Painting front door ideas: 41 Best Front Door Colors To Make a Great Impression

41 Best Front Door Colors To Make a Great Impression


The Front Door Inspo: Cinder Rose

Studio Lifestyle

Bold front door colors make your home stand out without breaking the bank, as seen on this porch designed by Studio Lifestyle. The sunset will look even sweeter when this pendant light highlights the color from golden hour into the night.


Paint Color: Cinder Rose

Farrow & Ball

Make It Yours: Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose.


The Front Door Inspo: Coffee Date

Douglas Friedman

Dallas-based interior designer Doniphan Moore transformed the 1976 vacation home that has been in his family for three generations into a reflection of his mother’s fashionable taste. Once you open the dark chocolate door of this 4,706-square-foot getaway in Vero Beach, Florida, you’ll find a contemporary and feminine oasis.

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Paint Color: Coffee Date

Clare Paint

Make It Yours: Clare Paint Coffee Date.


The Front Door Inspo: Frank Blue

Eliza Carter

You’ll always find your way home in the bustling city with this berry blue door. It’s a natural fit for standing out in a sea of Victorian brownstones, as Eliza Carter Harris’s NYC home does here.


Paint Color: Frank Blue


Make it Yours: Sherwin Williams Frank Blue

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The Front Door Inspo: Barbie Dreamhouse Blue

William Abranowicz

This modern San Diego stunner designed by Kathleen McCormick speaks for itself. The concrete steps, Malibu Barbie blue door, and steel-and-glass facade need no further introduction.


Paint Color: Barbie Dreamhouse Blue


Make It Yours: Backdrop Barbie Dreamhouse Blue


The Front Door Inspo: Dark Steel Blue

Ray Booth

Ray Booth reverses the typical black and white look with white trim and dark siding, giving this home a modern edge. The extra-wide blue door (e013-60 from Fine Paints of Europe) adds a splash of interest and contrast without making too bold a statement.

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The Front Door Color: Dark Steel Blue

Studio 33

Make It Yours: Sherwin Williams Refuge.


The Front Door Inspo: Umbria Red

Eric Piasecki

For their Millbrook, New York, country house, Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder used a punchy shade of red that pops against bright white.


Paint Color: Umbria Red

Lara Robby/Studio D

Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Umbria Red 1316

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The Front Door Inspo: Sage

Annie Schlechter

Philip Thomas chose a pale sage green color to adorn all the exterior trims of this cedar home. The specific shade perfectly reflects the foundation plantings. and landscape design.


The Paint Color: Pastel Sage


Make it yours: Valspar Sparkling Sage.


THE Front Door Inspo: Light Gray-Green

Eric Piasecki

A creamy neutral changes with the light for an always flattering facade at this home designed by Gil Schafer. Here, it appears to have pale sage undertones, perfect for a space with green accents and a historic feel.

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Paint Color: Old White

House Beautiful

Make it yours: Farrow & Ball Old White No. 4


The Front Door Inspo: Yellow Gold

Stephen Kent Johnson

A gray monochromatic color scheme, shown here on this charming seaside cottage designed by Juan Carretero, offers a soothing welcome to family and friends. The color contrasts beautifully with the lawn and hydrangeas. But a fun surprise greets you at the front door: Sunny yellow paint! Sherwin Williams Quilt Gold covers both the interior and exterior of the front door.


The Front Door Color: Golden Wheat

Lara Robby

Make It Yours: Benjamin Moore St. Elmo’s Fire

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Front Door Inspo: Turquoise

Read McKendree

Bella Mancini enlivened this front door as well as the screen door frame with a bold shade of turquoise, Benjamin Moore’s Santa Clara. This color feels right at home with the cedar shake and hydrangeas but also sets the tone for what’s ahead inside, design-wise.


Paint Color: Santa Clara

Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Santa Clara 753

to boost your home’s curb appeal |

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Wanting to create the perfect first impression for your home? Look no further than our list of front door color ideas; exploring everything from timeless favorites to more impactful, contemporary shades.

Complementing front door ideas is important, but so, too, is the note the color will strike, be it cheerful and welcoming or more formal and classic. The best front door color ideas can refresh the exterior of a home, catch the eye from the street for all the right reasons, and might even increase a home’s value.

Whether you make a statement with a bright pink door or opt for more classic black or white, your front door is a chance to truly express your style – and let people know what they can expect for the design of the inside of your home.

Our 14 favorite front door color ideas

Victoria Yardley, managing director of Victory Colours, says, ‘the front door is often the first glimpse visitors get into the home, so create one that showcases your personality and interior flair.’

