Colours for wall: 40 Best Kitchen Paint and Wall Colors for 2023

40 Best Kitchen Paint and Wall Colors for 2023

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Light Green


Draw on the beauty of nature with a soothing green shade, like Caren Rideau of The Kitchen Design Group does here. She elevates the style with a display of wood cutting boards.

Picnic by Sherwin-Williams

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Bright White

@kylie fitts

Crisp white paint is a timeless choice. It helps brighten your work station, and gives you the flexibility to decorate with bold accents. In her personal home, Shelby Girard — Havenly’s VP, Creative & Design — contrasts an all-white palette with gold fixtures and raw wood bar stools.

True White by Farrow & Ball

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Mint Green

John M. Hall

Give your retro kitchen a refresh with a layer of sweet light green paint. For a cohesive look, paint the exterior and interior of your cabinets — plus the backsplash.

Two Scoops by Clare

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Tara Donne

Subdued gray wall paneling tempers the dark gray cabinets in this kitchen design scheme.

Seize the Gray by Clare

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Emily Hart Photography

Create a modern, moody aesthetic with a rich blue hue. Here, interior designer Kelsey McGregor uses the same deep shade for cabinets, walls and trim.

Old Navy by Benjamin Moore

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Breezy Blue

Tim Lenz

Bring in a calming blue shade that adds color to your kitchen without overpowering the space. Take a note from the Mendelson Group and find a pale blue that feels bright, fresh and welcoming.

Summer Friday by Clare

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With an olive brown on top and a sandy beige below, this country kitchen doesn’t settle for one shade of brown.

Dirty Chai by Clare
Brooklyn Cowboy by Backdrop

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Moss Green

Adam Macchia

In this Austin residence, the team at BHDM Design goes for an earthy green hue for the kitchen cabinets, trim and island base.

Oakmoss by Sherwin-Williams

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Steel Blue

Lauren Pressey

If you’re worried about committing to a bold paint color, keep your walls and cabinets a neutral shade (like white) and add a pop of color to your kitchen island base.

Steel Blue by Benjamin Moore

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True White

Sara Tramp

Instead of going for a classic all-white kitchen, interior designer Emily Henderson creates intrigue with natural wood accents — from the wood paneled ceiling to the kitchen island base.

Supermoon by Backdrop

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Moody Gray

Ryan McDonald Photography

Create a moody, monochrome look with similar shades of gray — as
Studio Sven does here with gray cabinetry, walls and decor.

NO CURFEW by Backdrop

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Good Housekeeping

For a unique style, consider a bold hue — like a retro red. It pairs well with stainless steel appliances and a black center island.

Candy Apple by Glidden

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Kylie Fitts

To pair with your true white walls and ceiling, opt for a soft white for cabinetry. With a tint of yellow, this 0ff-white shade adds warmth to the space.

Harvest Moon by Backdrop

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Dark Turquoise

Miki Duisterhof

From walls to cabinetry, this velvety blue-green is the perfect shade to make a statement. Complementary hues: bright yellow, hence the flowers.

Tucson Teal by Benjamin Moore

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Seafoam Green

Grace Mitchell for Country Living

Recreate this bold, ocean-inspired interior with seafoam green cabinets and baby blue walls. The finishing touch: a woven pendant light.

Arsenic by Farrow & Ball

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Stormy Gray

Elizabeth Krueger

Elevate your neutral kitchen with a calming gray hue, like interior designer Elizabeth Krueger does here.

Stormy Gray by Behr

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Soft Cream

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

In this airy kitchen, balancing soft cream wall tiles with cabinets in a deeper shade of the hue make for a cohesive look.

Casa Blanca by Sherwin-Williams

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Warm White

Courtesy of Benjamin More/ John Bessler

Complete your farmhouse aesthetic with creamy white walls. The shade adds instant warmth to any kitchen.

Like Buttah by Clare

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Dark Green

Stoffer Photography

Bold shades of emerald green, including painted cabinets, anchor interior designer Jean Stoffer’s West Michigan kitchen.

Forest Green by Benjamin Moore

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Aqua Blue

Kylie Fitts

For a modern look, have fun with a high-energy color like sky blue. It’s the perfect choice to bring personality to cabinets.

Cool Aqua by Benjamin Moore

Top 10 Trendy Interior Wall Painting Colors for Your Ideal Home


Nothing transforms a room faster and more affordably than an appealing wall paint. Somewhere down the line, we’ve all been there in our lifetime with the confusion on how to choose the best paint colours for your house, and how to use them to your advantage can be a tricky riddle to solve. As the famous saying goes, ‘Color is the backbone of design.’ And indeed, it is as it can instantly transform any space.


