Tv hider: Designer Secret: How to Hide a TV in Plain Sight!

Designer Secret: How to Hide a TV in Plain Sight!

Learn creative and stylish ways to disguise your TV. Don’t let that big black box detract from your interior design. Instead, hide your TV in plain sight!

Whether you’re flipping through the glossy pages of home magazines or browsing gorgeous rooms on Instagram, there’s one thing you’ll almost never see: a television.

Despite modern advances with sleeker models, hidden buttons, and thinner frames, flat screen TVs are still an eyesore. And furniture is often oriented to face the TV, so everyone is always looking at it even if it’s not on. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing about a shiny black rectangle that has someone say, “Oh, that’s pretty!”

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a TV! It just means that you might want to minimize its appearance or hide it altogether.

TV mirror via Sims Hilditch

I’ve gathered up some of the best, most creative, ideas for hiding a TV to give you some inspiration for your own home. You can use the Table of Contents below to help you navigate.

How to Hide a TV in Plain Sight

It’s possible to blend a TV right into a room’s decor so that it doesn’t just look like a big black box hanging on a wall or sitting on a console. So I’ve gathered up some stylish ways to hide a TV! From artwork, to cabinets, mirrors, and even special screens, these are some of the best ways to hide a TV in your home.

So if a giant black rectangle isn’t quite the focal point you had in mind for your room, here are several ways that you can cover up your TV!

Sliding doors with art reveal the TV behind! via Digs Digs

Invest in a Smart TV

A smart TV is one that has an integrated internet connection. One of the benefits is that you can then add digital art to your TV! When not in use, you can display art on the screen. Or you can even display a family photo or a slideshow of photos.

The Samsung Frame TV is one option that has this feature, but other TVs also have an art option. The benefit to the Frame TV, though, is that it’s super thin and sits flat on the wall, truly mimicking a piece of art.

The Frame TV comes with a subscription to access Samsung’s art database, but you can also buy individual images that are sized and ready-to-use on Etsy. Or you can just download my curated selections of FREE Fall and Winter TV art.

To make your Frame TV look even more like a framed picture, you can even get a decorative frame like I did for my TV! I purchased this from Deco TV Frames.

Cover Your TV with Art

When the TV is off, you can cover it with art!  There are a couple of ways that this can be done, including a fixed piece of art that lifts up as a sliding panel, as shown below.

You can also purchase a flat canvas that retracts when the TV is in use. It’s basically a motorized roller shade for a TV.

via JTM Interiors

You can also create a folding screen with art on the front that you simply fold back when the TV is in use. This bi-fold art really gives you the best of both worlds!

via House Beautiful

Conceal it Behind a Mirror

Decorating with mirrors is one way to make a small room look bigger. So a mirror combined with a TV is a win-win!

One way is to conceal a TV is behind two-way mirror. This way, the TV will only show through the mirror when it’s in use. When not in use, you just see a mirror.

A downside to using a two-way mirror, though, is that when the TV is off, the mirror isn’t quite as reflective as a traditional mirror.  And when the TV is on, it is “behind” the glass so perhaps doesn’t have quite as clear of a picture.  The Media Mirror, developed by Media Décor, is an adapted version of the two-way mirror that aims to resolve both of these issues.

via Seuravia Reflectel

You can also use folding panels with mirrored fronts you simply open when you want to watch TV.

via House Beautiful

Install a TV Lift

TVs are popping up everywhere, literally!  You can hide your TV in your kitchen counter, buy TV cabinets from which the TV lifts up when in use or you can even get a lift that comes out from underneath your bed.

Photo by TV Lift Cabinet by Cabinet Tronix – Discover living room design ideas

If your TV is recessed into the wall a bit, decorative doors might be a good option, although you’ll need to ensure that you have enough clearance on either side of your TV such that the doors can open easily.  If it’s not recessed, you can still add doors but you’ll first need to frame them so that the frame can go around the TV.

via House Beautifulvia Lewin Wertheimer

Below, a simple system of barn doors opens to reveal the TV behind!

via 12th Ave Homes, LLC

Paint the Wall Dark

How can you make a black screen essentially disappear? By painting the wall behind it a dark shade, of course! While decorating with black can be dramatic and timeless, navy blue is a great option too. The dark wall will help the TV screen fade away!

via Future PLC / James French

Hide it in a Cabinet

One of the benefits to hiding your TV in a cabinet is that you get some extra storage out of it and it’s an easy place to hide the cords, cables and components that go along with a TV.

via Digs Digs

Flip Out from the Ceiling

No wall space to hang a TV?  No problem!  You can have it flip down from the ceiling!

via Dijeau Poage Construction

Surround it with Decor

This might be the easiest and least expensive solution when working with an existing TV. You can simply surround it with other decor so that the TV isn’t the standalone item on the wall!

