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Launched in 2007, the Cypress is the best selling tiny house model of all time.

Cypress Pricing



 Originally built in 1999 as the very first tiny house RV, it’s a look that hasn’t changed.

Elm Pricing


Launched in 2016, we’ve maximized the interior space. Surrounded by a cool exterior.

Farallon Pricing


Simple and elegant styling makes best use of the front door along the side.

Roanoke Pricing



 Originally built in 1999 as the very first tiny house RV, it’s a look that hasn’t changed.

Elm Pricing



Launched in 2007, the Cypress is the best selling tiny house model of all time.

Cypress Pricing


Launched in 2016, we’ve maximized the interior space. Surrounded by a cool exterior.

Farallon Pricing


Simple and elegant styling makes best use of the front door along the side.

Roanoke Pricing

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“It’s snug and warm and better than anything I could build.” – Jan Tiura

“I upgraded just a little bit. I actually purchased this one through Tumbleweed Tiny Homes because I do like their designs. ” – Allen

“I wanted to live a greener lifestyle.” – Arianne from Alaska

Little House in Alaska – Tumbleweed Houses

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Little House in Alaska

Once upon a time, Arianne and Sean lived in two separate houses in Las Vegas. Between the two dwellings, the couple had over 4,000 square feet combined. So how did they end up spending “happily ever after” in an Alaskan abode surmounting to no more than 150 square feet? Well, it all started with a newspaper clipping…

Arianne had always considered downsizing and living tiny, but it wasn’t until her mother sent her a crinkled photograph of a Tumbleweed featured in the Denver Post that she truly fell in love. “I used to dream about it.” Arianne admitted. “Sean and I wanted to live a greener lifestyle.” Her partner is an engineer in sustainable and renewable energy. Minimizing would help open other doors for the couple as well, including a big move to a certain beautiful and adventurous state.

With an Alaskan tiny house on the menu, Arianne and Sean teamed up with Tumbleweed to design their perfect abode – an Elm. The couple knew the main course of this particular tundra was best served cold, which meant a higher R-value insulation and electric heating in the floors. They also customized their house to have four skylights, and two lofts!

But once the house was complete, Arianne and Sean faced another challenge – getting their house from the Tumbleweed build site in Colorado to Anchorage. Their journey began with a cross-country road trip, including a stroll up the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway.

Next the couple took to the sea, as they boarded the Alaskan Marine Highway Ferry. “Most people were boarding cars, but we pulled up towing a house!

The workers were surprised to say the least.” Arianne chuckled, remembering. “They said it was the first house they ever loaded onto the ferry, and it barely fit!” She recalls seeing numerous whales along the swaying careen up the west coast of Canada and Alaska. Finally, they docked in Anchorage, and set out to begin their new life.

Now, half a year later, Arianne works locally for the Air Force piloting C-17s – a plane that could fit six Tumbleweeds inside! She and Sean are enjoying their new house, new location, and new neighbors – most recently a curious moose greeted them one morning, resting his head on their front porch!

Who knows, maybe he is interested in a tiny house with a little extra antler-room?

*All photos provided by Arianne and Sean

Jenna Spesard built a Tumbleweed in 2014 and traveled with it for one year. She clocked over 25,000 miles, and now parks in a Tiny House Village. She writes about the Tiny House Movement on her blog Tiny House Giant Journey.

“The best to you and the whole tiny house team who worked so diligently to make my dream come true.” – Joanie

“I chose Tumbleweed because I loved their floor plans and their interior design. Their homes are top quality.” – Lora

“It’s snug and warm and better than anything I could build.” – Jan Tiura

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Efficient arrangement of a small motor home. A small motor home with all the comforts Cheerful. A pub that is always with you

Efficient furnishing of a small motor home. A small motor home with all the comforts Cheerful. A pub that is always with you

Description of all types of motorhomes.


For this model of motorhome, the link is considered to be a trailer. This option involves stationary rest and minimal road traffic. Thanks to a wide range of models, it is possible to choose a suitable trailer motorhome that has the desired dimensions and functionality.

Pictured is a compact trailer type motorhome.

Tent trailer

This is a self-assembly tent. There is no insulation in the trailer, so it is suitable for recreation only in the warm season. In the assembled state, the dimensions of the structure are no more than 1 meter.

