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7 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Just because your space is limited you don’t have to sacrifice style! Here are some simple, creative, small bedroom design ideas you can try.…

By Editorial Team

Published: March 19, 2019

Your bedroom is the place to relax after a long and stressful day. It is where you can gather your thoughts, de-stress, and be yourself. Even if you don’t have room for many accessories, furniture items, and personal belongings, you can still create a stylish, functional, and organized space. If space is limited, here are several simple but eye-catching ideas for your small bedroom.


Choose bright colors

Dark and bold colors certainly make a statement but they can also make a room appear tiny and cramped. When you choose light and bright colors for bedroom decor, you make the room appear more inviting. Insistent on utilizing dark and bold colors such as deep reds, blacks, or blues throughout your room? Then, make them the accent colors and use them as your main inspiration for pillows, a throw blanket, or a piece of wall art.


Keep your bed high

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to tight quarters is the lack of storage space. It can be difficult to find a home for all of your personal belongings. While decluttering should be high on your to-do list, you still need a place for all the items you want to keep that have sentimental value.

As you search for small bedroom ideas, consider lifting your bed off of the ground. You can choose bedroom furniture that boasts small drawers underneath or lift your bed on a tall, homemade bed frame. If a DIY project is not an option, placing cinder blocks under your bed frame can lift it up for cheap. This also provides plenty of space for totes, baskets, milk crates, and more.


Skip unnecessary furniture

You can still create gorgeous, open rooms even if space is limited. One way is to be picky about the furniture items you place in your bedroom area. Only choose essential items such as a bed, dresser, and nightstand.

Remember that the more items you try to cram into your bedroom, the more cluttered and small it will feel. You may even want to get rid of thick headboards or footboards as they can take up extra space that you don’t have.


Hang a large mirror

One popular trick for small bedrooms is to hang a mirror on the wall. The mirror will reflect light into the room, and create the illusion and feeling of a larger space.

Choose a mirror with a decorative frame to create a statement piece. Just make sure that you size your mirror wisely. Choosing one that is too small, won’t do the job of doubling as decor. By choosing one that is too big, you can actually make the room appear even smaller.


Incorporate horizontal stripes

As you choose the colors and patterns for your bedroom, consider incorporating horizontal stripes into the design scheme. This is a simple way to make the room appear wide and open. You don’t have to do much to nail this look either. You can apply stripes to the wall or even on your fabrics and wall art. Just be careful to not overdo this design or the room may become too busy and very overwhelming.


Use wall space

Even if your square footage is limited, there are still multiple ways to incorporate various belongings and accessories in your room. Simply, use the wall. Hang floating wall shelves to easily display items such as photographs, clocks, plants, etc. These items also add a little more dimension to the space, helping create an aesthetically pleasing vibe.

Also, don’t be afraid to be creative with your small bedroom design ideas. For example, consider hanging a shelf from the ceiling and using it to place books and magazines or hang it near your bed to use as a nightstand.


Let in the natural light

Natural light makes every room appear welcoming and warm, regardless of the size or type of space. When this light is restricted, the room appears gloomy and dull, which probably isn’t somewhere you would want to spend much time in. Meaning, you want to let in as much natural light as possible. Avoid dark, heavy window treatments over your bedroom windows, and avoid placing a large headboard or other furniture items in front of it as well. During the day, aim to keep your window treatments open and let the sunshine stream inside.

No matter where you choose to live and how you choose to decorate your small apartment, you need to find and foster a place that feels like home. One of the best options is to choose a beautifully furnished and fully-equipped apartment like those provided by Blueground and enjoy trendy, stunning, and eye-catching living spaces. You’ll have everything you need from day one, creating a home that you’ll be excited to come back to each night.

Small Bedroom Ideas: How To Maximize A Tiny Space

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Caroline Biggs


Photo: Rozette Rago


We’ve reviewed this guide and we stand by our advice. We’ve removed products that have been discontinued.

Small bedrooms pose big challenges, particularly if you’re short on closets or if you need to fit in a home office. That’s why we asked five design and organizing experts for advice on getting the most out of a tiny bedroom, then tested decor in a 250-square-foot New York City apartment. Whether you want a storage bed, a compact nightstand, or a room divider, the 11 items we recommend should help maximize your small space.

