potted plant or a lovely vase just to give the kitchen a personality of its own!

4. Go Bold and Dark!

Are you bored with the traditional all-white look? Maybe you want your kitchen to stand out from the pack. Even though black might not be used extensively in the Scandinavian kitchen, you can still employ it in a clever and creative fashion to delineate spaces, highlight architectural features, anchor the light, bright kitchen, and create visual contrast. A black kitchen range, cabinets, a hood or even an island can instantly shape a fascinating focal point in an otherwise neutral space. If black seems too heavy visually for your kitchen, try darker shades of gray or even deep blue instead.

Black and pink inside the cool Scandinavian style kitchen [From: Holly Marder]Add some black to the narrow Scandinavian kitchen [Design: Texas Construction Company]Who says black does not work for the Scandinavian kitchen! [Design: Vipp]Fascinating Scandinavian kitchen with a dash of black


Cheerful, Airy Ambiance

While some homeowners love to combine a rustic look with Scandinavian style, others prefer a more contemporary approach to kitchen design. No matter what your idea of a lovely Scandinavian-inspired kitchen is, make sure that you get the lighting of the space spot on. It is lighting that makes or breaks the look of the Scandinavian kitchen. Large windows are a trademark feature of this style, and a flood of natural light is always welcome here! Couple this with smart pendants (cool metallic designs are currently the trendy option) and warm ambient lighting, and you have the ideal setting.

Kitchen island on wheels for the stylish modern home [Design: Sustainable Kitchens]Subway tile is a classic that never fails in the Scandinavian setting [Design: Bask Interiors]Try out the brick wall instead of traditional white one in the Scandinavian kitchen [Design: Affleck Property Services]Fabulous kitchen in Paris Apartment makes smart use of space on offer [Design: Tatiana Nicol EURL]

One of the benefits of Scandinavian style is that it does not really force you to splurge whenever you want to remodel or renovate the kitchen. Its neutral backdrop, crisp form and effortless functionality will let you switch styles and themes with ease down the line. But once you are hooked on Scandinavian, it will be hard to shake it off!

Sherry is a blogger who loves to live her life to the fullest. She enjoys everything associated with design, décor and stylish modern trends. Born in California, Sherry has grown up on open ranches and in a wild setting, which has defined her taste for design and developed her interest in examining how structures and homes interact with the beauti[…]

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9 features, 4 ideas, and 113 photos


The Scandinavian-style kitchen is a design reference and looks especially cool in the photo.

But there are nuances in terms of practicality.

In the second half of the material, we will analyze 4 ideas for adapting Scandinavian cuisine to typical apartments, but first we will highlight 9 style attributes.

  • Scandinavian style kitchen design: 9 features
  • Scandinavian kitchen interior design ideas
    • 0014
    • 2. Adaptation for the kitchen-living room
    • 3. Kitchen in the Scandinavian style to the ceiling
    • 4. With bar,
  • Accent colors for Scandinavian cuisine
    • White kitchen in the Scandinavian style
    • Serial
    • Blue Blue and Bul
    • Yellow
  • Scandinavian style kitchen design: 9 features

    What makes the interior visual:

    1. Color proportion white/wood/accent = 70/20/10 .
    2. Only dirty accent colors clean ones are not used at all. It is because of this that the Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen never looks like a collective farm. He explained in detail why this is so in the material about the color wheel and the combination of colors in the interior.
    3. Scandinavian cuisine is always in a bit of a mess and it suits it – the perfect style for non-perfectionists. But then I will offer an alternative.
    4. Patterns or repeating shapes. Patchwork tiles, wallpaper with a pattern (not a pattern), or at least tiles with small bricks on an apron (white boar). All these are variations of the ornament, which is present in almost every northern interior.
    5. Lack of expensive items and decors. The interior is formed as a general picture without protruding elements.
    6. Legs and bases of tables, chairs and all furniture except for the set are light, thin, cone-shaped.
    7. A mix of modern and traditional (eg facade milling) techniques.
    8. Repairs and decorations are so simple and affordable that sometimes people talk about a Scandinavian loft style kitchen. The ceiling and walls painted with white paint directly on plaster or concrete (after priming, of course), open wiring, old parquet are really budget-saving things. About the kitchen in the loft style.
    9. Open storage of most of the utensils: rails, hooks, dish racks. I will then offer an alternative.

    With the design, everything is simple, but let’s move on to ideas for remaking it into our real apartments. By the way, you may be interested in my material about the Scandinavian-style bathroom and general about the Scandinavian style in the interior.

    Scandinavian kitchen design ideas

    1. Without upper cabinets – error

    In many of the photographs of the kitchen without hanging cabinets, but with open shelves. And it is the standard for Scandinavian style and looks stylish and easy.

    But I’m always for maximum practicality, so here are a couple of ideas to think about:

    1. does not take up space, does not collect dust, is cheap. But when there are no cabinets on top, problems begin: how to hide the pipe outlet from the hood, which model will look good on an empty wall, etc. In some photos, there is no hood at all, which cannot be called a well-thought-out solution.
    2. A wall cabinet with dish drying is usually made without a bottom wall so that dampness does not stagnate. Where to store wet dishes when the top is empty?
    3. Under cabinet lighting looks cool. Especially when the apron is made of tiles, because. gives beautiful shadows. Refuse?
    4. The apron usually goes under the hanging drawers, without them you will have to somehow decorate the ends of the tiles.
    5. Are you sure that there are enough storage places and you are ready to give up the most convenient ones. After all, constantly bending to get something from the lower drawers is a dubious pleasure.

    In general, if you like more austere options, see a bunch of photos in the material about the neoclassical kitchen – there is less wood, but it is close in perception.

    In short:

    I advise you to do it with a full top at least above the stove and sink, and open shelves according to the residual principle. And if you haven’t convinced me, read my article on how to choose a kitchen – there is also about the tempting cost of hinged fittings with closers for upper cabinets and the lack of need for handles. A bunch of built-in minimalistic options can be peeped in the material about high-tech kitchen design.

    2. Adaptation for the kitchen-living room

    A typical apartment usually has a small kitchen, and the Scandinavian style, which is undemanding in terms of space and budget, fits perfectly.

    But now the trend is to make a combined kitchen-living room (and this is the right decision), but there are problems with it:

    1. You hardly want to see kitchen utensils and mess when you are in the living room area.
    2. Dust is rare in the kitchen. there are only curtains made of textiles (about curtains in the kitchen and how to hang them on a window with a balcony), and people spend little time. But the living room generates dust. And it will settle on all open objects.

    If you do not deviate from the canons of the Scandinavian style, all that remains is to make the kitchen a corner, organizing a parking lot for appliances and utensils:

    we do not have the task of meticulously following the rules, you can borrow from the modern kitchen design total built-in and closed storage spaces.