The trailer has sleeping quarters and other auxiliary areas under the canopy. The motorhome trailer-tent is sometimes also equipped with a stove, sink or heater.

such a motorhome is that it is mobile, small in size and low in price, unlike other campers.

include a small capacity of no more than 4 people and the need to constantly unfold and assemble the awning in case of a stop.

Pictured is a motorhome with a large tent.


Mobile housing equipped with a toilet, shower, heater, necessary furniture and appliances. Another name is trailer-cottage.

caravan: the structure can be disconnected at any time and continue driving. The trailer-dacha has a low price and provides an opportunity to save money on living in a motel.

the presence of poor maneuverability is considered, as well as a low speed of 80 to 90 kilometers per hour. You cannot stay in it while driving on the road, and many cities in Europe do not allow trailers to enter.

Motorhome or camper

Hybrid model that combines housing and vehicle. Such a motorhome on the outside is an ordinary bus or minivan, inside of which a whole apartment is equipped. Even small varieties of campers are equipped with a TV, satellite dish, bike racks and more.

When driving, all communications operate at the expense of the auto-accumulator, and during parking – from external electrical sources.

Alcove motorhomes

The distinguishing features of the motor home include a superstructure located above the driver’s cab. This alcove is supposed to accommodate an additional double bed. The motorhome can accommodate up to seven people.

In the manufacture of a residential module with walls, floor and roof, panels are used that improve thermal insulation. In addition, such a living unit is wider than a standard minibus, which allows you to increase the interior space of an alcove motorhome.

This model is that it can differ in a large number of planning solutions. The presence of a cozy and warm double bed, which can be closed with curtains, is also an advantage.

: The motorhome has a peculiar appearance, poor maneuverability and has a high height, which will make it difficult to pass in some places.

The photo shows an example of an alcove type mobile home with a canopy.

Integrated houses

Belongs to premium and business class campers. Outwardly similar to a bus with a driver’s cab and a body part of an individual configuration. Since the cab of the car is integrated with the living module, the interior space is increased. The capacity of such a motorhome is from 4 to 8 people.

For the production of semi-integrated models, a serial chassis is used, on which the living compartment is mounted. The most popular motorhome brands are Ford, Fiat, Renault, Mercedes and many others.

: due to the side and panoramic windshield, a good overview opens up, sufficient capacity, the higher the speed, the lower the fuel consumption.

Residential minivans

These are residential minibuses that have a high roof. Due to their compactness, they are considered the most highly maneuverable of all types of motorhomes.

Kastenvagen van requires a living compartment with the necessary equipment and furniture items. Due to lack of space, a bathroom is rarely built in. Basically, a minivan can only fit two people. Kastenvagen can act as an ordinary minivan in everyday life, and at the weekend turn into a comfortable camper.

: good maneuverability, daily use as a standard vehicle.

: little living space, small capacity, insufficiently high level of thermal insulation.

Pictured is a mobile home in the form of a residential minivan.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons of living and traveling in a trailer.

Pros Cons

No need to depend on travel agencies, worry about buying train or plane tickets and spending money on a hotel room.

High cost.
The need to obtain a category E license.

Rest becomes more comfortable because you can cook or take a shower at any time.

High fuel consumption.

Camping is not available in all countries.

The motorhome is not real estate, so living in it does not require payment of property tax. Not all campers are suitable for off-road driving.
Easy purchase and fast sale. Living in an apartment there is a problem with storing a motorhome on wheels.

Photo of the interior inside the house

The layout of a mobile home most often provides for a bedroom, kitchen, dining area and a bathroom. Depending on the area of ​​the residential module, the elements are located in different rooms or in the same room. Below are photos showing the inside of the camper.

Sleeping place in a mobile home

Separate and convertible sleeping places are allocated. The first type is a stationary bed for one or two people, which occupies the aft part of the motorhome.

Pictured is a double bed inside a motorhome.

Transforming bed is a folding sofa or armchairs from the dining group, turning into a double bed.

The photo shows a tent trailer on wheels with a folding bed.

Cooking and eating area

A complete area includes a gas stove, sink, built-in refrigerator, separate freezer, as well as shelves and drawers for storing utensils.