And because no wall in your home should be left as a blank canvas, we’re looking at trending interior paint colors to get you inspired. From which paint colours will work best in which rooms throughout your home to paint colour ideas for accent walls to create conversation-starting visual interest in any room, take in the-best wall painting ideas presented to you by Nippon Paint, to try for the year ahead and beyond.


Some wall painting colors work better in specific spaces than others, and it’s preeminent to consider the room’s function while deciding on the environment you want to create. Popular bedroom wall painting ideas promote calm and rest, such as including neutrals and pastel tones, while for creating an atmosphere for lively entertainment, bold dining room paint colors and living room paint colours can be chosen.


Strong and vibrant paint colors work well in guest bathrooms, powder rooms, closets, and other small spaces. For a more spa-like experience in the master bathroom, wall painting ideas include water-inspired shades of blue and green paint colors. The best kitchen paint colours may depend on existing surfaces and appliances, although when in doubt, there’s nothing more classic or versatile than a white kitchen.


And we bet you’ll be surprised at some of the latest interior paint colors and how easily you can introduce them into your home as sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to reenergize a room. While it can be a challenge to sort through all the paint textures, finishes, and colours, Nippon Paint’s guide to paint can help you find wall painting ideas for every room in your home.

Let’s check the 10 best interior wall colour combinations that you should try for your home.

1. Bright Lime Wall Colour For Your Living Room:

Bright Lime is the new color for the living room – this lively and cheerful lunch in this shade, which brings calm and relaxing feel into modern interior design, creating harmony and balanced interior wall paint color schemes with tinge of yellow colour shades, which enhances liveliness and stimulates mind.


Bright Lime – Lively and Cheerful

Bright Lime tones blend perfectly with modern equipment or eclectic and can be combined perfectly with oil blue / white furniture. Nippon Paint’ Bright Lime (NP AC 2048 A) will give your living room the ideal freshness for your family like a ray of sunshine.


2. Blue Wool Wall Colour For Bathrooms:

Blue Wool is the new colour for bringing light and it is ideal for a bathroom or any extra dark corner of your home. This dreamy color will make you feel like you are floating on a cloud in the sunny sky. Blue Wool helps to bring some brightness to a space, especially when paired with simple white accents. Nippon Paint’s Blue Wool (NP BGG 1572 P) is one of the best interior paint colours that gives your bathroom the needed light.


Blue Wool – Dreamy and Bright

3. Timber Logs Wall Colour For Luxury Looking Dining Room:

Timber Log is the ideal wall painting colour idea for your dining room, since it emits a sense of security and home. It’s a true neutral but isn’t at all mousy or timid. Besides, a challenging color in the dining room can vanquish your appetite-a calm wall colour makes for a better dining experience.


Timber Logs – Calm and Secure

Pairing Brown with blue will make the perfect wall color combination for your dining room since the cool tones in the blues harmonize with the warmer ones found in Timber log wall colors and furniture. Nippon Paint’s Timber Log (NP N 1855 A) can lend rooms an elegant, sophisticated, and even urbane look.


4. Whispering White Wall Colour For Your Ideal Home Office:

Whispering White paint goes a long in helping you stay focused in your home office. “If you want limited visual distraction and a ‘clean’ space, try Nippon Paint’s Whispering White (NP OW 1001 P), which is easy to decorate and design around, given its warmth yet clean appearance. This is a nice shade if you’re adding a bright and intense accent color.


Whishpering White – Airy and Clean

Whispering White is great if you have a small office space and you need a way of keeping the space light and airy; white is reflective in its nature and is always a good interior paint colour option for making an office space feel larger than it really is.


5. Harvest Dance Wall Colour For Vibrance In Your Bedroom:

This bold, bright purple packs a punch and is perfect for anyone who wants to saturate their bedroom in color. A vibrant colour such as Harvest Dance acts as an instant focal point in the bedroom, diminishing the need for excessive accent pieces.


Harvest Dance – Luxury And Royalty

Long associated with luxury and royalty, this Harvest Dance (NP PB 1443 D) by Nippon Paint is the best interior pain colour which can add flair and sophistication to a bedroom. To ease the depth of purple, you can choose white and brighter shade like grey to decorate the rest of the area.


6. Autumn Blaze Wall Colour For Children’s Playroom:

Autumn Blaze is the ideal wall painting ideas for Children’s Playroom as Children who play in rooms with orange color schemes tend to be more cooperative, extroverted, and confident. It is Warm, Comforting, Cozy – Autumn Blaze is a very comfortable colour. It promotes a welcoming feeling and inspires interpersonal conversation.