    Open options (but keep in mind that in reality all jars and mugs are not ideally the same at an equal distance from each other):

    Closed options:

    Transparent doors give the same openness effect, although in other styles I would not use them.

    But the coolest option is in the next paragraph.

    3. Scandinavian style kitchen up to the ceiling

    Yes, in almost every material, starting with the renovation of the kitchen in Khrushchev, I advise you to do it up to the ceiling.

    This is the best solution for many reasons. Plus, you understand that modern kitchens in Scandinavia often differ from what we see in the photo and may look like this:

    with wooden top.

    You can always implement:

    1. Low ceiling – we extend the upper cabinets to the stop.
    2. Ceiling 2. 7-3 meters – add 1 more line of boxes (according to the mezzanine principle) or make a step in the headset area.
    3. High ceiling – we make a niche and build it into it.

    4. With a bar counter

    For some reason, counters in Scandinavian kitchens are rare and this is an omission. I have already covered a ton of benefits of a breakfast bar kitchen.

    A wooden or chipboard-look countertop will fit perfectly into the interior and there are a bunch of bar stools with thin legs.

    Even in a small room, you can place a bar at an angle on a wall with a window, organizing an unusual place for eating. Visually, it also matches the style. In general, I advise.

    Accent colors for Scandinavian kitchens

    An interesting feature of Scandinavian-style kitchens is the absence of decor items. Instead, accents are patterns and colors that don’t collect dust or take up space, but add detail.

    Patterned wallpaper is also used. Although this finishing material is used less and less, there is nothing more to implement patterns on a large wall.

    The color is no less interesting: a bright spot of a colored chair, a painted wall or the right curtains and the kitchen comes to life.

    But the background and base is always white.

    Scandinavian-style white kitchen

    Only an absolutely neutral color can be an adequate background for all the variety of chaotically sketched details. Often white with some bricks for an apron is already enough.

    If you are going to add more bright spots, then there are simply no options left.


    If white seems too banal or you are afraid that it will be “like in a hospital” (which is not), then a gray kitchen is an interesting option. From light gray to almost black, this color makes for a risk-free choice.

    contains nothing but white and black in different proportions, and therefore does not conflict with other shades.

    I wouldn’t leave the interior exclusively white-gray, at least a minimal addition of literally any tone in a dirty design will enliven the design.

    Blue and turquoise

    2 undisputed leaders among all accent colors. It is these shades of dirty blue that always fit in. match the richness of the light wood found in any Scandinavian-style kitchen.

    Can be used anywhere: paint 1 wall blue (after a test coat), make the entire suite turquoise, or at least the upholstered furniture and curtains dirty blue (less likely to be mistaken).

    I painted the door turquoise =).


    Yellow with a touch of gray is rare and cannot be called banal. Perfect for Scandinavian cuisine. It can be used both solo and in combination with shades of blue from the previous paragraph – these are complementary colors and are perfectly combined due to the contrast.

    Yellow goes better with gray than with white. Gray-yellow kitchen – not hackneyed and stylish.

    I hope you got some inspiration from the photos and some adaptation ideas, good luck with the repair!

    Save and share – come in handy!

      Scandinavian cuisine: Features of northern gastronomy


      My Victoria


      The culinary traditions of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden have many similarities, so it is not surprising that in the modern world they are combined into one common concept – Scandinavian cuisine. The basis of this cuisine, of course, is fish and seafood. Due to the difficult natural conditions and the historical asceticism of the Scandinavians, all the dishes of traditional cuisine are surprisingly simple, and the taste characteristics are the forced consequences of hard life. For example, for a long cold winter, fatty and hearty dishes were needed, so the tradition of smoking and salting fish appeared.

      Scandinavian cuisine is now experiencing its second birth. The so-called New Scandinavian cuisine (New Nordic cuisine) over the past decade has won recognition and love around the world. Simplicity and asceticism, which were previously considered the disadvantages of this kitchen, turned into its main advantage. The modern world of gastronomy is fed up with complex French cuisine and the layered flavors of Asian dishes. Uncomplicated Scandinavian food suddenly turned out to be in demand and popular all over the world!

      Copenhagen became the center of the gastronomic revolution, where the Noma restaurant opened in 2003. Edible moss with spices, Baltic salmon, langoustines from the Faroe Islands, wild berries – the chef of the restaurant, René Redzepi, uses only traditional Scandinavian ingredients, but combines and cooks them in a modern way. Now the restaurant has two Michelin stars and several victories in the “Best Restaurant in the World” status. And the trend set by Noma gradually spread around the world.

      We will tell you about the main components of Scandinavian cuisine.


      The variety of fish dishes in Scandinavian cuisine is amazing. Fried, boiled, dried, dried, smoked. With fish and seafood, not only first and second courses, but also a variety of snacks are prepared.

      The Danes prefer salmon, eel, flounder, herring and mackerel. In Norway, halibut and cod are more popular. One of the most popular and unusual dishes here is klipfiks: cut fish dried on rocks. Baltic herring and fish pies are especially popular in Finland. But the Swedes are very fond of herring in any form. The main feature of fish dishes in Scandinavian countries is the minimum of spices. The taste of fresh fish always comes first, and nothing should interrupt it. Often cottage cheese and sour cream are served with fish – they give tenderness and lightness to the dish, while not drowning out the taste of the main ingredient.

      Seasonality and regionality

      The most important rule of Scandinavian cuisine is the use of local products in accordance with their seasonality. The chef of any restaurant must know all local products and give preference to them in his choice. These principles are gradually becoming one of the most important global ideas of gastronomy, proving once again that haute cuisine is impossible without local farmers. So don’t be surprised by nettles, rhubarb and cranberries on your plate!


      Smorrebrod is a popular Scandinavian snack. Most of all, it resembles a sandwich, but the number of its variations will amaze the imagination of any gourmet. There are over 700 different recipes for this dish! There are simple smorrebrods, such as rye bread with herring and onions. And there are complex, multi-layered ones, like Hans Christian Andersen’s Favorite Smorrebrod, consisting of several layers of bacon, parsley, tomatoes, liver pate and horseradish. In Scandinavian countries, especially in Denmark, there is a tradition of naming smorrebrods after famous people. This appetizer has become so popular that it is now served not only in restaurants and cafes, but also in wineries, as it serves as an excellent appetizer for wine.


      Scandinavians, like no one else, know how and love to cook game. For example, in Finland you can try a delicious dish called Poronkyaristyus, which is tender slices of venison stew. In Sweden, the method of cooking game on a hot stone is popular: in the oven it is heated to 300 degrees, then thinly sliced ​​​​pieces of meat are taken out and fried on it. Venison goes especially well with juniper berries, chard and sour cream and sorrel sauce.

