Bedroom colour combinations walls: Latest trends in two colour combination for bedroom walls

30 Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls That Double the Impact


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Published on 03/25/23

Reena Sotropa

Is a feature wall your style or are you looking to jazz up basic shiplap with a bright hue? Whatever the case, creating a two-tone bedroom with wallpaper, paint, and more is sure to make a big statement.

Take a look at the examples below to envision just how you could pull-off a bedroom makeover with these two color combinations for bedroom walls.

  • 01
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    Dark Blue and Warm Gray

    Interior Impressions

    Interior Impressions’ classic, coastal bedroom combines two complementary paint colors: dark blue and warm gray for an ocean-inspired design that doesn’t lean too nautical. The homeowners, who spend part of the year in Florida, yearned to update their neglected primary bedroom and turn it into a relaxing getaway.

  • 02
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    Purple and Pink

    Lucy & Company

    A bedroom with two many colors can quickly become chaotic. Lucy & Company looked to the color wheel for soothing, harmonious colors in this bedroom: purple and pink on the walls, with green accents like pillows and side tables.


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    Yellow and White

    Dazey Den

    Two yellow accent walls bring a sunny spin to Dazey Den’s primary bedroom. A DIY mural, painted in Deserted Path by Dunn Edwards as well as white, brass curtain rods, and light from Hudson Valley Lighting make it a cheerful place to snooze.

  • 04
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    Off-White and Bubblegum Pink

    Dekay & Tate

    This luxe guest bedroom from Dekay & Tate is calming with off-white walls yet a bubblegum pink ceiling brings in an element of fun.

  • 05
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    Sage Green and Gray

    Design: Ajai Guyot / Photo: Ellie Lilstrom

    Ajai Guyot transformed her client’s basic bedroom into a tranquil bed-and-breakfast-inspired space. Behr’s Muted Sage paint and Coquette, a black-and-white, almost gray floral paper from Wallpaperie, bring the wow factor.

  • 06
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    Green and Off-White

    Design: Julie Rose for Emily Henderson Design / Photo: Sara Liggoria-Tramp

    Farrow & Ball’s Breakfast Room is the perfect paint color for designer Julia Rose’s primary bedroom. A green accent wall, baseboards, and door pair with black-and-white nature prints, neutral bedding, and vintage side tables.

  • 07
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    White and Tan

    Reena Sotropa

    This bedroom from Canadian designer Reena Sotropa is small yet impactful. The 550-square-foot Calgary condo ticks the boxes with plenty of storage, jewel-box moments, and floating shelves.

  • 08
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    Pink and White

    Design: Emily Henderson / Photo: Tessa Neustadt

    Children’s bedrooms are the perfect place to experiment with a fun wallpaper. This nursery from Emily Henderson for her daughter, Elliot, is whimsical and pretty with a pink mural, Target furniture, West Elm glider, and circular rug.

  • 09
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    Black and White

    Erica Bryen Design

    While bunk rooms are typically built for kids, this Chileno Bay, Mexico, room from designer Erica Bryen brings edge and sophistication with a black-and-white wallpaper and pops of pink.

  • 10
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    Brown Patterned Wallpaper and White

    Black Lacquer Designs

    This suite from Black Lacquer Design hits all the right notes. The 1920s West Hollywood bedroom is now intimate, elegant, and comfortable with an upholstered pink bed, accent wall, and contemporary art.

  • 11
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    Navy and Cream

    Travis London/Studio London

    Designer Travis London’s Miami bedroom is pattern-filled with a Restoration Hardware bed upholstered in Jim Thompson Fabrics’ Serengeti, a crystal chandelier, and pink-and-green lamps. A mutli-colored mural from Lindsay Cowles frames the space without competing with the other pieces.

  • 12
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    Yellow and Green

    Design: Sarah Stacey / Photo: Avery Nicole Photography

    The Mengarie, a new hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas, from designer Sarah Stacey features suites full of regal color like green and yellow, maximalist wallpaper, and canopy beds.

  • 13
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    Green-Gray and White

    Design: Studio Q Designs / Photo: Nova Soul Imagery

    A four-poster bed already set the tone for this bedroom but Studio Q Designs added more visual interest with a green-gray wallpaper accent wall, curtains, and striped pillows.

  • 14
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    Dark Teal and Dark Green

    Design: Avery Cox Design / Photo: Lindsay Brown

    A 1920s Austin home was given the ultimate facelift. Designed by Avery Cox, this historic bungalow is filled with Art Deco finds, a rich palette, and English-inspired kitchen. Its only bedroom is made cozy through all-over color, Benjamin Moore Sea Teal on the walls, Benjamin Moore Dollar Bill Green on the ceiling, and a subdued mural.

