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  • 1989
  • PG-13
  • 2h 6m






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The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being Jack Napier, a criminal who becomes the clownishly homicidal Joker.The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being Jack Napier, a criminal who becomes the clownishly homicidal Joker.The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being Jack Napier, a criminal who becomes the clownishly homicidal Joker.

  • Director
    • Tim Burton
  • Writers
    • Bob Kane
    • Sam Hamm
    • Warren Skaaren
  • Stars
    • Michael Keaton
    • Jack Nicholson
    • Kim Basinger
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    • Director
      • Tim Burton
    • Writers
      • Bob Kane
      • Sam Hamm
      • Warren Skaaren
    • Stars
      • Michael Keaton
      • Jack Nicholson
      • Kim Basinger
    • 1KUser reviews
    • 246Critic reviews
    • 69Metascore
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    • Won 1 Oscar
      • 10 wins & 26 nominations total


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    Top cast

    Michael Keaton

    • Batman…

    Jack Nicholson

    • Joker…

    Kim Basinger

    • Vicki Vale

    Robert Wuhl

    • Alexander Knox

    Pat Hingle

    • Commissioner Gordon

    Billy Dee Williams

    • Harvey Dent

    Michael Gough

    • Alfred

    Jack Palance

    • Grissom

    Jerry Hall

    • Alicia

    Tracey Walter

    • Bob the Goon

    Lee Wallace

    William Hootkins

    • Eckhardt

    Richard Strange

    Carl Chase

    Mac McDonald

    • Goon
    • (as Mac Macdonald)

    George Lane Cooper

    Terence Plummer

    Philip Tan

    • Director
      • Tim Burton
    • Writers
      • Bob Kane
      • Sam Hamm
      • Warren Skaaren
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    Superheroes In and Out of Costume

    Superheroes In and Out of Costume

    Take a look at some of our favorite superheroes suited up and incognito. Whose transformation is your favorite?

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    • Quotes

      The Joker: Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

      Bruce Wayne: What?

      The Joker: I always ask that of all my prey. I just… like the sound of it.

      [shoots him]

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      Edited into 5 Second Movies: Batman (2008)

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    Good attempt to translate the comics to the big screen

    In a Gotham City overrun by crime a new menace exists. In the shadows and rooftops a giant bat is terrorising the criminals who live in the night. Elsewhere crime boss Grissom’s right hand man Jack Napier is trapped in a chemical factory by police. With Batman’s intervention Napier is accidentally dropped into a vat of chemical. Considered dead he later turns up, scarred and twisted with a new sense of humour. Calling himself the Joker he takes over the city’s gangs and begins to terrorise the city. Millionaire Bruce Wayne begins relationship with reporter Vicky Vale and finds himself personally drawn into conflict with the Joker as both himself and his alter-ego.

    This was very much a huge blockbuster and had a great deal riding on it in terms of merchandising and a possible franchise. As such Burton always seemed like a risk – although his dark toned work and complex characters probably made him a great choice. The film starts promisingly, many questions are asked – is Wayne totally balanced? What drives him to become the bat? etc – and the tone of the movie is darker than a friendly blockbuster. This is continued by the investigation by reporters Vale and Knox, but starts to wane (pardon the pun) with the development of Vale as a love interest and the hamming of The Joker. At some point the film loses the character complexities and decides to become a straight up good v’s evil with plenty of effects and gadgets. That said it’s still very dark and the set pieces are well handled. In fact it’s the best of the Batman franchise so far.

    The problem is that it lacks a bite for Batman fans. I’ve always felt that Batman was always a few steps away from the criminals he’s chasing, surely he can’t be totally balanced and right in the head? Here these questions are half touched but never developed.

    Keaton is an unlikely Batman, but is the best so far. He deals well with Wayne’s past when it is brought up, but is an unlikely action hero. Nicholson is pure ham, but is good for it. He hogs all the best lines and is clearly enjoying himself – the only downside being that he regularly eclipses Keaton’s Batman. Basinger’s Vale is built up far too much and should have been cut out of the story rather than become a key part of it. The rest of the cast are good and I always like to see Tracey Walters in a big screen film!

