Colours for bedroom wall: Bedroom Color Ideas & Inspiration

The Best Warm Paint Colors for a Bedroom


A bedroom is a private sanctuary where you can relax and recharge after a busy day. Adding warm paint colors is the best way to create a comfortable atmosphere in a bedroom.

Adding warm color tones to a bedroom adds color and style to the room, and it is an effective way of creating a cozy atmosphere that will benefit your well-being.

In this blog post, we take a look at the best paint colors for a warm bedroom. With these tips and inspiration, you can choose the perfect warm paint color for your bedroom. The article includes real bedrooms from the home tours that have been posted on The Nordroom and from real homes around the globe. So sit back and get inspired with these warm bedroom ideas.

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What Are Warm Colors and How Do They Benefit Your Wellbeing?

Colors can be divided into warm and cool color tones, which can easily be displayed on a color wheel.

Warm colors are shades like yellow, red, brown, and orange. These warm color tones create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a room. On the other side of the color wheel, you have cool colors like blue, green, and purple color tones.

Neutral color tones like white and gray can also be warm colors, depending on the undertone of the shade. Some white shades have a yellow or brown undertone; therefore, they can be placed under warm color tones. So even when you want to keep your bedroom light in terms of the use of color, you can create a warm vibe in your bedroom by choosing the right neutral shades.  

photo: Posterstore

Warm colors are associated with the feeling of comfort, warmth, and happiness. Warm tones will make your space feel more inviting and create an intimate setting. Using warm colors in a bedroom can help you relax, unwind, and feel at ease. And when you feel relaxed and at ease, you will sleep better, which will benefit your overall well-being.

How to Choose the Right Warm Paint Color for Your Bedroom?

Natural light impacts how a color looks on your walls, so before you choose a paint color, you have to look closely at the light flooding into your bedroom.

North Facing Bedrooms

When you have a north-facing bedroom, your room will receive no natural light through the windows. Therefore you will need to find the right balance between a warm color and the strength of the color. As the room gets no warm sunlight, you need to pick a color tone that adds a lot of warmth, but it shouldn’t be too strong, as a deep paint color will make the room feel dark. For a bedroom that gets limited natural light, you should choose lighter shades of warm colors.  

Also, pay attention to the lighting in the room. Use warm light bulbs instead of cooler ones. The artificial lighting will also impact the tone of the color that you choose.     

photo: Posterstore

East Facing Bedrooms

East-facing bedrooms only get natural light in the morning, so just like the north-facing rooms, you should find the right balance between warm colors and not too-deep color shades. It’s likely that you don’t spend much time in the bedroom in the morning, so choosing a color that looks right when you spend time in this room is best.

South and West Facing Bedrooms

The south and west-facing bedrooms receive natural light throughout the day. Therefore you can opt for slightly cooler tones and more saturated colors, as the rooms won’t feel too dark thanks to the abundance of natural light.

Before you permanently paint your bedroom with a new color, use paint samples to see how the color looks in your room.

The Best Warm Paint Colors for a Bedroom

The right warm paint color for your bedroom depends on several factors. Besides the natural light that floods into your room, you should also pay attention to the architecture of the room and your personal interior style.

But warm paint colors are known to create a beautiful warm atmosphere in a bedroom. These paint colors are favorites of leading interior designers and stylists. These are some of the most popular warm paint colors for a bedroom.

Red Paint Colors

Red is the most intense and powerful warm color. This passionate color creates a warm and bold atmosphere in a bedroom. Deep shades like burgundy create a luxurious look in a bedroom, while softer tones like pink tones add a warm romantic touch to the bedroom.  

design: Woods and Warnerdesign: Woods and Warner

If you don’t want to create a bedroom that feels too intense, you can combine red tones with cooler colors or neutrals to balance it out.

photo: Inigo

Benjamin Moore: Caliente

Benjamin Moore’s Caliente is a charismatic, classic shade of red that is radiant and full of energy.

Benjamin Moore: Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush is the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023. Its vibrant orange-red shade adds a bold, warm, and cheerful look to your bedroom interior.

photo: Eric Piasecki

Clare Paint: Big Apple

Big Apple by Clare Paint is a deep, warm, and striking red shade named after New York City.

Benjamin Moore: Sundried Tomato

Sundried Tomato by Benjamin Moore is a rich, earthy red that captures the flavorful stew of vine-ripened tomatoes and a bottle of Chianti. You can combine it with white shades or with salmon pink.

Pink Paint Colors

Technically, pink falls under the red color family, but I would like to create a separate category for pink bedrooms in this article. Pink colors range from bubbly and vibrant to warmer earth tones. If you choose the right pink tone, it will add a warm touch to your bedroom.

Farrow & Ball: Sulking Room Pink

Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball is a romantic, muted rose shade. Not to be seen as overtly pink but rather a muted rose with enormous warmth, its powdery feel makes it incredibly soft and easy to use with complementary tones. Sulking Room Pink is evocative of the colors so often used in boudoirs, a room named after the French “bouder” – to sulk.

design: @vincent_the_house and photo: @chrispughphoto

Roxanne (@vincent_the_house) used Sulking Room Pink from Farrow and Ball in her guest room. She combined this lovely rose shade with whites and other neutral shades, as well as a wooden floor and bed frame. It’s calm, comforting, and romantic.

Paint and Paper Library: Ruse

Ruse from Paint and Paper Library is a sophisticated diluted rose color that offers warmth and character to a room.

Paint and Paper Library shares three color palettes that can be combined with Ruse. The Contemporary color palette combines Ruse with teal, ochre yellow, and warm white. The Architectural color palette shares Ruse with warm neutral ranging from white to sand color. The Classic color palette combines Ruse with beige, sand, and dark pink.

Sherwin-Williams: Redend Point

Redend Point is the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2023. It’s a warm, soulful, blush shade that looks great in a bedroom.

photo: Mandi Gubler

Mandi Gubler created a contrasting bedroom look using Redent Point. She paired it with black accents for a cool, soft bedroom look.