When planning your front door color ideas, always bear in mind that your front door design will affect which front door paint ideas suit, as well as the period of your home and the color of paintwork visible from the street and your front porch ideas.  

So, whether you’ve been exploring our front door colors to avoid and now need insight on what works well, instead, or feel like your front door simply needs a refresh, be inspired by our collection of colorful ideas.

1. Create a colorful contrast

(Image credit: Victory Colors)

A front door is a great place to really be bold with color and to create a stylish element of contrast with the style of your home’s exterior. 

Melissa Holt from Cabana Rehab Interiors says, ‘typically we recommend contrasting the front door color to the body of the home to create a focal point and add curb appeal. If your house is darker then a lighter color adds interest, whether that is paint or a lighter wood stain. A lighter color house can carry the visual weight of a darker door while maintaining a welcoming feel.’

As shown here, the bright purple door establishes an elegant juxtaposition with the natural stonework and traditional style of the property, making for an eye-catching use of color and a stylish mix of the old and new.  

2. Establish a theme

(Image credit: Oak Management Ltd)

If you’re wanting to create a more cohesive and unified look for your front door color ideas, be inspired by the colors used for your window treatment ideas. 

This front door, painted a simple, light gray, perfectly coordinates with the palette of blues and greens used across the window blinds, creating a colorful and characterful entrance into the home. With matching fabric used on the outdoor cushion, we love the inviting, indoor-outdoor feel that is created, and how the front door works in harmony with the entrance design.

3. Take the lead from your house color 

(Image credit: Future)

Coordinating your front door color ideas with the color of your home’s exterior can be a great option for both traditional and modern properties, and can establish a clean and coordinated look.

As shown above, the white front door works perfectly with this classic property, with the front door perfectly in keeping with the more traditional architecture.

4. Showcase the timeless beauty of nature

(Image credit: Urban Front)

Color palettes rooted in nature, from mossy greens to sky blues and buttery yellows, are renowned to make us feel more grounded and calm – and they can blend in beautifully with an outdoor space, too, so are wonderful options to consider for your front door color ideas.

But why not take this celebration of the outdoors to the next level and choose a natural, wooden front door where the timeless beauty of nature can speak for itself? 

This warming, wooden door design by Urban Front shown above, works in unison with the coordinating wooden front porch ideas – a great look to consider for porch ceiling ideas, establishing a timeless and rustic look rich in natural material.

5. Go for natural tones with blues and greens

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Allow nature to be a guide and put front door color ideas in shades of blue or green at the top of your list of preferences. Either will blend beautifully with foliage alongside the front door or in nearby borders for a harmonious look.

Muted shades like this blue or nature-inspired greens are a perfect partner to traditional homes, too, ensuring the front door is attention-grabbing but sympathetic to the architecture.

6. Refresh in a day with white

(Image credit: Sadolin)

Painting the front door is one of the speediest ways to boost a home’s curb appeal. ‘It’s a one-day project that can make a world of difference to the appearance of your home,’ says Matthew Brown, Sadolin, and Sandtex technical consultant.

‘As the first thing people see when visiting your home, the color and look of your front door really should be a considered choice. Taking note of the style of the door, along with the trim and siding that frames it can change the whole look of the exterior.’

For a smart but subtle entrance, follow this home’s lead with the door painted to match the façade. Bear in mind that cleaning a front door is a more regular task the lighter the front door paint color.

7. Follow color principles

(Image credit: Sandtex)

The traditional practice of Feng Shui could assist in selecting a front door color. ‘For Feng Shui front door colors, the front door plays a major role in welcoming positive energy into the house,’ says practitioner Eddie Tee of Fengshuied! 

‘When we are going for more striking colors, there is a concept of colors that can be applied to choosing one based on the sector where the front door is located within the property or the direction it is facing. This can be generally broken down to the guide below:

  • North – blue
  • South – red
  • East – green
  • West – white
  • Northeast – brown
  • Northwest – white
  • Southeast – green
  • Southwest – brown

‘This concept is centered around avoiding an energy clash with the nature of energy entering via a specific direction. However, it should be noted that in modern times where the shape of houses is getting more creative, this concept is no longer as widely practiced as decades ago.

A more straightforward way of choosing? ‘It can also be said that in Chinese culture, red front doors are generally considered as auspicious,’ says Eddie. ‘They bring good luck and abundance.’

For further inspiration, explore the other colors people paint their front doors for good luck.

8. Let color bloom with floral-inspired shades

(Image credit: GettyImages)

For a truly cohesive front yard or for cottage front door ideas, choose a front door color that picks up one of the hues from among the planting’s palette. 