The research

  • Why you should trust me
  • How to organize a small bedroom
  • Beds
  • Nightstands
  • Desks
  • Lighting
  • Room dividers
  • Seating
  • Sources

Why you should trust me

I’ve been writing about small-space design for over seven years, for publications including The New York Times (now the parent company of Wirecutter), Refinery 29, Apartment Therapy, Architectural Digest, and Domino. For this guide, I researched hundreds of bedroom furnishings sold through Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, IKEA, Target, and other retailers. I tested more than a dozen items in my own 250-square-foot apartment and I evaluated other products in person at IKEA and West Elm.

I also spoke with five home-organizing experts to get their insights on designing a small bedroom: Emily Henderson, interior designer and blogger behind Style by Emily Henderson; Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, professional organizers at The Home Edit and authors of The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals; Tali Roth, interior designer at Homepolish; Anjie Cho, interior architect, holistic designer, and feng shui educator; and Nicole Anzia, professional organizer and founder of Neatnik.

How to organize a small bedroom

Before you decide what to buy, consider the types of items that work best in a small bedroom. Our experts recommended thinking about these four general guidelines to help maximize every inch.

  • Think about function first: When working with limited space, each item you bring in should “serve a purpose,” said interior designer Emily Henderson. “You need to consider not only the size of every piece you bring in, but also how it will function in the space.”
  • Opt for multipurpose pieces: When designing a small bedroom, the more multifunctional the furnishing the better. “Maximize your bedroom storage by looking into furniture that pulls double duty by offering storage space,” Henderson said. Other experts we spoke to echoed the same idea, suggesting storage beds and bookshelf/room dividers as prime opportunities to get maximum utility from your decor.
  • Pay attention to scale: Oversized pieces of furniture don’t make very much sense in a small space. “Observe with scale,” Henderson said. “Big heavy pieces typically aren’t your friend when designing a small bedroom. Instead, look for tall pieces with small footprints, that will draw the eye up and allow you to maximize vertical space.”
  • Take advantage of wall space: Wall-mounted storage looks good while also creating a space to stash stuff in a small bedroom. It can “liven up vacant walls and give purpose to underutilized areas,” said Clea Shearer of The Home Edit. “Vertical storage, especially wall-mounted shelving, gives the illusion of a more spacious room,”

In a small bedroom, a storage bed is a foolproof way to gain some extra space. Whether with built-in drawers, hidden compartments, or a small footprint, these bed frames all offer some unexpected storage.

A compact storage bed

Photo: IKEA

Our pick


This affordable bed was the only one we found that lifts up to provide lots of storage inside when you don’t have enough clearance for pull-out drawers.

Buying Options

$699* from IKEA

*At the time of publishing, the price was $500.

The IKEA Malm is the perfect bed to squeeze into a tiny room or cramped bedroom corner. It provides as much or more storage as beds we found with built-in drawers but it doesn’t require any clearance space around the frame. Instead, a spring-assisted lift flips up the mattress to reveal a hidden storage area inside. Organizer and Neatnik founder Nicole Anzia specifically recommended the Malm for small bedrooms, “It’s great when you don’t have the space around your bed for pullout drawers.” It also has a relatively small footprint, with the queen-size bed measuring 83½ inches long by 66⅛ inches wide.

It’s easy to access storage inside the Malm, thanks to a spring-assisted lift that raises the mattress. Photo: IKEA

The Malm offers a lot of function for the money—it’s less than a third of the price of some other storage beds we considered. But even though it gives you a lot of storage space, it won’t replace a dresser. Because the interior isn’t as easy to access as the beds we recommend with drawers, it’s better suited to storing seasonal or rarely used items, not everyday necessities. However, its big central compartment is better than drawers for storing big or awkward items that need a more open space, like comforters or winter jackets.

A grown-up loft bed

Our pick

Oeuf Perch Loft Bed

This loft bed is the most stylish one we found and one of the few that’ll accommodate a full-size mattress.

Even though it’s from Oeuf, a brand for children, the Perch Loft Bed is the most adult-friendly loft bed we found. It’s far nicer-looking than any other we saw and it comes in full size, while many lofted beds we researched are available only in a twin. Lofted beds are ideal for small bedrooms because they free up space underneath. As interior designer Tali Roth said of the Perch, “It looks brilliant styled with a desk underneath or seating and wall shelves.”