Jotun: Red Maple

Red Maple from Norwegian paint company Jotun is a subdued burgundy tone that adds a warm and deep pink tone to your bedroom. The color creates the feeling of a warm blanket which is exactly what you want in a warm bedroom.

styling: Lindholm & photo: Johansson for Historiska Hem

This small attic bedroom is decorated by @clindholm_design, and it shows what a beautiful warm room you can create by using this dark pink shade.

Sherwin-Williams: Pinky Beige

Pinky Beige by Sherwin-Williams is a subtle pink shade that can almost pass as a neutral color.

photo: Joan Liang

Joan Liang used Pinky Beige for her bedroom walls. She paired it with a darker pink bedding, a wooden floor, and loads of plants. Warm, cozy, and charming.

Orange Paint Colors  

Orange is a color that we associate with autumn. The deep and rich hues are perfect for creating a warm bedroom look. Think about terracotta and rust tones that will give an instant warm look to your room.  

Farrow & Ball: Faded Terracotta

Faded Terracotta is part of the Farrow and Ball’s California Collection by Kelly Wearstler. It’s a soft and pale orange color. The singular color of terracotta pots and tiles baked to a pale hue by the California sun. An easygoing shade characterized by softness and warmth.

photo: @a1000xbetter

Kirsten Blazek (@a1000xbetter) painted her bedroom in this soft orange shade. She paired it with warm beige tones, warm textiles, and wooden accents for a neutral boho bedroom look.

Jotun: Natural Clay

Natural Clay from Jotun is a burnt orange tone that’s muted and cheerful at the same time. Combine it with other terracotta shades or with warm beige tones for a soft but warm bedroom.

photo: Jotun

This bedroom, painted in Natural Clay, doubled down on the terracotta look with also a terracotta floor. Natural Clay was part of the warm and rustic color palette in the Color Trends for 2021.

Benjamin Moore: Autumn Orange

Autumn Orange from Benjamin Moore is a rich, inviting golden orange that evokes cozy fireside gatherings.

Benjamin Moore: Dash of Curry

Dash of Curry from Benjamin Moore is a dark orange that captures the rich and earthy character of curry powder.

Interior designer Ken Fulk used Dash of Curry in his coastal bedroom. He combined it with blue and black for a strong, warm, and cheerful bedroom design. “In the morning, it’s invigorating, sparkling from the sun off the water. In the evening, it envelops you with the soft glow of candlelight.”

Dulux Heritage: Red Sand

Red Sand is a deep, burnt orange that reflects the autumnal tones of naturally occurring Sandstone and creates a welcoming and warming atmosphere for all to enjoy. Baked earth tones such as this connect us to nature, granting our homes substance and authenticity.

photo: Lou Crane (@notaperioddrama)photo: Lou Crane (@notaperioddrama)

Lou Crane used Red Sand from Dulux Heritage for her bedroom. She thinks Red Sand is the perfect shade for in the summer and the winter months.

These pictures also show how important it is to test your preferred color in your own room. The color in Lou’s bedroom looks different in these photos. While interior photos on the internet can be great for inspiration, you do not know how the color will look in your home until you have tested it. Every paint company offers paint samples so you can try out several shades that you’re interested in.

photo: Dulux Heritagephoto: Engel & Völkers

This bedroom’s exact color shade is unknown, but it shows how beautiful a warm terracotta shade looks in a bedroom with low natural light. This basement bedroom in an Amsterdam townhouse paired the dark terracotta with black accents and a concrete floor.

Yellow Paint Colors

The color of the sun is, of course, a perfect warm color for a bedroom. Yellow is versatile and it will add a cheerful tone to a bedroom. Yellow ranges from pale shades like buttercream to rich mustard yellow.

Benjamin Moore: Weston Flax

Weston Flax is a classic option for those searching for the perfect buttery yellow.

photo: IKEA

Like all colors, yellow also comes in many different shades, and each brings something different to your bedroom. This IKEA bedroom opted for pale yellow walls in combination with white and gray furniture and decor. It adds a subtle warm look to the bedroom.

You can create this look with ‘Weston Flax’ by Benjamin Moore or ‘Honey Tone’ by Behr

styling by Gärde and photography by Borgelin for Historiska Hem

On the other side of the yellow color spectrum is ochre yellow. This tiny bedroom in a 1920s Stockholm apartment doubled own on the cozy vibe with ochre yellow walls, a fireplace, and warm color accents in the textiles.

You can create this look with ‘French Quarter Gold’ by Benjamin Moore or ‘Good as Gold’ by Clare.

Craig and Rose: Lamplighter

Sun beam. A warming yellow with a vibrant heart. Cast sunlight across your walls day and night with Lamplighter yellow paint. This sunny yellow takes its name from the Robert Louis Stevenson poem, and much like his words, this inspired shade turns a light on.

Lamplighter brings all the heat of cadmium, but without the weight, it’s perfect for freshening up cupboard doors or as a highlight to shelving units.

design: Space A and photography: Brotherton Lock

Interior design firm Space A created a cheerful coastal vibe in this seaside bedroom with bright yellow walls in combination with cool blue accents.

Dunn Edwards: Deserted Path

Deserted Path by Dunn Edwards is a warm yellow shade that is perfect for a bedroom.

Designers Claire Thomas and Yayo Ahumada created this bedroom in a Morongo Valley Airbnb home. The bedroom is inspired by the sunset, and to achieve that look, they painted the bedroom in “Deserted Path”. Even the ceiling is painted in this warm shade.

Farrow & Ball: India Yellow   

India Yellow by Farrow and Ball is a deep mustard yellow that is famously named after the pigment collected from the urine of cows fed on a special diet of mango leaves! It creates a really cozy and surprisingly un-yellow space when contrasted with a dark tone

photo: Angus Williams

Sarah and Caroline of Sascal Studio used India Yellow for the walls in this bedroom. It’s paired with a William Morris headboard and red and blue accents.

