Colours for wall: Polished Blue With Soft Linen

Paint trends 2023 – We reveal the key colours and effects to update your home this year

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With the arrival of a new year, what better way to kick things off then updating your home with colour and we’ve got all the latest paint ideas you’ll need.

Whether you just want to refresh woodwork and skirtings, fancy changing up your ceiling shade or are after an entirely new look for your interior, knowing what the key paint trends for the year ahead are, will guide you to making the most up-to-date choice.

A simple paint shade can have an immense affect on our emotions, happiness and well-being. Getting the colour scheme right has never been more key for creating a contented happy home. Our homes are our own personal sanctuary, a space where we want to feel safe, comforted and – above all else – happy.

These are the trending colours to embrace for any DIY and decorating projects for the year ahead. As well as the latest colours, our colour and paint experts explore the latest trends in how to use paint within our living spaces too. 

Decorating and paint trends for 2023 are looking like they are split into two camps – going bold and bright, or keeping things neutral.

When it comes to bold colour, it’s all about luxe greens, inky blues, berry reds and burnt oranges, giving rooms a touch of drama alongside warmth and cosiness. The art of using two or more contrasting tones, ‘Colour-blocking’, remains a popular choice to create eye-catching interiors.

And of course nature continues to be an inspiration when it comes to a more neutral palette. Colours found in the great outdoors, like mushroom, dried grass, cloud and seafoam – these hues will definitely be taking us through the next year of decorating.

Follow our guide below to get clued up on all the key paint trends for 2023. 

1. Dramatic inky blues

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

The popularity for Navy doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but this year we see dark blues tipping over into richer, more regal shades. Think deep oceanic tones and try using them in a tonally immersive way, by matching the colour on furniture and fabrics too. 

Alternatively, blue hues sit particularly well together and can offer great scope for pattern mixing, so in a living room try combining plain Inky blue walls with indigo striped curtains and cobalt patterned cushions. 

Blue is one of the most popular colors for living rooms – and really successful at creating a calm, elegant finish in an often busy space. Helen Shaw, UK Director for Benjamin Moore paint, points out that, ‘Starry Night Blue is our radiant blue that is akin to the deep indigo of dusk. The touch of violet in its undertone makes it feel sophisticated but there is also a playful side to this colour, particularly in a higher sheen such as this Satin finish. This has a similar effect when used on cabinetry as a fresh alternative to navy’. 

2. Primary pairings

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Take inspiration from colour-blocking, still found to be popular in the fashion world, and think about dressing your kitchen like you would pull an outfit together! One colour for the top and another for the bottom, with a little injection of colour for accessories – like this pop of yellow. 

Joa Studholme, Colour Curator at Farrow & Ball explains how to achieve this, ‘The biggest overall paint trend in 2023 will be about how we use colour as much as the colour itself. The use of stronger, simpler colours is extremely popular. Eclectic mixes evoke the warmth and harmony of a more innocent age’. 

She goes on to say, ‘this can be achieved by using two colours on one wall – easy if you have panelling or a dado rail, but if not then arm yourself with masking tape and just paint the bottom third of the wall in one colour and the top in another. The blue tones of Selvedge are made to feel all the more upbeat when combined with deeply saturated green Beverly and this look sums up this growing trend of using a friendly combination of block colours’. 

3. Rich neutrals

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

There’s nothing more inviting and cocooning than wrapping your hands around a mug of hot chocolate, or a caramel latte. So it’s no surprise that these colours are being seen more and more within the popular neutral palette. You certainly can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing hundreds of living rooms in these rich neutrals and now these tones are moving into kitchens and bathrooms too. 

Andy Greenall, Creative Director at Paint & Paper Library says, ‘Moving away from impersonal and stark bright whites, kitchen design schemes are becoming more considered, with schemes reflecting the wider interior aesthetic of a home. Richer, mood-setting colours are being used to great effect in combination across woodwork, cabinetry and walls. ‘ 

‘Mink’ is a wonderfully versatile, warm, pink-based neutral that adds depth and warmth to kitchen walls. Pair with the enigmatic, deep red-brown ‘Scarlet ‘n’ Rust’ for a sophisticated, timeless scheme.’ 

