Small spaces living room designs: 220 Best Small Living Room Ideas

50+ Small Apartment Living Room Design & Decoration Ideas

Space – there is plenty of it around in the universe and science will tell you that almost 99 percent of it is empty. Yet, we are constantly in search for ways in which we can maximize space within the four walls of our own home! It is a perplexing aspect of life and every week we come across various designs and ideas that aim to give your small apartment a more spacious and cheerful vibe even while being aesthetic. But today we take this a step further by looking at the best small apartment living room ideas from across the world and understanding what we can borrow from these innovative and exciting spaces.

Ultra-small student apartment living room with loft bed above and steps with storage

These are not mere ideas or concepts that still need to be translated into the real world. These are living rooms crafted by some of the best architects and designers on the planet which have managed to turn even the tiniest amount of space into a welcoming living room that their owners are comfortable with. Some force you to think vertical while others work their magic with a visual illusion of space and light. No matter which approach you prefer, this is a journey that you would not want to miss!

Making Use of Vertical Space

Since the focus today is on apartments with very little square footage, the idea of the living rooms in these homes is to make the most of what is on offer without giving the impression of a cluttered or overly ornate living room. Small is of course a relative term and an apartment just 25 or 40 square meters in area might seem far too tiny for some and quite adequate for others. But the living rooms under the spotlight today belong largely to apartments no larger than 50 or 60 square meters in area and the first option in here is to maximize the wall space available.

Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Kid-friendly living room of the tiny apartment in PoznanMezzanine level above the kitchen in this living room serves as a smart study!Small living room of Taipei makes most of the vertical space with a loft level and built-in storageUtilize the space above the entrance as well for a more efficient small apartment design

Loft bedrooms, reading nooks and even small mezzanine levels with additional areas are often the preferred choice. This allows you to create additional square footage that was previously non-existent and for those who are just getting their first apartment (alone or as a couple), this is more than sufficient. Steps leading to this area can also be used for storage and if you do not have enough room for a loft level, there are still ways to maximize the wall space with smart shelving and wall-mounted storage units.

Antônio Bicudo Apartment in Sao Paulo with loft bedroom space above the bathroomSmall retirement apartment in Sao Paulo with a colorful and vivacious living spaceRustic-modern attic apartment with living room in whiteA small living room apartment of 38 square meters feels much larger than it really is!Pastel filled living room of micro apartment comes with a Murphy bed niche as well

Scandinavian Style and Inspiration

If there is one style that is absolutely ideal for the tiny living room then it is Scandinavian! Modern Scandinavian decorating styles is perfect for small spaces and is anchored in principles of clutter-free living, loads of natural light and a backdrop consisting of neutral colors. Those who fancy a more eclectic look can combine Scandinavian simplicity with shabby chic beauty or even rustic charm by introducing a few accessories from the chosen style. Make sure though that bright color is still kept down to a minimum in here.

Bright living room of 26-square meter tiny Scandinavian style apartmentCasual Scandinavian style decorating for the tiny living roomCeiling beams in wood for the white living room [From: Josefin Widell Hultgren / Anna Inreder& Bettina Carlsson]Decorating the small living room in contemporary styleGorgeous gray living space of the light-filled Stockholm apartmentMonochromatic living room in white [From: In-Bolig Styling ApS]Rug adds pattern to the lovely little apartment living room in Tel AvivScandinavian style is perfect for the small apartment living roomSophisticated living room in gray and white for the small Russian apartmentAttic apartment in Stockholm with a living space that exudes Scandinavian style

Walls with Textural Charm

Many of us tend to falsely believe that introducing elements that add textural contrast to a small living area will give it a cluttered look. Brick walls have bounced back up the trends chart in the last few years and they are a great way to bring in that ‘something different’ into the tiny living room without altering the visually drastically. Wood and white is another look that looks great in the small living space and allows it to blend in with the kitchen and dining area next to it with ease. Make sure that you introduce elements that give character to you home and do not stick to a decorating theme that is just too sterile.

Fun New York apartment living room with brick wallIndustrial chic 47-square-meter apartment in Moscow with concrete wallsLovely urban apartment in Warsaw with brick wall for the living spaceMinimal renovated Barcelona loft with a living space that is uncluttered and brightPolished interior makeover for the small Barcelona apartmentTiny industrial loft style living room with brick wall section and ergonomic decorUltra-tiny apartment Kiev with a bold blue couch in the living and smart room divider20-square meter small apartment in Russia draped in whiteColorful modular sofa for the tiny living roomErgonomic and appealing small apartment living room with ample shelf space

Décor and Spatial Choices

Modern, Scandinavian and minimal are not the only choices in the small living room. Styles like eclectic, traditional, coastal and rustic are also easy to pull off if you get things right. Make sure that all the décor in the room has a common element which links it; be it metallic accents, color, style or just overall visual appeal and finish. It is in these already limited spaces that multi-functional décor comes in handy. Half-shelves that delineate space between the living room and dining area, wooden partitions that add sculptural charm and drapes that give you a flexible alternative – make sure your décor does not hinder the flow of light.

Custom decor for the small living roomCustom plywood partition delineates living room from the dining area in this small apartmentDashing contemporary living room of Humaita Apartment in Porto AlegreExquisite and eclectic living room of Paris apartment with gold accentsGold adds brightness to the tiny New York apartment living roomGray living room of uber-small 34-square-meter apartmentPops of pink and blue for the living room with modern industrial homeTiny apartment living room with budget friendly IKEA finds and smart storageBeach style living room with decor that is filled with natural elegance [From: BMC Windows & Doors]Beautiful black and white living room with yellow accents

White, Light and Plenty Bright!

We did talk about how Scandinavian style was a great choice for those looking to give the tiny living room a revamp and the two main reasons for this are undoubtedly color and light choices it forces upon you. The easiest way to create a visually more spacious living room is by bringing in natural light. Yes, you can add recessed lighting and accent lights as well. But absolutely nothing works as well as natural light in here Even if you have just one tiny window in the living room, make sure it floods the room with ample light. A light backdrop in white or light gray along with a few smartly places floor mirrors will make this task a lot easier for you.

Modest living room of revamped Barcelona apartment filled with classic decor piecesMulti-tasking living room of historic Tel Aviv apartment with stone wall sectionsOpen plan living space give the small apartments a bigger visual appealShabby chic living space of tiny apartment with pops of pinkUber-small living space in white for the small Scandinavian apartmentVancouver contemporary apartment with an open plan livingAll white living room of apartment is both elegant and simpleBalcony brings light into small apartment in Les Corts, BarcelonaBookshelf and gallery wall for the small Scandinavian style living room [From: Stage It Up]Bright blue couch for the small modern eclectic living room

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On the hunt for some inspiring apartment living room ideas? Well, we have you covered, no matter what size you are dealing with, or awkward layout, or what your budget might be, hey, even if you rent, you are sure to find a ton of looks you can copy right here.  

Apartment living rooms tend not to be stand-alone spaces and often they have to double up as other rooms too – a dining room, a home office, a second bedroom when needs must. We work those spaces hard.

So before all else they need to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look stylish too. We’ve rounded up all our favorite on-trend living room ideas to prove just what can be done with an apartment living space so you can be inspired to give yours a refresh…

1. Zone your apartment living room with paint and pattern

Carpetright Dynasty Twist Plain Carpet in Light Pink and Lustrous Duck Egg Rug

(Image credit: Carpetright)

If your space is limited, a room divider idea might not be an option without crowding the living room even more. One clever space-saving hack is to use your color on your walls to segregate areas. 

My Bepoke Room ‘s Head of Interior Design, Lucy Henderson and Lick ‘s Lead Color Specialist, Tash Bradley explain, ‘A lick of paint can make all the difference. There are multiple different approaches you can take when designing a studio apartment. We recommend zoning your room with different patterns, prints and colors.’

‘Painting the walls and furniture isn’t the only way to zone your space. You can also select rugs to section parts off as well as using different lighting intensities in each section depending on its purpose. For example, bright lighting will be needed in the kitchen but the living room can have a more cozy and ambient lighting scheme.’

(Image credit: Lick )

2. Add a patterned carpet or rug

(Image credit: Brintons)

Jodie Hatton, Design Manager at Brintons explains, ‘Similar to how dark walls can transform a small room or a patterned wallpaper can bring interest to an otherwise dull space, a patterned carpet is an inspired way to make a feature in an apartment adding interest and character. However it is important to choose the right patterned carpet depending on the size of the room.

‘Rugs create a feeling of warmth, depth and textural emphasis when laid over carpeting, wooden floorboards, or ceramic floor tiles. It’s an opportunity to introduce a bold color or pattern to your space. The unexpected shape of the rug will give an artistic aesthetic to the room.’

3. Choose multi purpose furniture

(Image credit: Dreams)

You can’t go wrong with multi purpose furniture. The most obvious is to invest in the best sofa bed you can buy that’ll be a statement piece in your living room and convert to a comfy bed for guests to come to stay. Another living room storage idea would be multi tasking built in storage. 

‘Built-in storage is always a massive help but it either comes with the apartment or you have to spend a fair amount of money building it. However, you can solve this by purchasing multi-purpose furniture,’ explains Bradley.

4. Think about your apartment living room layout

(Image credit: Ikea)

When it comes to configuring the layout of an apartment living room it can be a bit of a tricky task, especially if you are working with an open-plan space or a room that has to double up as something else. But there are plenty of living room layout ideas to make the most of your space that are way more interesting than just pushing everything up against walls.

We would actually start by drawing up a plan of your space and then deciding on what furniture you can actually fit in the space, then start planning its location. Remember it’s okay to float your furniture, it can actually make the space feel bigger than if you just go for the layout that shows the most floor.  

5. Make your room multi-purpose

(Image credit: Ikea/Lisa Cohen)

Often in an apartment, you have no choice but to make your living room multipurpose, but embrace that, and rather than see it as you have a one-room apartment see it as an open-plan space.

Carve out space to create a little dining area that can double up as a workspace too. If you have the room add in screens in the form of curtains or furniture to make the living space feel like it’s made up of different zones. 


Separate your space with a sectional

(Image credit: Ikea)

In an open-plan apartment or a studio, it can be tricky to decide on the best sofa. You don’t want it to look like it’s just floating in the middle of the room. Opting for a larger sectional sofa (even if your space isn’t massive) can solve that problem, acting as both a sofa and a ‘wall’ between your living room and the rest of the space. We love that this one is double-sided, adding a sofa to both the living room and the dining room.

P.S. even if your space isn’t as big as this living room, don’t be afraid of choosing a large corner sofa. Let it hug the walls of your room and create a cozy, inviting ambiance, plus plenty of seating.

7. Opt for wall storage to save on space

(Image credit: String Furniture)

When your floor space is at a premium but you need to add storage to your apartment living room, open shelving is the way to go.

‘We suggest you use all the available space you have, including your walls. You can use shelves, but also use your walls to store your dining chairs for easy access and to not clutter your floor space,’ explain Henderson and Bradley. 

Peter Erlandsson, Co-Owner of String Furniture agrees, ‘In a small room, it’s great to be able to change the design once in a while. Sleek wall shelving provides you with plenty of flexibility both practically and aesthetically, meaning you can achieve a completely new look whenever you like. There is an age old doctrine of using light colors on walls to make your home look bigger. This is true, and your shelves need not detract from this.’ You can invest in this String System in ash at Utility Design . 

Opt for something slimline in the same color as the wall it’s going to sit on, so you can maximize the storage space and so your shelving idea doesn’t dominate the room too much.

8. Embrace an all white color scheme

(Image credit: Benjamin Edwards/Ikea)

If you are renting, chances are you have inherited a sea of white walls, so why not embrace them and go for an all-white living room idea. Even if you aren’t at the mercy of a landlord’s tastes, white is a classic that creates a very serene, calming vibe, plus it’s really versatile so you switch up your decor as your styles change without having to paint all your walls.

Pair your white walls with a sofa in a similar hue, and pile up the white pillows and blanks too. Choose white window treatments too to maximize the natural light in your apartment. Add a touch of contrast in the form of prints and houseplants. 

9. Mix and match style for an eclectic vibe

(Image credit: Iben and Niels Ahlberg/

We love the whole vibe of this Copenhagen apartment. By mixing so many different styles and textures this room is so unique and full of personality. Recreate that in your living room by picking out furniture that means something to you (even if you think it won’t go, that’s part of the look). 

Start collecting objects and decor that feel personal to your style and layer them up with new pieces to create a very eclectic cozy space, that still has a stylish, contemporary feel.  

10. Or keep things simple and linear

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

Or if you like a more contemporary look and like for your room to have some structure, pick furniture and decor that have a linear look to them. 

And by that, we mean clear lines, so a modern coffee table with a metal frame, a straight-backed sofa with square arms, even simple prints in black frames will add to the very clean vibe. You can add in some softness with cushions, rugs and blankets in you still want the soft to have a comfy feel.

(Image credit: Fiona Murray)

If your living room is in an open plan apartment, a rug is a super easy way to create a ‘zone’. See your living room rug idea almost as like walls of which you can arrange your living room furniture around to create a space that feels slightly separate from the rest of the room. 

Pick a large, plain-ish, short pile rug to act as an anchor, and then you could always layer up a smaller rug in a more intricate pattern on top to be a focal point in the space.  

12. Don’t underestimate a strategically placed mirror

(Image credit: Veronica Sheaffer)

It’s interior design 101, mirrors make spaces feel bigger. A strategically placed mirror can make the smallest of apartments feel larger and lighter. Go for a simple mirror, nothing too heavy or ornate and go as big as you think your place can handle.

‘It’s incredible what you can do in your studio apartment to make it look like you have more space than you do. Mirrors, glass or tiles reflect not only the space you already have but also the light, which makes all the difference,’ explain Henderson and Bradley.

‘The more natural light you have, the more spacious and soothing your space will feel. Try to keep from blocking this precious light with bulky furniture. Opt for pieces with a slim profile and with legs rather than bulkier options to cover as little floor space as possible.’ 

Rather than put it high on the wall, behind your furniture, try hanging it just off the floor like in the room above or even get a leaning mirror you can prop against the wall (a great solution if you are renting) and you’ll see how it instantly makes the floor space feel much bigger.

13. Add life with plenty of house plants

(Image credit: Ikea)

We’ve mentioned the room-changing abilities of the best indoor plants many times, and there’s no denying that they can add so much… life to a space. In an apartment living room where floor space might be tight opt for a shelving unit you can display your plants on but will also work as some handy extra storage too. 