There are 230 Volt sockets near the stove. Electricity is supplied only if the mobile home is connected to the network. The refrigerator can operate from the mains, battery or gas.

The kitchen unit is available as a corner or linear unit. The location of the kitchen is supposed to be in the stern or along any of the sides.

The photo shows the design of the kitchen and dining area in a trailer on wheels.


The only separate room equipped with a sink, shower and dry closet. A small camper may not have a shower cabin.

What does the house look like from the outside?

A simple look has a motorhome trailer that is easy to make with your own hands. Due to the skills of working with welding machines, an ordinary old trailer can become a tourist camper on wheels for traveling in comfort.

An equally ideal option is a motorhome based on a Gazelle minibus. The car has an optimally sized body, which allows you to get a roomy living compartment.

The photo shows the appearance of a motorhome on wheels based on a truck.

Kamaz is used for off-road mobile home. Thanks to a capacious body, the organization of several rooms is possible inside. The only drawback is that the truck is not designed to carry people, so you will need to additionally sheathe and insulate the wall and ceiling structures.

A number of nuances:

  • To organize the light, the mobile home must be equipped with a battery and a control panel for supplying electricity.
  • It is possible to heat a motorhome with the help of several types of heaters, for example, autonomous or gas. It is better to give preference to a gas cylinder, which can be used for cooking at the same time.
  • An important point in the arrangement of the camper is the general ventilation system. An extractor hood should also be installed in the kitchen area above the stove.
  • The mobile home should be equipped with compact pieces of furniture. Folding wall-mounted structures, folding beds, retractable tables and other elements are suitable.

A selection of unusual homes

There are cool and exclusive mobile homes that are highly functional and comfortable. Such models are a luxury item. They have a spacious living space and a saloon finished with the finest types of materials. Expensive motorhomes are equipped with modern video and audio equipment, solar panels, a retractable terrace and a fireplace, as well as a bar and a jacuzzi. In the lower part of some houses, there is a cargo compartment and an automatic platform for placing a car.

An interesting solution is a floating motorhome. When attached to an electric motor trailer, it turns into a boat or a miniature boat for fishing and water trips.

Pictured is a houseboat combined with a boat.

The largest mobile home is a five-story ship, made especially for an Arab sheikh to travel through the desert. The caravan has a balcony, a terrace, 8 bedrooms with private bathrooms, 4 car garages, and a 24,000 liter water tank.

Pictured is a spacious mobile home from a bus with a cargo compartment for a car.

Photo gallery

The mobile home will appeal to those who prefer to plan their vacation on their own. Motorhomes, equipped with all the necessary items, involve traveling with an unlimited route.

Known for the largest mobile home, which resembles a small hotel or cottage. There is the most expensive and cheapest mobile home in the world. There are also completely miniature houses.

The largest mobile home

Life on the road can be absolutely comfortable when it comes to the iron horse from Anderson Mobile Estates. It is considered not only the largest in the world, but also one of the most luxurious mobile homes.

A two-story luxury hotel with two bathrooms, a kitchen and a conference room in a trailer. In addition, it is equipped with seven plasma TVs, the latest electronics. Separately, it must be said about the stunning interior and beautiful furniture.

In this car, a family of three or four people will feel completely free, without experiencing inconvenience. Such a mobile home can compete with many high-end luxury homes and cool hotels.

It should be noted that getting into an accident while driving the world’s largest mobile home is extremely difficult, because the driver’s view is three hundred and sixty degrees. This was made possible thanks to the installation of an ultra-modern camera on the outside.

The largest mobile home weighs thirty tons and costs two million dollars. Ashton Kutcher is known to be the owner of the house.

The cheapest mobile home

Not everyone travels by car, there are those who prefer a bicycle as a means of transport. It turns out that there is also a bicycle house on wheels. Initially, it was assumed that the cyclist would tow such a house as a duffel trailer, while in parking lots it would serve as a place for him to rest. The main requirements for such a design are lightness, a low center of gravity and a small silhouette. However, pedaling with this trailer was not easy for cyclists, which is why they abandoned such “convenience” for traveling.