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    Black and Cream

    Design: Emily Henderson Design / Photo: Tessa Neustadt

    Black, white, blues, wood, and metallics were the starting point for this bold Los Angeles bedroom. Cream walls complement a large patterned black-and-white wallpaper, keeping the space feeling put together and inviting.

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    Navy Blue and Pink

    Design: Amity Worrel & Co. / Photo: Lindsay Brown

    This fun children’s room from Amity Worrel & Co. has navy blue wallpaper with tropical foliage and pink leopards, a purple painted ceiling, and polka dot rug. What’s not to love?

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    Pale Blue and White

    Design: Haven + Home, LLC / Photo: Abigail Jackson

    Sometimes the best designs are the simple ones. This pale blue-and-white bedroom from Haven + Home has a tufted bed, wicker baskets, and blue bedding.

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    Mauve and Gray

    Design: Black Lacquer Design / Photo: Sara Tramp

    This alluring Los Angeles bedroom from by Black Lacquer Design brings in an array of texture from wavy wallpaper, a mauve velvet headboard, and snuggly boucle chairs.

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    White and Pale Gray

    Design: Sarah Wittenbraker / Photo: Kristin Kilpatrick

    Cole & Son Nuvolette wallpaper is a winning choice for this high-rise residence designed by Sarah Wittenbraker. Light pink, cream, black, and brass set the tone for a restful night’s sleep.

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    Wine and Black

    Design: Amity Worrel & Co. / Photo: Lindsay Brown

    Wine-colored walls and Schumacher wallpaper make this little one’s room polished and playful. Designed by Amity Worrel & Co., the rest of the home is equally divine with 13 different wallpapers.

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    Navy Blue and Wood

    Design: Design Lines Signature / Photo: Abigail Jackson

    Designer Judy Pickett used navy walls and a wood ceiling to make this traditional bedroom’s white accents stand out.

  • 22
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    White Paneling and Gray

    Design: Miretta Interiors / Photo: Abigail Jackson

    Miretta Interiors chose white paneling and gray for this tranquil bedroom. White nightstands with punches of blue and green complete it.

  • 23
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    Black and Off-White

    Design: Interior Impressions / Photo: Spacecrafting Photography

    This St. Paul, Minnesota, condo from Interior Impressions combines black, white, and natural materials for a sophisticated retreat. Once a dated high-rise, the new design focuses on quality finishes, comfortable furnishings, and muted accessories.

  • 24
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    Dusty Pink and White

    Cathie Hong

    This San Francisco Edwardian home designed by Cathie Hong maintains its original character but with plenty of color and functionality like this bedroom with dusty pink built-ins.

  • 25
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    Yellow and Teal

    Dazey Den

    Designer Dani Dazey of Dazey Den has yet to meet a color she doesn’t like. This bright blue, yellow, and orange bedroom is full of vibrancy.

  • 26
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    Wood and White

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson livened up a lakeside A-frame in Texas with an organic accent wall, black four-poster bed, and funky decor to give the space a pop of color.

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    Sage Green and White

    Gray Space Interiors

    This Philadelphia bedroom from Gray Space Interiors pulls in multiple shades of green and geometric pattern through bedroom and behind-the-bed accent wall.

  • 28
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    Teal and Coral

    Design: Ginny Macdonald Design / Design: Sara Tramp

    There’s nothing better than a fresh floral wallpaper. This traditional Piedmont, California, home got a refresh from designer Ginny Macdonald, which included a sweet children’s room.

  • 29
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    Cobalt Blue and White

    Maite Granda

    This blue and white accent wall brings some Moroccan-inspired style to a bedroom, with pops of yellow with the cushions.

  • 30
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    Light Wood and Forest Green

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    This architectural bedroom from Michelle Boudreau Design has quite the unique headboard, customized with wood slats brought up to the ceiling for an impressive effect against the forest green wall.

30 Stylish Bedroom Color Schemes That Create Cohesion

10 Purple Two Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls You Need To Try

Table of Content:

  1. Purple Bedroom Colours #1: Grey And Purple​
  2. Purple Bedroom Colours #2: Off-White And Purple
  3. Purple Bedroom Colours #3: Dusty Pink And Purple
  4. Purple Bedroom Colours #4: Taupe And Purple
  5. Purple Bedroom Colours #5: Orange And Purple
  6. Purple Bedroom Colours #6: Dark Black And Purple
  7. Purple Bedroom Colours #7: Indigo And Purple
  8. Purple Bedroom Colours #8: Green And Purple
  9. Purple Bedroom Colours #9: Celeste And Purple
  10. Purple Bedroom Colours #10: Caramel And Purple

Do you feel like painting your bedroom a different colour? If the answer is yes, then let’s get started on making that happen! Despite the fact that you already have a tonne of colour combinations in mind, the challenge of selecting the best one may leave you feeling worn out.  