      Nettle, rhubarb and moss

      Scandinavians often use strange and unusual herbs in their recipes. Do not be surprised, but according to the opinion of the inhabitants of some countries, nettle perfectly sets off venison and beef, lovage goes well with fish, and moss can easily become an independent dish. Don’t worry, all these herbs and plants most often go through a strong heat treatment, so they are completely safe and really tasty!


      Berries are the main ingredient in desserts in Scandinavian cuisine. Jam is made from raspberries, blueberries, currants, fresh or dried berries are added to cereals. For example, the traditional Norwegian porridge “Fledegred” is prepared with raspberries, which gives it an incredible aroma and bright color. Even soups are made from berries! For example, strawberry-blackberry soup with cream and summer strawberry-rhubarb soup, which are the main dishes of the short Scandinavian summer.

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      Beautiful Scandinavian-style kitchens – 135 best kitchen interior design photos

      Color and geometry in an apartment for a young girl

      Tatiana Nikitina Photography

      Design – Julia Lauzer, decorator – Natalia Weber
      Source of inspiration for home comfort: a direct medium-sized kitchen scandinavian style with dining table, countertop sink, flat-panel cabinets, green cabinets, granite countertops, pink splashback, ceramic tile splashback, black appliances, porcelain stoneware floors, brown floors and black countertops without island

      Freshwater Happiness

      Interior Design Studio “62/38”

      Stylish design: mid-sized straight kitchen in white tones with scandinavian wood finishes with dining table, sink sink, flat cabinets, brown cabinets, acrylic stone, white backsplash, backsplash made of porcelain tiles, white appliances, porcelain stoneware flooring, white flooring, beige countertops and beautiful tiles without an island – the latest trend

      LCD Timiryazevsky

      Evgenia Leontieva

      Homely inspiration: corner, bright Scandinavian-style kitchen-living room with flat-panelled cabinets, white cabinets, black appliances, light-colored parquet floors, beige floors and white worktops without an island

      Apartment 35 m2


      Design idea for a bright, corner Scandinavian-style kitchen-living room with flat-panel cabinets, white cabinets, a white splashback, white appliances, light-colored parquet floors, beige flooring, and brown countertops without an island

      Spacious apartment in Scandinavian style

      Maxim Maximov

      Kitchen-dining room with an island and a breakfast bar and a sink by the window.
      Original design example of a mid-sized scandinavian u-shaped kitchen with dining table, sink sink, flat cabinets, white cabinets, acrylic stone worktops, beige splashback, ceramic tile splashback, black appliances, medium hardwood floors, island, brown floors, white countertops and a sink by the window

      Dinner with three is easy!

      Antonina Ivanova

      Highchair for the child in the kitchen – removable and easy to put away in the closet, it is attached to any chair, incl. and to the bar.
      Design ideas for a Scandinavian-style kitchen


      Olga Zakharova

      Fresh design ideas for a bright Scandinavian-style kitchen with white cabinets, white splashback, brown floor, white worktop, dining table, shaker cabinets and medium tone parquet flooring – great interior photo

      Apartment in Palevsky residential area

      Duga Studio

      An example of the original design: a medium-sized u-shaped Scandinavian-style kitchen-living room with an inset sink, gray fronts, quartz agglomerate worktops, white backsplash, quartz agglomerate splashback, black appliances , vinyl floor, peninsula, brown floor, white worktop and fronts with protruding panel

      Decorating the apartment for photography

      Anna Koroleva

      Fresh design ideas for a mid-sized Scandinavian-style corner kitchen with a dining table, flat cabinets, medium wood cabinets, acrylic stone worktops, white splashback, stainless steel appliances, gray floors, white countertops and a two-tone cabinet without an island – excellent photo of the interior

      Apartment in Munich, 55m2

      Design Point

      The kitchen has everything to make it convenient to cook and keep order even after noisy parties. Base cabinets, Rational, Eames Chair, Vitra. The tabletop is made to order. All built-in appliances – Miele, Smeg refrigerator.

      Studio apartment in rich colors


      Inspiration for home comfort: medium-sized Scandinavian-style kitchen

      Studio apartment in rich colors

      Zarkua Anastasia

      table, white fronts, wood top, white backsplash, ceramic tile backsplash, black appliances, brown worktop, countertop sink and fronts with recessed infill without island – the latest trend

      Kitchen-living room in a three-room apartment

      Anna Krutolevich

      Stylish design: medium-sized Scandinavian-style corner kitchen with gray facades, wooden worktops, gray splashback, glass splashback, stainless steel appliances, ceramic tile floors, beige floors, brown worktops, sinks, dining table, shaker fronts, peninsula and curtains on the windows – the latest trend

      Apartment with accents and mirrored door

      Alisa Kashcheeva

      Photo of a small scandinavian style corner kitchen with dining table, sink sink, recessed infill cabinets, blue cabinets, acrylic stone worktops, colorful splashback, ceramic tile splashback, black appliances, ceramic tile floors , multi-colored floor, white countertop and accent wall without island c

      Scandinavian cuisine – 95 recipes with photos, cooking Scandinavian cuisine step by step, ingredients

      Add to recapive back

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      Scandinavian cuisine


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      9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

      Recipe by Yulia Vysotskaya

      Scandinavian white chocolate pie

      There are several recipes of Scandinavian cuisine that I consider masterpieces, such as the soft and tender Swedish masonry pie, a variation of which we

      Julia Vysotskaya




      The last option is the best.

      Use coarse salt. If you take fine salt, it will penetrate the fibers faster, and you can get fish0003

      Spicy salted herring with mustard sauce

      In Poland, herring is often served with apples, and in Denmark or Norway – with mustard sauce, that’s what we will do today! It is better not to cut and gut the herring, but to pickle it whole.

      Julia Vysotskaya


      Scandinavian appetizer gravlax with beets

      I am a big fan of fish, especially lightly salted red.

      For me, a slice of such a fish is better than any dessert. I always salt the fish myself, and my household members really like it. In the coming New Year, I decided


      Recipe for the day

      Less salmon in Scandinavian


      Recipe for Yulia Vysotskaya

      Scandinavian pies with grades and wallets

      I first tried this pie in Scandinavia, and I immediately liked it – little dough, a lot of apples, the filling is incredibly fragrant! Apples take sweet and sour and dense, and pre-soak the raisins

      Julia Vysotskaya


      Herring Open Sandwich

      For a delicious and healthy snack, make this wonderful herring sandwich.



      Swedish potatoes

      you 🙂 In any case, it is very tasty!

      Tanyushka Pavlova




      Gravlax with a beetroot of


      This type of saline looks very appetizing, sandwiches and a canapon with such a fish scattering on upper. And if you put such a fish on the festive table, then the delight and respect of the guests will be like



      Fish gratin

      puree. Cooking is quick and easy.