4. Hand painted murals

(Image credit: Fenwick & Tilbrook)

Individuality and creativity are key to making our homes feel personal to us and alongside our need for sustainability we will be seeing more upcycling and more make-do-and-mend than ever. And what better way to create an inexpensive focal point, than to paint your very own mural, that is sure to be a talking point for visitors. 

Using pastel hues can help fill the room with uplifting energy and help boost and invigorate a space. To stop the scheme looking too saccharin, choose soft pinks, mustard yellows and dusky teals, in place of purer more white based shades. The beauty of pastels is that they are a great middle-ground between dark paint colors and subtle neutrals. 

‘Creating simple free flowing shapes across a wall is a quick and effective way to really lift a space on a budget’, advises Anna Hill, Brand Director at Fenwick & Tilbrook, ‘Making a statement that can tie colours together in the room or add colour where the rest of the space is more neutral’.  

5. Mixing matt and gloss

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

A wonderful way to create depth and interest on a flat wall is to mix matt and gloss paints in the same colour. Try a checkerboard pattern, alternate stripes or like in this image, zoning an area. The change in paint finish means that light will bounce off them in varying amounts, creating interest to an otherwise plain wall. 

Take this hallway idea as an example, Andy Greenall, Creative Director at Paint & Paper Library says, ‘Paint finishes, from high gloss to chalky matt, have a profound effect on colour. Our new versatile and self-priming formulations give designers permission to play with finish, to be creative in their choices and confident that the finishes are durable enough to withstand any situation.’ 

‘I love to see finishes used in surprising ways; the same colour set side by side in contrasting finishes will create a contemporary moment in a traditional space. Consider juxtaposing the chalky matt Architects’ Matt with our high sheen Architects’ Gloss. ’ 

6. Stylish heights

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

The trend for painted ceilings has been made popular by interior designers such as Abigail Aherne and the trend seems to be continuing into 2023, this time with some serious pops of colour. So if your ceilings feel too low and cramped, or too high and lofty, then painting them can adjust the vibe.

To bring the ceiling height down, try continuing the paint from the ceiling down onto the walls (to where a picture rail would be), this will help blur the lines between the wall and the ceiling surfaces. It can also provide interest to a space without any architectural details. 

There isn’t a colour more optimistic or feel-good than yellow. It brings in an instant dose of sunshine and works particularly well on a ceiling as it replicates bright, sunny light in rooms that may lack it. 

Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown, advocates using yellow on ceilings, she says -‘Try something a little different by using a really bright colour such as Crown’s Mustard Jar on the ceiling so the colour visually spills onto plain white walls below. Alternatively, play with tones to suit your palette – a dark turquoise, for example, on the ceiling would partner suitably with mid and paler tones for the walls’. 

7. Create a piece of art

(Image credit: Yes Colours)

Accentuating areas within a room with a strong colour can help create a painted masterpiece, and give a room a one-of-a kind look. For example, choosing to paint an alcove to create a bold statement, or to highlight a fireplace surround in a striking complementary colour, will give a room a truly personal touch. 

‘Look out for areas which lend themselves to be ‘pulled out’ to give an instant punch of colour’, Emma Bestley, Co-founder & Creative Director of YesColours, explains.  ‘Colours can be used to manipulate the way your architecture looks and feels. And for homes without these details; colour can also create the appearance of architectural features, even if all you have is a few blank walls and a flat ceiling.’

‘Painting using earthy colours like our warming Loving Orange, can completely transform a structural detail into an eye-catching feature. It grounds the scheme which then becomes a more inclusive and inviting space. The same goes for the use of olive green in the skylight reveal, it turns the emptiness of that space, drawing your eye towards the subtle but cheerful detail.’

8. Tri-colour room

(Image credit: Little Greene)

There are three parts to consider when painting a room: the wall, the woodwork and the ceiling and this year we’re sure to be ditching the safe white skirtings and choosing to highlight them in bright contrasting colours instead. In 2021 Interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, described that painting your skirting boards white, is like wearing white socks below coloured trousers that are too short! So we are definitely going to see braver choices in using colour to highlight woodwork in 2023. 

Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene agrees, ‘Highlighting stripes or colour blocking are wonderful ways to add personality, colour and design details to a space. For a bold and playful scheme opt for contrasting colours in broad stripes, take across doors, skirting and architectural features for a dynamic contemporary feel. ‘ 

‘For a more subtle finish, simply add a colour highlight to architectural detailing such as skirting or above a picture rail. The more contrasting the colour combination, the more it will draw the eye and deliver impact. Deep and timeless ‘Bronze Red’ will work fantastically combined with vibrant ‘ Deep Space Blue’ and a highlight of earthy ‘Yellow-Pink’. 

9. Reds with pink undertones

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

In 2023 we will be seeing the usual deep reds staying a popular paint choice, but this time with strong pink undertones. ‘Raspberry Blush’ announced as Colour of the Year for Benjamin Moore Paint is a vivacious shade of coral tinged with pinks, and The Pantone Colour of the year named as ‘Viva Magenta’ is a transformative crimson red with hints of raspberry. 

We are leaning into these warm colours and using them all over for statement-making rooms, or alternatively in smaller amounts – on a front door, a kitchen island, or even stairways, to create a bold look that conveys excitement and energy.  

“Whilst deep Berry reds may feel like a nostalgic trip to the dining rooms of the 1980’s, used judiciously they can feel modern & vibrant and add a splash of exuberant warmth’, says Patrick O’Donnell, International Brand Ambassador at Farrow & Ball. He then adds, ‘This shade is even becoming a consideration for the smallest of spaces, such as a powder room.’

10. Dusky pink

(Image credit: Francesca’s Paints)

We have been drawn to earthy tones of pink to help bring comfort and warmth to our interiors during the past couple of years and it’s something that looks to continue into 2023. 

This earthy tone of pink is moving away from baby pinks and soft white pinks and is more a blend of blush and beige mixed to create a grounding shade of pink. 

‘A pale, soft pink, like Thrift, is a calming, gentle colour with a warming, nostalgic feel. It’s an important colour for 2023 as it’s incredibly versatile, working in bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. It pairs beautifully with a number of shades, including ochre, blue, grey and green. Most importantly, it’s a colour which makes a house feel like a home’, says Francesca Wezel, Founder of Francesca’s Paints 

11. Neutrals to create tranquility

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

This minimal approach builds on the cocooning concepts of 2021, creating places to retreat, relax and be cosy. These soft neutrals bring warmth and comfort to a room, with a hint of organic green and a contrasting unsaturated black-brown to complete the look. 

Neville Knott, Crown Paints Colour Consultant, explains why neutrals remain popular for 2023, ‘This Colour Insight wants to wrap you up in a blanket of restorative comfort. Combining muted tones of green, stone and creams, they create an inviting balanced beauty within any space that acts as a sanctuary from the outside world. Curved walls, tactile furniture and three-dimensional forms blend effortlessly to create a balanced, high-end interior where tensions melt away.

12. Go all out for gloss

(Image credit: Mylands)

We’re very used to seeing gloss finishes used in rooms with higher moisture levels, in bathrooms for example, but now we are seeing it being used to add a dramatic and eye-catching flair to different rooms around the house. It’s high sheen and reflective tone can make dark or smaller spaces feel much larger too. Here this bang on trend dark olive green is perfect for creating a reflective surface in a small office. 

Dominic Myland, CEO at Mylands, explains why this trend is going to be big news in 2023, ‘A gloss finish can be used to create a high-impact scheme, and its reflective quality will brighten up the room and make a smaller space feel bigger as the light bounces round. The lustre also intensifies richer colours; this classic Sorrel Green becomes more dramatic with the gloss finish. Combining gloss and matt finishes, such as using matt for the walls and gloss for the skirting and window frames, will create subtle contrast and bring dimension and interest to the space. ‘ 

18 Wall Paint Color Ideas for Home Trending in 2023

Every house has different types of rooms as per the country, culture, religion, and preference. And hence determining a standard for all is a difficult task. But three essential areas are primarily used by any family – living room, bedroom, and kitchen. So, what are the top 18 wall paint colors you can try in these common areas? Let’s have a look!