That is why we present you with a unique list of purple two colour combinations for bedroom walls that will be the ideal backdrop for your royal-looking bedroom. 

Due to the fact that purple is a colour associated with royalty, it has become quite in-trend this year. On the other hand, purple colour combinations are also associated with romantic, jovial energy. Whatever the case, the majority of people today are searching for two colour combinations for bedroom walls that would complement a purple bedroom. 

The below mentioned are some excellent purple two-colour combinations for bedroom walls and when used, will give your room a regal appearance.

1. Grey And Purple Bedroom Colour Combination​

If you want a great purple colour combination for the wall, pair it with grey. It will give an upscale appearance to your room. A purple two-colour combination for bedroom walls provides elegance to a bedroom, while grey colour furniture will amp up the room and will provide a spooky vibe.  

If you have a small bedroom and want to use purple paint to give it a grand look, try adding a mirror to the wall. The mirrored surface will help the area appear larger.

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2. Off-White And Purple Colour Combination

You can’t keep your eyes off the rich look that the purple and white will provide when used as a two-colour combination for bedroom walls! In order to upgrade your two-colour combination for the bedroom walls, you can also use white furniture in the room that is purple with some good yellow lights, and boom, your bedroom is ready! 

3. Dusty Pink And Purple Bedroom Colour Combination

You’ve probably seen parents choosing two colour combinations for bedroom walls for their children’s bedrooms that aren’t inspired by sci-fi or any other fictitious figure but seem stylish. The good news is that the most adorable and attractive purple two-colour combination for bedroom walls for a child’s bedroom will be dusty pink and beautiful purple on the walls. When the children grow up, you won’t have to worry about painting again because this purple colour combination will always be in trend. 

4. Taupe And Purple Colour Combination

If you want to redesign your home, taupe and purple are the ideal two colour combinations for bedroom walls. You can choose a tone of purple like the heather colour on a panelled wall. You can keep the rest of the walls taupe while adding an accent wall. Purple will stand out – thanks to the enchantment of taupe, and the room will finally have the elegance it deserves.

You can also add a taupe-coloured rug and leave the furniture in place to keep things simple. Doing so, the taupe furniture with purple two colour combination for bedroom walls will create an enticing look.

5. Orange And Purple Bedroom Colour Combination

If you are someone who absolutely enjoys bright colours then you must go for purple and orange. You can experiment with two colour combinations for bedroom walls with toned-down versions of both colours, giving your master bedroom an attractive appearance.  

6. Dark Black And Purple Colour Combination 

When you combine the regal colours of black and purple, you get a chic master bedroom. It takes guts to use a black hue, but keep in mind that the purple colour combination with black represents luxury and innovation as well.

Black and purple are the two colour combinations for bedroom walls that add extravagance to the overall look. In terms of furniture colour, you can use a lighter shade of beige to balance the two colour combinations for bedroom walls.

7. Indigo And Purple Colour Combination 

Combined with purple, indigo will give your bedroom a creative look if you’re thinking about changing the bedroom colour combination. Indigo has always been considered to be cool, relaxing, and conducive to sleep. When you choose indigo and purple, these two colour combinations for bedroom walls will offer a neutral tone, and your room will look magnificent in no time.

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Green And Purple Colour Combination

Purple and green are complementary two colour combination for bedroom walls that work beautifully together. The warmth of the purple colour bedroom with a touch of coolness from the green will create a harmonious and sophisticated look.
You can choose a light purple colour combination for the wall and pair it with green accents in the bedding and curtains.

9. Celeste And Purple Bedroom Colour Combination​

A celeste and purple colour combination for the bedroom can create a calming and serene atmosphere. The warmth of the purple shade and the coolness of the celeste work together to create a perfect balance.

Furthermore, you go creative by choosing a purple two colour combination for the bedroom walls and pairing it with celestial accents in the bedding and curtains. Or else, you can choose a deep purple shade and pair it with a celestial accent wall for a more dramatic look.


Caramel And Purple Bedroom Colour Combination for Wall

It’s time to come to the last yet an equally prestigious bedroom colour combination – caramel and purple. Caramel as a colour reflects richness, whereas the purple shade represents extravagance. But the caramel and purple colour combination together creates a stunning appearance and can make your room stand out from the rest.

