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AC922/IC922 with NVIDIA GPU Stats v9by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 203|Reviews: 0|uploaded on January 28, 2020

Works for POWER9 AC922 and IC922 the maximum GPUs is now 6 also shows the POWER9 CPU use


nextract LPAR stats v6by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 86|Reviews: 0|uploaded on September 29, 2020

requires nextract v11


nextract Server stats v5by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 59|Reviews: 0|uploaded on September 29, 2020

Requires nextract v11 Python3 code to extract data from the Power Systems Server HMC and Grafana 7+


nextract_plus_v40by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 161|Reviews: 0|uploaded on February 2, 2021

Production Ready at v40
Ignore the Beta version comment


nextractplus_v41_energyby Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 22|Reviews: 0|uploaded on October 24, 2022

nextractplus version 41 for energy = Watts and temperatures from CPU cores, planar and inlet


nextractplus_v41_Performanceby Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 38|Reviews: 0|uploaded on October 24, 2022

nextractplus Server, VIOS and LPAR Performance stats including virtual resources v41


nextractplus_v41_SSPby Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 10|Reviews: 0|uploaded on October 24, 2022

Shared Storage Pools performance and size data.
This could be (on demand) extended into the…


njmon AC922 with NVIDIA P100 GPU Stats v6by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 107|Reviews: 0|uploaded on October 31, 2019

For POWER9 AC922 Server with NVIDIA GPUs tested on RHEL 7.7
Nvidia GPU stats including GPU MHz,…


njmon AIX Carpet View v63by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 131|Reviews: 0|uploaded on July 3, 2020

CPU, Systems calls, Disk tranfers and Network Packets


njmon for AIX Experimental Graphs V14by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 113|Reviews: 0|uploaded on January 22, 2021

Some new Graphs and Panels plus some experiments. Did you know you can cut and paste a panel…


njmon for AIX Grafana 6.6.2 new graph typesby Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 474|Reviews: 1|uploaded on

March 13, 2020|

Use njmon on AIX showing the new graphs which arrived with Grafana 6.6.2.
The single stat with. ..


njmon for AIX Large Set v66by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 202|Reviews: 0|uploaded on May 29, 2021

Minor update fixing Memory stats and fixed the units (Grafana does the maths) – thanks to a njmon…


njmon for AIX NFS only v64by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 54|Reviews: 0|uploaded on January 9, 2021

On AIX we have Client and Server sides and Version v2, v3 and v4.
The top chart will show which…


njmon for AIX Processes v6by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 292|Reviews: 0|uploaded on December 19, 2019

Use njmon on AIX or Linux v42+, needs the v40+ injector


njmon for AIX Simple Six PLUS Copy V78by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 215|Reviews: 0|uploaded on January 9, 2021

Use njmon on AIX v60+


njmon for AIX Simple Six PLUS njmon stats v2by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 87|Reviews: 0|uploaded on September 23, 2021

Use njmon on AIX v78+
Includes monitoring the njmon data collector itself as a synthetic. ..


njmon for AIX Simple Six v64by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 512|Reviews: 0|uploaded on September 20, 2019

Use njmon on AIX v60+
This version has the memory stats in GB instead of number of 4KB pages


njmon for AIX Single Stats version 9by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 254|Reviews: 0|uploaded on September 22, 2019

Use njmon on AIX v33+, needs plugin Pie Chart & Clock. Using many graph types and for variable…


njmon for Linux Processes v6by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 79|Reviews: 0|uploaded on October 7, 2021

Use njmon on AIX for Linux v76+
You need to request Process data to be collected using the -P…


njmon Linux Simple Six Plusby Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 149|Reviews: 0|uploaded on February 17, 2021

Just a starter pack but and good step in the right direction


njmon Linux Simple Six Plus v67by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 874|Reviews: 0|uploaded on September 11, 2019

Just a starter pack but and good step in the right direction


njmon version 80 for AIX New Statsby Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 206|Reviews: 1|uploaded on

May 16, 2022|

Use njmon on AIX v80 or higher


njmon Whole Server by Serial Number (hard coded) for AIX & VIOSby Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 235|Reviews: 1|uploaded on

September 8, 2019|

POWER Server LPARs by Serial Number and running AIX or VIOS.
Basics stats CPU, Memory, Network…


njmon Whole Server by Serial Number for AIX & VIOS v2by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 386|Reviews: 0|uploaded on September 8, 2019

Whole Server selected by Server Serial Number
Of course, it has to be a POWER server running…


nmon2json version 3by Nigel Griffiths

Downloads: 244|Reviews: 0|uploaded on December 9, 2019

Very simple 6 graph example for nmon users using nmon2json and then the nmon2json Injector from…


STBA Staff Team – STBA

Director: Nigel Griffiths

Nigel Griffiths is a sustainability and energy efficiency expert in the built environment with over 25 years’ experience as a practitioner, project manager, author and consultant. As Director of the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance, he works at the cutting edge of sustainability for heritage buildings. As a Principal Consultant with Ricardo, he provided practical energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability strategies for numerous buildings and large property portfolios. He has also worked extensively on policy development in this sector in the UK and overseas. He continues to inspect Renewable Heat installations on behalf of Ofgem, and is a lead technical expert to BEIS on the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.  He is the author of several books including the Haynes Eco House Manual, writes for the Build-it monthly self-build magazine and is the resident sustainability expert at their UK exhibitions. 

To contact Nigel, please email [email protected]

Associate Technical Director: Nicholas Heath

Nicholas Heath is Founding Director of NDM Heath Ltd, an independent sustainable energy consultancy specialising in traditional building retrofit. Formerly Senior Consultant with Changeworks (where he remains an Associate Consultant).

