Colors for the living room wall: 5 Living Room Paint Colors & Inspiration for an Inviting Space

26 inspiring living rooms with beige walls

While picking out paint colors for your interior, I’m sure beige has crossed your mind. It’s a neutral paint color that is often picked out in all sorts of homes because of how accessible beige is to pair up with other interior elements. For this reason though in the past years, it has been called boring as well.

Below I gathered the most inspiring living room designs with beige walls that are far from boring and I promise you they will make you want to whip out your paintbrush.

Warm beige walls combined with beige and white soft furnishings

This living room with historic features has been painted in a warm beige paint color with subtle red undertones. The wood tints in the floor and furniture, combined with the warm velvet armchair and the textile fabric lamp warm up the color of the living room wall, while the white sofa and the blue pillowcases add cool colors to the mix.

via Stadshem – see the full home tour here

Beige walls with red undertones and an abundance of natural light

The beige walls in this living room have stronger red undertones, which brings out the beautiful crown molding and white hardwood flooring in a nice way. The look has been finished off by a beige rug, a white sofa, white lighting fixtures, and a fresh green fiddle fig tree by the window.

Photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem – see the full home tour here

A subtle beige living room with an elegant look

Depending on from which angle you look at these walls, this wall color could fall in the beige or off-white category. Nevertheless, its modest and subtle qualities bring out the beautiful tones in the artwork and the pink and brown accessories in the interior design.

I also like the way the black Valerie Objects wall lamp contrasts against the perfect canvas of the wall color.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem – see the full home tour here

Beige paint with yellow undertones in the living room and dining room

The strong yellow undertones in the wall paint in this living and dining room contrast so nicely against the dark hardwood flooring and the white fabric sofa in the space. The beige makes the beautiful gallery wall stand out in a nice way and highlights the white trim on the ceiling.

via Historiska Hem

Warm beige walls and white soft furnishings with a fresh green touch

The red undertones in the beige paint color on the walls in this living room pair up so nicely with the crisp white textiles on the sofa and the long-haired area rug. The oak and brown tints in the coffee tables and the fresh green fiddle fig tree in the corner add an interesting touch to the interior design of this space where the wall color takes center stage.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem – see the full home tour here

Beige walls in a small studio apartment with a loft bed

The beige wall color really accentuates the white trim, white hardwood flooring, and the white elements on the loft bed in this studio home in an excellent way. The dark red and brown tones in the pillowcases on the gray sofa add more warmth to the look, while the black accent pieces add a lovely touch of color.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Janne Olander for Stadshem – see the full home tour here

An entire interior in beige tones mixed up with wood elements

You can contrast your wall color with your soft furnishings, but you can also go for a tone-on-tone effect in your interior and select your furniture, throw pillows, and wall art all in the same color palette just like in this combined living and dining room.

via Alvhem – see the full home tour here

A beige room finished off with green and brown tones

The beige walls in this living room are paired up with subtle green tones in the gallery wall which accentuates the historic fireplace that is the main focal point in this interior. The brown area rug makes the room feel soft and cozy and the large paper shade lamp adds a light element to the interior.

via Stadshem – see the full home tour here

A barely there beige color on the wall for a subtle look

This beige wall color is barely there and almost white, yet the wall colors still contrast nicely with the wood of the furniture and floor and with the black-and-white color palette of the living room decor.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Janne Olander for Stadshem – see the full home tour here

A cool beige wall color combined with warm tones in the furnishings and artwork

The cool beige color on the walls in this living room really brings out the excellent selection of artwork and furniture. The beige color palette of the different elements complements each other so nicely, for a powerful effect in the space.

Styled by Sundlingkicken and photographed by Osman Tahir Studio – see the full feature here

Beige paint with green undertones for a fresh look

The green undertones in the paint color have a fresh effect on the interior, while the warm-toned beiges and browns in the throw pillows, furniture, and artwork add a bit of warmth to this otherwise white interior palette.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for Alvhem – see the full home tour here

Beige walls and white floors combined with dark accent pieces

The black sofa, black Bestlite BL3 floor lamp, and black leather armchair add a wonderful contrast to this otherwise white and beige interior. The beige on the walls brings out the crown molding in this historic living room and the sheer white curtains add a no-nonsense elegance to the setting.

