Wall Printing

Introducing New Technology to UAE Market

Wall printing is considered the new age revolutionary development of mural arts. The artworks produced by the innovative high-tech wall printing machine, combine between the quality and durability of the hand-painted murals from one side, and the design-freedom and effect-richness of the printed ones from the other’s. Build & More is proud to be the Exclusive Representative in the UAE market of one of the world’s leading manufacturers/developers of wall printing machines; M/s. Perfect Laser (Wuhan) Co. Ltd.

What is Wall Printing ?

Wall printing is a wireless-controlled automated process where an electrical powered, computer-administrated machine prints decorative mural arts on vertical surfaces (walls). The wall printing machine is mainly consisting of three synchronized systems.

  1. Frame (machine body), that supports the whole setup and operation of the machine. It adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy which gives firm, light weight as well as long-life, rust-less, aesthetic shape.
  2. Movement Mechanism, by means of an advanced servo technology control system that sustains machine stability, providing high printing precision.
  3. Printing Head, it injects special synthetic pigment wall painting by means of Japanese-technology nozzle (Epson), with automatic proximity-positioning controlled by means of USA-technology double advanced sensors. This allows the machine to successfully overcomes uneven surface issues.

Why Wall Printing ?

Flexibility of Design
Considering that wall printing is an automated system that relies on computer-operated printer nozzles, this type of mural arts gives complete flexibility to choose any digital picture/photo, with a wide range of resolution input as well. This advantage resembles the other printed murals’.

Quality of Output
As this automated system uses the same type of inks that is being used by professional artists, it guarantees a quality-controlled artwork. The computer-operated nozzles along with the guidance sensors give the wall printing machine the ability to (draw) on the wall the digital input picture, similar to an artist but with flawless performance.


Less Processing Time
Although wall printing system resembles the quality of a painted mural artwork, it requires much less time that an artist. The wall printing machine normally takes a range of few hours to finish a picture/photo. This is longer than the other printed artworks, but much shorter than the painted ones.


Remarkable 3D Effect
As wall printing system is considered similar in quality output to the painted artwork, it gives the same high quality visual effects. However, eliminating the human factor takes the output artwork of wall printing system to higher level of free-glitch murals.

Naturally, as wall printing system depends on the same inks and material as painted wall’s, the same highest reliability among all types of murals is also expected.


Longer Lifetime
The indoor murals of the wall printing machines are expected to have a lifetime of not less that 12 years, which is the same highest lifetime attained by the painted murals.


Types of Surfaces Applicable for Wall Printing

Concrete / Painted Walls





Ceramics / Porcelain

Wall Printing vs. other Mural Arts

Wall Stickers Printed Canvas Hand-Painted Canvas Hand-Painted Wall Wall Printing 
Design Flexibility Unlimited Unlimited Limited to Artist Limited to Artist Unlimited
Output Quality Good Good Depends on Artist Depends on Artist Good
Time Required Minutes Minutes Days Days Hours
3D Effect Good Fair Very Good Very Good Very Good
Reliability Fair Good Good Very Good Very Good
Lifetime in years 3 8 to 10 8 to 10 10 to 15 10 to 15

Who is Perfect Laser (Wuhan) Co. Ltd.www.perfectlaser.net

Perfect laser is one of the world lead manufacturers of CNC, laser and industrial machinery since 1995. During more than two decades, Perfect Laser’s team succeeded in building an excellent reputation, based mainly on their strict quality adherence in the manufacturing processes, as well as their professionality in handling their market representatives’ needs and demands. As a result of Perfect Laser efficient system; they obtained and are successfully maintaining formal certifications by most of the major industrial manufacturing quality standards and quality auditing associations.

Inspiring Ideas for Wall Printing