Fairy light design: Bedroom fairy light ideas – 20 ways to style string lighting

Bedroom fairy light ideas – 20 ways to style string lighting

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(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

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The words bedroom fairy light ideas are enough to put even the most eclectic and confident of interior designers in two different camps. Those that love these twinkling little lights, and others that cringe at the concept of these diddy decorations.

But rather than feeling childish or something that you should be ashamed of, make this bedroom lighting feel chic with our elegant execution ideas. We take a look at curtain lighting to affordable chandelier projects, themed biophilic bedroom string light ideas, and everything in between.

And, we’ve even approached internationally-renowned lighting experts to encourage you to decorate with this divisive decor to brighten up your bedroom.

Bedroom fairy light ideas to add a glow

‘Bedroom fairy lights suit any style of room and inject a fresh feel in seconds.’ says Becky Tasker, PR manager, Lights4Fun .

‘Make them a feature for your mirrors by draping them over and around them. Delicate shapes such as flowers add a pretty and elegant look.’

1. Create a forest theme with ivy

Click the image to shop the Kikkerland Ivy String Lights from Urban Outfitters

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Bringing the outside in has a multitude of wealth of advantages for our mental health. Aside from the benefits of houseplants, a green bedroom with themed bedroom decor can create a calm and tranquil atmosphere for you to sleep and relax in.

Immerse yourself in a verdant and enchanted forest scheme with 10 meters of battery-operated, Ivy-shaped bedroom fairy lights from Urban Outfitters . These string lights can be plugged into any USB port for adding quick and easy ambience to your woodland-inspired bedroom, so you can literally put the ‘fairy’ in fairy lights.

2. Upcycle a fairy light chandelier

(Image credit: Festive Lights)

Bedroom fairy light ideas don’t have to be your secondary light source, or just there to create ambiance. As the main way to provide brightness, why not create a DIY chandelier-style bedroom ceiling light using a hula hoop.

Do not adjust your device screens, because we said what we said. This recreational hoop spun around gyrating hips can be used to create an unusual but affordable crown of lights to make your bedroom look lit!

Here, Jenny Hardy, digital marketing executive, Festive Lights , shows you how to create this unusual do-it-yourself project. And despite their brand name, this isn’t just for Christmas.  

You will need:

  • Fairy lights  (long drop icicles look good, but you can decide per your decor)
  • You’ll need a starter cable (available from Festive Lights) if you’ve opted for ConnectPro lights
  • A hula hoop
  • Cable ties
  • 2 x ribbons for hanging
  • A ceiling hook

1. Start by securing one end of the lights in place. We just used the icicle drops themselves and tied them securely around the hoop. We were able to do this thanks to the strong rubber cabling on these particular icicle lights, but if your lights aren’t quite as robust, you can use cable ties to secure them. 

2. Now this bit can take some time but it’s a really simple process. All you need to do is work your way around the hoop, securing the lights as you go. Make sure the end of the lights with the connection is easily accessible, as you’ll need to connect your chandelier to the power source. 

3. Your beautiful new fairy light chandelier is complete! Simply tie two separate lengths of ribbon onto the hoop, one across from the other, creating a cross shape over the hoop. Using these ribbons, you’ll be able to hang your fairy light chandelier from a hook. Now all you need to do is plug in your homemade chandelier, sit back and enjoy your hard work!

4. Your beautiful new fairy light chandelier is complete! Simply tie two separate lengths of ribbon onto the hoop, one across from the other, creating a cross shape over the hoop. Using these ribbons, you’ll be able to hang your fairy light chandelier from a hook. Now all you need to do is plug in your homemade chandelier, sit back and enjoy your hard work!

3. DIY an unusual focal point

(Image credit: IKEA)

If you can’t afford a new statement headboard, or you’re leasing a rental home, you may be wondering how to create impact in your bedroom without blowing the budget. 

As a quirky and budget bedroom idea, why not forage some foliage from your local forest or park, securely fix it to the wall, and then wrap it with bedroom fairy lights. You’re guaranteed to have something unique and it’s a real talking point for when you’re showing guests around your home.

4. Create the illusion of high ceilings in a girl’s bedroom

Click the image to shop the cotton ball LED string lights by Cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Transitioning a toddler from your bedroom to their own can be a challenging task. But with the power of bedroom fairy lights, you can create a beautiful big girls’ room.

Perfect for adding texture, these Cotton Ball LED string lights from Cuckooland are the perfect way to add interest and create the illusion of high ceilings in a single bedroom. Hang them along the windowsill, across a headboard or if your child is feeling a bit apprehensive about being alone in the dark – why not hang them up in your kid’s room and use them as a nightlight? 

They’d be perfect for a magical kids’ bedroom theme. With lots of colors to choose from, you’ll want a set in every room.

5. Spruce up a teenage university dormitory

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

‘Fairy lights are a brilliant solution to brightening up those drab dorm rooms,’ says Tasker.

‘Twinkly lights and Polaroids were meant to be together and can create the ultimate personalized display for your bedroom!’

‘Peg your cards and photos to your lights for the picture-perfect look! LED lights stay cool, so you don’t need to worry about them overheating – they can be left on all day and night.’

‘Create a DIY fairy light wall by simply swagging and pinning lights across your wall. You can achieve cozy low-level lighting by opting for battery lights, they also have a handy timer function!’

6. Reach for the stars

Click the image to shop the star fairy lights – 40 bulbs, available from The White Company

(Image credit: The White Company)

‘Choose warm white lights for soft tones and cozy evenings, creating a soothing atmosphere once darkness falls,’ says Tasker.

‘Shapes such as stars are perfect for bedrooms, creating a starry sky effect by night. The shapes radiate a warm glow from the inside and out, to create the ultimate display feature for your space.’

Shop these 40 warm fairy lights from The White Company and try filling a lantern with them to give your bedroom some extra sparkle. Complete with a timer, these lights can be set to automatically turn off while you’re sleeping.

7. Create a Scandi-inspired scheme with star filaments

Click the image to shop the fairy lights with star-shaped filaments, designed by Madam Stoltz, available at Trouva

(Image credit: Madam Stoltz)

Rather than playing about with the shapes of the fixtures, why not experiment with unusual exposed filament designs for a more subtle approach?

We’re in awe of these Nordic-inspired bedroom fairy lights from Danish brand Madam Stoltz, available from Trouva . Famed for its boho take on Scandinavian design, the company uses rich colors and textures to create its signature range of interior products including string lights.

We are particularly in love with this combination of grey concrete walls, jute covered wires, clear plastic bulbs, and gold-colored fittings.

8. Add interest near a window

Click the image to shop the Brass battery-operated micro festoon lights from Lights4Fun

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

‘Hang fairy lights or festoon lights vertically on walls or drape from ceilings, they are super easy to style within your space. Replace your bedside table lamp with an indoor lantern to add to the glow,’ says Tasker.

While Richard Petrie, head of digital and e-commerce, Thomas Sanderson agrees,  ‘Fairy lights are a soft and effective way to add subtle lighting to your window. They can be used in a number of ways, draped around your window frame or placed on your window sill which won’t interfere with any window dressings. Either way, they will add a sparkle to your home and make it more inviting.’

9. Draw the eye towards wall art

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Whether you have a gallery wall or a special standalone piece of wall art, you’ll want a painting, portrait for wall hanging to look its best. Aside from the quality of the paper, and choosing a frame, there are other ways to make sure your prints are popping!

Here, the same aforementioned brass globe indoor/outdoor string lights from Lights4Fun can be arranged around the artwork to accentuate colors and oil paint or canvas textures. And, the exciting part? You can make your room look like the Louvre for less than twenty bucks.

Click the image to shop the 10 Black Diamond Battery Fairy Lights, available at Lights4Fun

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But if your female relative isn’t a girly girl and shies away from pink and pastel bedroom decor – we’ve just the thing.

Combining geometry with gemstones, this trendy set of cage pendants houses one warm white LED for a stylish glow. Plus, with an optional 6-hour timer they’ll illuminate autonomously night after night.

We think these’ll look extra special in a monochrome or modern bedroom.

11. Brighten up a bedroom fireplace

Click the image to shop the colored string lights from CB2

(Image credit: CB2)

If you’re lucky enough to have a bedroom with a fireplace to add extra warmth during the winter, and extra shelf space during the warmer months – decorate it with colored fairy lights.

Whether yours is made from dark wood or light marble, the high contrast of these glass bedroom fairy lights from CB2 will add personality to your mantelpiece.

12. Create an atmospheric reading corner

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Whether you’re reading a book, relaxing with a cup of tea, or merely taking in some city or suburban views, a window seat is a great spot to take five. But rather than relying on your bedroom wall lighting or ceiling fixtures, create that balmy summertime feel (whatever the weather) with a set of festoon lights.

13. Compliment a color-blocked feature wall

(Image credit: Furniture and Choice)

If your bedroom is a little snug, there are two decorations that are sure to make an impact without compromising on space: a bold feature wall using paint and some small bedroom lighting ideas. So why not combine the two?

Here, a trendy mural of pink and yellow color blocking meets polka dots and multi-colored fairy lights in this bedroom. Create a ‘same-same-but-different scheme’ with the introduction of soft circular and spherical shapes.

To do this, paint a semi-circle or round wall paint decoration, add plump cushions, introduce a pom-pom embellished throw, and how about a round rug with pom-pom details? Perfect.

