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Small Kids Rooms that Pack a Lot of Punch
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Short on square footage? Wondering how you’re going to create an effective room layout for your kiddos without cluttering the space? As our kids get older, needs change. If you ever find yourself in a small kid’s bedroom quandary, just take a look at some of our best solutions for low ceilings and small spaces that maximize every area of the room. These bed configurations pack a lot of punch with sleeping, studying and storing solutions. Here are a few great examples.

Twin Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder with Storage

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Low Lofts for One

Maxtrix lofts are likely the best option for anyone looking to change a child’s room over time. The space underneath can hold dressers, bookcases, a desk or any combination thereof. We really like the staircase loft option (but our lofts also come with angled or straight ladders) for safety and storage.

The Great

Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs, Storage + Desk


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1 – Our staircase lofts – whether low, mid or high – provide storage for clothing or toys as each step is a deep drawer! Depending on the height of your room and the age of your child, you can go from a low loft with three drawers all the way up to a high loft with five. So, choose what’s right for your child.

2 – Bookcases are almost essential for bedtime reading and storytelling. Young children and older teenagers have the versatility of adding books or storage bins to the open deep shelves. Plus, everything is easily accessible.

3 – Slide-out student desks work so well in this configuration as you can keep limited bedroom space open when your child isn’t studying or doing homework. Simply slide the desk underneath the bed or slide it out for craft time and studying.

Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs

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The Box

Twin Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder with Storage


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1 – Our two-drawer student desk has really deep drawers for writing utensils, books, craft supplies and more. Even better, this desk slides right underneath the bed when unused, which really helps to maximize floor space when your child is not using it.

2 – Books are so easy to organize – and your child stays safe – when items are within reach. As a part of this bed configuration today, the bookcase can slide out tomorrow and act as a stand alone piece of furniture tomorrow. Just add a crown and base kit to dress it up! You’ll also see deep cubbies next to the desk. Think how tidy your child’s room can stay with so much storage in one bed setup!

3 – Straight ladders really help to open up the space. WIthout extending in front of the bed, the straight ladder is the cleanest and simplest setup for a kid’s room. Your child will only take three steps to reach the top loft bed, so safety concerns are really eliminated.

Twin Low Loft Bed with Ladder


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The Wow

Twin Low Loft Bed with Slide and Ladder

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1 – A slide! Why not add “fun” to practicality? A loft bed with slide is a fantastic time to encourage your kiddos to get up in the morning. 😉 Plus, play dates just got so much more fun. Imagine the extra play hours spent indoors when it’s it raining or too hot/cold outside.

2 – Adding toy storage under this play bed helps to contain all of the excitement in one place. The open cubbies make grabbing toys and putting them away easy and fun. Since they don’t sit up too high, your child will be able to participate at-large during clean-up time. Notice there is also space under the front side of the bed for a pullout study desk and chair. You can rearrange this look by interchanging these components or adding other ideas like storage cubes / dressers. It’s your bed to configure.

3 – Angled Ladders with a handrail are great for young feet. The grooves on the ladder help the child climb safely as the handrail provides support and helps him or her balance. Need stairs? Simply change it out:

Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs and Slide

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High Corner Lofts for Two or Three

Need to sleep two in a room? Shared bedrooms can be challenging to design – particularly as your kids become tweens or teens! Girls and boys alike want individual spaces to thrive. Here’s two of our favorite shared bedrooms that pack a lot of punch!

The High Rise

Twin High Corner Loft with Straight Ladder and Angled Ladder

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1 – Corner lofts are so versatile and they work primary residences, vacation homes, dorms and playrooms. By elevating two beds, you’ve completely freed up all of the rooms square footage. Our corner lofts are sold in two sizes – low or high. Plus, you can choose a low corner loft and then raise it to a high corner loft later if you wish.

2 – Corner desks help to maximize the space underneath this “High Rise” corner loft. This freed up an area for a five-drawer dresser (because we know girls love their clothes!) 😉

3 – A second desk can be added on the other side of the loft so both girls or boys have a space to study independently. Distractions are limited with this setup. And, when it’s time for bed, each child has his or her own ladder, which helps to limit waking up siblings.