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem – see the full home tour here

A beige and dark brown color palette

The brown tones in the furniture, gallery wall, and soft furnishings really enhance the look of this beige living room. The different shades make this warm palette interesting and the fabric textures in the interior add visual interest to the design.

via Stadshem – see the full home tour here

Green undertones and a fresh green plant for a cozy look

The green undertones of the wall color are accentuated by the fresh green fiddle fig tree in the corner, while the gallery wall and the beautiful selection of throw pillows add points of interest to this small space.

via Stadshem – see the full home tour here

Warm beiges and subtle black accents

The white fabric sofa is the main focal point in this all-beige interior, and the clean white surface just seems to jump out in front of the beige color in the walls. The black accents on the Gubi Pedrera coffee table, the pendant light, and the gallery wall complete the look in a nice way.

    via Stadshem – see the full home tour here

    A living space with muted beige walls

    The classic colors on the walls and in the furniture pieces are enhanced by an interesting yet muted color palette in the art prints on the wall. The warm beige velvet armchair and the beige fluffy area rug add a lot of texture to the interior, while the contrast between the cooler beige walls and the warm beige curtains adds interest to the window area.

    via Stadshem – see the full home tour here

    Warm beige accentuates the white trim color and floorboards

    This beige room is decorated in quite a simple way, which draws all attention to the beautiful historic fireplace in the corner.

    Styled by Emma Fischer and Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem – see the full home tour here

    A muted beige wall color combined with a black-and-white setting

    The white color palette in the living room and the wood tints in the dining area in this interior are enhanced by the subtle beige wall color. The dark hardwood flooring is lightened by a large white area rug and white curtains, while the black accent pieces add a welcome element of contrast.

    via Entrance Makleri – see the full home tour here

    Adjacent beige rooms that can be seen from each other

    The two different beige wall colors in this interior play together in a wonderful way. The light beige walls in the living room are subtle, while the beige in the dining room has more red undertones and is a shade darker.

    via Jotun Lady 

    A neutral color scheme with lots of fabric textures

    The subtle beige paint color in this living room contributes to the minimal interior setting of the furniture. The result is a calm and understated look that highlights the material qualities and textures of the fabrics that fill the space.

    Styled by Bon Interior, photographed by Jens Eliasson for Bjurfors – see the full home tour here

    Beige walls combined with bold colors in the accessories

    The bright orange, blue and red tints in this living room go with beige walls and these bright accents combined with neutral colors make the interior characterful and interesting. The beige walls bring out the white crown molding and the beautiful white-soaped hardwood flooring and the Vertigo pendant from Petite Friture really make a statement in this interior.

    via Alvhem

    A beige living room flooded with daylight

    The beautiful large window in this space is framed with white curtains, combined with a white sofa and a white area rug. All these whites are softened out by the beige color on the walls and a few dark wood tones in the furniture.

    Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem – see the full home tour here

    Subtle beige walls combined with a warm color palette in the textiles

    The subtle beige wall in this living room is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful gallery wall and a beautiful mixture of red, orange, and pink tones in the curtains, sofa pillows, and area rug.

    Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem – see the full home tour here

    A cozy yet minimal interior with a subtle beige wall color

    The minimal interior in the sofa area of this living room is enhanced by the vintage cherry cabinets in the corner and the subtle beige on the walls. The black lounge chair adds a lot of contrast to the light palette and the green plants add the finishing touch to this look.

    Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem – see the full home tour here

    Wood tints and beige walls in a minimal living space

    The warm look of this interior is mainly because of the beautiful tone of beige on the walls. The paint color complements the wood tints in the furniture and the white lampshades in a beautiful way, while the beige and black art prints add a finishing touch to the living room interior.

    Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem – see the full home tour here

    White moldings accentuated by beige wall paint

    The impressive crown moldings on those white ceilings would not be as apparent if it weren’t for the deep beige color on the walls. The contrast between the ceilings, floors, and walls is very powerful and the furniture selection in white combined with beige and wood accessories only strengthens this effect.

    Styled by Greydeco, photographed by Janne Olander for Stadshem – see the full home tour here

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    10 yellow living room ideas – how to do the sunshine shade stylishly

    We’ve spotted a crop of cool yellow living room ideas – and it’s clear this spectrum of golden shades is having its moment in the sunlight. 