14. Add interest with a curtain light backdrop

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Wall decor in a bedroom can be hard to get right. If you’ve already got a shelfie design on the adjacent wall and your sleep quarters still look quite bland, a set of curtain lights can create ambiance and atmosphere for less than you think. And, they also add interest if you don’t have a headboard.

‘Curtain lights create the perfect backdrop for bedrooms. Hang them from the top string and let them drop down wherever you want them to sit. The generous lead wire is also ideal for hard-to-reach sockets. ‘ says Kirk.

15. Create a sweet firefly-style glow

Click the image to shop the Firefly string lights from Urban Outfitters

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Create the feeling of camping outside with bedroom fairy lights that encapsulate the nostalgic memories of fireflies or glow worms. These warm copper LED bulbs from Urban Outfitters are strung on a bendable wire so you can manipulate them around your bed.

A versatile design, these bedroom fairy lights can be styled whether you have a low-slung slubby bed, or make it a romantic bedroom idea for couples by using them in conjunction with a voile curtain and four-poster bed.

16. Create a seventies-inspired bohemian chill-out

Click the image to shop the extra long copper Firefly string lights from Urban Outfitters

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Bedrooms are a great place to set a mood or vibe and transport yourself to any place or era, and boy do we love this groovy setting.

So whether you’re practicing peace and love with a bit of yoga or singing in your hairbrush to pop classics, create a warm atmosphere with curtain lights, like these from Urban Outfitters . Dress up a bare wall and immerse yourself in a space that is truly your own.

We love this chilled boho bedroom space with the Berber-style seventies chic rug and retro record player (like these from Urban Outfitters) and accompanying vinyls… Oh and not forgetting a potted plant too!

‘Whilst curtain lights are perfect for hanging in the window, they can also be draped across walls with ease. They fill blank spaces effortlessly and add a sparkling statement piece to your room!’ says Tasker.

17. Go for simplistic festoon lights

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

‘If you are a real minimalist or lover of all things modern then you could opt for a string of festoon lights somewhere in your bedroom,’ says Tasker.

‘They are the perfect match for a monochrome bedroom and would also look great in a contemporary studio apartment or strung against a white wall. If your bedroom has subtle tones of black and white then a string of festoon lights on black cable would be a perfect fit.’

We love this rustic indoor/outdoor feel with the overhead wooden beams and white shiplap wall paneling.

18. Drape lights over a mirror

(Image credit: Indie Home Collective)

A good mirror design is only half the part when it comes to checking out your reflection in your bedroom, as lighting plays a massive part in accentuating your facial features and silhouette.

Too warm/yellow will make the room look lethargic, too bright and white, and you could mistake your sleep space for the doctor’s surgery. Getting your color temperature right will also make those selfies look more Instagrammable!

These simplistic bulbs can work wonders when applying your make-up or doing up buttons or zips on your favorite garments. Together, with your main light source, they will work as ambient and task lighting to get ready for work or party.

19. Create a moody masculine room

Click the image to shop the Woood Kingsize Black Metal Four Poster Bed, available at Cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

If you thought that fairy lights were just for females… Think again. This fairy light design is perfect for teenage boys and as men’s bedroom decor. Asides from choosing an Edison-bulb string light, make this feel like a manly room with a powder-coated industrial bedframe, like this Woood kingsize black metal four-poster bed, available at Cuckooland , and different types of grey, taupe and brown decor for tonal variation. Then, add a pop of mustard to compliment the warm glow of the lights.

And, if you want to create a really moody and dramatic scheme, why not play with smoked glass? Lights4Fun has some quirky smoked globe indoor/outdoor LED string lights for a rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic.

Click the image to shop the personalized Liberty Print Fairy Light Heart, from Melanie Porter.

(Image credit: Melanie Porter)

If you don’t want something that’s been manufactured en mass, go bespoke with your bedroom fairy lights by reaching out to an independent retailer. We love this heart-shaped decoration, but if you are installing it in your young son or daughter’s room, we’d recommend some caution with the wireframe which may present a health hazard.

‘This pretty fairy light heart is a sweet bedroom accessory with personalized writing,’ says Melanie Porter, owner of online marketplace, Melanieporter.co.uk

‘Mixing classic Liberty print fabric with gold thread, the light string is hand-spun with fairy lights, then wrapped around a wireframe to make this reassuring light-up heart.’

‘Completely battery-operated without the hassle of plugs and sockets, this sweet light makes your children’s space their own.’

Of course, you can find a plethora of other small businesses supplying unique lighting solutions on Etsy or Not On The High Street too!

How do I put fairy lights in my bedroom?

‘Whilst curtain lights are perfect for hanging in the window, they can also be draped across walls with ease. They fill blank spaces effortlessly and add a sparkling statement piece to your room!’ says Tasker.

Do fairy lights look tacky?

In short, no. It all depends on how you style them. And, if it’s good enough for global lighting brand Lights4Fun, then it’s good enough for us.

‘Create your own fairy light wall using warm white fairy lights. Simply drape the lights over some small picture hooks and hang photos from some mini pegs,’ explains Kirk.

‘Keep it quirky using colorful photos and even birthday cards or, if you want a real vintage bedroom feel, use black and white or sepia photos for that old-school look.’

Christina joined the Real Homes team as a digital writer in June 2021. Prior to this, she worked for Good Homes magazine and home interest events including the Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs Live. She lives close to Epping Forest and is spoiled for choice with lush green spaces, but loves her own English garden that adjoins her ground-floor maisonette, complete with a floral melange of roses, lavender, jasmine, and an apple tree.

fairy lights for the bedroom

Fairy lights have a lot to answer for. They can take your bedroom decor from an average 5 to a solid 10 with the switch of a button, and they’ve become a must-have light source in almost every luxury Instagram interior account. Now, we know what you may be thinking – they’re a tacky uni room addition and your freshers’ days are over. But trust us, times have changed since then, and the fairy light is here to stay, regardless of whether you’re a first-year or a fully-fledged professional.

From creating a cosy, warm atmosphere to providing soft (and let’s be honest) extremely generous lighting, we can guarantee there’s not a bedroom across the land without some form of fairy light addition.

But if you’re yet to join the twinkly party and are looking for some inspiration (especially as winter approaches) here are 25 designs that will transform your space into a magical haven.

1. Indoor fairy lights

      Bulb lights look so cool, and offer up slightly more light than your average smaller-bulb styles. String these up over furniture like chairs or headboards.

      2. Affordable fairy lights

      You can get a simple set of lights for a very affordable price. This long set will go all around your bedroom, so it’s perfect if you really want to make a statement.

      3. Flamingo fairy lights


      Um, how cute are these flamingo fairy lights?! It’s a yes from us.

      4. Celestial fairy lights


      These battery-powered string lights can give your bedroom an elegant yet ethereal feel. The moons and stars are so pretty.

      5. Curtain fairy lights

      not on the high street

      Whether you’re covering a door or a plain wall, a curtain light brings all kinds of cosy vibes. This star set is so cute.

      6. Rope fairy lights

      Add some rustic charm to your bedroom with these rope fairy lights. They’re giving us serious cottage core vibes!

      7. LED fairy lights

      If you’re looking for something a little more sensual and little less girly, these LED strips are the ultimate choice.

      8. Amethyst fairy lights

      Crystal lovers, this one is for you. Made from natural amethyst raw stones, indulge the free-spirit inside you.

      9. Garland fairy lights

      If you love nothing more than getting cosy in the colder months with a big blanket and a film, these leaf lights will provide the perfect comfy vibe.

      10. Hot air balloon fairy lights

      Okay, we know it says they’re for children, but that doesn’t mean they’re just for children, right? Super quirky and fun, these hot air balloon lights will add an out-of-this-world vibe to your bedroom.

      11. Colourful fairy lights

      not on the high street

      Bring some colour to a plain room with these fun fairy lights, which will make you feel nostalgic for childhood craft afternoons.

      12. Himalayan salt string lights

      You’ve had amethyst, now it’s time for some Himalayan salt, (or both, we don’t mind). Pair with your Himalayan salt lamp (we know you’ve all got one) and bask in the cosiness of your room.

      13. Photo fairy lights

      John Lewis

      Photo fairy lights are great for displaying polaroid pictures, and save you the hassle of having to frame your images.

      14. Vine fairy lights


      If you love the indoor plant vibe but haven’t got a hope in hell of keeping them alive, we reckon these vine garland lights will take your fancy. Drape them over your headboard or around your door frame.

      15. Remote fairy lights


      If you want to put lights on the ceiling, or high up on walls, you’d be better investing in a set with a remote to control them from a distance.

      16. Sunset LED lamp


      Okay, so this one’s not technically fairy lights, but it’s 100% worth mentioning. If you want to give your room a proper sunset vibe, this LED lamp is absolute must.

      17. Pom pom fairy lights

      These sweet pom pom lights are fairly subtle, but will look great around furniture or even inside a glass jar.

      18. Mushroom fairy lights


      If you’re looking for some cute, novelty fairy lights, why not go for these little mushroom ones? They’re so adorable!

      19. Shaped fairy lights


      Hearts are a sweet option if you’re looking for shape fairy lights, and this set has them in different sizes. Cute!

      20. Quirky fairy lights

      not on the high street

      This starburst light garland is different than anything else we’ve seen, and will really make a difference to a plain bedroom. Straight to basket.

      21. Novelty fairy lights


      We’re loving these cute little dinos. Trust us, if you’ve watched the David Attenborough dinosaur doc on BBC iPlayer, you’ll be adding these babies to your basket ASAP.

