Underground bunkers uk for sale: Secret nuclear bunker on sale for £10,000 – but there’s a catch

Secret nuclear bunker on sale for £10,000 – but there’s a catch

AN INCREDIBLE secret bunker in Scotland that could withstand a nuclear attack is on the market for £10,000 – but there’s a catch.

Ardgathen Croft, hidden beneath the ground in a field in Alford, Aberdeenshire, offers future buyers the rare opportunity to own a piece of history.


The nuclear bunker is hidden beneath a field in AberdeenshireCredit: Deadline


But it’s only big enough for three peopleCredit: Deadline

The former bunker was built in 1962 and boasts an underground monitoring room and chemical toilet.

It was never required to fill its nuclear war role but was active for thirty years before being closed in 1991 by the UK Government.

Future Property Auctions has now revealed the “extremely rare listing” will be going up for auction next week – with bids starting at £10,000.

They have listed the commercial building with an estimated guide price of £20,000.

But it can only accommodate three people, so it could be a squeeze for a bigger family.

The auctioneer company said: “Ardgathen Croft is located beneath a field in the north east of Scotland.

“The bunker was not required to fulfil its nuclear war role. With international relations having changed radically, the British government cancelled plans for upgrading and is sold on a freehold basis.

“Opened in 1962 and closed 1991. Located on a low mound on the south side of a field boundary 150 yards east of an un-named minor road. There is a local bus service connecting with Aberdeen (26 miles).


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“All surface features remain intact with some flaking of the khaki paint.
“There are no padlocks and the hatch is locked internally, it can be opened with a Scottish ‘T’ bar key.

“Internally the post is very neat and tidy with many items remaining including folding table, shelf, cupboard, posters, kettle, saucepan, washing bowl, cleaning materials.

“The locality provides endless beautiful walks, stunning countryside, a variety of outdoor activities, and the Lecht Ski Centre and School is only a 30 minute drive away.”

Prospective buyers have until March 24 to register their bid to own the unique piece of history.

According to Subterranea Britannica, more than 250 nuclear bunkers were erected in the UK – with at least 30 installed in Scotland.

The Czech Republic has the largest known nuclear bunker sprawling over 323,000sq ft which includes a golf course.

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Nuclear bunker for sale an ‘opportunity to buy piece of British history’

The site is accessible via a 14ft shaft and was designed to shelter three observers in the event of a nuclear attack


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  • The steps leading down to the bunker (Image: Lincolnshire Live)

    A nuclear bunker from the 1950s is to be auctioned with a guide price of £25,000-plus. The former Royal Observer Corps monitoring post near the Lincolnshire town of Louth is described as “a fantastic opportunity to buy a piece of British history”.

    The site was purchased on a whim in 2003 by 64-year-old Mark Colledge. He snapped it up from a telecoms firm for £12,500 after seeing an advert on the online auction website eBay.

    Constructed in 1959, the bunker is accessible via a 14ft shaft and was designed to offer protective accommodation for three observers in the event of a nuclear attack. The volunteer observers in the post would have communicated the location of bombs and radiation levels to the military.

    The facility in the village of Legbourne was built to the same blueprint as more than 1,500 constructed around the UK from the late 1950s, which were decommissioned in the early 1990s. Lincolnshire Live reports that the sales brochure from SDL Property Auctions reads: “The once in a generation opportunity is to buy a nuclear bunker otherwise known as a Royal Observer post.

    Inside the nuclear bunker
    (Image: SDL Property Auctions)

    “This particular site was one of many built in the 1950s. This site was built in 1959 and was designed to provide protective accommodation for three observers to survive a nuclear attack, they were expected to report on the nuclear bursts and report on the fall out of a nuclear attack.

    “They were provided with enough food and water for fourteen days and had a land line and radio communications available to them. Most of these sites were decommissioned and sold off in 1993 and we have been informed that many were bought up by telecom companies and now are sites for mobile phone masts as they were built as telecommunication posts so they are positioned in very favourable locations.

    “The bunker is secure, dry and in its original condition. SDL are also in possession of the Magic Key which opens and locks the hatch. The current owner has also placed a caravan on site. The site also has vehicular access from the road over the land to access it.

    Jim Demitriou, national valuer at SDL Property Auctions, said he is very excited about selling his first ever nuclear bunker. He said: “With the cost of living crisis it’s quite an interesting story to live somewhere off-grid. I’m sure someone will come up with a grand design for this bunker, or just buy it for the Hell of it.”

