Decorating with baskets on the wall: Wall Baskets To Enhance Your Home Decor for a Unique Look

Wall Baskets To Enhance Your Home Decor for a Unique Look

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Wall baskets are great for storage but that’s not their only use. Many look nice, which makes them popular as decorations too. But how to actually display them?

One idea is to hang all sorts of baskets on a wall or from the ceiling, creatively mixing and matching. There are lots of ways to use baskets for storage and decoration at the same time. Here are some examples.

18 wall basket decorating ideas

Display using vintage wall baskets

This is a popular way to decorate a big empty wall in your home. Select baskets with different shapes, sizes and designs but similar colors or finishes. Start with the largest basket and then add the others around it. Check out salvagedliving for ideas like this one on a chic black wall.

Combining plants and baskets

If you’re not a fan of baskets alone, combine them with other items. hunker has a cool idea for baskets and plants together. All you need are Fryken boxes with lids and a stock of artificial plants from the store.

Basket and wall art

Another idea is to display a print or another piece of wall art set inside a shallow basket. This sort of basket acts as a frame and makes an interesting backdrop for the art. Check lizmarieblog to find out about doing this at home, maybe in the entryway.

Custom arrangements

A custom design strategy is often the way to go and twelveonmain has useful tips. For instance, move hanging wall baskets around and change the arrangement until you find the most pleasing one.

Hanging wall basket planters

Another popular option is to complement your hanging wall baskets with faux greenery. This design on akailochiclife has greenery cascading from baskets at different heights.

Create your own decorative baskets


You can also craft the wall baskets instead of buying them at the store. Try using a variety of materials or repurposed supplies such as placemats. Rocksolidrustic has lots of popular ideas. You can even use spray paint and painter’s tape to add patterns to the sort of baskets you get from a store.

Hanging storage wall baskets

A nice project idea on thecraftpatchblog uses wall baskets for both storage and decoration. At the store, get three large wicker baskets, cotton cord, leather and a wooden dowel.  This makes a versatile set you can use in different home spaces, including the mudroom.

Decorating with wall baskets

Hanging baskets on the wall is easy once you have the supplies and a plan in mind. Creating a design for your home, however, can take a while. Look at makingmanzanita for inspiring ideas. They’ll help you create beautiful decor using your own stock of baskets.

Boho wall basket decor

Decorating with wall baskets may seem more suited to a rustic cabin than to a modern home but that’s not true. Baskets can add a boho-chic vibe to a kitchen, make a large space seem cozier, or add texture and color to a blank wall in the bedroom. Check out lollyjane for inspiration.

How to mix and match your baskets

Remember that every home is different so add your own flair to the design. Devise your own combination of baskets to complement the decor around them. Some useful tips and ideas are on roostandrestore.

Handmade fabric baskets

These adorable fabric baskets could be just the wall baskets you need. The tutorial on applegreencottage explains how to make them. Since they’re not store-bought, you can customize the dimensions and design while keeping costs low.

Hanging toy wall baskets

Wall baskets are useful at home forstoring items like toys, crafting supplies or other items you stock up on. They keep the contents accessible and look great. This project from u-createcrafts is inspiring and creates custom fabric baskets at low cost.

Hanging wall baskets for organization

Hanging baskets and bins, even plastic ones, are useful for organizing different home items. They’re great for the kitchen or the bathroom, where they can hold makeup products, a stock of cleaning supplies or toiletry products.

This design from practicallyfunctional uses chains, S hooks and rods you buy at the store.

Over-the-door hanging basket

Now that you have an idea of what’s possible, check out some of the available products.

This small wicker basket, which you can order from Etsy, is cute and practical. It can hang from a hook over the bathroom door and adds more storage, including in the bedroom.

Tiered hanging basket trio

These baskets can hang in your kitchen full of fruits and veggies or in your bathroom filled with toiletries. Order this three-piece set on Etsy. They are lightweight and have a delicate woven pattern.

Multipurpose crochet baskets

Hanging wall baskets are versatile and help organize all sorts of items in the bathroom, tools in the kitchen or supplies in your office. These crocheted baskets from Etsy have a beautiful design and look wonderful in any setting, including the mudroom. 