      22. Lantern fairy lights


      Whether you use these fairy lights as decs for a party, or you have them up in your room all year round, they’ll make a super cosy addition to your space.

      23. Flower fairy lights


      Etsy gets a 10/10 when it comes to fairy lights. These purple and pink Himalaya flowers complement a cottage core aesthetic so well, and they’re so subtle and dainty that they won’t overcrowd your room.

      24. Fruity fairy lights


      These sweet lemon fairy lights are super quirky and fun, and would work just as well in a kitchen, too. *Adds two sets to basket*

      25. Butterfly fairy lights


      Erm, who doesn’t love butterflies? These stunning lights will add an ethereal touch to your room, as well as create the softest and most-flattering lighting.

          Decorative Fairy Light Ideas That Work in any Room in Your Home

          If you love the subtle ambiance of fairy lights, but you aren’t quite sure how to use them in your home, aside from the traditional holidays, check out our fairy light ideas for some of the cutest methods of using decorative indoor string lights.


          • Light up the entrance
          • Use these fairy light ideas in almost any space
          • Spruce up the living room
          • Add some twinkle to your kitchen
          • Make your bathroom magical
          • Upgrade your bedroom with all sorts of fairy light decorations
          • How to hang fairy lights without nails
          • Tips for the best way to hang fairy lights




          30 minutes

          What You Need

          • Measuring tape

          • Hammer and nails (or nail-free hanging product if preferred)

          • Fairy lights (LED if near fabric)

          • Hot glue (for brick walls)

          • Pencil

          There are so many ways to string these sparkly delights that we decided to break them into zones for you. This way you can imagine how you can best use them in your space, room by room. Let’s start with the entryway to your home.

          Light up the entrance

          The entryway or foyer is a great area for fairy lights at any time of the year. They keep things warmly inviting and light your way without being too bright for guests’ eyes to adjust as they enter.

          Try them out in some of the following ways:

          Step 1: Hang them from above to gently light up the entrance for guests (you can do this in any hallway, too).

          Step 2: String them around banisters or handrails to lead guests upstairs, down halls, or elsewhere with ease.

          Step 3: Place them carefully under glass globes or other clear glass decor and then place them on entryway tables and shelving.

          Step 4: Place them in a hanging terrarium with air plants for a low-maintenance yet stunning conversation starter.

          Use these fairy light ideas in almost any space

          Fill a vessel with the glow of indoor fairy lights, and let it spread throughout the space. You can do this in many ways:

          Step 1: Fill glass jars with them. You can string and hang them intermittently to light up the hallway if they’re small enough, or place the lights on side tables, end tables, dressers, and more.

          Step 2: Fairy lights can also look nice in tall, slender glasses or in Mason jar sconces. Lovely Etc. explains how to make a DIY fairy lantern in less than 5 minutes!

          Step 3: Fill a basket or another pretty container (or groups of containers) with fairy lights and place them neatly along a line.

          Step 4: Don’t be afraid to set up scenes and get creative. Some people choose to write words in lights while others create scenes.

          Spruce up the living room

          Step 1: Zig zag them across the ceiling for a relaxed look in your living room.

          Step 2: Wind your lights around any greenery, books, or other items that you have on shelving to highlight your decor.

          Step 3: Yard Envy reveals that DIY curtain lights are easier than you think! You can also find and buy some woven into curtains — if you don’t want the hassle — for a sparkling window area.

          Add some twinkle to your kitchen

          It doesn’t hurt to add some fairy lights to your kitchen space for a unique and fresh feel.

          Step 1: Light up the area around your spice jars and baking supplies, cutting boards, recipe books, or anywhere worth showcasing with sparkles.

          Step 2: Fill old wine bottles or empty vinegar or olive oil bottles with fairy lights and brighten up the corners of your kitchen.

          Step 3: Drape a single strand across your kitchen window for a spritz of atmosphere while you put away dishes.

          Make your bathroom magical

          Step 1: As long as it’s far enough from water sources, use your imagination and highlight anything you like with your fairy lights in the bathroom.

          Step 2: If it works in your bathroom, you can “nautical-ize” any old bottle by adding fairy lights and a seahorse medallion — or mermaid, sea turtle, or anything, will also do.

          Step 3: Sparkle up your vanity mirror with some fairies around the edges for a gentle glimmer.

          Upgrade your bedroom with all sorts of fairy light decorations

          The bedroom could use a bit of that magical touch that fairy lights bring.

          Step 1: Hang them across the canopy of your bed instead of or with your favorite fabric.

          Step 2: String them on faux or real branches (with leaves removed) decoratively on each side of the bed, or wherever you like.

          Step 3: Hang them with or without beads from the doorway in place of a door.

          Step 4: Highlight a mirror or dressing table.

          Step 5: Hang them in layers on the wall to display assorted photographs, postcards, or whatever you wish.

          How to hang fairy lights without nails

          Since most of us prefer not to leave nail holes in the wall when it’s unnecessary, and fairy lights are normally quite lightweight, there are several ways to illuminate your home with these glimmering lights without using nails. Let’s take a peek at a few:

          • Command strips adjustables: These are ideal for stringing lights indoors. Get these for when you may need to readjust them a couple of times.
          • Other damage-free adhesive hooks: You can also use these hooks if you have different types of cords with your lights.
          • Suction cup hooks: These also work for hanging lights on walls without leaving damage.
          • Blue tack: This is like a thick, tacky substance similar to silly putty that holds things in place without causing damage. This should work for smaller fairy lights. It has numerous other uses and is reusable to boot!

          Step 1: When you’re ready to hang your lights, untangle them, and then stretch them out to see how many you have, how far they reach, and whether any are broken or not working.

          Step 2: If the spacing between lights is too wide for your tastes, there are ways to shorten them up, such as winding them around any extra hooks you hang between the ones you use, or hiding the extra by winding behind fixtures along the way.

          Step 3: Be sure to measure it all once you stretch everything out.

          Step 4: Then, measure out where you need to hang your hooks on the wall in order for everything to be spaced as you wish.

          Step 5: Make sure it’s all even, and — voila! Now it’s time to hang your lights.

          Step 6: Select one of the nail-free methods we discussed above and follow the product instructions for hanging.

          Tips for the best way to hang fairy lights

          Whatever method you choose, remember these tips:

          Step 1: Be aware of the lights you bought and their use, particularly if you’re hanging the fairy lights outside. Some lights are meant for indoor use only.

          Step 2: Make sure the lights are LEDs if you plan to hang them near curtains or fabric of any kind.

          Step 3: If you plan to hang anything heavy from your fairy lights, it’s best to use nails.

          Step 4: If you’re hanging lights on a brick wall, you can use hot glue to keep them in place.

          Step 5: If your lights have a battery pack, try hiding it behind items on shelves. You can also use Velcro to secure it to a wall.

          Step 6: If you’re forming a word or a shape with your lights, write it on the wall in pencil first.

          Now that you’ve got some ideas, you can decide where to hang your lights, what kind you’ll most likely purchase, as well as which types of adhesives you’ll use. We’ve seen some great deals going on at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Wayfair, and other places, and the best time to shop for them is, of course, in the off-season, if you see them. We also found some at Dollar General for a steal of a price and they lasted several holidays, so you may want to check there, too, if you hope to save a buck.

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          Create Magical Atmosphere in Any Room

          Fairy lights decorating ideas have become very popular as they create a magical atmosphere in any room at any time of the year. We think of fairy lights when Christmas comes. They make the home festive, bright and beautiful. Many people think that their traditional place is on the Christmas tree or on the window. In fact, their beautiful brilliance can enrich any other room in the home.

          • Inspirational and Magical Fairy Lights Decorating Ideas

            • Buying Fairy Lights Guide – What is Important to Know?

            • How to Use Fairy Lights for Home Decoration?

              • Fairy Lights Wall Decorating Ideas

              • Ceiling Fairy Lights Ideas

              • Fairy Lights Window Decorating Ideas

              • Magical Mirror Lighting

              • Lovely Bedroom Decoration

              • Decorate the Hallway with String Lights

              • Highlight Your Furniture with Fairy Lights

              • Decorate Glass Vases and Lanterns with Fairy Lights

          String lights are inexpensive, affordable and very effective decoration that instantly creates a feeling of coziness. You can install them at Christmas and leave them for the whole winter, the interior will only benefit from this. You may have noticed that fairy lights are no longer just a Christmas tree decor, but are used everywhere and at any time of the year.

          Initially, electric garlands were developed exclusively for decorating Christmas trees. Their predecessors were candles, which often caused fires, darkening the holiday and causing damage. In addition, the candle decor was very cumbersome. The problem of fire safety during Christmas holidays was completely resolved after the appearance and massive distribution of garlands powered by electricity.

          At first, the electric bulbs in the garland had one color and burned with an even light, later they acquired different colors and began to blink, which turned this Christmas tree decoration into a real magic. Multi-colored lights have now become an indispensable attribute of the holiday. Sparkling fir trees make you forget about worries and problems. Today they are used not only for decorating fir trees, but also for the interior.

          We see many fairy lights decorating ideas for almost any holiday and special occasion – birthdays and weddings, graduations and anniversaries. They look very beautiful in the twilight, bewitch and create a special atmosphere. But not everyone knows that garlands can be used to decorate the house. Are you interested?

          To decorate a room with a string lights, first of all, you need your desire, a great idea and the actual decor item itself – an electric garland. Do not forget that today you can find many battery-powered garlands in stores. And since they no longer need sockets, there are many more options for decorating.