      Norwegian soup

      Fish soup may not please everyone, but this one will win you over! Tested on very fastidious decades!) But seriously, this recipe turned out to be a godsend, leek combined with salmon created



      from Scandinavian salmon or salmon with dill and pieces of sun-dried tomatoes. Good as a cold appetizer during celebrations. And I love this pate for breakfast.

      Inna Voitenko


      Scandinavian apple pie with almonds

      Juicy, fragrant apple pie with spices!





      Rudolf Christmas buns

      But you know that a cheerful rednoyous deer Santa, which you see on Christmas Eve everywhere, Citsus Rudolf? There is even a song about him – I’m sure its motive is familiar to everyone. That’s what I sang0003



      Liege waffles (Belgium)

      Liege is a city in Belgium. These waffles were made by the personal chef of the Prince of Liege, who wanted something new, but always rich. After thinking about a strange order, the confectioner

      viewer of your show


      Potatoes with honey

      I want to share a very interesting recipe with you.



      Swedish seeded crispbread

      I would like to offer you very healthy and very crispy cornmeal bread. They can be served both with a salad and a main course or used as a basis for small appetizers for a festive



      Norwegian salad

      katja0719 September 30, 2014


      Norwegian vegetable salad with smoked salmon

      Tasty, hearty and colorful salad that can easily replace dinner. A lot of greens, vegetables, grilled eggplants, cold smoking salmon and quail eggs – and all under gas station



      Pastens of chicken


      probably already noticed a lot of mine love for chicken pates and this time I decided to make it with prunes! It turned out very tasty, nothing superfluous, and prunes give a pleasant sourness and “zest”



      Scandinavian style potatoes

      I recently read in a magazine this recipe for either a salad or a side dish. I served it as a side dish with meat, but on the basis of this dish you can come up with (and probably already invented!) A bunch of variations.

      Maria L


      Finnish snack

      I read this recipe in a magazine and tried it on February 23 on my men. They liked it.

      I took Borodino bread, it seems to me that it best suits this dish.

      Maria L




      Swedish Biscuits with Jam

      Cookies for preparing quickly and conveniently. I have long wanted cookies with jam, I found a worthy recipe, which I share with you, friends! Very simple cookies, but amazingly delicious and



      Finnish Christmas cookies

      Finnish housewives use a simple set of products to create wonderful holiday buns and cookies. There are special ones for Christmas – ginger and youlutortut with prunes or plum jam. These “Christmas

      * Elenissima *

      Recipe for the day

      Kalakukko – Finsky fish pie

      * Elenissima *

      RUNERTERNA (RUNTERN0002 These national Finnish cakes are named after the national poet of Finland, Johan Ludwig Runeberg.
      There are many versions of this delicacy. According to one of them, cakes first appeared in



      Lingonberries in turnips “Little Red Riding Hood”

      When they want to say “very simple” – they say simply steamed turnip. Well, I cooked not steamed, but baked. It’s also very simple. The recipe comes from Finnish cuisine. Lingonberries in a dish can be replaced



      Appetizer Pelle Yansson

      Jonas Gripp’s recipe is taken as a basis, with a few changes of mine. This dish was popular with the head of the Stockholm Opera House in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. slices of tenderloin are used for this dish



      Aurinko Finnish millet pancakes

      Aurinko means “sun” in Finnish. And these pancakes are really sunny beautiful!

      Firstly, they are very easy to prepare, require a minimum of ingredients, and when baking, just



      A spicy variation on a Swedish theme, or Ketbullar with a spark

      I took pity on the men under my care and cooked the meat.



      “Leftovers…not only sweet”, or PYTTIPANNA

      This dish with the funny name Pittipanna comes from the Scandinavian countries. Especially known in Sweden (Pyttipanna or pytt i panna), Finland (pyttipannu) and Norway (pyttipanne) … Literally, you can



      Forikol (Norwegian lamb) for La Vanda

      This dish is traditionally prepared in September, when the last Thursday of September is considered the “season of young lamb” National Foricola Day.
      To make forikol you need



      Smørrebrød Captain with salmon

      “Everything around seemed wonderful 300 years ago!” Tortilla tortoise sang a song. It seems to be about Smurrebred. After all, it was invented by ordinary Danish peasants exactly three hundred years ago. And today it is



      Smerrebred (Smuffing) with herring and pickled beetroot

      Classic, the most authentic tillage with herring and beetroot.
      In Denmark, the art of making smorrebrods (they are also smorrebred, schmorrobrod, etc., depending on the pronunciation) is taught at



      Salmon with orange sauce

      How to cook salmon so that it is light and fragrant? By adding orange sauce, you will get an exquisite result.



      Smørrebrød with chicken fillet

      The Danish people’s love for lettuce probably surpasses even ours. Norwegian and Swedish citizens pronounce this name a little differently, but the essence of the dish is from this



      Creamy mushroom soup

      Participant of the contest “Cuisines of the World”. Norwegian cuisine, as it turned out, is not only the realm of salmon, but they also eat mushrooms))



      Finnish fish soup with cream

      Participant of the competition “Cuisines of the World”. Like many residents of St. Petersburg, I visit Finland and other Scandinavian countries quite often. I really like this fantastically beautiful region

      Liza Pirogova


      Chicken fillet and yellow pepper

      The most difficult thing in this kind of recipes is the question – what type of dishes it belongs to. What’s this? Stew, roast, fresh meat with vegetable sauce or something else? Don’t know. Difficulties on this



      Ginger cutlets

      Fresh ginger added to minced meat solves many problems associated with proper nutrition. Tasty and healthy. Trite for Scandinavian and unexpected for Russian cuisine.



      Finnish Juicy Beetroot Muffins (Mehevä punajuurikakku)

      Participant of the World Cuisines competition.
      If you want something unusual and insanely delicious, then you are here!!! Beets and ginger, and all this under sweet fudge!… And the color…, the color is bright, juicy,


      Recipe of the day

      Scandinavian snack cake



      Salmon with orange juice and vegetables “On a sunny meadow”

      “Everything ingenious is simple!” – Does this mean that “Everything simple is ingenious!” – I do not presume to say. But the fact that this very simple recipe allows you to get an absolutely exquisite and pleasant taste –



      Light soup with salmon

      This really light soup has an unusually delicate and balanced taste.



      Lefse – Norwegian pancakes

      We continue our acquaintance with pancake recipes from different national cuisines. This time it’s lefse – pancakes that are baked in Norway on Maslenitsa (Vastlavyi). Pancakes are served generously brushed with butter and


      Recipe of the day

      Finnish Pannukakku pancakes



      cheese pie



      Baked fish FI

      SLOSS Sprinkle with sea salt for 4-6 hours,
      after cleaning from salt.