The Perch is the only lofted bed we found with closed sides that hide the mattress (up to 8 inches deep), making it look more polished than those we saw with metal or wood slats. It’s made from birch plywood, so we think it’ll also be sturdier than metal beds we found.

The Perch’s ladder has flat steps that help make it less awkward to climb than the standard metal crossbar steps on many of the loft beds we saw. Even better, the ladder fits on either side of the frame, so it’s more versatile for spaces that need a specific layout. The Perch supports up to 250 pounds of weight, which is standard for the lofted beds we found. Although at $1,995, it’s pricier than other loft beds we looked at, its quality construction, full size, and sleek design are precisely what you’re paying for.

An investment storage bed

Blu Dot Blu Dot

Our pick

Modu-licious Full Bed

High in quality and style, this pricey storage bed is the only one we found with so many customizable features—pick from six drawer colors.

Buying Options

$1,747* from Blu Dot

*At the time of publishing, the price was $1,871.

Consider the Blu Dot Modu-licious Full Bed the Rolls Royce of storage beds—it has enough space to stash spare bedding, clothes, books, and more, but it’s sophisticated enough to use even if you don’t need the room. Many storage beds we found looked like they belonged in a dorm room, but the Modu-licious is a classy, investment-worthy bed. It’s well built and the only solid-wood option of our picks, available in oak, walnut, or maple. You can also customize the color of each individual drawer front, from six shades, so the look can be as showy or as subtle as you wish. It’s the only bed we looked at that has adjustable feet for leveling, perfect if you have slanted or uneven floors.

The Modu-licious’s birch plywood drawers span both sides of the 79-inches-long frame so they take advantage of every inch under the bed. However, unlike with the flip-up Malm, the drawers on the Modu-licious require at least 30 inches to open all the way, so they won’t do much good if your bed is next to a wall. This bed also costs more than four times the price of the Malm. We think it’s worth the investment if you plan to use a storage bed long term; otherwise, our cheaper recommendations might be a better fit.

What about Murphy beds?

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, fold up when not in use, so they’re a clever way to free up some floor space during the day. They’re nothing new, but an efficient use of space will always be in style (subscription required). However, Murphy beds tend to be expensive, much more so than the other types of beds we recommend here, and we didn’t see very many nice-looking options available without a custom order. We researched numerous options but ultimately couldn’t find a Murphy bed we thought was best for most people. Still, if you know a tilt-up bed would work well in your particular space, a solid assortment of options are available online at Wayfair and Overstock, or, if you can afford it, sites such as Resource Furniture offer high-end, customizable beds. If you’re willing to DIY one, you can even build a custom Murphy bed.


Whether you need a place to set a lamp or just a spot to charge your phone, bedside storage is essential. Look for a nightstand that can squeeze into almost any space, but offer enough room to stash your nighttime necessities.

A wall-mounted nightstand

Photo: Rozette Rago

Our pick

Umbra Bijou Floating Shelf Cubby

Chic and affordable, our favorite wall-mounted cubby will hold your bedside necessities without using any floor space.

Although it’s not specifically a nightstand, we think the Umbra Bijou Floating Shelf Cubby is the best way to store your nighttime essentials without using any floor space. It’s clean and contemporary, inexpensive, and easy to install. Mount one or two next to your bed for all the perks of a table, with no footprint.

At about $30 as of this writing, we think the Bijou looks more expensive than it is. Its clean lines and open storage compartment give it a sophisticated silhouette. It’s also solidly made of an iron sheet cubby and a thick (¾ inch) melamine top that measures 16 by 8 inches. It comes fully assembled and, when securely mounted to the wall with anchors (which are included), it can hold up to 10 pounds.

Finding a way to incorporate a workspace into a small bedroom or studio isn’t always easy but sometimes it’s necessary. Both of these desks will fit into a tight space but also offer enough room to actually get some work done.

A clever hide-away desk

Photo: Wayfair

Our pick

Andover Mills Sanner Fold-Away Floating Desk

This sturdy wall-mounted desk is big enough to hold most laptops but folds up to the size of a large briefcase. It’s one of the only folding desks we saw that has storage for papers and pens.