The Triathlon

Twin over Full + Twin High Corner Loft Bunk with Angled Ladder and Stairs on Left

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1 – Yes, you’re seeing that correctly. That’s two beds up high just like the High Rise featured above. What makes this bed different, however, is that we’ve added a staircase entry to one side and an angled ladder on the other. This is ideal for a room that will accommodate the extra width for the staircase, but you’re adding all that extra storage with each step’s pullout drawer.

2 – The Triathlon features a full sized bottom bunk on one size. This creates extra space on the bottom bed – perfect for a sleepover, nighttime snuggles or bedtime stories with Mom and Dad. We’ve added under-bed storage drawers for more storage space here, but you could also opt for a trundle bed to sleep child number FOUR! 😉

3 – There is STILL space under one of the top beds for a piece of furniture like a student desk. This is so ideal independent study and creative time.

What do you think? Stay connected with Maxtrix and shop all of or Unique Solutions. We hope they provide some inspirations for your small kids rooms.

15 Shared Small Bedroom Ideas That Kids Will Love


Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel has written on design for publications including the New York Times, Interior Design, Slate, Fast Company, and the international editions of Elle Decor.

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Updated on 05/25/23

The Spruce / Alyssa Vela

Whether your kids are sharing a small bedroom out of desire or necessity, it’s important to give each child their own space while helping them to appreciate the joys of togetherness. From layout to color palettes to furniture choices and accessories, here are some simple ideas to create a cozy space that kids will love to share. 

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    Accent With Color

    Designed by Eklektik Studio / Photo by Anna Stathaki

    Eklektik Studio hung Winnie the Pooh-inspired wallpaper on the walls of this light and airy London-shared kid’s bedroom—it’s accessorized with subtle pink and blue accents to personalize the space.

  • 02
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    Share the Headboard

    Christina Kim Interior Design / Raquel Langworthy Photography

    The dramatic raw wood beams in this cozy top-floor shared kids’ bedroom from Christina Kim Interior Design create a natural division between twin beds that are otherwise united by a single headboard upholstered in mint green velvet.

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    Divide Space With Paint

    Design by Vanessa Scoffier / Photo by Hotel Henriette

    Paris-based interior designer Vanessa Scoffier painted each side of this small room at the Hotel Henriette in a different pastel shade to visually define and virtually divide the space in two. Matching sconces add cohesion, and mismatched accent pillows give each side its own identity.

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    Make It a Double

    Design by AHG Interiors / Photo by Nick Glimenakis

    Instead of two twin beds, the kid’s room in this 1960s Catskills, NY house from AHG Interiors has a shared double bed. Mismatched lamps on the nightstands give each side its own personality, and colorful throw pillows add playfulness to the minimalist design.

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    Use a Trundle Bed

    AHG Interiors / Photo by Nick Glimenakis

    If you’re decorating a kid’s bedroom in a weekend house or a temporary shared space for two young kids—consider using a trundle bed that can be pulled out for sleeping and stowed away to create extra floor space for daytime play, like this New York State kids shared bedroom from AHG Interiors. Once kids are older and graduate to their own rooms, the trundle bed can be used for sleepovers.

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    Hang a Shared Canopy

    Photo by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Emily Henderson Design draped an oversized but minimalist shared canopy over the twin beds in this bright kid’s room outfitted in shades of green, blue, and white that make the ceilings feel taller. A vintage trunk functions as a communal nightstand.

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    Combine Pink and Blue

    Design by Maison Ellie / Photo by Rebecca Simon

    In this shared kid’s bedroom from Maison Ellie, a palette of soft pinks and blues are dispersed throughout. The room includes Cole & Son Woods & Stars wallpaper with metallic star accents and a variety of pastel-toned textile accents like a linen flag banner, decorative throw pillows, and framed art prints.

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    Pair Mismatched Antique Beds

    Fantastic Frank

    This Scandinavian shared kid’s room from Fantastic Frank looks like it has been preserved from another century—with its Scandi-style wood from floor to walls to ceiling, a pair of mismatched antique bed frames and nightstands, and vintage toys and decor accents throughout.