He is the author of numerous traditional building retrofit guides, technical papers, planning guidance and research reports, and has developed and delivered technical training for many years both nationally and internationally.  

Nicholas is an IHBC Associate, part-time lecturer at the University of York, and a licenced SAP and BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Assessor.

Project Associate: Peter Draper

Peter is a Building Surveyor, Retrofit Co-ordinator and Domestic Energy Assessor who runs Rounded Developments Enterprises in Wales. He was the co-author of the original Level 3 Specialist Upskilling Programme for CITB that has since been adapted into the “Energy Efficiency & Retrofit of Pre-1919 Traditional Buildings” course. He has served as the STBA’s Sustainability co-Chair and Director.

He is currently running the BEIS funded Thermal Efficiency Innovation Fund project with Melin Homes and Rhondda Housing Association for the STBA. This four year project has been assessing the real world application of the Whole House Approach within a Housing Association setting.

Communications & Events Co-ordinator: Cypren Edmunds

Cypren is the STBA Communications Officer. As a qualified carpenter he has a keen interest in sustainable building and is a founding member and Chair of Strawbale Building UK. As Chairperson for the High Path Community Association he is a strong advocate of social housing.

Cypren has an excellent understanding of buildings and sustainability issues in both the commercial and public sector and provides communication support across all platforms for the community led housing group, RUSS Lewisham (Rural Urban Synthesis Society).

Cypren can be contacted by email at [email protected]

Accounts closed for Americans, British credit cards taken away

Sunday, July 30, 2023


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15:37 February 27, 2008

This week the biggest the banks have upset their most loyal depositors. The Dutch ABN Amro decided to close the accounts of American investors, and the British Internet bank Egg canceled credit cards from 161,000 customers.

Last year, the three largest European banks Royal Bank of Scotland, Fortis and Banco Santander bought the Dutch ABN Amro. It became one of the largest interbank transactions in history. The three competitors agreed to share the ABN Amro business among themselves.

Today, a bank from the Netherlands announced the decision to close all portfolio investment accounts owned by US passport holders. The bank’s management said it was doing so “for strategic reasons.”

ABN Amro Amsterdam representative Hans van Zon said US citizens would be allowed to have savings accounts, but not bank finance the purchase of securities.

According to the newspaper De Telegraaf, the bank’s decision to close American investment accounts is due to the increasing cost of complying with US regulatory laws. A US Securities and Exchange Commission spokesman stated New-York Times that he personally does not know what kind of American laws could cause an increase in the costs of the Dutch bank.

Anyway, the decision has already been made. ABN Amro customers, who were not lucky with their passports, already received a letter from the bank on Monday with information about closing accounts. Mr. van Zon declined to say whether his bank is going to somehow compensate American depositors for their possible financial losses after the closing of accounts.

A popular UK Internet bank Egg has decided to cancel the credit cards of 161,000 of its customers who, according to the bank, may have problems paying their bills. It is curious that at least three millionaires were among these unfortunates.

“I think it is unfair to deprive people of their cards without a clear explanation of the reasons,” Nigel Griffiths, a British MP from Edinburgh, commented on the bank’s decision. year”. Griffiths has already received hundreds of letters from outraged bank customers, with three letters sent by millionaires. This is reported by”>Times.

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15:37February 27, 2008


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Britain allocated $21.5 million to Russia for the dismantling of two nuclear submarines – RBC

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Euro exchange rate on July 29
EUR CB: 99.96


Investments, 28 Jul, 18:28

Dollar exchange rate at 29July
USD CB: 90.98


Investments, 28 Jul, 18:28

The Ministry of Defense reported an attack on Crimea by 25 aircraft-type drones

Politics, 07:15

Nine people became victims of bad weather in the Volga region

Society, 07:06

Authorities have lifted restrictions on aircraft flights in the capital region

Politics, 06:40

rbc. group

Consequences of a drone attack on Moscow City. Video

Politics, 06:25

How to watch TV shows in 4K with weak internet on a big screen

RBC and Tricolor, 06:20

Traffic was blocked in the area of ​​the drone attack in Moscow City

Politics, 06:07

The Ministry of Defense reported on the reflection of the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the DPR

Politics, 05:56

Do you see a competitor in ChatGPT?

Learn how to turn a neural network into an assistant in the new intensive RBC Pro

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Drones attack and drones fall in Moscow City. Video

Politics, 05:41

Vnukovo Airport resumed receiving flights

Politics, 05:31

The Ministry of Defense reported three drones that attacked Moscow and the Moscow region

Politics, 05:25

Beglov called the reason for the slowdown in construction in St. Petersburg

Politics, 04:49

Vnukovo Airport closed for arrivals and departures

Politics, 04:44

Sobyanin reported damage to the towers in Moscow City due to a drone attack

Politics, 04:29

TASS reported an explosion in a building in Moscow City

Politics, 04:15

rbc. group

The UK government has provided Russia with $21.5 million, which is intended for the dismantling of two nuclear submarines. This was announced today at a press conference in London by a representative of the British Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The Russian-British project is financed under the G8 Global Partnership program. The project involves the dismantling of two multi-purpose nuclear submarines retired from the Russian Navy. Work on the project began in December 2003 and is expected to be completed autumn 2004.

Dismantling of submarines is being carried out at the Zvezdochka facility, which Nigel Griffiths, the British Minister of Trade and Industry, who oversees British programs to assist Russia in solving nuclear legacy problems, will visit during his visit on February 24.

Recall that at the G8 summit in June 2002. A new program of the “Global Partnership of the G8 countries in the field of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and materials for their production” was adopted.