14. Pile up the textiles and textures to create a cozy feel

(Image credit: Ikea)

Sometimes the best thing for a cramped apartment living room is to embrace those small dimensions. Turn a small sad room into a rustic, boho, bang-on-trend dream space just by filling it with plenty of different textiles and textures. 

Pile up the throw pillows and blankets on the sofa, cover the walls with prints and memorabilia, stack up your books and fill every surface with decoration. Stop it looking too crazy by keeping the walls white so you have that neutral backdrop, and pick a simple color palette for your decor too.  

15. Use your book collections to add color

(Image credit: Ikea)

And if you do want to go adding in some bolder colors, use books. Book storage ideas are great options if you are renting too and can’t go nailing stuff to the wall or painting a bright mural. If you’ve got books, you’ve got decoration. 

Dedicate an empty wall to creating your library and use some simple shelves to display your collection. Mix in some storage too with baskets and add extra interest with prints and houseplants.

How can I decorate my apartment living room on a budget?

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

The best way to decorate an apartment living room on a budget is to shop second-hand. Not only is this going to save you money it’s going to add a ton of personality to your space that you won’t get if you just fill it with a load of cheap flat-pack furniture. 

Also, get DIYing, a lick of paint can make all the difference to a space, or pull up carpets (if allowed) and see if you have anything beautiful underneath, make your own throw pillow out of vintage fabrics. Just think; can I make that/restyle my current space to get that look, before you go spending any money.

What is the best layout for an apartment living room?

(Image credit: Argos)

The best layout for an apartment living room very much depends on the size and shape of your space and what you need to use it for. It is solely a lounge? Or does it have to become a dining room or a home office idea when you need it to? This will obviously dictate the layout, but the best place to start is by drawing up a plan of your living room and trying out different layouts.

Our top tip is to always give your living room furniture some room to breathe, don’t have every piece in your room stuck up against a wall. And be creative with your layout too, don’t just pick a focal point and angle everything towards that.

Hebe joined the Real Homes team in early 2018 as Staff Writer before moving to the Livingetc team in 2021 where she took on a role as Digital Editor. She loves boho and 70’s style and is a big fan of Instagram as a source of interiors inspiration. When she isn’t writing about interiors, she is renovating her own spaces – be it wallpapering a hallway, painting kitchen cupboards or converting a van.

Small Living Room Ideas to Maximize your Space – Mirabello Interiors

Small Living Room Ideas to Maximize your Space

Size is not measured in square feet; hence the best living room designs are those that balance the use of limited space, smart storage, and functional furniture.

It’s only natural to want your home to look and feel it’s absolute best — and there’s something incredibly thrilling about size-challenged decorating that really forces you to get creative.

But in such modest proportions, designing a tiny living room can be a minefield. You’ll obviously make tons of mistakes along the way — but when decorated well using a few simple tricks, small living rooms can look seriously stylish.

So, we’ve rounded up some of our go-to upgrades, alongside inspirational interior images, to help you decide the best ways to expand your square footage without any demolition; and make your space feel large enough to serve all your entertaining and lounging dreams.

Add an illusion of space with mirrors

Tiny, often-overlooked spaces present countless creative opportunities to take advantage of. And the best way to get started is to use decorative mirrors to create an illusion of more space.

Mirrors make a boxed-in room feel open and airy, especially when placed strategically. For dramatic impact, opt for multiple mirrors to reflect any and all light available in the living room.

If you place a large or multiple pieces on the adjacent wall to your biggest window, all the better — the mirror will reflect the most light and add depth all at once.

However, if you have a tiny living room that’s short on windows, try placing a tall mirror behind furniture to create the visual impression of another room opening up beyond.

Play up the light with light-weight curtains

Curtains have the power to completely transform a room; they bring in color, pattern and a feeling of comfort to an interior space.

When in pursuit of the perfect curtain for a small living room, think about function before style.

If yours are bulky and in darker shades, why not swap them for the lightweight fabric to allow more light into space. Opt for white or pale colors to let in tons of natural light and increase the brightness of a room.

Add extra seating with a window seat

One way to maximize the potential of a small space is to turn a window niche into a mini living area with a window seat.

When selecting the ideal seat, you may want to opt for slender, sleek furniture that takes up less visual space. These pieces of furniture help fool the eye into thinking space is less cluttered.

Topped with simple plump cushions, this becomes a beautiful retreat that makes it easy to read, converse, or sit and gaze at the landscape and sky.

Design to emphasize the vertical

In any interior space, there is both a vertical dimension and a horizontal one.

If your living room lacks in square footage and surface area but has a high ceiling, you can get a lot of mileage out of extra space by decorating it in a manner that draws the eye upwards.

Floor-to-ceiling drapes are a stylish way to take advantage of vertical space. This technique will not only accentuate tall windows but will add airiness and height to a compact living room.

Similarly, eclectic wallpaper or a menagerie of small to midsize artwork also emphasizes the vertical dimension by inviting the eye to roam beyond the eye-level, making a confined space feel far larger and grander than it actually is.

Distract with statement pieces

Don’t let a living room that’s limited in size stop you from making a big décor statement.

Pick one or two well-curated items, such as an eye-catching artwork or a bold and hefty light fixture to create a dramatic design moment. Adding an attention-grabbing accent piece brings a fresh twist to a tiny space while creating contrast and intrigue.

Keep the rest of the room relatively clutter free to balance scale and draw attention away from the room’s size.

Opt for a large area rug

Looking for another trick to make a room feel bigger? Choose a rug large enough to visually set apart the floated sitting area from the room’s other functions.

A rug is both functional and stylish, but more importantly, it anchors a space and provides a stage for furnishings.

Unlike small rags, a large size gives a small space a sense of structure while also providing an illusion of additional length and width. Just make sure it’s big enough to accommodate all legs of furniture, so it doesn’t give the illusion of shrinking space.

Use neutral color throughout

To design a room that lacks in surface area, you need to pull out every trick in the book to give it an illusion of a bigger space.

Using a neutral color scheme is perhaps one of the best ways to push back the walls and make your room seem open and bright. What’s even more fantastic about neutral tones is that they are easy on the eye, and makes the room’s interior feel ultra-modern, sophisticated and expensive.

While white, beige and soft grey may seem like obvious choices, they aren’t the only options. Muted shades of blush pink, pale blue, dusky lilacs and a subtle green can evoke a fresh, warm and inviting ambiance, and won’t make the walls feel closed in.

Light bounces off these muted hues beautifully — and using a similar color on your ceiling can accentuate the sense of cozy and intimacy even further.

Opt for visually lightweight furniture

Light-colour furniture pieces that have a lightweight appearance keep things looking spacious.

When shopping for furniture for a small living room, ideally, you may want to pick out pale colors over darker once; and select leggy pieces, glass table tops and see-through furnishings that make a room seem less constrict.

Do scale down on furniture

Any furnishing that consumes very little visual space will make an area seem more open.

For instance, playing with proportion and scale, like a lower couch with thin arms and a tightly upholstered back, helps create a feeling of volume in the room.

In any case, low-profile, streamlined furniture, particularly sofas, won’t appear to overpower or dominate the space.

Alternatively, you make use two loveseats or ottomans in place of a traditional sofa and coffee table. The light-weight design and small scale work well in a compact apartment space — they are better for traffic flow and offer more arranging options to play with.

Keep the room feeling cozy

Turn a cramped living room with a few décors touches to make it into a cozy haven.

You can start off by adding a mural accent wall to give the space some much-needed dimension. Introduce a homely leather armchair or a natural flooring rug to take the chill off a compact nook — then layer in tactile cushions and a soft throw for a complete designer touch.

The idea is to lean towards a less-crowded and functional interior that still feels cozy and super welcoming.

Make furniture multi-functional

When you lack the luxury of space, hard-working, multi-functional furniture pieces are your best friends.

A pouf can easily turn into a coffee table; you still have a spot to place a book or remote, but also able to provide extra seating when you have guests over.

You can also invest in a sofa with storage under the seat, allowing you to clear away any clutter at a moment’s notice.

Most small apartment living room furniture proves that the right piece can be used in multiple ways and still look stunning, despite the shape and size of the room.

Float a selection of furniture

When floor space is at a premium, floating your furniture tricks the eye into thinking less space has been used up.

Think furniture pieces that don’t touch the floor or can be easily wall-mounted. For example, a hanging lucite chair makes an ideal apartment living room furniture — it’s see-through, eliminates the clutter of legs, creates an illusion of extra space and it’s super fun and funky.

A mounted sconce in replacement of a floor lamp; a mounted wall holder instead of a coat rack… the options are endless!

Display artwork strategically

The classic tip of decorating with art is still spot-on advice for small room decorating ideas. Bringing artwork up draws the eye upwards and sets the tone in a small space.

A gallery wall can make a smaller space stylishly inviting — and when it extends to the ceiling, the eye is instantly drawn to this standout feature, and gives it an illusion of visual height.

Keep your space alive

Nothing prettifies a small, sort of sad living space like decorating with greenery.

Blooming perennials and leafy beauties like fern and spider plants are perfect for blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Like wallpapers and decorative accents, plants can effortlessly at color, texture, and depth to a small living room.

Get creative with how you add them to your space — hang lush greenery as to not take up any precious floor space and allow them to fool the eye into thinking there is more to the room than there really is.

Layer your lighting

Why is layering light in interior design essentially?

Well… firstly, it helps create an atmosphere in a room. But, more importantly, putting together different lighting in a small living room create a particular mood and interest.

The way you layer and play with lighting can take a dull, confined space far from basic. Combining different types and keeping light sources at multiple levels — floor lamps, chandelier, and task lights — is the secret weapon for illuminating a tiny living room, making it feel bigger and more visually appealing.

Bring storage near the ceiling

Instead of dotting lots of different types of furniture pieces around a room, why not make use of vertical space by devoting the top of the living room wall to storage.

Cleaver living room storage can give a tiny space grand character and maximum function — floating shelves, ladder style shelving, and wall mounted magazine racks are some of the smart ways to incorporate plenty of storage and display opportunities with a minimal footprint.

Keep it simple but stylish

A small space obviously presents a few design challenges, and it’s easy for furniture to take over the personality of the room.

When you don’t have a ton of room to play with, you may want to keep things simple… but simply doesn’t mean boring. Since this is the spot where we spend most of our time, it’s important to imbue the room with décor elements that reflect your personality and taste.

Start off by mixing vibrant colors, varying textures, and patterns to keep things fresh and lively; and infuse a few neutral elements to keep the scheme of things from feeling overdone.

A mix of metallic finishes, sentimental knickknack or personal artwork injects a sophisticated flair into a small space.

80+ Small Living Room Ideas

Are you looking for small living room ideas to maximize your space at home? Look no further because we got you covered!

The living room is one place in the house that best showcases our sense of style for everyone to see.

We accept guests in this room and there and then, these people get to know us. Simply by looking around this space, they see how much style we have in ourselves.

Living rooms need not be extravagant or huge. As long as it is able to portray who we really are and what we truly love, it is but enough. Not to mention it being a space that gives us comfort and a sense of home.

Now we know that having small living room spaces can be challenging. Especially in terms of fitting in furniture that we want inside and arranging them comfortably.

Our small living room ideas here hopes to help home-owners out there properly manage their small living room spaces.

How To Make Small Living Room Look Bigger

Oftentimes, you tend to underestimate the aptitude of the space that your living room has (also for other rooms inside your house). It happens when you are hemmed-in by insufficient expanse.

Because of this, it gives you an unenthusiastic feeling to beautify your space thinking that putting up embellishment might overcrowd the area.

Actually, decorating a small space living room is just the same what you do with medium or large living rooms. The tricky and challenging part is how to maintain the availability of the space despite of the numerous decorative things it have.

You might be asking yourself over and over again “Why does it still look crammed? I have done everything.”

Maybe you are doing these common errors in decorating a small living room:

1. Very complex layout. The functionality of your space greatly depends on how you have planned your layout. Others would just simply live with the fact of having a complicated home arrangement.

Small space living rooms must be free from any barrier. It must be free flowing, be very inviting since we know that it is one of the most used space inside our homes.

2. Dark/ Gloomy Ambiance. A dark or gloomy ambiance can be a perfect dramatic effect for large sized rooms. But for small spaced rooms it has different effect.

You must realize that dwelling inside a dark, pale room can make it even look smaller. But it’s not that hard to overcome a gloomy ambiance for a more invigorating and larger space to live.

3. Massive/ Bulky Furniture. Having a small space area can be very tricky. So you must be wise in choosing the right size of your furniture.

We are not saying that you cannot use bulky sizes of furniture at all. But it would be best when you keep a balanced look for your room.

The main goal for small spaced rooms is to have an airy space. This would not be possible when you opt to use larger size of furniture all over the area.

4. Too many useless things. We have this attitude that we tend to collect and collect some stuffs that are not that useful inside our rooms.

They may be a good piece of decor but sometimes can just overcrowd the area. We must state in mind that having a small spaced area is already a big challenge to live.

It would be much harder when you keep on adding things that has no use. It can only occupy a lot of space keeping the area crammed full.

Most of us probably spend most of our time in our living room. Therefore, it needs to have a good and well-balanced layout.

This would only happen when you get rid of doing those mistakes we have mentioned to you earlier. In turn, learn to apply the correct living room arrangement guidelines to successfully harmonise your small living room furniture and decors.

Below are some of our ways to improve a small living room and eventually make the small living room look bigger:

Manage the layout.

Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

Most apartments and condo units really have small spaces for living room for the reason that it only occupies a part of a building.

So in this case, leasers and tenants have only limited privileges in their area. They are not permitted to customize the size, however; most are allowed to customize the interior of the rented apartment according to the occupants preference.

The layout must possess a welcoming ambiance not an isolated one. Given with a small space, you can develop the size of your living room by setting it up in an elongated way.

If possible don’t block any open space that will serve as an entryway to your living room. This way you can have a flawless connection with your other rooms.

Lighten-up the flooring.

Arkee Creative

A living room usually has 5-6 walls and that includes the flooring. So if you think flooring would not bring any difference on the overall appearance, you’re absolutely wrong!

A brighter material for the flooring such as light oak or vinyl tile is a preference.
You may also use rugs and carpet with cool colors to fully illuminate the flooring.

Patterned and printed rugs are examples of must used designs which makes your space look daring and bold.

Allow more height to the ceiling.

Greg Natale

In constructing your homes it is more favorable when you make your ceilings as high as possible. This allows more natural light to be inside your room which will open up your space.

But if in any case you have already been dealing with small spaces, the only solution is same as what you did for the flooring.