Purple Paint Colors

Purple has an interesting position on the color wheel. Purple shades can fall under warm and cool colors. The warm purple colors are richer shades like plum and aubergine that include red tones.   

photo: Shootfactory

Farrow & Ball: Brinjal

Brinjal takes its name from the beautifully deep and shiny skin of the aubergine. It can create a warm and highly sophisticated finish on all walls but is often used as a feature wall.

design: Frank and Faber and photography: Paul Craig

Interior design firm Frank and Faber painted this bedroom in a London home in a rich and warm purple color. And this is combined with equally warm mustard yellow curtains and throw.

design: Allison Crawford and photo: Alyssa Rosenheck 

Designer Allison Crawford also painted a bedroom in Farrow and Ball’s ‘Brinjal’. Paired with deep blue velvet curtains it oozes luxury.

photo: Fantastic Frank

when you love a bit of drama in the bedroom, similar to Brinjal, you can also opt for ‘Dark Purple’ by Benjamin Moore. It’s a deep, blackened plum that brings with it an air of mystery and glamour. You can pick ‘Dark Walnut’ by Benjamin Moore for a slightly softer tone.

Portola Paints and Glazes: Black Magic

Black Magic by Portola Paints is not, as the name suggests, black. Instead, it combines black and red, which turns into a stunning warm purple shade.

photo: Haris Kenjar

Interior designer Heidi Caillier is known for creating cozy rooms with her use of colors, textures, and patterns. This bedroom in a Fox Island home has Black Magic on the walls, which is combined with blue shades.

photo: Haris Kenjar

The bed frame is the Webster Bed by Serena & Lily that is combined with a colorful mixture of textiles.

Benjamin Moore: Black Raspberry

‘Black Raspberry’ is a warm purple shade with brown undertones that infuses this dark purple with an earthy richness.

Jotun Lady Sophisticated Red

Brown Paint Colors

Brown is a classic and earthy color tone that will add a warm and relaxing atmosphere to a bedroom. Brown shades range from deep chocolate tones to lighter shades like taupe. Brown tones are perfect for those who want to add a neutral and natural warm color to the bedroom that adds a calming effect to the room.  

Farrow & Ball: London Clay

London Clay by Farrow and Ball is a warm, charming brown loaded with magenta pigment for a rich, earthy hue that creates the most charismatic and elegant rooms. So named because it is a deeper accent to London Stone.

photo and design: Chris Loves Julia

Chris and Julia (from Chris Loves Julia) used London Clay for the color of their bedroom, and you can see what a warm look it gives this room. They also added beadboard on the ceiling and box trim on the walls, adding another dimension and making it look very classic.

Sherwin-Williams: Nearly Brown

Nearly Brown is a light brown shade with a tiny hint of orange.

photo: @homeinheidelberg

Danilo and Paolo painted their bedroom in a light brown shade that was custom-made for them by their painter. It’s a beautiful light brown color that adds warmth and comfort to the room.

You can create a similar look with ‘Weimaraner’ from Benjamin Moore or ‘Nearly Brown’ from Sherwin-Williams.

Benjamin Moore: Hearthstone Brown

‘Hearthstone Brown’ is a go-to dark brown for setting a comfortable, welcoming ambiance.

photo: @Hannah.vivere via My Scandinavian Homephoto: @Hannah.vivere via My Scandinavian Home

This bedroom is not painted in a color by one of the large international paint brands, it’s painted in ‘Granite Stone’ from Byggfabriken, but it does show what a warm earthy look you can create by using brown paint (like ‘Hearthstone Brown’) and earthy-colored textiles.

Neutral Paint Colors

White, beige, and gray shades can be used as light warm colors as long as they have a warm undertone, like yellow, brown, or pink. These warm neutrals are perfect for natural dark rooms or if you prefer to keep a light color scheme in the bedroom.

styling by Gärde and photography by Borgelin for Historiska Hem

Farrow & Ball: Light Gray

This traditional grey green was originally used as a color name in the 9th century – an ancient name for an ageless color. The subtle green base of Farrow and Ball’s Light Gray brings an unsurpassed depth of color when used on walls. So even though the undertone is a cool color, it still feels very warm when you use it on a wall.

photo: @stephgowla

Steph (@stephgowla) used Light Gray in combination with Shadow White for her bedroom. It creates a beautiful warm, natural, and earthy bedroom design.

Sherwin-Williams: Accessible Beige

Unlike many beiges, Accessible Beige has undertones of gray that can give your space a warm, snug feel.

photo: Avenue Design Studio

The design team from Avenue Design Studio created this simple stunning beige bedroom in an elegant townhouse. The soft beige walls are paired with light gray and white decor and a warm wooden herringbone floor.

Sherwin-Williams: Repose Gray

Tranquil tones and soothing warmth make this light gray, Repose Gray, a great choice in almost any space, including the bedroom.

photo: Jonas Bergphoto: Posterstore

Sherwin-Williams: Dover White

Dover White is a warm, sun-splashed white. This hue makes any room breezy and welcoming.

photo: Posterstore

How To Make a Bedroom Feel Warmer

Choosing the right warm paint colors is the first step in creating a warm bedroom look. In addition to painting your walls, you can also create a warm bedroom by layering textiles, art, and accessories. Mix and match colors, textures, and patterns to create an inviting, warm space.

photo: Posterstore

Choosing the right paint color for your bedroom can have a huge impact on the atmosphere and design of your room. The right paint color will benefit your sleeping habits and well-being. These warm paint colors will help you create the bedroom of your dreams.  

photo: posterstore

What Are the Warmest Colors for A Bedroom?

The warmest colors for a bedroom are red and orange shades, with red being the warmest color for a bedroom. Red is a passionate and dramatic color that will make your bedroom feel rich and warm, especially when you pair it with other warm colors like orange and yellow.   

Are Warm Colors Suitable for a Small Bedroom?