Inspiring Wall Paint Colors For Home

Read on to learn about wonderful wall paint color ideas for home:

Top Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

  • Sophisticated Grey

If you decide to go with this neutral color for your bedroom, you will end up with one very sophisticated statement for your bedroom. You can either go full grey with similar design & decor or mix it up with the bright elements. It is one of the leading color paint ideas in contemporary styling.

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Sophisticated look with grey

  •  Icy Blue 

Blue comes in various shades, but blue lovers come together as the ones seeking calm and harmony. Blue is a leading scheme for various color paint ideas. Apart from creating a chill vibe at home, its combination with different pastels and sometimes bright colors sets a bold style statement.

Bedroom with blue accent wall

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    Calming Green 

Green is another one of our favorite bedroom paint colors. It promotes healing, restfulness, and calmness in the bedroom. You either go for a bright sea green accent wall or go all green for the entire room. It works both ways beautifully.

Healthy green for a good night sleep

  • Earthy Brown/Beige 

If you have done a lot of research on “color ideas for each room”, this option must have come up several times. It is one of the most popular color choices in Indian homes. It’s earthy, subtle, and timeless. An adequate design & decor can make this color scheme pop out in your bedroom.

The standard brown & beige look

  • Soft Yellow 

When we are talking about popular color schemes, it is hard to leave yellow behind. It is known as the sunshine color for no reason. It instantly brightens up the bedroom without doing much. You can also experiment with adding some golden hues with yellow to jazz up the space more.

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 Vintage looking bedroom

  • Soothing Lavender

Lavender is a trending color in the interior world. It is the color of positivity, serenity and calmness that fills an aura with good vibes. Paint your bedroom walls lavender to bring in a dose of royalty, peace and cheerfulness. Match it with white to create a perfect color theme, and place some fresh plants to add to the poise of this space.

Lavender is a peaceful and luxurious color for bedroom decors


Kitchen Wall Paint Color Ideas

  •   Blue Kitchen

You knew this was coming, right? Blue never, ever disappoints – be it a living room, bedroom, guest room, or kitchen. You can incorporate blue elements in your kitchen by painting either your walls blue or the cabinets, whatever your choice. 

Transformed blue space

  • Green Kitchen

Another color which surprises you is green. Choose a pale/light green if painting the kitchen walls and go dark green if the cabinets. This color magically transforms the entire kitchen into one healthy spot.

Make your kitchen look healthy too

  • Dark Grey Kitchen

Grey might not be one of the popular kitchen ideas, but still, it is worth a try. It gives a very sophisticated look when used with wooden or white decor. Though you have to make sure to balance it out with other variables as it is a dark color, and an excess of it might make the kitchen look a bit clumsy.

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Such a statement with this choice of color

  • Yellow Kitchen

Everyone knows how white transforms any room and makes it look more spacious. But maintaining a white kitchen can be a task. Interior designers highly recommend yellow for small kitchens.

Kitchen can be bright too

  • Black Kitchen

As a paint color, the color black is touted as dark and sad, but when used correctly, it can emote major style to any space. You can go for black patterned tiles or simply get the cabinets colored black.  

Off-beat black cooking space

  • Peaceful Pink

Pink is a peaceful, cheerful and glamorous color to incorporate into the home. Give your kitchen a stylish and serene look by painting the walls pastel pink. Keep the rest of the decor neutral with wooden elements and throw a splash of white over the cabinetry to create a theme that speaks luxury, elegance and warmth.

Pink is a happy and elegant color for kitchen spaces

Living Room Paint Color Ideas

  • Blue Living Room

We’d be really glad to know if you’d expect this color option from us already! Any blue shade brings beauty to every corner of your house. You want to go bold, pick slaty/dark blue. Make your room space painted light blue if you want to feel at ease, like at the beach.

Cool blue in the house

If you wish to create a style statement for your dream home, this theme is for you. A mix of the white and black theme is not unique but very eye-catching too. It is sometimes hard to believe how this simple combination of two colors can bring art to your living room.

The classic!