      Brunost – brown, almost Norwegian cheese (Brunost)

      Like any novelty, this cheese may or may not like. But, in any case, it’s worth a try 🙂 I’ve never met this cheese before, so there’s nothing to compare with. And honestly



      Swedish Apple Pie

      As they say, there are never too many apple pies! 🙂 And if they are also very tasty apple pies, then you just need to try them. This cake is exactly like this: insanely delicious, not wet and not dry,

      Snezhinka Tatiana


      Norwegian almond cake

      Norwegian almond cake, as we call it Kranseka “flag and anthem” of Norway! Not a single feast is complete without this almond Lord! Traditionally prepared from 18 rings. There are

      Elena @vin_tage_cat


      Norwegian cardamom cake

      The recipe for this cake attracted me instantly! Firstly, because it is Norwegian (and I love everything related to this wonderful country), secondly, it is very colorful and bright, and thirdly, it is for me

      Margarita Buzova


      red fish soup

      This Finnish salmon soup is called Lohikeitto. I changed it up a bit by making soup puree.


      Recipe for the day

      Kares of lamb with lingonberry-mandarin confiture

      Elena @vin_tage_cat

      9000 9000 9000 9000 9000


      ,0002 and I baked those famous cinnamon buns! The very ones that Miss Bock baked, and with whom Karlslon, who lives on the roof, loved to drink coffee so much!)))))
      Recipe from culinary magazine


      Join us on VK!

      61 modern interior design ideas with photos

      Scandinavian style kitchen design is getting more and more fans. A variety of options, lightness and simplicity of forms make it possible to use it in completely different layouts.

      This style looks especially good in small rooms, because it gives the kitchen additional convenience and comfort.

      12 Nordic kitchen features

      kitchen style has the following distinctive

      1. Light colors

      @scandinavianhomes for @svenskfastvasastan, photo by @kronfoto

      Kitchens with white fronts are especially spectacular. Perhaps the most demanded surface is matte facades. They do not need to be especially looked after, and the Scandinavian interior
      It’s also about practicality. Glossy facades in
      scandi meet
      extremely rare, and besides, they need to be especially carefully monitored.

      Photo source:

      2. Dark accents

      Photo source:

      kitchen Design
      in scandinavian style
      an abundance of light shades. Exist
      concerns that such a kitchen would seem
      “lifeless”? Accents are what
      refreshing design. Introduce them into the interior
      help lamps, textiles, light
      curtains, dishes, other decorative elements.

      3. Open shelves and racks

      Open storage system in the kitchen is perhaps the hallmark of Scandinavian cuisine. On the shelves it is convenient to store everything that should be at hand. And, of course, beautiful decor.

      Photo credit:

      If you need extra storage space in your kitchen, open shelving is a great option. However, more often they are used as a place to place decorative elements and various useful little things – beautiful glass jars with spices, bright dishes, paper towels, souvenirs, etc.

      However, no one forbids combining business with pleasure. For example, alternate everyday items and decorations on open shelves.

      Photo source:

      4. Kitchen to the ceiling

      the opposite of open shelves,
      but also characteristic of
      scandinavian style kitchens
      on the picture

      kitchen with cabinets in 3 rows to the ceiling.
      Placement of items that are used
      least of all, on the highest shelves
      help to use as little as possible
      stool or ladder to reach
      to them, as well as save free
      space below for items,
      that are needed in the first place.

      Photo from the source:

      5. Real flowers

      Photo from the source:

      Scandinavian style features
      in the interior of the kitchen
      – unity with nature. Fresh flowers are considered the best decorations for any room.
      Often found in Scandi design – ficuses, palm trees. Of the most
      unpretentious – succulents, cacti –
      this is a great option for those who
      plant care seems to be a problem.

      6. Wood texture

      Wood grain is a must in a Scandinavian style kitchen. Using it to decorate a kitchen top is a great idea. After all, a Scandinavian-style kitchen with a wooden worktop is a true classic. However, it is not necessary to purchase very expensive products from a natural array. An excellent solution is tabletops from the Kedr factory, the design of which imitates natural wood. Due to the fact that the strength and environmental friendliness of Kedr products are always on top, they become an excellent alternative to natural kitchen tops.

      Countertop “Cedar” for the kitchen Chipboard 2057 M Ponderosa Pine

      Important! The long-term service of the kitchen will depend on the countertop, because the entire cooking process is carried out on it. That is, the maximum load is on it.

      7. Geometric patterns

      Geometric patterns are an essential element of every Scandinavian interior. They can be both in large volume – for example, carpets, and in small items – decorative pillows, dishes.

      Photo from the source:

      Often, geometric patterns can be found on a kitchen apron. Tiles can be used as a material. Geometric motifs with strict, sharp forms are appropriate, always with a pattern. A grout in a contrasting color gives the apron a particularly interesting look.

      Photo from the source:

      A great alternative to tiles is a wall panel.

      Wall panels from the Kedr factory will not only make the interior more harmonious, become its highlight, but also provide reliable protection to the wall.

      8920/S Ambre

      Also often used is the design of an apron in the same color and texture with the table top. Wood or high-quality imitation of solid wood are especially popular.

      8. Laconic fittings

      Photo from the source:

      The complete absence of fittings will help to observe all the Scandinavian canons when decorating the headset. A great alternative is the “push to open” system, or, as it is also called, “click-clack”. It makes it possible to open the module door with a simple push.

      If the choice fell on handles, give preference to the most concise models.

      9. Laconic technology

      The Scandinavian style is especially reserved. Is any technique suitable for the interior? Built-in models will help not to think about this issue, because everything will be hidden behind a single headset facade.

      Even if ordinary models of equipment that stand separately are used, they must be in the same color, style as the entire set, mainly in white, gray tones.

      Photo source:

      10. Accent roof rails

      roof rails
      on the
      scandi style kitchen
      and must be used, only required
      respect the aesthetics of the style. Everything
      must be in the same color.
      must adhere to the basic
      materials. There shouldn’t be any

      Photo from the source:

      The original solution is to use a gas pipe coming from the stove as a railing. If you make the color of the pipe “under brass” and supplement it with kitchen utensils, lamps in the same color, it will turn out very harmoniously.

      Photo from source:

      11. Accent hood

      The hood can be used as an additional interior accent. For example, a model built into a wall cabinet, if it is made in a color that contrasts with the wall, and is also presented in the singular, that is, surrounded by open shelves, is already a rather bright and noticeable accent in the interior.

      Photo credit: @scandinavianhomes

      Metal models are more suitable for modern execution. Mounting of the structure can be both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted.