Artist Kevin Kier has resurrected the concept of the velodom with his product, ditching the towed structure. His tricycle looks like a cycle rickshaw, where instead of passengers there is a living room. His invention was called Camper bike. Despite the fact that living space is limited, you can enter through the side door. The height of the ceiling is sufficient for a person to stand in the house at full height.

Inside – a bed, shelves for things, a kitchenette. During parking it is possible to connect the house to the energy saving system. Such a house on wheels is reduced in size just enough so that you can comfortably spend the night in it. Camper bike house is recognized as the cheapest mobile home.

The smallest mobile home

The world’s smallest mobile home was designed by Designer Cornelius Comanns. He called his invention Bufalino. Such a house is able to satisfy all the requirements of a lone traveler. It is equipped with a workplace, a bed, a kitchen with a stove and sink, a clothes dryer and a wardrobe locker. The advantages of Bufalino are good cross-country ability and economical fuel consumption.

Another miniature caravan created by the British Air Transport Environmental Association. The name of such a mobile home is Qtvan. It was intended to be used in case of problems at airports, as temporary housing for those involved in maintenance work. In addition, such a house can be perfectly used during travel by those for whom comfort is not of paramount importance. QTvan is equipped with a single bed, TV, electric kettle, radio and bookshelf. The mini-house can be attached to an electric scooter, a motorcycle and even a bicycle. The world’s smallest trailer is two meters long and seventy-five centimeters wide. The estimated cost of QTvan is six thousand one hundred and twenty euros. The considerable price is due to the fact that the trailer has central heating, a trunk, a game console, satellite TV, it is equipped with a solar panel.

The most expensive mobile home

To date, the most expensive mobile home in the world is recognized as “”, which is the brainchild of Marchi Mobile. She valued her masterpiece at three million dollars.

When developing this concept, the designers took into account and used not only the most modern achievements in the automotive industry, but also the features of auto, air and yacht sports. The mansion on wheels is equipped with a gangway like a business jet, an open area like the roof of a motor yacht and a sports car exhaust system.

The interior of the extra expensive mobile home is also very extravagant: minimalism and modern forms are combined with old and classic design elements. The developer of this project is designer Luigi Colani.

Vehicle weight – twenty tons, height – four meters eleven centimeters, length – twelve meters. The mobile home is divided into several sections for convenience, various modifications are possible.

Under the hood of the “Element Palazzo” five hundred horsepower. The motorhome is capable of speeds up to one hundred and fifty kilometers per hour. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, it saves fuel significantly. Only five such houses are produced per year. Well, the most expensive car, according to the site, was bought in 2008 for 15.7 million pounds.

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Caravan for life and travel

This caravan is a hybrid of trailer and car. Trailers from Teardrop have long been popular because of their compactness, lightness and attractive design. Therefore, it is not surprising that a successful model was taken as the basis for a hybrid house with a micro area.

The structure on wheels has many features that save energy and improve the indoor climate.

Second floor windows open for ventilation

The area of ​​the van, nicknamed “tiny drops” by the owner, is 14 m2, which is considered the average size among analogues. The builders themselves comment that their creation consists entirely of heat-saving technologies that use both rain and sun to create a unique microclimate inside the house.

The outer coating is non-toxic and vehicle exhaust emissions are neutralized. Therefore, people who are inside the van, even when driving, breathe clean air. Visitors to the Tiny Drop Nationwide Tour traveling in this van can take a closer look at the interior details. The room is divided into zones, one working and dining room, another kitchen and a place to relax.

Cooking on the ground floor

During the day they also rest on the ground floor

The rather spacious bathroom has a shower, sink and toilet. This structure of the bathroom is much more successful than in other cramped bathrooms.

Not so small bathroom

A staircase leads to the second floor. The small bedroom has two large windows that open outwards. Through them, the sun illuminates the room well, the air is easily ventilated, and at night you can admire the sky.

Bedroom and fancy windows

The hybrid van has the ability to filter its own water. Energy is produced by solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, if necessary, you can connect to the Internet. This wonderful, eco-friendly and functional lodge is currently traveling.

Would you like to ride in it?

In the compact motorhome class, Hobby introduces a new model that blurs the lines between motorhome and everyday car, the Hobby Vantana K55.

This motorhome is a great budget option. At a much lower cost, it allows you to make comfortable and exciting trips. Its length is about 5.5 meters, height 2.6 m, and the engine power is enough for successful movement on the roads.