Painting the ceiling with bright color make the eyes draw upward which makes it appears higher or taller. Or you can even put some striking art or wallpaper that can pull attention away from the corners of the room.

Take note of the color scheme.

Foley & Cox

Color is one great factor that everyone should watch out. It has a great effect on your interior; it can either make the area look bigger or much smaller.

Bright and warm color must only be the choice. Examples of these are white, cream, or beige. These colors give an illusion of a larger room.

Make sure that your color scheme should be monochromatic.

What does it mean?

Apply one color for the wall, furniture, other accessories and fabrics. But if you wanted to have contrast, you can use different shades but of the same color only. Just like using different shades of yellow unto your drapes, throw pillow and other accessories.

Harmonize the patterns.

SchappacherWhite Architecture

To have unison in your decor avoid too many choices of prints. And also, stay away from many bold prints.

But if you really wanted to have it, one or two throw pillow or rugs with large geometric daring prints will do no harm.

In choosing wallpaper, it is much better to choose small prints with pastel colors or any vibrant shades. It is also effective to incorporate stripes into your decor. Horizontal stripes will visually widen a room while vertical stripes will make a low ceiling appear taller.

Take advantage of windows.

Kathleen Glossa Interior

Natural light is an unswerving source as space widener.

If luckily you are blessed with bigger windows take advantage of the natural light it has to offer. Leave it uncovered.

By doing so, you will open up your space and lighten up the area naturally. An airy and well-lighted room gives depth to it.

If you don’t want to have bare windows, find out what is the best window treatment you can use. You can have window treatments like blinds, curtains or drapes.

When adding drapes, choose the sheer style and make sure that the color of it unifies with the color of the wall. A drape printed with vertical stripes is a powerful trick for small room.

Brighten the room with lighting fixtures.

CWB Architects

There are varieties of lighting fixtures that you can use. But not all of it can be an ideal lighting for small rooms.

You must always identify the proper living room lighting ideas to have an effective design.

Small rooms have a propensity to be crooked and congested most especially when it’s dim. Installing proper lighting can make it appear bigger and brighter.

Using table lamps is fine but it must be with bigger shades. The perfect choices must be pendant light, floor lamp and recessed lighting. Adding lighting to the floor can also be a good plan.

Balance the furniture.

Claudia Stephenson

If you have small space, it does not automatically mean that you need only small sized furniture. And it doesn’t also mean that you cannot add beauty and convenience into your space.

Of course you can, given with some considerations and limitations. Through these considerations you’ll increase floor space and maintain a welcoming ambiance. Here are some points that you should take note:

  • Try to utilize a lighter and smaller type of furniture. If you don’t want to give up your bulky sofa, okay then limit the use of side tables or accent tables. And as much as possible get rid of upholstered sofas that can visually eat up the size of your room.
  • Choose sofa or chairs that have lightweight materials. Also, it would be much better to have furniture with exposed or raised legs and armless which creates a sense of openness. Integrating buoyant components into your design can open up things that allow your eyes to travel all throughout the space.
  • It is a wiser move when you practice yourself to invest on multi-functional furniture. Just like having ottomans that can already serve as a chair or coffee table. There are also coffee tables and chairs that serve as a storage for things at the same time.
  • Look for furniture that can just be easily stowed away when it’s not in use. Furniture that can be folded, piled, or swing away is the perfect choice for small space.

Take note of the furniture arrangement.

Claire Stevens Interior Design

Arranging your furniture in a proper way can improve the flow of connections between your spaces.

It is very much important to plan ahead on the sizes that will best go well with your space. It is not ideal to insist or to press in large furniture that doesn’t really fit in.

In arranging your furniture you must take note with the “3 foot rule”.

In order to have a comfortable walking space you must set a 3 foot distance in between furniture. This is very useful especially for furniture with drawers and doors.

Additionally, furniture like sofa and chairs should not be placed against the wall. Give it distance of at least 12” far from the wall.

And if you have curved corners it is better to fill-in those spaces to highlight the extent of the space making it look spacious.

Utilize hanging shelves and storage.

Tim Cuppett

Never underestimate the convenience that your small space has to offer. There are certain unused vertical spaces wherein you can take advantage by adding shelves and storage cabinets.

Don’t be afraid to mount in these shelves as high as possible. But don’t fill every exposed shelf; leave some space empty giving a fantasy that it has a lot of space to offer.

If you have collection of books, however, it would be much better to set up a bookshelf. Consider fixing a bookshelf from floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall that can expand the size of your space and it can also be a good means of storing things.

Use larger accessories.

LLI Design

A home expert once said “Decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe can crowd a room”.

With this statement it is clearly enough to think that larger accessories are more advisable. But of course there is always a limit.

Too many large accessories can turn your space into a junk. Incorporate only limited number of large vase or jars.

Get rid of decors and accessories that clearly have nothing to do in that space.

Find the focal point.

Touch Interiors

In some other case, in order to limit the need for an accessory you must create a focal point.

To avoid an overpowering look you must think of a feature that can draw interest or can be an eye-catching. Big pieces of wall art, paintings or picture frames can add a drama and make the room seem bigger.

Magnify space using reflected materials.

Chango & Co.

How to make your room look two times its size?

Well, simply by adding reflective materials such as mirrors or glass (may it be on tabletops or cabinet doors) and metallic materials.

Mirrors and glass intensifies and emits light much stronger creating a bright interior thus appears to be outsized. It must be placed after a source light, or can be next to or transverse to a window to surely reflect outdoor.

A gleaming lamp or light fixture has also similar effect to mirrors.

De-clutter persistently.

Arent and Pyke

No room in your house would look presentable if it is filled with clutter; even larger size of living room.

Small spaced rooms are easily predisposed by too much things. We are not depriving you of having things that you want but just make sure that it will serve a purpose. Or just at least provide an enough storage space to hide your rarely used things.

By this you keep your things organized and at the same time you give your room a neat and tidy look.

How to Arrange Small Living Rooms

Once you’ve tackled the points and making a small living room bigger, it is now time to arrange all your furnitures and accessories.

In general, when arranging small spaces, we first arrange the largest and most essential piece. In most cases, this would refer to the sofa.

Once we have identified that, we can easily arrange the rest of the smaller pieces around it to make the space look bigger.

There are several ways to effectively manage your home space. Below are some small living room layout ideas:

Seating units facing a focal point.

On our ways to make small living room look bigger, we have mentioned about using focal points.

One of the things to effectively use this type of technique is by making sure that all seating units (chairs, cushions and sofas) are facing it.

A focal point can be anything: a large bright painting, a fireplace, a bookcase or even a television.

Emphasize the conversation area.

Another tip on how to arrange small living room furniture is by grouping sofas and chairs together. This will not only allow people to walk around and to make interaction and conversations easier.

Visually balance the furniture.

By this layout, we are referring to making sure that the all things inside the room are evenly spaced out.

This means putting furnitures and others appliances on all corners of the living room.

Establish boundaries.

For most small living spaces, establishing boundaries can be tricky and may sound unnecessary for some.

But, we have found out that establishing boundaries helps people manage their space. Most especially those with kids as it makes them understand where limitations of movement end and where it begins.

For small living space, use simple partitions to delineate area, like a coffee table or a sofa.

Be mindful of the people traffic.

Who says traffic can only be found outside the home?

Well, by traffic we mean the movement of people inside the house. When arranging furniture, make sure that the space is enough to allow people to move around freely.

Before finally deciding on the small living room layout, it is important to assess repeatedly if the room arrangement works the best for you.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Having the appropriate small living room decorating ideas is important particularly for home owners who are struggling with small living spaces. It is crucial to know when to properly use small living room decors to compliment the given space.

We, as homeowners are all concerned as to how we can decorate our small living rooms. Making it more prettier or more conducive not only for us, but for the people in the house.

Unlike other rooms in the house, we have to make sure that everyone who lives with us is considered. After all, most of us live with somebody at a certain point.

A bedroom can be decorated the way how the user wants it to be. But with the living room, we consider more people to feel comfortable.

Below are some small living room decorating ideas that you can also apply to your own small spaces at home!

Austin Living Room

Heather Scott

This living room looks spacious with the small living room decors that were used in this space. The frames by the mirror and the long drapes gives the room a feel of high ceilings.

California Residence

The warm lighting for this small living room is an example of using the right lighting fixtures. It also made the room more cozy and great to hang out in. The colors of the walls complement well with the furniture in the room!

Condo Living Area


This room may be small, but with the right decoration, this room makes large living rooms out of place! The bust statues adds a rather classy look to the living room.

Condo Living Room

Gryffindor Prince

This condo looks all-modern with the appliances and lighting it has. The harmony of the colours white and greys makes it appear bigger.

Eclectic Living Room

Casey Noble

The use of prints and patterns on this room makes it appear spacious than it really is.

This eclectic space looks incredibly stunning, thanks to the striped drapes and fabulously printed area carpet. Not to mention, the center table and accent chair adds a nice fine touch to the arrangement.

Traditional Blue and Brown Sitting Room

Judi Ackerman

This lovely traditional living room sets the mood for things close to vintage. The chairs, the tables and the decors make this room one happy place to live in.

Truly, this type of small living room decor adds a nice classy touch.

Mixed Traditional and Contemporary Living Area


The room has effectively used the red painting the focal point of the entire interior. It makes the room appear bigger than it really is.

The stunning painting which evidently brightens up almost monochromatic room! Only the reds in this room seem to bring all the things together!

Living Blue


This living room looks a little bit masculine with the colors used. By adding the printed pillows and scarf plus an interesting center table makes the look complete.

Living Room W Chaise

Fini Home Design & Staging

Using a chaise paired to your sofa can look as charming as this. This is pretty as it already is because of the cute empty frames in the wall and a printed area carpet.

Additionally, the empty wall frames add to the illusion of having more space in the area.

Traditional Modern Combo

Dawna Jones Design

Don’t you like the boat-like inspired touch this living room has? This room got tons of interesting decors that not all homes consider of getting.

The patterns and the large accessories in this small space has made it appear bigger and spacious. Totally a breath of fresh air!

Contemporary Blue Room


Do you like the color of this room? The light coming from the windows creates an ambiance of comfort and modernism.

The room’s harmony of colours make it appear spacious too with the soft touch of light coming from the window.

Small Earth-Toned Residence

Zaunbrecher Design

Cute color combination of white, grey and apple greens. The harmony of colours make the room look bigger.

The center table looks customized and the paintings look great on the walls too.

Studio Living Space


The bright color of this living room is just vibrant and refreshing! The colors chosen sure lights up the room! The unique furniture with its open design adds an illusion of making the space looks bigger.

Urban Loft

Cortney and Robert Novogratz

This loft living space makes a regular living room look blank! We love how the wall was decorated with black and white photos matched with a great set of furniture and cute area carpet!

This is another good example of creating a focal point for your decor to make the room look bigger.

Vancouver Living Room

Fluff Designs and Decor

Contemporary living in a beautiful place makes life better! Just like this living room! This one sure it pretty and contemporary!

The use of larger furnitures and accessories plus harmonising the colours and using large and open windows make the room appear larger than it really is.

The above Small Living Room Decor Ideas are pretty stunning and astounding examples of living spaces that gives us ideas of how we can make these areas more spacious, pretty, and a whole better place to live in!

Small Living Room Designs

Today we will be showing several examples of the best small living room designs that we were able to look up for you. The collection showcases small living room designs that shows the best of the owner and the home itself.

These spaces that we have for you today are but examples of how one can really express and showcase much of their sense of style even when space is limited.

The design ranges from black and white rooms, colourful ones, sort of chic, traditional and contemporary.

This list will surely impress you and pretty much will inspire you – that despite the space available in a home, if we choose to – we will be able to create a lovely living room. Take a look at the photos in store for you!

Modern Design

If you are into modern designs, our samples of modern small living room designs will give you the design inspiration that you’ll need.

Union Bay Residence

The designer has used large furnitures in the Union Bay Residence living space to make it look bigger. Its rug also serves as a boundary to the living room from the dining area.

Wooden Lone Madrone Retreat

The living room at the Wooden Lone Madrone Retreat features a fireplace with a firewood storage space just under it is flanked by built-in shelving and storage.

This design has made use of large window to make it bigger and have limited the furniture in the room.

Cloy Residence

The white living room sofa at the Cloy Residence with black and white throw pillows is easy to the eyes. It is combined with wooden table and open window for light to come in.

The black fireplace is a good contrast to the living area too and serves as a great focal point to the room.

Relmar House

The open wall in this small space at the Relmar House adds an airy and comfortable feel to the interior. Its beautifully designed cabinets are also great space-savers to allow more floor space.

Hintonburg Six

The rather clean and minimal look of the living room in the Hintonburg Six is brightened by the colourful painting at the large white-painted wall. This colourful artwork helps make the room look bigger.

B95 Residence

The room’s 10-foot high ceiling at the B95 Residence rather adds a larger look to the living space. Furnitures have also been limited to the soft and squishy sofa and table.

Bowler House

Bowler House’s living room space is small, yet its open walls help make it look bigger and spacious.

Contemporary Design

Another design type that you can use for your small living spaces are contemporary designs.

Here are some pretty great examples of what you can do with your living rooms:

Yaraville House

This small and sunken living room at the Yaraville House is made to look bigger with its pen window and minimal furniture.

The combination of brown and grey to the white walls adds a comfortable ambiance to the room.

1940’s Cottage

This 1940’s Cottage living room is a fine example of a renovation made right.

The walls have been utilised with a wall niche and a large bright paint added color to the room. Its open window added a nice and comfortable touch to the room, making it look bigger.

2H House of Vietnam

The minimal and homey furnitures at the living room of the 2H House of Vietnam makes the room more spacious than it really is.

It’s earth tones are rather charming and makes it a good place to stay in and get comfy.

Villa Rocha

Villa Rocha’s living room pretty cozy with its leather sofa and brown hues.

The soft rug at the centre also adds a wider look to the room.

One 27 Grovedale

One 27 Grovedale’s makes use of fun and colour patterns to make their living room bigger. Plus of course the open wall or window at the side.

Minimalist Design

If you are into minimalism, this following collection of minimalist designs for small living room will give you ideas for your interior.

N° 1864 Greenwich

N° 1864 Greenwich’s living room is a fin example of a harmonious living space with its white themed living space.

The rooms’ open windows and fireplace makes the space look bigger and more roomy.

Kent Road Home

Kent Road Home’s living room is rather minimalist in design and looks very clean with its white interior.

The living room is located at the corner most portion of the house with access to the door and window. This allows natural light to come in and make the space look bigger.