          Decorating a room with fairy lights can be very diverse. They can become a mysterious addition to thin curtains, they can accent a beautiful mirror, furniture piece and other interior items. You can also decorate the window with colored bulbs. The opening will look completely different. The atmosphere of the room will change immediately and its whole appearance will be transformed. You can use fairy lights even during the day to bring in a sparkle into your home!

          Buying Fairy Lights Guide – What is Important to Know?

          Buying fairy lights is not just an exciting pastime, but also a big responsibility. A chain of lights is not just a chain of lights. Nowadays the choice is extremely diverse – from small LED lights to light bulbs in different sizes, shapes and colors.

          The choice of models in furniture stores and hardware stores is. There are fairy lights with small LED lights or examples with larger. No matter which model you choose as an atmospheric decorative object: Pay attention to the following criteria when buying:

          Safety is hugely important! This applies to any electrical products. It is better not to be tempted by very cheap imported models as it is unlikely that they comply with any guidelines and technical tests. A safe string of lights has a special mark (CE for EU) which certifies that the light object complies with the European guidelines for safety.

          How do you want to operate the fairy lights? As with lights, there are fairy lights with classic plugs, solar and batteries powered models. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages: LED fairy lights are great for indoors as they are energy-saving and have very low energy consumption. Another advantage of LED lights is that even when they are on for a long time, the lamps do not get hot. While solar fairy lights and models with batteries are very mobile, fairy lights with a power connection are suitable for long-term use.

          Also check the documents that confirm the quality of the product, the availability of instructions and the service life of the product. It is best to purchase fairy lights in specialized stores or large retail chains.

          In terms of design string lights come in numerous options – classic chain of lights in teardrop shape, glowing flowers, star fairy lights, bulbs with decorative shades, etc. Which fairy lights is the best for you? It is up to you, your idea for decoration and the goal you want to achieve.

          How to Use Fairy Lights for Home Decoration?

          The location of the electric garland plays, perhaps, the most important role. It is better to use LED lights, since they are lightweight, practically do not heat up, and their price is quite affordable. Warm yellow lights can be placed horizontally or vertically. A single string of lights has a minimalist, yet artsy look and are a great accent in lofts and industrial styled interiors. Fairy lights can be used as a light source as well. Their soft, cozy glow is very appealing and that could be the perfect lighting source in kids’ and teen bedrooms. It sounds like an unusual solution, but fairy lights can be used as room divider as well. It’s unbelievable what cheap fairy lights can do in a room!

          Fairy Lights Wall Decorating Ideas

          Fairy lights wall decorating ideas are magnificent! You can hang the strings horizontally or vertically down the wall and create a real fairytale backdrop in minutes.

          How to hang a garland on the wall? Before proceeding with hanging fairy lights, choose a suitable wall with enough room for your garland. Many people use adhesive tape to attach the string lights, but you can also use small hooks at the ends of the wall. In this way you can arrange festoons, letters, words or abstract shapes.

          Fairy lights are also ideal for hanging up photos. You can make a fabulous photo gallery by hanging one or several horizontal rows of lights and then attach as many pictures as you like in any size to the string of lights. In this simple way you will showcase your unforgettable memories and moments in the best possible way.

          You can use string lights to create an accent wall in your bedroom. Place them on the wall behind the bed and in addition to a spectacular interior, you will have a practical light source.

          Ceiling Fairy Lights Ideas

          What could be better than a magical starry sky in your home? Ceiling fairy lights are often used as wedding decoration and if you are fascinated by the idea, nothing stops you to brighten up your space. You can hang the lights on the ceiling of any room – living room, bedroom, hallway, etc.

          Fairy Lights Window Decorating Ideas

          Nothing makes a window more festive and eye catching than a string of magical lights. You can arrange them around the frames of your windows or decorate the curtains in a 1001 nights fairytale style!

          Magical Mirror Lighting

          Light chains attached around a mirror, not only provide a beautiful light accent in the room, but also provide perfect lighting when styling and applying make-up.

          Lovely Bedroom Decoration

          Do you need more romance in the bedroom? Then a string of lights that can be attached to or above the bed is a great idea. Decorate your bed or canopy with fairy lights and the lovely sparkling glow will create a nice and cozy atmosphere

          Adorable Nursery Decor

          Since the lamps of the fairy lights do not get hot, they can also be used as magical light decorations in a children’s room. Bet the kids will be thrilled?

          Decorate the Hallway with String Lights

          Decorating a hallway with fairy lights can be an interesting idea. It will be especially relevant for dark corridors. This technique will also allow you to visually combine adjacent rooms. You can decorate the staircase or attach them on the ceiling or the walls. Whichever way you choose, the result will be spectacular!

          Highlight Your Furniture with Fairy Lights

          A vintage chest of drawers or wardrobe can become the focal point in the room if you decorate it with string lights. Even if you do not have antique furniture pieces but just want to change the atmosphere in the kitchen, fairy lights will help you do that in just minutes without spending a fortune on home decorations.

          Decorate Glass Vases and Lanterns with Fairy Lights

          If you want a quick decoration, fairy lights in glass containers are just the right thing for you. All you need is a beautiful glass vessel, for example a vase, a large lantern or a transparent bottle. You can even add seasonal decorations for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or Halloween.

          These are just some of the thousands of ways to use fairy lights as home decoration! Look at the photo gallery for more inspiration!



          Fairy light ideas – creative ways to display and decorate with string lights in your home and bedroom

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          String lights aren’t just for Christmas. Used in the right way, they can provide pretty lighting through your home without looking overtly festive or childish. Our fairy light ideas cover every room. As you’d expect, we have plenty of inspiration for kids’ bedrooms, but there are also some pretty ways to illuminate kitchens, hallways and even grown-up living rooms.

          Living room lighting ideas – improve the light and set the right mood for relaxing

          We’ve got them wrapped round our bedposts, laced over table tops and wound up the stair banister. Keep reading to see the many alternative ways there are to display fairy lights.

          1. Fake a real fire

          (Image credit: Future PLC /Matt Antrobus)

          Real fires might add a lovely glow to a room, but there are many reasons why they are impractical. Maybe you don’t have a flue and installing one will be problematic/just plain expensive? Or perhaps you have pets or young children and don’t want to expose them to actual flickering flames.

          In these circumstances, we have a fabulous fireplace idea. Clusters of fairy lights can give the feel of glowing embers, without the risk or mess. Add in some fake tea lights on stands for extra impact and height.

          2. Create instant task lighting in a kitchen

          (Image credit: Future PLC/Sussie Bell)

          Good kitchen lighting can set you back hundreds, so if you’re looking for a quick retrofit option that sheds light on your worktop, try fairy lights. String the under a shelf or wall cabinets to provide some handy extra illumination for chopping and other food prep. Or to create a little ambiance after dinner is served.

          3. Light up a plain corner

          (Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

          Got a dark or dull corner you don’t really know what to do with? Hang fairy lights from a hook screwed into the ceiling for a burst of brightness. While you’re at it, you could hook up some house plants in macrame baskets. Just don’t overload your fixtures. You don’t want to bring down the plaster!

          4. Bring more colour to a kids’ room

          (Image credit: Future)

          String lights aren’t just about adding, ahem, light. They can be a great way to introduce colour, making an impact turned on or off. It’s one of our favourite easy children’s room ideas.

          You don’t even need to buy the lights with embellishments. It’s possible to make your own by cutting or folding paper, then glueing your creations on to a plain string of fairy lights. That way, you can get the look and colour scheme just as you want it.

          5. String festoons between rooms

          (Image credit: Future)

          In this stylish monochrome home, the owner has used festoons to bring extra light and style to the gateway between sitting and dining area. They fit in perfectly with the quirky ‘industrial country’ theme.

          6. Highlight a motif

          (Image credit: Future)

          Create a quirky lighting feature above a bed or on a wall by wrapping lights around a metal star or heart. In this coastal bedroom, it highlights a star motif that’s used throughout the scheme.

          7. Make a feature of furniture

          (Image credit: Future)

          Want people to pay more attention to a favourite heirloom or new upcycling project? Drape fairy lights over the top to put your furniture in the spotlight.

          8. Rest lights on your headboard

          (Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Darby)

          Use fairy lights as a softer way to light up your bedroom. They’ll cast just enough light to brighten up a late-night reading session, or early-morning cup of tea in bed. You can wrap them around your bed posts, or rest them atop of an upholstered headboard, giving the room a warm, inviting glow.

          9. Cascade lights from the ceiling

          (Image credit: Future)

          Drape a canopy of shining stars in your own home so it feels like you are sitting outside under the night sky. Hanging twinkly icicles will add a magical feel to any old Tuesday evening.

          Try this in a hallway for a very special entrance.

          10. Brighten up an old box

          (Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

          If you’ve got a box of logs, a collection of candles or a crate of random bits and bobs, then chuck some fairy lights in there. All of a sudden your functional wood or tired old collectables look magical.

          11. Light up your firewood

          (Image credit: TBC)

          Sticking with the theme, here, we’ve illuminated a hulking display of firewood by lacing a few delicate strands of mini bulbs in between the logs. Not only does it glam up the firewood but make it an attractive feature in your living room.

          12. Pop fairy lights in a glass jar

          (Image credit: TBC)

          If you don’t want to string them up over mirrors or doorways, pop your lights into a beautiful vase or giant jar to create a modern lamp or candle feature.

          13. Wind strings up the staircase

          (Image credit: TBC)

          Wind the twinkly lights around your rail for some extra light on your way up at night and make your staircase look like a forest of fireflies lighting the way to bed. We’ve got plenty more staircase ideas where that came from, too.

