Self builder: What Is A Credit Builder Loan & How Does It Work?

What Is A Credit Builder Loan & How Does It Work?

A credit builder loan allows people with a bad credit report — or no credit history at all — to build positive credit history. Unlike some traditional loans, which are often unsecured, a credit builder loan works like an installment loan except you don’t get your money until you finish making all the loan payments. With this type of loan, holding onto the money until you complete all the payments helps to reduce the risk to the bank. If you are looking to build good credit, this post gives you the details on how a credit builder loan works, how to find them, and other options to help build a positive credit history.

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  • How does a credit builder loan work?
  • How much does a credit builder loan cost?
  • How do credit builder loans help build credit?
  • Can credit builder loans hurt my credit?
  • Where to find a credit builder loan
  • Credit builder loan alternatives
  • Looking for a credit builder loan?

A credit builder loan typically has four main phases, broken down below:

  1. If approved for the loan, the loan amount you borrow is set aside in a secured savings account or certificate of deposit (CD) while you pay off the loan. Credit builder loans are typically $1,000 or less.
  2. You begin making your monthly payments. Typically, you can expect the loan term — the amount of time for repayment — to be 6 to 24 months.
  3. Your lender reports your payments to the credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax). Having your payments reported helps build your credit as long as you pay on time because payment history accounts for 35% of your FICO® score.[1] It is an important factor when trying to build a good credit score.
  4. At the end of the loan term, when the balance is paid off in full, you’ll have access to the money. You can deposit the money into your bank account and use the funds however you like. Keep in mind that any fees or interest that have been charged will be subtracted from your total final payment.[2]

The cost of a credit builder loan can vary depending on the lender. Compare loan offers by considering the differences between these three main factors that affect the total cost of your loan:

  • Administrative fees: Typically, you pay these fees upfront, and they can range anywhere from $9 to $15.
  • Interest rate or annual percentage rate (APR): The interest rate refers only to the interest charged on the loan each year, but an APR includes both the interest and other fees to express the total annual cost of your loan. So if an APR looks high compared to another lender’s rate, check to be sure whether you’re comparing APRs or interest rates. If you’re comparing an APR to an interest rate, you’re comparing two different types of rates. Interest rates and APRs can range from 6% to 16%.[3]
  • Late fees: Missing a payment on your credit builder loan means you will be charged a late fee. Fees for late payments may be a percentage of the monthly payment added to what you already owe.[2]

Credit Builder Loan Example

To help you understand how a credit builder loan works and the costs associated with one, we walk you through a hypothetical example that illustrates the process of applying for one:

  1. Say you apply for a loan of $840 at an interest rate of 14. 70% and APR of 15.97% — common rates for people trying to rebuild or establish credit.
  2. You pay a one-time, nonrefundable administrative fee of $9.
  3. The monthly payment could be $35 per month, meaning you would need to pay that amount per month for 24 months.
  4. As long as you make all of your payments on-time for 24 months,, you could get $724 back. — meaning the bank kept $116 in interest. In addition, you get a chance to build positive credit.

Important: Keep in mind the interest rate is different from the APR, because APR calculates the total cost of borrowing money including interest rate and fees, whereas the interest rate is just the percentage of the loan you’re charged for.[3]

A credit builder loan may be a good option for you if you need to build credit but can’t qualify for a traditional loan. Credit builder loans can help you build healthy money habits as long as you make payments on time, which can affect your payment history. However, missing a payment could make your credit even worse, so be careful.[2]

These loans can have a positive impact on those who take them out and faithfully make payments. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) conducted research, for which enrollment took place from September 2014 to February 2015, and released its findings in 2020. The CFPB research found that a credit builder loan increased the likelihood of establishing a credit score for participants without an existing loan by 24%. Those same participants saw their credit scores increase by 60 points more than participants with existing debt. Also, the credit builder loan resulted in an average increase in participant’s savings balance of $253.[4]

However, for those who participated in the study and had existing debt, the credit builder loan seemed to have a negative impact on their credit scores. Those with existing loans had their scores impacted by a slight decrease, indicating that they may have experienced difficulty making credit builder loan payments on top of their current obligations. [4]

Credit builder loans can hurt your credit score if you miss payments or let the loan go into default. To help prevent damaging your credit, set a realistic monthly budget to ensure that you can make on-time payments and give yourself a better chance at building a positive credit history.[5]

If you’re looking for a credit builder loan, there are a few places where you can find one. Four in particular will be your best bets.