    With tastemakers and designers from Suzy Hoodless and Lucy Barlow to Tricia Guild and Matthew Williamson stylishly splashing yellow into their living rooms and design schemes, more of us are taking a shine to this joyful hue. The love of these sunny shades had started before the grey days of the pandemic, but with its warm, energetic and optimistic overtones, unsurprisingly, the yearning for yellow has gathered pace.

    It also coincides with color authority, Pantone releasing its Colours of the Year 2021, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow and the slew of stylish furniture and accessories that followed to suit yellow and grey living rooms.  

    Forget play school primary tones, these yellow modern living room ideas are all about bursts of rich ochre through to zingy citrus and the palest sherbet shades, delivered boldly and beautifully. 

    1. Opt for earthy tones

    India Yellow, Farrow & Ball

    (Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

    ‘Yellow is the ideal color to use in a living room, because although it can sometimes appear raw in bright light, if the right tone is used in the right space it can feel uplifting during the day and then have a magic glow at night,’ says Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball, Colour Curator. 

    In the more contemporary home, earthier yellows used on both walls and woodwork create the ultimate in relaxed warm rooms that contribute to our wellbeing. These deeper, more muted yellows create a more sophisticated, cozy feel than the more vibrant yellow hues so ideal if you want a more  subtle, toned-down look that still feels sunny and warm. 

    2. Balance a yellow living room with neutrals

    (Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

    Grey and yellow living rooms are popular for a reason; yellow warms up the cool tones of grey and grey balances out the vibrant tones of yellow.  Pair yellow walls with a grey sofa and layers of neutrals or bring a pop of yellow into an all grey living room for a lift

    ‘Shades of yellow and ochre balanced with neutrals, such as Dulux’s  Brave Ground, can help create a classic contemporary backdrop that will work with any mix of furniture, and that won’t date,’ says Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director, Dulux.

    3. Add subtle pops of yellow

    (Image credit: Barlow & Barlow)

    Introducing a new color doesn’t mean a total overhaul though, a subtle hint can work well too. Here, Lucy Barlow of design studio, Barlow & Barlow has enlivened an elegant neutral scheme with splashes of gold, brass, and buttercup yellow cushions.  

    4. Blend yellow with warm brown tones 

    (Image credit: Designers Guild)

    For a cool 70s feel, brown and yellow can totally work. Be inspired by this yellow living room idea and back soft ochre tones with Mid-century modern furniture and vintage-inspired prints.  

    ‘Delicate, poetic or vibrantly zingy – decorating with yellow can deliver a dash of optimism and joy to your space. These warming hues open the door to a new perspective to our palette, that brings a modern twist to what is typically referred to as a retro mood,’ says Tricia Guild, OBE. Founder & Creative Director, Designers Guild

    ‘We especially love the golden glow of our ‘Shore Lichen ’paint shade from our Earth Tones range – with cool undertones this soft rich ochre looks wonderful with greys and sepia tones for a sophisticated, contemporary look. Inspired by the soothing beauty of the natural world – many are looking to nature, more than ever and are inspired by shades of lichen, smoky mushroom and ochre to offer a natural warmth and richness.’

    5. Team rich yellows to black 

    Little Greene

    (Image credit: Little Greene)

    If yellow seems overpowering, ground it by teaming it with accents of black or chocolate brown for a sophisticated look that will appeal to classicists and mid-century modernists alike. In this yellow living room the bold ochre walls are tempered with dark architraves and skirting boards.

    ‘Ochre can come into its own in darker spaces,’ says Lucy St George, co-founder of Rockett St George. ‘It adds a happy glow to any room and is perfect for north-facing rooms that need to bring their own sunshine’. 

    6. Layer up yellows 

    (Image credit: Chris Everard)

    ‘In terms of sheer joyfulness, no hue can quite rival yellow and it will instantly add life and vitality to a space,’ says Claire Hornby, Head of Creative at Barker & Stonehouse. 

    ‘When it comes to creating a living room scheme, I would always recommend picking an array of tonal shades and textures to create variation and tactility, especially if you have a strong block of one color in the form of a sofa or chair. This can be easily achieved using a mix of soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and rugs.’