Autumn Blaze – Warm, Comfort and Cozy

This color is friendly and puts reservations at ease. Use Autumn Blaze (NP YO 1205 D) from Nippon Paint for a punch of modern, enhancing socialisation and communication in your child.



7. Lake Stone Wall Colour For Best Game Room:

Lake Stone is the absolute choice for a game room since it emanates a relaxing as well as entertaining room in your brand-new home that could come to be the go-to place to in your home to host game evening, play games or watch TV.


Lake Stone – Relaxing and Soothing

Nippon Paint’s Lake Stone (NP N 2000 P) will help you designing your game room devoted solely to the love of playing games and the proper use of some special and fresh embellishing ideas. Using this interior paint colour will change into the perfect ambiance thereby making the play experience a lot comfier and satisfying.


8. True Blue Wall Colour (NP PB 1534 D):

True Blue isn’t a subtle color, but it’s a rich one that creates an instantly chic and tranquil guest bedroom. If your guestroom has wainscoting, then this color us the perfect choice. This nautical-inspired wall painting idea is perfect whether or not you’re anywhere near the ocean.


True Blue – Serene, Chic, and Calm

Nippon Paint’s True Blue (NP PB 1534 D) channels tranquillity, serenity, and an open spaciousness reminiscent of the sky and the sea.


9. Fascination Wall Colour For Decorating Your Indoor Garden Walls:

Fascination – Rich and Deep

Sumptuous shade of Nippon Paint’s Fascination (NP R 1295 A) add rich, deep tones that complement foliage plants and pale-hued flowers. Like sparkling jewels, these wall painting colours draw the eye and are best used as focal points. This color is perfect for adding a boost of colour to your garden walls.


10. Sashay Red Wall Colour For Versatile Kitchens:

This Warm colour from Nippon Paint will stimulate the appetite and is an excellent option for kitchens. Sashay Red is incredibly versatile which would really pop in a kitchen, either on the cabinets or the walls.


Sashay Red – Dramatic and Stimulates Appetite

Transform your family’s favourite room of the house by choosing Nippon Paint’s Sashay Red (NP R 1260 A) and give it a dramatic look. It’s time to get cooking!



Final Thoughts:

As you can see, there are an abundance of colors you can use to give life and personality to your waiting space. However, make sure you choose wisely if you want to impress your visitors and feel more like at home in your own space. If you are in need of a guide, Nippon Paint‘s interior paint color suggestions will give you the right direction in enlivening your home more than ever. After all, the investment will pay off in the long run!


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how shades affect mood — INMYROOM

What color should you paint the walls in order to relax or, on the contrary, feel more cheerful? We tell.

White and Gray

Basic colors that are nevertheless perceived differently by everyone: some people find white light and refreshing, others find it dreary – so be guided by your feelings. However, now in most interiors, white and light gray act as the basis, and there are many reasons for this: they expand the space, do not overload it, and look stylish. A monochrome interior with a minimum of color accents also looks cool – for example, as in the project of Inna Azorskaya.

Suitable for: any room. Salvation for small rooms. And these colors go well with any other.

Design: Inna Azorskaya.


Many people associate black with negative emotions – sorrow and longing. But at the same time, it is the color of elegance and often an indicator of good taste. An option for the brave: use black for several walls, as in this project in Skolkovo.

Design: Kameleono.

Suitable for: as small accents in any room. Makes the interior more contrast, bright. Good in too spacious rooms that need to be made more intimate and comfortable.

Do not use: in large quantities. An exception is if you personally feel comfortable in a dark monochrome room and it does not put pressure on you psychologically. Remember that black “eats up” space a lot – it is not suitable for most small sizes.

Design: Buro5.

Beige & Brown

These warm, natural shades soothe and give a sense of security, balance, and grounding. Usually they are associated either with nature (trees, mountains, sand, stones) or with something appetizing – pastries, coffee or chocolate.

Design: GP Project.

Suitable for: any room, if you dilute them with contrasting accents. Light shades of beige are an excellent base for any interior.

Do not use: brown is not the best choice for small, dark rooms. May create a feeling of clutter.

Design: Elena Markina.

Red and orange

Energize even on a physical level – can increase the level of adrenaline in the blood, affect the heartbeat and increase blood pressure. Warm shades of these colors make the room cozier.

Suitable for: living room and dining room – red and orange promote communication and stimulate appetite.

Do not use: in the bedroom, especially in large quantities – it will be difficult to relax. But red is great for accents – for example, textiles in this color were used in the project of Irina Travkina and Natalia Tarasevich.


