Planning permission before purchase: Can I apply for planning permission before I buy a property?

Can I apply for planning permission before I buy a property?

Can I apply for planning permission before we purchase a house?

In short, yes. You do not need to be the owner of a property to apply for planning permission. However, you will need to inform the owner of the property/land prior to submitting the application.


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Can I submit the planning application myself?

You can. However, it’s advisable to use an agent such as a planning consultant and/or architect. They will strategically review your requirements alongside the local development plan and present the proposal in the best light. Here at Design for Me we help 100s of homeowners every month, across the UK, find the right residential design professional for their project. Post your project here to get matched and see who’s interested in yours.


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How long does a planning application take?

This may be the most important question if you want to gain planning consent during the course of a house sale. Whilst it’s very possible to get planning permission as part of the sales process, your vendor may not be willing to wait, and instead go with an alternative buyer.

Whether you are proposing an extension, loft conversion or new build, planning permission usually takes eight weeks to be granted, unless your application is ‘unusually large or complex’, in which case the deadline can be extended to 13 weeks. However you should allow for the time it will take for your agent to prepare the application too.

You might instead consider seeking pre-application advice from the local planning office. This service is offered by most local councils for a fee (usually between £50-£200) and can give you assurance that your proposal should be accepted in principle.  See our full article on pre-application advice here.


How do you submit the planning application – next steps

The best way of assessing which route to planning permission is right for your project is to get professional advice from an architect or planning consultant. They can assess your brief and weigh up the best route for your particular situation.

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Can you apply for planning permission before buying a house?

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As such, learn all there is to know about planning permission when buying a house right now.

Can you get planning permission before buying a house?

Yes!  You can apply for planning permission before buying a house or owning the property the plans pertain to.  The downside?  If the sale of the property falls through, you’ll lose the money you paid toward the planning application.

Does the owner of the house I want to buy need to know that I’m making a planning application?

Yes.  You should notify the current owner of your intention to submit a planning application. The owner may need to help you with certain details for that application.

Will applying for planning permission on a property I want to buy affect my mortgage lenders’ decision?

It is always best to be completely transparent with your mortgage lender.  They might like to know what you plan to do with the property you intend to buy but, if planning permission is given, they are unlikely to have any issues – unless they felt your work would significantly decrease the value of the property!

Why would you want to get planning permission before buying a house?

If you’ve found a property you want to buy, and like it for the potential changes you could make, it’s a good idea to find out if you’ll actually be allowed to make these changes before you go ahead and purchase the property.

This is particularly relevant if you’re a property developer looking to make a profit by changing the building, or if you want to live in the property but could only do so by making amendments.

Does it matter if the property holds current planning permission but I want to apply for another one?

Planning permission on a property generally lasts for three years, so there is always a chance that the building you’re interested in buying has existing planning permission.

This should not prevent you from making your own application and you can even submit various options, leading to several planning permissions being granted at the same time.

How much does it cost to get planning permission?

There are many costs involved in the purchase of a property, so you might be wondering whether it’s worth forking out for a planning application on a property that isn’t your own yet.

The cost of the application itself isn’t great, at around the £200 mark, but the greater costs come if you submit architectural drawings with your application.  Keep in mind, for the planning application stage, you don’t need to include architectural drawings and indeed many budding developers draw their own plans for this stage of the process  –  and it is perfectly legal to do so.

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Building permit for a house: how to get it, who issues it

Dachas and country houses

In order not to go to court later

Building permits are no longer issued

We write articles, but Russian laws are changing. Since 2018, it is no longer necessary to obtain a permit for the construction of a private house. Now you need to submit and receive notifications. This applies to garden houses and IZHS.

The article still has a lot of useful information about site preparation, urban planning standards, and address assignment. All this is relevant, only the formalities have changed. If you are planning to build a house, be sure to read.

My brother Oleg received a 15 acre plot near Belgorod under the regional program.

Sergey Antonov

helped his brother start building a house

Author profile

He wanted to build a house on it right away, but it turned out that first he had to collect a bunch of documents and get permission from the local administration.

You can’t just come to officials and ask for permission. First, you need to check the status of the site, get the address and cadastral extract, draw a project and a site plan. For reliability, before the start of construction, it is worth conducting geological surveys. I’ll tell you how my brother did it all.

How to do it right

According to the law, it is impossible to build a house just like that. Without documents, it will not be possible to register it, which means it cannot be sold, exchanged, donated or left as an inheritance.