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    Add Bunk Houses

    Design by AHG Interiors / Photo by Chris Mottalini

    This rustic kid’s Catskills ski lodge bedroom from AHG Interiors has a cozy feel thanks to a pair of matching house-shaped raised beds complete with roll-up shades on the windows that provide privacy for siblings while keeping them close.

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    Use Midcentury Furniture

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Christy Q. Photo

    In this minimalist shared kids’ room from Cathie Hong Interiors, a symmetrical layout with matching vintage-style rattan twin bed frames is divided by a midcentury modern-style nightstand. To keep laundry day simple, the beds have matching bed linens but each has its own accent pillows and stuffed animals to give each side its own personality.

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    Use an All-White Palette

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This cottage bedroom from Kate Marker Interiors has an all-white palette that keeps it feeling light and airy despite the small size. Bunk beds maximize vertical space, leaving room for a small hang-out area in the corner with a comfortable chair and a Moroccan pouf that doubles as an extra seat. A star-shaped pendant light adds a touch of whimsy.

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    Go Scandi Style

    Urbanology Designs / Norman Young Photography

    This Scandi-inspired shared kid’s bedroom from Urbanology Designs is light, airy, and gender-neutral—with a pale wood bunk bed whose lower half is on wheels, a jute rug, soft white walls, and graphic black accents that are playful but sophisticated.

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    Add a Double Dresser

    A Beautiful Mess

    Adding a double dresser to a shared kid’s bedroom is an easy way to save space and give each child their own real estate for storing clothing and displaying favorite items, like this brother and sister bedroom from A Beautiful Mess.

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    Keep It Zen

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Christy Q. Photo

    Cathie Hong Interiors designed this shared kid’s bedroom with calming shades of blue and green, mesmerizing illustrated wave-patterned wallpaper, and a sleek pale wood bunk bed to maximize space.

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    Add Matching Canopy Beds

    Heather Hilliard Design / Photo by Jose Manuel Alorda

    If you’ve got enough space, adding matching canopy beds to a shared kid’s bedroom gives each child their own well-defined space that can be personalized with color or accessories, like this San Francisco bedroom from Heather Hilliard Design.

55 bright ideas – INMYROOM

A child is a small personality. He needs his own space where he can play and dream. For one child, this issue is easier to solve. And what to do when two children and one room?

A child is a small person with his own needs and
interests. He needs his own space where he can play and dream.
For one child, this issue is easier to solve. And what to do when there are two children, and one room? Let’s get a look!

The design of the nursery must be created in a harmonious and
functional, and most importantly, that the kids like it. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account
everyone’s preferences.

The simplest solution is room zoning. Can be divided
nursery with a color or a small partition.

It is desirable that each child has his own locker,
bedside table for his personal belongings.

Or simple, handy boxes that you can make yourself with your kids.

If two little princesses live in a room, they will certainly like the option in the form of a fairy-tale house. Delicate color
gamma fits perfectly into this style.

Here is an interesting color combination and design for two
fashionistas a little older.

When the girls grow up, they may be more comfortable in bright shades of scarlet.

For two boys, young car lovers, you can create a stylized interior.

flooring is an important element in the rooms for small children. Here is another important point that parents should take into account.

The teenagers’ room can be decorated in orange or yellow. tree presence
and white color makes the space cheerful and comfortable.

The task becomes more difficult when people live in the same room
girl and boy. But as you know, all issues are solvable.

Kids will like it if their zones are marked with color, decor, zoning.

Perfect for children of different sexes, a single stylistic
solution (color, furniture).

To save space, it is better to use two-tier
beds are a good old solution that does not lose its relevance.

Or the pull-out twin bed version, an even more ergonomic version of the bunk bed.

Economical and functional. A
such an original solution is useful for those who have three kids.

Parents should take into account that these are children, so the room
there should be one unifying zone for games. Especially if they are small and
little difference in age.

It is interesting to live together in one room, especially when everyone has their own house.

