Storage solutions in small bedrooms: 31 Best Clothing Storage Ideas

31 Best Clothing Storage Ideas


Expand the Headboard

Summer Thornton Design Inc

Rather than make space for an extra piece of furniture, make your bed into a storage zone with shelves behind the headboard. These nooks, in a bedroom by Summer Thornton, are perfect for displaying your favorite bags and accessories.


Pick Double-Duty Furniture

Studio DB

Practically every kid wants their bed to feel like a fort. Take it one step further, like Studio DB, by turning every surface into a storage opportunity. This piece is not only functional but enticing: Your little one just might want to climb in when nighttime rolls around.


Share a Dresser

Heidi Caillier Design

Rather than a pair of nightstands, separate your children’s beds with one wide dresser like in this bedroom by Heidi Caillier. You’ll be thankful for the extra clothing storage—and one less surface to keep neat and clean.

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Design Secret Drawers

Eric Piasecki/Otto

Keep your belongings hidden by blending built-in drawers into the wall. In this quaint alcove by Rita Koenig and architect Gil Schafer, sneaky storage resides under the daybed.


Add Easy-to-Reach Options

Laurie Joliet

Little ones love to be independent, so let them run free by placing storage right at their level. Oversize knobs help their hands grip and open the drawers in this bedroom by designer Regan Baker.


Use the Space Under the Bed

Kerri McCaffety

If there’s room under your bed, use it to store bins full of seasonal clothing or items you might not wear often. Hide them with a playful bed skirt, like the tailored gingham ones in this bedroom by designer Lynne Uhalt.

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Fill Nightstands

Marisa Vitale

Treat your nightstands like mini dressers. They can be your main storage solution or act as a way to corral clothing overflow. Consider oversize ones with large drawers, like those in designer Francesca Grace‘s Los Angeles home.


Try Trunks

Haris Kenjar

A storage bench or trunk at the end of the bed can not only provide more clothing storage, but it can double as seating—making it the ultimate space-saving and multifunctional option. Consider using more than one trunk for maximum storage, as designer Sean Anderson did in this Memphis home.


Transform Stairs

Eric Piasecki

Kids’ rooms are full of storage inspiration, and this design by Katie Ridder is no exception. In it, a custom staircase by JBM Architects features hidden drawers for quick tidying. It’s ideal for anyone who might have a lofted bed, bunks, or simply a staircase they want to get more use out of. Fill the drawers with winter accessories, swimsuits, T-shirts, and other small clothing items.

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Carve Out Wall Nooks

Roger Davies

While the wall nooks in the bedroom of antiques dealer Lee Stanton are used to display treasured vases and art, the concept can just as easily be applied to clothing storage. Carve out wall nooks for hats, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories in a boutique-style display.


Hang Extra Hooks

Ngoc Minh Ngo

We spot several great small-space tips in this bedroom designed by David Kaihoi: 1) Mirror the inside of your closet doors. 2) Add hooks to the interior side of the doors for extra items and outfit planning. 3) Use bins to stay organized. Pro tip: If you don’t need hooks for outfit planning, hang a dirty laundry bag there! It will take up less space than a structured hamper.


Keep Shoes Up High


If you have an amazing shoe and accessory collection, why not flaunt it? Keeping your shoes on shelves in an armoire, tall dresser, or built-in cabinet will also make it easier to pick out your outfit since they’ll be at eye level. In this dressing room designed by Aerin Lauder, the wallpaper is as dazzling as the shoe collection. “My grandmother had the same wallpaper in her office,” she shares.

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Work the Angles

Corinne Mathern Design

If you don’t have a closet, but you do have a clothing collection, stay organized and polished with custom wall built-ins that store everything behind closed doors. In this bedroom design by Corinne Mathern, the built-ins provide extensive storage and accommodate the irregular ceiling structure. They’re also less deep than your typical dresser and armoire—a win for small bedrooms.


Optimize a Corner

Shawn Henderson

Don’t have a closet? Wardrobes work just as well and can make a design statement in your room. This stunning piece will have you admiring it every time you pass by. If you have an awkward and empty corner, invest in a great dresser or armoire that can bring it to life while also giving you an extra place to store all your items. This texture-rich corner in a small bedroom designed by Shawn Henderson can hold intimates and more.


Make It Feel Like a Boudoir

Brie Williams

Designer Ariene Bethea’s bedroom features a fun bedspread and wild Etsy bolsters. The mannequin and mirror give it a swanky dressing room vibe. Plan out and display outfits with a mannequin or use it as a makeshift coat rack. It’s a pretty way to stay organized in an open space like a bedroom when your closet is too small. A vintage or antique-inspired option is the way to go.