  • Online lenders: You can get credit builder loans from online lenders, which is often the easiest way to do it. One option to consider is the Self credit builder loan if you are looking for an online lender.
  • Credit unions: Credit unions may also offer credit builder loans,.ou may need to become a member to apply. The advantage is that they often have low interest rates.
  • Community banks: A traditional bank might offer these types of loans, but you may need to call a few banks, as most national and international banks don’t offer them.
  • Lending circles: A fourth option is to try a peer lending circle. You may need to meet a number of requirements and be a member for a certain period of time.[6]

If you’re not convinced that a credit builder loan makes sense for you, consider some of these alternatives from financial institutions.

Consider using a secured credit card

A secured credit card gives you access to a line of credit upfront in exchange for a security deposit usually in the form of a savings account or certificate of deposit that’s used as collateral. This deposit sets your credit limit. You still have to make monthly payments on purchases you make — the deposit doesn’t cover your monthly payment — so make sure you use this option responsibly to improve your credit, or you risk causing more damage to your credit history.[7]

Become an authorized user

Another alternative to a credit builder loan, you can become an authorized user if you know someone who would be willing to add you to their credit card account. Becoming an authorized user can help improve or restore credit, as long as you and any other user continue to make on-time payments, the credit utilization ratio (CUR; the total balance of the card divided by the total credit limit) remains low and the account has been open for a while. Of course, you risk damaging your own and the other person’s credit if the converse is true: Your friend or family member makes late payments or none at all, the CUR is high or the account has been just recently opened.[8]

Consider taking out a personal loan

A personal loan can also allow you to develop a positive payment history and have a mix of credit options on your report. Your credit mix accounts for 10% of your FICO® score, so if you add a new type of credit product to your history, you may see an impact on your score if you make on-time payments. If you handle a variety of credit products well, you show lenders that you may be a lower risk to lend to. Of course, because payment history accounts for 35% of your score, making on-time payments, or the lack thereof, can have the most impact on your score. [1]

Although personal loans may sound like the perfect alternative, keep in mind that personal loans can have their downsides as well. Personal loans tend to charge a high APR (annual percentage rate), which represents the total cost of the loan, which includes the interest rate and applicable fees. Interest rates for personal loans may be fixed or variable interest rates, and those with lower credit scores may be charged a higher interest rate.[9]

A fixed rate doesn’t change over the loan term, but a variable rate can change based on whatever index your lender uses to calculate rates. So what may look like an affordable rate can fluctuate over your loan term. So carefully consider the loan terms and how a variable rate could impact your monthly budget before taking on a loan with a variable rate that could go up and make your payments higher.[10]

If you think a credit builder loan may work for you, just remember the basic differences from traditional installment loans where you get a lump sum upfront and make monthly payments to pay the loan off. With credit builder loans, you make monthly payments to the lender who puts the money into a certificate of deposit (CD) or a savings account. Once you’re done making all the payments, the lender returns that money to you (minus interest and fees). With payments reported to the credit bureaus, not only do build savings, but making on-time payments may also help to elevate your credit score.


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Frequently asked questions

What is Self Financial?

Self Financial is a company with a mission to increase financial inclusion by offering accessible and affordable credit-building tools. The Self Credit Builder Account can be a first step in establishing credit from scratch. If you have bad credit or a low credit score, the Credit Builder Account is a chance to add positive credit history to your credit report.

How does the Self Credit Builder work?

You choose a credit builder loan that you can afford and a term that meets your needs. Then open your account and pay the non-refundable admin fee. Self reports the new open installment loan to the credit bureaus. Self reports your payment activity to the credit bureaus at the beginning of each month until your scheduled payments are complete.

How does a credit builder loan work?

A credit builder loan is a secured installment loan that holds the money until you’ve finished paying back the loan. One big difference between a credit builder loan and any other type of loan is that while you make your regular payments, the loan amount is held in a secure bank account. Because the purpose of the loan is to build credit history, you get the money at the end instead of the beginning. Unlike payday loans and some unsecured personal loans, the credit builder loan details and monthly payment activity are reported to the credit bureaus so that you can get credit for timely payment activity.

Is a credit builder loan like a secured credit card?

Many people get a secured credit card for the same reason they would get a credit builder loan – to build credit history so they can access future loans like a mortgage or car loan. Though they are both secured credit products, secured credit cards and credit builder loans are very different, though they can be used together to build credit. Learn more about how Self’s Credit Builder Account can be the first step toward a secured credit card.