For this home, it’s a delicate lavender shade that will echo the wisteria that grows around it once it’s in bloom. 

Likewise, flowers in hot shades can be combined with front door color ideas in red or orange and borders of sunny blooms with a yellow door.

9. Highlight a door’s detail with front door paint colors

(Image credit: Heaton + Williams)

There’s no rule that says you have to paint a paneled front door in a single color, and if you want to emphasize its detail, there’s nothing better than choosing a selection of hues for the task.

The key to success? Pick harmonious colors to use on the different elements of the design, and repeat shades from windows and siding, too, to pull the look together and make a striking impression on the street.

10. Smarten up with black

(Image credit: Joy Coakley / Mary Jo Fiorella)

For classic good looks, black is a winning choice for a front door color. ‘A glossy black front door is always in style,’ says certified color expert and interior decorator Pattie Kelly of Inspired Home Interiors. Black can be a natural partner to more traditional style homes, and it’s a shade that will pop, making the front door a focal point. 

But if a bolder hue is your instinct, don’t be afraid. ‘A colorful front door is a fantastic way to make a statement and add some punch to your front porch,’ Pattie continues. ‘The most important thing is to choose a color that you love so you smile every time you come home.’

11. Finish a double door

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Double front doors are an imposing feature in their own right, so a quieter finish can be the perfect choice for a home with one of these. A white like this is a timeless choice, and although the paint finish will need to be renewed over time due to the effects of the sun and weather, it won’t go out of style. 

When selecting any color for a front door, be aware that if you live in a community with a homeowners’ association (HOA), there may be rules on front door finishes. ‘Double check with your HOA in case some colors aren’t permitted,’ says Pattie Kelly.

12. Go for gray for a contemporary front door color

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

For a front door color that stands out from an exterior in white, beige, or cream, consider gray. It’s a more contemporary choice than black or navy, but is equally handsome, and eminently suitable for a classic paneled door design.

A gray door can also prove easier to keep clean than black and navy as mid to lighter tones won’t make any dust or dirt that adheres to the door’s surface as obvious.

13. Choose a front door color with staying power

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Whichever hue is selected from among the range of front door color ideas, it’s important to bear maintenance in mind. ‘You do want to think about how much sun the door gets, so west and south-facing doors can fade quickly due to the amount of direct sunlight,’ says interior designer and color expert Jennifer Guerin, owner of JG Color Studios.

‘Stay within naturally pigmented hues that won’t fade as fast as the more synthetic bold tones that will need a constant touch up. Using a high-quality paint, such as Fine Paints of Europe gloss, which has longer staying power, or Benjamin Moore’s Aura Exterior Paint, also known for its protective quality that lasts for years even with high sun volume.’

14. Select a different color for the front door’s interior

(Image credit: Crown)

Don’t forget that the color you pick for the exterior of your front door doesn’t have to be repeated on the interior side. You may want to pick a more light-reflective shade for inside, especially if the door is solid, features stained glass, or has minimal glazing, as this will help brighten up an entranceway short on daylight – also a great choice for when exploring, what colors brighten up an entryway.

A different color for the interior can also link the door to the rest of the hallway ideas or entryway ideas, as well as to the palette picked throughout the home. 

What are popular front door colors?

It is no surprise that black reigns as one of the most popular front door colors, closely followed by other classic shades such as white and gray. 

However, the latest interior design trends and color trends are seeing a brave and bold resurgence of embracing color in the home, and what better way to make your home feel more uplifting and welcoming than a colorful front door?

We also continue to be inspired by the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, with blues and greens another popular choice for front door color ideas.

What color door increases home value?

‘Finishes that are neutral in color can increase home value simply by the way they attract a larger audience,’ says Yoselin Castro, senior interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors.  

‘Homes painted in colors like black or white make it easier for people to see themselves in the space and personalize it with their own style, as it’s almost like working with a blank canvas. This is true with front door colors too – while it may only cost you a few hundred dollars to change the color of your door if you’re trying to sell a home, it’s better to keep it safe and opt for neutral exterior paint colors.’

For further insight, explore which front door color adds value to a house.

How to paint the front metal door yourself. |

reads: 7 minutes


Do-it-yourself painting of an entrance metal door is quick and easy. Recommendations, instruction, choice of paint.

1. Why metal doors are painted
2. Types of paints
3. How to prepare a door for painting
4. Methods of painting and materials needed
5. The process of painting an entrance door

If you want to experiment with color, style or radically rejuvenate an old boring front door, it’s time to grab a brush or spray paint. Painting a door is not as difficult as it seems at first glance – just follow the recommendations and choose the appropriate type of enamel.