  • Muted Peach 

The pinkish peach color isn’t only for your kid’s room. You can use it too in your main living room. It not only looks pretty but has a very soft and subtle presence. Apart from looking very soothing in terms of aesthetics, Vastu also recommends this color for a smooth flow of energy in your home.

Pretty in peach

  • Grey Living Room

Now that we are giving you top choices for your living room, grey is hard to ignore. It’s classic, chic, and elegant – all at the same time! Add a sprinkle of color by adding some elements like yellow drapes, green plants, etc. Such a style is a big hit amongst home buyers.

Grey with some bright elements

  • Cream/Beige 

This color scheme is the highly preferred option when looking at color paint ideas for any room. One reason for it being so popular is – it can be combined with any type of decor, furniture or colors. Its neutral palette never overpowers anything and thus can be easily integrated with anything.

The standard cream & beige look

  • Crisp White

Last but not least – all-white living rooms are a dream come true! But we understand that it is tough to manage; hence we recommend you mix it up with any color of your choice. Be it in terms of furniture or any decor. 

White with brick accent wall

Tips To Brighten Up Your Home With The Best Paint Color Ideas

  • Experiment with patterns: It’s time to ditch the monotones and try out different patterns on the wall. You can pick one master wall and be creative. For example, you can try chevron stripes for the walls and you will not get bored of them easily.

  • Pick a theme: Another way to brighten up the house using creative wall paint color ideas for home is to think of a theme that would go with the purpose of that room or with the person occupying that space. For example, for a kid’s bedroom you can make blue sea-waves on the way or some cartoon character. 

  • Pick a bright wall paint color and team it with old posters: Make your dull walls bright by picking a nice and vibrant wall paint colour as your base and then bring out the old posters of comic characters, boy bands, quotes etc get them framed and hang them on your wall. 

Vastu Colors for Walls As Per the Direction

According to Vastu Shastra, we should choose the color as per the direction of the walls to avoid problems in our life.

While yellow, orange, cream, light blue and other light colors are ideal for the outdoor walls of the home, there are Vastu-approved colors for each direction. Learn below about them:

Northern Wall

The north direction of the house is associated with water and is also the place for Lakshmi and wealth. Thus, it is considered to keep this side clean, empty and sacred. Light green, pistachio green and sky blue are the Vastu-approved colors for this direction. They help improve the financial situation; however, dark colors in the direction might lead to financial losses.

North-East Wall

The north-east is considered the direction of Lord Shiva where the sky is more open. This direction is also called the “Ishaan angle”, where Gods reside. Therefore, the north-east walls should be painted white, sky blue or purple. Yellow could also be used since this direction is the home of Gods and Goddesses.

Eastern Wall

The walls in the east direction should be painted white or light blue. 

South-East Wall

The south-east direction of the home is associated with fire. Hence, you can paint the walls in this direction white, yellow or orange. This direction is also called “Aagney angle” and is, thus, the perfect direction for kitchens.

Southern Wall

Orange is the ideal colour for southern walls that keeps the enthusiasm on. However, if you have your bedroom in this direction, go for pink.

South-West Wall

The south-west direction is called the “Nairtya angle”. Off-white, brown and green are the Vastu colours for this direction. 

Western Wall

The west direction is called to be the place of “Varundev” – the God of water. Thus, white and blue are considered ideal colours for this direction. 

North-West Wall

The north-west direction is called “Vayavya angle”. Choose white, light grey or cream to paint the walls in the living room in this direction.

Wall Paint Colour Psychology 

Our colour choice represents our personality and thought process, as colours have several hidden meanings. Let us try and break down what our wall paint colour reflects about us.

  1. Blue: The shades of blue represent the soothing, tranquillity, security, compassion, and calm demeanour of people. Those who prefer the blue shade for their home view their home as an oasis in the desert. Shades of Blue also signify self-confidence for a steady character and wisdom. 

  2. Green: The colour green represents versatility and the wide-ranging nature of the people who opt for it. Green is about striking a balance. People who prefer lighter shades of green gravitate towards harmony and renewal, like maintaining a peaceful balance across different aspects of life.  