What is the Self app?

The Self app is a completely mobile way to create and manage your Self Credit Builder account. It’s available for iOS and Android devices. The Self website is also secure and mobile friendly.

Does the Self Credit Builder work?

Individual results vary, but hundreds of thousands of people have had a credit builder loan through Self. You can find thousands of independent Self Credit Builder reviews and ratings in the App Store and Google Play.

How fast does Self build credit?

How long it takes to improve your credit score varies for each person. Some Self Credit Builder Account holders report an impact to their credit score after the first time we report to the credit bureaus while others do not report an impact until multiple payments have been made and reported. The time it takes to affect your credit score and how much a credit builder loan could impact your credit depends on your existing credit history and how you manage your monthly payments.

Does Self give you money?

A Self loan is different from other types of loans. Since the Self Credit Builder is intended to help you build credit, you do not get the money until the end of your account (minus interest and fees). To be clear, you do not get the money up front. Instead, your loan principal is held in a secure bank account until your loan is complete or you close your account.

Does Self report to all three credit bureaus?

The Self Credit Builder Account is reported to all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

When does Self report to the credit bureaus?

Self reports to the credit bureaus at the beginning of each month. The report includes credit builder loan activity from the previous month.

Can I pay off my Self Credit Builder early?

Your credit builder loan can be paid early and closed at any time. Please be aware that payment history is the most important factor in determining your credit score. By paying off your account early, you will establish less payment history with the credit bureaus. Your completed loan would be reported as if you’ve paid off the account early and any information reported during the life of the loan will remain on your report. Learn more about early account closure here.

What happens when my Credit Builder Account is complete?

When you finish paying your credit builder loan, Self reports the loan as paid in full and sends your money back to you (minus interest and fees). Learn more about your Self Credit Builder payout here.

What credit score does Self use?

In the Self app or on the website, you can access the VantageScore 3.0 credit score. This is different from the FICO® score or other credit scores you could get directly from the credit bureaus. Since the Self credit builder loan is reported to all three credit bureaus, it can affect multiple credit score models. Learn more here about VantageScore and FICO score.

Self-builder and self-tormentor

Among the generic curses of the actor’s tribe, two are the most obvious. The first is that none of the greats, including Kachalov and Mikhail Chekhov, what can we say about Garina or Ranevskaya? — the drama of the unplayed has not passed. Here is our Kozakov… Yes, there was young Hamlet, Cyrano, Uncle Aduev from Ordinary History, Kochkarev, Don Juan, on TV – Faust, Arbenin, more recently – Shylock and amazing Lear. Not a lot. But where – ay! — his young Mercutio, Glumov? Bulgakov’s Shervinsky or Louis? Is it his Woland or, on the contrary, Koroviev? Pilate, whose whole line he just put on a disc? Maybe Iago? Undoubtedly, Krechinsky? Actor’s skin is vulnerable, scratches do not heal, as with hemophilia.
True, there is a consolation that can materialize. Not only is this mournful list itself, almost a martyrology, in its own way meaningful, speaking of the range, but even without playing the same Krechinsky, Kozakov, as it were, still played him, giving him to Mikhail Efremov in his TV movie. Like Dulchin – Oleg Yankovsky.
Two years ago, Mikhail Kozakov was obsessed with the idea of ​​staging Leonid Zorin’s The Copper Grandmother, a play about Pushkin’s penultimate days, for TV. As usual, he didn’t have enough money, he collected, he says, exactly half of what was needed: they promised more, but they didn’t give it, the bank, famous for its presentations and tours of foreign stars, on reflection, refused: Pushkin is not a paramount figure. And Kozakov really needed to put on “… grandmother.”

He once staged it – in the already Efremov Moscow Art Theater, with the genius, as those who saw it, Rolan Bykov in the role of Pushkin. However, Minister Furtseva, together with the old Mkhatovites, ruined the performance: the minister was frightened by allusions (“about Solzhenitsyn”), the old people were annoyed by Bykov.

It turns out that Kozakov’s current stubborn plan is something like revenge?

It turns out that it is, And he won it!

And the second curse: dependence on one’s own success. Yes, not even that, unlike a writer, an artist depends on those who choose him – Kozakov, having inevitably become a director, took and took revenge after revenge. I’m talking about something else: let’s say about Babochkin, overshadowed, absorbed by his own Chapaev; about Alexander Demyanenko, for the audience and – perhaps worse – for the directors and the remaining Shurik.