Prince Philip Residence

The living room at the Prince Philip Residence may be small in space but the large and open windows make it appear bigger and airy.

Its black and grey furnitures add a classy and charming look to the space.

Summerhouse Lagno

Summerhouse Lagno’s high ceiling and open glass walls make the room far more spacious than it really is.

The interior seem to sport that Scandinavian look with its choice of colors, furniture and decors.

Komai Residence

This living room at the Komai Residence is actually small but the high ceiling and open walls give it a nice airy feel to it.

J House

J House in Taiwan boasts of a simple and unique living room with its minimal furniture consisting for a sofa, a lamp and two tables only.

The room is made to look bigger with its large window covered in blinds.

Industrial Design

If Industrial Designs are your thing then this next collection is for you.
Easily combine this type of living room design to your home!

Broadgates Road Residence

Huge glass walls at the Broadgates Road Residence makes its living room look bigger. The pattens on bot the throw pillows and rug adds a fun look to the room.

Winona House

The living room at the Winona House has used wall niche to add more storage space.

We love the combination of black and white to this bright but small space.

Modern Bachelor’s Pad

The small living room space at this Modern Bachelor’s Pad is made to look bigger using a grey coloured rag and a dark and eye-catching wall paint.

Despite the close proximity of the fining area, the living room doesn’t look cramped at all.

Main Street House

Main Street House’s living room looks rather stylish with its Persian rug and wooden accents.

The glass door and the open window at the side gives the impression of a wider and bigger room.

La Jolla Residence

Accentuated by black furniture, the La Jolla Residence’s living room looks classy and comfortable with its soft sofa. The lovely wall painting adds a nice touch to the room.

Its glass walls also makes the room a lot more bigger than it really is.

Traditional Design

Going for the traditional design for your living room? Here’s a collection that inspires that:

Wood and Stone House

This living room at the Wood and Stone House looks very spacious with its open glass walls and views of the ocean. Its wicker room furniture also added a nice charming touch to the room.

Jones House

The living room at the Jones House is arranged in a way that emphasises the conversation area. The comfortable chairs are all grouped together facing a wall fireplace.


Bromptons’ living room is rather classy and elegant with its gold framed mirror and gold-framed paintings too.

Tyrol Hills Home

The high ceiling at theTyrol Hills proves to be a nice touch to the small room space of the house.

The stripe patterns of the rug and the table makes the room look more longer. Not to mention the open views to the outside from the glass walls.

Burlingame Residence

Burlingame Residence’s grey walls are accentuated by the soft glow of the lamps at the side of the sofa.

Its glass walls and glass door also adds a wider ambiance to the small space.

Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-century modern designs are also great choice for small living room designs. Here are some fine examples:

St. Sauveur Residence

This living room at the St. Sauveur Residence looks spacious with its floor-to-ceiling windows and wall fireplace. The homey colours of brown makes the room pretty cozy.

Las Canoas Home

The large open walls and window at the Las Canoas Home rather adds a spacious feel to the small room.

We rather love the soft and plush sofa as it makes the room more comfortable and is accentuated with the homey colors.

Amalfi Residence

This small space at the Amalfi Residence does not feel cramped at all with its floor-to-ceiling window. The dark colour of the walls is equally balance by the white sofas, and tables.

Vance Lane Residence

This living room from the Vance Lane Residence is rather charming with its mid-century chairs and lovely rug pattern. The glass doors also adds more visual space to the entire room.

Other Room Designs

Sometimes we need more ideas to help us get started with arranging our living rooms to our preferred style.

Below are other set of living room designs for small spaces:

64 Varsity Park


A corner living room is one perfect example of how space can really be small. The striped wall and area carpet completed the look for this one!

City Lights on Fig

Design West Inc.

Just a small black sofa, 2 small center tables, a lamp plus an accent chair – the main elements of a small living space!

Chic Space

Domicile Interior Design

A chic living room with a pretty wall painting. The room may be small but still at its prettiest with an ottoman that serves as the center table.

Contemporary Room in Raleigh

Heather Garrett Design

One contemporary living room design that best showcase modern furnishings go well with a classic sofa and simple chairs. The sofas are well-arranged for easy conversation.

A fireplace can do more than brighten up this room too.

Reflected Room


Having a small house doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice your living space. This place may be small, but the place to welcome guests sure is simple but comfy.

The space has also used mirrors to add a more elongated illusion of the area.

Decor By Jennifer Inc

Jennifer Brouwer Design

The simplicity of this room is seen through the color palette chosen. This space may be small, but placing more chairs mean more people to sit!

Plus the owner have used a large painting and an equally larger window to amplify the space.

Red and Warm Space


The interior uses dark red color to add warm to the room with open windows to balance it. The big television is used as the centre or focal point of the space.

Airy Condo


Condo living sometimes takes toll in the design process. Condo’s can sometimes be small and design is compromised, but looking at this well-arranged living space, who says it’s bad?

The owner or designer has taken advantage of the wide open windows that has replaced the walls.

Minimal Living Space


The space may look big but the living area was just a small part of it. The pretty chandelier made the room very special.

Plus the rug at the centre added a nice touch and helped make the space bigger together with the large windows.

NYC Fashion PR Firm

Nichole Loiacono Design

Living areas are not intended just for homes, this firm in NYC proved that minimal space can actually look this great!

The designer have beautifully balanced the pieces of furnitures to the corners and sides of the room.

Ralston Courtyard Apartment Model

Borden Interiors & Associates

Don’t you just love the flooring of this room? Bamboo never looked better! The red accents that was placed in the house sure made a whole lot of difference!

The harmony of colours also went well with the over-all impression of the room. It made it look bigger and more comfortable.

Working Living Space


This design is a living room and office merged into one. A small space should never be a hindrance in making sure that you need for your home is achieved thru good design planning.

The designer have used the earth-toned harmony of light colours to the room. It’s large window, soft white rug and the large paintings on the wall help make the room appear larger.

Minimal Simple Room


This simple space seems to remind us of living alone. One chair in front of the television – one clean, private cocoon.

The designer did not use any sofa and just limited the furniture to three (3). Its walls were maximised with colourful and classy painting.

Classy Small Apartment


Small apartments may be the cutest place to decorate. This place looks really modern with its color palette. Classy and sophisticated.

The designer have magnified the space using a mirror and the large open window.

Warm Homey Ambiance


This is an example of a regular home with at least four members of the family. An area where they can get together and chat!

The designer have used a focal point (the television on the wall) and the window at the side to make the space look bigger and less cramped.

Small Flat


In this picture, the living room is adjacent the bedroom. A simple white couch that allows the owner to watch television after a day’s work!

The designer have used glass walls to serve as a partition and used the soft grey to make the room feel less cramped.

Minimal Living Space


This room may seem minimal in its decors, it still is complete with what you will need in a living area – a couch and a TV!

The walls were also taken advantage of using hanging cabinets to maximize floor space.

Minimalist Room


Except maybe for the picture in the wall, this living room is cute! The details are simple, the place is clean with not much furnishings. Minimalist style.

The entry is also unblocked except for a small chair.

Gray Suite


This space is wonderfully designed with its sophisticated design! It is a small living room with a two-seater dining area.

The colors used are sure appealing considering it’s mostly black, white and gray.

The large window makes the room look longer and more spacious.

Veranda House Modern Living Room

Rachel Reider Interiors

Beautifully made interiors, right? The pendant light sure is pretty, but it is nothing compared to the stainless cover for the fireplace.

The lighting fixtures added a soft warm glow to the room and making it more cozy and less cramped.

When designing our small living spaces, it does not matter how big or small your living area is. What is important is that you are able to live comfortably and that you are able to express your inner designers in you!


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Small living rooms can often make us feel like it’s difficult to decorate giving it a high-end feel due to the lack of space and perhaps even limited natural lighting. We have come up with 5 easy ideas for any small space to give it a luxurious touch and maintain that elegant touch!


  1. Mirrors

One of the oldest tricks in the book for small rooms is to add mirrors. A well placed mirror amplifies light, expands walls and breaks up visual clutter in small spaces. Place a mirror behind a light source, across from a window or behind furniture in tight spaces to create the illusion that your small living room is bigger than it is. Of course the more of a statement mirror you have the more luxurious the space will look.

  1. Colour

Dark colours will make a small living room look smaller so try to stick to light palettes such as pale blues, grey, creams and whites.

  1. Screens

Adding in screens to a small living room divides up the room and even create space by amplifying. If a room divider doesn’t quite work in your space try a wall screen which can equally add luxury whilst being less imposing on the space.

  1. Lighting

Smaller rooms often suffer from low lighting due to little window access, in these cases adding in lighting is essential. To ensure the space has a luxury feel don’t overlook the importance of these lighting features to look premium. Brass lighting can not only enlighten the space but make it trendy and sophisticated.

  1. Add in an accent chair

People looking to design a tight space often overlook the opportunity to really personalise it and look at functionality over style when you can easily fit in both! An accent chair can bring personality and sophistication into your home. Try choosing a round one which often work well in small spaces and don’t be afraid to go with a vivid colour as it can help bring colour, shape and texture to the room which is much needed when trying to attain an elegant and luxurious design.


Which ideas are you going to integrate into your small luxurious living room? To see more tips, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest!

Small-Space Living Room Decorating Ideas

Caroline Biggs, Freelance Writer portrait

By Caroline Biggs Updated June 17, 2021

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benjamin moore metropolitan swatch in living room

Credit: Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

These expert tips can transform a tiny living room into a stylish but purposeful space.

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benjamin moore metropolitan swatch in living room

Credit: Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Deciding on the right décor for your small living room can be tricky. Along with the fact that you probably have little to no storage space, you’re often stuck with the troublesome task of figuring out which furnishings are truly necessary. “In small living rooms everything needs to be both beautiful and functional,” says Laura Hur of Lorla Studio. “[It needs to] serve a purpose while contributing to the overall aesthetic.”

Often times, this means picking out furniture pieces that not only support your lifestyle and are visually pleasing, but that can pull double duty, too. “Make as many items as possible serve a dual purpose,” says designer Crystal Sinclair. An office chair that doubles as extra seating, a desk that quickly transforms to a side table, or a decorative object that moonlights as a stool are just a few of the items she likes to incorporate into tight quarters.

Once you’ve got multifunctional furniture in the mix, the next step is to pick out décor that offers a little trompe l’oeil. “When selecting accent furnishings for a small living room go for options with materials that are visually light, and help to bounce light around (think: glass, mirrors, reflective surfaces),” Hur explains. “For instance, a glass coffee table can trick the eye into making it look like the table takes up less space than it actually does, while still providing plenty of surface area.”

Of course, you don’t want to go overboard with decorative accents in a small living room, or else you’ll run the risk of further cramping up the space. “The less clutter the better, particularly in a small living room,” Hur adds. Ready for more advice on how to turn even the smallest of living rooms into a savvy space? Read ahead for the tricks and tips designer love.



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Invest in Sconces

distressed leather armchair in neutral-colored living room

Credit: Seth Caplan courtesy of Lorla Studio

Although ambient lighting is essential to a well-designed living room, large table lamps are often a waste of precious space. “When space is tight, skip table lamps and instead opt for a wall sconce,” says Hur. “This is a chic way to free up table space while still ensuring your room is well lit.”

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Foldaway Furniture

DIY Pull Down Desk

Credit: Ngoc Minh Ngo

If you aren’t already hip to foldout furniture, now’s the time to smarten up. Whether it’s a wall-mounted dropleaf desk or a storage cabinet that opens to reveal a table or bed, foldaway furnishings are great for maximizing a small space, says Sinclair.


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Create a Gallery

living room with grey couch and pencil cactus

Credit: Sean Litchfield

According to our experts, a little wall paint can go a long way in opening up a cramped living area. “Paint the walls and ceilings of a small living room in a light, bright shade of paint,” says Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design. “If you have a crown or base, it should also be painted in the same shade for consistency.” By doing so, Magon says you create a canvas to display bold art which creates a focal point, and thus makes the space appear larger than it actually is.

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Make Sure to Measure Everything First

blue curtains lamp

Credit: Eric Piasecki/OTTO

What’s more unfortunate than a tight living room? A tight living room with furniture that doesn’t fit. “Always measure all your furniture pieces first to see and how they work together,” says Becky Shea of Becky Shea Design. “It’s important that nothing feels too big or too small. When you appoint pieces that are the right scale for the space, you can enhance the perception of how large the room actually is.”

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Go Dark

flower color palette

If you’re dreaming of a dark color palette for your living room but worried it will make the space seem smaller, our experts say to go for it! “Though it is counterintuitive, the easiest and fastest way to make small spaces feel larger is to go dark,” says LeeAnn Baker of LeeAnn Baker Interiors. “Not just on the walls, but on the trim, casework, and ceiling, too. We love to use this as a way to expand the planes of a room. Darker colors also evoke a sense of mood and drama that takes your focus off of the size of the room.”




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Forgo Side Tables

peel off wallpaper living room plush velvet sofa

Credit: Ryan Liebe

Like it or not, our experts say side tables aren’t doing you any favors in a small living room. “Side tables in a small room force you to opt for a shorter sofa than you actually want,” says Chris Stout-Hazard of Roger + Chris. “Instead, opt for a wider coffee table or multiple small tables that can be gathered and rearranged to serve the various seating in the room.”

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Float Your Furniture

neutral-colored living and dining room with greenery

Credit: Photo by Sean Litchfield courtesy of Becky Shea Design

Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you the same thing: Your furniture layout can make or break the efficiency of a small living room. “One mistake a lot of people make in small spaces is pushing furniture up against the walls,” says Jess Blumberg of Dale Blumberg Interiors. “If you float furniture away from walls, it will actually make the space look larger.

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Create a Focal Point

neutral-colored living room decorated with a bright painting and plants

Credit: Photo by Seth Caplan Courtesy of Lorla Studio

Never underestimate the impact of a well-placed focal point in a small living room. Not only can it help tie the other decorative elements together, it can distract attention from the lack of square footage in a space. “Make sure you have an anchor or focal point in your living room  to draw the eye to,” says Liz Caan of Liz Caan & Co. “Whether it’s a tall plant or a large piece of art, it creates scale in a small room while distracting from the actual size of the space.”




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Reconsider Your Coffee Table

gambrel-maidstone-0417-s112310. jpg

Credit: Eric Piasecki/OTTO

Sure, oversized coffee tables are great—if you’ve got an extra-large living room to use it in. “But when you aren’t working with a ton of space in a living room, forgo a traditional coffee table in favor of smaller tables or stools,” Hur says. “They provide tons of utility, and can be used as extra seating.”