    Overall this is a good stab at the Batman legend. It’s dark tone gives it the feel of the comics without the characterisation, but at the end of the day it comes down to good guy v’s bad guy.



    • bob the moo
    • Jan 28, 2002

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    • Which characters were adapted from the Batman comic books?

    • Who created the character of Batman? Bob Kane is listed in old (pre-2015) media including the comic books as creating Batman on his own but new media (made after 2015) shows him as co-creating the character with someone called Bill Finger, so what’s all that about?

    • Does Batman intentionally or accidentally drop Jack Napier into the chemical vat?


    • Release date
      • June 23, 1989 (United States)
    • Countries of origin
      • United States
      • United Kingdom
    • Official site
      • Facebook
    • Languages
      • English
      • French
      • Spanish
    • Also known as
      • Betmen
    • Filming locations
      • Knebworth House, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England, UK(Wayne Manor; exterior)
    • Production companies
      • Warner Bros.
      • The Guber-Peters Company
      • PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
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    Box office

    • Budget
      • $35,000,000 (estimated)
    • Gross US & Canada
      • $251,409,241
    • Opening weekend US & Canada
      • $40,489,746
      • Jun 25, 1989
    • Gross worldwide
      • $411,569,241

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    Technical specs

    • Runtime

      2 hours 6 minutes

    • Color
    • Aspect ratio
      • 1. 85 : 1

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    Overview of Timothy Keith Bayman

    Lives in: Greenville, Ohio

    DOB: March 01, 1952

    Timothy Keith Bayman Voting Profile

    Party Affiliation: Democrat Party

    Registered to vote in: Darke County

    Registration Date: September 26, 2008

    Voter Status: Active

    Precinct: Darke-co

    Precinct Code: Precinct Greenville

    City School District: Greenville City Sd

    Court of Appeals: 02

    Congressional District: 08

    State Board of Education: 19

    State Representative District: 01

    State Senate District: 84

    Township : 12

    Village : Greenville Twp

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    Net Worth: $223,518*

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    Review Dead or Alive 6 XOne


    Once upon a time seeing the original Dead or Alive on SEGA for the first time
    Dreamcast, I was frankly surprised what this game can attract
    players, except for prominent and bouncing roundness
    Kasumi, who were eager to compete in falling out of
    holding their dress with Mei Shiranui from Fatal Fury . walked
    years, the following parts of the franchise also passed me one by one
    different because they came out on the xbox consoles i was from
    far. Even after getting the original Xbox, I did not get closer to them,
    strictly speaking, but only caught up with a couple of releases that interested me.
    Not a single Dead or Alive was among them.

    When did Team Ninja release the Ninja Gaiden reissue?
    for PlayStation 3, I bought it in the first days of ownership
    console and walked with pleasure, cursing thoroughly and
    cursing the developers, of course. A little later I found out that
    the universes of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive are closely related, and Ryu Hayabusa,
    before the restart of his main franchise, he did a great job in
    DOATEC tournaments. It became interesting and I made up for lost time by passing
    four available parts of Dead or Alive on emulators and borrowed
    Xbox 360. Ran only story modes and sat down to wait Dead or
    Alive 5
    , released in several versions.

    A continuation of the boring intro

    This series of fighting games was a real discovery for me, and up to
    today remains a favorite among the three-dimensional games of this genre.
    Then, seeing Dead or Alive as nothing but attractive
    heroines with spectacular physics of remarkable roundness, I was
    frankly amazed by the depth of combat mechanics, paired with not very
    high threshold of entry. The main advantage of this game for me
    was the absence of all those huge lists of combinations that
    its competitors in the workshop of three-dimensional fighting games were full of it. Instead of
    memorizing long chains, Dead or Alive offered players
    focus on the movements of the enemy, be attentive,
    intuition and reaction, intercepting almost all types of blows,
    breaking out of grips and interrupting their deadly combinations.

    New Dead or Alive 6 released last Friday,
    remained true to this formula and only supplemented it with a few
    colorful opportunities that further expand both
    attacking and defensive potential of fighters. Fanservice in the game has become
    a little less, but this experiment will hopefully be corrected in
    future updates. In 2019, finding a fighting game without fanservice is almost
    impossible, but the thing about Dead or Alive is that fanservice is here
    correct and pleasant, complemented by an excellent

    Delight for the eyes and joy for the hands
    Phew… the intro is over. Time
    provocative subtitles!