Yes, warm colors are also suitable for a small space. If painting the entire room feels too overwhelming, you can opt for a warm accent color on the bedroom walls or choose warm neutral colors and pastels for a small bedroom. But by painting the entire room in a deep warm shade, you can create a cozy and cocooning effect which is also very beautiful.     

What are Complementary Colors for a Warm Bedroom?

You can pair warm bedroom colors with cool shades like blues and greens. But you can also pair it with neutrals like gray and white if you want to balance it out. But don’t be afraid to pair warm colors with other warm colors to create a layered and cozy effect in the bedroom.  

What Colors Are Soft and Warm?

To create a soft and warm bedroom, you can choose lighter shades of warm colors like pink and pale yellow. These colors add a subtle warm tone to a room.  


The best wall colors for your bedrom

Pink walls at @wunderblumen

Choosing a wall color for the bedroom is not easy, not least because there are so many great options. A bright and bouncy pink or a dark and embracing green? In February’s ‘The list,’ we have collected a series of calming bedrooms with the wall color in focus, as usual, with inspiration from our stylish customers. Time for a new wall color in the bedroom during 2023? Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for: Best wall colors of 2023.

Dark walls give the bedroom a nice cozy feeling. Gray shades are always restful and go well with most accent colors. Darker shades that subtly change towards green or blue wall color in your bedroom are also perfect if you (like us) like colorful bedding. (1.) Here, the art print company Wall of art styled a bedroom with an ideal gray-blue shade. (2.) While the florist Anna Wedin, who is behind the letterbox flower company Florescent, has chosen a musty green wall color in her bedroom, letting the bedroom bouquet stand for the color splendor. (3.) Alexandra Arvidson dares an intense shade of green-blue. Peak cozy. We love it!

Two excellent examples of how you can paint your bedroom with low ceilings but still want to play with color. A waist-high panel and joinery in a deep color tone give the room a lovely feel without it getting too dark. (4.) Danish Johanne Landbo, behind the Instagram account @femte.til.venstre has chosen a dark blue panel. (5.) Rachel and Axel (read a feature with them here) have mixed and painted their carpentry in a beautiful red shade typical of the 18th century to go with the original house.

(6.) A blue wall color brings harmony to any bedroom. The research also points out that we sleep best with the color blue. Choose freely from the entire range from thundercloud navy to light sky blue. Vilma, @vilmarosas, nails the heavenly tone, and how beautiful is it paired with our dusty pink color Wilted?

Speaking of pink. We have always dreamed of pink bedrooms. Rich dusty pink, bright and bouncy, or a calm shade with a lot of yellow pigment – The right nuance of pink can be restful and colorful simultaneously. Pink is also easy to combine with many other colors, for example, an excellent base for the entire Midnatt range. (7.) Linnéa, whose idyllic life in the country you can follow @bettnahuset, has opted for a brown-pink version with a lot of character. (8.) Artist Siri Carlén matches our olive green bedding with a light bubblegum pink that we love! (9.) Stylist Elin Wallin, @studioelwa, uses a pale old rose as a base for her dreamy bedroom

Painting with chalk paint or plastering the walls with micro cement is a nice alternative to create lively walls and give the bedroom character without going wild with color. It makes that perfect Mediterranean vibe and a beautiful rustic feel from a bygone era. (10.) German @ponyundbart matches their chalk walls with lots of big green plants, (11.) while @smetiwish keeps it arty.

Do you dare? Of course, you do. Waking up in a bedroom with bright yellow walls must be like waking up in the sunshine daily. Stylish design furniture looks extra lovely here, and of course, some of Midnatt’s most daring color choices regarding bedding. (12.) The color inspiration Melanie behind the Instagram account @nuhtrop.m does it really well!

Mmm, green is the symbol of nature, and according to feng shui, green color also stands for renewal and new energy. Green fits in most rooms, but a warm green color in the bedroom is especially appropriate because it creates a restful place for recovery. Here are two similar shades of green in two completely different bedrooms. (13. & 14.) It works just as well in Wall of Art’s modern children’s room as in the 20s apartment with characteristic stucco, don’t you think? (15.) Digital creator Hannah Persson, @hannahperssons, also has a beautiful shade of green in her bedroom. It navigates a little more towards blue, making it optimal to match our bedding in the color Siesta!

And so we have white, the absence of color. It is often perceived as harmonious and free of impressions, but for a white room not to feel stiff and cold, it is crucial to mix in warm details, preferably in earthy colors and wood. (16.) In the home of stylist Ida Lauga’s in-laws in the French countryside, the perfect balance has been found. (17.) Katrine Marie Laoru, @_laoru_ has created the same lovely vibe without the French countryside as a backdrop. (18.) But you don’t have to have a romantic setting to make white feel at home. Have a glance, photographer @mia_loves_things way to soften up the white with pastel shades and modern shapes.

Contrasts create the feeling! (19.) In Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg’s, @juliewp, previous bedroom, she left the walls completely raw. In order to achieve that wall look, you obviously have to have some good luck – who knows what lurks behind that old wallpaper or layers of paint? Completely raw walls also make the bed look, if possible, even more inviting with its soft textiles and fluffy duvets.

You can’t go wrong with neutral beige walls in your bedroom. A safe choice, but greige offers a subtly multifaceted color scale that creates cozy rooms with a soft appearance that is also easy to decorate. You get an extra soft and cozy feeling if you paint the ceiling and walls with the same color in your bedroom. (20.) We love the setting of the paint company Alcro’s bedroom, which matches its khaki-beige tone with our bedding in color Dromedary. With its subtle wall color, (21.) Elsa Billgren’s Gotland bedroom qualifies as one of the dreamiest summer nap spaces, right?

Terracotta-colored walls will take you to the Mediterranean in seconds. (22.) A lovely feeling to fall asleep and wake up to, if you ask us, and probably also @krusenbergsodlarna, whose bedroom you see in the picture.

The feel and smell of wood are hard to beat. Why not turn your bedroom into a treehouse? (23.) In classic mountain cabin style like Melanie Lichtenschop’s bedroom, @melanie. lichten, (24.) or architecturally stylish à la Linn Eklund, @eeclubhouse.