Kozakov has his own curse – “Pokrovsky Gates”, whose exceptional success, I know firsthand, irritates him. When “The Trustees”, a film adaptation of “The Last Victim”, was recently shown again on TV, and he asked his friends to watch it again – which, of course, he would not do regarding “Pokrovsky …”, I tactlessly regretted: well, they say , do not repeat “Faust” and “Masquerade”, “And the light shines in the darkness” by Leo Tolstoy, “And it happened in Vichy” by Miller, “The visit of the lady” by Dürrenmatt. “Nameless Star”, finally?

Really, ugly waste on the part of television.

Is he right in being annoyed by the success of his hit, which I may be exaggerating after him, but not inventing? Not right. Not to mention that it is stupid to argue with the love of the viewer, everything is fair here. And the fact that at the beginning the film was met with fury by the then television ruler Lapin, whose power was reinforced by his friendship with Brezhnev: “You and Zorin cannot say: “Down with the red Kremlin!” And you make such pictures! This is disgusting! .. This is some kind of Zoshchenko! And the way Kozak’s friend Samoilov greeted the film, responding from his Pärnu with sweet homely verses:

This film has an atmosphere
unexpected losses.
Life in it is not so gray.
How do we live now …
You managed in vaudeville too,
Dear Misha Kozakov,
Show years where you lived
We are without the current shackles.

Both the poet and the chief sensitively perceived, each in his own way, the sign and privilege of inner freedom – light breathing. Not so much the “thaw” of the 50s and 60s themselves (it’s not for nothing that Okudzhava’s songs, one of these signs, sound in the film, somewhat ahead of their actual birth in chronology), but the dream of independence, which has always distinguished the Russian intellectual.

Actually, there was nothing unexpected (apart from the surprises that any talent bestows on us) in the appearance of “Pokrovsky Gates” – with Kozakov’s sense of humor, manifested in “The Straw Hat”, in “Lev Gurych Sinichkin”, in alteration ” Charley’s aunts”, while admiring the actor’s mischief. And he himself – didn’t he shovel a little in a past life? But, perhaps, I won’t really impress, considering Kozakov’s entire directorial and acting track record, but I will add something significant by quoting one letter.

Twelve years ago, when I was writing a book about him and, being away, I asked him in writing to comment on the role of Jack Verdun from the TV movie All the King’s Men based on the novel by R. P. Warren – about his very, very role, – he answered, in particular, the following:

“…Now about Jack Verdun. He’s an American Hamlet. Both, and first of all Hamlet, are my unattainable ideals. Both are smart, kind, both are aware of their own imperfection and are tormented by it; both are educated, both do not make a career and cannot do it. Both are monogamous in love…

Hamlet nevertheless feels like a man number 1 in this mess called life. Jack – no. By virtue of the same reflection, he understands that he needs a person nearby who is stronger, more effective than himself, and he is looking for him in the Master, as I was looking for in Efremov, in Efros. That is why the followers are so afraid of disappointment in the leaders.

… Jack was as a person, as a person much, much taller, stronger, smarter, etc. – me. I have his features – but, alas, I am not him. His analysis of himself is not self-destructive, mine, with the exception of rare hours of euphoria, has become painful over the years, because my main bill is to myself, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot pay it off. My introspection paralyzes me… I have a feeling that from fear of life I have simply become completely stupid, although I didn’t consider myself a fool, but now I doubt it. I would like to be Jack, but now I see soberly and clearly that the gut is thin …

I don’t stutter about Hamlet…

I say this to You as if in spirit.

(A nice habit of an intellectual in letters, of which I have many, to address the interlocutor with a capital letter: “You”, “You”.)


“The latest self-instruction manual” – so in Ostrovsky’s “The Wise Man” the hussar-varmint Kurchaev signed his caricature of the fool uncle. “The newest self-tormentor” – Kozakov could have signed this ruthless self-portrait.

The line of his life is surprisingly broken: words with the same root are asking for language: “break”, “break”, sometimes even “break”. Being by nature – and partly contrary to the dependent acting profession – not only a self-instructor, but also a self-builder (if in this case one can be torn from the other) . ..

