What is vinyl matt paint: What’s the Difference Between Non-Vinyl and Vinyl Matt Paints?

What’s the Difference Between Non-Vinyl and Vinyl Matt Paints?

Here at Paintmaster, we’ve spent years helping our customers to find the best paints for their needs. We specialise in providing our domestic, commercial and industrial customers with the perfect paints and treatments. Whether you’re looking for a hard-wearing paint, or something weather-resistant, our team are here for you. Today, we’re going to talk about vinyl matt paints, and what makes them different from non-vinyl paints.

We’re happy to provide both non-vinyl and vinyl paints to our customers. Whichever option you’re looking for, the Paintmaster team can help. Neither type of paint is necessarily better, but they are better in different situations. Whether you’re just looking to understand the difference, or you need the highest-quality paints for an upcoming project, our team are here for you.

Non-Vinyl Emulsion Vs Vinyl Matt Paints – What’s the Difference?

Vinyl matt emulsion is a little different from non-vinyl paints. While it is available in the same variety of colours, vinyl matt is more hard-wearing and resistant to damage. When a paint is ‘vinyl’, it means that there has been a certain resin added to the paint. A similar kind of resin is often added to acrylic paints for a similar effect.

This resin makes the vinyl paint more resilient to damage and harder-wearing. As such, vinyl paint is perfect for areas which need to withstand a great deal of stress.

The resin added to these emulsion paints will, normally, cause the surface to have a certain sheen on it. However, this sheen will be absent from any surface treated with vinyl matt paints. This non-shiny finish is sometimes criticised for not looking as good as those vinyl paints with a sheen. However, the matt nature of the design makes it more suited for damaged or imperfect surfaces. These matt paints are good for not showing up small imperfections on walls and ceilings.

What Kinds of Surfaces Can I Apply Vinyl Matt Paints To?

Vinyl matt emulsions are relatively easy to apply to almost any surface. However, they aren’t always going to be able to dry correctly or adhere to the surface as you might intend. Vinyl matt emulsions are, at their basic level, water-based. This makes them easy to apply and quick-to-dry.

Vinyl matt paints are, generally, less durable than those with a sheen. They are easier to mark and discolour. As such, matt vinyl solutions are often used on ceilings and high walls. They are perfect for hiding imperfections and can help to make any space feel closer and more natural. These paints are best used in areas with low-levels of moisture and which are unlikely to become marked or otherwise damaged.

Surfaces To Avoid with Vinyl Matt Paints:

We’ve seen all kinds of people, including professional decorators, fall in love with vinyl matt emulsion. Unfortunately, this can lead to the paint being used on inappropriate surfaces. Just some of the surfaces that you should take care to avoid with vinyl matt emulsions include:

  • High-Moisture Surfaces, including: 
    • Kitchen Walls and Ceilings.  
    • Bathroom Walls and Ceilings. 
  • Sealant, Particularly Acrylic Sealant. 
  • Floors and Low-Walls. 
  • Low Industrial Surfaces. 
  • High-Impact or High-Intensity Areas. 
  • Exposed Masonry.

You should also be aware that vinyl emulsion paints are not designed for exterior surfaces. They are not designed for weather-resistance or high-intensity environments. As such, matt emulsions are commonly used for ceilings and out-of-reach areas.

Wiping Down Vinyl Matt Emulsions

Due to its appearance, vinyl matt paints cannot be easily cleaned. When you wipe them down, even with simple water and soap, you can leave long streaks which are easily noticeable. Other kinds of vinyl or acrylic paints can be easily wiped down. It is simply due to the matt design that these paints are vulnerable to damage. They are less protected against all kinds of surface damage than their sheen or silk paint alternatives.

If you’re looking for paints which can be used in high-intensity or high-footfall areas, vinyl matt emulsion isn’t for you. These paints are quick-drying and easy-to-apply but are not particularly hard-wearing. As such, you should choose vinyl sheen or vinyl silk paints, or even choose a non-vinyl option.