    You’ll find plenty of seating options in all shades of upholstery from lemon yellow to mustard ochre in our guide to the best sofas of the year.  

    7. Go for barely there yellows

    (Image credit: Coat Paints)

    If you are after a more subtle living room color scheme, opt for a barely-there pale yellow on the walls and pair it with soft neautrals and pale wood. The overall look is almost neutral, just with a more uplifting feel. 

    ‘2021 is a year pinned with hope for lots of us and yellow can help us fill our homes with the kind of optimistic vibe we’re after,’ says Rob Green Founder, Coat Paints. ‘Fantone 21 channels that. As a muted pastel yellow, it works well as a versatile color in most homes.’

    8. Paint the woodwork yellow

    (Image credit: James Merrell)

    A dash of incandescent yellow – Trumpet by Little Greene – delivers a burst of energy and links the front living room to the middle sitting room in the home of interior designer Suzy Hoodless. It also saves the two spaces from being ‘too polite’. ‘Color is an easy way to create a dramatic effect.’ says Suzy. 

    9. Add some heat with deep mustard shades

    (Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

    Designer, Matthew Williamson has used hot mustard hues on the walls of his living room, at the dining end, which opens onto a beautiful outdoor terrace, so it feels sunny even on the greyest of days.  

    ‘Without doubt, color affects your mood,’ says Matthew. ‘It’s such a powerful tool for both fashion and interiors. To keep things contemporary yet uplifting, I team classic colors with a pop of neon or an unexpected contrasting tone.’

    10. Have fun with paint effects

    Charmed and Lillium paints, Graham & Brown

    (Image credit: Graham & Brown)

    Color blocking has been a strong trend for years now, and the easiest way to get this look is using paint. Painted just a section of the walls yellow and choosing a neutral for the rest of the wall creates a striking effect in this yellow living room.

    Paula Taylor, Colour & Trend Specialist at Graham & Brown, says. ‘The juxtaposition of steely monochrome and vibrant yellow strikes a harmonious balance between warm and cool, denoting resilience and hope for the coming year. Grey has long been the go-to for an on trend modern aesthetic, providing a neutral base for statement home accessories to stand out. Yellow, on the other hand, cuts through the cool grey hue adding dimension and a splash of freshness.’

    Is yellow a good color for a living room?

    Yellow is a perfect color for a living room if you want to create a warm, sunny space that always feels bright and inviting. This lovely versatile color can work with all styles too, from deep ochres for a moody and dramatic dark living room to light and bright primrose shades for more traditional spaces. And it can be paired with so many other colors too so really easy to incorporate into your current color scheme.

    What color goes with a yellow living room?

    Yellow can be paired with so many different colors depending on the look you are going for. Grey and yellow are a classic combination and a good option if you are a neutrals lover but want you to add just a hint of warmth to a grey living room. Green is also a lovely fresh color to pair with yellow if you want a really nature-inspired color palette, and warm tones like pink and orange look lovely with deep yellow tones.  

    Walls of different colors in the living room

    MFA Century Modern green

    Color scheme for the living room

    Accent wall in the interior of the kitchen in the living room

    Bright colors in the interior of the living room

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    Terracotta walls in the living room

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    Dulux teal

    Eclectic living room

    Dulux 90bg 17/120

    Painted walls in the living room

    Olive walls

    Painted walls in the apartment

    Duotone walls in the living room

    Wall color combination in the interior

    Painted walls in the interior of the living room

    Living room in orange tones

    Living room in blue and white brown

    Rectangular living rooms with contrasting walls

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    Apartment with blue walls

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    Living room in burgundy color

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    Color 1299 Benjamin Moore

    Interior wallpaper combination

    Combination wallpaper in the interior

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    Lilac walls in the living room

    Living room decor in a modern style

    Dulux dusty rose

    Coffee walls in the living room

    Color solutions in the interior

    The combination of pink in the interior

    Brown walls in the interior of the living room

    Room with orange walls

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    Bright living room

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    Bright living room with fireplace

    Living room interior color

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    Blue and brown wall combination

    Blue and orange interior combination

    Interior accent colors

    90 002 Room with green walls

    Yellow walls in the living room

    Living room in Lavender Colors

    Eclectic Mint Walls

    Foreign Century Interior Palette

    Galveston Hearth (blf74)

    Yellow interior

    Bright interior walls

    Painted interior walls

    Living room wall color

    Wall color effect | Blog Rembrigada116

    The influence of the color of the walls in the apartment. You finally undertook, for example, the repair of a three-room apartment. Did you know that the color of the walls affects our health, psyche and mood? This fact was proved by the scientific group of Cornell University in the framework of the experiment. If you choose the right color for the walls, then the atmosphere in the house will become cozy, homely, friendly. So what color is paint the walls of apartment ?