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Lay a Large Rug Down

rental upgrade graphic rug living room

Credit: Regan Wood Photography

When all else fails, our experts says you can always count on a large area rug to open up a small living room. “In a studio or loft use large, continuous rugs to tie as many elements together as possible,” says Rayman Boozer of Apartment 48. “This helps maintain consistency and makes the space feel larger.”

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    Secrets of decorating a small living room

    Apartment design: decorating a small living room

    All about furniture 2 , Kitchens 87 , Living rooms 2 , Bedrooms 3 , Hallways 2

    • The development of the construction industry allows you to create a comfortable environment in small rooms designed for receiving guests. Combining the tricks of design art with practical elements of decor and furniture in the living room, you can get an elegant interior filled with a cozy atmosphere. To make the space of a small-sized room as comfortable as possible, it is recommended to use several recommendations, which are described below.

      Selecting and arranging furniture in the living room

      When designing small living rooms, designers face challenges that arise from the special characteristics of the living space. In addition to the choice of finishing materials and colors, it is necessary to buy and properly arrange furniture designed for small rooms. Therefore, before a radical renovation of a small-sized living space, it is recommended to draw up a design project, where interior elements are clearly distributed.

      In order to comfortably accommodate visitors to the apartment, the interior should be equipped with a sufficiently large number of seats. The main set of the living room should consist of soft armchairs, a compact sofa, a dining table and comfortable chairs. Bulky furniture can be replaced with transforming counterparts with graceful outlines, and the space of a small living room can be increased by combining its space with other rooms.

      Major remodeling of the living room

      Today, redevelopment of small living spaces is practiced. In specialized catalogs, original options are periodically found, where the living room is combined with other rooms, kitchen and corridors. Some design projects for the creation of studio apartments include the removal of interior partitions that form the outline of the bedroom.

      These jobs require a lot of time, money and effort, but the appearance of a stylish living room compensates for the amount of resources spent. The expanded space of the newly-minted studio apartment is necessarily divided into functional areas, limited by lighting, coloring, textile materials and decorative elements.

      Arrangement of living room lighting

      During the decoration of the living room, designers organize its lighting. To increase its efficiency, the number of window openings and the cardinal direction relative to which the room is located are determined. The amount of sunlight entering through the window also plays an important role in brightening a darkened space.

      In small living rooms, windows are installed without partitions to create the effect of visual perspective. Around the central chandelier, equipped with a transparent cap with a matte surface, spotlights are connected. A number of sconces create a cozy atmosphere. The system of lower lighting will expand the boundaries of the room, smoothing the corners of the interior.

      Color optimization of space

      To visually expand a small living room, its interior is painted with light shades. Monochrome colors will help deepen the living space. If the ceiling is too low in a room, stripes with non-contrasting shades are used to illusory increase its height. A short wall of narrow interiors can be made an accent element by equipping it with a horizontal pattern for an illusory expansion of space. When decorating a small living room, it is recommended to lay coverings with small floral patterns and a maximum of four combinations of shades.

      When designing a room, carefully select contrasting colors of decorative and accent elements. Complementing them with new tones, it is necessary to prevent the interior from turning into a boring space of a strict office. Located on the north side of the residential building, the room is painted with warm yellow colors and complemented by cold tones. Bright coloring of accent objects will improve the mood of the owners. If the windows of the living room are oriented to the south, the interior is equipped with cold tones and diluted with blue, lilac and light green colors.

      Interaction of furniture accents

      When choosing an environment for a small living room, you should consider the size of the room being decorated. Graceful forms of products should be complemented by versatility and ease of use. The main items of the headset are lightweight chairs, armchairs without armrests, a compact dining table and a convertible sofa. Separate sections are required to be placed along a long wall. To save free space, shelving is placed far from the opening of the window structure.

      The illusion of a light weight and translucent product appears after the removal of the back wall. The interior of a small living room should be painted with white shades and filled with light shelves with a dark base. If you place the elements of the headset in the corners of the room, there will be an optical expansion of the space. Equipping corner modules with mirrors will help to visually deepen the living room and smooth out the dimensions of the furniture. The upholstery of soft headsets should be painted in pastel colors. The feeling of warmth will be formed by beige shades, coolness – gray-blue, relaxation – mint or pistachio.

      Textiles and decorations

      Designers have noticed that a naturally lit room is illusoryly enlarged. If a small living room has a single window opening, you should choose the right curtains to maintain the effect of spaciousness and prevent the appearance of an oppressive atmosphere. The opening of a modern small-sized room is covered with lightweight curtains, which are painted in light shades. Their material transmits a sufficiently large amount of sunlight and evenly scatters them throughout the interior of the living room.

      If the window is fitted with curtains that are too heavy, the visitor to the room will have a feeling of lack of air. Therefore, you should buy light curtains with a simple shape, the shade of which should be half a tone darker than the main color of the walls. Properly selected coloring of covers and bedspreads has a color tone that matches the gamut of the entire interior. Furniture drapery should have a maximum of three shades of the base color in order to harmoniously accentuate a small number of decorative elements.

      The company KUHNI-NSK will be happy to help you with the choice of furniture for the living room, our website presents a large number of furniture options in different styles and configurations.

    The interior of a small living room: tips for decorating and 65 examples with photos

    Photo: Instagram designfurniture_

    Visual tricks to increase space night visit of guests.

    But even eight square meters will not “press” if you use the main trick with the visual expansion of space: to create a laconic, neutral in color scandi, minimalism or eco style interior.

    Photo: Instagram interiors__design

    Photo: Instagram iodesigners

    Paired with the ceiling, the floor will also play a role in expanding the room. It is better to leave it as open as possible. Carpets are allowed, but not on the entire area.

    Photo: Instagram andreeva1010

    Photo: Instagram boconceptrussia

    Photo: Instagram formulakomforta40

    Photo: Instagram dsmango

    Photo: Instagram

    Properly selected photo wallpapers can perform a miracle and push the walls in a small room. Especially if they are panoramic: depicting the landscape, city streets, sky. And if you stick photo wallpapers with a 3D effect, then the space will become almost limitless.



    Photo: Instagram astakhovadesign

    Ideally, the mirror should reflect free space – then it will almost double the room. The same effect will be achieved if light sources, including a window (it must be on the right or left), get into the “lens” of the mirror. Mirrors may not occupy the entire wall, but only part of it and be illuminated by LEDs.

    Photo: Instagram ilya.stolyarov

    Photo: Instagram archmenu

    Photo: Instagram osnova_home

    Photo: Instagram andreeva1010

    Polished cabinet panels and glossy ceilings can also reflect objects and light, giving the interior additional depth.

    Photo: Instagram interier_landshaft

    Photo: Instagram astron.mebel

    Photo: Instagram

    Photo: Instagram astron. mebel

      Living room

      7 useful and convenient ideas for decorating a small living room

    Furniture for a small living room

    Only compact furniture with simple lines, on graceful legs or suspended, as if floating, will harmoniously fit into a mini-living room. Large backs, voluminous armrests, solid bases will eat up the “air”. It is good if the furniture is multifunctional and can be transformed, folded and unfolded. It can be a sliding sofa or a table-cabinet. And instead of chairs in tiny areas, it is recommended to use stools or pouffes.



    Photo: Instagram small.flat.ideas

    Photo: Instagram small.flat.ideas

    Photo: Instagram small. flat.ideas

    Photo: Instagram small.flat.ideas Photo: Instagram remont.idei.msk

    Photo: Instagram yanasvetlova_wallcoverings

    Photo: Instagram idea.decor.home

    When wardrobes are present in the living room, they are sometimes made to visually merge with the wall.

    Photo: Instagram zdesaliendesign

    Accessories for a small living room

    If strict asceticism is not to your liking, you can and should move away from the canons, because we create a corner for relaxation that should please. The abundance of textures and colors in the decoration will not be a death sentence for a small living room if the items are made in related shades, and the design remains restrained.

    Photo: Instagram matsinteriors

    Photo: Instagram new_dizain_remont

    Photo: Instagram kata1816

    In this context, it is a sin not to dwell on accessories in more detail. Of course, without them, the room will seem more spacious, but at the same time, it will be more boring. Pictures and posters can serve as a vertical decoration and add height, especially if they have large rectangular frames and the color scheme fits into the decor.

Partitions in the living room

Dividing a small room into two functional zones deserves special attention. Since it needs several “squares” for a sleeping place or a kitchen, the area, which is already worth its weight in gold, decreases catastrophically. You can not build a blank wall, because you need to lighten the interior as much as possible. The situation will be saved by light-transmitting partitions (even from floor to ceiling) made of wooden slats, frosted plastic, glass, or light shelving, beautiful curtains.

In a properly designed small living room, you can not only relax with your family, but also invite guests without fear that a big noisy company will not have enough space.

Important! If there is not enough space in your room, you should rationally distribute the space.


  1. Interior features
  2. Techniques to visually expand the space
  3. Colors and accents
  4. Horizontal and vertical stripes
  5. Furniture
  6. Sense of proportion
  7. Style

Interior features

It is very important to consider some details before creating the interior design of a small living room:

  • and convex parts;
  • , you can re-plan the apartment as a whole, for example, by creating a compact kitchen combined with a living room, as in the photo;
  • the color scheme of the room and the abundance of light play an important role;
  • you should pay attention to wardrobes or modular mini-walls, thanks to which less usable area will be occupied.

Modular living room furniture in a modern style will help you create the right interior, based on a functional layout, thanks to the optimal configuration of modules, taking into account the area and layout of the room.

Photo of living room furniture in a modern style with a wardrobe, see also in this article. Functionality and thoughtfulness of the living room environment is a guarantee of comfort and convenience for life

Ways to visually expand the space

If you cannot change the existing area of ​​the living room, you should think about how you can expand it visually. For some, this may seem impossible, but in reality it is a real science, and if you study it, even a novice designer can create the perfect combination of furniture and other things.

Colors and accents

Many people have heard that light colors and small furniture should be chosen for a small room. But surely there are more nuances. Which? For example, in addition to light plain wallpaper, you can also use coatings with a pattern or ornament: polka dots, for example. The smaller the circles (peas), the larger the objects around which they are located, and vice versa.

This happens due to the fact that we perceive objects around us, comparing them with other things . Therefore, wallpapers can be selected with small patterns, and, of course, furniture should also be small: bulky cafes are for spacious and large rooms with high ceilings.

Design of small living rooms photo

You can focus on one object in the room. What for? For example, if you are designing a small living room in a private home, and you have much more freedom of action, it makes sense to focus around the sofa, as in the photo. Surround him with small chairs around.

Design of a small living room in an apartment photo

It is also important to provide light to every corner of the room . It is worth avoiding oversaturation not only with furniture, but also with an abundance of flowers. In a small room, preference should be given to beige, sand, milky and other shades of white.

Interior design of a small living room photo

One should not forget about various accessories and decorations when decorating a living room.

All decorative items in the form of pillows, curtains, rugs and other things can be made in bright colors, and materials should be light and natural.

Shiny and matt fabrics will look good.

If you want your accessories to have patterns, choose small prints on textile elements.

Another point worthy of attention is creating the illusion of distance . As mentioned above, the human brain perceives a little differently objects that are further away or made in special colors. It is worth taking advantage of this opportunity and make one wall in a soft pastel color. What you want to bring closer, highlight so that it catches the eye. No object in the room should interfere with the general view.

Tip! Open the curtains as much as possible or use such an option as blinds, you can also choose Roman blinds – use all the tricks that will create a feeling of space and freedom in the room.

Thus, the effect of the space of the room going beyond the possible is created.

Horizontal and vertical stripes

Do not forget that the interior design of a small living room can be decorated with various stripes. Horizontal lines visually expand the space, and vertical lines, in turn, pull it up, visually raising the flows.

Decide if your room lacks low ceilings or narrow spaces, and use stripes (vertical or horizontal) as needed .

Design of a small living room in Khrushchev photo

You can combine this color with mirrors, but it is important not to overdo it here. You can hang a mirror on one side and use glossy surfaces on the other wall. If you need to put a closet in the room, opt for a closet with mirrored doors.

Visual perception will also be changed by lamps, as well as 3D paintings. Volumetric three-dimensional images on the walls is a new unique way not only to decorate a room beautifully, but also to further expand it, as it will seem to everyone that another reality begins near the wall on which the photo wallpapers are pasted.

Design of a small living room photo 2015 modern ideas

In addition to the stripes, it is important to consider the lighting of the room. Try add light as much as possible, especially if your room does not face the sunny side . This can be done using spotlights, as well as using various wall lamps, floor lamps or sconces.

Important! Do not use chandeliers in small living rooms, as they will only reduce the space.

With decorative light, you can decorate a room by providing it with sufficient lighting. To date, a large selection of lighting options is presented, so that you can choose the perfect decoration for a room without any problems.


Before you start choosing furniture, remember that you need to rationally approach the design of a small living room in an apartment. You must calculate everything in such a way that avoids being overloaded with unnecessary things, take into account the dimensions of the furniture that you plan to purchase . There are various furniture options on the market that can perform several functions at once.

Design of a small living room in a private house photo

The main furniture that can be placed in a small living room is a table, wardrobe, armchairs and a sofa. The table can be folded out, and when needed, you can move it apart and turn it into a dining table. The sofa should also fold out.

If you need extra chairs for your home, you should prefer folding chairs that can be hidden behind a wardrobe and taken out as needed.

On the account of what the wardrobe should be, we mentioned above about the wardrobe. The opening doors of an ordinary wardrobe will reduce the space, but the built-in wardrobe will not affect the perception in any way. Armchairs add comfort to the room.

The design of a small living room with a corner sofa will look especially stylish. You can see this option in the photo:

Design of a small living room photo with a corner sofa

Be sure to keep in mind that there should be free space between the main pieces of furniture . If the dimensions of the room allow you to put all the necessary items listed above – purchase them and furnish your room.

In cramped rooms, you should give preference to only the most necessary, for example, placing a small chest of drawers or a cabinet in the room instead of a closet and placing a sofa without armchairs.

If you want to combine one room with another, in a small living room you should not do this with the help of dividing partitions. It is best to be based on the arrangement of furniture in the form of geometric shapes. It can be a rectangle, a square or a triangle.

Sense of proportion


When designing a small living room by yourself, do not forget about the sense of proportion. If you want to hang pictures in the room that were painted by you personally, choose one that you love.

Walls should not be fully furnished with furniture or cluttered with other decorative elements. It is better to use only one accent, then the eyes will focus on one thing, and neither you nor your guests will have a feeling of disorder in the living room.