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Conclusion ​

It’s time for you to get creative. Choose the right purple two colour combination for your bedroom walls and make it look chic and contemporary. This purple colour combination is certain to stand out and speak only of royalty because it has a dash of drama and refinement. So, go ahead with full confidence and give purple two colour combinations for bedroom walls a try and create a beautiful and inviting sleeping space that you’ll love spending time in.

The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom – see how to correctly combine different shades in the blog Mr.




The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom. How to correctly combine different shades?

The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom is of great importance. It is important that the room has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The rhythm of modern life is accelerating every year. In order to have enough strength for everyday activities, it is important to have a good rest at night. Different shades affect the emotional state of a person in different ways. Some improve sleep, others increase performance. There is no place for the last in the bedroom.

White bedroom with upholstered wall panels (art. 077)

Bedroom with soft wall panels (art. 076)

Itten color wheel

The Itten color wheel is currently one of the most popular color matching tools in interior design. It was designed by the Swiss colorist Johannes Itten. He arranged all the basic colors on a circular pattern. Anyone can use it and choose a combination of colors in the bedroom, regardless of the presence or absence of art education.

Classic schemes:

  • Analog triad. Any three shades standing side by side are used. All of them will be close to each other. These can be options for yellow, green, blue, etc. Even bright colors in such a combination look harmonious.
  • Complementary. Shades are taken from opposite sides (opposite each other). This is a fairly contrasting design, so it is better to choose a neutral range (white, beige, sand).
  • Classic triad. Draw an isosceles triangle inside the circle. As the main shades, paints are used, which are located on three peaks. In this case, the lightest shade is taken as the basis. For example, a combination of gray in the bedroom interior will be in harmony with pale pink and yellow.
  • Rectangular scheme – the principle of selection is similar to the triad, only in this case a rectangle is drawn inside the circle. Four shades are harder to work with than three. Such options are usually used by professional designers.

Of course, you can choose colors based on your taste, and not on the Itten circle. In this case, remember that experts do not recommend mixing paints with cold and warm temperatures in one design. Such a room will cause dissonance. It is difficult to rest in such an environment.

Bedroom, collection “Metropolitan” (art. 082)

Bedroom, collection “Domus” (art. 104)

Color psychology

When choosing a combination of colors for wallpaper and furniture in the bedroom, you need to take into account that different combinations of shades affect the emotional state of a person:

  • light lilac and milky – a slightly extravagant duet, creates a peaceful atmosphere;
  • indigo and white – promotes relaxation;
  • brown and cream – timeless classic, creates comfort;
  • a combination of several purple shades – creates a sensual atmosphere;
  • peach and white (the so-called “marshmallow” combination of colors of walls and furniture in the bedroom) – in such a space it is good to relax after a long day;
  • several shades of gray – the most concise option, suitable for those who love a neutral setting;
  • light brown and green – visually expands the space, helps to distract from work tasks;
  • blue and yellow – a contrasting duo, it is often used by residents of the northern regions.

Bedroom, collection “Empire” (art. 098)

Bedroom, Sedimenti collection (art. 099)

Shade principles

On the net you can find photos of various color combinations in the interior of the bedroom. It is easy to get design ideas from them. However, in order to create a harmonious interior, you still have to understand the basic design principles.

  • Experts advise not to get carried away by the riot of colors. But if you decorate a room in just two shades, it will look boring. Set point accents.
  • If you use a strict restrained range, be sure to dilute it with warm elements to make the space look cozy. For example, if you have gray walls, order light brown furniture with natural wood texture.
  • Combination of wallpaper in two colors in the bedroom is possible. However, you will have to choose your colors carefully. The area of ​​the walls is quite large, they act as a background. It is better to choose the most neutral wallpaper for them. It is convenient to make an accent wall from the side of the head of the bed.
  • If the windows of the room face north, use warm shades. Cold colors are suitable for bright sunny rooms.

Bedroom, collection “Metropolitan” (art. 097)

Bedroom, collection “Visio-T” (art. 102)

Best Shades

A light palette will look advantageous in any room. But for many, this design seems boring. The combination of beige colors in the bedroom is not the only way out. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors. If you correctly select complementary shades, the space will turn out to be cozy and interesting:

  • Red – active people love it. It will not work as a base background, but it will be ideal for accent details. Choose muted options (for example, terracotta). Similar shades look good with green and brown.
  • Orange – sunny and cheerful. In its pure form, it is also almost never used. Combined with white and peach.
  • Yellow – use corn, mustard varieties. Improves mood, looks great with pale blue and beige.
  • Blue color in the bedroom creates non-standard combinations. It is often used for children’s rooms. It harmoniously looks with brown and white. This room looks fresh and cool. This decor is best used for sunny apartments located on the south side.
  • Beige – looks bad with cold gray colors. With all other shades it is combined without much difficulty. Choose light options without a yellow undertone.
  • Green is one of the most versatile options. Khaki, olive, marsh shades are used. As a base for a combination of green colors in the bedroom, you can use beige and mustard.