A gallery wall is one option, where you essentially treat your TV like a black picture. For this reason, it’s best to incorporate a bit of black in your other wall decor for a cohesive feel.

via Digs Digs

If your TV is in a shelving unit, you can use decor to distract from the TV! The built-in storage of this entertainment center gives lots of options to display pieces that will keep your eye moving instead of focusing on the TV.

via HUX London

Try a Pull-Down Map

We’re going old-school with this one! It’s a relatively simple design but works perfectly!

Details at Home Love Stories

Buy a TV Cover

If you have a wall-mounted television and you don’t have space for a cabinet, there are wall-mount cabinets that you can purchase to decoratively hide your TV! You could even use these above a fireplace!

Ballard Designs sells two beautiful options.

Shop Ballard DesignsShop Ballard Designs

You can also purchase relatively inexpensive fabric dust covers on Amazon that have artwork printed on them!

Shop Amazon

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14 Ways to Stylishly Hide a TV in Plain Sight

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“Televisions are a necessary evil for interior designers,” says Christina Valencia, one half of the husband-and-wife studio Colossus Mfg. Most of their clients want to have one in their living space, but the practical place for it always seems to be right in the middle of the room. The result? When you’re not streaming or hosting Super Bowl Sunday, you’re left looking at a big black box. No matter how cool your media console or how chic your sectional, no amount of style can completely turn your head from the eyesore. Fortunately, this all-too-common dilemma has forced designers to get creative with temporarily disguising the tricky tech when it’s powered off, and surprisingly most of their solutions are easy to DIY. Here’s how to hide your TV, 14 different ways.

Layer Artwork Over a Samsung Frame TV

Brigette Muller, the creative behind the home decor account @hummusbird, openly admits that she doesn’t watch a lot of TV, so mounting her Frame in an unusual spot (it’s that one directly underneath the bookshelf!) seemed like a suitable enough position, especially when she is lying horizontal on her sofa. To really disguise it, though, she opted for an elaborate gold border (you can buy a similar-looking one on Amazon). That way, when she sets the screen saver to an oil painting and leans actual similar works against it, her living room feels more like an artist’s studio than it does a place for bingeing Succession.

Pull Up the Big Screen

Lone Fox Home creator Drew Scott connected the drawers in the center of this vintage hutch to form a cubby that can hold a roll-up screen. When movie night comes around, Scott can simply draw it up and attach it to a hook he placed on the top.


 Stash It Behind Slatted Wood

The thought process that led to this stained white oak cabinet, designed by Hyphen and Co. and the project’s lead designer, Eliza McNabb, was twofold: When hosting, guests are constantly walking through the den to get to the kitchen and main hallway, so it allows the space to feel more elevated when it’s not turned on. The homeowners also use the house during the summer months, when they spend much of their time outside, so having the option to close the unit keeps the focus on nature and spending time together. 

Artfully, Open Sesame

Pulp Design Studios made a clever hideaway for a client’s rarely used television by setting the screen into the wall and adding “doors” on either side. When closed, all guests see are six works of art in matching frames.

Embrace Your Inner Van Gogh

Valencia and her husband, Kele Dobrinski, took a similar approach by putting the TV in Dobrinski’s parents’ home in a cabinet. Rather than hunting down prints at an antiques shop, though, they painted an abstract landscape onto the facade. 

Shroud It With Scrap Textiles

Designer Alex Boudreau happens to have a “ridiculous collection” of 1-yard fabric samples, so when she feels like hiding her eye-level, wall-mounted TV, she just throws her favorite one of the month over it. 


Put an Old Rug to Use

Often the only logical place to situate the tech is directly over the fireplace—a no-no in the design world, as it takes away from the gathering and conversing that a roaring fire encourages. That’s why Los Angeles–based creative director, stylist, and photographer Kristin Guy was determined to mask hers with a five-minute DIY that calls for a flat-weave rug, a dowel, and a couple of sturdy hooks.  

Lean It on an Easel

New York designer Crystal Sinclair decided to leave her client’s Frame TV out in the open in her Brooklyn loft—but by positioning it on an antique easel instead of a traditional media console, it takes on the role of art rather than atrocity. Wright will fool people into thinking it’s a real painting by throwing on a screen saver, as is intended with the Samsung product. 