          14. Display on the table

          (Image credit: Future)

          Snake fairy lights across the table instead of using candles if you’ve got children around or a particularly busy table. You can even style them in different colours to match your table scheme.

          15. Trail lights through the trees

          (Image credit: TBC)

          Hanging lights from a tree indoors may not be acceptable all year round but no one said anything about trees outside. Fairy lights can turn overhanging foliage into a magical canopy.

          16. Place lights among the plants

          (Image credit: Future)

          These solar-powered lights tucked inside a Kilner jar have a pretty vintage look. Tuck them in among favourite plants so you can admire your blooms as you relax in the garden of an evening.

          17. Glorify a gazebo

          (Image credit: Future)

          For an outdoor living room you can use day and night, string up weatherproof festoons around a gazebo.

          18. Cover the hallway table

          (Image credit: TBC)

          Brighten up your hallway table by lacing a sheet of fairy lights over the top. They’ll add extra light to the dark entrance hall and are guaranteed to have guests smiling as soon as they step through the door.

          Related: Making an entrance – colourful and practical ideas for refreshing your hallway

          Love our bright ideas? Come back soon for more inspo.

          24 Best Fairy Lights Bedroom Ideas to Illuminate Your Space in 2021

          With the best fairy lights bedroom ideas, you can transform the average room into something spectacular.

          Fairy lights have served many people well when seeking something refreshing to use to decorate a room. It is mainly due to the fact that these lights are so incredible to look at while also being versatile. Sometimes, you can find simple Christmas lights that will have the effect you’re looking for, and they can go well when hung up around anything such as your bed headboard.

          24 Incredible Fairy Lights Room Decor Ideas for a Fantastical Setting

          On other occasions, you may in fact find some fairy lights that have specific designs to them. They may be shaped a certain way like in the case of flowers. These offer you a more personalized approach to decorating while using lighting. You can, of course, find any fairy lights in the store. Some of these pair well with certain wall art too, highlighting everything in a way that will instantly grab attention.

          In other cases, you may want to flex your creative skills and create your own fairy lights design. These projects are best done using regular fairy lights and instead of adding them to something more like your own homemade vase. It allows for even more personalization with your decorating so that you can truly leave your imprint on your bedroom style.

          No matter which approach you decide to take, you will notice that fairy lights in general will provide a completely different vibe to the room once they are lit. Things can appear almost like a fairytale or something out of this world. It is almost relaxing, making them fit perfectly in a bedroom setting. This is especially true if you opt to use them in a nursery or child’s room to help soothe them to sleep as they work as good nightlights too.

          Seeing as there are so many avenues to travel down when using fairy lights whether you buy them or create some pieces yourself, we took it upon ourselves to find dozens of different ideas and products to help you along in your journey.

          1. Bed Headboard Fairy Lights Setup

          Source: lobsterandswan. com

          It’s true that fairy lights can look incredible on beds made in a four-poster style, but even those that have a simpler headboard can still take advantage of the style. A great way to add some unique lighting to your bedroom is by starting with a bundle at one end of your headboard. From there, you can just drape them across to set the right vibe in the room. It is a more minimalistic approach that works in the long run of adding some ambiance to a space. Also, it is a wonderful way for you to completely transform an average-looking headboard into something that is a bit more eye-catching.

          2. Fairy Lights Vanity Mirror Display

          Source: tamsynmorgans.com

          A vanity mirror needs proper lighting if it’s to be used the right way, and what better way to go about that than with fairy lights? This is especially fun since these come in a variety of styles so if you don’t want the standard lights, you can always find some with a specific design like flowers to further emphasize the overall theme in the room. These can also make your vanity appear far more creative and interesting. Furthermore, this fairy lights room decor is an ideal way to add some more life to your room through the use of ambiance lighting.

          3. Beautiful Long Curtain Fairy Lights

          Source: whileilinger.blogspot.com

          Draping curtains can add a lovely touch of elegance to your room no matter the size of the bed these curtains hangover. Once you add on the fairy lights, you can completely transform the appearance of them and your room into something taken right out of a fairytale. Consider floor-length curtains too since this gives you more space to add the lights. Once you lay back at night, the fairy lights will gleam over you while also basking the rest of the room in such a warm glow that you may just be hesitant to ever leave your bedroom again.

          4. Upcycled LED Fairy Lights Lantern

          Source: ohohdeco.com

          Some of the best fairy lights bedroom ideas come from upcycling things you already have around your home. Take a large plastic bottle, for instance. Rather than throw it away or recycle it, you can elevate that empty plastic bottle into something far more useful such as a lantern. Tossing on a paper cover that has a cool design is helpful so that once you slip the fairy lights inside, they will reflect that lighting in numerous ways. It is such a fun project as you can create these faux lanterns in different sizes by cutting different bottles as well as making various shapes in the paper covering.

          5. Underwater Mermaid Fairy Lights Lantern

          Source: redtedart.com

          This craft project is a great one for the entire family. A mason jar, some paint, stencils, and fairy lights can help you create an outstanding underwater wonderland in the form of a lantern. The color pairs well with the overall theme, and once you drop in the fairy lights, you’re left with jars that look like they are truly glimmering underneath the sea. It’s almost magical, making this a fitting fairy lights room decor option for a children’s room. Even so, this gorgeous lantern can still work well in anyone else’s bedroom too if you simply appreciate more imaginative settings.

          6. Awesome Curtain Headboard Fairy Lights Design

          Source: thepalettemuse.com

          If you lack a headboard, you can always make one up with the right materials, and what you’re left with is something that is more remarkable than you can ever buy in the store. What is even better is that this can blend effortlessly with the rest of your room while also standing out in its own right, especially once you turn off the lights. Depending on the size of your bed, you can add a host of fairy lights to create a whimsical feel. Once it’s all set up, this is a great source of lighting in your room at night to create a warmer vibe.

          7. Mason Jar Fairy Lights Lamp

          Source: cassiefairy.com

          Homemade lamps are a beautiful way to personalize your space while adding more light sources without wasting energy. Combining fairy lights with mason jars is a perfect place to start. As mason jars come in a variety of sizes, you are free to experiment to work toward a specific setup for your decorative lighting. Additionally, you can choose from clear jars or ones with a bit of color if you are looking to create a certain style. Feel free to add some more decorations to the jars too as anything you put on will have a lovely gleam courtesy of the stunning fairy lights.

          8. LED Wine Bottle Lamp Design

          Source: handycrowd.com

          The LED style is simply so fascinating that you no longer have to buy it from the store to get that vibe in your home. Instead, you can make one yourself that is far more distinctive and fitting for your personality and the theme of your décor. This project is one of the more interesting string light ideas for bedroom decorations. It leaves you with such an awesome piece that works no matter where you set it up in the room. Also, the entire mood of this lamp design can change depending on the color of the wine bottle you use.

          9. Bulb Flower String Fairy Lights

          Source: us.romwe.com

          A nice way to blend color and lights is with these beautiful flower string fairy lights. They look almost like vines with gorgeous flowers growing off them. In fact, you can hang them around the bedroom like vines or have them going up and down instead. There are many ways to utilize these fairy lights so that they build on the right sort of atmosphere. The green and yellow tones provide some warm coloring around that can blend with various décor. With the actual lighting effect, they manage to glow even more so that they stand out with ease. The lights aren’t overly bright either so that they provide comfortable brightness.

          10. Solar Themed Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp

          Source: urbanoutfitters.com

          A Himalayan salt lamp is a gorgeous means of lighting up a space with something that looks just as good and decorative when it isn’t lit up. This crescent moon sits upon a stunning, sturdy wooden base that blends well with the overall solar-like theme of the piece. The salt lamp looks great in a bedroom that features any style too. When it is lit up, the lighting is strategic enough that to give this moon an ethereal, warm glow that will attract attention from anyone. This lighting isn’t overly powerful so that it can even serve as a wonderful nightlight if needed.

          11. Decorative LED Wall Fairy Lights

          Source: tapestrygirls.com

          Help style your bedroom with a fun boho look thanks to these LED wall lights. They are as straightforward as they come while still having that unmistakable relaxing vibe that fairy lights generally give off. They are a good length too as they come in at 7ft long and feature 150 LED lights. These can go perfectly against a wall to act as a main source of light. You can string them up around your bed too for that extra bit of ambiance lighting. They are bright enough so that you may easily see with them on such as for reading.

          12. Lengthy Waterproof Micro LED Fairy Lights

          When you have some string light ideas for bedroom use, these lengthy fairy lights will give you enough to play with without causing harm since the lights themselves don’t get hot. They are designed with good flexibility, freeing you up to set them along your wall, desk, headboard, etc. without worrying about them not moving the way you want them to. You get 150 lights in all and 49ft. worth of string to handle. This is plenty long for most to successfully decorate a room and bring it to life a bit more.

          13. Long Micro LED Fairy Lights

          If you need a good length of fairy lights to string up, then this set of micro LED lights will do the trick effortlessly. As they are very tiny, they pair together well with a bold brightness that illuminates anything with ease. They are about 65ft long too so that you have more than enough to work with to decorate as you see fit. The wire they are on is flexible too, making it easier than ever to twist and turn them so that they fall exactly the way you wish them to in your bedroom. You can select from either silver or copper wire as well as from warm white and white coloring for the lights.