    Actually, the picture is the first thing that catches your eye. Graphics in
    Dead or Alive 6 has become prettier thoroughly, the character models have become
    more detailed and lively, despite the degradation of visiting physics
    rounded and sirloin parts of the heroines. But they promised to return it in one
    from future updates. Compared to Last Round, in the sixth part
    literally everything became visually better, from each movement more
    detailed and living character models, to well-developed gaming
    arenas, where players are waiting for numerous effects and surprises.
    Like onlookers who will push the one flying out of the “arena”
    a fighter, an unexpectedly appearing pterodactyl and a tyrannosaurus rex,
    ramming uninvited guests of the tank and other things.

    Arenas in the game continue to consist of several levels, and we start
    we are always on top of them. In addition to being able to drop the hero down
    – breaking scaffolding at a high-rise building, breaking glass
    laboratories, flying over the hedge, provoking
    enraged pterodactyl – in some arenas you can use
    local environment. Such are the onlookers mentioned above,
    railings, sandbags, boxes and other objects through which you can
    transfer the enemy. Or break them with the enemy, inflicting
    extra damage.

    The user interface has also become visually better, and two or three new
    types of techniques can be safely attributed to the “delight for the eyes”, in addition
    to their mechanical utility. These are the fatal pressure,
    breakthrough blows and breakthrough captures. These tricks didn’t exist before.
    in Dead or Alive and they are collectively known as “Special Moves”.
    Fatal Rush – a series of ~10 hits that does not deal much damage,
    but relatively quickly filling the scale of energy required for
    application of the mentioned special blows and grabs, which
    accompanied by unique animations for each character and
    dimming the screen. Actually, as it should be with special tricks!

    This is how the completion of the breakthrough strike looks like! At the heart of combat
    mechanics lies the “triangle system”, according to which in time
    applied technique with high priority, for example, hitting while trying
    opponent to make a throw, will not only interrupt the opponent’s actions,
    but will deal more damage.

    The rest of the mechanics remained similar to the previous part.
    series – Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. Management is identical
    familiar techniques also remained in place and are performed by those
    same button combinations. Timings of moves, where they are needed, are not
    suffered and work at the same intervals. Veterans will have it easy
    return to your favorite series, and for beginners, the entry threshold is still
    decreased more, and additional training
    modes, literally on the fingers and buttons explaining how and when
    you need to apply different techniques of characters. Dedicated
    there are training sessions for each of the characters, so any
    the player can improve his skill of interacting with his beloved
    heroine or hero.

    The confrontation continues

    The plot of the game develops shortly after the events of the last
    part, and again passes casually the main tournament. That is
    the main events, the adventures of the characters and the confrontation between the two
    major companies — DOATEC by Helen Douglas and MIST by Victor Donovan —
    develop outside the ring. It also carries out the standard
    championship, where the strongest is determined and, at least temporarily,
    new very rich fighter. Still, DOATEC cash prizes do not
    stingy. Read more about events before Dead or Alive 6 in our

    Unlike the fifth part, where the plot was more or less structured,
    in Dead or Alive 6 we are presented with a conditional board with episodes.
    Many of them are turned upside down and are inaccessible to
    viewing until others have been viewed/passed. There is
    main episodes located in the first column and opening
    one after the other, and to the right of them are “personal” chapters
    characters that allow you to learn more about specific heroes.
    It seems to me that the plot of the game will be replenished in the future
    DLC, paid or free, because there is still a lot on the “board”
    free space, but with update 1.01, which added
    DLC content in the form of Nyotengu and Phase 4, several
    crow heads.

    All previous games in the series were added to the existing list of fighters
    new characters, and Dead or Alive 6 is no exception.
    Niko and Diego, who appeared here, are heroes who are just starting their
    story path in the story of the behind-the-scenes confrontation between two
    organizations. They are significantly different from other characters in the game.
    not only in appearance, but also in fighting styles. NiKO – technomancer,
    obsessed with science and electricity, strikes her enemies
    current discharges from special gloves. Diego is a typical street
    fighter and former problem child who entered adulthood and
    who decided to follow it, familiar from childhood, the road of street

    Abundance of opportunities

    passed a simple and not very long story mode, in the game you can
    spend a lot of hours on training, comprehensive training,
    honing the combat skills of a particular character, or
    hunting for in-game goodies: information files,
    music tracks and character costumes. I have on my account
    now more than 40 hours of real time, of which only three
    carried out on the network.