Mix the Frame TV Into a Gallery Wall

Another smart way to make the most of the Frame TV: Work it into a gallery wall like interior stylist Scott Horne did in his L.A. living room. The original wide wall paneling (now painted in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove) adds a layer of dimension that further helps the 3D box blend into the background. 

Shield It With a Drop Cloth, Two Ways

DIYer and blogger Emily Brownell took a drop cloth outside, primed it, and painted abstract shapes on the canvas using leftover sample jars and oil pastels she had lying around her house. The large-scale tapestry now hangs from a dowel that’s mounted to the ceiling in her garage-turned-den. When it’s movie night, all the family has to do is lift the fabric and push it behind the TV.


Seeking Lavender Lane blogger Deb Foglia not only needed to hide her screen but the unsightly cable box and cords attached to it. So after mounting it all on the only blank wall in her space, she screwed a curtain rod into the ceiling, popped on two rings, and finished off the disguise with a 9-by-12-foot drop cloth. 

Take a Moment to Reflect

Things get even trickier when you’re trying to obscure a television in a room where you usually don’t expect to see one. Following her client’s request for a secret screen in the dining room, designer Maggie Burns opted for a Reflectel, a custom framed TV that, when turned off, is concealed by mirror glass. 

Go Big When You Go Home

If a discreet home theater is what you’re after, take a cue from Emily Henderson and install a projector with a simple white cartridge (hers is mounted on the ceiling above her sofa) and a pull-down screen (located above the window). All the cords are hidden behind the shades or within white cord covers that her installer snaked down the middle of the windows. 

Think: What Would James Bond Do?

After realizing this apartment only had one wall available for artwork, designer Charlotte Sylvain of Studio Fauve decided to position the TV in the middle of the room. The custom floating dining banquette–meets–media console comes with a remote-controlled lift that conceals (or reveals) the flat screen at the touch of a button. 


The expert who recognized the dead boy as drunk is hiding in the dacha

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Investigation into the death of a child in Balashikha

19October 2017, 19:49
October 19, 2017, 20:49
October 19, 2017, 21:49
October 19, 2017, 22:49
October 19, 2017, 23:49
October 20, 2017, 00:49
October 20, 2017, 01:49
October 20, 2017, 02:49
October 20, 2017, 03:49
October 20, 2017, 04:49
October 20, 2017, 05:49

A terrible expert assessment cast a shadow over a family that experienced great grief and a 6-year-old boy who died under the wheels of a foreign car in Balashikha. It took six months to prove that the child was not drunk! The expert who issued the scandalous opinion will now have to answer in court for negligence.

A terrible expert assessment cast a shadow over a family that experienced great grief and a 6-year-old boy who died under the wheels of a foreign car in Balashikha. It took six months to prove that the child was not drunk! The expert who issued the scandalous opinion will now have to answer in court for negligence.

Department of forensic medical examination of the city of Zheleznodorozhny. People in dressing gowns are reluctant to communicate with journalists.

“There is absolutely nothing normal here. The story is out of the ordinary. These are questions that the investigation is dealing with.”

But we managed to talk to Karen Gasparov, an orderly of the Zheleznodorozhny department of the Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination of the Moscow Region, who, together with Mikhail Kleimenov, carried out that examination.

“I won’t comment. Let’s not say bad words, I still have to work, I don’t have to,” he asked.

Gasparov gave this interview a few months ago. He insisted there was no mistake.

“Everything is as it is, it happened. Believe me. Drunk children are a very common situation. For us, this is nothing surprising. It’s all around. Just for the layman. They like to get excited here. For them, it goes without saying nonsense,” he said.

Mikhail Kleymenov, head of the expertise bureau, also behaved confidently. He spoke extensively and very convincingly about certain markers that allegedly indicated to him that the child had taken alcohol even before the accident.

“The sample that was kept in the forensic chemical department – it was subjected to research and ethyl alcohol was found there. At a concentration of 2.7 ppm. Along with this, a substance called acetaldehyde was found in the same blood. This the substance is the main decay product in the body and is formed only in a living organism under the influence of liver enzymes,” said the head of the Railway Department of the Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination of the Moscow Region.

To prove the inconsistency of these conclusions, it was necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination, in which 18 specialists from the largest scientific centers of the country took part.

“The defendant took the blood sample of the deceased boy improperly, which led to its contamination with alcohol-forming microflora and the process of alcoholic fermentation. Therefore, during a chemical study, ethanol in the amount of 2.7 ppm was found in the sample,” explained Svetlana Petrenko, official representative Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

We spoke to an expert who explained how this could have happened.