See a selection of photo curtains for the living room: original options to refresh the interior, add novelty to it and dilute it with new bright colors.

We also offer to see here beautiful photos of corner upholstered furniture for the living room and hall.

See how beautiful the photo wallpapers look in the interior, expanding the space; photo in the gallery at the end of the article at:


scandinavian style : they are most in demand for small areas.

You can give preference to the classics, but such a room will not look as pompous as is usually characteristic of such a design.

You can also plan the design of the room in the spirit of minimalism : using this style will be very useful, but in this case you will have to prepare for the fact that you will have to manage with a minimum of furniture in the room (sofa or couch, coffee table and TV).

Create your own unique style, perhaps by combining some of the designs in different styles, you can transform your living room in a special way.

Design of a small kitchen combined with a living room photo

Do not pay attention solely to the functionality of the room and the furniture that is placed in it. Previously, it was customary to relax in the living room, celebrate holidays and receive guests. But due to the small dimensions of the apartment, sometimes it becomes unprofitable to do this. So choose the option that suits you.

To see your friends, you can meet in a cafe or restaurant. You can also go outside if the weather permits.

The living room should be created according to the individual wishes of the whole family and meet the taste preferences of everyone. At the same time, it must remain neutral.

If you design a small living room exclusively for yourself, you will get a very cozy room where you can discuss important family issues or just relax.

The small size of the apartment is not a reason for despair. Now on the Internet there are many unique ideas that can be used to create comfortable rest conditions even in a small living room.

The main thing is the desire and ability to use one’s own imagination. If you correctly distribute the available space, you will surely get a cozy living room.

DIY small living room design


DIY small living room design

Not everyone is lucky to have a large apartment where everything you need can be placed without problems. Most often there are cases with the exact opposite situation.

Small apartment: tiny kitchen. miniature bathroom. small nursery, small living room. But at the same time, our needs do not become smaller, so designers have to show miracles of ingenuity, develop a project in such a way that, at least visually, the rooms become more spacious.

So, the first thing to do when starting renovations in the living room is to come to terms with the idea that you still have a small one, and there is no way to change the resulting square meters up. There is only one way out – with the help of decor and competent arrangement of furniture, try to make the living room visually look larger.

Getting rid of everything superfluous.

Ruthlessly getting rid of unnecessary and old things. This is perhaps the most difficult stage. Since here it will be necessary to step on the throat of your toad and heed common sense. Old Soviet walls made of dark chipboard, huge armchairs, a massive sofa, carpets on the walls – all those things that do not create comfort at all, but make the room so small that it is difficult to walk through it. Our two main motto words for the near future: minimalism and asceticism.

Remember the Italians, who on New Year’s Eve throw everything unnecessary out of the windows without regret. Of course, you don’t have to follow their example 100%, but it’s still worth getting rid of trash in traditional ways.

The hardest thing to solve is the issue of books. On the one hand, a book is sacred, on the other hand, books take up a huge amount of space and collect dust. It is difficult to advise anything here, everyone must decide for himself what he can sacrifice and what not.

If you can’t raise your hand to just throw it away, but there is an understanding that it is worth getting rid of books, contact the district library, they will gladly accept all your rarities. Furniture can be donated to a low-income family, donated to an orphanage or nursing home, taken to a country house, sold for next to nothing to those who rent apartments, or upgraded and placed in an office. Extra furniture in the country can always be shared with neighbors.

Choosing the color of the walls for a small living room.

The main colors in the palette of minimalism: white, cream, yellow, beige, ash, light gray. Try to stick to the above light calm shades. Do not forget that warm colors soothe and pacify, while cold colors set you in a businesslike mood. It is better to refuse wallpaper with ornaments, flowers, stripes. Give preference to plain light walls. Thanks to this, the ceiling will seem higher than it actually is, and the room will expand, filled with light and air.

Remember to take into account the direction of the windows. If the side is sunny, the room heats up in summer, then in order not to feel like a snake in a pan, give preference to blue, blue, green or gray shades. Is the sun a rare visitor? That suits golden yellow or pink – cream gamma.

If the room is very elongated. then with the help of color you can slightly correct this imbalance by painting the walls in different colors, while the far wall should be lighter than the rest. Don’t forget they should be light. monophonic and combined with each other.


The floor should be slightly darker than the walls, but also light enough. Opt for soft, light colors. If there are small children in the apartment, whose presence is almost always accompanied by a small catastrophe and cleaning, do not worry, modern coatings, even white, are very easy to clean and take on their original appearance.

Small living room window decoration and textiles

Proper window design in a small living room is extremely important. Discard dark thick curtains and curtains made of coarse fabrics. Airy light fabric is what you need. The more light in your living room, the more it seems! Naturally, the color of the curtains should be combined with the overall color scheme of the room, focus on the color of the walls, floor, furniture, and other textiles. The abundance of lambrequins is not desirable. The design of the curtains should be ascetic, the Roman version is ideal.

It is desirable to leave the color of the window frame (profile) and window sill white. In this case, the classics will not hurt us, besides, the white color is close to the minimalist style.

There should be few textiles. Flatly refuse the tablecloth on the table, napkins, carpets on the walls, rugs. Firstly, all this “goodness” collects an incredible amount of dust, and secondly, it does not go well with the minimalist style and our common goal is to make the room bigger. Contrasting sofa cushions are acceptable, perhaps a small carpet in the center of the room. The carpet should be combined in style with the rest of the textiles: curtains and sofa cushions. The pile can be both high and not very high.

Warning. In order not to create the feeling of being “in the box”, choose different shades of finishing materials, make a few bright accents.

Mirrors and glass in the interior of a small living room

Mirrors and glass will also serve you well in increasing the space of a small living room. Let’s say the presence of a mirror in front of the window will increase the amount of daylight by several times. By the way, the door of a closet built into the opening opposite the window can be mirrored. Modern technologies are such that whole compositions can be made from mirrors of various sizes and shapes, from the presence of which your living room will only benefit both in terms of increasing volume and in terms of style.

Glass furniture (shelves, coffee table) will also visually make the room larger. Transparency will create the effect of absence, respectively, there will be no feeling of clutter and clutter.


It is better to make doors in a small living room not hinged, but sliding, so you save a lot of space. If you rarely use them, then perhaps you should give preference to arches.


Lighting for owners of small living rooms is an extremely important detail. The basic rule sounds extremely simple: the more light – the more the room seems. But this does not mean at all that the lamps need to be installed wherever possible. Excessive illumination will only repel, and not make the room visually larger and more comfortable.

Pay close attention to natural light from your window. It is this, natural, light that should be the maximum amount, since it is the most natural and pleasant for the human eye.

It is best if the luminaires are built into the ceiling, and the presence of a chandelier in the center is not at all necessary. Most likely, it will only interfere. Disperse small built-in lamps throughout the ceiling. Embed lights in walls and furniture. It is better to abandon floor lamps: everything that is on the floor again visually clutters up the room. But if you still decide that you simply need a sconce, then it is better to choose with a simple, concise design.


The ideal design of a small living room – photo

The living room is the most active room in the apartment. In feng shui, it is often seen as the heart of the home, it collects and distributes energy, giving it a yang quality. Therefore, regardless of the size of the room, it should be cozy and comfortable for all family members.

What furniture to choose for a small living room

The first and most important step in arranging a small living room is choosing the right furniture. A clear identification of furniture for this room will be essential. Usually living room furniture includes seating furniture, table and entertainment center.

These are the main and necessary elements. But if the dimensions of the living room allow, you can, of course, include other elements here, such as comfortable bean bags, chairs, a shelf or rack.
The seating area can be advantageously occupied by modular sofas. Such sofas, if necessary, can be assembled into various designs.

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For example, if necessary, disassemble a large sofa into two small ones, or assemble a large sleeping place. In a small living room, it is also advisable to choose a double sofa as the main seating area, which, if necessary, unfolds into a bed.

And it can be supplemented with more compact options, such as various pouffes, stools and cushions. They can be stored in another room and used only when necessary when guests are in the house.

The coffee table can also be used as a storage place, so it is better to choose models with a lifting top or with shelves. To maximize the space, you can choose a table made of glass or special transparent plastic.

For a small room, it is better to choose a medium or small table, rounded and rather low. Determine the best place for furniture. First of all, you need to place the largest piece of furniture, find the most advantageous place for it, and then place all the rest of the furniture.

In our case, this is a sofa or armchairs. If the room has a large, flat-panel TV, it can be placed on the wall using a swivel bracket to save space. A chest of drawers can be placed under the TV if the space of the room allows.

Beautiful and expensive flooring for the main room in the house

For the living room, it is best to choose high-quality and beautiful flooring material. Floors made of wood or imitations of this material are very popular. If natural wood is more expensive, then a laminate that looks no worse can be purchased at very affordable prices.

For a small room, a light laminate is ideal – light gray, bleached oak, beige, white. Such a floor will make the room more spacious and brighter. You can lay a carpet on the laminate, near the seating area. It is better to choose the same light carpet options. To avoid problems with pollution, it is better to give preference to lint-free models, made of sisal or polypropylene.

Walls and lighting for a small living room

The main thing when creating an interior for a small living room is the color of the walls and lighting. Everyone understands that light shades are a priority when choosing colors for a small room.

But it is not necessary to paint all the walls white. For the living room, you can choose several shades – the main and complementary. So, for example, three walls can be painted or wallpapered in white, beige, light gray.

But the fourth wall, on which, for example, the TV is located, can be painted in a darker or warmer shade. Such a wall can be covered with panels or photo wallpaper.

The color of the ceiling must be light, otherwise it will press. The design of a small living room involves a light ceiling, floor and walls. Very often there is not enough lighting in the living room. Usually it consists of only one central light in the middle of the ceiling, but this is not enough.

It is necessary to consider the location of secondary light sources, including not only a table lamp near the sofa or a work lamp on the table, but also diffused light reflected from the walls, from the cornice, for example.

Modern technology helps to create an airy and light interior through lighting. So, the LED strip under the chest of drawers or behind the TV panel changes the interior dramatically.


Thinking over the design of a small living room – expert advice0021

The design of a small living room primarily depends on the needs of a particular family. Decide for what purposes you will use the room. The first option is a large family, whose members gather here every evening to drink tea, watch an interesting movie and just talk. Then the center of the room will be a large comfortable sofa and a good TV.

Another option is if you will use the room for its intended purpose, that is, often receive guests. It is important to provide a lot of seats, to complement the interior with a table. The design of the room should become the hallmark of the family: reflect the interests of its members, talk about their lives.

Finally, in some houses, the living room is equipped with a dining area both for guests and for every day. The center of such a room will be a large round table. What to do if your living room is designed to satisfy all these needs at once, and the area is small? There are many ideas for decorating a room. Let’s consider the main ones.

Unification of space

This technique is often used by contemporary designers. They erase the boundaries in the literal sense of tearing down the walls. You can add square meters of a small living room through a corridor or kitchen. The interior of a small living room will benefit greatly from such a transformation.

This will fit all the necessary furniture in the rooms. At the same time, the design of the apartment will not look overloaded. There are many photos on the Internet of how they combine a small living room with a kitchen.

At the border of the zones, you can arrange a dining area: set up a table. A good idea is to separate the places for relaxation and cooking with a functional wide bar counter. Behind her will fit a few close friends.

It can also serve as a place for family breakfasts and dinners. You can also increase the area at the expense of the hallway. Instead of large wardrobes, equip the corridor with shelves, coat hooks or compact hangers. Decide on a place for shoes. The design of the rest of the space should be decorated in the style of the living room.

Color solution

The interior of a small living room will be transformed if you choose the right color palette. To visually enlarge the room, prefer calm light colors. Dark and bright colors, on the contrary, visually make the room small and congested. Cold colors are well suited for the design of a rectangular living room. So, the combination of green and blue will refresh even a small room. You can decorate the room in gray. To revive such an interior, add warm accents.

A classic of the genre is a white living room. It is this color that allows you to expand the space, visually erasing the boundaries. You can paint the walls and ceiling white. Looks good and light linoleum or laminate.

If you decide to make the walls bright, white furniture will save the interior of a small living room. Look at the photos on the Internet: white sofas and tables do not visually overload even a limited space at all. True, if you furnish the living room with light-colored furniture, cleaning will become more difficult. When choosing white upholstered furniture, look at models with removable covers. They are easier to wash.


When planning how to furnish a small living room, take care of several light sources. A small living room should be well lit. To let more sunlight into the room, opt for curtains made of light translucent fabrics.

Chandelier in a small living room should not be very large. A bulky design will overload the space. In addition to the central light source, organize several additional ones. There are many options: sconces, floor lamps, table lamps or recessed lights. With the help of them you can zone the living room.

Design Tips

The design of a small living room involves the use of glossy and mirror surfaces. They reflect light very well. The air in the room will add a white glossy stretch ceiling. And large mirrors will help to “push” the space. If there is a need to divide a room, it is a good idea to use transparent screens. They let in light and create lightness. You can choose a table with a glass top. It will not overload even a small room.


Interior of a living room in a small apartment

Interior design of a living room in a small apartment should start with the basic elements: flooring, wallpaper, plaster, ceiling, furniture. Only having determined the general concept of interior design, you should think about the functional component of the room, last but not least about additional accessories and attributes of visual perception.

A small apartment is characterized by limited space, so it is often necessary to combine several rooms with different functionality. For this, as a rule, various methods of zoning the room are used, as well as competent placement of accents, highlighting the most significant parts of the space.

Zoning a small living room can be done by:

  • Playing with lighting,
  • Installing partition walls,
  • Combining wallpaper,
  • Arranging furniture,
  • Using niches,
  • zoning with a podium.

Wallpaper selection

  • By using wallpapers of various colors, you can achieve a harmonious and cozy perception of the room. For example, to create a living room interior in a modern style, combinations of discreet colors (steel, sand) and bright colors are often used to create an additional accent (red, purple, turquoise).
  • If you have pets living in your house, it is recommended to use wallpapers with a relief texture and chaotic small prints. This will hide the numerous defects that pets leave.
  • Light-colored wallpaper tends to visually expand the room. In order to revive the interior, you can combine them with dark inserts. Bright shades used as the main color will “eat up the space.” Their use is recommended as secondary colors to emphasize the desired effect and visually expand the space.
  • Wallpaper with vertical stripes tends to raise the level of the ceiling. The use of wallpaper with horizontal lines is used in rooms with a small area, to visually expand the space.

Attention! It must be remembered that light-colored wallpapers visually increase the space in a small apartment. In addition, designers recommend using wallpaper with vertical stripes. It also expands the living room area.