  3. Red: Red and shades of red represent warmth, passion, and the drive to take on the world. Sometimes red is also associated with power, aggression, impulsiveness and zest of life all at the same time. However, some people can find shades of red quite overwhelming at times. Thus, whenever you opt for red, balance it with other colours so that it doesn’t look intimidating. 

  4. Yellow: The colour yellow is a warm, vibrant, and luminous colour. People who prefer yellow or shades are generally associated with warm and energetic people. In addition, the yellow wall paint colour also promotes happiness, innovation and originality. 

Summing Up Wall Paint Color Ideas

After your random long search on color ideas for each room, color paint ideas – we hope you find these suggestions helpful. Some of them are great if you look forward to making a statement about style, while others are more towards subtle looks. But each choice has its charm and just adds elegance to your dream home.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Which color is best for a kitchen?

    Wall paint colors like blue, green, dark grey, and yellow shines when it comes to choosing the right color for the kitchen.

  • Which is the best color for the living room?

    Some of the best colors for the living room are subtle colors like beige, white, blue, or peach. These colors are the best to give an elegant and classy look to the entire space.

  • What paint colors are trending in 2023 ?

    The various trending colors in 2023 are neutrals, magenta, lavender, raspberry blush, bold blue, yellow bottle green and bright orange.

  • Should all rooms be painted different or the same color?

    No, you should never paint the entire house the same color. You can use the same color; however, if you want, you can combine one same color with a different color for the primary wall color in each room.

  • What color is replacing grey in 2023?

    Designers are incorporating beige more into home interiors other than grey this year.

  • What is the most popular sofa color in 2023

    Grey is considered the most popular color choice for sofa sets in 2023 due to being the most versatile color among neutrals.

how shades affect mood — INMYROOM

What color should you paint the walls in order to relax or, on the contrary, feel more cheerful? We tell.

White and Gray

Basic colors that are nevertheless perceived differently by everyone: some people find white light and refreshing, others find it dreary – so be guided by your feelings. However, now in most interiors, white and light gray act as the basis, and there are many reasons for this: they expand the space, do not overload it, and look stylish. A monochrome interior with a minimum of color accents also looks cool – for example, as in the project of Inna Azorskaya.

Suitable for: any room. Salvation for small rooms. And these colors go well with any other.

Design: Inna Azorskaya.


Many people associate black with negative emotions – sorrow and longing. But at the same time, it is the color of elegance and often an indicator of good taste. An option for the brave: use black for several walls, as in this project in Skolkovo.

Design: Kameleono.

Suitable for: as small accents in any room. Makes the interior more contrast, bright. Good in too spacious rooms that need to be made more intimate and comfortable.

Do not use: in large quantities. An exception is if you personally feel comfortable in a dark monochrome room and it does not put pressure on you psychologically. Remember that black “eats up” space a lot – it is not suitable for most small sizes.

Design: Buro5.

Beige & Brown

These warm, natural shades soothe and give a sense of security, balance, and grounding. Usually they are associated either with nature (trees, mountains, sand, stones) or with something appetizing – pastries, coffee or chocolate.

Design: GP Project.

Suitable for: any room, if you dilute them with contrasting accents. Light shades of beige are an excellent base for any interior.

Do not use: brown is not the best choice for small, dark rooms. May create a feeling of clutter.

Design: Elena Markina.

Red and orange

Energize even on a physical level – can increase the level of adrenaline in the blood, affect the heartbeat and increase blood pressure. Warm shades of these colors make the room cozier.

Suitable for: living room and dining room – red and orange promote communication and stimulate appetite.

Do not use: in the bedroom, especially in large quantities – it will be difficult to relax. But red is great for accents – for example, textiles in this color were used in the project of Irina Travkina and Natalia Tarasevich.


The color of joy and optimism. It is important to choose the right shade: if light ones make the interior more sunny and light, then darker ones can begin to oppress over time.

Suitable for: kitchen, dining room, bathroom, hallway. Looks good in small spaces. Especially good for accents – interesting details and accessories.

Design: Olga Shapovalova.

Do not use: in children’s rooms – very young children are usually uncomfortable in yellow interiors. With caution – in the bedroom. In whatever room you use this color, it must be diluted with neutral shades (for example, light gray, as Svetlana Yurkova did) – otherwise it starts to irritate.