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Install Touch-Latch Doors

Shapeless Studio

Flush with the walls, this closet disappears into the primary bedroom designed by Shapeless Studio, providing plenty of clothing storage without infringing upon the living space physically or visually. If you don’t have the option of pulling out the power drills for custom builds, you can still utilize your wall with rods and floating shelves.


Use the Back of Your Door

James Merrell

Don’t worry, your hat addiction is in good hands. A series of hooks can turn an empty wall space or the back of a door into the perfect place for storing your caps, sunhats, and beanies, as Kate Reid proves in this cozy bedroom.


Line Your Cabinets With Fabric

Anna Spiro Design

If your storage includes glass or wire doors, line them with a pretty fabric. This will hide all your stored clothing, add a little style to your bedroom, and keep it from looking too crowded with clothing. You can use velcro to fasten the fabric if you don’t know how to sew. We love the tight print designer Anna Spiro chose here to complement the cream paint and brass hardware.

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Distract With Beautiful Patterns

Julian Wass

A floral fabric brightens up this open bedroom closet designed by Gary McBournie, which he upholstered for a soft effect. The adjacent primary bedroom features curtains in the same fabric for a cohesive whole.


Create Privacy With Barn Doors

Robert Peterson

Alison Victoria created a 360-degree rotating closet system with Closet Works that features a hidden full-length mirror and ample storage for shoes. Sourced from the Corbel, French doors that date back to the 1800s close off the modern space, which opens right up into the bedroom.

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17 Attractive Ways to Optimize Small Bedroom Storage


Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel has written on design for publications including the New York Times, Interior Design, Slate, Fast Company, and the international editions of Elle Decor.

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Published on 02/16/23

Michelle Boudreau Design

Having a small bedroom means you have to be deliberate about storage, ensuring that you’ve got a place for everything and everything in its place to create a clutter-free oasis for relaxing, resting, and sleeping. It’s important to get your clothing storage sorted, but don’t forget to create storage for everything else so your bedroom doesn’t look messy and chaotic.

These small bedroom storage ideas will help you find clever ways to keep your books, spare linens, eyeglasses, accessories, and other bedroom possessions neatly stowed and readily accessible while maintaining a stylish and effortless look.

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    Choose Nighstands With Storage

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    When choosing bedroom furniture, it’s always a good idea to look for nightstands with some kind of built-in storage such as drawers where you can store everyday items out of sight.

    In this small bedroom from Emily Henderson Design, the wooden nightstand has a hidden storage compartment behind a woven front that can be pulled down with leather tabs, leaving the top free for a few choice items.

  • 02
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    Use the Windowsill

    Fantastic Frank

    A thick windowsill doubles as a headboard and a nightstand in this small Swedish bedroom from Fantastic Frank.

  • 03
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    Swap the Nightstand for a Chest

    Becca Interiors

    In this NYC apartment bedroom from Becca Interiors, a large chest of drawers subs in for a nightstand, creating ample space to store extra linens, clothes, accessories, and more. The top is styled with a table lamp and objects that make the decor feel finished.

  • 04
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    Hang Magazine Racks

    Fantastic Frank

    Fantastic Frank hung a pair of black wire magazine holders on the wall of this studio apartment that keeps reading material neatly stored and doubles as decor in the small space.

  • 05
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    Add a Stealth Storage Bench

    Thistlewood Farms

    Thistlewood Farms added an upholstered storage bench at the foot of the bed in this light and bright bedroom. It functions as both a place to sit and hidden storage for extra blankets or anything else you need close at hand but want to keep out of sight.

  • 06
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    Repurpose a Trundle Bed

    Thistlewood Farms

    Thistlewood Farms repurposed a trundle bed to create seamless extra under-bed storage, lining it with vintage newspapers instead of a mattress.

  • 07
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    Add Built-Ins

    Neva Interior Design / Photo by Agathe Tissier

    In this small Paris bedroom from Neva Interior Design, built-in shelving around the bed provides ample storage for everything from clothes to linens, keeping clutter out of sight. The u-shaped shelving is painted in a soothing shade of pistachio green—it creates a niche that doubles as a headboard and is decorated with soft wallpaper and space-saving wall sconces.

  • 08
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    Outsource Your Shoe Closet

    Neva Interior Design / Photo by Agathe Tissier

    If your closet is getting cramped, outsource your shoe closet and turn your footwear collection into decor by adding a row of shoe cubbies like this small bedroom storage solution from Neva Interior Design. Then style the top with objects and art to make it look intentional rather than makeshift.