Cotton rope fruit baskets

This tiered hanging basket set is perfect for the kitchen. The different-sized cotton rope baskets are connected. They can hang either high from the ceiling or low from the underside of a shelf or a kitchen cabinet. You can also do related searches to explore ways to make something similar from scratch. Otherwise, check out the baskets on Etsy.

Handwoven storage wall baskets

These handwoven baskets are large and can hold quite a bit. Use them to store items like extra towels or toilet paper rolls in the bathroom or even some laundry in the bedroom. They’re designed with a single handle so they hang on a wall and save space. Check them out on Etsy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Why do people put baskets on walls?

Using baskets as decor is the sort of strategy that adds charm and texture to a space. It’s also a budget-conscious way to decorate large wall areas. 

Are basket walls still popular?

Decorating a wall with an assortment of baskets has been popular for some time and the trend shows no signs of fading.

How do you hang an African basket?

Hanging baskets only need a picture hanger or a nail. Just loop some fishing line or thread through the fibers on the back of the basket. Then, hang the loop on the nail or hanger.

What can I put in a wall basket?

You can put just about anything in a wall basket. The only limitation that will stop you is weight. The contents shouldn’t be too heavy. 

How many baskets do I need for a basket wall?

Whenever creating arrangements, choose an odd number. The exact number will depend on basket sizes and the space you’re trying to fill. You can even overlap baskets, but don’t hang any too far apart. 

Wall Basket: Conclusion

Whether you’re trying to add storage or just want unique decor, wall baskets are a great option. With the variety of styles available, it’s easy to find some that are functional and complement your decor in the best way.

5 Surprising Ways To Decorate With Baskets

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Decorating with baskets is one of the easiest ways to add style, show off your personality and add texture and beauty to any room!

Baskets aren’t just for using as trays or for filling with plants. You’ll love these 5 easy ways to use them throughout your home. Some of them might surprise you!

Baskets are one of the #1 items that I recommend keeping in your Home Decor Wardrobe. They can be very affordable and come in an almost endless array of shapes, sizes and colors!

When I’m out shopping and run across a pretty basket that’s different from anything I already own, I’ll usually pick it up to add to my stash because I know that I’ll eventually use it somewhere in my home.   😀


Looking for an affordable alternative to a side table? A basket, that has been turned upside down is a great solution that I’ve used several times in my own home! It also is very unique!


Baskets with low sides make great wall decor! They can be grouped together or displayed individually and are a great alternative to a traditional piece of artwork.

They’re also perfect for tucking into a small spot where you need just a little something.

I love to use long hanging baskets, filled with greenery or summery florals on my walls too!


If you have a bookcase or a cabinets that seem just a little too low, adding baskets to the top is a great solution. Not only are they decorative, but they can actually be functional if you don’t need to access what is stored in them very often.


When creating a centerpiece or a vignette, I always recommend using something to act as a structure or base and to visually corral the items together.

Placing your items in a basket will immediately draw the eye and give the display a sense of importance, especially when combined with the rest of the decor in the room!


Using a basket to disguise something unsightly in a room is a great decorator trick!  For example, I accidentally hung these draperies too high (they’re several inches off of the floor), but since they’re really only visible from this end of the window, a strategically placed basket hides the problem.

When we added remote controlled gas logs to our fireplace, I was super disappointed to find out that the receiver had to sit outside of the firebox.

No worries though – I simply make sure to keep a basket of some sort in front of it to hide the ugly little black box. You’d never know it’s there and the remote still functions just fine.

Do you have any unique ways that you use decorative woven baskets around your home?

How to decorate a wall with your own hands: 23 ideas with a photo
Home interior


You have probably wondered more than once how to decorate a wall with your own hands to give the space a personality. Many people try to find original decor in the store, but we suggest making it yourself.

This idea may scare some. In reality, doing a lot of paintings, embroideries and abstract works with your own hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Use these items to create a dramatic accent wall in your home. Another plus of homemade decor is that its production will cost you much less than buying similar products in a store. In the end, this can be an exciting activity for a company or family, for which it will be pleasant and fun to spend an evening.

Below we will show you how easy it is to decorate a wall with your own hands. Even beginners can handle this task!