The very first reason with which it is impossible not to agree is for the beauty and aesthetics of appearance. The color variety of paints allows you to paint the door leaf for any exterior and interior solution.

The second reason has to do with the desire to protect the metal from corrosion. Temperature changes, humidity, sunlight, dust, dirt – this is what any front door faces, especially if it is installed in a private house.

Another important point – painting hides minor minor defects on the metal surface.

2. Types of paints

When choosing a paint, you need to consider where the door will be installed – in the entrance or on the street, and which side it will be painted – from the inside or the outside. The fact is that different types of paints have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some better save the door from corrosion, others are resistant to scratches and moisture. And someone needs a wide color range of enamels to implement a creative idea.

  • Powder coated. Apply only under production conditions. The door is placed in a special high-temperature chamber. Due to the temperature effect, the paint literally enters the structure of the metal, turning into a single whole with it. It is very difficult to damage such a coating, it is resistant to all weather factors. The door can serve as an apartment door, or it can be installed in a private house. The material itself is environmentally friendly. To date, powder coating is the most modern and reliable way to paint a door.
  • Alkyd enamel. The paint contains alkyd resins, which make it more resistant to environmental influences. It dries quickly, does not lose its original luster even after a while, and is intended for painting street doors.
  • Nitro enamel. Excellent metal protection against corrosion. The paint is easy to apply and dries quickly. Staining should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, because nitro enamel is quite toxic. The coating is less durable than other types of enamel.
  • Acrylic water-based paint. Completely non-toxic. Effectively protect the metal door from corrosion. In addition, it is one of the most inexpensive options. But such enamel is best suited for painting the inside of the door – water-based paints can hardly withstand temperature extremes and high humidity in the room.
  • Oil paint. It has a number of important advantages, which is why it is often used for painting metal doors. The composition of the paint ensures even application and maximum adhesion of its particles to metal molecules. In physics, this property of the interaction of two surfaces is called adhesion. The paint does not fade for a long time, even after several years of application. It is resistant to sunlight and mechanical damage. Cons: Takes a long time to dry. Oil paints are often faked, so you need to buy it from trusted manufacturers.
  • Bituminous compounds. The budget option, however, has good anti-corrosion properties.
  • Nitrocellulose paint. Has a semi-matte surface to give a glossy sheen such a coating is polished. They have poor adhesion to metal, so they apply it on a special primer. The paint is durable, elastic, moisture resistant. Dries quickly.
  • Hammer enamel. When applied, gives the product a pleasant shine, durable, belongs to the class of the most resistant paints. Reliably protects metal from corrosion. Dries no more than 4 hours. Resistant to mechanical stress, scratches. But, if, nevertheless, the paint layer was damaged, it will not work to restore a flat surface. It will be necessary to remove the old enamel to apply a new coating.
  • Blacksmith paint. Ideally absorbed into the metal surface. The cover is durable and strong. Refers to paints in an expensive price segment.
  • Wood effect painting. For this staining method, you will need a special rubber float that imitates the texture of wood, as well as light and dark enamel. After the preparatory stage, a lighter color is applied to the door. Then, after complete drying, it must be sanded and a darker tone applied. While the paint on the surface has not thickened, it is carried out with a rubber grater, trying to repeat the pattern of the tree. The dark layer is thus partially removed, the resulting pattern resembles natural wood. From above the door is varnished.
  • Automotive paint. Sometimes designers use special canned automotive paint to decorate the door. Enamel is sprayed on the surface in an even layer or applied unevenly, giving the door leaf the desired effect.
  • Graphite paint. Not the most common coloring method, but it is worth saying a few words about it. It is a relatively new development in the paint and varnish industry. The paint has a long service life and protects the metal from corrosion. Resistant to moisture and chemical solvents. Adheres well even to painted or rusty surfaces. It can be used for both external and internal application, as it withstands significant temperature changes. Unfortunately, for all its merits, this option is devoid of color diversity.

3. How to prepare the door for painting

To prepare the canvas for painting, it is necessary to remove decor elements and removable fittings in order that they should not get dirty during the work. Then, using a layer of sandpaper, remove the old coating, rust, and dirt. A new layer of paint will lie flat on the freshly cleaned surface. The canvas is thoroughly wiped, a primer is applied and degreased with a special composition. Now you can start applying paint.