    The longest time I spent completing 104 challenges in
    DOA Trials mode, having a lot of fun and slightly
    spoiling the nerves, especially closer to the final tests. Right
    business, the task of “defeating all opponents without taking damage” for
    Raidō is a mockery of the hands that I, for now,
    failed to overcome. But in battles, the Razer controller came in handy
    Raiju Ultimate with a round D-pad, playable at times
    more convenient than segmented. In “DOA Trials” in front of the players
    is a list of available “missions”, in each of which
    pre-trained fighters take part, and you can get
    a maximum of three stars if you complete all three set

    In the English version, this mode is called DOA Quest, which is a bit
    conveys its meaning better. We just carry out missions, we get
    star ratings, for the accumulation of which we open new missions, and in
    each of them has three tasks. They are very different, there are
    unpretentious or incredibly complex, but most often found
    somewhere on the meridian. For example, one star will require the player to
    perform ten throws, the second – to make five interceptions of high
    kicks, and the third – to defeat an opponent in 35 seconds. Fulfill
    these tasks in one go is not necessary.

    Training is everything

    Arcade, Survival, Time Attack Series and Training modes remain
    in their places. The first three do not need special attention, since
    obvious: these are a series of battles against computer-controlled characters,
    Moreover, the level of AI professionalism can be set manually. And here
    training is divided into four types: free, training, training
    commands and combo tests. In free practice we choose
    the main character, the opponent, and we go to work out the blows,
    seeing the statistics of their actions on the screen. In the mode settings, you can
    turn on the so-called “waiting”, then other players in the network
    can challenge you.

    Learning mode is the very place where
    drop by all newcomers and veterans of the franchise. Here, divided into
    four dozen categories, presented training sessions that
    designed to teach players all the basics of the game and its mechanics. Not
    Do you understand how special and expert grips work? Why in the game
    do you need racks? What are “risk zones”? How best to hit
    prone opponents, and what’s the difference between Kasumi’s juggling and
    Bass? The answers to these and many other questions will be found in the training.
    Veterans already know them, but Dead or Alive 6 is the first game in the series,
    translated into Russian, so I advise you to go through
    learning to get used to the terminology.

    Team learning invites us to choose one of 24
    featured characters (26 if you have a license to
    using Phase 4 and Nyotengu), and complete all available to the fighter
    tricks, from basic series to combination throws. Benefits of this
    mode is that the player gets used to the work of local mechanics,
    especially when it comes to grapples, transition racks like
    Christie’s Jakeyho, and timing. Some series of tricks and throws
    very sensitive to the timely pressing of the beat buttons and
    directions. Finally, combo challenges offer a series of 20 challenges:
    the screen displays the combination to be carried out, and the player
    should reproduce it perfectly.

    Red Web

    Online skirmishes in Dead or Alive 6 are very diverse, in
    depending on the player you met, his fighting style and quality
    network connection. Unfortunately, this is currently the weakest side.
    games, since approximately seven out of ten opponents found will be
    is in the “red zone” of network coverage, and often the battle with
    they are no different from beating a mannequin. Meet
    exceptions, approximately 50:50, when the “red” opponent is not only
    moves, but can quite thoroughly pile on. However, in
    In this case, there are problems: the “red network” is very unstable,
    frequent lags turn decisive battle fragments into a slideshow,
    which can be fun to watch, but to participate is very

    Another problem with online battles in Dead or Alive 6 is widespread
    common in the fighting game genre – these are one-button opponents,
    whose fighting style does not differ in any variety of techniques,
    usually they just spam basic combinations and try to jam in
    corner. It is characteristic that this often succeeds, especially when
    such an opponent is caught in the “red net”, because interceptions
    of any type under such conditions is very difficult to perform. Although there are
    exceptions, especially when the enemy stupidly spams the base
    mini series:

    However, the developers will probably finish the network code. He this
    definitely requires. The main thing is that in the process of finalization they also
    more network activities added, because now there are
    only ranked matches of three rounds. You can participate in them
    purposefully, looking for rivals, or chilling in
    free training – here the opponents will find you themselves, and on
    the screen will begin to appear proposals to fight online. However,
    in addition to online activities in Dead or Alive 6 content is crammed higher
    rooftops: excellent free and complex training mode, arcade,
    survival, a series of battles against the clock, story mode and, finally,
    the pearl of the new part – “DOA Trials”, containing more than a hundred
    battles with predetermined characters and tasks, for completing
    which awards are given.

    Trophy time

    Dead or Alive 6 has a simpler list of trophies than Dead or Alive had
    5: Last Round, and only two cups are driven into frustration: “Win
    in five ranked matches in a row” and “You won with a combo
    x3, canceling the interrupting blow. The first is highly skill dependent.
    player, opponents skills and good luck with the connection. frankly
    speaking, perhaps it is easier to do it now, while in the “red zone”
    come across opponents who just stand and do not move the whole
    the battle. But I’ve never seen one more than twice in a row.
    The second cup looks difficult, although it is not rare.
    Play 200 ranked matches and win 50 of them – no trophies
    complex, it will take time and a bit of luck. However, luck is easy
    supplement the skill by spending a day or two in training and practicing
    combinations in trials.

    Dead or Alive
    6 is a technical, very dynamic and exciting fighting game with
    unique combat mechanics that require the player to be vigilant and
    reactions. There is no need to memorize combinations of one and a half
    dozens of strikes, it is much more important to read the movements of opponents and
    catch them in time. A sort of fighting poker. In addition to cool
    mechanic, the game offers more than twenty well-designed
    characters with unique fighting styles and abilities,
    requiring careful study and consideration. Finally completes
    sweet cake has excellent graphics, and a spoonful of salt in its icing was not
    very good network code. In fact, this is the only problem
    games, but it is quite significant.

    Top 16 films about the Inquisition on the list, brutal hunters of heretics and dissent in the Middle Ages

    With the advent of Christianity in Europe, other variants of religion and interpretation began to emerge, which prompted the emergence of the Inquisition, which vehemently fought against any manifestations of dissent. Accusing even innocent people of heresy, the inquisitors were not embarrassed by even the most bloody and cruel methods of interrogation. Constant torture and gruesome executions have built a very sinister reputation for the Inquisition. This is very well reflected in the films, so we have compiled a list of the best films on the subject of the Inquisition and the hunt for heretics.

    Temptation (2020)

    KP/Imdb Rating: 6.476/6.8
    Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance, History
    Country: France , Belgium, Netherlands
    Director: Paul Verhoeven
    Cast: Virginie Efira, Charlotte Rampling, Daphne Patakia, Lambert Wilson, Olivier Rabourdin

    The film will show the multifaceted and colorful story of the nun Benedetta. The action takes place in 17th century Italy. This time was marked by an increase in church influence and the flourishing of the Inquisition. But any institution is, first of all, money and power, which are the main goal of ambitious and smart people. The heroine, as a child, realized that it was necessary to constantly pretend in order to achieve the desired success.
    She entered the convent as a child. And then she was able to convince others, and even herself, that she had a special connection with the Lord. Her fame only grows, and many consider her a holy novice. But at the same time, in addition to visions, she begins to be haunted by a feeling of attraction to the charming and young sister Bartholomea. Can she resist the temptation?

    Aquelarre (2020)

    KP/Imdb rating: 6.286/6.4
    Genre: drama, thriller
    Country: Spain, France, Argentina
    Director: Pablo Agero
    Cast: Amaia Aberasturi, Alex Brendemuhl, Daniel Fanego, Garazi Urkola, Yune Nogueiras

    The film is set in 1609 in the Basque Country ov. Here comes the tough and opinionated Inquisitor. Rostegi intends to eradicate evil by finding and punishing barbarians who prefer to speak their own language and follow only their rites. He believes only in the power and authority of the church, and is going to eradicate the minions of the Devil with fire.
    Young peasant girls are the first to come to his attention. They live in a modest settlement near the sea, and their fathers, brothers and lovers seek food in the water. Beauties simply dance on the shore, calling for good luck. But the inquisitor considers their actions a witchcraft and forbidden rite, and takes them into custody. But will he be able to get recognition from the frightened girls? Under torture, they talk about the coven and invite a man to become a member.