      Photo credit: @husmanhagberg_stockholm / Photo credit: @clearcutfactory Style: @amazinginteriorsthlm

      more harmonious
      only in
      bright scandinavian kitchen
      countertops and hood in one color. To
      For example, if the kitchen top is black, then
      extractor black. What will be the surface
      – matte or shiny – not so

      Photo from the source: pinterest.ruTabletop Cedar 1021/Q Black

      This and other similar tabletop decors are available in the Kedr catalogue.

      12. Maximum comfort in the dining area

      Photo source:
      of the most important interior elements
      kitchen-living room
      dinner table. The basic principle
      design of the dining area – to create maximum comfort. The skins go
      decorative pillows, fresh flowers.
      Scandinavians love from every meal
      make a little aesthetic feast.

      Primary colors for a Scandinavian style kitchen

      If the Scandinavian-style kitchen is small, and its
      small, it is better to decorate the kitchen in warm
      shades. If the lack of sun
      not observed, cold tones also
      will look good.

      three colors for interior design
      don’t use it – it will make it


      Indispensable for Scandi. So that there is no association with the hospital, the sterility of its operating rooms due to the presence of white in too large quantities, it is better to dilute the interior with other tones. For example, green, gray, beige, blue. Accents in shades of graphite, turquoise, yellow tones look curious.

      The classic white kitchen in Scandinavian style includes a pure white backsplash, light smooth surfaces, a tiled floor, a set that pleases with its high functionality with all the simplicity of appearance.

      Photo credit:

      Kitchen with white wall tiles, white cabinets, black light fixtures, grout, checkered tile floors and woodgrain countertops:

      Photo credit: Countertop Cedar 232/S Niagara Oak


      The climate of the northern region is very severe. And gray is a color that perfectly conveys this. There are associations with thick fogs, rocks, fjords, fast rivers in the mountains, heavy clouds…

      Rough or glossy kitchen surfaces with black, metallic or silver sheen look interesting.

      Scandinavian kitchen with elegant backlit cabinets, pendant lights, white stone countertops and splashback. There are beautiful imitations of marble in the “Kedr” catalogue.

      Photo source: digsdigs.comToptop Cedar 7024/1 Imperial Marble

      Green, blue

      Blue evokes associations with the sky, the waters of the rivers and lakes of the Scandinavian states. This is an excellent base for a headset made of wood or its imitations.

      Photo from the source:

      Green is the evergreen northern forests. Thanks to this association, it is also appropriate in Scandi.

      The design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style looks beautiful
      headset in muted green
      color, wooden table, vintage
      chairs, gray backsplash and tabletops

      Photo source: Top Cedar 3031/Q Gray Marble

      Do not overdo it with these shades, otherwise, according to tradition, the white Norman interior will turn into Provence.

      Basic materials

      Since Scandi is essentially a reflection of the rural way of life, the interior is dominated by natural materials or their good imitations.

      Most often, the body of kitchen sets is made of laminated chipboard. The traditional materials used for the production of facades are wood, its imitations. It is important to observe light colors everywhere.

      Worktops look most harmonious if they are darker in tone than the one in which the facades are decorated. This will beautifully highlight the structure of the tree, as well as the light shade of the headset.

      Walls, facades in white color will perfectly complement the worktop in a natural, woody shade.

      Photo source: Top Cedar 3829/Nw Bunratty Oak

      And vice versa, a dark set will be shaded by a light table top.

      Photo source: nimvo.comTop top Cedar 3852/P Corsica oak

      It is desirable that textiles used as decor should be made from natural materials: linen, cotton, sheep wool.

      Photo of their source:

      this decorative elements in
      Scandinavian kitchen-living room design
      style can
      be made of glass and metal.

      Photo from the source:

      Interior decoration in the Scandinavian style


      The walls are “dressed” in white, light gray, heavenly shades.

      In such an abundance of light colors, an accent black table top looks great, which is in harmony with appliances and decor (rugs, kitchen utensils) in the same colors:

      Photo source: Countertop Cedar 5141/Mn Moon

      Light brown, beige, “complex” tones, the perception of which depends on the characteristics of the lighting, are also appropriate. Ivory is a typical “complex” color.

      The predominance of natural beige tones create a soft and calm atmosphere, impeccable, sophisticated, modern style. Cabinets in the same color as the walls are one of the trends that is gaining momentum today and gives a feeling of genuine exclusivity and individuality. Tabletops are also matched to match the interior.

      Photo source: nordicdesign. caTable top Cedar 685/1 Platinum

      Printed wallpapers are rarely used on the walls of Scandinavian kitchens. They decorate the wall in the dining area. They also need to be light.

      White walls have become a kind of “calling card” of this style. This is most noticeable when considering a huge number of references with Scandinavian cuisines.

      The most simple forms are used. Almost everything is decorated in white, even the countertop.

      Photo source: Tabletop Cedar 111/1 White

      This makes the room as bright as possible.


      White ceilings are typical of Scandinavian style kitchens.

      Raisins will be given to them by wooden false beams:

      Photo from the source:


      Massive laminate in light colors that imitates a wide board, as well as a coating of bleached boards – a typical option for Norman interiors. In addition, it is appropriate to design the floor in cold shades and colors.

      If the room turns out to be too bright, the inclusion of a contrasting accent, such as in a checkerboard tile floor, will be quite successful.

      Photo from the source:


      used in
      scandinavian kitchen interior design
      characterized by maximum simplicity.
      Therefore, it can be easily used
      in rooms with any layout and
      size of the area: in the kitchen-living rooms,
      canteens or in very small

      Her characteristics:

      – clarity of lines;

      – accessories of laconic shapes (more often – rectangular), decorated in neutral or contrasting colors.

      Scandi furniture is more often made of natural wood, which has a light brown or cognac tone, but materials imitating solid wood can also be used.

      Photo from the source:

      It may contain decorative metal, glass or wicker inserts, elements.

      Of course, in Scandinavian kitchens you can make facades with panels, but it will still look better just plain.

      Photo by @lottaagaton and @christianhalleroddesign

      Sometimes the upper modules of the headset are replaced with shelves.

      Photo from the source:

      Headsets in non-standard colors – blue, blue, mint, khaki, swamp, green, wood look best on a white background.

      Photo source:

      Dining area

      If a
      you kitchen-living room in Scandinavian
      quite a lot, a large wooden table
      will be an excellent option for arranging
      dining area. Also
      Scandinavian interiors are very fond of
      white tables, it can be natural
      materials – painted solid wood, and
      also artificial.

      Photo credit: Photo credit:

      The dining group often uses chairs made of wood look material with white plastic, metal in black or dark graphite, and chairs made of transparent polycarbonate – they are almost invisible and maintain the conciseness of the overall design.