By the way, stop. I emphasize “self” in the second of the words, slightly disputing the legend of childhood, as if forever ensuring pure intelligence, and even being chosen. How could it be otherwise, if Akhmatova, Zoshchenko, in whose honor the baby was named, were in the father’s house; Schwartz, Eikhenbaum, Mariengof were friends at home?.. That is, yes, there were and were, but it’s not worth sculpting a sculptural group: say, Akhmatova – and a thoughtful, quiet, reverently listening boy, just like Mary at the feet of Christ. The boy was like a boy, spoiled, self-centered, and then it came out rather according to the same David Samoilov:

And it all sunk into me,
And only then I woke up.

So, being a self-taught self-builder, Kozakov, on a habitually superficial glance, got pretty stupid, messed up firewood. While still young, he jumped out of his native nest, from the Moscow Art Theater, whose school he graduated from and where they were waiting for him with roles, he went to “someone else’s uncle” – to Okhlopkov, to play Hamlet. Having played and become famous, he again left a safe place and, contrary to persuasion, to his peers, to Sovremennik, where for a long time he toiled in the position of Efremov’s understudy. He also became a leader there, but years later he did not reconcile himself to the inertia that overtook this glorious theater. Then there was a period on Malaya Bronnaya, the main roles in the great Efros performances – and … guessed it. Care. Gap.

And the notorious departure to Israel (immediately after the screening of “Shadow” with its bitter final phrase: “Annunziata, let’s go!”), which I, I confess, took as a personal grief!.. Not even so much because of the very separation: the times were no longer those in which we saw off, say, Naum Korzhavin (and when he, leaving us at Sheremetyevo, flashed with his drooping back for the last time, we jumped with the poet Volodya Kornilov, who was standing next to him, to for a moment to see Emka’s back. And Volodya said a terrible thing: “Like in a crematorium”). No. I could not believe that Kozakov would live without a Russian audience, selfishly speaking, without us.
Although… After all, he created his own enterprise there, wrote an excellent book… An incorrigible self-builder.

A quarrelsome, nasty character? I will gladly add: yes, simply bastard, and the ease of such a statement of mine is justified by the fact that Kozakov considers my temper to be the same. So I quite understand the rumors that flew from the Mossovet Theater when the rehearsals of King Lear were going on: they are moaning, they say, moaning from Kozakov. Yes, and he himself, they say, at the post-premier banquet that fell on Easter night, in a Christian humbly asked for forgiveness from the offended.
The late critic Alexander Svobodin, also a friend of Kozakov’s, wrote that he was aggressive in communication and in pushing through favorite thoughts, adding that behind this was “a disarming childlike insecurity” (see the letter about Jack Verdun). And – oh, what a test it is, especially if talkers like Nathan Eidelman and me, my name, gathered at the feast – it was not easy to break through us, and with a nostalgic, and therefore partly sad laugh, I remember the eyes of our Misha, full of suffering and reproach …
Well, those are jokes. And having added to the words “fracture” and “fracture” also “fracture”, I know what I’m saying.

Another “document” – the pages of the diary of the 80s entrusted to me; Naturally, I quote with the permission of the author.

“Now it is completely clear to me that I am a very weak, cowardly, illiterate, empty person, an amateur in business, which I have been doing all my life, who for some reason, it is not known why, succeeded … So I came to directing . And now Crash. Forever? Don’t know. Now it seems like it’s been forever.”

Not only that – yes, imagine, even this masochism is not enough.

“Yesterday and today I thought that in my previous works the theme of madness was already present and shining through. Even in the comedy Pokrovsky Gates, Khobotov was hidden in a hospital, which I interpreted as a cheerful psychiatric hospital.

And a further list: the hero of the “Nameless Star” was considered as if insane. And Faust, Arbenin? “Well, now Hermann and myself. That this is also a chain of random coincidences?.. After all, Hamlet, with whom I started, is on the verge of true madness.

Now it’s impossible not to remember the mad Lear…

Need clarification.

In 1983, Kozakov published the article “Why I did not dare to shoot The Queen of Spades”. When an interview appeared four years later, entitled “Why I went back to The Queen of Spades,” it smelled of humor, even if it was black.

To tell – just a little later – about “how I still did not shoot The Queen of Spades, interrupting work halfway for the second time,” he no longer had the strength. There was a nervous breakdown.

At the heart of the “collapse” was a nightmare of domestic film production, however, which did not prevent two more accommodating directors from completing the work both times (I will not say anything about the artistic results with delicacy). The main thing, however, was the feeling of the impossibility of adequately filming the most mysterious of Pushkin’s things; the feeling that at first spurred the hope of doing the impossible.