    Storm: Letters of Fire (2017)

    KP/Imdb Rating: /6.1
    Genre: Drama, Adventure, Family
    Country: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
    Director: Dennis Bots
    Cast: Davy Gomez, Yuna de Loew, Yorick van Wageningen, Angela Scheif, Marten Heymans

    Klaas Wooten is a brave and determined man who is one of the first book printers. Together with colleagues, they help print a wide variety of works. But one day a pamphlet by Martin Luther himself falls into his hands. It turns out that his book is banned by the authorities. The Inquisition personally decides to take up this case, and arrests the violator of the rules.
    But in the film, his son manages to escape from the raid, taking a special form for printing. Storm is only 12 years old, but he is purposefully going to continue his father’s work. He enlightens the people, trying to show another point of view, which is different from the officially recognized version. A hunt is announced for him, but even then he continues to look for options to save the pope from execution. Hammer of the Witches (2011)0031 Country: Bolivia
    Director: Jacques Avila
    Cast: Amy Hesketh, Mila Gioia, Roberto Lopez, Alejandro Loaiza, Eric Calancha

    In the film, smart and determined Maria Fran Siska became the only heir to a huge fortune. Despite the discontent and obvious envy of the people around her, she decided to manage her own affairs on her own. This is unthinkable for medieval foundations, because no one takes the fair sex seriously. The situation only gets worse when the beauty offers shelter to Marianne De Castro. She became a young widow after the death of her husband, and now she was left without protection and help. And her Protestant faith plays a significant role in this.
    In the film, the powerful Inquisitor Vedrugo becomes interested in the heroines. He longs to take possession of Mary’s money, and is looking for any excuse that can help him achieve his desired goal. Black Death (2010) , UK
    Director: Christopher Smith
    Filmed : Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, Carice van Houten, John Lynch, Tim McInnerney

    The plot of the film will show Europe in the middle of the 14th century. The rapid spread of the “black death” is becoming a serious and severe test for people. Thousands of those infected perish in terrible suffering and torment. Fear, pain, death, superstitious horror reign everywhere. The parishioners believed that God’s Punishment fell upon them for their past sins.
    But a young monk named Osmund does not believe in this version. Until recently, he was a devout Christian, but now he has doubts and a feeling of compassion. Considerable confusion in his soul bring new emotions to a simple girl. Avril reciprocates his love and offers to escape the plague. She asks her lover to go with her to a distant village, where, according to rumors, there is still no disease. But will the hero have the determination to go against the Inquisition?

    Time of the Witch (2010)

    KP/Imdb rating: 6.162/5.4
    Genre: fantasy, action, adventure
    Country: USA 9 0031 Director: Dominique Sena
    Cast: Nicolas Cage , Ron Perlman, Stephen Campbell Moore, Stephen Graham, Ulrich Thomsen

    The film will show the events that took place in Europe in the 14th century. Felton and Bayman spent several years on the Crusade. But by killing in the name of God, they realize that not all human deeds can be justified. The knights decide to run away from the army, no longer believing that they are bringing good to the world.
    But after returning home, they face an accusation of desertion from a dying cardinal. He is ready to justify them, and in return they must take the young girl to a distant monastery. She will be convicted of witchcraft by the Inquisition and burned at the stake. The church sincerely believes that the plague began because of Anna. And only the execution of the witch will be able to restore peace to the tormented lands. The heroes set off on the road, not even suspecting what misadventures await them.