Choose Paintmaster for Vinyl Matt Paints and Emulsions

Here at Paintmaster, we can provide a complete range of vinyl matt emulsions in a wide range of colours. In addition to simple white and magnolia paints, we can also create paints to meet your specific design choices. If you’re looking for paints to suit your home or business’ interior, get in touch today.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. You can call our paint specialists directly on 01663 733633 if you need more information about any of our vinyl matt emulsion. You can email any questions or concerns you might have to our team directly at sales@paintmaster. co.uk. Our paint specialists will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Does vinyl paint peel?

Yes, vinyl paint can peel. It can be caused by several factors, from moisture being trapped beneath the surface of the paint or by paint being applied over a powdery surface. Unclean surfaces can be another cause, highlighting the importance to sugar soap the walls to remove any dirt, oil, and grease when prepping the surface. It is also good idea to use contract emulsion on freshly plastered walls before using vinyl so that the vinyl doesn’t lift from the wall.

How long does vinyl paint last?

On average, Vinyl interior walls normally need repainting every 5yrs from general wear and tear in a home. Vinyl Matt is very popular but not a good choice for high traffic areas in a home like the hallway… a more durable option would be a ‘Paintmaster Vinyl soft sheen’ or ‘Paintmaster Tough Vinyl Matt’ with a higher resin.

What is vinyl matt paint?

Vinyl matt paint is a water-based emulsion that provides a flat, non-reflective finish. It offers the least reflective finish of the four most popular types of finish, matt, satin, eggshell & gloss. It is a very popular choice by many as it is easy to apply to any smooth interior surface.

What is vinyl paint used for?

Vinyl matt emulsion is a wall and ceiling paint which is extremely easy to apply. As it is water-based, it can easily be applied to almost any smooth surface. As it is matt, it will also provide a flat, non-reflective finish which is ideal for masking any existing surface imperfections.

A Complete Guide to Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paint

When you’re decorating your home or business, there are many different types of paint to choose from. As such, it can often be difficult to find the best paints and treatments to suit your needs. Vinyl matt emulsion paints are a practical choice for use in all kinds of properties, including homes and businesses. Thanks to their unique and intelligent design, they are also hard-wearing and can be used for many years before requiring any kind of maintenance.

Here at Paintmaster, we can deliver a complete range of vinyl emulsion paints for all kinds of decorating projects. Whether you’re completely overhauling your design, or simply retouching and refreshing an existing style, get in touch today.

What is Vinyl Matt Emulsion?

Vinyl matt emulsion is a wall and ceiling paint which is extremely easy to apply. As it is water-based, it can easily be applied to almost any smooth surface. As it is matt, it will also provide a flat, non-reflective finish which is ideal for masking any existing surface imperfections.

This kind of emulsion paint is ideal for use in domestic and lighter commercial environments. Although it is extremely easy to apply, it can be marked fairly easily. As such, it is most effective when employed in light-wear areas across your property. This can include:

  • Bedrooms. 
  • Sitting Rooms. 
  • Dining Rooms. 
  • Ceilings. 

What Other Kinds of Vinyl Emulsion Are Available?

In addition to vinyl matt emulsion, there are other kinds of this paint available as well. These are:

  • Vinyl Satin Emulsion. 
  • Vinyl Silk Emulsion. 

What is Vinyl Satin Emulsion?

Also known as soft-sheen, vinyl satin is similar to matt emulsion paints. However, it has a subtle finish which shines in the light. As such, it is commonly used in areas like:

  • Main Reception Rooms. 
  • Commercial Spaces. 
  • Children’s Bedrooms. 
  • Bathrooms. 

What is Vinyl Silk Emulsion?

Silk emulsion is the shiniest of all vinyl emulsions. It is often considered to be too shiny for use in a range of environments. However, it is the easiest to clean. It is commonly used in areas like:

  • Bathrooms. 
  • Kitchens. 
  • Children’s Playrooms. 