The choice of furniture for a small living room should primarily depend on the dimensions of the furniture and its functionality. Furniture in a modern style does not imply the use of mezzanines and bulky cabinets, massive armchairs and bedside tables. The photo shows the interior of a small living room in an apartment with transformable furniture. Designers recommend the use of transformable furniture (for example, a chair-bed, a table-book). This will save space during the day for active pastime, and at night it will be fully used for recuperation, sleep and rest.


Partitions help designers divide the space of a room into several working areas. As a rule, this is done to highlight the working area and recreation area. Partitions can be divided into:

  1. fundamental (eg brick wall),
  2. decorative (glass).

Decorative partitions perform not only the role of zoning, but also directly participate in the creation of the interior.

Please note! Room zoning with frosted glass is the most versatile method that suits most design styles: from modern and hi-tech to country.

Of course, when constructing fundamental partitions, it is necessary to take into account the amount of natural light. It is not recommended to build a brick partition if there is only one window in the room, because the rest of the room will lose natural light. The photo shows the design of a small living room. But the partitions made of frosted, stained glass, in addition to the visual expansion of the space, transmit sunlight well, leaving a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.

The role of lighting in creating an interior

Since interior design has to be carried out in a very limited area, good lighting is simply necessary to visually expand the space. The presence of natural light is the most important condition, and the more it is, the better.

Insufficient sunlight can be compensated by LED bulbs of a similar shade, which are installed in the darkest corners of the room. At the same time, electricity consumption will practically not increase. Also try to avoid dark colors in the interior.

Light and cold shades are the most preferred. Also, don’t clutter up the room with bulky furniture and try to use more mirrors. You can also decorate the room with a false window with hidden lighting.

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Tip! , if desired, you can always hide the room from sunlight using blinds, blackout curtains or window rolls.

The presence of artificial lighting is used directly for its intended purpose, as well as to create a cozy and harmonious interior. Use spotlights, sconces and table lighting to create an atmosphere of privacy and comfort. The interior for a small living room is shown in the photo.

Creating an interior with a podium or a balcony

The presence of a balcony on the side of the living room can help expand the room due to additional space. The living room, combined with a balcony, perfectly combines the zoning of space into a work area and a recreation area.

Of course, it will be necessary to insulate the balcony with passive (insulation) and active (heating radiators, underfloor heating) heating, as well as permission to carry out redevelopment, but the end result will exceed all the wildest expectations. The photo shows a small living room combined with a balcony.

The use of podiums has become a fashionable sign of any modern interior. Conditionally podiums can be divided into:

  • Technical,
  • Decorative,
  • Podiums used as niches.

The interior of a small living room should combine uniqueness and functionality, so the use of catwalks is not only a fashion trend, but also helps to hide imperfections or highlight space. Technical podiums hide wires and heating pipes.

Decorative podium in a small living room designed to highlight a certain area. It is not recommended to make a decorative podium in a limited space with a height of more than 15 centimeters. Podiums used as niches are designed to compensate for the lack of living space.

Design solutions for using the podium are simply endless: on the basis of the podium, you can create a work or play area, and roll the bed or sofa into the niche formed under this area. Design of a small living room

  1. Choose the right color. A bright room always looks more spacious than a dark one. The smaller the living room, the lighter the walls should be. Otherwise, the closet effect cannot be avoided. White interiors are in fashion right now. This is a great solution for a very small living room. Cold colors, especially green, blue and gray, have an expanding effect. It is desirable, of course, to take them as light as possible.
  2. Do not hide the floor. Try to furnish the living room so that as much of the floor surface as possible is left in plain sight. For example, instead of deaf chairs, it is better to take models with high legs. Instead of floor cabinets and tables, you can choose suspended structures. The more floor area you can see, the more spacious the room looks.
  3. Do not seal all corners. Don’t try to put as much furniture in the room as possible. Leave at least some of the corners open. If all corners are closed, the room seems smaller than it actually is.
  4. Use mirrors. This item does not need deep disclosure. Everyone knows that mirrors, reflecting the space, visually increase it. Try to get away from patterns and find an atypical place for a mirror. For example, place it in a corner, on the front door, above the TV, etc. You can mirror the entire wall – for example, behind the sofa.
  5. Replace some of the blind elements with transparent ones. It can be something large – for example, a wall between the living room and the corridor. Or something small – let’s say a coffee table, TV console, fake fireplace.
  6. Choose an image with perspective. A painting, poster, photograph or wall mural that takes the eye off into the distance adds depth to a room. The picture should not be too large, otherwise the effect will be the opposite. It is not necessary to glue photo wallpapers on the entire wall – it is better to select only a small part of it. If the sofa is small, then the poster above it should match.
  7. Ditch high furniture for low furniture. It is better to choose a low full-wall cabinet than a third-wall large cabinet. Low furniture looks much lighter. The room seems bigger with her.

Small living room design: smart furnishing

  • Decide on your priorities. Decide what is more important in your living room: a large table or a roomy sofa? If you like to arrange feasts in the living room, you should give preference to the largest possible table, and take a smaller sofa. If feasts take place in the kitchen and guests often stay overnight, a reasonable solution would be to purchase a full-fledged folding sofa.
  • If there are a lot of books in the house, plan the closet by choosing a smaller sofa or refusing an armchair. Do not try to embrace the immensity and “shove the unpushed”. Take only what you really need.
  • Don’t get hung up on standard living room solutions. It is not necessary to buy a large corner sofa. You can consider other options: for example, purchase two small sofas or two couches. Such prefabricated kits are more flexible, which expands the possibilities for the rational arrangement of furniture.
  • Place your storage furniture behind the sofa or in the TV area. There is no need to install separate cabinets, racks, showcases. The sofa is already standing, taking up space. Place storage furniture behind or around it. This will free up other walls and leave empty corners.
  • This also applies to the TV wall. She’s already on TV. So why not complement this area with spacious cabinets and cabinets?
  • Look for functional solutions. So, TV furniture can simultaneously serve as a desktop and bookcase. A coffee table consisting of two or three components will be convenient in case guests arrive. The space under the window can be used as an additional seat with storage space. There are many options.

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Arranging a very small living room: practical advice and expert opinion

A full-wall mirror will save a small living room. Place it in front of a window. It will catch the light and fill the free space.

Ditch the traditional carpet in the sofa area in favor of a mirror. Even if it will occupy only part of the wall. If desired, install an open shelf along the mirror. Flowers in pots or interesting decor items will look beautiful on it.

  1. In order to understand how to equip a small living room, you first need to decide on its functional purpose. If two people live in an apartment, most likely, friends will gather in the living room, the owners will relax in front of the TV and read books in a cozy armchair. To do this, in the living room it is quite enough to put a sofa in front of the TV and a couple of easy chairs, creating the most free space for relaxation.
  2. If there is a small child in the family, then games with children and some functions of the children’s room will be added to the above functions. Then here it is also necessary to provide storage places for children’s toys, as well as the most convenient places for the baby to play – with a warm floor or soft carpet, without sharp corners near the furniture.
  3. As practice shows, the best option to visually increase the small space of the living room is to create a combined kitchen-living room tandem. Modern technologies make it possible to create a mobile space that can change depending on life scenarios: arrival of guests, evening rest, games with children, family watching a movie, etc.
  4. You can separate the space of the kitchen and the living room both due to the visual effect – a bar counter, a sofa, lighting, a difference in floor coverings, a podium, etc., or provide sliding partitions between the rooms.
  5. It is important to remember that the living room is a place to relax, so do not clutter it up with a lot of items. It is definitely worth considering all the functional areas that may be needed in the interior, and make the space mobile with the help of easily transformable or warehousing furniture.

Arranging small spaces is one of the hottest topics not only for owners of standard apartments, but also for lovers of lofts, studio apartments and small workshops. That is why in the work of the designer, the main task is to create the most functional space in a small area, with all the necessary areas for a comfortable life for the owners. The most important thing in small apartments is to make every effort in the planning decision.

  1. When planning a space, you need to think about all family members. For example, creating a living room for a young couple, you can realize the space in the style of a studio. To do this, we remove all kinds of partitions and make the most free space. A sleeping place, for example, can be separated by curtains – this technique makes the room large and mobile.
  2. If the space of the apartment is studio, then it is better when the color solution is the same. One color scheme makes the space complete, calm and mature. Light walls, almost white, are best suited for a small living room. White color allows you to vary the look of the interior and play with style, changing decor and textiles from the season or mood, whether it’s a new set of curtains or a new color of pillows. As a result, we get an updated interior without repairs and serious efforts. At the same time, one wall can be highlighted with a bright color or a beautiful picture – an interesting accent will appear, but the space will not be overloaded.
  3. One of my favorite tricks is backlighting in the living room. It gives the feeling of a soaring high ceiling and plays on the expansion of the walls. Due to this, the boundaries of the walls visually lose their contour and the visual perception of the room increases.
  4. Floor-to-ceiling mirror is a well-known method of visual expansion of space. But this issue must be approached carefully and seriously, especially if there are children in the family. In the living room, mirrors in a large baguette frame will look most successful.
  5. One of the most interesting and rarely used techniques by designers is the allocation of various niches in the room. Often the design features of the living room are such that some spaces are so non-functional that it is easier to sew them up with drywall and level the walls. However, small technological shortcomings can be beaten by creating niches. They add personality, become places to store pleasant little things, and built-in lighting gives the room an atmosphere of mystery and comfort.

  6. In small living rooms, a very good solution for visually expanding the area is transparent furniture. Glass coffee tables and shelves do not hide the space and look very modern and stylish. Transparent plastic chairs and armchairs are suitable for glass tables. If you choose them correctly, they will be very convenient, for example, when receiving guests, and if not needed, they can be stored and put away on the balcony or in closets.
  7. An important solution in terms of increasing usable space is custom built-in furniture. It is functional, saves space and is indispensable, if there is a need, for example, to fit in one room a wardrobe for things, shelves for photos, and a stand for video equipment. When developing furniture to order, all unused nooks (at the entrance or near the door) are taken into account, which allows you to use every centimeter of space.


How to choose a design for a small living room?

The design of a small living room comes down to creating a functional and very comfortable room in which you can arrange all the necessary furniture, but at the same time achieve a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

The very first and most important rule is the choice of small-sized furniture, this is important for a small-sized living room, because only in this way you can ensure the presence of everything you need, it will just be quite miniature.

In this case, you can place a small sofa, a coffee table, the necessary shelving and cabinets, a TV, a floor lamp, and even enjoy the remaining free space! This is all real, the main thing is to approach the process with intelligence and imagination.

The next important point is the color scheme of the room, it is from it that the visual appearance of your living room will largely depend. It’s no secret that it is light shades that can visually enlarge and lighten the space and add the necessary volume to it.

Video on the topic: Living room in a Small Apartment

It was once believed that light colors in the interior were impractical and even stupid, but today, when there is a huge variety of modern cleaning products and high-quality coatings, it became a justified reality.

Many people, at some subconscious level, refuse to use light shades, because they believe that they are not able to create a cozy and truly homely atmosphere.

Indeed, pure white or cream shades can create a very boring, one might say “sterile” environment. But this is very easy to fix by applying the so-called Scandinavian design style, when the interior combines a white or beige background, and all details or accessories are selected in bright colors.

For example, if you paint the walls in the living room white and use white furniture, then feel free to purchase rich carpeting and the same pillows on the sofa – the room will instantly turn into a cheerful, stylish and very spacious. The ceiling in such rooms must be white, and the floor must be the color of light wood, for example, milk oak.

We select furniture

As we have already said, it must be miniature and, preferably, light, but this is far from the only rule. How do we imagine a classic living room?

Even if you look at most of the photos and examples, it is a soft comfortable sofa, wall and TV – other details may vary depending on personal desires and preferences. The wall in a small living room should be very tiny and preferably made of modern materials, such as glass and aluminum – this way it will look more light and airy.

But this does not mean that country or, for example, retro style furniture is not suitable for a small living room, you just need to follow its compactness, as well as its design: the presence of open shelves or small niches will make it less cumbersome.

As for upholstered furniture, for a living room of very small dimensions, it is not recommended to use the “armchair + sofa” set, since they greatly “eat up” free space, but, on the other hand, there are more opportunities for mobility.

An ideal option for a small room is a corner sofa that will allow you to place a small coffee table and save a lot of space. But here it is worth noting: it is not easy to find a small sofa at an angle, since, basically, they are produced in massive sizes.

Next, we turn our attention to the window – usually the space around it is not used much, however, if you want to successfully decorate your small living room, then this moment must be carefully considered. The most reasonable solution is to place a sofa under the window, it must be placed at a distance of about 30 cm from the window, so it will not interfere with the central heating.

Curtains on the windows must be light and, preferably, almost transparent: heavy and dark thick curtains in such rooms are not the best option, as they greatly visually hide the volume of the room.

Do not forget about mirrors: they just visually expand the space, and therefore such inserts in furniture will be extremely appropriate. In general, minimalism is best suited for small living rooms. Japanese or high-tech style. after all, they are characterized by the absence of heaps and a large number of accessories.

Also, do not forget about the next important point – this is lighting. It is desirable that in addition to the only ceiling chandelier in the room, spot lighting should be added in the ceiling and, possibly, some interior elements. Sconces and floor lamps are welcome – they will give the living room a homely feel, as well as visually stretch it up.

Designing a small living room is not an easy task, especially if you are new to this business. But if you approach the process thoroughly and with all your heart, then you will definitely get exactly what you have always dreamed of.

For a small living room, you need to choose a sofa and armchairs that are not wide: they will save space. When planning a living room, you need to think about its functionality if you live in a small apartment. You need to buy such a sofa so that it can turn into a sleeping place in case guests arrive.


Modern living room design: photos of interior ideas

Modern living room design can be very different. Choose a high-tech style or prefer discreet minimalism, classic style, most importantly, it personified your feeling of comfort and coziness, giving pleasant moments of relaxation and rest.

Modern living room design: beautiful and correct

Living room design has its own functional purpose. In this case, the functional purpose of the living room is to be a place of rest. A place where you can invite guests, a place that can be used as a dining area, study, etc.

The multi-functionality of the main room in the house requires the design of the living room to be universal, practical and at the same time non-stereotypical. It should combine everything that will make you feel comfortable, whether you are relaxing, working, or spending time in the company of guests, friends and relatives.

Try to make the interior unique. This design will make your room memorable for guests, and due to its unusualness, it will delight you for a long time.