    Let’s figure it out :

    Red color can be compared with coffee in terms of effect. It also excites and stimulates the nervous system. And if a short exposure to this color will increase efficiency, then its long exposure will lead to fatigue. Therefore, making the color of the walls completely red is undesirable. Red interior elements are suitable where there is activity: gym, hallway, kitchen, living room.

    Influence of wall color: The green color of the walls of the apartment during renovation

    The green color of the walls of the turnkey apartment in Kazan brings peace and relaxation. This is the color of nature, harmony. A color that helps to relax. So that the eyes do not get tired, the advice is to apply for the zone near the desktop PC, plasma. It is perfect for the place where you like to spend your holidays. And, of course, for children.

    Influence of wall color: Yellow and orange wall colors under major renovation in Kazan

    Most people associate yellow and orange with the sun. Therefore, they also invigorate, bring a feeling of warmth and light, contribute to a good mood. In the East, yellow is a symbol of celebration and fun. Delicate shades of yellow are best at neutralizing negative emotions and when doing major repairs, for example, they often choose it. This color is perfect for a room where you relax with friends or family. The yellow color of the walls is ideal in a room with windows facing north.

    Influence of wall color: Blue wall color in the interior

    Blue color reduces nervousness, irritation and gives the perception of calmness and fantasy. It will help to isolate oneself from the bustling world, for this reason, when meditating, they use a blue lamp or a blue candle. Because of these properties, blue is an excellent choice for wall painting in bedroom . At the end of a hard day at work, it will help you step back from unnecessary thoughts and fall asleep faster to gain strength.

    Violet walls

    Violet color is considered heavy and lowers vitality. It depresses and reduces activity. Therefore, when deciding what color the walls will be painted, it is better not to consider purple. If you really want to use purple for your home, dilute it with yellow or pink shades.

    White walls during apartment renovation

    White is a symbol of purity and innocence. It gives energy and adds strength. In addition, it visually enlarges the room. It is appropriate in any room, but it is better to use it in combination with other colors. It is unrealistic to offer everyone a specific recipe for what color to paint a partition or wall. Much is decided by the preferences of the owners of the apartment, the designer’s intention, and the features of the housing.

    In any case, you need your own “recipe”. But understanding the psychology of color will help you when decorating and renovating rooms. Room decor with colors When choosing the color of the walls, you should also consider the color of the furniture. It is important that they are combined and everything looks harmonious. Beautiful decorative products will be an excellent addition to the interior. Fitting into the chosen style of the room, they will add charm to it. You can get creative and make decor with your own hands. It will look great! The area of ​​the room The decision in what color to paint the walls depends on the area of ​​the room.

    In the one-room apartment , the room performs many functions: bedroom, living room, study. Therefore, it is worth choosing calm colors for it: light yellow, grayish green or grayish blue.
    In a multi-room apartment or a private house, you can use more intense colors for the walls. If you want to visually enlarge the space, paint in cool colors. Warm, on the contrary, compress space.

    In cases where the ceilings are very high, they can be lowered with dark shades. And if the color turns into a drawing along one of the walls, this will enhance the effect. Let the colors of the opposite walls be contrasting (green – red, yellow – lilac), and you will see how visually the apartment will become more spacious.

    The walls will seem to repel each other. If you are at a loss what color to choose, apartment decorating professionals in Kazan will help you with advice.

    Let’s sum up painting the walls in colors

    The right choice of wall color will help you: create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the house increase the mood divide the room into zones hide flaws highlight the advantages visually change the size of the room.

    Do you agree that the color of the walls in the apartment affects the mood? Did you take this into account when renovating a three-room apartment? Share your experience in the comments.