      Photo source: Photo source: candellabra. com

      fit into
      Scandinavian kitchen interior items
      dining group furniture, woven
      from reed, bamboo and others

      Photo from the source:

      If the layout of the room combines a kitchen and a living area, then installing a sofa as a zoning element will make the dining area in the studio apartment as comfortable as possible.

      Photo from the source:

      Features of a small Scandinavian-style kitchen

      It is better to place a bar counter, a transforming table in the mini-kitchen. These designs will be a completely complete replacement for a dining table.

      Photo from the source:

      Headset models are covered with a transparent, light paint with a matte surface.

      High cabinets are often found in the corners. They are closed, their design is minimalistic: hidden almost imperceptible fittings, smooth surface of the facade, no handles.

      Photo from the source:

      The upper modules of the headset can be replaced with shelves made of wood or materials imitating it.

      Photo from the source:

      Ergonomics of space always remains a priority. If the Scandinavian kitchen is very small, installing furniture without any unnecessary details with a predominance of white is the best option.

      Despite the fact that small rooms are “afraid” of black, the accent in the form of a black countertop looks very appropriate, diluting the interior and making it more graphic.

      Photo from the source: pinterest.ruTable top Cedar 4091/Q Bulat

      Lighting features

      Scandinavian style originated where the sun is in short supply, and the winter is so long that it seems almost eternal.

      To compensate for such far from resort conditions, the most light shades are chosen for interior design. The main criterion is the illumination at a good level. During the day, windows with minimal decoration help to achieve this goal, and in the evening – lighting fixtures in large quantities. In this case, the concept of “too” is not appropriate. The more lighting fixtures, the better: ceiling lights, wall sconces, lights above the countertop, floor lamps.

      Photo from the source:

      The usual chandelier in the center of the ceiling is a boring standard solution. A more original technique will help to move away from it – installing several lighting fixtures in different places. Thus, uniform illumination of the entire area will be obtained.

      Several lamps with swiveling shades or a mini lamp with a glass shade are suitable for illuminating the dining area.

      Photo from the source:

      It is better to arrange separate lighting for the bar counter.

      LEDs are good for illuminating the work area. They will make the cooking process as comfortable as possible, regardless of the time of day, and will also help save on energy costs.

      scandinavian style cuisine
      appropriate in the house
      lamps in industrial, futuristic,
      spider lamps, street design, and
      also lamps with lampshades made of wicker

      Photo credit:

      Window decoration

      Photo credit:

      Thick and heavy curtains in the kitchens of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries are completely out of place. Max blinds.

      The Scandinavian countries have very few sunny days. And the locals are trying in every possible way to make up for this shortcoming with large panoramic windows without curtains. In addition to this, a large number of lighting fixtures are installed.

      If you still have curtains in your personal preference, here it is better to use short, roller, Roman and clothespin blinds, models made of natural, light and translucent fabrics that will not interfere with the penetration of daylight.

      Window frames that have been artificially aged or made from bleached wood are great for Scandi.

      Photo from the source:

      Room decor

      Textiles embroidered with national Scandinavian ornaments are relevant.

      Photo from the source: pinterest. ru Photo from the source:

      It is appropriate to add bright accents. They can be, for example, potholders in shades of amber, turquoise. They will “warm up” a cold Scandinavian interior.

      Scandinavians like to hang shelves on the walls. Thus, they become part-time decoration of space. You can hang them instead of the top modules of the headset. On the shelves are placed cookbooks, posters, b / w photos in frames.

      Photo source:

      Wall clock in a minimalist design is a regular in Scandinavian interiors.

      Photo from source:

      Decorative elements hanging on clothespins are one of the designers’ favorite techniques.

      Photo from the source:

      Ethno-decorations made in the traditions of the peoples of the North can be used in decoration, but carefully. There are horns, bundles, animal skins on the walls, vases and flower pots, original dishes made of natural clay on the shelves. The main thing is not to use too many of them, as there is a risk that the kitchen will evoke associations with your grandmother’s attic.

      Photo from the source:

      Posters, flowers, black and white framed photos, earthenware, glass pots, striped, graphic or plain rugs are suitable as decor for Scandinavian kitchens.

      Photo from source:

      even if it seems to you that the kitchen
      in the Scandinavian style in the photo of interiors
      and on references it is presented in an expensive
      natural materials, you can always
      do the same using their imitations.
      After all, stylish does not mean expensive!

      Scandinavian style

      95+ interior photos, design ideas, design tips

      The popularity of the Scandinavian style is due not only to the fashion for snow-white Norman interiors. The Nordic design is loved by many because of its ergonomics, lightness, calm atmosphere. And for owners of a small kitchen, such a discreet design in bright colors will be especially relevant.

      Scandinavian-style white kitchen

      Despite the predominantly light and sometimes very cold color scheme in the design, even a spacious Norman-style kitchen-living room can be very cozy. The main thing here is to correctly place accents and choose the right decor.

      The design of the Scandinavian style kitchen is inspired by the Nordic landscapes.

      The atmosphere of frosty freshness, snow-covered mountain ranges, icy rivers and dense forests convey the following 5 features of the Nordic interior.

      1. Light, often snow-white recognizable color scheme. Color inclusions are also allowed in the natural theme: blue and blue (like the color of lakes and rivers), green and brown (like the colors of the forest), sunny yellow and orange, as well as mint, lavender, coral shades.

      Functional furniture with a simple design, strict forms, mostly without decorations, sometimes with a rough finish in the spirit of the traditional furnishings of the houses of the ancient Vikings.

      1. Lots of light. The lack of natural light is easily compensated by well-chosen color design. For artificial lighting, they do not spare lamps so that it is comfortable to spend time in the evening hours.
      1. Lots of free space. In a small kitchen, visually more space creates the right design: color, lack of clutter, unnecessary details, discreet and moderate decor.
      1. Natural materials and textures: concrete, wood, stone. Glass is actively used in the design of lighting fixtures. Steel, metal surfaces look good in the design of appliances, countertops and even in the design of facades.

      Watch the video for 8 design rules:

      5 steps to create a Scandinavian style kitchen interior

      Knowing the features of choosing colors, finishes, furniture and decor will help you plan your kitchen consistently.

      1. Selecting the overall color and finish

      Basic colors – white, grey, black. But this does not mean that the entire interior should be made strictly only in these colors.

      Depending on the degree of natural light in the room, the size of the windows and other factors, both warm shades (creamy, milky, ivory, pearl, warm gray, powder) and cold shades can be used.

      Predominantly warm tones are recommended in kitchens with a small window or if there is little sunlight in the room during the day.

      A cold color scheme will balance an overly sunny kitchen. Cold tones will be appropriate in the interior of the kitchen with large panoramic windows.

      The Scandinavian-style kitchen interior is diluted with pastel shades that convey the natural theme that was originally set, characteristic of northern design – mint, coral, blue, gray, lavender, pink, yellow.