But in fact, if you line up on your site, you can legalize an already finished house through the court. According to the civil code, it is possible to recognize the right of ownership of an unauthorized building if it complies with all standards.

Art. 222 GK

But suddenly it turns out that the neighbor is against the fact that the house is close to his fence? Or a central cable passes through the site and earthworks are prohibited. Then the building will be declared illegal, the house will be required to be demolished, and the owner will pay a fine. Therefore, it is safer to do everything as expected.

Extract from the register

According to the law, a private house can only be built on land that is intended for individual residential development or for personal subsidiary plots. In the documents for the land, there should be exactly such a designation of the site – officially. If you yourself think that the land is suitable for building a house, this is not enough. Maybe you bought land for a house, but it turns out that you can’t build there. For example, there may be problems with garden and summer cottages.

The type of permitted use of the land plot can be found in the extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate on the main characteristics and registered rights. An extract is received through public services, online services of Rosreestr or at the MFC. She’s worth 290 R.

How to get an extract from the USRN

If there is a certificate of registration for the plot, then the type of permitted use of the land is indicated there.

Until 2013, land owners were issued such certificates of registration of rights, they also indicate the type of permitted use of the land. Now the ownership of the land is confirmed by an extract from the USRN, it also indicates the type of permitted use. businesses, airports, cemeteries and landfills.

RF GD “On the Procedure for Establishing Security Zones for Electric Grid Facilities and Special Conditions for the Use of Land Plots Located Within the Boundaries of Such Zones”

Each region has its own rules and laws, which detail the distance from which objects construction is prohibited. There is a sanitary or security zone at gas stations and car washes, and even near power lines.

It is difficult to understand the intricacies of local land legislation on your own, and if there is a suspicion that the site is located in such a zone, then it is better to contact the local land committee or survey center, where there are specialists with the necessary bases and cadastral plans.

So what? 11/02/22

The construction of houses near power lines no longer needs to be coordinated directly with power engineers

My brother received a plot specifically for individual construction in an actually open field, so he had no problems. But there are cases when people buy plots in a large free area, and then it turns out that this is a water protection zone. And although the purpose of the site is suitable, it is not allowed to build houses there. Families are left with unnecessary land, loans and no money.

Geotechnical survey

Groundwater and soil conditions can complicate construction. If you build a house on bad soil, then cracks will go along the walls, and the foundation and basement will be heated. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to conduct engineering and geological surveys.

There are many companies that do this. Specialists will come to the site, drill wells at the site of future construction, and take soil samples. As a result, they will prepare a report on several dozen pages, in which there will be different schemes and graphs that are understandable only to other specialists. You can ask surveyors to verbally explain whether it is possible to start construction.

How to make a pile foundation for a private house

If there is absolutely no money for specialists, you should talk to your neighbors: sometimes an old-timer’s advice is more useful than an expert’s opinion. The owner, who built the house himself and has lived in it for many years, knows all the features of the soil on the site and will tell you how deep the foundation and basement should be.

The Belgorod company that my brother found asked for 65,000 R for his work. Since the money was tight, he decided not to do geological surveys and rely on chance. Construction is still going on, cracks are not yet visible. The brother hopes that he will be lucky: he has a plot without a slope, dense soil, and groundwater is deep. But he does not advise you to do this: rework will cost more than research.

In two years, my brother installed walls and roofing

Address and cadastral statement

How to assign an address. The street where my brother is building a house only existed on paper, so he had to get the address himself. The local administration assigned a number to the future house, and Oleg was given a resolution that the site was located at an address with a specific street name and house number.

You will have to get the address even if the street exists and there are houses with numbers on it. For example, if a large area is divided into two: then one of them will have a new address. Sometimes it takes several months to complete the paperwork.

How to get a cadastral extract. Each land plot has its own cadastral number. In fact, this is the address of the site, but recorded with a special code in the common database. Knowing the cadastral number, on the website of Rosreestr you can see where the site is located, on what category of land, what area it is. A building permit can only be obtained for a plot that has a cadastral number confirmed by a cadastral extract.

Public cadastral map

The brother received the cadastral extract at the local MFC . Attached to the application is a copy of the certificate of registration of ownership and a document on the assignment of the address.

If the future house does not have an address, the administration will assign it. The cadastral extract is similar to an extract from the USRN, but these are different documents. Do not confuse

Project and site plan

A project is a drawing of your future home with a floor plan.

You will build according to the project. In order for you to be allowed to build, the project must be competent from an engineering point of view. The house that you have in mind should not threaten others and you.