“The penicillin vial could have been rinsed with alcohol, as a result of which a certain amount of alcohol remained. After that, when the blood sample was poured into the vial, then, accordingly, alcohol was formed there,” said Alexander Aulov.

Mikhail Kleimenov, who recognized the child who died in an accident as drunk, was charged under the article “Negligence”. Apparently, he is now at the dacha near Balashikha. The door does not open even for police officers – they have to climb over the fence: apparently, to hand over some documents to the accused.

“I can’t say anything right now, I’ve been charged, I signed a non-disclosure document,” he explained by phone.

The father of the dead boy, Roman Shymko, says that it was a matter of honor for him to prove that his son was sober. He expects repentance from Kleimenov.

“Repent, tell how it really happened. But in the summer I did not hear anything from him. Now I suggest that he just start talking.”

Will Kleymenov start talking, the investigation will show. In the near future, he may be in the dock, just like the culprit of the accident, Olga Alisova.

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where is actually the President of Ukraine

March 02, 2022

Natalia Solovieva

The President of Ukraine has already stated that the Russian military will be waiting in Kyiv. Like, holding the defense. However, in recent days, he writes down his appeals exclusively on a neutral press wall, which can be installed anywhere. Some media reports that Zelensky is hiding in a bunker in the center of the Ukrainian capital.

A CNN journalist was allowed into the bunker where Volodymyr Zelensky is hiding. The shelter is allegedly located in the center of Kyiv. However, this raises many doubts. But where can the president of the Square really be hiding?

“This is one of the hideouts he uses. In a secret location in the center of Kyiv,” is how CNN journalist Matthew Chance describes the bunker of the President of Ukraine.

Chance says that they were met in the center of Kyiv, taken to an unknown location, transferred to another car, escorted to a bunker under a building in pitch darkness. Everywhere there were sandbags, and there were armed security forces. Zelensky, he said, was waiting inside this huge building.

The President of Ukraine has already stated that he will be waiting for the Russian military in Kyiv. Like, holding the defense. However, in recent days, he writes down his appeals exclusively on a neutral press wall, which can be installed anywhere.

And the fact that the president is still in the capital has been questioned more than once. However, journalists found a person who was personally in this government bunker.

“It’s no secret where this bunker is located: in the plane of the deepest Kyiv metro station – Arsenalnaya. At 99.9 percent can say that Zelensky is in this bunker,” says political scientist Mikhail Shpir.

According to him, a special tunnel leads to the same bunker, which can be accessed directly from the president’s office.

“They even took tours there for money. Ukraine is a corrupt country, so it wasn’t a big problem to get there,” he adds.

The president’s office, as you know, is located on Bankova Street, and “Arsenalnaya” is considered the deepest metro station in the world. It was opened at 1960 together with “Khreshchatyk” as part of the first launch section of the Kyiv Metro.

Named after the plant “Arsenal”. Under the ground, passengers need to go down as much as 105.5 meters.

It has long been rumored that special tunnels were laid to the bunker, through which you can evacuate from government buildings, and underground supplies of food, water and oxygen were prepared. And this bunker will withstand a direct hit from a nuclear missile.

“The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the buildings of the president’s office have an extensive network of tunnels. By the way, people’s deputies of Ukraine once used these tunnels when they ran away from the protesters,” says political analyst Ivan Mezyukho.

If the president himself can really stay in Ukraine, then with his family everything is far from being so simple. Rumors that at least he took his parents out before the start of the special operation were confirmed by various sources.

At the same time, an audio recording of a telephone conversation of a person appeared on the social network, as they say, “with a voice similar to that of Zelensky”, with a certain anonymous person.

“Arrange for my people to be taken abroad. Today or tomorrow. Well, to Spain, or somewhere warm now. Maybe the Caribbean. We’ll rent a house for a month or two. Dad will yell, but that’s okay, I’ll calm him down, let them leave”, – says a man whose voice is similar to the voice of the President of Ukraine.

It is not known exactly where Elena Zelenskaya is now. But it is assumed that she also empathizes with her compatriots, being completely safe. On the page in the social network, which she regularly maintains, there is not a single personal photo in recent days.

Most likely, Petro Poroshenko and his inner circle also fled the country. According to some reports, there is even a loophole for such an escape, which the Kiev regime shamelessly uses.

“There is one place where you can safely fly away – this is the Uzhgorod airport. If you look at the map, its runway goes directly to the border of the European Union, and the planes, taking off, immediately find themselves in the EU airspace,” the political scientist explains Michael Shpir.