The Ebern Designs Sanner Fold-Away Desk is a clever way to create a one-person workstation in a small bedroom. It’s a high-quality, wall-mounted desk that can fold up and out of the way when not in use. No matter how small, almost every other desk we considered used up a decent amount of space, but when closed, the Sanner extends only four inches off the wall. When opened, its 21-by-17-inch surface has enough space for most laptops (although it might be tight if you use a mouse) and a large pocket for a few papers and pens. It was one of the only folding desks we saw that can store stuff—rather than just offering a surface—which makes it feel more like a desk than similar but cheaper models.

According to reviews, it’s also durable. One reviewer, who gave the Sanner five stars (out of five), said “[It’s] very sturdy and well designed.” Chrome hinges help the Sanner open smoothly, while an extra-strong magnetic closure keeps it tightly closed when put away. Reviewers give it 4. 7 stars (out of five) at the time of this writing and praise its slimness, sturdiness, and ability to be mounted as either a standing or sitting desk. The Sanner needs to be anchored to a stud (all of the hardware you need is included) and can hold up to 20 pounds.

A sleek leaning desk

Photo: West Elm

Our pick

West Elm Ladder Shelf Desk

This stylish desk was the only one we found with top shelves, and the leaning design helps take advantage of unused wall space. It also offers the option to buy a matching bookcase, so it’s more versatile than others we considered.

The West Elm Ladder Shelf Desk was the most polished leaning desk we found, with a solid wood frame and a subtle contrasting look. Its slim frame—which measures just 28 inches wide—also includes two shelves, so it provides more storage than most leaning desks we considered without extra shelving. This design helps make the most of any small space but especially one with an odd shape or a nook where a traditional desk plus shelving might not fit. If you want to fill an entire wall with storage, the Ladder series also includes a five-tier narrow shelf that can be used alone or mounted next to the desk to create a streamlined system with an almost nonexistent footprint. The bookcase is just 17 inches wide and each shelf holds up to 75 pounds when anchored to the wall.

The Ladder shelf is slim enough to tuck into most small or unusually shaped nooks. It works alone or can combine with the matching leaning desk. Photo: West Elm

We tried other leaning desks, but they didn’t include upper shelves like the Ladder does and they didn’t come with the option to add a separate matching bookcase. They also weren’t as sturdy.


Photo: Rozette Rago

Photo: Rozette Rago

Photo: Rozette Rago

Our pick

Onefortythree Wallace Lamp

This space-saving lamp is easier to hang and comes in a wider variety of finishes than other swing-arm designs we tested. The arm and shade adjust so you can angle the light perfectly for reading.

Andrew Neyer Goodnight Light

Halfway between nightlight and lamp, the Goodnight Light casts a softer glow than traditional reading lights. The striking shape, touch sensor, and heavy base elevate it to a tiny design statement.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $100.

Great lighting can brighten the feel of any small space, and strategically placed lamps are especially essential for multifunctional bedrooms, making sure that when it’s time to sit down to work or read in bed, you have the right light for the job. Most of our favorite bedside lamps under $200, especially the options from Onefortythree and Andrew Neyer, work perfectly for a small bedside table, and others such as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Desk Lamp and the Adesso Eden Table Lamp would also look at home on a desk or bureau. For maximum impact, try to mix up the types and sources of your light, and include at least three.

Room dividers

Defining space in a studio apartment or other open layout can be tricky, but carving out a bedroom or office area is easier with the right divider, whether that’s a large double-sided bookshelf or a simple curtain.

Affordable bookcase divider

Photo: IKEA

Our pick

IKEA Kallax

This iconic bookshelf offers more storage for the price than any other we found and doubles as a room divider.

Buying Options

$260* from IKEA

*At the time of publishing, the price was $180.

If you’re a fan of design blogs, chances are you’ve come across the IKEA Kallax. At nearly 6 by 6 feet, the largest version of this popular shelving unit works perfectly as a room divider. It’s finished on both sides (it doesn’t have a back) and its 13-inches-square compartments are the ideal size to store books and knickknacks, or customize with IKEA’s coordinating variety of accessories, while still letting lots of light filter through. Beloved by hackers and interior design enthusiasts, reviewers of the Kallax agree that its ample storage and endless customizability make it a great small-space solution.