Wicker plates/baskets


This wicker basket arrangement will instantly make a room feel cozier. Using nails, hang the largest item in the center of the wall, and place the smaller ones next to it.

Wooden spoons

Wooden spoons come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, making them the perfect kitchen decoration. Try to achieve an ombre effect by using cutlery in similar shades. Cut a piece of plywood to the right size and paint it. Lay out the items on it and make marks with a pencil on each spoon and in the place where it will be located. Drill small holes and use thin wire to attach each element of the composition to the plywood. When everything is ready, hang the design on the wall.


The gallery wall is one of the most popular options for decorating a room. However, high-quality frames for paintings and photos are usually extremely expensive. Given the fact that they will need a lot, such decoration can hit the wallet. Pay attention to a creative design solution – attach inspirational photos and drawings to vintage clipboards.

Travel Maps

If you love to travel, then make sure that pleasant memories of trips are always in front of your eyes. Hang a cork map on the wall and mark visited places with multi-colored buttons. Complete it with memorable little things – metro cards, museum tickets, business cards and brochures.

Leaf Art

Gather beautiful leaves and flowers and stick them on newspaper or heavy paper, then frame them in a stylish way. We advise you to place on the wall three pictures of the same size and shape with different content – they will look very impressive!

Chalkboard Calendar

Paint the wall with slate paint and let dry. To create a wall calendar, use painter’s tape to make a grid with equal cells, gently touch up any irregularities if necessary. This design solution is suitable for a nursery or hallway. Place the decoration in a conspicuous place so that all family members can take important notes and be in the know.

String art

String art is an art form in which drawings and inscriptions are created using threads and nails. Start by cutting out letters from craft paper. Mark with a pencil the places on the wall or piece of plywood where the holes for the nails will be – they should create an outline of the desired pattern. Drive nails into the wall and wrap them with thick yarn.

Vintage frying pans

A collection of vintage frying pans will create a retro atmosphere in the space. The main advantage of such a composition is that you can remove the kitchen appliance at any time and use it for its intended purpose. By the way, you can also hang plates or trays on the wall.

Tic Tac Toe

Make your wall decor interactive by hanging a vintage or new 9-block window frame. Attach products in the form of crosses and toe to it. You can use this song to play with family members.

Old books

Place books directly on the wall. To do this, make holes in the covers and nail them to the surface with strong nails, you can also use special staples. To make the interior even more original, keep the editions open, fix the position of the sheets with twine or fishing line.

Silhouettes in a frame

Pictures with dark silhouettes of heads or figures of people are very common in the interior, they add a touch of antiquity to it. By the way, such works of art became popular in Europe in the 18th century. You can create these images yourself using pictures of your family members. Take a picture of a loved one, and then print the frame on a regular black and white printer. After that, attach the photo to black paper and carefully cut out the portrait along the outline. As a result, you will get an unusual dark silhouette. Glue it on a white background and paste it into the frame.


Embroidered paintings have a place in any interior, and this is a great and simple answer to the question of how to decorate walls with your own hands. Complement the walls with contrasting bright images or plain patterns. Choose an illustration based on the style and color scheme of the room.

Floral print

Print flowers and leaves on a color printer. Cut them out along the contour and place them on the poster without sticking to it. Try to create several compositions and choose the perfect one, and then attach all the details to a thick sheet and place the composition in a frame.

Modern painting

To make the space more fashionable, paint a picture yourself in a modern style. For this, you do not need to have special skills. Draw black lines on the canvas with a white background like in the photo above and hang the artwork in your living room.

Lavender Drawing

If you like how lavender looks, draw it yourself on a plain piece of paper or canvas. This may not be very easy for a beginner. You may need a master class from a professional. But do not be afraid of this, you will definitely be proud of the result and get tremendous pleasure from the process.

Wooden picture

Cut the wooden spacers into many rectangular pieces, then assemble the original composition by attaching each piece to a solid base with glue. They can be of different lengths, but in order to completely fill the space in the frame, you will have to try very hard and decide in advance which picture you want to get. At the end, paint the product using several matching colors.

Big pictures

Print your favorite photos or inspiration on large sheets of paper to decorate your walls with your own hands. You can put them in a stylish frame and hang them on the wall. We recommend not limiting yourself to one picture and using at least two, placing them next to each other. This design solution is suitable for a bedroom or living room and will instantly enliven a boring interior.