Bedroom, collection “Metropolitan” (art. 094)

Bedroom, collection “Shift” (art. 092)

Style selection

Each style has its own palette. Most popular options:

  • Classic – calm beige, brown, sand tones. Blotches of burgundy and emerald are acceptable. Gilding can be used, but it is better not to get involved in it.
  • Modern – light colors are usually used as a background. Any palette is allowed in the decor. Bright accents are welcome.
  • Retro – muted pastel colors. Powdery, creamy, marsh shades will be appropriate.
  • Country – all natural shades (blue, olive, lavender, warm brown, mustard, etc.). This is the so-called rustic chic.
  • Modern – a combination of colors in the design of this bedroom is created from a neutral background and bright accessories. Combinations of chocolate and gray, amber and terracotta are used.

Bedroom with soft wall panels (art. 080)

White bedroom with upholstered wall panels (art. 079)

Harmony combinations

In general, all design options can be divided into three groups:

  • Contrast. Two contrasting bright shades are selected, the entire decor is built on their basis. This is a bold decision that needs to be implemented very carefully. The selection of companion colors requires great attention and taste. If you are not a professional designer, it is better not to use this scheme.
  • Monochromatic gamma. Shades close to each other are used. This decor may seem boring to some, however, it is great for people who do not like visual noise. The combination of different shades of beige in the interior of the bedroom will look especially advantageous.
  • Mixed type. A pure shade is taken as a background (preferably neutral, but you can take a bright one). Then other colors are added. Do not make the design too colorful. Over time, you can get tired of such a design.

Bedroom, “Plaza” collection (art. 091)

Bedroom with soft wall panels (art. 082)

Furniture and accessories

Experts recommend choosing furniture to match the walls. This solution allows you to visually increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. Furnishings take up a lot of space. In a room intended for relaxation, there is usually a bed, a dressing room, a chest of drawers, bedside tables, a dressing table, etc. It is important that the combination of colors of furniture in the interior of the bedroom is in harmony with the overall design of the apartment.

Light calm shades always look advantageous. However, this does not mean that you cannot install a dark bed at home. Everything is individual. Currently, manufacturers offer many options for products and materials. You can choose dark furniture that fits perfectly even in a small room.

Use accessories. Bright curtains in the bedroom will help to beat the combination of colors. They perfectly complement the design, made in light soothing shades. Bed linen and bedspreads can also become decorative elements. Textile parts are good because they are easy to change if necessary. You can create a new design for the holidays or for the natural seasons.

Bedroom, collection “Metropolitan” (art. 089)

Bedroom, collection “Visio-V” (art. 086)

Things to remember

Above, we talked about the basic rules for combining shades and how to use the Itten circle. Everyone decides for himself which combination of colors in the bedroom will be the most advantageous. However, we recommend listening to the advice of experts:

  • All shades affect the emotional state in different ways. Choose options that promote relaxation and relaxation. Bright colors are best used pointwise.
  • Consider whether the windows of the room face north or south. In the first case, warm tones will be appropriate, in the second, cold tones.
  • Each stylistic direction has its own gamma.
  • If the furniture is matched to the tone of the walls, it will help visually expand the space.
  • The color combination of wallpaper in the bedroom should be neutral. They serve as background. But you can arrange a contrasting wall at the head of the bed.

If you are in doubt about the selection of colors, use designer selections for inspiration. Choose the best ideas and adapt them for your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Bedroom, Somerset collection (art. 057)

Bedroom, “Mori” collection (art. 053)

Bedroom with soft wall panels (art. 081)

Light and dark solution for the bedroom (art. 083)

Author: Mr. Doors

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  • White bedroom with upholstered wall panels (art. 077)

  • Bedroom with upholstered wall panels (art. 076)

  • Bedroom, collection “Domus” (art. 104)

  • Bedroom, Empire collection (art. 098)

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Publication date:

When I was doing repairs in the bedroom, I immediately realized that I wanted to make it dark. A lot of work, stress, after coming home, the soul and the tired brain require rest in a calm, conducive atmosphere for him. Like in a house. Light colors are clearly not for me, which is why I chose this set. The headboard is like a continuation of the bed, it seems that this softness envelops from all sides. The geometric pattern is quite strict, does not burden the eye, and the metal-like ornament slightly enlivens the composition so that it does not seem too gloomy. A good set: it looks stylish, and the materials are of decent quality.