Madness? Oh yes – in a high, creative sense, overcoming even the sobriety of an intelligent person who, it seems, should understand that the impossible is impossible. That sobriety, which in another case prompted him to semi-scandalously leave Efros’ performance based on Dead Souls, refusing to play the very author of the poem – Gogol, a genius. I still do not dare to figure out how right or wrong Kozakov was, blowing up the performance with his disobedience. I remember my telephone conversation with Efros, his tired voice, lamenting without malice that “Misha spends all his strength on the destruction of the performance” (alas, it did not work out), and even the strange request in these lips to “influence Misha.” As if such a thing was possible this time.

To remember like this to remember: there was a case when I was again asked to “influence”, and this is one of my favorite memories.

The year 1985, Chernenkov, super-stagnant, especially humiliating, to the point of melancholy. Regina, Kozakov’s then wife, calls me:

– Stasik, I ask you to talk to Misha. Tomorrow, at his concert at the Central House of Arts, he wants to read Akhmatova’s Requiem.

Is it really necessary now to explain what it meant in those years? True, Kozakov decided from time to time to publicly read his beloved and then not at all widely known Brodsky, but “Requiem”, for the mere possession of which in the manuscript until recently, I know, they were imprisoned! ..

Well, how can one not understand the anxieties of a loving woman. I’m calling:

– Do you understand that this can threaten you, at best, with the termination of all performances?

— I understand.

– What if it happens, it will no longer be possible to reverse? Will it be impossible to repent and ask for forgiveness?

– I understand everything.

And the next evening I proudly admire how he, pale from the significance of what is happening, reads the Requiem. Amazing! (However, in my opinion, no one reads poetry better than him – however, in this sense, I was struck later by Svetlana Kryuchkova.) And like a motley hall, with a considerable percentage of store assistants and hairdressers, willy-nilly imbued with the consciousness of this significance …
Author’s pride? Why not? The sweetness of risk? For a man, it’s ok. But most importantly, he needed this so as not to be disgusted with himself, so as not to feel insultingly unfree. Without this, what kind of “easy breathing” can we talk about?

And now – “King Lear”, to which Kozakov began his journey with Hamlet, which is too straightforward for symbolism, but a fact. And, turning to this role of his, I feel professional confusion.

Maybe because the shock – to the point of physical, literal sense – is too fresh. Maybe because you need to find a reason for a separate conversation about everything in the whole performance: try to tear the title role away from the colored shadow of Lear, his half-double Jester, brilliantly played by Yevgeny Stychkin.

Although it’s probably partly different. Suddenly I realize: everything that I have told about Kozakov, up to these lines, is just about his Lear. Not only about the path to this role, which cannot but be painful, but also about the path taken by Shakespeare’s king himself. He, being an old man in the tragedy, is as if still youthful wayward and arrogant, despotic, as youth itself is despotic, for which in the formula “I and the world” the emphasis is on “I”. And – through insults, betrayals, despair, through madness – he comes to an understanding of the very essence of existence.

Actually, Kozakov, by the nature of his cold temperament – which should not look pejoratively: “cold” means a tendency to analysis and reflection – more than once found himself in the role and position of an Observer. So, by the way, and precisely with a capital letter, is named – not by him, but by Ostrovsky – the character whom he undertook to play in the Trustees he set (The Last Victim). But even earlier, he played it in one of his best roles, in the elder Aduev from The Ordinary Story; in the excellent performance of Sovremennik, not as a reproach to the theatre, the blame for the steady denunciation of the young maximalist liberalist was placed primarily on “circumstances”. And only the hero of Kozakov, perhaps not yet quite consciously for the artist himself, was put in the position of being aware of both the weakness of the veins of a beautiful-hearted nephew, and at the same time the fate of Kozakov’s (and my) generation. In any case, those of us who really have small intestines.

And so it went. Kochkarev in Marriage, suddenly realizing the futility of his energy. Don Juan, in whom introspection stifled even the most direct of passions. Arbenin as (observation not mine) Pechorin’s foresight. And so on. And so, I dare to assume, in the current Kozakov’s Lear for the first time… No, not like that, there was still Faust, there was a passionately tragic Shylock – observations of a summary, suffering, but the sides turned into direct suffering. We entered the soul, became its bloodstream.