Stencil Drawing

If you can’t draw, don’t worry, you can always use a ready-made stencil to create your own piece of art. First you need to choose the colors you want to use, and then draw an abstract background on the sheet. As soon as it dries, attach a stencil to the picture and cover the canvas with white paint. After removing the plate, you will see a unique image that will become the main decoration of your interior.

Painted paintings

Surely everyone has old paintings that have been gathering dust for years on the mezzanine or in the pantry. If you inherited them or as a gift, but didn’t like them, give them a modern look by partially dipping them in bright paint.

Geometric Artwork

This large geometric wall art is just the right modern accent for the living room. It can be made by hand using plywood and spray paint.

Sea glass decor

If you don’t collect sea glass when you travel, buy it from an art store to make a real work of art with your own hands. There are many examples of paintings from this material on the Web that can serve as sources of inspiration for you. First, decide on a pattern – it can be a simple pattern or, for example, a wave that will mentally take you to the ocean shore every day. Glue bright details onto a wooden frame, and then place the composition in a frame.

Paper flowers

Elegant paper flower arrangements will be a delicate decoration of any wall. This accent decor element looks good in children’s rooms, as well as in the bedrooms of teenagers or adults. Use calm cool tones to create a peaceful atmosphere, or, on the contrary, choose bright colors to cheer you up.

Magazine collage

This is one of the funniest DIY wall decor ideas. You probably already have all the necessary materials to create a work of art. Cut out your favorite images from magazines and newspapers, and then glue them to a solid base. As a result, you will get a colorful drawing that will attract the attention of all guests.

wall decoration ideas for creating an unusual cozy atmosphere (photo)

11.03.2020 16:43

One of the first things you can do to add a personal touch to the space in your home is to decorate the walls with different items.

Art, mirrors or carpets. Such decorations help to give the house a special style, sophistication and comfort.

There are some amazing wall accessories. Here are some interesting and original decorating ideas that will give your home a whole new look.


Tapestries were once only found in ancient castles, but now macrame and tapestries have made a resurgence in interior design.

Handmade tapestries can be a good alternative to art decoration. They help add unique color and texture to any space in your home without taking up too much wall space.

If you are planning to add one or two tapestries to your home, consider placing them in the entryway as an accent wall.

Cameroonian Juju Hats

Whether displayed individually or in groups, Cameroonian Juju Hats are always an eye-catcher when displayed on walls. When placing such hats on the walls, you need to make sure that they are the center of attention.

Can be placed above the fireplace or laid out on the sofa. This is where they will be in the spotlight.


When decorating a wall in your home, hang craftsmen’s baskets on it. Baskets come in many different textures, sizes, and patterns that, when combined, can make a pretty original visual impact in just about any room.

Attractive and rather original arrangement of them is quite simple to create. You just need to make sure that the composition combines features such as color, size and pattern.


Hats have recently become a real fashion trend. With the help of hats, you can create an original wall design in your home.

Hats are an unexpected wall decoration solution that will give your interior a stunning style. To achieve the best result, you need to choose hats that have a similar color or similar texture.


We usually keep our blankets in a closet or chest of drawers and take them out when it gets cold.

However, in fact, they will help to give the walls a perfect look at any time. You can use a blanket to create a creative decoration for the head of the bed.

This is a great option for wall decoration, especially if you live in an apartment with high ceilings and want to make a really original and incredible design that is striking and impressive.


This is also quite a practical and original option for decorating the walls in the house. They can have a dual purpose in the home.

Hooks can be both a stylish decorative element and a functional element of using wall space. There are many different hook options that are perfect for decorating walls.


Wall mounted plates are ideal for collectors. The design of the limited edition tableware collection allows some pieces to stand as fine art. This is a good way to show off your collection.


Another good way to freshen up your walls is to hang small rugs and rugs. There are many colors, textures and sizes. This is a good and inexpensive way to transform a wall in your home.

However, when using carpet as decoration, you need to make sure you have anchors strong enough to support the carpet.


Everyone knows that mirrors visually enlarge the space.

When making a mirror accent on a wall, consider choosing mirrors of different shapes, but with the same scale and design, to match the story.