    The lot is described as ‘Nuclear Bunker, (Land lying to the North West of Kenwick Hill), Legbourne, Louth LN11 8QJ.’ It is being sold freehold with vacant possession upon completion. The auction is at 10am on Thursday, November 24.

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    Texas company reported a 1000% increase in demand for underground bunkers – Gazeta.ru

    A Texas company reported a 1000% increase in demand for underground bunkers – Gazeta.Ru | News



    The owner of a Texas-based doomsday bunker company claims a huge surge in sales since the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. Writes about this publication Daily Mail .

    Rising S Bunkers manufactures and markets survival shelters. The range of housing for every taste – from the “mini-bunker” for $ 39.5 thousand to the “bunker of the aristocrat” for $ 8.35 million, accommodating up to 44 people. Bunker sales are up 1,000% since last Thursday, according to CEO Gary Lynch.

    “I usually sell two to six shelters a month, and usually winter is a quiet time for us,” he shared.

    On the first day of the operation in Ukraine, Lynch sold five bunkers, and the next day he bought additional materials to build new shelters, so that he would have something to offer clients.

    “The phone didn’t stop ringing,” he told The Sun. The Texas company has received inquiries from all over the world, including Italy, the UK, Denmark, Japan and Canada, as well as the US

    “Interest is not limited to the US, it is everywhere,” he said.

    According to Lynch, this is not the first time the company has seen an increase in demand for its products and asked not to ridicule people because of their fears for their lives.

    “Don’t ridicule or criticize people who are afraid. They just want to protect themselves and loved ones during this difficult time,” Lynch said.

    The company’s bunkers are located just over three meters underground and can be equipped with facilities for growing vegetables and fruits, fitness centers, elevators, swimming pools, saunas, theaters, bowling complexes, laundries and much more.

    In 2020, Gazeta.Ru told about the surge in interest in bunkers in the US due to the pandemic.

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    Storm Shadow Missiles. Ukraine will receive a “bunker killer” – DW – 05/12/2023


    Dmitry Kanevsky

    May 12, 2023

    UK confirmed delivery to Ukraine long-range Storm Shadow missiles, considered particularly effective against bunkers and logistics. What will be the strategic goals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? DW interviewed military experts.


    Storm Shadow missile Photo: Guillaume Souvant/AFP Advertisement

    On May 11, British Minister of Defense Ben Wallace confirmed media reports about the supply of long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine, which, according to him, will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to oust Russian forces from the sovereign territory of Ukraine . Many observers are already predicting that London’s decision will be a “game-changer” on the battlefield and are drawing attention to the technical characteristics of these missiles.

    What is known about Storm Shadow?

    There has never been anything like this in Ukraine’s arsenal, says former US Ambassador to Ukraine (2003-2006) John Herbst. “The US provision last June of artillery with a range of 85 kilometers allowed Ukraine to succeed on the battlefield. But the Russians have already adapted to these weapons. Therefore, Ukraine now needs missiles with a range of 300 kilometers. And now, among all NATO members, the UK has opened way to the supply of such weapons,” the diplomat said in a comment to the AP news agency.

    John Herbst Photo: Public Domain

    Storm Shadow is an air-launched precision long range cruise missile jointly developed by British-French company MBDA. With a range of approximately 250 kilometers and the ability to carry approximately 450 kilograms of ammunition, it is generally similar in performance to the US land-based ATACMS.

    Justin Bronk, an aviation expert at the Royal United Defense Research Institute (RUSI) in London, calls these missiles “expensive weapons designed to hit strategic targets.” The cost of such a rocket is estimated at 2.2 million pounds (2.5 million euros).

    It was adopted relatively recently – in 2002. However, since then, these missiles have been used more than once in the operations of the Royal Air Force, in particular in Iraq, Libya and against Islamic State militants in Syria. British aircraft successfully used Storm Shadow missiles to strike the bunkers of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte in 2011.

    On what to install?

    Russian propaganda “warriors” hastened to play down the significance of the event and reassure their audience that, they say, Ukraine still has nothing to install Storm Shadow missiles intended for mounting on fourth and fifth generation fighters, such as the British Typhoon, French Rafale and Mirage or Italian Tornado, which Ukraine does not have.