Publication date:

Incredibly delicate in appearance, this bed with its design reminds me of the hidden, non-obvious hardness of things. As I caught her eye in the catalog, so in the end I chose this set. For some reason, the shape of the panels reminds me of the stones of Stonehenge, and the semantic load in general plays a big role in my life. Moreover, the texture of the velor upholstery supports the impression. Every time I enter a room, I am happy with my choice. A light and small bed fits perfectly in my small bedroom. I also really appreciate comfort, and the mattress and the materials themselves are very conducive to its provision.


Publication date:

This bedroom was a gift from my husband for our wedding anniversary. I have long wanted to have a bedroom with soft wall panels above the headboard. Together with my husband, we chose, of course, reviewed a huge number of options, I wanted something in contrast. When I saw this bedroom, I realized that this is exactly mine! I really love the blue color, it calms me down, sets me in a melancholy mood, but the combination of blue with light walls and light interior in the room turned out to be a hit on the point. The set includes a bed with a soft mattress and wall panels with a complex geometric pattern. Looks just great! And the gold-colored profiles give a very luxurious touch, it looks great on a blue background! The panels themselves are made of pleasant velor fabric, easy to clean. I am happy with my gift!

Elena Konstantinovna

Publication date:

We chose this bedroom option for our daughter – the girl is almost an adult, we wanted to decorate her room in modern trends, in a youthful way, so that it looks stylish, it is cozy, develops taste, and, well, girlishly cute. We looked at many different offers, in the Doors furniture catalog I liked this wonderful option, even in the photographs it looked amazing, number and fresh, girlishly cute, romantic, but tasteful. The daughter also approved, or rather, it was rather that we agreed with her choice. They invited a measurer, everything was done exactly, the furniture was made on time, brought and assembled without problems. When we finished editing, we were just delighted – how wonderful my daughter’s bedroom turned out! And what chic is given by soft wall panels above the head of the bed …. of an unusual shape and size …. Charm! I am convinced that excellent designers work in Dors! We looked at another wonderful rack there, but this is the next purchase.

Chevyakina Anastasia

Publication date:

The question of a normal cozy bedroom arose after the repair of the house. I wanted good quality, with a soft comfortable back, and not a standard option, but something interesting. This bedroom immediately caught the eye with luxurious, rich color, elegance and rich views. That’s why I chose her.
The measurer arrived on time, at the appointed hour, it was pleasant and already put me in a good mood. Did everything quickly. I placed an order, paid and waited. On the appointed day they brought my bedroom. The masters also turned out to be pros, they quickly assembled and installed everything.
Now I have the most comfortable bed, where I can also watch movies without straining my back, do work (I work remotely from a laptop) and just relax.

Lidia Valeeva

Publication date:

I really liked this model with a soft back while still in the process of choosing. Interesting, cute, very gentle. I furnished the whole studio in bright colors, because the room is small and every centimeter counts. Here, by the way, it was necessary that the firm measured under the furniture for free. So the measurer asked in the first place.
Placed an order on the company’s website. Everything was done as agreed and delivered on time. True, an hour late, but here you can already understand and forgive, no one has power over Moscow traffic jams.
Assembled and installed quickly and well too. Sober normal masters, no obscenities, no swearing, very polite boys turned out to be.
Stood in place just perfect, millimeter by millimeter. So now I have the opportunity to relax and work at the same time. I work remotely, and it’s more convenient on a laptop in the bedroom, with a soft back, more comfortable than on a chair, hunched over.


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I needed bedroom furniture. I wanted to buy a set at once, so as not to select individual items from different manufacturers. Mr.Doors models were my favorite. I chose this option for the original decor. Somehow he looked to me. I called the meter, he came on the appointed day. The furniture was done on time. Love the bed – comfortable! The lifting mechanism turned out to be handy: I ​​store home textiles and bedding in the interior. I installed a large screen in a niche – you can finally watch your favorite TV shows in comfort. All parts look very high quality and reliable.


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We gave this set to our daughter for a housewarming party in a new studio apartment. She chose the catalog via the Internet, we only paid. The project turned out almost the same as in the photo. Only she did not hang the TV in the opening, but added shelves in the project and it turned out, as it were, a desktop. It came out nice too. And in terms of size, we also had to change something for our room. We took the closet into the hallway as a separator, so one headset was enough for the whole apartment. We also decided to take a kitchen corner and a table here. As a result, we still got a good discount.


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Our bedroom is not very big, and, of course, we wanted to make it not only cozy, but also beautiful. I went through different options for a long time, until I finally stumbled upon this headset. An excellent combination of convenience and functionality and immediately bribed the bright design. In real life, everything turned out even better than in the picture. The closet is very roomy, while it is almost completely lost and there is no feeling of being cluttered with furniture. Plasma looks very original in this frame, and the dressing table is just a dream. The bed also has drawers. And the bedside tables are just lovely, and most importantly, they can be moved at any time.

combination in the interior, design ideas

When you decide to change the situation in the room, the choice of colors for the interior is an important point. The combination of shades determines how the situation will be psychologically perceived, the mood is set. The color of the walls in the bedroom of an apartment or house can help you tune in to a good sleep and good rest. It is important to choose the right color scheme, the main recommendations of professionals for choosing will be discussed further.

Ideal wall color in bedroom interior design

Choose the color scheme in any room carefully. After all, the color scheme can visually increase or decrease the room, and also affects the mood of the residents. So a number of colors can cheer up, give the mood for action, while others, on the contrary, calm.

Any paint has three important properties:

  • Saturation;
  • Brightness;
  • Tinted.

At the same time, when choosing what color to paint the bedroom, you need to understand that for each person the perception of tone can be different from another. Therefore, if the paint seems unattractive, then you should not be guided by the opinion of a person who himself will not live in this room, they listen to their own perception.

All colors are divided into warm and cold. If we talk about the design of the bedroom, then you should not use more than three tones, while all of them should belong to only one of these groups.

If we talk about the design of the bedroom, then you should not use more than three tones, while all of them should belong to only one of these groups.

What influences the choice

You can choose the right color for the bedroom, living room and other types of rooms, taking into account the following features of the room:

  • Size area and ceiling height;
  • Personal preference;
  • Light level;
  • Combination with other surfaces in the room;
  • Design style.

Choose the color of the bedroom, living room and other types of rooms, taking into account • the combination with other surfaces in the room.

Location of the room relative to the cardinal points

The way the windows are located towards the sunny side plays a big role in the selection of colors for the room. If this is the north side, then it is better to use light and warm colors, they will help reduce the effect of a lack of sun. On the contrary, a cold palette is chosen for the southern part.

Pastel colors look good in the western part, for example, peach color in the interior of the bedroom will help to add coziness and warmth.

If there is a lot of natural light, then the use of yellow will make the room unnecessarily stuffy.

The eastern part makes the lighting with a greenish tint, the sun will shine brightly until lunchtime. Blue, light green, beige, cold pink colors are suitable here.

Pastel colors look good in the western part, for example, peach color in the interior of the bedroom will help to add coziness and warmth.


When the area allows, you can decide to experiment and choose bright colors. For a small bedroom, it is best to apply light and cold colors. So it is worth considering the rule: the smaller the room, the lighter the finish should be.

When the area allows, you can decide to experiment and choose bright colors.


Usually furniture and paintwork are contrasting in color. If the furniture is light, then it will be good to complement the interior with dark walls. So the color of the walls for the bedroom, where there is no furniture yet, is selected simultaneously with the furniture. If the furniture is already there, and the purchase of a new one is not planned, then the finish is selected for it.

Modern trends dictate the use of close tones for walls and furniture.

Furniture and paintwork are usually contrasting in color.


Lighting is also important, because people often come to the bedroom in the evening, so the artificial type of lighting has an effect. So lamps can create warm or cold lighting.

A warm type of paint looks paler, a cold type is characterized by the creation of a deep tone and an increase in saturation. Thus, it is usually possible to simply change the light bulbs, choosing the desired effect to improve comfort.

Lighting is also important, because people often come to the bedroom in the evening, so the artificial type of lighting has an effect.

Dimensions, location and number of windows

If there are large window openings or a large number of windows, then it is permissible to use more dark shades. Dark LMB will help to focus on individual details. If the window is one and small, then it is better to paint in a light range.

If there are large window openings or a large number of windows, it is permissible to use more dark shades.

The influence of shades on the human condition

There is a separate section in psychology that studies color perception. When choosing what color should be in the bedroom, you should take into account the recommendations of psychologists who will help you choose the best option for coziness and comfort. The following successful colors can be distinguished:

  • White is associated with hope, helps to achieve harmony, it is easier to accept difficulties;
  • Blue helps reduce appetite, which is necessary if you want to lose weight, and also relieves stress;
  • Beige and brown colors will help to add coziness, light and warmth, allow you to set off bright colors;
  • Turquoise, a good option for harmonious perception, helps to calm down.