    Last Judgment (2006)

    CP/Imdb Rating: 6.251/5.4
    Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Detective, Adventure
    Country: UK, Hungary
    900 03 Director: Adrian Rudomin
    Cast: Christopher Lambert, Blanca Marsillach, Brian Blessed, Sonia Oroslan, James Faulkner

    The film is set in 15th century Spain. After many years of confrontation, the long-awaited peace comes to this territory. But the war is being replaced by religious madness, which covers all segments of the population. The Inquisition is being created, which is going to unite all people under one faith. They fight heretics, Jews, women accused of witchcraft.
    Meanwhile, in a small town in the province, a series of strange murders are taking place. The victims of the attacker are mainly representatives of the nobility. And while the authorities and people are blaming Satan himself for what happened, the local sheriff is resolutely moving on the trail of the killer. Ruy de Mendoza does not believe in supernatural intervention, so he is looking for a cunning and intelligent person who can perfectly cover his tracks.

    Goya’s Ghosts (2006)

    KP/Imdb Rating: 7.494/6.9
    Genre: drama, biography, history
    Country: USA, Spain
    Director: Milos Forman
    Cast: Javier Bardem, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgård, R Andy Quaid, Jose Luis Gomez

    Francisco Goya — a talented painter who becomes a portrait painter at the court of Charles the Fourth. He is famous, rich, recognizable and has many friends. And he is sincerely devoted to his charming muse named Iness. The beauty often appears in his paintings and frescoes, inspiring the artist to new works.
    But one day in the movie, the girl will come to the attention of the Inquisition. She is the daughter of an influential and successful merchant. And her refusal to eat pork in a tavern turns into an accusation of Judaism. She ends up in prison, where confessions are forced out of her. Will Goya be able to help the heroine escape to freedom? Will his connections be enough to resist the inquisitors? Many trials lie ahead of them.

    Executioner (2005)

    KP/Imdb Rating: 6.663/6.1
    Genre: drama
    Country: United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany
    Director: Simon Eby
    Cast: Steven Berkoff, Virag Barany, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Julie Cox, Lee Li Gesler

    Mid 16 th century. In a small town in Tyrol, two boys are left without parents. The Catholic Church takes care of orphans, and this case is no exception. But the bishop separates the brothers. Georg remains to serve him, then to become his student. And Martin is in the army.
    In the movie, they meet again in a year. During this time, one became a pious and influential abbot, collaborating with the Inquisition. And the second – a brave and strong warrior, who rose to the rank of captain. But due to injury, he returns to his native land. Here he meets the wonderful healer Anna. But there are many obstacles on the way to happiness. Her father is an executioner and he has untouchable status. But the one who will marry his daughter must take this place.

    Heretic (2004)

    KP/Imdb rating: /
    Genre: drama, biography, history
    Country: Italy
    Director: Piero M. Benfatti 9 0031 Cast: Tobias Moretti, Remo Girone, Robert Stadlober, Lino Capolicchio, Gianni Musi

    Film about the real story of the brilliant scientist, poet and physician Cecco d’Ascoli. He was born at the end of the 13th century in Italy. And he achieved unprecedented heights thanks to his determination, resourcefulness and inquisitive mind. He absorbed a lot of information, and became an expert in medicine, mathematics, philosophy, astronomy. His education and knowledge were appreciated. And soon he began to work for the Duke of Florence himself, living at his court. But he continued his teaching activity, being a professor at the University of Bologna.
    But his success is not to everyone’s liking. Dino Delgarbo experiences a burning envy that pushes him to take decisive action. The envious person writes a denunciation to the Inquisition, accusing a colleague of heresy. Will the man be able to convince everyone of his innocence?

    Warrior of God (1999)

    KP/Imdb rating: 6.629/5.8
    Genre: drama
    Country: Iceland 9003 1 Director: Hrabn Günnløigsson
    Cast: Hilmir Snair Gvydnason, Sarah Dogg Asgersdottir, Alexandra Rapaport, Hallgrímur H. Helgason, Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir

    The film takes place in the 17th century. Jon Magnusson is a young clergyman on his way to a remote village in Iceland. This is an inhospitable and snowy place, which is not to the liking of the hero. He is looking everywhere for signs and witchcraft spells that should lead him astray.
    But the inquisitor resolutely brings the Word of God to these harsh lands, mired in obscurantism and paganism. He uses creepy methods that frighten with their cruelty. But the man himself turns out to be subject to ordinary human passions. An attractive and obstinate maid named Turidur awakens passion and lust in him. He longs to possess a beauty, but receives a harsh refusal. But he does not intend to give up, and is going to take advantage of his position.