    In a commentary to DW, security expert at King’s College London (KCL) Marina Miron explained that Soviet model fighters, such as the MiG-29, will be converted to Storm Shadow. From a technological point of view, this task is not easy, requiring a certain amount of time, but feasible.

    According to Miron, the main challenge is not so much mounting, but the security of the aircraft themselves. “Although these missiles are difficult to intercept due to their flight path, Soviet fighters are vulnerable to Russian ground-based air defense systems,” Miron recalls.

    MiG-29 fighters Photo: Rosanna van de Logt/Zoonar/picture alliance

    As for the time frame, according to unofficial data from expert sources, work on adapting the MiG-29 for Storm Shadow missiles has not begun now, but already have been fought in Poland for a long time. It is noteworthy that simultaneously with the statement of the head of the British Ministry of Defense on Thursday, the Polish representation to the European Union reported that out of 28 aircraft transferred to Kyiv, 14 MiG-29 fighters were received from Poland. . Observers do not rule out that these aircraft are fully or to a large extent already prepared for the installation of British missiles.

    In an interview with DW, Kiev military observer Oleg Katkov also confirmed that the Ukrainian Air Force is already using various Western aircraft weapons on Soviet-style aircraft. “Technically, this has already been decided and is working. Storm Shadow missiles are loaded on the ground, and the role of the rocket carrier, that is, the aircraft, is to go to the launch area and launch,” he explained.

    Observers: under the gun Kerch bridge, Dzhankoy, Saki

    With the receipt of Storm Shadow, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are entering a completely new level, the radius of destruction is significantly expanded, and this allows you to better prepare the so-called “forming” or preparatory operations (shaping operations) before the start of a powerful counteroffensive, military analysts interviewed by DW say. “If we recall the effect last year HIMARS had on the counter-offensive of Ukraine (in the south and east. Rev. ) due to its range, Storm Shadow missiles now triple that range. They are especially effective against underground bunkers, because they are equipped with tandem ammunition,” says Marina Miron.

    Marina Miron Photo: DW

    In turn, a former British military intelligence officer, Commander of the Order of the British Empire Philip Ingram names specific targets in the territories occupied by the Russian Federation, which, according to him, will be hit first. “They can hit the Kerch bridge, which is an important logistical link between Russia and Crimea. The bridge was heavily damaged in an attack last year and the Russians are still repairing it,” he told BBC News, adding that “Russian logistics centers in Crimea used to support Russian activity in eastern Ukraine could also be under attack.” , command posts and airfields”.

    The Guardian, citing expert estimates in London, predicts that Ukrainian strikes may also hit Russian military facilities in Dzhankoy, Sevastopol, and the airfield in Saki.

    “I think that by providing weapons that can help effectively hit Russian ammunition depots, logistical support, military units, and potentially command posts, the British want to do everything so that the Ukrainian counter-offensive is successful,” a senior security expert said in a comment to DW King’s College London Domitilla Sagramoso.

    ATACMS next?

    At this stage, it is not known exactly how many of these missiles the UK will supply to Ukraine. According to the British press, there are 700-1000 units in the country’s arsenal. However, the fact that the transfer of these missiles to Ukraine is not a one-time action is evidenced, in particular, by the fact that the British Ministry of Defense, together with Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, announced a tender in March for the purchase of missiles with a range of 100-300 kilometers.

    Storm Shadow Scalp EG 9 Rocket0111 Photo: RABIH MOGHRABI/AFP/Getty Images

    Kiev hopes that other Western partners will now follow the UK’s example, primarily the United States. In addition, according to reports, in the arsenal of the German Bundeswehr there are German-Swedish Taurus KEPD 350 missiles similar in characteristics.

    US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken welcomed the decision of the British partners. However, he remained intrigued about the US position regarding the supply of ATACMS missiles. “Other countries can do things that are different from what we do. The question is: does all this meet the needs of Ukraine? And we are convinced that yes, that’s right,” the US Secretary of State said in an interview with PBS NewsHour.

    In turn, John Herbst does not rule out that Washington will still change its approach to the supply of ATACMS missiles to Kyiv. “Unfortunately, NATO, led by the United States, has shown timidity in providing all the weapons that Ukraine needs for a convincing victory in the counteroffensive. The importance of this step by the British is that it provides the Ukrainians with opportunities that they did not previously have, and also, probably, help convince Washington to provide ATACMS,” he says, adding that, in addition to British cruise missiles, “it would almost guarantee the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive.