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Small Living Room Decorating: Finding the Right Sofa that Defines the Space

Decorating the small living room is a tricky task at the best of times. You need to find that perfect balance between form and functionality even while ensuring that the style of your choice is not compromised. The idea is not to fill up the space entirely which allows you to add a selective furniture piece or art work down the line. It gives greater decorating flexibility. But at the heart of every great small living room is a sofa around which rest of the room can be comfortably built. The large sofa offers a focal point and a central piece that generally defines the entire living space its predominant ‘aura’. So how do you find the right sofa for the small living room?

Plush and dashing couch in yellow for the modern Scandinavian living room in gray with small gallery wall [From: Lares Design]

The small sofa is the focal point of the modest living room; even if at times it is the backdrop, accent walls and other features that end up stealing the spotlight. Planning for decorating the small living room starts with the sofa and this makes every other choice much easier. The choice of the sofa though depends on style, available space, dimensions of the room and lighting as well. Step in and discover some of the best small living room sofa ideas even as we share some helpful tips that will help in organizing your own living space –

Do Not Shy Away from Color

Conventional decorating wisdom says that you must stay away from too many bright colors in the small living room and we tend to agree with it. But that does not mean your sofa choices should be limited to neutral colors alone. A bright and colorful sofa is a hot decorating trend that many are embracing across the planet and this summer you can join in as well with one in the small living space. Do not worry about overwhelming the room with too much color. As long as you keep rest of the backdrop as uncluttered and neutral as possible, you can easily work with that brilliant red or bold blue couch.

Tiny open living area of the Scandinavian style home with dark green sofa that seats two [From: Cécile Humbert – Design d’intérieur]Traditional living room with limited space, bold purple couch and drapes in yellowTiny light blue sofa for an ultra-small living area inside small studio apartment

As always, lighting is the key in here and you do not want a space where there is limited natural light along with an even layer of artificial illumination. This takes away from any possible sense of congestion in the small living area and you have a cheerful setting that is not all about just neutral colors.

Bright blue sofa is the perfect choice for the small modern living room in white [From: Mariana Martini]Large sofa combines a bit green with black to create a sense of uniqueness in the living room [From: Heidi Caillier Design]

Tried and Tested Sectionals

We love the many advantages sectionals offer when used right. A poorly placed sectional with the wrong size can be incredibly inconvenient. Yet one that has the right dimensions can neatly utilize that forgotten corner in the living space and do so without taking away from the overall aesthetics. This frees up precious square footage in the middle of the room and also gives you greater design flexibility. Sectionals that open up into beds when needed are even more useful in the small studio apartments where the same area functions as both the bedroom and the living room!

Large sectional can also help delineate space in the open plan living space [From: Savos Interiors]Minimal and contemporary sofa in blue for the modern minimal living room [From: School Bus]Sectional in gray adds to the color scheme of the tiny living room with red accentsFabulous contemporary living room of Paris home with a large blue sectional [From: Source Architecture]Large contemporary sectional in white sits perfectly in this beautiful and modest living room [From: Loft Interiors]

Keeping it Simple and Neutral

Not a fan of the bright and dashing sofa? A section does not fit in with your living room dimensions? Not to worry as we have a solution that works in pretty much every small living space everywhere – the small sofa in a neutral color. This one is a life-saver and you need not stick to a particular style or theme with this couch. A sofa in white, gray, beige or similar muted hues can work well with a variety of styles and in rooms of various sizes. When you use a sofa in these colors, inevitable it will be the furniture around it or creative wall art additions that make the biggest visual impact. But this is a safe and sturdy bet that saves you from redecorating all too often.

Modest Japanese style living room in wood and white with a low-slung couch in dark gray [From: Mark Brand Architecture]Small and trendy eclectic living room in gray where accent pillows and wall art usher in colorSnazzy rug adds pattern to this small living room without altering its color palette [From: Wilkinson Brochier Interior Design]Dashing small couch for the small and well-lit living room also ushers in a bit of patternLeather couch in brown feels both colorful and neutral at the same time [From: artn-samara]

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Furniture and light for your comfort

Have you long dreamed of a cozy living room with a large sofa and comfortable armchairs? Or wanted to update the lighting because the chandeliers are outdated? In our selection you will find everything you need to equip a cool modern space – get the goods now!

Bright armchair

The model will become the main accent in the living room or relaxation area. Velor upholstery provides a pleasant tactile sensation, looks stylish and fits into any design – from classic to scandi. The frame made of timber and plywood is responsible for the strength, and the solid beech legs make the chair more presentable. You can find different shades in the collection: there is both discreet beige and juicy green.

Double sofa bed

A find for small spaces and for those who like to meet guests who stay overnight – a sofa bed. Thanks to the Eurobook transformation mechanism, the sofa easily turns into a sleeping place, and it’s not worth talking about the cool design. The back cushions, armrests and seat, decorated with contrasting piping and shallow drawstrings, look impressive. The line includes furniture in a variety of colors – it will not be difficult to find the best model for your room.

Coffee table

The coffee table combines functionality and beauty. This model is made in the traditional classic style, but it has its own zest – here there are two different textures of the decorative coating and two shades. Can be installed in the living room or bedroom – everything is limited only by your imagination.

Collapsible basket

The basket doesn’t have to serve as storage: you can put your favorite tall plants in it – the move will look interesting and stylish. Of course, no one canceled the traditional use. In the collection you will find many models for every taste and color: with or without print, large or smaller.

Bird table lamp

Such a lamp has several advantages at once: firstly, it will make the atmosphere more relaxed, and secondly, the unusual design will definitely attract attention. The figurine itself is made of polyresin — the material is durable and plastic, allowing you to work out even the smallest details. Important: Lamps are not included.

TV stand

Choosing a TV stand is not an easy task. The model should not only fit well into the interior, but also be functional so that you can store a set-top box or other equipment next to the TV. This cabinet is equipped with side closed shelves and a drawer, and the white front is a win-win solution. In the collection you will find a lot of interior items: explore and buy right now.

Delicate chair

Pink and gold is a harmonious combination of shades that is unlikely to go out of fashion in the coming years. The furniture is versatile and suitable for any space: living room, bedroom, dining or work area. The ergonomic shape of the backrest will provide comfort during operation, and the velor upholstery will add a touch of luxury.

Chandelier with amber shades

This chandelier is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional due to its small height and impressive diameter. Black and gold shades in combination will make the design more vivid and voluminous. But the main feature is the shades made of amber glass. Because of the relief, the light that fills the room is refracted – it looks truly fabulous.

Pendant lamp

If you are tired of complex lamp design and want to complement your living room or bedroom with a minimalist model, be sure to take a look at this option. The design was based on strict geometry: straight arms rotate relative to the central rod – you can change the configuration of the lamp.

Stylish carpet

A well-chosen carpet can transform any interior. We recommend paying attention to the laconic lint-free carpet in gray: it will definitely not overload the space. Made from 83% cotton and 17% polyester.

Prices valid at the time of publication.

21 Stylish Contemporary Living Room

This sloping roof adds height to this living room. Together with a low sofa and designer armchairs, it creates a modern visual look. A floor lamp will create cozy lighting in the evening, and three LOFT-style lamps will brightly illuminate the evening dinner.

Speaking of creative roofs and ceilings, the bricks on display in this ceiling are so stunning you can get lost in them. It separates the space, from simplicity and clean lines to a neutral color setting. A huge LED pendant lamp creates a slight illumination in the dark.

This bright and modern living room is also a spacious dining room and forge. The open structure invites every corner of this stylish living room.

The texture and finish of this living room is whimsical and distinctly feminine. From subtle wallpaper to a bold rug, every touch creates a play in this bohemian setting. The light of the amber shades of the table lamps will add warmth to this living room.

This living room uses a variety of soothing shades of blue that will make the guest feel as if they are drifting across a cool ocean with their eyes closed.

In this living room, three small backless sofas have been creatively designed. They used special pillows that will allow you to take any comfortable position on the sofa or on the floor.

Dark colors can create an enclosed space feel, but they work well when there are large windows that fill the room with natural light. The wooden flooring creates a nice contrast in this living room.

On the other end of the spectrum is a space of light wood and a bright living room. It is located in a small part of the house, but large enough and comfortable to spend the night.

This unusual living room is quite cleverly decorated with wood paneling, which was discussed in our recent article. A long and low sofa in neutral tones, well allows you to highlight the structure of the finish. Bursts of yellow in the finishes add to this living room’s touch of sun.

This small living room is amazing for its neatness, the dark frame of the furniture creates the right accent. In this living room we see pendant lamps already familiar to us from previous articles, an additional accessory is a floor lamp with a large white lampshade.

This living room gives us mystical lighting and allows us to immerse ourselves in this world of sofas and upholstered furniture. A pendant chandelier will surround you with soft, cozy light.

This huge living room attracts attention with its large windows, which are hidden behind thin curtains. If necessary, the windows can be tightly closed and a small cinema can be arranged.

It is impossible to comment on this living room without the emphasis on half of the horse sculpture. It’s a really strong accent.

Incredibly stylish and comfortable living room. Simple pendant lights with transparent shades will perfectly brighten up a game of chess. Sofas simply call to plunge into them for an afternoon nap. Just don’t try to dream of half a horse.

A simple gray sofa, a few armchairs, a hanging chandelier and ceiling spots, a prime example of mid-century influences on contemporary design. Only a coffee table made from commodity pallets is a key touch.

If you’ve ever wondered what Santa’s house was like and whether he shopped at the pottery store, then I think this Scandinavian style living room will give you the answer.

This small living room, with a massive bookcase, makes a lasting impression.

Inspired by a Japanese designer, this large stylish living room is the best SEO for a huge company. Suspension lamps with steel shades and a similar floor lamp, here clearly feel at home.

We wish you good luck in finding your own style. Subscribe to our articles and you will always be aware of the latest trends in interior design, solutions for a cozy and stylish home, as well as amazingly beautiful novelties in the field of interior decorative lighting.