This Lear, despite his modernized attire, which has already become a theatrical custom, reminiscent of old men from the canvases of, say, Rembrandt; he, in whom weakness itself is powerfully depicted; majestic in the most risky moments, when he, having gone mad (and not ashamed to pronounce the lowering “crazy”), bare-legged and wearing a crown of thorns, either Christ, or drunken Strong, when he is even comical – this same King Lear is unbearably interesting to me as a figure … Should I say: modern?
You can say that too. Moreover, you suddenly realize that Shakespeare has the situation of that same civil war, whose ghost scares us to this day. In fact, here it is, a split “civil society”, distemper; warring broken unions and families: a brother going against his brother, daughters who renounce their own father. And yet, if one is to exploit the concept of “modernity”, then in an incomparably broader sense.

In which, in a conversation with me, Kozakov himself touched.
He, I repeat, who started with Hamlet and dreamed of the role of Lear for many years, remarked: “Hamlet” is a play, as it were, of the New Testament, while in “King Lear” the Old Testament is embodied with its gloomy and formidable grandeur. Trying to decipher the words thrown by him in passing, I reflect: but we, the current ones, understanding “us” again broadly like the whole world of Christian civilization, did not step back – from the clear meaning of the Sermon on the Mount in an era when justice itself breaks through cruelty and chaos, sometimes with the help of precisely this cruelty? Or does this mean that the time has come for mankind and peoples to start with the basics of morality – how much has it, morality, been lost in the “mess called life”? And it, morality, in order to become and remain itself, needs to go through the hardest, most painful path of becoming and awareness? ..

Rassadin St. Afterword to Mikhail Kozakov’s book “The Third Bell”. — M. : ACT: Zebra. 2007

BUILT – Definition and synonyms of self-built in the English dictionary

SELF-BUILT – Definition and synonyms of self-built in the English dictionary

















Self-build is the practice of building a custom home for you using a variety of methods. The self-builder’s contribution to this process ranges from doing the actual building work to contracting the entire work to an architect or construction company. ” Self-build ” is the practice of creating an individual home for yourself through a variety of different methods. The self-builder’s input into this process varies from doing undertaking the actual building work to contracting out all the work to an architect or building package company.

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I self-built

you self-built

he/she/it self-builts

we self-built

you self-built

90 002 they self-built

Present continuous

I am self-builting

you are self-builting

he/she/it is self-builting

we are self-builting

you are self-builting

they are self-builting

Present perfect

I have self-builted

you have self-builted 005

we have self-builted

you have self-builted

they have self-builted self-built

we have been self-builting

you have been self-builting

they have been self-builting 5

he/she/it self -builted

we self-builted

you self-builted

they self-builted

Past continuous

I was self-builting

you were self-builting

he/she/it was self-built

we were self-built 9

you were self-builted

they were self-builted

Past perfect

I had self-builted -built

you had self-builted

they had self-builted

Past perfect continuous

I had been self-builting 02 we had been self-built 9

you had been self-builting

they had been self-builting


Future 0005

we will self-built

you will self-built

they will self-built

Future continuous

we will be self-built


you will be self-builting

they will be self-builting

Future perfect

I will have self-builted 02 we will have self-builted

you will have self-builted

they will have self-builted

Future perfect continuous

/it will have been self-built 9

we will have been self-builting

you will have been self-builting

they will have been self-builting built

he /she/it would self-built

we would self-built

you would self-built

they would self-built

Conditional continuous

I would be self-builting

you would be self-builting 9

they would be self-builting

Conditional perfect

I would have self-built

900 02 you would have self-built

he/she/it would have self-built

we would have self-built

you would have self-built

they would have self-built

Conditional perfect continuous

I would have been self-built

you would have been self-builting

he/she/it would have been self-builting

we would have been self-builting



you self-built
we let’s self-built
you self-built



to self-built

Past participle


Present Participle


Synonyms and antonyms of self-built in the English dictionary


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English to Chinese translator


1.325 million speakers

English to 9 translator0131 Spanish


de construcción propia

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510 million speakers

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translator language

स्वयं बनाया

380 million speakers

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280 million speakers

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Russian language

built in-house

278 million speakers

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construit soi-même

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Dibina sendiri

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selbst gebauten

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자체 내장

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tự xây dựng

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kendini inşa

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własna konstrukcja

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prompted by the powers that be

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self- gebou

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Search for occurrences of the word self-built in the following bibliographic sources. Books related to self-built , and brief excerpts from those books to provide context for the use of the word in English literature.