  • 09
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    Source a Vintage Crate

    My 100 Year Old Home

    A vintage trunk or crate adds character to a small bedroom, like the painted wood crate at the end of this small modern farmhouse style guest bedroom from My 100 Year Old Home. The inside can be used to store extra pillows and blankets and the sturdy top provides guests with a convenient place to rest their suitcases.

  • 10
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    Add Midcentury Details

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    In this Palm Springs bedroom from Michelle Boudreau Design, a pair of midcentury modern nightstands with double drawers keep bedside clutter out of sight. A built-in floating console in the same rich wood doubles as a bedroom work station or a vanity. Gold hardware in two different styles keeps the furniture from looking like a perfectly matched set.

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    Frame the Bed

    Fantastic Frank

    Fantastic Frank added L-shaped shelving that serves as book storage, a place to display art, and a de facto headboard. The shelving melds into the white walls while bringing structure and its contents add notes of color to this light, bright, and compact bedroom.

  • 12
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    Make It Seamless

    Caroline Andreoni Interior Design / Photo by Laura Jacques

    If you’re remodeling a small bedroom, consider devoting an entire wall-to-floor to custom-built ceiling storage that will utilize every inch of available space. This sleek modern space from Caroline Andreoni Interior Design also includes a disappearing wall desk.

  • 13
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    DIY Under Bed Storage

    Liz Marie Blog

    Blogger Liz Marie upcycled some spare dresser drawers to create affordable under-bed storage that looks purposeful and fits in with the farmhouse decor. She painted the drawers, distressed them for a vintage look, attached metal address numbers to the front, and then added wheels to the bottoms to make sliding them in and out a breeze.

  • 14
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    Build a Wall of Open Shelving

    My 100 Year Old Home

    Although it might seem counterintuitive, in a small bedroom or other space—adding an entire wall of storage, whether open or closed, can make the space feel larger by drawing the eye upward toward the ceiling and concentrating collections in a single area.

    My 100 Year Old Home added open shelving in this attic guest room that is used to store and display books and decor. The battery operated-remote control lights at the top of the bookshelves provide ambient light. In a bedroom, be sure to keep shelves neatly arranged and styled so the room doesn’t feel disheveled or chaotic which can interfere with sleep.

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    Use Shallow Shelving

    Caroline Andreoni Interior Design / Photo by Laura Jacques

    In this compact space from Caroline Andreoni Interior Design, the radiator is covered in a perforated material that allows air and heat to flow. It is topped with a narrow wood shelf that provides extra storage and display space, with shorter floating shelves hung on the wall above the bed.

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    Style Your Storage Space

    Most Lovely Things

    While closet storage is more about organization than aesthetics, don’t forget to look for unexpected opportunities to lift your mood with lighting and decor. Most Lovely Things made space in the closet for a shelf to store jewelry that includes a small lamp for mood-boosting ambient light (a portable LED-powered lamp would work well here), removable wallpaper, a small mirror, and some art.

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    Hang It Up

    Design by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    In a small bedroom, look for opportunities to display frequently used items that were meant to be seen by hanging them on the wall.

    This room was designed by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design—a wooden peg rack hung on the wall provides a place to store jewelry and scarves, while a bench with hidden storage below doubles as a corner window seat.

9 ways to organize storage space in a small bedroom – INMYROOM


Where to put all the things you need if you are limited in space? Learning from the designers

Built-in furniture, niches, folding wardrobes and a coffee table chest – we have collected 9 interesting ideas for organizing space in the bedroom.

1. Bed with storage system

In the project of a small loft by designer Diana Ponomareva, the dressing room took over the task of storing the bulk of things, but in each room unexpected opportunities were found to hide small objects or clothes from prying eyes. In the bedroom, for example, the bed is raised to the podium, which contains roomy drawers.

Design: Diana Ponomareva


overloads the interior – built-in wardrobes under the ceiling, painted in the color of the walls.

Design: Cubiq Studio


licked under an open storage system.

Design: Diana Maltseva


4. Folding built-in wardrobe

Place a cozy bedroom with a dressing room on 18 squares? It is easy if you replace a traditional wardrobe with a built-in model with facades that fold like an accordion.

Design: Dmitry Dubrovsky, KYD BURO


5. Dressing room with open storage systems

Almost half of this bedroom is occupied by a dressing room with open storage system. At any time, it will be possible to hang facades so that the cabinets merge with the walls.

Design: Natalia Liventsova



Floor hanger

In this kopeck piece in Kiev, designer Maya Baklan suggested using a floor hanger to store clothes. It takes up little space and can always be rearranged.