25 cozy options –

Small children’s room: 25 cozy options
Can a small children’s room be cozy and beautiful? Yes! Take note of ideas: 25 options for a nursery for different situations
Small children’s room: 25 cozy options

Can a small children’s room be cozy and beautiful? Yes! Take ideas to heart: 25 options for a nursery for different situations

Even for a newborn, “dowry” takes up more space than parental things. What can we say about a baby who has already entered the age of exploring the world by touch – space is needed not only for a crib and diapers, but also for games, numerous toys, and a work area. Therefore, the main thing when creating the interior of a small nursery is the competent organization of the space, which should become both comfortable and cozy. We create the “space” of the children’s room correctly: for you – the best ideas for designing a nursery and important tips.

One of the most common ways to visually change the size of a room is to use horizontal or vertical stripes in the interior. Stripes not only visually elongate the room, but also enliven, add dynamics and individuality to the interior.

While the child is small, you can not clutter up the space with large beds – a nice cradle is enough. But remember that babies grow fast. Start planning a new interior before the child starts to get out of the crib on his own.

Don’t feel sorry for the white color – it is able to push the boundaries and increase the space. Of course, white color, alas, will not add to you square meters, but lightness and a feeling of spaciousness in the room are easy.

This interior is suitable for a teenager or even two children (a pull-out bed is a way to save useful meters). Even the closet, compact, stylish and clearly roomy, fits perfectly into the interior.

Everything that can be transferred for storage to another room, we transfer. We do not clutter up the nursery with things.

This furniture complex allows you to save space and decorate the interior. It is recommended to immediately choose transforming furniture: children grow up quickly. Note that light flooring also adds freedom and lightness to the interior.

Children’s multifunctional “island” – an individual non-standard solution for the bedroom. Among the advantages are saving meters and convenient access to built-in lockers, a changing table, a crib and even lower drawers.

Even in such a tiny room, it was possible to create a cozy and stylish room for a child. Classic tools: white, open shelves, organization of space under the bed.

A very fashionable and incredibly delicate version of a bedroom for two kids. Dark shades are exclusively for interior accents.

Ideal storage solution. Any girl will be delighted with such a pink bedroom, and the lion’s share of things and toys can be placed in the drawers.

Do you have two children? Don’t know how to make a beautiful nursery for two? Take note of the option. No bulky cabinets: airy interior, open shelves, color accents.

Don’t forget the walls. Beautiful posters and wallpapers are great, but if you don’t have a lot of square meters, use the space rationally – and tastefully, of course.

A bright and practical version of a nursery: a podium bed (you can hide drawers under it), a work area and even sports items.

Even in a tiny room, there was an opportunity to combine work and relaxation areas. In situations where there is not enough space just catastrophically, balcony beds, drawers and custom-made furniture always come to the rescue.

Another pretty pink bedroom for the little doll and teddy bear collector.

Editor’s note:

— Don’t be afraid to raise children’s beds, even if the interior of the room is created for one child. There are many beautiful, stylish and child-safe options for high-altitude beds. Leave space on the floor for games and creativity. It is hard for any child (and any adult) to constantly be in a room where every wave of the arms threatens with new bruises. Use every opportunity to optimize space. Hide drawers under the bed, use light open hanging shelves, balcony beds, podiums, transformers and other elements that allow you to keep room for movement, creativity and imagination.

How do you like this option? The perfect bed-house, under which you can hide boxes with toys or baby clothes.

Are you looking for a nursery for two boys? Don’t miss a great idea: a stylish blue bedroom for growing boys. Note: neat baskets for toys are always more pleasing to the eye than boxes and plastic boxes.

Once again, clever use of space under the bed saves a small bedroom from clutter. Do not forget about the walls: narrow white shelves along the entire wall will fit perfectly even in a beige interior.

Today it is fashionable to buy apartments in townhouses. Traditionally, children are given the upper attic rooms as bedrooms. Can such a nursery for a boy be cozy? Definitely!

Not sure what to do with a niche in the room? Add creativity to the working area of ​​the nursery – your child will definitely appreciate it.

Even such a non-standard niche found a better and more practical use than the classic pantry “for winter things”.

If you really want to use a bright accent in the form of wallpaper, apply it in fragments. Do not overload the room with too bright walls or wallpaper, from which the child will ripple in the eyes.

If your children have to share a room for two, make sure that they are comfortable in it. Personal space for everyone is your main guideline.