A simple project from an engineering or architectural firm will cost 20,000-30,000 RUR. There is no upper price limit. You can draw a project yourself or take a ready-made one on the Internet. In addition, the project can be done for free by the company that will take care of your construction – there are many options for saving.

How I built a country house near Petersburg

A site plan is a drawing of a plot with a house located on it. The brother drew the plan himself, because he graduated from a construction university. But still, I had to check the documents so as not to miss any of the requirements. Here are some of them:

  1. The distance between neighboring houses, if they are made of wood, must be at least 15 m; if made of brick – 6 m.
  2. The distance from the house to the outbuildings must be at least 4 m.
  3. Gas pipes must not run through the entire house.
  4. Each bedroom must have at least one window.

SNiP for residential buildings

Obtain permission

In Belgorod, a building permit is issued by the local department of architecture. To get permission, the brother wrote an application. They asked him to attach a project and a situational plan, a copy of the cadastral extract and a copy of the land ownership certificate.

Even if the application is accepted, but the permit is not issued, they must write down the reasons for the refusal.

The town planning plan indicated where the site was located, its area and size.

According to the law, construction can only be started if a building permit is in hand

The plan contains the main requirements of federal and local legislation that must be observed during construction:

It took Oleg three months to complete all the paperwork for obtaining a permit. But this may take a long time. I know of a case where it took four months just to get an address. And it also happens that you need to carry out land surveying or draw boundaries on the city plan. It seems that it remains to receive one certificate, but in fact it turns out that everything is just beginning. Sometimes even the laws have time to change while the permit is being issued.

How to make a survey of a land plot


  1. Check the purpose of the plot in the certificate of ownership or extract from the USRN.
  2. If you suspect that the site is located in an area not suitable for construction, contact the land committee.
  3. If you are preparing the project yourself, follow the SNiPs and regional regulations.
  4. Store documents, plans and projects. After construction, it will be necessary to register the ownership of the house and conduct communications. All of these documents will come in handy.
  5. If you order drawings and plans from contractors, keep the contracts. Suddenly it turns out that they did not comply with the norms and now you will not be connected to the gas – the contract will come in handy.

How to check building permit by number: easily and quickly find out if there is a permit for an apartment building and a plot.


  1. How can I check the building permit for an apartment building or plot by number?
  2. How to check a building permit?
  3. Tips for checking building permits
  4. What is a building permit and why you need it
  5. Where can I find information about a building permit?
  6. How can I check if I have a building permit for an apartment building?
  7. How do I check for a building permit for a plot?
  8. What data can be obtained when checking a building permit

The issue of a building permit is one of the most important when planning a new apartment building or development of a plot of land. After all, without a building permit, work cannot begin. Why check permission and how to do it?

First of all, you need to know that a building permit check is necessary to make sure that all work that will be carried out on the site or facility will be carried out in accordance with state requirements. Where and how can I check the permission?

Today, there are several ways to check a building permit. One of them is the use of the website of the administration of the respective region or municipality. This allows you to instantly find out about the presence or absence of a building permit by the specified number.

Another way is to contact the ISOGD to check permissions. To do this, you need to make a request for verification and send it to specialists. In addition, useful advice can be obtained from the experts of EIIGS LLC.

It is also possible to carry out a building permit check by means of a formal request to the city or district administration. But are there options for checking a building permit by number? Yes, sure!

Today you can check the availability of a building permit by the number of the plot or object quickly and easily. To do this, it is enough to use the check on the website, contact the ISOGD or contact specialists. Now you know how to check a building permit and why you need it.

Don’t forget that checking a building permit is an essential part of planning a new development or building. Do it on ✅ before you start work

How to check if you have a building permit for an apartment building or plot by number?

In order to check the availability of a building permit by number, you can use the request on the website of the administration. But why is such a check necessary?

If you are building an apartment building or planning to buy a piece of land, a building permit check is needed to make sure that all documents on the lot or house are in order and you are not breaking the law.

How to check a building permit?

  • Find house or lot number;
  • Go to the site of your city administration;
  • Use the request form;
  • View test results.

A building permit check can be helpful if you are considering buying a home or land. As a result of the check, you can get useful information about the property and check it for compliance with the law.

Tips for checking building permits

  1. Check only on the official websites of the administration;
  2. Enter the number of the property exactly;
  3. If you have any questions, ask for help from specialists.
Use the official website of the administration to check.
Do not look for information on unofficial sites.