Its interior design sets new standards in terms of comfort with lots of amazing solutions for smart use of space.

To begin with, it has a spacious entrance area with a wide sliding door fitted with an insect screen when the door is open. This provides a large amount of daylight

The living area is equipped with comfortable seating, a table and spacious wall cabinets, and all windows in the living area are equipped with combined cassette blinds that protect from the sun and insects.

The kitchen of the motorhome is equipped with:

2-burner stove and stainless steel sink;

80 liter refrigerator;

Worktop with additional worktop and cupboards

The sleeping area with a bed of various modifications

and a soft wall covering cannot but please with its comfort.

In addition, the folding and removable slatted mattress allows you to fold to the side or completely remove the bed. The flexible sliding door transforms into a shower screen in just a few steps. In turn, the faucet installed in the sink is equipped with a retractable shower handle, which is a very practical solution

In addition to the above, the Hobby Vantana K55 package includes:

Hobby CI-BUS on-board control system with LCD panel (water, gas and electricity control)

LCD display of the operating panel, above the front door

· Frost-protected fresh water tank

· Frost-protected pipes in the floor

· Ventilated cabinets

As you can see, Hobby Vantana K55 represents a completely new class of motorhomes. It is compact in the city and flexible on narrow country roads. Driving is a real joy, and living in it is a real pleasure.

More information about Hobby Vantana K55 can be found here.

During the summer season and the time of holidays, trips and outdoor recreation, an increasing number of our compatriots are thinking about the prospect of acquiring portable mini-homes. In Europe and America, small motor homes have been given recognition and appreciation by travel enthusiasts, which is called “savages”.

A small camper, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in all weather conditions, can serve as a holiday home for the duration of your vacation. In this case, you do not have to worry about your summer cottage in the winter, because the motor home will be in the garage or in a guarded parking lot.

You can go on a trip, “taking” with you comfortable housing for a small family, which has the necessary segments for comfortable sleep and relaxation, cooking and the ability to perform all the necessary sanitary and hygienic procedures, both on the way and while in the parking lot.

Electricity for the operation of household and digital equipment for the country house comes from solar panels. Therefore, the use of such a model of living on a personal plot or just outside the city is advisable in the warm season, when daylight hours are long, and the sun pleases us more often.

The interior of the portable house

Let’s take a closer look at how the interior of the country house on wheels is equipped – how the designers managed to place many vital segments in a few square meters, integrate household appliances and digital equipment, do not forget about storage systems and cozy sleeping places .

Almost all surfaces and built-in furniture of the motorhome are made of light wood. Only the floor covering for the visual effect of expanding the space is made in a darker color. Such a total presence of wood creates an incredibly warm and homely atmosphere in which even away from home you can feel comfortable, safe and secure.

Despite the collection of zones in one small room, which are usually located in several rooms of an ordinary dwelling, the house does not look overloaded with furniture, appliances or interior details. Here you can even talk about some space, which is very important from the psychological point of view of a comfortable stay of several people in a small space.

In a small space, the zones have very conditional boundaries. The living room, also known as the entrance hall, smoothly flows into the study, meets the kitchen and dining room. We can say that the bedroom is located here, just on the upper level.

Storage systems are placed wherever possible so as not to interfere with movement around the portable house. The seats of the hallway-living room, which, if necessary, can be transformed into a bed, serve as a storage system for things needed on a trip. Small baskets are placed above the refrigerator in an original way. As a result, the usable space is used with benefit and a place for all sorts of little things in the quick access zone.

Another, perhaps the main storage system, is located under the upper tier, which is a sleeping place. Even in such a small closet, you can place all the necessary clothes and shoes for staying in the country or on the road.

The kitchen is a fairly separate room – a small narrow compartment. Despite its modest size, it managed to place all the necessary work areas, household appliances and even a sink for washing dishes. Not every kitchen located in a city apartment has the opportunity to wash dishes, looking at the beautiful landscape outside the window. All the small space of the kitchen is used to the maximum, even open racks for food and all sorts of spices are there. For Russians, however, it seems very problematic to transport a camper, inside of which there are open shelves with banks standing on them. Our roads will not yet be able to guarantee the safety of goods.

