Sandra bullock houses: Tour a Historic New York Town House Restored by Sandra Bullock

Tour a Historic New York Town House Restored by Sandra Bullock

If Sandra Bullock weren’t an actor, she would be an architect. Granted, of course, that is a significant if for the Oscar winner, one of Tinseltown’s rare remaining ingots of box-office gold. “Since being an actress was not something I thought I would be allowed to do past a certain time, every penny I made I would invest into real estate,” recalls the Hollywood star, who has pursued that private passion for design far from the Hollywood spotlight, nursing properties back to life. “Each place is different and each place has its own history and memories layered into it.”

Of all those projects, “the big one,” as she describes it, has been a 19th-century town house in Manhattan, a property that required “so much needed restoration and love.” Attracted to its rear garden, original chimneypieces, and airy parlor level, Bullock purchased the residence more than 20 years ago. At the time, she recalls, her life was in flux. “I think taking on the brownstone restoration was me attempting to find my footing into adulthood.”

In renovation, as in any screen performance, Bullock delighted in the details—revealing wit, strength, and poise moment to moment. Here, those details included the missing chunks of ceiling medallions that had to be carved by hand, as well as the 19th-century fireplaces that were meticulously recreated. (One that had been removed by a past owner was even discovered at the home of a next-door neighbor.) Behind every piece of drywall, she recalls, there’d be “the story of what used to be.” 

To write the next chapter required the help of an expert team of artisans capable of putting the pieces back together. “That kind of craftsmanship used to be handed down from generation to generation,” she reflects, noting that the specialists she assembled represented not just 15 nationalities but a world of wisdom. “I am no fine artist, but I can walk into a building, and I can feel what the space wants to be. I just need to find the fine artists that can execute what’s in my head.”

More recently, Bullock has refreshed that vision with the help of AD100 duo Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro of Ashe Leandro, to whom she was introduced via her friend Amanda Anka and whose work—she quickly realized—she had long admired. Working from afar on account of the pandemic, the kindred spirits initiated what was meant to be a kitchen remodel but which soon expanded into a total reimagining of the rooms. The wood floors were sanded to reveal the grain, the fireplaces honed, and the walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s SuperWhite. “We took the shine off everything,” recalls Ashe, who added Noguchi pendants throughout to cast their inimitable glow. To complement Bullock’s collection of antiques, the designers added custom pieces like the sofas that flank the parlor floor’s fireplace, creating a cozy conversation area. Nearby, an antique Flemish tapestry anchors a soaring wall. As for the kitchen, they installed stainless steel Bulthaup cabinetry inspired by Jasper Conran’s home. Other references included the early work of Rose Tarlow. The goal, notes Ashe, was for the interiors to “feel full but not cluttered.”

Collaborating remotely meant that the designers would often try out pieces in the space, sharing photos with Bullock via email and text. (That necessitated a lot of local shopping for quick swaps.) “This was all new territory for me since I had always been on-site for projects,” Bullock notes, adding, “now I had to give up some control, which I am not very good at.” In a sign of the times, the three have still never met face-to-face. “Ariel and Reinaldo are very, very patient,” says Bullock. “But what was quickly apparent was that they honor the integrity of a space.”

Bullock, who spent much of her childhood in Germany and Austria, credits her love of design to her father, who would buy and restore houses as the vocal studios where he taught opera. “I was his sidekick and loved being in the old homes,” she says, recalling the thrill of peeking under old floors, exploring dusty attics, and salvaging architectural artifacts. “I was that kid that skipped the ‘how to apply my makeup properly’ phase, but did learn where the wax ring goes when installing a toilet.” For her, the process of renovating a home is not unlike the process of making a movie. “They both require everyone working toward the same story.”

These days, the design stories that excite her most are ones otherwise overlooked. “I fall in love with the places that others scrunch their faces at,” says Bullock, who concedes, “My family thinks I’m nuts.” Finding narratives within the walls, scripting scenes room to room—the process never gets old. “Architecture was supposed to be the back-up plan, but thankfully times have changed and we are now allowed to have more than one ‘thing’ we do in life,” notes Bullock, grateful for the opportunities acting has afforded her. “I get to have two passions.”

Sandra Bullock sells 91-acre compound with organic avocado, citrus orchards for $5.6 million

Almost 30 years after her breakthrough role as Keanu Reeves‘ co-star in the action thriller Speed, Sandra Bullock is one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

With her body of work spanning from cult classics like Demolition Man to raunchy comedies (The Heat), rom-coms (The Proposal, While You Were Sleeping), dramas (2019’s The Blind Side earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress), all the way to science fiction thrillers (Gravity) and horrors (Bird Box), it feels like there’s nothing she can’t do.

And that extends beyond her acting skills.

Actress Sandra Bullock on the red carpet. Photo credit: Fred Duval /

The actress, whose most recent hits include Netflix thriller-drama, The Unforgivable, the action-adventure comedy The Lost City, and the action film Bullet Train — now in cinemas — is also quite active on the real estate scene.