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Bedroom, what color should it be.

The color of the walls in the bedroom


  1. Bedroom, what color should it be. The color of the walls in the bedroom
    • What parameters of the room to focus on?
    • Effect of shades on the human condition
  2. Fashionable wall colors for the bedroom. What color to paint the walls in the bedroom if the room is poorly lit
  3. Feng Shui bedroom colors. Feng Shui bedroom color
  4. Psychology bedroom color. The ideal color for decorating a bedroom: what it should be according to psychologists
    • Pastels
    • White
    • Bright accents
  5. What color should the couple’s bedroom be? Family bedroom color: what shades to choose for harmony in your personal life
  6. Bedroom wall color. Interaction with light

Bedroom, what color should it be. The color of the walls in the bedroom

A person spends about 1/3 of his life in the bedroom. It has long been known that color has an impact on a person – his performance, activity and relaxation, so it is so important to choose the right shade for this intimate room. The color of the walls in it is determined not only by the taste of the owner of the house or apartment, but also by the parameters of the room, the degree of its illumination, the shade of the furniture and some other aspects.

Which parameters of the room should be taken into account?

If the room is located on the sunny, south side of the apartment or house, then you should choose cool shades for the walls. Light muted tones will create an artificial coolness in the room and will not take away natural light, the room will retain a relaxing and favorable atmosphere for sleeping and resting. There are other parameters:

  • By painting the walls yellow in a room illuminated by the sun, you will make it stuffy and hot.
  • For the south side, choose neutral white or gray, lavender, lemon, light blue, pistachio or aqua.
  • For a bedroom on the north side, on the contrary, warm shades like milky and coffee, and the whole beige-brown range, are suitable, especially if the room is dark or small.

Choose from shades of yellow, terracotta, gold and peach to make your room cozy and bright.


The smaller the room, the lighter and paler the shade of its walls should be. The main color and correctly placed accents allow you to visually change the proportions of the bedroom: for a narrow room, choose vertical stripes on one of the walls, for one with low ceilings – vertical lines.

The combination of two or three shades of cold and warm spectrum will visually make the bedroom space wider: a narrow wall is painted in a warm tone, and two wide walls – in a cold one. Cool shades visually push the walls apart and make the interior stylish, warm shades make it cozy.

Number, size and location of windows

The more windows, the brighter the room, which means that you can play with the shades of the walls and make them darker (gray, brown and even black). Designers advise painting 1-2 walls in a dark color if you really want to and natural light allows.

If there is one tiny window in the room, then the walls should be exceptionally light.


Contrasting dark furniture looks good in a bright bedroom, and vice versa in a dark one. Today, interiors in a single color scheme are in trend – dark walls combined with the same dark furniture.

The influence of shades on the human condition

Psychologists’ opinion about the color scheme for the bedroom:

  • Psychologists continue to argue about the white color of the walls in the bedroom: some consider it too cold and “hospital”, others say that it is ideal for relaxing and setting the right accents in the room. Those who advocate snow-white walls in the bedroom mention that it is necessary to bring pleasant shades into the interior, which will create a holistic image of an apartment or house.
  • Light pastel shades like beige, milky, cream, ivory and muted lilac, blue and pink are the most favorable for the bedroom. Psychologists recommend using them in the design of the room and say that calm colors are conducive to relaxation, stress relief and fatigue in general. Being in such an environment, a person switches his attention to rest, his nervous system becomes less excited. Any muted shades have a positive effect on the human body and it is good if the most intimate room in the house is decorated in them. Colors can be in a single muted range or contrast against each other.

Trendy bedroom wall colors. What color to paint the walls in the bedroom if the room is poorly lit

The interior of a room with little sunlight is more difficult to create. A room that is poorly lit by the sun looks smaller and requires the use of soft pastel colors. Shades that are too dark can enhance the visual impact and further reduce the room, depriving it of comfort. In this situation, soft tones, warm or cold color temperatures work best.

The white color of the walls in the bedroom will make the room immense and visually expand its dimensions, the snow-white walls will allow you to experiment with the color of furniture and accessories as you like.

It will be perfect for Provence and country style rooms.

The fashionable now gray color of the walls in the bedroom makes the interior somewhat dull. Bright contrasts will help to dilute it, then the room will sparkle and can become very stylish.

This color is suitable for high-tech interiors.

However, it is worth considering that it can cause despondency and worsen mood. Therefore, it is better to choose light shades of gray or gray patterns.

Brown shades in the interior are associated with nature and contribute to harmony and stability. This color is suitable for introverts, people who are looking for comfort and privacy in their homes. However, if there are too many of these shades, then this is depressing.

Poorly lit small bedroom wall color preferred:

  • Warm colors to help you relax and compensate for low sunlight. It can be peach, gold, light orange, heather.
  • On the other hand, cool tones will help visually increase the size of the bedroom and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Suitable colors for the bedroom should be chosen according to the size of the room.

The size of the bedroom is crucial when choosing the right wall color. It should be remembered that dark colors visually reduce our interior. Thus, they will not be a good solution for very small or narrow spaces. Small bedrooms, as we have already emphasized, should have light walls.

In a bedroom larger than 15 m², we can afford more freedom in choosing the color of the walls. Recently, two-tone walls have become increasingly popular, which effectively emphasize the design style of a modern bedroom. These can be:

  • trendy shades of coffee with milk,
  • caramel,
  • pink,
  • purple.

The color of the walls must match the shades of the furniture. Dark and saturated colors go well with lighter furniture. In turn, gentle and warm colors are an impressive accent for luxurious natural wood furniture.

Feng Shui bedroom colors.

Feng Shui Bedroom Color

Feng Shui bedroom colors play an important role: it’s not about visual beauty, but about finding favorable qi flows. Based on the five elements of feng shui, they have specific vibrational tones that pick up the chi energy and distribute it back into the environment. With this tool, you can balance the space so that every time you come into the bedroom, you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of calm and enjoyment.