Living room design and room dimensions

Depending on whether your living room is small or large, the interior possibilities of this living space are determined. Of course, it is very good when the living room is large, then you can afford to design the living room in different styles.

Baroque, Provence, classic will look great in a large space. A modern, high-tech, loft, neoclassical, etc. living room will look no less chic.

If the living room is small, you will have to choose minimalism. If you want to try design in a different style, use transforming furniture, frameless furniture. It will be easy to hide or move if necessary.

The design of a small living room should not be spoiled by an excessive amount of decorative elements that visually reduce your space. To increase the space, the living room is often combined with a balcony, kitchen or office. In this way, you can not only increase the size of the living room, but also make the design interesting and unusual.

The design of a small living room will be successful if you choose simplicity and conciseness in the color scheme, prefer light ceilings and a lot of lighting, buy decorative elements such as mirrors, light tulle, furniture with transparent windows.

Space zoning

If your living room is multifunctional, we advise you to properly zone the space. This can be done with furniture, plasterboard structures, various wall decorations, for example, using photo wallpapers, textured plaster, etc.

Space can also be zoned using lighting. Modern living room design in different styles will look very advantageous if you use several lighting options for the room, for example, a large chandelier, floor lamps, lamps, table lamps, lighting in drywall constructions, etc.

Basic interior elements

The design of the living room (or any other room) has its own basic interior elements. If you have chosen a living room design in a classic style, this element can certainly be a fireplace. A modern interpretation will look very stylish if the main element in the room is a large soft corner, a beautiful table or the same fireplace, but in a modern version.

Design of a living room should be harmonious

In order for the design of a living room in a particular style to be harmonious, all elements of the interior must be combined with each other and used in moderation. Experimenting, of course, is not forbidden, but modern trends dictate their own rules, choosing minimalism, simplicity and harmony of the interior.

Color scheme

There are no special rules for choosing color schemes for the living room interior. The main thing is that the colors that you like are combined with each other and there would not be too many of them. What color is better to make the living room can only be determined by the owners of the apartment or house, because they will spend the most time in the living room.


The interior of a small living room

The design of a small living room begins with the layout. In order for a small living room to become functional and comfortable, it is necessary to correctly approach the issue of arranging furniture. Here it is important to choose the right size headset items. So, what you need to know before you start working on the design of a small living room.

  • Furniture should be small

The design of a small living room should not be overloaded with bulky items. A variety of styles can be placed in this room: Provence, modern, minimalism, country, etc. Modern style implies the use of various glass and transparent elements that fit very well into the interior of a small living room , making it pleasant and light.

  • Armchair + sofa set reduces free space

For a small living room, more versatile and compact options are most acceptable. This is a corner sofa, a folding table, a hanging thin TV, etc.

  • The window should work for the interior

Most often, the interior of a small living room does not imply careful work on the window. Usually, curtains are simply used to decorate it, and a TV stand is placed under the window itself. Designers recommend placing the sofa near the window, which will make the room more spacious.

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  • The color solution should not “eat up” square meters

Light and light shades can visually make the room more spacious. The interior of a small living room will be visually expanded with this color scheme only when the room is on the sunny side. Do not be afraid of light walls and light furniture.

A wide variety of modern cleaning products will help you cope with any problem that arises. Many people are also afraid to use light colors, as they think that the interior of a small living room will be boring. However, this is not a problem if the color accents are correctly placed.

Interior design of a small living room in Khrushchev: window decoration

Interior design of a small living room in Khrushchev also includes window decoration. Often it is the window that can become the central element. By tradition, the space near the window is not decorated, but if space and imagination allow, this can and should be done.

A window in a small room should be decorated with light, light tulle. No need to focus on heavy curtains, which reduce the number of square meters, make the atmosphere in the room heavier. Currently, Roman blinds are increasingly being used in the interior, which allows you to create a modern and stylish design option for a small living room, while not distorting the windows. It is worth remembering that excess fabric on the window makes the room more stuffy.

Modern design of a small living room: what to consider

The modern design of a small living room should be based on a number of rules. Designers recommend using plain wallpaper and wall paint when decorating the walls of small living rooms, as this method visually expands the space. Remember that large patterns on the walls make the room visually smaller.

Summing up, it is worth saying that it is easy to create a unique design for a small living room. It is enough to use furniture that is compact and light in design, use light and neutral colors, fill the window space, decorate the window with light fabrics and textures, combine light shades with bright accents, etc.

Don’t make common mistakes: choose wallpaper with large prints, buy massive furniture sets, put a heavy large dining table in the center of the room. The design of a small living room can and should be functional and beautiful, especially since modern finishing materials make it possible to achieve a solution to any design problem.


Small living room: 15 design and planning tips0002 It is not easy for designers to work with small rooms, especially if both family and guests spend most of their free time in the living room. How can you make a small room spacious and at the same time organize a sufficient number of seats? What furniture to choose and where to put it? Here are 15 design tips and 10 layout ideas to help you make the most of your small living room space.

1. Use mirrors and wallpaper
In a small living room, especially if there is little light in it, you can feel like in a box. Place accents, add light and depth with wallpaper and a mirror, which is better to hang opposite the window – this will create the feeling that another window has appeared in the room.

Layout: The sofa is pushed close to the wall, Number of seats – 2 (+1 if it is allowed to sit on the pouffe).

Universal soldier: Mirror tasks in the interior
Mirrors in the interior: How not to overdo it?

Antonio Martins Interior Design

2. Set up hidden storage spaces
Choose furniture with built-in storage to keep things organized. A chest or ottoman with a drawer inside can serve as a coffee table. Hang small cabinets around the perimeter of the room or put a low chest of drawers instead of a console table.

3. Choose small-sized furniture
After all, for living rooms there are not only huge sofas and awkward armchairs: in antique shops you can find very interesting small-sized furniture. Until about the middle of the last century, the rooms were much smaller than they are today. Look for small couches, two-seater sofas and chairs that will fit into your living room.

Layout: The sofa with side tables is located in the bay window. Several Louis XIV style armchairs can be placed opposite, with a chest between them as a coffee table. Place an antique couch with a high headboard diagonally from the sofa, and opposite – a small console table.
Number of places: 6.

Hiding smart: Where to find a place to store things if there is none
Storage: How to use the space under the coffee table?

Serena & Lily

4. Look Up
If you have high ceilings in your living room, take full advantage of this! Of course, an elongated room does not mean more space for guests, but it will create the feeling that the room is much larger than it seems at first glance. Turn high walls into a home art gallery.

5. Fill in the space in the corner
Oddly enough, the size of a small corner living room can be visually enlarged with the help of large furniture. How does it work? On a large corner sofa (as in the photo) many guests will fit at once. Due to the fact that such a sofa is perceived as one piece of furniture, it seems that the room is not so crowded. A modern sofa with clean, strict lines will look better in a small living room than a voluminous one.

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Angle Question: Ideas for Corner Space Rooms

Kathleen Bost Architecture + Design


3 3 3 Buy a small sofa
Sometimes a large sofa is not the best option. An understated couch or a small sofa with strict lines and thin legs, because of which it seems weightless, is better.

More Pictures of Living Room Sofas

Caitlin & Caitlin Design Co.

7. Choose a sofa without a back
In an open plan room, a sofa sometimes looks better in the middle of the room than against the walls (unless it is a small sofa in the middle of the room) – it will visually reduce the space. A backless sofa will add some seating, and in a larger room it can separate two seating areas.

8. Arrange the plants
Like wallpaper with mirrors, plants are a great way to add depth to a small living room. Bright greenery will soften the corners, create the effect of additional space and visually enlarge the room. It is especially effective to place plant pots in the corners or near chairs and sofas.

Floral motifs in upholstered furniture: Growing a garden in your own living room0642

Kelly Deck Design

9. Buy multifunctional furniture
In a small living room, use all the furniture. For example, ottomans or stools can be used as a coffee table or extra seating, and small side tables can be moved to different parts of the room.

Jeff King & Company

10. Use built-in storage
Don’t let small furniture in every part of the room (cupboard there, drawer there) eat up the space: take the hard step and use the entire wall for storage. A floor-to-ceiling closet can be equipped for book storage, an entertainment system, or a fold-out desktop.

11. Consider storage space for extra chairs
A small space often doesn’t fit as many seats as you need. Folding chairs or ottomans will come to the rescue, which can be stored in the closet or under the bed so that they can be easily reached when guests arrive.

Layout : Hide the TV, books and a cupboard in the built-in storage section, put a small sofa opposite. Place a low chair in front of the wall with sections so that it does not interfere with the opening of the door.
Number of places : 3

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12. Break the stereotype sofa + armchair
This small but stylish living room has a fold-out daybed (if necessary – a sleeping place for guests), a small upholstered sofa-bed and a window sill equipped for sitting – a range of seating, in addition to traditional sofas or armchairs.

The Cross Interior Design

Place pillows on the windowsill, place an ottoman or a table nearby, where you can also sit.

Layout : Put the couch next to the couch, between them – a transparent plastic coffee table and a fur ottoman, on the other side of the room – a window sill with seats.
Number of seats : 7.

Kasha Paris

13. Forget the sofa
Who said that the living room must have a sofa? If there is very little space, try arranging three or four chairs around a coffee table. For greater functionality, you can use an ottoman with a tray on top as a coffee table.

Layout : Place a low round coffee table in the center of the room with three chairs around it.
Number of seats : 3-4

Coddington Design

14. Buy “invisible” furniture
Plastic, glass or plexiglass are great for small rooms because furniture made of these materials does not take up visual space.

15. Arrange low seating in front of the fireplace
A pair of cute little stools or ottomans in front of the fireplace will not block the main element of the living room – the fireplace – but will give the room more comfort. And even better if the ottomans have a place to store things.

Layout : Put a couple of armchairs in the bay window, a soft Chesterfield-style leather sofa against the wall opposite the fireplace, and an elegant coffee table. Place a pair of upholstered ottomans with storage drawers in front of the fireplace.
Number of seats: 7.

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living room!

interior of a narrow room in a small apartment

Small living room – great difficulties in interior design. Unfortunately, this statement has already become an axiom. After all, it is necessary to simultaneously place all the necessary furniture in it, and visually expand the room. In addition, the space should be relatively free so that the residents feel comfortable, and friends who come to visit do not feel constrained.

Especially for owners of small apartments, our renovation school will tell you how to design a living room – a small room with great opportunities.

You will learn how to choose and place furniture correctly, as well as what existing interior design ideas can be applied to this. We will look at examples of harmonious interiors that will help you tune in the right way and draw some ideas for inspiration.


To think over the design of a living room in a small apartment, a sketch, digital or printed on paper, will help. This will make it easier for you to virtually move furniture and repaint walls.

Planning rules:

  1. Passages between furniture must be at least 80 cm, otherwise the room will look cluttered . It will also make it harder to move around.
  2. A sofa in the living room is necessary, regardless of its area . It is better to use a regular or corner sofa bed. It will be possible to watch TV on it, receive guests and even leave one of the visitors for the night.

    Corner sofa – the perfect solution for a small living room

  3. The sofa is chosen from solid wood (oak, beech) with a metal folding mechanism, this will allow you not to worry about its condition during frequent use by a large number of guests.

Tip! A sofa in the living room will get dirty much faster than any other, so it is better to purchase a model with a removable cover.

  1. Double bed designed for the interior of a large living room .

If you still want to fit it into the design of a small room, raise the bed to the podium, placing storage space in it and at the same time saving space that would take up a closet.

  1. In all other cases you need wardrobe . Ideal would be an option with mirrored doors that visually increase the space. Tall narrow cabinets that use the free space under the ceiling have the same property.

Tip! If you think mirrored doors are too easily soiled, opt for frosted glass. It also visually enlarges the room, as if “dissolving” the closet in the air.

  1. When allocating a place for a dining area, it is worth considering that the area of ​​​​the zone is equal to the number of seats placed in it . If your dining area has an area of ​​4 m², count on the fact that you can put a table and 4 chairs in it. It is impossible to exceed the specified amount for reasons of comfort.
  2. The interior design of a small living room should have a contrasting and clear accent . Most often, its role is played by a TV, less often a fireplace and other decorative elements.
  3. Distance from TV screen must be more than 2 meters . The sofa is set opposite him.
  4. Plasma TV hanging on the wall is the ideal solution for living room interior. It will save you from having to place a bulky cabinet or table.

Design principles


When organizing the interior of a narrow living room, give up the idea of ​​building partitions or placing screens, shelving. Zoning must be purely visual.

There are quite a few ways to do this:

  • different shades of wallpaper;
  • flooring texture;
  • multi-level ceiling;
  • the brightness of the ceiling lighting in individual areas.

Tip! To emphasize the brighter part of the ceiling, local lighting will help, for example, a backlit niche or highlighting paintings and photographs.


According to the prevailing opinion, the design of a small living room should be light.

Of course, light colors visually enlarge the room, but this is not the only correct design idea. In addition, a pure white or beige interior will look boring.

Consider the color possibilities of the owners of a small living room:

  1. A classic light interior will not be boring if bright accessories are added to a pastel or white background.

Sofa cushions, carpet, vases and various decorative items can play their role. Color accents can be either the same shade or different.

For example, combinations of yellow, orange and light green color spots will give the room a cheerful and cheerful atmosphere. You can also use pink and coral colors.

Bright color accents will refresh the interior of a white living room

  1. The interior of the living room in green will look fresh and harmonious.

This color gravitates toward nature and evokes life and growth. However, in a small room it is better not to use saturated green, pistachio and olive tone will do.

You can use shades of apple green or spring green, but they should not take up too much space.

All of these colors work well with different wood tones, as well as white and orange.

Fresh green living room interior

  1. Blue is just perfect for the living room.

For people with an explosive character, it is simply necessary, because it has a calming effect on a person. Choose delicate pastel shades that will evoke clear skies and flying clouds or sea breezes and coastal waves.

Blue can be paired with muted china pink for a romantic touch, or coffee for a hint of cottage style.

Also classic is the combination with white, it can be a white table, armchair, wallpaper or curtains in blue and white stripes.

Beautiful design of a small living room in blue tones

  1. Purple color will look more extravagant and unusual.

Since we are decorating a small room, use only pale soft shades: lilac, light purple, lilac and purple with a bluish tint, which in the language of designers is called “light plum”.

Violet will work just as well on its own or in combination with neutral colors such as light cocoa, white or grey.

Small living room: purple design

When designing a small living room, keep in mind the possibility of using unusual elements that draw attention to yourself.

Their role may be played by:

Do not be afraid to experiment, and the owners of large living rooms will envy the interior of your small room.