Potton houses: House Designs and Floor Plans for Self Build

House Designs and Floor Plans for Self Build

Potton House Designs

One of the most exciting aspects of self-building is getting a house that’s exactly what you want. Unfortunately, narrowing that down can be trickier than you’d think.

To help you shape your dream into a buildable design, we’ve pulled together a few of the stunning, stylish and unique houses that we’ve helped our customers create. Remember that this is simply a springboard for your imagination: we can help you produce a new, bespoke design that’s entirely yours.

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We’ve compiled hundreds of house designs from over the decades to help inspire your new home. Most of our customers use our Ideas Book purely for inspiration. Looking at what other people have done with their self-build projects is a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

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If you fall in love with a design we’ve already built, that’s great. Remember though: the most important factor with regards to a self-build is that you are not limited to designs that have been done before. You can create your own self build plans or put your own spin on a classic.

Most of the houses we design are completely bespoke or are at the very least a variation on one of the designs from our brochures.

If you don’t know where to begin or if you’re just thinking about the possibility of designing and building your own home, having a look at some of our floor plans and the designs that we have built before is a great way to prepare for the next stage of the process.

Bespoke House Plans – Designed By You

Often, people think Potton homes are all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve come a long way since 1964, and today, no two Potton homes are the same.

We do have our signature homes that remain firm favourites. But this only scratches the surface of what we can do for our clients. We are specialists in design, and we are able to make bespoke house plans a reality.

Nearly all of our houses are designed for each individual family, taking into consideration their lifestyles, tastes, plot/area and budget. We design your dream home, not ours.

Architectural Design

What Can Potton Do for You?

At Potton, we design bespoke houses, make planning applications, and also secure permission. For our customers, we are the first place to come to once they have decided to take the step from dreaming of a self-build to actually beginning work on it all.

If you decide to work with us on your house plans, you are guaranteed to have some of the most experienced experts in the UK working on your new home. We have been helping self-builders since 1964.

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Case Studies

Take inspiration from a selection of our customer case studies below. From traditional to contemporary, we can design a bespoke home to suit you and your family. Simply click the image to find out more about each home including build costs, floor plans and photos.

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Kit Homes UK
Build Timber Frame Flat Pack Homes


At Potton, we know how important it is for you to find the right service for your self build kit home project, with a team of experts to guide you through the process. Discover how we can help you.

Visit our show centre

Based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire is the Potton Self Build Show Centre, with five fully furnished show homes for you to explore. Each kit house is individually designed so that you can experience a variety of styles, ranging from a modern contemporary passive house to a more traditional Georgian home. At the show centre you can also meet with one of our self build consultants who will be happy to provide expert advice for your specific project, whether you’re looking for a plot, need an architectural designer or you’re ready to start your build.

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Welcome to the Self Build Academy

Our Self Build Academy provides high-quality workshops, online learning resources and live experiences. Developed over the years by our team of experts, and designed to support you through the self build process. As one of the leading UK self build companies, we have helped thousands of people build their dream home. No matter what stage you are at you can access a wide range of topics. Focusing on subjects such as finding the perfect plot of land and building regulations to designing your home and how to self-manage your build. 

Learn about the Self Build Academy

Self Build Academy Courses

Book one of our popular self build workshops, and learn from our team of experts with their many years’ experience in the construction industry.

Before, during and after the build, the support and advice, and end product surpassed our expectations.

We really didn’t think that companies like this still existed.

Nigel Papworth

Potton have the experience and technical infrastructure to provide informed support, which inspires great confidence to the inexperienced self builder.

Doug Scott

We were very impressed with the range of styles and house types Potton had to offer. We really liked the fact that Potton would handle all of the design side of things and also make the planning and Building Regulations applications on our behalf.

Maureen Keevil

The design and planning service was excellent. All aspects of the building design and the internal design, including elements of the staircase, windows and doors was great.

Helen Burgess

We were received very warmly by the Potton staff each time we visited the centre, and advice and information was freely available without us feeling pressurised or followed around.

Brian Ellis

From the start we liked the Potton show house at the NSBRC, we also liked the people at Potton and their approach to the whole process.

This was further endorsed by our visit to their show centre at St Neots where we got lots of inspiration!

Martin Church

Visit a live build

Join our self-build experts to learn about the process at a Potton house currently under construction. Our free Live Build events offer a great opportunity to get a feel for the building phase, ask questions, and learn about the features and techniques used in our Potton homes. Browse our Live Build events to find one near you!

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Find your inspiration

We’ve helped thousands of people design and build their dream home. Find your inspiration with our range of past and current projects.

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Kit House Designs & Floorplans

To help shape your dream home into a buildable design, we’ve put together a collection of stylish and unique kit houses that we’ve helped our customers create. Browse our house designs and floorplans to help springboard your imagination, and work with our team of architectural designers to turn it into a home just for you.

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Case studies

Explore our case studies

Read how others have built their dream home with us, and explore the wide range of houses we can help you build.