Design: Svetlana Yurkova.


Considered the most natural and eye-pleasing color associated with wildlife, relieves stress. Combines the stimulating properties of yellow and the relaxing properties of blue.

Suitable for: any room, looks especially advantageous in combination with other colors such as white.

Design: Natalia Yanson.

Light blue and blue

Set for peace and relaxation, lower blood pressure, reduce appetite.

Suitable for: small spaces – light blues make the space look larger. For rooms where it is always hot and the windows face the sunny side, cold tones will make them “cooler”.

Apartment of designer Anna Muravina in Gelendzhik.

For bedrooms and bathrooms, these colors are very relaxing. Some shades are suitable for workrooms, as they help to concentrate. If you want to reduce your appetite and lose weight, blue is a great choice for a kitchen or dining room. See how delicate the blue color looks in the kitchen of designer Marina Zhukova.

Do not use: too much in any room – such an interior will make you feel sad. For the same reason, it is better to abandon the dark shades of these colors. To avoid this effect, dilute the blue color with white or another light neutral shade. Choose warm (for example, pervanche) or bright colors – azure or turquoise.

Design: Tatyana Kazantseva.

Purple and pink

Pastel shades of purple and pink soothe and relax, darker ones make the atmosphere solemn, strict and mysterious.

Design: Nika Vorotyntseva.

Suitable for: any room, especially bedrooms.

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Color in the interior: 7 tips and solutions


Color plays an important role in the interior, and this should not be forgotten when starting to repaint the walls. Different shades evoke different emotions and feelings: some fill us with energy, others serve as an antidepressant, others irritate, and four help to relax and brew in a calm way. With the help of color, you can create a completely different atmosphere in your home, and our tips will help you do it in style and beauty.

Apartment in Moscow. Project by Alisa Shabelnikova.

Sergey Ananiev

Choose the right palette

Choose shades wisely, not based on fashion trends. Not all trendy shades are suitable specifically for your interior and lighting. Remember, your goal is a harmonious space where everything fits together.

TIP: blue-green and yellow are a magical combination where each complements the other. Especially in combination with natural wood and live plants!

The combination of cool blue-green and honey yellow, vintage and modern, gives this interior a spectacular dynamism.

Accent wall

One step from love to hate – and vice versa! The accent wall is back – but this time in its classic form: not “pulling the blanket over itself”, but creating a harmonious whole with the whole environment.

TIP: keep the white molding at the ceiling. It will beautifully accentuate the transition from color to white and at the same time visually increase the height of the ceiling.

Light salmon is perfect for an accent wall in the bedroom.

Paint the walls in different colors

Always imagine the big picture. It is not necessary to paint all the rooms in the house the same color. If the rooms are located in an enfilade or next to each other, and another is clearly visible from one room, you can paint them in close tones, or in colors that blend well with each other.

House of stylist Sophia Wood in Stockholm. The gray-blue color of the living room goes well with the light gray walls in the adjacent dining room.


Apartment in Moscow. Project by Alisa Shabelnikova.


Juicy colors

One of the most trendy colors of recent seasons is a deep lingonberry pink. It will work great in a small room or dressing room: the interior will gain depth and charisma. Looking to add some chic to your space without sacrificing tranquility? Work on the ceiling!

Lake Red, Farrow & Ball.

Paint everything!

Now it is fashionable to paint not only walls, but also everything else – rosettes, moldings, ceiling mouldings, shelves and even the ceiling – in one color. The space is homogeneous and solid. This solution is especially well suited for small rooms (entrance hall or, say, dressing room).

TIP: in a small hallway, you can hang shelves above the door and paint them in the color of the walls, and if there is paint left, storage boxes.

The “rusty” color of the walls and ceiling is harmoniously complemented by natural wood on the floor.

The apartment of the designers Stina Lofgren and Matthias Krisander. In the hallway, the cabinets, the door, and even the IKEA shoe racks are all painted the same color. Paint Jotun Lady Supreme Finish 05 NCS S2010-Y50R.

Choose harmonious colors

We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so it is especially important that nothing annoys you here. On the contrary, the palette should set you up for rest, relaxation and peace.