The color of joy and optimism. It is important to choose the right shade: if light ones make the interior more sunny and light, then darker ones can begin to oppress over time.

Suitable for: kitchen, dining room, bathroom, hallway. Looks good in small spaces. Especially good for accents – interesting details and accessories.

Design: Olga Shapovalova.

Do not use: in children’s rooms – very young children are usually uncomfortable in yellow interiors. With caution – in the bedroom. In whatever room you use this color, it must be diluted with neutral shades (for example, light gray, as Svetlana Yurkova did) – otherwise it starts to irritate.

Design: Svetlana Yurkova.


Considered the most natural and eye-pleasing color associated with wildlife, relieves stress. Combines the stimulating properties of yellow and the relaxing properties of blue.

Suitable for: any room, looks especially advantageous in combination with other colors such as white.

Design: Natalia Yanson.

Light blue and blue

Set for peace and relaxation, lower blood pressure, reduce appetite.

Suitable for: small spaces – light blues make the space look larger. For rooms where it is always hot and the windows face the sunny side, cold tones will make them “cooler”.

Apartment of designer Anna Muravina in Gelendzhik.

For bedrooms and bathrooms, these colors are very relaxing. Some shades are suitable for workrooms, as they help to concentrate. If you want to reduce your appetite and lose weight, blue is a great choice for a kitchen or dining room. See how delicate the blue color looks in the kitchen of designer Marina Zhukova.

Do not use: too much in any room – such an interior will make you feel sad. For the same reason, it is better to abandon the dark shades of these colors. To avoid this effect, dilute the blue color with white or another light neutral shade. Choose warm (for example, pervanche) or bright colors – azure or turquoise.

Design: Tatyana Kazantseva.

Purple and pink

Pastel shades of purple and pink soothe and relax, darker ones make the atmosphere solemn, strict and mysterious.

Design: Nika Vorotyntseva.

Suitable for: any room, especially bedrooms.

See also:

Color in the interior: 7 tips and solutions


Color plays an important role in the interior, and this should not be forgotten when starting to repaint the walls. Different shades evoke different emotions and feelings: some fill us with energy, others serve as an antidepressant, others irritate, and four help to relax and brew in a calm way. With the help of color, you can create a completely different atmosphere in your home, and our tips will help you do it in style and beauty.

Apartment in Moscow. Project by Alisa Shabelnikova.

Sergey Ananiev

Choose the right palette

Choose shades wisely, not based on fashion trends. Not all trendy shades are suitable specifically for your interior and lighting. Remember, your goal is a harmonious space where everything fits together.

TIP: blue-green and yellow are a magical combination where each complements the other. Especially in combination with natural wood and live plants!

The combination of cool blue-green and honey yellow, vintage and modern, gives this interior a spectacular dynamism.

Accent wall

One step from love to hate – and vice versa! The accent wall is back – but this time in its classic form: not “pulling the blanket over itself”, but creating a harmonious whole with the whole environment.

TIP: keep the white molding at the ceiling. It will beautifully accentuate the transition from color to white and at the same time visually increase the height of the ceiling.

Light salmon is perfect for an accent wall in the bedroom.

Paint the walls in different colors

Always imagine the big picture. It is not necessary to paint all the rooms in the house the same color. If the rooms are located in an enfilade or next to each other, and another is clearly visible from one room, you can paint them in close tones, or in colors that blend well with each other.

House of stylist Sophia Wood in Stockholm. The gray-blue color of the living room goes well with the light gray walls in the adjacent dining room.


Apartment in Moscow. Project by Alisa Shabelnikova.


Juicy colors

One of the most trendy colors of recent seasons is a deep lingonberry pink. It will work great in a small room or dressing room: the interior will gain depth and charisma. Looking to add some chic to your space without sacrificing tranquility? Work on the ceiling!

Lake Red, Farrow & Ball.

Paint everything!

Now it is fashionable to paint not only walls, but also everything else – rosettes, moldings, ceiling mouldings, shelves and even the ceiling – in one color. The space is homogeneous and solid. This solution is especially well suited for small rooms (entrance hall or, say, dressing room).

TIP: in a small hallway, you can hang shelves above the door and paint them in the color of the walls, and if there is paint left, storage boxes.

The “rusty” color of the walls and ceiling is harmoniously complemented by natural wood on the floor.

The apartment of the designers Stina Lofgren and Matthias Krisander. In the hallway, the cabinets, the door, and even the IKEA shoe racks are all painted the same color. Paint Jotun Lady Supreme Finish 05 NCS S2010-Y50R.

Choose harmonious colors

We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so it is especially important that nothing annoys you here. On the contrary, the palette should set you up for rest, relaxation and peace.