Bullock’s real estate portfolio is almost a match for her A-list resume (and has just as much range).

At one point, Architectural Digest reported that the actress owned “at least 17 properties scattered across the country.

Among them: a 91-acre hilltop compound with an organic avocado farm in North San Diego which hit the market in October for $6,000,000 (Alan Long with Avenue8 held the listing). Fast-forward to December, and the property has already been sold, cashing in $5.6 million for the actress.

Aerial view of Sandra Bullock’s house in San Diego, which recently sold for $5.6 million. Photos by Michael McNamara at ZenHouse Collective and Preview First

The Farm: Sandra Bullock’s ultra-private, quiet retreat

Located in the Palomar Mountain Range north of San Diego and just west of the Cleveland National Forest, the property is a private escape where natural beauty reigns supreme.

You’ll find everything from towering eucalyptus trees to groves of organic avocado trees, citrus, persimmon, olive and palm trees, colorful rose gardens, walking, and hiking trails, you name it.

A closer look at the one-story ranch-style home. Photos by Michael McNamara at ZenHouse Collective and Preview First

While those alone wouldn’t warrant the $6 million asking price, the three separate land parcels that make up the property’s total of 91 acres sure do.

Especially since one of the parcels contains the main house — a beautiful one-story adobe-style ranch with all the bells and whistles.

Photos by Michael McNamara at ZenHouse Collective and Preview First

Sandra Bullock’s house has 4 bedrooms and 6 baths, a large living room with high-pitched white wood ceilings, and a library with fireplace and illuminated shelving.

Inside Sandra Bullock’s house. Photos by Michael McNamara at ZenHouse Collective and Preview First

The large, bright eat-in kitchen comes with custom La Cornue ovens and range, and quite a few high-range appliances. It also has soapstone counters and Italian marble backsplash with an inlay mosaic mural.

The formal dining room doesn’t leave much to be desired either, boasting beamed white wood ceiling, a bay of French casement windows, a marbled wet bar/buffet, and a wine refrigerator.

Inside Sandra Bullock’s house. Photos by Michael McNamara at ZenHouse Collective and Preview First

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Inside Sandra Bullock’s house. Photos by Michael McNamara at ZenHouse Collective and Preview First

Each of the four bedrooms come with their own en-suite bathroom, but the primary bedroom stands out with an adobe fireplace, spacious lounge area, and private access to the pool.

It also has a lavish bath with a jetted bathtub (that opens up to views of the property’s lush grounds), a large steam shower, and built-in antique vanities with dual sinks.

Inside Sandra Bullock’s house. Photos by Michael McNamara at ZenHouse Collective and Preview FirstInside Sandra Bullock’s house. Photos by Michael McNamara at ZenHouse Collective and Preview First

Outside, a whole series of amenities compete for attention.

From the heated saltwater pool and spa (which has an automated pool cover) to the Bocce ball court and the plentiful outdoor entertainment areas, modern amenities compete with farm additions like a walk-in chicken coop and a 1,200 high-quality Dusa/Hass organic avocado tree orchard.

The pool area of the celebrity home. Photos by Michael McNamara at ZenHouse Collective and Preview First

But the actress’ property extends beyond the main house.

The compound consists of three separate legal parcels, one for the main house, another an undeveloped lot, and a third, 30-acre parcel that’s currently housing an additional 3-bedroom, 2-bath dwelling.

There’s also the option to buy the property without the 3rd parcel (the one with the extra 3-bed home).

The celebrity home also has the potential to generate revenue from the many fruit-producing trees on the property. Already certified for its organic Hass avocado grove and grapefruit, lemon, and persimmon, crops can be extended to include grapes — and even have a vineyard and winery on-site.

Horse enthusiasts can also turn it into an equestrian estate.

According to the San Diego County Assessor’s Office (and reported by the San Diego Tribune), the sale closed on November 9, which means the property had a very short run on the market, highly atypical for million-dollar homes. But that speaks volumes about the quality of the celebrity home — and the professionalism of the agents repping the property (who knew how to price it just right).

Avenue8’s Alan Long shared the listing with Kay O’Hara of HomeSmart Realty West and Melissa Russell of Willis Allen Real Estate.

Where will Sandra Bullock be living now?

From the looks of it, Sandra Bullock has had it with the West Coast for the time being.

The actress has already sold a West Hollywood condo in 2022, rented out her Malibu home, and is now parting ways with her San Diego compound.

According to the New York Post, Bullock is looking to relocate to the East Coast, to be closer to family.

Listing agent Alan Long, who’s also friends with the actress, told the publication that “She is looking for a farm closer to her sister on the East Coast.”

And while we’re wishing her the best of luck with that, it can’t be easy to find a property that matches her San Diego compound — both in terms of amenities and finishes.

But she has plenty of other properties to fall back on in the meantime.