Turquoise, a good option for harmonious perception, helps to calm down.

Color combination of walls and furniture in bedroom interior

It is important to make furniture and walls look good together, then the interior will look harmonious. So designers recommend resorting to a contrasting combination to highlight furniture.

You can also use one color but play with shades to get a uniform style.

It is important to make furniture and walls look good together, then the interior will look harmonious.

How to combine colors in the interior of the bedroom

To achieve a beautiful design, you need to consider what furniture will be in the room, decor and textiles also play a big role. Each item in the room complements the overall interior, and should be matched to each other.

Each item in the room complements the overall interior and should be matched to each other.

Organic combinations

If a monochrome color combination is used, then one color is taken, but the elements are used in different shades. Related colors can also be used, those that are located next to each other in the color wheel. Their color perception is close and creates a calm design.

If a monochrome color combination is used, then one color is taken, but the elements are used in different shades.

Contrast combinations

In this version, opposite tones are selected along the color wheel, which makes the environment brighter. Two tones from related ones can also be used, and the third one is taken as a contrast, the effect will be less sharp.

In this version, opposite tones are selected along the color wheel, which makes the environment brighter.

The best colors for a small bedroom

A small room can be visually expanded and enlarged if you know the color techniques. Not all combinations can be used in limited space. Below we will consider successful variations for a small room for sleeping.

A small room can be visually expanded and enlarged if you know the color techniques.

Red Bedroom Design Ideas

Red is associated with passion, which is why many people want to use it in their bedroom. But it is worth remembering that it can be classified as aggressive, the mood for sleep can be bad.

To neutralize the effect of red, and the spouses could feel comfortable in such a bright design, it is worth supplementing it with light surfaces, natural colors.

To neutralize the effect of red, it is worth complementing it with light surfaces, natural colors.

Bedroom interior in brown tones

Brown is recommended for the bedroom, but it is also worth knowing that too much can make the atmosphere gloomy. For this reason, different shades of brown should be used, from beige to dark. Wooden objects can be played with light beige decor.

Different shades of brown should be used, from beige to dark.

Interesting blue bedroom design

Blue can be chosen for different designs. Here the choice of matching colors is huge. Designers often play with blue colors with contrasting and bright ones, blue is considered democratic.

Designers often play with blue colors with contrasting and bright ones, blue is considered democratic.

Purple Bedroom Design

Purple is usually chosen by women, men don’t really like the shade. But if you choose the right combination, you can achieve a design that will help you calm down and tune in to sleep. The interior can be easily made romantic and unusual.

If you choose the right combination, you can achieve a design that will help you calm down and tune in to sleep.

Bedroom in turquoise

If the owner likes turquoise, then finding a good combination of details for the interior will be a difficult task. Turquoise is suitable for the bedroom, but if the colors are incompatible, then the comfort and beauty of the room will suffer.

If the owner likes turquoise, then finding a good combination of details for the interior will be a difficult task.

Bedroom furniture in a wide range of colors from white to black

The furniture comes in a wide range of colors to suit a wide range of needs. There are ready-made headsets that are combined by color. Contrasting color is well suited for a small room, allows you to visually enlarge the space.

It’s easier to create a unified design if you buy a set that includes the main pieces of furniture. Then one style will be easy to get, you won’t have to think long about the combination of shades for furniture.

It’s easier to create a unified design if you buy a set that includes the main pieces of furniture.

Designer’s advice

Which combination is best depends on the type of bedroom. In kindergarten, in the sleeping area, shades are used that help to calm down faster and will be pleasant for children. If we are talking about a room for a man or a woman, then the preferences of the tenant are also taken into account. For spouses, the bedroom should be a place of unity, it is important that both feel comfortable in it.

We can highlight the following recommendations from room decorators:

  • Do not use more than three tones;
  • Favorite color is taken as the main one;
  • Use proven color combinations, it is worth looking at the options for ready-made designs;
  • When you want to use bright colors, it is better to choose them for decor, textiles, and the finish should become a neutralizer;
  • LKM with silver or gold sheen will help add luxury, but will not look good in every interior;
  • To quickly change the interior, you can choose wallpaper for painting for decoration.

Do not use more than three tones.

If you decide to design a bedroom on your own, then you should study the advice of designers, look at finished projects in the colors that you like best. Consider the size of the room, your own preferences and lighting features. Bright and saturated surfaces do not allow you to relax and tune in to sleep very well, therefore they are undesirable for a bedroom.