It’s also affordable—far cheaper than most large bookshelves we considered. We think it’s the very best way to get a lot of storage while also sectioning off a bedroom on the cheap. The Kallax series comes in nine sizes and four colors, so it’ll fit in most spaces and work with most decors.

Great-looking curtain dividers

Photo: Room Dividers Now

Our pick

Room Dividers Now Tension Rod Room Divider Kit

The spring-loaded tension rod that comes in this kit was easier to install than any other style we tried and comes with a luxe-looking, heavyweight curtain in 16 colors and patterns.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $100.

To divide rooms when you need more privacy or flexibility than a bookshelf can provide, we recommend curtains from RoomDividersNow, a Los Angeles–based company offering a large variety of sizes and styles of room dividers. After hours of small bedroom research, one thing became clear: good-looking room dividers are hard to find. While the big bookcases we recommend can double as room dividers in an open layout studio, stylish curtain-style dividers were few and far between.

We loved the RoomDividersNow Tension Rod Room Divider Kit, a high-quality, spring-loaded tension rod and curtain. It was the easiest one we assembled and comes with a heavyweight polyester curtain that looks satiny and luxe and comes in 18 different colors and patterns. Its five sizes fit spaces between 2 and 12 feet wide, but other types of dividers from RoomDividersNow can span much longer distances. The brand also offers kits with freestanding frames, like the End2End Room Divider Kit that we also tested and liked, as well as more permanent options that require mounting. We looked at other brands of curtain-style room dividers, but they weren’t sold in kits with the rods and hardware included, so it was harder to figure out what to buy, and they didn’t look as polished. RoomDividersNow was the only one we found to offer such a wide variety of sizes and styles for many types of spaces.


If you have a little space to spare, benches with inner storage compartments can provide the room to stash your stuff and a place to sit. Such benches often work well at the end of your bed to store clothing, blankets, books, and more.

A folding storage bench

Photo: Rozette Rago

Our pick

Seville Classics Storage Bench Ottoman

This collapsible bench assembles in seconds and offers ample interior storage for a fraction of the price of any other we considered.

For a cheap or temporary space to stow extra stuff, buy the Seville Classics Foldable Storage Bench Ottoman. We tested this storage ottoman because of its high overall ratings (4.7 out of five stars) and ample reviews (10,626) on Amazon, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s surprisingly nice for its price and holds more than any other bench we recommend. It arrives folded but is easy to assemble. Mine’s currently storing two extra-thick yoga mats, three throw pillows, and a chunky wool throw.

The inside of the Seville storage bench is big enough to hold bulky items, like throws or yoga mats, and the included bin will help keep smaller items organized. Photo: Rozette Rago

It assembles in about two seconds thanks to its simple fold-out design, and because it’s made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), it provides a solid place to sit. The Seville is rated for up to 500 pounds, evenly distributed, and, in our tests, it felt very stable under the weight of one person. It isn’t the most comfortable bench we’ve ever sat on but its stiff polyester upholstery is easy to clean. And though the button-tufted top isn’t very plush, it gives the bench a more polished appearance. It comes in blue, dark gray, and light gray.


  1. Nicole Anzia, professional organizer, Washington Post columnist, and founder of Neatnik, phone interview, November 13, 2018

  2. Anjie Cho, interior architect, feng shui educator, and author of Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and Peaceful Home, phone interview, November 14, 2018

  3. Tali Roth, interior designer at Homepolish and founder of Tali Roth Designs, phone interview, November 1, 2018

  4. Emily Henderson, interior designer, author, and founder of Style by Emily Henderson, email interview, November 19, 2018

  5. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, professional organizers, authors, and founders of The Home Edit, phone interview, November 19, 2018

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His and Hers Master Bedroom

Simply Home Decorating

The small master bedroom in this 1950’s era home lacked character as well as space so we added some molding detail to the focal wall behind the bed and kept furniture to a minimum, replacing the closet and dressers with built-in cabinetry along one wall. The black painted furniture provides a strong masculine foundation that is softened with a pretty chandelier, delicate hardware and deep coral velvet cushions that can be changed out with the seasons.