  1. The Feng Shui bedroom, located in the eastern part (Development and Health zone), suggests color options that represent Wood, Earth and Water: shades of green and brown; earthy palette and pastel colors; blue and black.
  2. Feng Shui bedroom in the southeast area shares the same need for color options. In the Wealth Zone, you can additionally surround yourself with images and objects that symbolize the energy of money and a sense of financial abundance.
  3. The southern zone is associated with the energy of fame and reputation. The Fire element feeds this area and the best colors for a bedroom are red, pink, purple, purple, yellow, and green and brown (of the Wood element).
  4. Feng Shui bedroom in the southwestern zone, bonded with the energy of love and romance, suggests the colors of Fire and Earth.
  5. The Western Bagua Zone is a space for creativity and children. The ruling element here is Metal, white and silver are its colors. But earth tones are also great as the two elements are compatible.
  6. The principles of the western bagua area are shared by the northwest facing bedroom.
  7. The bedroom in the northern part (career area) is harder to decorate. The colors of Water are used so as not to create feelings of depression.
  8. The best colors for the bedroom in the northeastern part (the zone of Spiritual growth, learning and knowledge) are the colors of Earth and Fire.

Psychology bedroom color. The ideal color for decorating a bedroom: what it should be like according to psychologists relax and, most importantly, sleep.

What do we need for good rest and healthy sleep? Right! An interior that would create the appropriate atmosphere – peace and relaxation.

Bedroom interior in pastel shades of cloudy sky

I will not discover America if I say that the main thing in creating such an atmosphere is the color scheme of the interior.

Psychologists pay great attention to color for a reason, because it is a powerful factor influencing the psycho-emotional state of a person.

Color can both calm and irritate, evoke positive or negative emotions, and by creating a certain life climate in the interior, it can even affect life expectancy.

What a bedroom! I want the same!

And if we talk about the bedroom, then some colors really provide us with spiritual comfort and healthy sleep, while others, exactly the opposite, worsen our well-being, contribute to sleep disturbance, and can even lead to depression.

And since we all want to be well-rested and well-rested in the morning, full of energy and strength, let’s figure out what color the bedroom should be to make it comfortable for both body and soul.

Pastel colors

Bedroom decoration in pastel colors is considered a classic of the genre.

Palette of pastel shades

The thing is that such a color palette has both a relaxing and pacifying effect on our psyche. And since almost every color has pastel shades, you can decorate the interior not only in the right colors, but also choose the ones that you like and get even more pleasant emotions.

But we must also take into account such a nuance as the location of the bedroom relative to the cardinal points, because if you create a super-comfortable design, then go all the way, taking into account all the nuances.

South facing and north facing bedroom are two different color schemes. Of course, they still have a pastel tone, but …

For the “southern” bedroom, which is flooded with sunlight, due to which it is not only light, but also hot, and there is literally not enough air, you need to choose a pastel of cold shades, which will provide a feeling of coolness and freshness, creating an airy interior.

Palette of cold tones, from which you can choose pastel shades

These can be pastel shades of such colors as blue, aqua, mint, green, emerald and others (see palette) as the main ones that should be complemented white, cream, light sand or silver shades.

Bedroom interior in cold pastel shades of mint color

For the “northern” bedroom, where it is most often gloomy and cold, you need to choose warm pastel shades that will “warm” it, adding comfort and warmth to it.

Palette of warm tones, from which you can choose pastel shades

These are light shades of such colors as yellow, orange, beige, golden, coffee, peach, terracotta, pink and others (see palette), which can be add brighter color accents, but, again, from warm colors – red, brown, orange or yellow.

Bedroom interior in warm pastel shades such as Craiola wild watermelon and Craiola yellow-orange

White color

As for the white color for the bedroom, the opinions of psychologists differ here.

Some are categorically against it, because they consider this color to be too conservative, many people associate it with hospital rooms, which negatively affects the emotional state of a person.

Others allow its use, but they always advise to complement the white interior with bright accents, and although not flashy, but original decor.

White bedroom interior with dark olive accents

Bright accents

But when decorating a bedroom in pastel colors, you should not make it boring, as a solid color scheme, even the right one, can also be annoying. Therefore, it is desirable to make 1-2 accents, not necessarily defiantly bright, but sufficiently contrasting with the overall color scheme. These can be curtains, a rug, a bedspread, lamp shades on bedside tables, paintings, posters and other interior accessories and decor elements.

Bedroom interior in marsala pastel shades with orange and brown accents.

This approach will add originality, liveliness and completeness to the bedroom interior.

And finally, I want to say that when choosing a color for the bedroom, listen to your inner voice, because, if not yourself, you know the color in which you feel most comfortable.

Thank you for reading this article in full, and I hope that these tips will help you make the bedroom the place where you will fully relax, sleep soundly, and gain strength!

What color should the couple’s bedroom be? Color of the family bedroom: what shades to choose for harmony in your personal life

Did you know that the color of the walls in the family bedroom and the overall palette of the break room have a strong influence on our lives? Do you feel like you slept well? Do you feel a surge of strength and energy? How harmonious is your relationship with your spouse when you cross the threshold of the bedroom? – all these questions can be adjusted, taking into account the influence of the color scheme that surrounds you in this room and your individual situation.

The authors of the site “A cozy house and a beautiful garden with your own hands” shared the advice of psychologists on this topic. They are based on real research and successful changes that have occurred in the lives of married couples. And although any such ideas cannot be called absolutely universal, in our opinion, they should be heeded. Especially if your family life lasts more than 5 years.

First, some real facts that you may have already heard about.

English psychologists noticed that warm family bedrooms motivated spouses to contact each other much more often.

Golden and dark beige hues smoothed out differences and promoted harmonious dialogue:

And the brightest flames of passion were experienced by couples in whose bedrooms deep red and purple tones were present:

Pink and blue hues contributed to good at rest, but much less active striving for rapprochement:

The cold shades of the walls evoked a clear desire to distance themselves.