Just half a step to the left of the kitchen area and peeking through the curtain, we find ourselves in a bathroom and shower located in one small segment of the camper.

The shower cubicle is actually a shower located above a wooden tub, the space of which is limited by a curtain. This, of course, is not a spa at home, but the shower room performs its main functions – you can perform water procedures without leaving your portable home.

It is not easy to equip a utility room with enough storage systems without cluttering it up. But most of the space is occupied by plumbing. Therefore, various devices are used to save space.

The use of various storage systems made by one’s own hands (or by the hands of other craftswomen), carrying a piece of home comfort and warmth, helps soften the atmosphere of a portable home, bring it closer to the main place of residence of the owners of a country house.

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Effective arrangement of a small house on wheels

Minicamper is the smallest motorhome. Choosing a car for building a motorhome part 1

Topics: building a motorhome

Content of the article:

    • Expand

      Consider the three most popular types of homemade motorhomes and look at platforms, base cars that are their foundation.

      These will be “mini-camper”, “compact motorhome” and “full-size” motorhomes. Of course, there are also houses based on buses, trucks, airplanes, steamboats

      BUT! If you decide to take on such a project, I think you yourself know what you are doing without any videos on YouTube. We will take a look at more real classic options.

      What is a minicamper

      So the first category – “minicampers”

      In fact, this is a tent on wheels, with a retractable rear or outdoor kitchen.

      Sometimes a roof tent is used instead of a sleeping place inside.

      The advantages of such a camper are obvious – it is very simple and can be made without special skills

      It will be inexpensive and its operation (for example, fuel, parking, toll roads and storage) will not differ from a conventional car. A good way to save money while traveling is by using free parking lots to sleep in and having your own kitchen for cooking.

      Despite its compact size, it is quite possible to equip such a “minicamper” for traveling two people, especially for a short period of up to a couple of weeks.

      Combining wild overnight stays and parking in campsites (where there is a shower) or in hotels – you can travel very budget and interesting. Of course, there are also disadvantages – you can’t make a toilet or shower in it, and there is usually no margin of autonomy, little water and no additional electricity, so multi-day parking on such vehicles is not an option for everyone. Well, in bad weather, the camper turns into a pumpkin, because the kitchen becomes inaccessible, and inside there is usually no place to spend time – only a bed and two chairs for driving. So if you didn’t plan to lie down or go, you have to. Partially, the problem is solved by various sheds and tents, then you can turn around more freely and the weather is not a hindrance.

      Some craftsmen cram even a semblance of a sitting area for lunch and rest into such a body,

      but the width and height of the car here impose great restrictions, so you won’t really accelerate. The classic version is just a bed with drawers in the back.

      You can’t call it home, but you shouldn’t dismiss it if you want to try yourself in wild road trips, waking up in the mountains or on the lake, without investing too much money and time in the construction and the trip itself.

      Choosing a car for building a mini camper

      As for the platforms for building such a “mini camper”, these are most often small commercial trucks for example, VW Caddy

      and this is still quite a large option Fiat doblo, Peugeot partner and Citroen are very popular Berlingo – in general, these are approximately the same cars, let’s not forget the domestic analogue of Lada Largus.

      In general, I don’t know much about cars of this type, so I can’t give any specific advice. The selection rules are generally the same as when buying a regular car. Study the forums and typical problems, before buying, drive the car to the service for diagnostics. The main thing is to check that you have enough space from the front seats to the rear doors to equip a full bed for your height. And then the building will be limited by your imagination and not a very large space inside.

      Such campers are made not only on the basis of such minivans. There are even variants of “micro-campers” based on station wagons like Mercedes, Audi or VW, but of course there will be even less space, so be prepared to get a not very wide and high bed and very modest storage space and a simple street kitchen.

      However, do not think that this is complete nonsense – many people enjoy traveling in such “micro-campers”, especially those who are not ready to build a large motorhome, but want to see the world right now.

      In addition, such a “minimal camper” can be made in some serious SUV and get a bed on wheels with great opportunities for exploring natural attractions.

      Everything is in your hands, in fact, any car that can accommodate a sleeping place can be called a “micro-house”. But enough about the kids this time and in the next article we will already consider the “compact motorhome” option.