Design: Maya Baklan


7. Use the space around the window

For a loft in the center of St. In the bedroom, a bright wardrobe-library was placed around the window – a great way to use the space functionally and organize a cozy place for gatherings by the window.

Design: “The Zhilina Brothers – Design and Architecture”


8. A chest instead of a coffee table

A simple yet unexpected solution was proposed by designer Zhenya Zhdanova for a bedroom in a country house in the Moscow region : the chest became a bright accent in the interior and helped to hide accessories and magazines.

Design: Zhenya Zhdanova

View full project

9. Niche behind the headboard

Designer Nadya Zotova has implemented many bold and unusual ideas in her apartment. For example, for the bedroom, she chose such a non-obvious solution that allowed her to beautifully store books and accessories.

Design: Nadya Zotova

See the full project

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15 ideas for storing things in a small bedroom

Wardrobe and workplace

Everyone counts in a small bedroom centimeter. By installing a structure with sliding doors in a small room, we are guaranteed to save space, because wardrobes can be placed close to the bed. Swing doors do not have this advantage. Next to the structure, you can equip a small cozy office by placing a table in the resulting niche and hanging shelves.

Wardrobe and mezzanines above the door

Speaking about the rational use of space, special attention should be paid to built-in structures that occupy a smaller bedroom wall. In a cramped room, it is recommended to place a built-in wardrobe up to the ceiling: it looks solid, has a larger capacity and harmoniously fits into the interior, adjusting the shape of the room. Mezzanines above the entrance create additional storage space.

Open shelf above bed

If a work area in a small room is adjacent to a bed, it is worth placing a long shelf directly above the bed. It will become a convenient place to store books and small things and visually unite the space. Such a stylish solution will allow you to decorate the headboard in different ways (pictures or photographs in a frame, flowers, baskets), but will not require special costs.

Dressing room and study

In the 14 square meter bedroom, you can find space not only for a bed, but also for a mini dressing room. This option is suitable for those who appreciate comfort and need zoning. To build a structure, it is necessary to divide the room into three parts. In one zone, a bed should be placed, and in the other – a dressing room and an office with a partition. This solution will allow you to use the space as rationally as possible.


Not only a closet or chest of drawers is suitable for storing clothes and bed linen: a capacious chest that can be placed near the foot or placed in any empty corner will become a real decoration of a small bedroom. There are many options for products: wicker, wooden, antique, rough army or upholstered – the chest will fit into any style of interior.

Wardrobes instead of bedside tables

A practical solution for a small bedroom is to use high and narrow wardrobes located on the sides of the bed. The designs will create a cozy niche that can be supplemented with wall cabinets. The role of bedside tables will be played by compact shelves for small items, attached directly to the body. In the bedroom for a couple, wardrobes are conveniently divided into two.

Full Wall Cabinets

An original way to create storage in a small bedroom without cluttering it up is to order a wall-to-wall built-in chest of drawers. You can store a lot of things in it, and use the countertop as an additional seat. The space above the cabinets is usually occupied by shelves for books or a TV.

Pipe hangers

If you appreciate the loft and have a small amount of things, open clothes hangers will fit perfectly into the bedroom. They can be freestanding, mobile on wheels or mounted on a wall. How to create a floor hanger with your own hands, read here.

Shelving unit on the sides of the headboard

An open shelving unit next to the wall is no surprise, but the built-in shelves facing the bed look original. Shelves not only create a cozy recess for a bed, but also serve as a place to store useful little things.

Under bed storage

Space in a small room should be used to the maximum, so do not neglect the free space under the bed. The drawer design will be a convenient alternative to a podium or a bed that needs to be raised to access things. If you are purchasing a folding sofa, a product with a box for linen will be the most practical solution.

Cube structure

You won’t find such a storage system in a furniture store: an unusual wardrobe-bed with a podium, shelving and built-in cabinets is made to order according to individual sizes. A sleeping place located in a niche looks like a compact room. The original design is suitable for very narrow spaces.

Shelves under the ceiling

Not filling the space between the ceilings in a small bedroom is a real waste. Shelves fixed high are usually used for rarely used items. The photo shows how interesting the snow-white bedroom with shelves above the bed looks: books have become a stylish decoration and added coziness and habitability to the laconic interior.

Boxes and baskets

Beautiful cardboard boxes and wicker baskets are very functional, as they serve to store useful little things and help keep the bedroom clean. Useful containers look good on open shelving, and also allow you to rationally use the empty space on the cabinets. Read about how to create original containers and baskets here.

Floating cabinet

An amazing solution from the Russian studio Astar project – a structure that holds the countertop and rises above the floor.