Sandra Bullock owns homes throughout the country, including a Beverly Hills mid-century bungalow she bought last year for $2.7 million, a Victorian-era mansion in New Orleans purchased back in 2009 with her then-husband Jesse James, a spacious Soho townhouse in New York City, and a Malibu pad that she’s now renting out.

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Sandra Bullock House in Texas. Houses of stars, interiors of stars

Sometimes you really want to see how people live, whom we see daily on TV screens, cinemas and glossy pages… People who are loved by millions, who are admired and imitated, follow their careers, achievements, etc. .. of course, personal life…

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I used to think why Angelina Jolie donates her jewelry to charity, isn’t it easier to just transfer the same money. And then it dawned on…) – just an expensive jewelry from “someone” is much cheaper than it is, but from the hands of the magnificent Jolie. She is smart. By the way, on our subject, did you know that her husband is a designer?) Don’t believe me? You can see it here – Furniture by Brad Pitt .

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Sandra Bullock

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The Lake House and seven more great Sandra Bullock films to brighten up a sweltering summer evening

July 26, 2022

Unbelievable but true: on July 26, 2022, the star of the films “Speed”, “Miss Congeniality” and “Gravity” turned 58 years old

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Speed ​​(1994)

Still from the film Speed ​​ American and German daughter Sandra Annette Bullock was born in the USA, spent her childhood in Germany, starred in films and television since the late 1980s, and became a star in the summer of 1994. The perfect action movie with

mind-blowingly beautiful Keanu Reeves as an LA cop and Sandra as first passenger and then bus driver on an explosive bus remains one of the best and most successful films of both of their careers. Both Reeves and Bullock still reminisce in interviews about their mutual attraction, which was not destined to develop into a romance, but which was enough to bring them together again on the set of the soulful melodrama Lake House (2006).

“While You Were Sleeping” (1995)

Still from the movie “While You Were Sleeping” The film starring Sandra infused new blood into yet another “primitive” film genre – the sentimental romantic comedy. A naïve yet charming picture of a lonely civil servant (Bullock) being mistaken for the fiancée of a comatose man with bushy eyebrows (Peter Gallagher) earned Sandra the first of her five Golden Globe nominations and became a classic. for movie screenings on cozy lazy evenings.

“Miss Congeniality” (2000)

Still from the film “Miss Congeniality” A comedy about an FBI agent in a skirt sent by her superiors to the Miss America beauty contest, where a serial killer known as Citizen is planning to appear. Gracie Hart urgently needs to become a beauty in order to infiltrate the contenders for the crown of the winner and expose the criminal. Before the eyes of the audience and fellow agents, a metamorphosis takes place: the ugly duckling turns into a long-legged beauty. The best thing about comedy is Sandra’s duet, not with the handsome Benjamin Bratt, but with the brilliant Michael Caine as pretentious stylist Victor.

“Crash” (2004)

Still from the film “Crash” Having spent nearly a decade cashing checks for roles in comedies (including the mega-successful “Miss Congeniality”) and thrillers (including the very poor sequel “Speed”), about his genuine acting Bullock recalled her talents by agreeing to the role of second violin in the crime drama Clash. Playing a wealthy racist, Sandra made the right decision: the film caused a sensation by winning the main Oscar, and the actress was actively offered serious dramatic roles.

“The Lake House” (2006)

Still from the film “The Lake House” the inhabitant of this house, who personally created his project. A touching and aesthetic melodrama tells about the gradually blossoming love between the characters in different time spaces, living under the same roof. A beautiful architectural building, framed by a pine forest, becomes a place where their invisible meetings are played out – thanks to correspondence.

The Proposal (2009)

Still from the movie The Proposal After a series of dramas experienced by the movie star on the personal front, the renaissance in Bullock’s career happened towards the end of the 2000s, starting with a successful rom-com, where Sandra soloed as an office bitch, and Ryan Reynolds portrayed her accommodating subordinate. Surprisingly funny and not stupid, the film earned over $300 million worldwide, reminding of the commercial potential of the actress and becoming the starting point for her main film awards.

The Blind Side (2009)

Still from The Blind Side In the fall of 2009, the whole intrigue in the Oscar category for Best Actress was whether debutante Carey Mulligan had a chance in a duel with Meryl Streep. But winter came, and the balance of power changed: the moralizing drama with Bullock as a purposeful woman from the American South became her second 300 million hit in six months, and Sandra’s dramatic exit began to be showered with compliments and prizes, among which were the Oscar and the Golden Globe “.

“Gravity” (2013)

Still from the film “Gravity” Bullock’s Oscar triumph, despite the status of everyone’s favorite, had many questions, but time has proved that the academics were not mistaken, although Sandra’s best role is in the great space odyssey Alfonso Cuaron – left to be content with the nomination. Global fees “Gravity” was twice the final profits of “Speed”, so that Bullock earned the title of the highest paid actress in Hollywood a year earlier, she more than justified.

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