      Blue kitchen in Scandinavian styleYellow color in the interiorWhite kitchen with red accents

      Shades of natural wood (beech, birch, alder, elm, maple, light walnut) will always look good in the interior.

      Walls can be finished with paint or wallpaper in light, subdued colours. Any material options can be replaced with ordinary whitewash, while saving the budget for repairs.

      If you choose wallpaper, its design or pattern will have a distinctive design. The photo below shows a few suitable solutions.

      Samples of patterns and colors

      Colorful wallpapers are used to create accents, so it is better to choose one wall free of furniture for decoration.

      Any item can be a bright accent in the interior: furniture, an apron, one of the walls, textiles, etc. Blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange are traditionally used for bright inclusions.

      To make the interior harmonious, do not use more than 3 colors at the same time. Bright colors should not be used in large quantities.

      Natural materials or their imitations will look good in the decoration: concrete, wood, stone.

      In a Scandinavian interior, a partition or one of the walls is often made to look like brickwork, real or artificial (created with decorative plaster).

      The most versatile flooring will be wood grain laminate or parquet.

      The practical flooring will be ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware. A universal option is a plain tile. Depending on the design, floor tiles with a geometric pattern in a characteristic color scheme may be suitable.

      The design can use a screed floor, the main advantage of which is a smooth, seamless finish.

      2. Kitchen set and appliances

      Scandinavian-style furniture is characterized by simple, strict forms. Both smooth facades and paneled, frame, with showcases are possible.

      As for the choice of color for the headset, any basic ones are suitable here – black, white, gray.

      Gray kitchen in Nordic style

      A set in colors complementing the Scandinavian interior – yellow, mint, green, khaki, marsh, turquoise, light blue, blue, under a tree against the background of white walls will look beautiful.

      Modules can be combined in different colors, for example:

      • top – white, bottom – wood effect (blue, green, black, etc. ), and vice versa;
      • make inserts between cabinets in different colors.

      Open wood cabinets, built-in shelves for wine storage look beautiful.

      Kitchens without upper cabinets are increasingly appearing in Norman design, as meet one of its main principles – more free space.

      Scandinavian kitchen interior with sofa and suite without upper cabinets

      This configuration will be practical if you need a lot of storage space. But for the purposes of optimizing the space of a small kitchen, this option serves better than others.

      Solid ash wood kitchen set

      Ikea has a large selection of Scandinavian style kitchens.

      Read also the article about modular kitchens Method from IKEA.

      Worktop. The Scandinavian interior will be decorated with a countertop made of wood, artificial stone, concrete or natural stone.

      Less practical, but more aesthetically pleasing in the Nordic design, solid wood top.

      An unusual novelty in kitchen design is the steel worktop, which also fits perfectly into this style.

      Fittings. Black, grey, chrome-plated metal handles with a laconic design are typical for the design of the front part.

      Sleek fronts without handles look modern and stylish: with push-to-open (click-clack) or recessed hidden handles.

      Technology. Always versatile, no matter the style, to build in kitchen appliances or just hide them behind the facades. A technique made in the same style (metallic) or a headset matched to the color will look harmonious.

      3. Dining area

      The dining area can be compact – in the form of a window sill table, a hinged table, a small bar counter. These options are suitable for a small Scandinavian kitchen.

      Large solid wood table, suitable for a spacious room.

      A bench instead of chairs in the dining area of ​​the spacious Scandinavian kitchen conveys the traditional furnishing of Scandinavian homes.

      Authentic natural wood dining area with rough finishes.

      Wooden bar table with a thick top perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the interior of the Nordic countries.

      Tables and chairs made of natural wood or steel will be the most suitable in design.

      In a modern Norman interior, furniture is also used from high-quality durable plastic. It will not violate the stylistic unity, subject to other design rules. Transparent, invisible polycarbonate chairs or chair-chairs with a plastic seat look interesting.

      A more comfortable dining area with a compact sofa.

      Narrow kitchen with Scandinavian style sofa

      4. How to arrange an apron?

      The color scheme of the apron is selected based on the overall color design. It can be made in the color of the countertop, in the color of the headset or in the tone of the top / bottom row of cabinets (if the headset is made in two colors).

      If an apron in a Scandinavian style kitchen is a bright accent, then you can choose any saturated colors for its design – red, green, purple, etc. colors.

      Below are some great ideas for decorating a Scandinavian style apron.

      • Hog or metro tiles.

      An interesting effect can be obtained by choosing a contrasting grout. This will highlight each tile, so the seams between tiles should be perfectly even.

      • Glass (skin, satin, tempered, etc.)
      • Mosaic.
      • Plain ceramic tiles with or without geometric patterns.

      The pattern on the apron can be repeated in other interior items, for example, in the design of a floor rug, kitchen towels or chair cushions.

      • Wood effect panels. From chipboard, MDF or heat-resistant plastic.

      natural materials and their textured surfaces are characteristic and style-forming elements, they can also be actively used in the design of a kitchen apron.

      To make the work area above the tabletop not only beautiful, but also practical, you need to choose smooth surfaces for the backsplash, and non-embossed, rough surfaces. Then the working area will be easier to clean.

      The weak point is the seams, or rather their number. For example, a mosaic can look perfect in an interior, but be prepared to re-grout regularly, as Accumulating grease and dirt over time is more and more difficult to wash.

      5. Accessories, decor, lighting

      1. Curtains.

      In a Scandinavian-style kitchen, they can be dispensed with altogether.

      But if you choose, then among natural materials – cotton, linen, satin. Among the models, the most suitable are plain or with an unobtrusive pattern of curtains on rings or clothespins, roller blinds, Roman blinds, short curtains.

      Refuse volumetric decorative elements in the design of the window. Lambrequins, lush tiebacks are out of place.

      1. Chandeliers and lamps.

      Suitable for futuristic, industrial, street design.

      Always a win-win option – spotlights or chandeliers with a simple geometric shape.

      A shabby chic chandelier with candelabra in a spacious kitchen-living room will give the interior a special charm and touch of romance.

      The smaller the kitchen, the more compact and miniature the fixtures should be.

      Lamps made of glass or in the form of ordinary decorated light bulbs are another good option for a small kitchen. Due to their design, they look invisible in the interior.

      1. decor.


      • flowers on windowsills in wicker baskets, wooden or ceramic pots,
      • posters, paintings and photographs in black and white, in wooden or black painted frames;
      • clay and glass pots on the shelves of the headset;
      • rugs: striped, graphic pattern, plain.

      Such little things as cushions on chairs, candlesticks, wicker napkins on the dining table make the Scandinavian interior more “alive” and not so cold.

      You can use decor in the spirit of the traditional way of life of the ancient Vikings – skins and fur, horns and animal heads made of wood.