But the worst was the personal life of the couples relaxing in the bedrooms of dark tones, close to achromatic – gray, black and dark brown.

So, how different colors of the bedroom affect the relationship between spouses.

Red and burgundy.

It is known to stimulate activity and passion. If one of the spouses does not have enough strength for a good foreplay, small ruby ​​or burgundy details (lamp, rug, pillows) will help to cope with this problem.

However, oversaturation of the bedroom with bright red elements in a large volume can lead to fatigue and interfere with quality rest. That is why you should be careful about the amount of red surfaces in the family bedroom.

If a couple is inclined to constantly find sources for disputes, the red color in the bedroom is contraindicated for them.

Orange and terracotta.

In muted tones, it promotes friendly warmth in communication, partners are ready to give in to each other. Bright shades can be annoying, so they are not recommended for couples over 27-30 years old.


Promotes ideal relaxation for people engaged in physical labor and professional sports, helping them to tune in to contact with their spouse.

Hues of walls or large details in juicy emerald hues help relieve psychological blockages and fear of showing feelings, as well as awaken fantasy. In soft light green – they soften the discrepancy between the opposite temperaments of partners and their different need for regular contacts.

White wallpaper with a floral pattern in all shades of green is suitable for a bedroom for couples of any age, except for those where there are fundamental problems with mutual understanding.

Blue and blue.

In combination with white, it is recommended for high-quality relaxation of spouses engaged in mental work, including work with numbers, as well as for creative people. It helps to distract from working thoughts, tune in to a partner and concentrate on sensations.

If at the same time the couple lacks passion or wants to have children, it is recommended to add 1-2 bright red accents to this color palette, preferably round (night light, rug, pouffe).

Violet and Beaujolais.

An interesting solution for couples who feel that their relationship lacks variety. He not only brings a certain amount of mystery to the relationship, but is also able to awaken hidden fantasies and a mutual desire to realize them.

And one more interesting tip regarding the number of colors.

Young couples feel much more confident when surrounded by a wide variety of shades, including bright ones. But if your marital experience is more than 10 years old, try to limit the color palette of the bedroom to 2-3 tones, moreover, there should not be more than one bright color.

Here are some interesting tips based on research on married couples. Think about what you would like to improve in your marital relationship and try to change the situation with the help of these recommendations!

Bedroom wall color.

Interaction with light

In addition to taste preferences in color, it is worth considering the direction of the windows. If the windows face the north side, then it is better to choose warm colors, and cold and bright colors are suitable for the south side. It is also worth taking into account the size of the room, and use light colors to expand a small space.

Bright colors look better in daylight, calm bed colors in artificial light. Think about what time you are most often in the bedroom, and what kind of lighting is used. Because most will answer that they are in the evening and the lighting is artificial, the standard choice for the bedroom is calm pastel colors.

To create a calm, relaxing environment, too bright colors are unlikely to suit – they encourage and deprive of sleep, while calm ones, on the contrary, have a calming effect. Therefore, you need to immediately decide what task the bedroom interior will perform: to help in an early rise or to promote a quick fall asleep.

When choosing the color of the walls for the bedroom, it is important to consider the combination with other surfaces in the room. It is worth thinking over the entire interior in advance, choosing colors and materials for the floor and ceiling, furniture and textiles, which are very numerous in the bedroom. It is better to paint the walls after you know what the furniture will be, since it is easier to change their color than to replace the furniture set.

Wallpaper can interact very interestingly with color, we have already written about wallpaper for the bedroom.

combination in the interior, design ideas

When you decide to change the situation in the room, the choice of colors for the interior is an important point. The combination of shades determines how the situation will be psychologically perceived, the mood is set. The color of the walls in the bedroom of an apartment or house can help you tune in to a good sleep and good rest. It is important to choose the right color scheme, the main recommendations of professionals for choosing will be discussed further.

Ideal wall color for bedroom interior design

Choose the color scheme in any room carefully. After all, the color scheme can visually increase or decrease the room, and also affects the mood of the residents. So a number of colors can cheer up, give the mood for action, while others, on the contrary, calm.

Any paint has three important properties:

  • Saturation;
  • Brightness;
  • Tint.

At the same time, when choosing what color to paint the bedroom, you need to understand that for each person the perception of tone can be different from another. Therefore, if the paint seems unattractive, then you should not be guided by the opinion of a person who himself will not live in this room, they listen to their own perception.

All colors are divided into warm and cold. If we talk about the design of the bedroom, then you should not use more than three tones, while all of them should belong to only one of these groups.

If we talk about the design of the bedroom, then you should not use more than three tones, while all of them should belong to only one of these groups.

What influences the choice

You can choose the right color for the bedroom, living room and other types of rooms, taking into account the following features of the room:

  • Size area and ceiling height;
  • Personal preference;
  • Light level;
  • Combination with other surfaces in the room;
  • Design style.

To choose the color of the bedroom, living room and other types of rooms, taking into account • the combination with other surfaces in the room.

Location of the room relative to the cardinal points

The way the windows are located towards the sunny side plays a big role in the selection of colors for the room. If this is the north side, then it is better to use light and warm colors, they will help reduce the effect of a lack of sun. On the contrary, a cold palette is chosen for the southern part.

Pastel colors look good in the western part, for example, peach color in the interior of the bedroom will help to add coziness and warmth.

If there is a lot of natural light, then the use of yellow will make the room unnecessarily stuffy.

The eastern part makes the lighting with a greenish tint, the sun will shine brightly until lunch time. Blue, light green, beige, cold pink colors are suitable here.

Pastel colors look good in the western part, for example, peach color in the interior of the bedroom will help to add coziness and warmth.


When the area allows, you can decide to experiment and choose bright colors. For a small bedroom, it is best to apply light and cold colors. So it is worth considering the rule: the smaller the room, the lighter the finish should be.

When the area allows, you can decide to experiment and choose bright colors.