What are the Different Types of Emulsion Paint?

In addition to the variety of matt, satin and silk paints, there are other things to consider. The type of vinyl emulsion you choose will make it easier to apply in certain areas. These can include:

  • Liquid Vinyl Matt Emulsion – These paints are the most popular and cheapest kind of vinyl emulsion. They can be applied by a brush, roller or pad as required.
  • Non-Drip – This kind of emulsion has a tougher, jelly-like consistency. However, when applied by a brush or roller it will flow smoothly. This paint is ideal for ceilings and higher surfaces as it will not drip down.
  • Solid Emulsion Paint – This kind of vinyl emulsion is extremely thick. It comes in a rolling tray and can be applied to all kinds of surfaces. Solid emulsion paint is the least messy paint and, when applied carefully, will not cause any paint to splatter.

How to Apply Vinyl Matt Emulsion to Walls, Floors and Ceilings

When it comes time to apply your chosen vinyl emulsion paint, you need to first make sure that the surface has been prepared. Whenever you’re applying any kind of paint or treatment, you need to make sure that the surface has been thoroughly cleaned. You need to make sure that the surface has been cleaned and rinsed with clean water. This is true for any kind of surface, whether you’re looking to clean walls, ceilings or floors.

If the plasterwork is new, you need to make sure that blisters, cracks and blemishes are all removed. You should also ensure that the plaster has been treated with a suitable primer. This will provide a clean and even surface to apply your paint.

You should always take care to cover or remove any furniture from the room you’re are decorating. It is always a good idea to keep a bucket of water and a sponge nearby to clean any splashes of paint that do occur.

What Surfaces Should I Paint First?

If you are undertaking a complete interior decorating project, then the order you paint surfaces in can be extremely important. You should always start off with your ceiling. That way, if anything does fall on another surface, it can be covered later in the project.

Following your ceiling painting and decorating, you should move down to your walls, before finishing off with your floor. If required, you should then paint any additional features, including woodwork.

What Equipment Should I Use to Apply Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paints?

You can use brushes, rollers or pads for most vinyl emulsions. If you want to apply a large quantity of paint to a surface quickly, then rollers and pads are a great choice. For more detail, or to cut the paint in, brushes are the best option.

For the best results, you should utilise a mixture of equipment to apply an even and complete covering to your chosen surface.

Choose Paintmaster for a Complete Range of Vinyl Matt Emulsion in the UK

Here at Paintmaster, we can deliver a wide range of vinyl emulsion paints for use in a variety of properties. Whether you’re looking for commercial, domestic or industrial paints, get in touch with our today. Our vinyl matt paints are available in a wide range of colours and styles.

For more information, or to find the perfect vinyl emulsion paints to suit your needs, get in touch with the experienced team at Paintmaster today. You can reach our painting and decorating specialists by calling us directly on 01663 733633. You can also email any questions or concerns that you might have to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Velvety matte paint CLASS PLUS – Paint House

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Manufacturer: IMPA

CLASS PLUS is a water-based washable anti-condensation paint based on vinyl resins. Provides ease of application and excellent hiding power, as well as a high degree of whiteness. It has good resistance to abrasion and moisture. It has a pleasant velvety matte finish.

Designed for painting both new and old interior surfaces, including drywall.

Technical data:

Application conditions: At a relative humidity not exceeding 75%,

Surface and ambient temperature within +5ºС to +35ºС.

Application method : brush, roller, air spray and other decorative tools.

Color range: according to the color catalog (mid-tones).

Binder: vinyl dispersion.

Appearance: matt.

Density: 1.57 kg/l (±0.02)

Dilution: is ready for use. Dilution possible: by volume up to 25-30% water for the first layer, up to 20-25% for the second

Drying at 20 about C and 65% humidity :

– for repainting 5-6 hours between layers.