4. Staining methods and materials needed

  • The most common method is brush application. Keep in mind that the brush can leave streaks behind.
  • Roller. It paints large surfaces well and evenly. Application is smooth and fast. But you can’t do without a brush, because only she can handle it in hard-to-reach places.
  • Aerosol can or spray. Quickly and efficiently paints the door leaf. The paint applied in this way lays down in a thinner layer than when painting with a brush, so additional applications may be necessary.

5. The process of painting the entrance door

  • Adjacent walls must be protected with mounting tape.
  • The paint is applied with the first layer and left to dry completely, then additional layers are applied in the same way.
  • Start painting the door from the top. First paint the horizontal surfaces, then the vertical ones. The paint dries quickly, so you need to work quickly – then the surface will be more even.
  • When painting with a brush, you need to change the direction of the strokes in the second layer of the coating.
  • After the paint is dry, it needs to be varnished for durability, high gloss and to protect the enamel application.

Painting metal doors – experiments with a brush

How to decorate the front door with color

and memorable. Today we have prepared an article on how to focus on such a seemingly unremarkable object as the front door. We suggest forgetting about stereotypes and leaving all fears behind in order to highlight the entrance area in a catchy way: with the help of color.

In order to get a bright and beautiful door, it is not at all necessary to completely change the door leaf, you can do a little restoration with the help of special paints for exterior work, which endure temperature extremes and the vagaries of nature

Paints for metal doors

To paint a metal front door, use one of the following types of paint:

  • Acrylic paint

Withstands temperature extremes, does not fade, is resistant to moisture, is available in more than 15,000 shades.

  • Hammer coated

An innovation on the market, gaining popularity, represented by a large number of shades, keeps a fresh look for a long time. It perfectly protects against the formation of rust, has a water-repellent effect, as a result, the coating is easily cleaned from dirt and dust, non-toxic and very reliable.

  • Nitro enamels

Considered to be the most economical, easiest and fastest way to paint metal products, because the coating dries quickly, shines beautifully and is protected from corrosion. However, nitroenamels are not resistant to various external influences.

  • Powder coated

A type of coating with high practical and aesthetic properties, but high cost. However, its price is offset by environmental friendliness, reliability and excellent appearance.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to powder coat the door on your own, because this process is carried out in a special chamber under the influence of high temperature and an electrostatic field.

Paints for wooden doors

Painting wooden entrance doors involves preliminary surface preparation: surface leveling

– putty for cracks, crevices, bumps and scratches

– re-sanding after the putty layer has dried

Now you will need to choose the right paint, which must meet all the requirements, so:

  • Acrylic paints

Eco-friendly, odour-free, fast drying and forms a durable layer after moisture has evaporated. Easily and evenly distributed with a brush or roller, do not fade in the sun. However, the consumption of this type of paint is much higher, since two or three layers should be applied to obtain the best result.

  • Alkyd enamels

Alkyd resin based paints form a glossy surface with water repellency. The disadvantages are fragility, a strong odor and a long drying time.

  • Oil paints

Produced on the basis of olive, they are highly toxic, with a strong odor that lasts for several days. During the painting process, streaks may form, so it is better to remove the door from its hinges and place it horizontally.

This type of paint is durable and strong, resists abrasion and mechanical damage. And yet, oil paints are considered an obsolete method of painting, given the significant cost and the impossibility of applying another type of paint to the surface.

  • Latex or water-based paints

Non-toxic, water-based, environmentally friendly. However, after applying water-based paint to a wooden door, its surface cannot be washed, as the paint layer may be washed off.

Another group of latex paints – water-based dispersion, on the contrary, is resistant to abrasion, can be wiped with a damp cloth and brushed.

Choose a shade to your liking

  • Intense gamma

An eye-catching clean color for the front door of a private house will look great against the background of a neutral shade of the facade, designed in a restrained modern or classic style with a minimum of decorative elements.

In addition, the scarlet, dandelion or bright azure shade of the doors can emphasize their unusual configuration, the presence of doors or side glass inserts.

  • Nature

Naturalness in everything should be the motto for those who want to make the appearance of their home in harmony with the surrounding nature. So, the natural colors of fresh grass, coral and heavenly shades, yellow mimosa or an unusual salmon color will perfectly complement the facade of a country house surrounded by green spaces or a landscape-style flower garden.

  • Fashion pastel

Blurred shades of your favorite colors have gradually become a fashion trend not only in clothing and interiors, but also in exterior decoration. As an example, consider garden furniture in cream, mint or lilac shades, or front doors painted in the most delicate tones of lilac, whipped yolk or powder. In addition, pastel shades will be a good backdrop for shimmering gold, copper or silver front door hardware, and will create a feeling of cleanliness and aesthetics of the front entrance to the house.