Typically, furniture and paintwork are contrasting in color. If the furniture is light, then it will be good to complement the interior with dark walls. So the color of the walls for the bedroom, where there is no furniture yet, is selected simultaneously with the furniture. If the furniture is already there, and the purchase of a new one is not planned, then the finish is selected for it.

Modern trends dictate the use of close tones for walls and furniture.

Furniture and paintwork are usually contrasting in color.


Lighting is also important, because people often come to the bedroom in the evening, so the artificial type of lighting has an effect. So lamps can create warm or cold lighting.

A warm type of paint looks paler, a cold type is characterized by the creation of a deep tone and an increase in saturation. Thus, it is usually possible to simply change the light bulbs, choosing the desired effect to improve comfort.

Lighting is also important, because people often come to the bedroom in the evening, so the artificial type of lighting has an effect.

Dimensions, location and number of windows

If there are large window openings or a large number of windows, it is acceptable to use more dark shades. Dark LMB will help to focus on individual details. If the window is one and small, then it is better to paint in a light range.

If there are large window openings or a large number of windows, it is permissible to use more dark shades.

The influence of shades on the human condition

There is a separate section in psychology that studies color perception. When choosing what color should be in the bedroom, you should take into account the recommendations of psychologists who will help you choose the best option for coziness and comfort. The following successful colors can be distinguished:

  • White is associated with hope, helps to achieve harmony, it is easier to accept difficulties;
  • Blue helps reduce appetite, which is necessary if you want to lose weight, in addition, it relieves stress;
  • Beige and brown colors will help to add coziness, light and warmth, allow you to set off bright colors;
  • Turquoise, a good option for harmonious perception, helps to calm down.

Turquoise, a good option for harmonious perception, helps to calm down.

Color combination of walls and furniture in bedroom interior

It is important to make the furniture and walls look good together, then the interior will look harmonious. So designers recommend resorting to a contrasting combination to highlight furniture.

You can also use one color but play with shades to get a uniform style.

It is important to make furniture and walls look good together, then the interior will look harmonious.

How to combine colors in the bedroom interior

To achieve a beautiful design, you need to consider what furniture will be in the room, decor and textiles also play a big role. Each item in the room complements the overall interior, and should be matched to each other.

Each item in the room complements the overall interior and should be matched to each other.

Organic combinations

If a monochrome color combination is used, then one color is taken, but the elements are used in different shades. Related colors can also be used, those that are located next to each other in the color wheel. Their color perception is close and creates a calm design.

If a monochrome color combination is used, then one color is taken, but the elements are used in different shades.

Contrast combinations

In this version, opposite tones are selected along the color wheel, which makes the environment brighter. Two tones from related ones can also be used, and the third one is taken as a contrast, the effect will be less sharp.

In this version, opposite tones are selected along the color wheel, which makes the environment brighter.

The best colors for a small bedroom

A small room can be visually expanded and enlarged if you know the color techniques. Not all combinations can be used in limited space. Below we will consider successful variations for a small room for sleeping.

A small room can be visually expanded and enlarged if you know the color techniques.

Red Bedroom Design Ideas

Red is associated with passion, which is why many people want to use it in their bedroom. But it is worth remembering that it can be classified as aggressive, the mood for sleep can be bad.

To neutralize the effect of red, and the spouses could feel comfortable in such a bright design, it is worth supplementing it with light surfaces, natural colors.

To neutralize the effect of red, it is worth complementing it with light surfaces, natural colors.

Brown bedroom decor

Brown is recommended for the bedroom, but it’s also worth knowing that too much can make the environment gloomy. For this reason, different shades of brown should be used, from beige to dark. Wooden objects can be played with light beige decor.

Different shades of brown should be used, from beige to dark.

Interesting blue bedroom design

Blue can be chosen for different designs. Here the choice of matching colors is huge. Designers often play with blue colors with contrasting and bright ones, blue is considered democratic.

Designers often play with blue colors with contrasting and bright ones, blue is considered democratic.

Purple Bedroom Design

Purple is usually chosen by women, men don’t really like the shade. But if you choose the right combination, you can achieve a design that will help you calm down and tune in to sleep. The interior can be easily made romantic and unusual.

If you choose the right combination, you can achieve a design that will help you calm down and tune in to sleep.

Bedroom in turquoise

If the owner likes turquoise, then finding a good combination of details for the interior will be a difficult task. Turquoise is suitable for the bedroom, but if the colors are incompatible, then the comfort and beauty of the room will suffer.

If the owner likes turquoise, then finding a good combination of details for the interior will be a difficult task.

Bedroom furniture in a wide range of colors from white to black

Furniture is available in a wide range of colors to suit a wide range of needs. There are ready-made headsets that are combined by color. Contrasting color is well suited for a small room, allows you to visually enlarge the space.

It’s easier to create a unified design if you buy a set that includes the main pieces of furniture. Then one style will be easy to get, you won’t have to think long about the combination of shades for furniture.

It’s easier to create a unified design if you buy a set that includes the main pieces of furniture.

Designer’s advice

Which combination is best depends on the type of bedroom. In kindergarten, in the sleeping area, shades are used that help to calm down faster and will be pleasant for children. If we are talking about a room for a man or a woman, then the preferences of the tenant are also taken into account. For spouses, the bedroom should be a place of unity, it is important that both feel comfortable in it.

We can highlight the following recommendations from room decorators:

  • Do not use more than three tones;
  • Favorite color is taken as the main one;
  • Use proven color combinations, it is worth looking at the options for ready-made designs;
  • When you want to use bright colors, it is better to choose them for decor, textiles, and the finish should become a neutralizer;
  • Silver or gold glitter coatings will help add luxury, but will not look good in every interior;
  • To quickly change the interior, you can choose wallpaper for painting for decoration.

Do not use more than three tones.

If you decide to design a bedroom on your own, then you should study the advice of designers, look at finished projects in the colors that you like best. Consider the size of the room, your own preferences and lighting features. Bright and saturated surfaces do not allow you to relax and tune in to sleep very well, therefore they are undesirable for a bedroom.