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Shows & Exhibitions

Visit us at a self build show near you! Meet with our team of experienced self build consultants, to find out about our range of services and how we can help you.

Download our brochures

Our collection of self build brochures will help guide you through your journey. Read how others have built their dream home, and insightful articles from industry experts in our Build Beautiful magazine. Browse our Ideas Book with a wide range of houses, full of inspiration and a great starting point for your own bespoke design. You can also access our Self Build Academy presentations, covering information from our workshops and webinars to help you learn the essentials of a successful self build project.

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Clay house | newsvo.ru

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For today’s work you will need:

  • Hardboard, cardboard or Kraft paper to cover the table
  • Lots of clay
  • Knife
  • Rolling pin
  • Toothpicks
  • Honey watercolor.

When all the materials are prepared, you can start sculpting!

First, simply tear off a piece of clay (approximately the size of a fist). We flatten the clay with the palm of our hand to the thickness of a finger. So that the clay does not stick to the table, turn it over from time to time.

Next, we roll sausages out of clay and lay our clay logs in four pieces with crowns. The ends of the logs should look out, in the places of the crosshairs of the logs you need to press hard from above so that they stick together well and hold the entire structure.

Get your child involved – roll the sausages together, stack them one by one, compete to see whose log is the longest. But make sure that all the crosshairs compress well with each other and hold well.

Usually 6-8 crowns are enough for such a small toy house. It is imperative to check that the log house is firmly in place and on the ground. The ends of the logs need to be cut with a toothpick.

Now make the roof of the house from a piece of clay the size of a fist. So, we flatten this piece in the palms and roll it well with a rolling pin so that the cake comes out. To prevent this cake from sticking to the table, periodically turn it over after rolling it to the other side.

We will sculpt the roof from a single piece of clay. Immediately mark the two sides of our gable roof. However, the child cannot always roll out such a large cake on his own, so you can simply cut out two slopes separately, and then blind them together with a corner.

Cut out the contour and bend our roof in the middle. If you made two separate pieces for the roof, fasten them together along the ridge. To make it smoother, do not hold the roof in your hands, but put it on the table with a slope.

And finally, we put the roof on the house. This moment can be entrusted to the child.

However, if you put the roof on the house like this, it will not hold well, it may even spread. Therefore, you need to make gables for the roof. We simply cut triangles out of clay and attach them to the inside of the roof. The corners must be additionally fixed with thin sausages.

Then, using a knife or a toothpick, you need to cut windows and doors in the hut. We put the roof itself, it is not necessary to fix it additionally – it will be removable. You can put different toys in the house.

We also attach additional details, such as architraves, entrance doors, shutters, a pipe to the house. That’s all, the clay hut is ready!

An adult will make such a house in about 10 minutes, if you are sculpting a house with a child, then this most interesting activity can last up to 40 minutes.

Clay houses os-celifron. Part 2

A month passes. The apple trees have long faded, covered with thick green leaves and full of small apples. There is no one in the jar, and there are still dry clods of clay in it.

The second month is coming. The loess dust of the hot summer has powdered the green leaves of the apple trees. The apples have grown and started to brown. Returning from a business trip, I look at a jar of clay. Something happened to her. Several round holes gape on the surface of the lumps. But there is no one in the bank. Whole and paper cover. What happened’?

I carefully remove the paper, remove the clods of clay. Entangled, graceful dead wasps lie in the cotton wool. They gnawed through the thick clay cover of their dwelling, apparently, rushed about for a long time, trying to find a way out of their unexpected conclusion, and, not finding it, having exhausted their strength, died. What a limitation of instinct! Overcome the solid barrier of a clay house and find yourself helpless in front of a thin sheet of paper. The release from his house was completed, and further along the chain of encoded instincts, there was no obstacle to release.

Wasps are wonderful. A graceful head with bulging eyes, a black powerful chest with hairs as delicate as velvet, narrow transparent, slightly yellow wings, very tenacious, bright yellow legs with black ringlets. From the chest came an unusual, thin, needle-like waist, connecting the chest with a black shiny belly. In this waist, the intestines, the nerve stem, the blood vessel and the muscles should have passed!

The appearance of the wasp is characteristic, I immediately recognized the scelifron wasp, a species that often lives in human settlements. She is a spider hunter, with which she supplies her children, immuring them in clay houses. It is a pity that I had to meet her under such sad circumstances.

But the next day I saw in the jar a live wasp with a nervously vibrating antennae, cheerful, energetic, bold. And set her free. And a few more wasps got out of their confinement. But one of my captives was special. At first, a small hole appeared on the surface of the clay house, and a bright bluish-green stranger with a beautiful, like a flaming coal, the tip of the abdomen, crawled along the walls of the jar, fussing. It was an amazingly beautiful wasp.

The wasp wasp is a well-known robber. She tosses eggs into the houses of bees and wasps. Her larva comes out of the testicle and first of all destroys the larva of the hostess, and then her food prepared by her mother.

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