          14. Beautiful Mega Monarch Wall Décor

          This piece is an ideal choice for anyone that adores butterflies. In this set, you will receive 20 of these mega monarchs. Each of them has a wingspan that stretches out an estimate 7in, making them massive enough to snatch attention on any wall you place them on. Since they are individual, you can place them around as you see fit. The jelly-like adhesive is designed to go on well and stay on without ruining anything you stick them to. Also, the butterflies feature a translucent paper material so that lighting can show through them, fitting when used around fairy lights.

          15. Mysterious Raincloud Table Top Lamp

          There is nothing quite as otherworldly as this incredible raincloud lamp. There is so much to admire with this piece that anyone will love to get a closer look. The cloud itself is bold, large, and filled with gentle coloring to look like a true storm cloud. From there, you’ll notice the raindrops that fall down from the cloud in such a simple, yet elegant, manner. Then there is the little girl that stands underneath the storm, and she is available in multiple styles. It is a wonderful way to take a step away from the usual fairy lights room decor and go toward something that stands out in a different manner.

          16. Poinsettia Decorative Floral Christmas Lights Lamp

          Poinsettias are all the rage when it comes to holiday decorating, but with this lamp, you can take things a step further by having something that is more unique than anything else. There is plenty of color with this lamp still to highlight the faux flower, allowing it to look just as good if it isn’t lit up. However, once you do turn the light on, the lamp truly shines and shows off its distinctive flair. The lighting source is placed well too so that it truly beams on the flowers from the top, creating a comfortable and warmer feel that will liven up any room.

          17. Cool Starburst Black Fairy Lights

          Source: sparkle.lighting

          These awesome starburst black fairy lights are a nice way to invite lighting into your bedroom without sacrificing the style of your décor. The eye-catching design can appeal to anyone, while their overall darker coloring allows it to blend effortlessly into an incredible gothic-like aesthetic. On the other hand, their style has a modern touch to it that lets them work in a brighter room as well by adding some lovely contrast. You can buy medium ones that are solar-powered, or you can opt for short ones that are battery-powered. This way, not only will these fit with your aesthetic, but they will also work with your lifestyle and needs.

          18. Warm White LED Fairy Lights

          Source: lights4fun.co.uk

          With these warm LED fairy lights, you can effortlessly enhance the coziness of your bedroom. There are 100 of them in this collection, giving you plenty to work with. They are evenly spread out too so that when you do set them up, the lights flow so well that they encourage the eye to follow each one. They have a static lighting effect too that will consistently send out that laidback vibe the entire time you have them on. The lights are made cool to the touch as well. This way, you can easily hang them up while they remain lit so that you can see how they’d look the entire time.

          19. Decorative Figurines Ornaments LED Lamp Light

          Source: theusaplaza.com

          Among the best fairy lights bedroom ideas when you are looking for something more distinctive is this lovely decorative LED lamplight. You can choose from either “home” or “love”. No matter which style you go for (or both!), you are left with stunningly perfect decorative lighting. The LEDs are gentle, yet filled to the brim with warmth. They pair well with the words at hand to create a welcoming vibe. Thanks to the wooden block, you can set the lamp light up just about anywhere in the bedroom to add that pleasant decorative touch without overdoing anything. Also, it simply blends into just about any style.

          20. Stylish Crescent Moon Fairy Light

          Source: badbixchdecor.com

          If you are aiming for a solar-themed or simply moon-themed décor in your bedroom, then this crescent moonlight will serve as wonderful accent lighting. It looks good in a children’s room or a nursery as well. This is simplistic and effective all the same thanks to its straightforward design and lovely LED light source. It adds just the right amount of brightness to any dark room to stand out among another décor. Also, this is a versatile piece as you can set it up to sit on a dresser or nightstand. Or you can choose to hang it up on the wall.

          21. Whimsical Photo Clip String Lights

          Source: beachlivinghome.com

          These photo clip string lights are among some of the best string light ideas for bedroom use. It blends two incredible things: photo mementos with pretty fairy lighting. This comes with clear clips so that nothing will interfere with the vibe of the overall piece. Show off your favorite photos whether in your bedroom or in a child’s bedroom. The lights effectively highlight each of your best memories, raising them up individually. At the same time, the lights work to create a more cohesive centerpiece that anyone will enjoy looking upon your wall that shows off your beloved history.

          22. “Live Your Dreams” Elegant Sign

          Word wall art is such a pleasant way to decorate the walls of your bedroom. This one features elegant writing with a nice saying. At the same time, this still has a boho-like feel to it that makes this piece of wall art a good choice to use in a bedroom with a blended style overall. This is also made in such a nice large size that it won’t get lost in any other décor you may have along the wall. Instead, it will stand out in its own right, especially if framed by fairy lights, so that anyone who comes into the room will instantly find their eye attracted to the piece.

          23. Incredible Twinkling Star LED Fairy Lights

          Source: lumianolighting.com

          Whether you are creating a fairytale vibe in your bedroom, a child’s room, or a nursery, these LED fairy string lights will do the job and more. They are among the best fairy lights bedroom ideas that feature a more unique style. The LEDs are shaped with stars and moons, and this design can help these lights fit inside a room with a more out-of-this-world theme. Designed with a long life so that you can freely use them time and time again, you can find these stunning fairy lights in either a warm white color or in a multicolor style.

          24. Fairy String Lights for Bedroom

          Create that fairytale feels in your bedroom with these fairy string lights. With 300 LED lights in total, your bedroom will be graced with a fantastical lighting effect. These lights are spaced out rather well too, granting everything a warmer feel that gently highlights the rest of the décor in your bedroom. This is comfortable enough that it will work well hung around your bed so that it doesn’t overpower anything when you turn them on at night. They look more like relaxing nightlights than anything, which can also help them fit well in a child’s bedroom. These are about 6.6ft long with a 9.8ft height span.

          24 Cool Fairy Lights Room Decor Ideas for Unique Lighting Effects

          Fairy lights work as many people’s go-to source of adding that extra ambiance lighting to a room, more so when they are used in a bedroom environment. They are never too bright to completely overwhelm your room so that you can’t have any other lighting or have trouble sleeping at night. If anything, these lights manage to successfully work hand in hand with the rest of your décor. With the number of ways you can approach this, the lights can easily blend into any styled room and still manage to make a statement.

          If you are unsure at all where to begin, our string light ideas for bedroom designs should put you on the right track to finding the right setup that best fits your specific style and needs. Feel free to check out any products and ideas to get started on your next redecorating project.

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          For many people, the bathroom is one of the main rooms in the apartment. The requirements for its design are high. This is not just a place for hygiene procedures: here we relax, we can be alone with ourselves for several minutes, take care of ourselves, and sometimes just not see the annoying running around at home. Designers believe that the bathroom should be one of the most illuminated rooms in your apartment. We need to tidy ourselves up, getting ready for the working day or use various cosmetics, going to bed. To fulfill these conditions, bathroom lighting should be selected.

          When choosing lamps or sconces, do not forget that the room is very different from other rooms in your apartment. There is constant heat, high humidity, harmful vapors of detergents. In such an extreme environment, not every lighting fixture will last you a long time. When choosing, first of all, pay attention to lamps that are not afraid of moisture, sudden changes in temperature, and are resistant to metal corrosion. In the instructions, the manufacturer indicates a two-digit number: the first digit is dust resistance, the second is moisture resistance. For the bathroom, the second digit is a very important indicator. It is desirable that the number is not lower than 4.

          In the bathroom for a comfortable pastime, you need to create a good mood in it. To do this, the lighting must be maintained at 75 lux, which corresponds to a 75-watt light bulb for a room of 2 square meters. m, for 6 sq. m – 150 watts and so on. Be sure to carefully consider the place where you will hang the lamps. It is impossible for splashes of water and steam to fall on them, you can also get burned on a hot lamp shade. Wiring to the installation sites of light sources must be carried out in advance so as not to spoil the tiled walls after the main finishing work.

          If your bathroom has a window, then lighting can be omitted. But in our typical apartments, lighting is simply necessary. The optimal solution is a combination of lamps built into the ceiling and in front of a mirror, washbasin, shower. You can install muted sconces, reinforced along the walls. Try not to install lighting fixtures above the bathroom itself. This is required by electrical safety standards. You have the opportunity to choose from a fairly wide range of mobile lamps that can direct the light flux in different directions, rotate the lamp, change its color and light intensity. Above the mirror, several lamps with diffused light are installed, they shine well and do not blind the eyes. When using cosmetics, you will find the most neglected places on your face. If the light near the mirror is directed from top to bottom, then it will emphasize all your wrinkles, and if it is from bottom to top, it will form a lot of shadows on your face.

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          Bedroom design:

          The interior of the bedroom is, first of all, its color scheme. It is important to find exactly the combination of shades that will have a beneficial effect on your sleep. By…

          Interior experts say that when choosing a room that will become a bedroom, you need to consider the following points. First, she should…

          The bedroom is not just a room where we relax and sleep. It serves as the temple of our love. And if you create a harmonious environment in your small temple, in …

          The bedroom is the place in the house that is of great importance for the complete best interior design. It is a reliable fortress, which…

          Living room design:

          The living room is a multifunctional room. It can host an intimate evening in a narrow circle, and a noisy crowded holiday. In the first case, it is d…

          There is one general law in home improvement: as soon as the family leaves cramped living conditions, a living room appears in the house, like a kind of …

          One of the greatest achievements of human hands is stained glass. A modern interior is rarely complete without a stained-glass window, which looks particularly advantageous…

          Crystal chandelier is a refined, stylish, elegant decoration of your home. This is a great design, bright light and the ability to bring into the interior . ..