The Invisible Poor: A Portrait of Rural Poverty in Argentina

A Portrait of Rural Poverty in Argentina. Table B.1 Sampling Units Demographics
(continued) pension plan laborer self-built company house self-built borrowed
house self-built self-built self-built self-built . Name Sex Age Ethnicity Education …


Poverty Reduction and Changing Policy Regimes in Botswana

of female-headed households live in self-built houses, where the average
number of rooms is 3.3, even higher than that of cities and towns. On the other
hand, about 56% of male-headed households live in selfbuilt houses. An
interesting point …

Onalenna Selolwane, 2013


The Istanbul Declaration: And the Habitat Agenda with . ..

To support the efforts of people, individually or collectively, to produce shelter,
Governments at the appropriate levels should, where appropriate: (a) Promote
self-built housing within the context of a comprehensive land-use policy; (b)
Integrate …


Non-observed Economy in National Accounts: Survey of …

The output of self-built construction is derived from imputed hours worked in the
construction industry and hourly rates for construction work. The hours worked
are taken from a survey of the hidden economy in construction from 1990 to 1996
, …


Triumph of the Spirit

point on our journey of self-realization, we shall spend some time here
considering what the mental prison of someone looks like who has not “undone”
his or her …

Lionel D. Lyles, Essie Thibodeaux-Lyles, 2000


International GAAP 2013: Generally Accepted Accounting . ..

If an asset is self-built by the entity, the same general principles apply as for an
acquired asset. If the same type of asset is made for resale by the business, it
should be recognized at cost of production, without including any profit element …

Ernst & Young, 2013


Business Solutions for the Global Poor: Creating Social and …

self-built , low-income segment2; one-third of all new homes in Mexico were
informally constructed. Typically, these homes had only one room, which was served
as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom for the entire family (on average
consisting …

V. Kashturi Rangan, John A. Quelch, Gustavo Herrero, 2007


Computational Systems Neurobiology

N. Le Novère. c32 c33 ””” c34 c35 ””” c36 c37 c38 c39 c40 c41 ””” c42 c43 ””” c44
c45 c46 c47 c48 c49 c50 ””” c51 c52 c53 ””” c54 c55 c56 c57 def build(self):
Create all nodes used in the model. if self.built : return # remaining code to create

N. Le Novère, 2012


International GAAP 2008: Generally Accepted Accounting …

H Self-built assets If an asset is self-built by the entity, the same general
principles apply as for an acquired asset. If the same type of asset is made for
resale by the business, it should be recognized at cost of production, without
including any …

Ernst & Young, 2008


Collective Goods, Collective Futures in Asia

self-building has not produced the ‘squatter slums’ that the term ‘ self-built housing
‘ connotes in other developing country contexts. most are sound constructions,
typically with concrete frames and brick infill walls. Nonetheless, self-building in …

Sally Sargeson, 2002


Find out what the national and international press are talking about and how the term 9 is used0131 self-built in the context of the news articles below.

New Zealander’s Self-Built ‘Skysphere’ Is The Retreat Of Your Dreams

Being able to escape to your own personal haven, complete with beautiful views and peaceful seclusion, is one of many dreams many of us have. Enterprising … “Gizmodo, Jul 15”

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons travel country in self-built

Imagine building a house with a kitchen, bathroom, living area and bedroom, along with a 20-gallon water tank, composting toilet, shower and necessary … « Daily Mail, Jul 15″

Council plans to allow 1900 self-built homes without planning …

An Oxfordshire local authority is considering allowing 1,900 homes to be built without planning applications on a site allocated for self-build properties, in what it … “PlanningResource, Jul 15”

Families in Elk Ridge celebrate the Fourth in new self-built homes

People visit during a celebration of the completion of one group of houses built through Self Help Homes and the organizations 50th anniversary, in Elk Ridge . .. «Daily Herald , Jul 15»

The powerful Rupert Murdoch crowns his sons as the new kings of …

The powerful Rupert Murdoch crowns his sons as the new kings of his self-built empire. 2. By Benzamin H on June 14, 2015 Business. Rupert Murdoch, king of … Benchmark Reporter Jun 15

self-built cinder cone treehouse perches above a skatebowl and hot … “Designboom, Jun 15”

Limavady pupils shift into top gear with self-built eco car

There is no fear of it breaking any speed limits, but for four youngsters of a Limavady school the thrill of having built their own electric car has certainly left them .. Derry Journal, Jun 15

Sacred Heart students make history with self-built eco car

Sacred Heart College year 10 students Chloe McNamee, Rois Harvey, Alexandra Okros, Niamh McCann, Wiktoria Topa, and Sinead McGinn, getting ready to .