Usable coverage: 5 – 6 m²/l in two coats (may vary depending on surface roughness and absorbency and application system).

Packaging: 0.7 l, 3.75 l and 13 l.

Shelf life and storage conditions: Not frost resistant. The product must be stored at temperatures from +5ºС to +35ºС for 2 years in a closed original package.

Application system:

Surface preparation:

Unpainted new surface:

  • Clean, dust and degrease the surface.
  • Loose, coated surfaces: apply 1 coat of Alpha Aquafix thinned up to 30% with water, depending on the absorbency of the surface (see data sheet).
  • Apply 1 coat of white (or topcoat color) Alphacryl Primer thinned up to 10% with water as a base coat and leave to dry (see data sheet) .
  • Apply 2 coats of CLASS PLUS.

Surface previously painted with acrylic paint in good condition:

  • Clean, dedust and degrease the surface.
  • Apply 1 coat of white (or topcoat color) Alphacryl Primer thinned up to 10% with water as a base coat and allow to dry completely (see data sheet).
  • Apply 2 coats of CLASS PLUS.

Previously painted surface in poor condition:

  • Open large cracks, remove loose paint and fill with Casco Spack LV plastic acrylic putty (maximum layer thickness 5 mm).
  • Clean, dust and degrease the surface.
  • Apply 1 coat of white (or topcoat color) Alphacryl Primer thinned up to 10% with water as a base coat and allow to dry completely (see data sheet).
  • Apply 2 coats of CLASS PLUS

a) The technical recommendation is based on Technical Data Sheets of the manufacturer – the IMPA concern.

b) Deco-Em Paint House (Deco-Em LLC) confirms that the properties of materials and coatings correspond to those stated in the technical recommendations under the conditions:

– strict adherence to technical recommendations for applying materials0117

– for the standard color range of materials developed by the supplier – concern IMPA ;

– when used in recommended coating systems only.

c) Dom Kraski n Deko-M is not responsible for decisions made by the client in violation of clause b).

d) The material has a hygienic certificate of conformity.

e) Manufacturer – concern IMPA . The country of origin is the European Community.

Paint Motip black matte 500ml 4006

Product catalog

Product catalog

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High quality acrylic spray paint for a wide range of automotive and other applications. Differs in magnificent covering ability, skhvatyvayemost, durability and durability of a covering. Base: Acrylic resin. Black color. Gloss level: gloss, >75 GU Consumption (covered area): 500 ML – 1.5 – 2 m2 Dry to touch: 10 -20 min Dry completely: 120 min Overcoat time: after 120 min Surfaces: Wood, metal, aluminum, glass, stone and various types of plastic. Minimum operating temperature: 10°C. Maximum operating temperature: 25°C

Under the order: delivery up to 10 days 729 ₽



Under the order: delivery up to 10 days 674 ₽

Under the order: delivery up to 10 days 749 ₽












Roshchin about MC





Available 674 ₽

Gatchina (8)

Available 729 ₽

Veliky Novgorod (5)

9000 2 Vyborg (5)

Kingisepp (6)

Kolpino (6)

Pskov (5)

Vsevolozhsk (5)

Sestroretsk (5)

Slates (4)

Sosnovy Bor (7)

Available 749 ₽

Volkhov (6)

Gruzino (5)

Zelenogorsk (5)

Lodeynoye Pole (6)

Luga (5)

Morozova (5)

Priozersk (6)

Roschino (5)

Sosnovo (5)

Tikhvin (6)

Characteristics 9 0003

  • Dimensions
  • Length:

    69 mm

  • Width:

    69 mm

  • Height:

    231 mm

  • Shipping dimensions
  • Package length:

    212 mm

  • Package height:

    240 mm

  • Packing width:

    140 mm

  • Weight, volume
  • Net weight:

    0. 523 kg

  • Gross weight:


  • Other parameters
  • Manufacturer:


  • Country of origin:


  • Brand:


  • Warranty:

    10 years


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