          Home – Bathroom Design – Fairy Light

          Colored pencils PYTHAGORAS “Fantastic world”, 18 colors, sharpened, cards. upak., assorted design, 180241

          Colored pencils PYTHAGORAS “Fantastic world”, 18 colors, sharpened, card. pack., assorted design, 180241 – buy for office and home


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            Colored pencils PYTHAGORAS “Fantastic world”, 6 colors, sharpened.

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            Colored pencils PYTHAGORAS “Fantastic World” are designed for children’s creativity, and packaging with different options for funny designs will delight both preschool and primary school children and adults. Number of colors: 6. Series: Fairy tale world. Case section shape: hexagonal. Body material: wood. Lacquered case: yes. High strength lead: yes. Lead sharpening: yes. Easy to sharpen: yes. Lead diameter: 3 mm. Pencil length: 176 mm. Packing: cardboard box with euro hanger.


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            Notebook GREEN cover 12 sheets HATBER, offset, oblique margin, 12T5D, T52440

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            BRAUBERG black lead pencil, 1 pc. , “Black&White”, HB, triangular, no rubber, black barrel, sharpened, 181297

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            Fairy garden, landscape design photo with fairy houses, advice on decorating the garden

            Welcome to the world inhabited by fairies, witches, princesses and magical creatures from folk tales and masterpieces of world literature

            Gardens and forests have always been associated with characters from fairy tales and myths. Overgrown ivy, sweet-scented flowers, wild shrubs and hidden paths give the gardens a mysterious and magical atmosphere.

            Take a few moments to take a break from everyday worries and take a virtual tour of beautiful places reminiscent of the work of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and even William Shakespeare.

            Outside Landscape Group

            Secret Garden
            Frances Burnett’s popular novel tells the story of a little homeless girl who accidentally discovers a beautiful garden hidden from prying eyes. This is a story about the power of imagination, hope and faith. Cross the threshold of a secret door to get into a reserved place where everything is possible.

            Kevin Cooper Garden Design

            Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault captivated the whole world with a story about a poor beauty who managed to thwart the plans of evil sisters with the help of a fairy godmother and marry a prince.

            A small spherical pavilion in the middle of this lush garden resembles a pumpkin carriage in which Cinderella went to the ball at the prince’s palace.

            Dennis Mayer – Photographer

            The Twelve Dancing Princesses
            This fairy tale is also known as The Worn Shoes. And it was like this: every evening, despite the locked bedroom doors, twelve princesses run away from the palace, pass through the alleys of a magical garden and fall into an underground castle to dance there all night long. The old soldier, at the request of the king, reveals their secret and, as proof, brings branches with precious leaves from that same garden with shady alleys and massive trees.

            Jonathan Rhind Architects

            Looking at this lonely tower in the middle of a dark forest, it is not difficult to imagine that right now Rapunzel will look out of the top floor window and throw down her long beautiful hair.

            Cool Gardens Landscape Associates – CGLA

            Alice in Wonderland
            This unusual garden is reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s surreal story of a girl who fell down the rabbit hole. A tall green hedge, a whimsical collection of framed mirrors of all shapes and sizes, a sumptuous chandelier, multi-coloured seating around the table – what’s not the place for the Mad Hatter’s tea party?


            This garden evokes soft summer evenings and the serenity of oriental landscapes. Therefore, it could be an illustration of the sad tale of Hans Christian Andersen about the emperor of a distant country and his love for the melodic trills of a nightingale.

            OSM Wyoming, Inc.

            Snow White
            A lonely house in the woods is a fairly common image in fairy tales. It can pose a danger to the protagonist, or vice versa be a path to salvation. In the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, the one “who is more beautiful and dearer than all” found refuge in the forest with the seven dwarfs, after the evil stepmother tried to kill her. This cottage in the photo beckons to come closer, creating an atmosphere of mystery and adventure around it.

            Maxwell & Company Architects

            Beauty and the Beast
            The Beast’s huge castle stands in the middle of an abandoned garden. It was in this garden that Father Belle ended up, seduced by the beauty of wild roses. There he fell into the clutches of the Beast, and the daughter, having learned about this, decided to rescue her father from trouble. An overgrown wild garden and labyrinthine paths provide the perfect backdrop for this magical story.

            Le jardinet

            The Snow Queen
            The ice-hearted villainess from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale lives in the realm of eternal cold, frozen and sad, but at the same time majestic in its own way.

            James R. Salomon Photography

            A Midsummer Night’s Dream
            King Oberon and the prankster Paca appear in this landscape. Hiding behind the trees, they must be up to something in this foggy, mysterious and slightly sinister garden. The heroes of Shakespeare’s comedy about the quarrel between the king of the elves and his wife and the love affairs of young Athenians could not even dream of better scenery.

            Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

            Hansel and Gretel
            In a deep forest, among the bushes and trees, a house is visible, made either of stone or of gingerbread. It was in such a house that the hungry Hansel and Gretel from the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm ended up. Do not forget that in no case should you accept a treat from the hands of an old witch …

            katie moss landscape design

            Sleeping Beauty
            The princess from this fairy tale, pricked by a spindle, falls into a magical dream. Then the good fairy decides to put the whole kingdom to sleep as well until the handsome prince appears to save the Sleeping Beauty. The kingdom is gradually turning into a garden of wild roses and blackberries. Such a beautiful rose-covered alcove would make a bed for any princess… or prince.

            Claudia De Yong Garden Design

            The Frog Princess
            By order of his father, Ivan Tsarevich, together with his brothers, shoots three arrows, and where it falls, he must find a bride for himself. The prince’s arrow falls at the feet of a frog, which – after several dramatic plot twists – turns into a beautiful princess. This story could begin near such a small pond in the middle of a flowering meadow, as in the picture.

            Joanne Alderson Design

            Little Red Riding Hood
            Flowers at the edge of the forest can be as beautiful as you like, but if a big gray wolf calls you to admire them, perhaps you should refuse. Little Red Riding Hood knows this firsthand, because one day she could not resist the temptation to collect a unique bouquet of forest flowers.

            TELL US…
            Does your garden look like an illustration to some fairy tale? Share your photos and stories in the comments.

            Hotel “Skazka” – the most unusual boutique hotel in Moscow

            In the restaurant we prepare Indian dishes similar to North Indian cuisine because our chefs are Punjabis. They cook food common in Punjab. Lamb, chicken, as well as vegetarian dishes are especially successful – very spicy and tasty. Tibetan momo dumplings, chicken curry, chicken korma, bater chicken and palak paneer are traditional hits. Biryani has a special spicy taste – this is a traditional Indian pilaf with a huge amount of spices, including cardamom and rose. All chefs who cook in the kitchen are from India, Punjab. The waiters who serve the hall are also Indians, they do not speak Russian and serve guests in English.

            Each room of the boutique hotel Skazka.Asia is decorated in its own style and decorated with antiques. Some of these items, like real fairy-tale treasures, were discovered at the Izmailovsky Vernissage. Other things were found in village houses and carefully restored by modern masters. In the rooms you can find old door frames that were saved from destruction during the demolition of houses and found their second life in the Skazka Hotel.

            Rooms in the hotel are named after their colors – white, black, light blue, blue… Hotel designers like to play with color, sometimes choosing the most unusual combinations. Some rooms with their own entrance are located on the roof, in a separate tower. There are rooms surrounded by a balcony, or a room with a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror. Each room seems to invite you into its own fairy tale with its own history and special location.

            Skazka Hotel is located on the territory of the Izmailovsky Kremlin.

            A huge fair is unfolding under the walls of the hotel – Vernissage in Izmailovo. This is the largest flea fair in Russia and Europe. The Kremlin in Izmailovo is located near the historic Izmailovo estate, where Peter the Great grew up.

            The estate is located on an island in the center of Serebryano-Vinogradny Pond. Half of the hotel rooms offer a view of the pond, Izmailovo Park, the historic estate. From the other half of the rooms – to the Izmailovsky Kremlin, the Wedding Palace, the church and Vernissage in Izmailovo.

            The Izmailovsky Kremlin is located between the Partizanskaya and Lokomotiv metro stations, not far from the Pervomayskoye metro station. All this is located on the territory of the historical district of Izmailovo, which is surrounded by a huge number of parks. More information about the location of the Skazka Hotel in Izmailovo can be found here.

            To the subway Partizanskoe from the hotel five minutes on foot. From Partizanskaya metro station to Revolution Square (Red Square) take 8 minutes by metro.

            “Skazka” is the most unusual hotel in Moscow, and all because it is located on the territory of an old pedestrian city. The Izmailovsky Kremlin is a historical reconstruction of wooden and stone buildings of the 16th-17th centuries. Like any old city – it is pedestrian. In one of the central parts of this city, in a reconstructed estate, there is the Skazka Hotel.

            The hotel is a building with several towers. A huge spiral staircase runs along the towers, at the top there is an observation platform from which a fantastically beautiful panoramic view of the Izmailovo estate and the Izmailovsky Kremlin opens.

            Part of the rooms are located in separate towers, on the roof, surrounded by pedestrian balconies and stairs. The building itself is decorated with ceramic bas-reliefs, glass mosaics, and paintings.

            The top of one of the towers is decorated with the Golden Rooster. There is an interesting story about this rooster: once it was struck by lightning, and it turned black, so above the number 502 in one of the towers there is a golden rooster with darkening.