What is a building permit and why is it needed

A building permit is an official document that certifies the right to build a property in accordance with the zoning of the territory, planning documentation and project documentation. This is a necessary step before starting the construction of an apartment building or an extension to an existing building.

Why do I need a building permit? It guarantees the legality and safety of structures, and also prevents possible conflicts with the administration and neighbors. At the same time, obtaining a permit is mandatory for all types of construction – both large objects and small extensions.

If you want to check for a building permit, there are several ways to do so. The EIIHS ISIS website provides information on request for a number for the relevant property. You can also contact the administration of the district or municipality where the facility is located and request the necessary information. There are also handy building permit verification services that allow you to quickly and easily view the relevant information.

It is important to know that checking a building permit is a necessary step before starting any construction work. Therefore, use useful tips and check for permission before starting construction. ✅

If you need to check the building permit for an apartment building or plot by number, you can use the eisgd website. Look for the “Construction check?” section. and enter the lot number or the cadastral number of the object. Click on the “check” button and you will get the result.

You can also contact the city or district administration that issued the permit. They have useful information about building permits. If you do not know where the administration is located, you can search for this information on the website of the city or region.

Why check for a building permit? This will make sure that the building was built in accordance with all requirements and standards. You can also make sure that you have legally acquired a plot or object.

If you would like to learn more about the building permit verification process and get some helpful tips, please see the table below:

How to check the building permit number? What do you need to know when checking?
Use the eisgd website Plot number or cadastral number
Contact your city or district City Hall
Why check for a building permit? Verify compliance with all requirements and regulations, verify the right purchase

Some useful tips: Checking for a building permit is not a guarantee that there will be any problems after the project is delivered. Therefore, it is additionally recommended to consult with professional organizations and specialists in this field.

How to check if you have a building permit for an apartment building?

If you are considering building an apartment building, the first thing to do is to check that you have the necessary permits. And how to do it?

First, you can contact the administration of the city or district where your site is located. There you can request information on the unified information system of state housing supervision (EIZHN). This may take time, but is guaranteed to answer the question of having a building permit.

The faster way is to check the building permit for an apartment building directly on the website of ISOGD or on the website of the relevant administration. To do this, you need to know the lot number and the building permit number. Enter these data in the appropriate fields and click the “check” button. If the permit is confirmed, you will see a green tick ✅, as well as information about the developer, the start of construction and the timing of the work.

But why guess and look for the necessary information on your own, if there are useful tips? Here they are:

  • have at hand the documents for the site and construction;
  • apply for a building permit BEFORE starting work;
  • if you suspect illegal construction, do not hesitate to contact the relevant authorities.

Thus, you can check the availability of a building permit for an apartment building in various ways – through the UIIZHN or directly on the website of the relevant administration. Follow simple tips and avoid problems in the future!

How do I check for a building permit for a plot?

If you are planning to build on the property, you will need to check for a building permit. To do this, you can contact the administration of the district where the site is located and request information about a building permit.

If it is not convenient for you to contact the administration in person, you can try to check the availability of a building permit by using the lot number on the Internet. To do this, you need to visit the official website of the state register of real estate, where you can find useful tips and recommendations for checking a building permit.

If you know the lot number, you can try to check if it has a building permit on special websites such as or On these sites, you can view information about the availability of a building permit for a particular site.

If you do not know the lot number, you can try to check if it has a building permit by address or cadastral number. To do this, you can contact the district administration or visit the appropriate website.

In any case, checking for a building permit is an important step in building planning. This will help avoid future construction problems and ensure the safety of your investment.

  • Why do I need to check a building permit?
  • How do I check for a building permit for a lot by number?
  • Where can I find helpful tips on checking building permits?
  • Is it possible to check the availability of a building permit by cadastral number?

✅ Checking for a building permit is an important step in planning construction on a site. You can check the availability of permission in various ways, including via the Internet.

What information can be obtained when checking a building permit

Checking a building permit at the present stage is a necessary procedure that exists in order to guarantee the safety of the population who will live in a new building. Because of this issue, it becomes necessary to check the availability of a building permit. But why use verification and where to look for information?

Where to check? On the website of the city administration or other authorities, you can get information about the availability of a building permit.

What information can I get? When checking a building permit by number, you can get the following information: the date of issue, the list of works that can be performed at the facility, the timing and scale of construction, as well as the geographic coordinates of the location.

Why check? Checking for a building permit is necessary to ensure the safety of the building’s future occupants and neighbors.