    Joan of Arc (1999)

    KP/Imdb rating: 7.696/6.6
    Genre: drama, adventure, military, biography, history
    Country: 90 004 Canada
    Director: Christian Duguet
    Cast: Leelee Sobieski, Peter O’Toole, Chad Willett, Peter Strauss, Olympia Dukakis

    The film will show a difficult period in the history of France. The Hundred Years’ War is still not over, and people are desperate for peace. Several rising generations never felt completely safe. Salvation and humility can only be obtained through faith. Therefore, the inquisitors are conducting a cruel and merciless struggle against any manifestations of heresy and heterodoxy.
    Meanwhile, the young and devout Joan of Arc receives a vision while walking in the woods. Returning home, she is horrified to see her native settlement on fire. The enemy invaders raped and then killed the girl’s sister. Her heart is seized with a thirst for revenge, and this feeling pushes her forward. She goes to Chinon to become part of the army. Despite her age and gender, she convinces the Dauphin to give her a squad of warriors.

    The Inquisitor: The Well and the Pendulum (1991)

    KP/Imdb Rating: 6.231/5.9
    Genre: horror, romance
    Country: USA, Italy
    Director: Stuart Gordon
    Cast: Lance Henriksen, Steven Lee, William Norris, Mark Margolis, Ke rolyn Purdy-Gordon

    The film is set in end of the 15th century. Maria and Antonio are a happy young couple. They live in poverty, but love and harmony. One day, the Alvarezes are baking bread to sell in the square. Today will be the execution of a woman accused of heresy. But among the people, the heroine accidentally falls into the field of view of the Inquisition. She’s just trying to protect the boy from being whipped.
    But now the beauty is in captivity, where the inquisitor Torquemada accuses her of witches’ charms. Her husband is desperately trying to prove the innocence of his beloved, but gets arrested because of his persistence. Suddenly, a cruel and harsh tormentor is imbued with feelings for the captive, and tortures himself to get rid of these emotions. Will Mary be released?

    The name of the rose (1986)

    KP/Imdb rating: 7.565/7.7
    Genre: thriller, drama, detective story, history
    Country: Germany (FRG), Italy, France
    Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
    Cast: Sean Connery, Christian Slater, Helmut Kvaltinger, Ilya Baskin, Mikael Lonsdal

    900 06 In 1327 two monks sent on the road. They are driven forward by a difficult task, and they are going to brilliantly cope with it. William of Baskerville is an experienced Franciscan friar with a background in the Inquisition. And he is accompanied by a young and yet too naive novice Adso. Their goal is a secluded monastery located in a picturesque corner of northern Italy.
    In the movie, some really frightening and inexplicable events have recently begun to take place here. Already three priests have died as a result of strange and mysterious incidents. One fell out of a window that never opened, another drowned in a barrel, a third died in his own bathroom. But are all these deaths really accidental? The heroes have to investigate.

    Giordano Bruno (1973)

    KP/Imdb rating: 6.94/7.1
    Genre: drama, biography, history
    Country: Italy, France
    Director: Giuliano Montaldo
    Cast: Gian Maria Volonte, Hans Christian Blech, Mathieu Carrière, Renato Scarpa, Giuseppe Maffioli

    900 06 Giordano Brunofino is a brilliant philosopher who gains fame and recognition thanks to their extraordinary and amazing thoughts and ideas. He really conquers the entire scientific world, demonstrating deep knowledge and a fresh look at existing things. But one of his thoughts is not to the liking of the authorities.
    In the film, the hero arrives in Venice on the invitation of a successful merchant. Here he draws too much attention to himself because of his ideas and love of fun. Rumors appear around him, and soon the Inquisition arrests the philosopher on suspicion of using black magic. And although the local clergy are liberal towards the guest, and even plan to acquit him, the intervention of the inquisitors from Rome changes things.

    Grand Inquisitor (1968)

    KP/Imdb rating: 6.373/6.7
    Genre: horror, drama, history
    Country: UK, USA
    Director: Michael Reeves
    9 0003 Cast:
    Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvie, Rupert Davies, Hilary Heath, Robert Russell

    England 1645. Matthew Hopkins is a real witcher who is in the official service of the state.