            The hotel is unusual, because for a year and a half things from childhood were collected in the hotel. These are antiques from villages, old houses, old apartments: real items used by our grandparents. Old carved cabinets were collected and restored. From the old houses that went for demolition, the owners gave platbands. They made decorative portals in the rooms. In one of the rooms – 409th, a headboard was assembled from a window casing, a huge amount of decorative details were assembled from the casings.

            In addition, they collected carved mirrors, which used to decorate village houses. In many of these carved mirrors, the glass itself has not been replaced, and stains, the old age of the mirrors, and the departed silver coating are visible in them.

            In this way, real items that people have been using for decades have been inserted into the hotel rooms. Many objects, some mirrors and architraves are more than a hundred years old. These items were carefully restored and built into the interior. In addition, old grandmother’s knitted tablecloths, napkins for decorating rooms were collected in the interiors. Carefully collected old reproductions of Russian paintings, the originals of which are presented in the Russian Museum or the Tretyakov Gallery.

            We think it’s important for a hotel to be sustainable. An ordinary hotel produces a lot of garbage due to disposable hygiene items. Fortunately, we have found ecological, healthy hygiene products with a lot of essential oils: shampoos, gels, soaps, hand creams and hair balms. They come in a container called Zero waste, because there is not much packaging left of it. These are huge containers that come in soaps and shampoos filled with essential oils, which are brewed for us to order. These shampoos and creams are not tested on animals, contain only natural ingredients and have a wonderful smell. We use reusable dispensers, which allows us not to throw away a huge number of bottles and produce less waste than conventional hotels.

            In addition, guests are not provided with disposable slippers. We use reusable ones, which are disinfected after each guest and put into a canvas bag.

            Reusable hygiene dispensers

            The hotel is an amazing fairy tale where you can take photos in a completely different style: romantic, Asian and Russian, as it is colorful and bright inside. The hotel has white and black rooms, decorated with bright carved platbands, painted furniture, decoupage.

            Most importantly, the hotel has fantastic views and balconies. Photos are very successful in the observation tower, on the stairs or in the aisles of the hotel. Many photographers use our hotel as a studio to take unusual bright and bright pictures.

            The hotel has a chamber Indian restaurant, it is quite small, only 45-50 seats. The hall is filled with a huge number of tropical plants, more than 100. It is lit with soft pink light, so it has such a pre-sunset or pre-dawn atmosphere of the rainforest.

            The restaurant serves over 70 Indian dishes. Every month we buy more than one bath of spices. We order spices from India, from the southern states, because they contain a huge amount of essential oils. These are special spices that give a real spicy taste to Indian dishes. Therefore, there are always many Indians in the hall who come to us and thank us for the fact that they can once again experience the taste of real Indian dishes, despite the fact that they are on a journey.

            Restaurant and hotel are very suitable for birthday celebrations.

            The rainforest is located in the hall of the restaurant “Thali”. We call it that because there are more than a hundred tropical plants. We collected these plants throughout the year. During the pandemic, many schools were empty, teachers could not take care of the plants, the same situation was in many government institutions and offices. We took these plants for ourselves, thus saving a huge number of plants. Now we have a three-meter spurge growing, about ten Benjamin ficuses, a huge amount of dieffenbachia, aloe and other plants.

            The territory of the Izmailovsky Kremlin is pedestrian. Nearby there is free parking for guests of the hotel and restaurant. In order to use it, you need to say the code word that guests are told after booking.

            We are visited by parents who want to give fabulous memories for their children, because it is amazing to live in a castle even for an adult, not to mention a child. On the territory of the Izmailovsky Kremlin there are amazing things for children: Baba Yaga’s house, world history in plasticine, the Grandfather’s Attic Museum, where you can lie on the stove, and, of course, our hotel, which looks like a piece from the Tale of Tsar Saltan. For parents with children, we put an extra bed. Despite the fact that we have Indian dishes, some of them are not spicy, there is also a children’s menu with those dishes that children always love and eat with pleasure: french fries and egg roll, several desserts. The cafe has a children’s room filled with toys to play with. Most of all, children in our hotel are attracted not even by the castle, but by the fact that we have degu squirrels and parrots.

            It is possible to visit our hotel with little tailed friends. Cats and dogs are our regular guests. Please ask the reception when booking the hotel, there are some restrictions for very large dogs, but there are no restrictions for small dogs and cats. Cats and dogs are welcome for a small surcharge.

            This boutique hotel immerses the guest in an emotional story. Such hotels really stand out against the background of ordinary hotels, but not with brilliance, but with attention to detail and special friendly attention to guests. Boutique hotel “Skazka.Asia” really gives its guests a fabulous mood – immersion in an exotic Asian journey. The hotel is full of details, paintings, antiques and impressive Indian food.

            Landscape lighting | Landscape design in Izhevsk

            A comfortable stay in the bosom of a beautiful evening garden can become even more wonderful with the arrangement of landscape lighting from Landscape Company No. 1. Day and night, the garden can be completely different if you arrange lighting. Fancy, elegant lamps will delight the eye in the daytime, but at night, they will give an incredibly attractive and fabulous light.

            Garden landscape design cannot be fully imagined without landscape lighting. And, of course, it is desirable to think through it at the design stage. It is quite possible to fit lighting into an existing landscape, but it is quite difficult to do this, because you need the lighting to blend harmoniously into the overall concept. It will be necessary to partially dismantle the paths, violate the integrity of the lawn, etc.

            Landscaping and landscaping in Izhevsk and Udmurtia: 8-919-906-95-52

            And when you think through all the landscaping work from the very beginning, at the design stage, then here you can solve everything comprehensively. Nothing can prevent the creation of a coherent picture. At the design stage, it is also necessary to choose lamps that are suitable in shape so that they look attractive during the day.

            They should be chosen in accordance with the design of the landscape.

            If there are any flaws on the site that you would like to hide, then lighting will help solve this problem. Well, and, on the contrary, it will help to emphasize the necessary elements. Evening lighting can turn your garden into an amazing fairy tale place. To do this, it is enough to correctly position the light sources. And your garden will be transformed beyond recognition. In landscape garden

            fairy tales will be well formed. Thanks to images escaping from the darkness, intertwined tree branches, dense thickets and, most importantly, light, the garden will acquire the features of romance. The regular style is characterized by rigor and geometry. Clearly shaped lanterns, their correct location can emphasize the geometric zones.

            Types of garden lighting

            Along with decorative lighting, garden lighting is primarily functional. That is, it is of practical importance: lighting garden paths, porches, entrances to the site, building boundaries, etc.

            And sometimes functional lighting does not harmonize with decorative light at all, and can even somewhat disfigure the general appearance of the garden. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, one should scrupulously approach the issue of developing a landscape lighting project. And it is even better to entrust this business to professional companies. After all, only specialists can competently develop a project so that it perfectly combines functional light with decorative light.

            Landscaping Izhevsk-Udmurtia, design, gardening and landscaping, lighting, area lighting. Tel.: (3412) 472-774

            When planning the lighting of the site, it is worth remembering that you do not need to make the light too bright. This can spoil the impression. You can get acquainted with the options for decorative lighting in our gallery. The main task of landscape lighting is to emphasize lines, highlight individual elements. If there is any sculpture in your garden, then the evening light will help emphasize its unusualness and originality.

            The same applies to lonely growing plants, rockeries, a pond with fountains or an alpine slide. Most often, garden decor is emphasized by low-voltage lamps. They serve to illuminate small areas, they are placed low above the ground. If we talk about functional light, then its main task is to ensure traffic safety on the site. They choose lamps with bright light, more often they prefer pole and wall lamps with incandescent lamps.

            The landscape lighting device is a stage in complex landscape gardening. And before proceeding with the installation of the system, you must first carry out preparatory work. They consist in developing a lighting plan. To make your garden sparkle with new colors in the evening and at night, entrust the arrangement of the lighting system to landscape designers. They will make your wishes come true and create something amazing and perfect.

            If you want to decorate your country house, then thanks to decorative lighting you will definitely succeed. Properly placed lamps can emphasize some architectural elements. This technique is called architectural illumination.
            The lighting system is mounted along with other utilities. For example, with the installation of an irrigation system or the construction of paths and playgrounds. These activities can be carried out in parallel. However, it should not be brought to such a point that the lighting device requires the dismantling of a lawn or path. That’s extra time plus strength.

            Decorative illumination of ponds

            An incredibly pleasant picture when the languid moonlight seeps into the water, illuminating its mirror. Of course, today, in the age of development of various technologies, it is possible to create such beauty man-made. To do this, it is enough to arrange the illumination of the reservoir in the garden.

            Decorate a pond or fountains with bottom lights, floating lanterns, coastal lighting and colorful lamps. The choice is huge, the main thing is not to overdo it. All these tools can create incredible effects, the play of light and shadows. It is clear that water and electricity cannot coexist peacefully, this phenomenon is dangerous, so a high level of protection for lamps is important here. As lighting fixtures, those that are designed specifically for water are selected.

            Creating decorative lighting in the garden is a kind of special art, a whole science that requires specific knowledge. If you want to watch beautiful landscapes, play of sunsets in your garden, feel free to call Us! In addition to decorative lighting, we will arrange a functional light, no more inconvenience associated with darkness!
            Landscape lighting will not only create an incredible, peaceful atmosphere, but will also help to emphasize the necessary trees or flower beds, LAF elements, correctly place accents on the necessary details.

            We will make your garden dreams come true!

            For each territory we develop an individual landscape lighting project that takes into account all the nuances and accents of the site.