Most haunted houses in america for sale: Pardon Our Interruption

Six of the most haunted houses in the U.S.


By Ilyce Glink


(MoneyWatch) Have you ever seen an eerie pale figure in the window or jerked awake because of a bump in the night?

Apparently, nearly a third of Americans have. According to’s Haunted Housing Report, 35 percent of respondents claim they have lived or are living in a haunted house.

The report also provided some warning signs that a house could be haunted: A cemetery on the property, more than 100 years old, quick transitions in owners, an unexplainable low price or close proximity to a battlefield.

Some of the most haunted homes in the country meet more than a few of those creepy criteria. Ed Kushins, a global travel expert and founder of home swapping site, offered up a list of six of the most haunted homes in the country.

Most of these aren’t for sale, but you can at least step inside the haunted, historic abodes. A few even offer the ability to stay overnight and sleep in the same rooms where gruesome murders took place — if you’re into that kind of thing.

Six of the most haunted houses in the U.S.

LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans

LaLaurie Mansion in the French Quarter was home to Dr. Louis LaLaurie and his wife Delphine beginning in 1832. Known for lavish parties, they were among the most respected members of the community. But they had a dark and horrible secret: An attic torture chamber where Madame LaLaurie performed ghastly and often fatal medical experiments on slaves. The souls of the tortured, particularly that of a young girl, are said to appear regularly and cause owners great misfortune.

Madame LaLaurie’s reputation continues to attract visitors to the spooky home, and it’s likely more will come after seeing actress Kathy Bates play the role this season on FOX’s “American Horror Story.”

The home itself is owned by investors now, after its most recent owner, actor Nicholas Cage, lost it to foreclosure after purchasing it in 2009.

Six of the most haunted houses in the U.S.

Farnsworth House, Gettysburg, Pa.

The famous Civil War battle at Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest in its four-year history. Farnsworth House, named for Brigadier General Elon J. Farnsworth, was home to Confederate sharpshooters during the conflict and acquired at least 100 bullet holes as a result.

It later operated as a makeshift hospital, and currently functions as a 10-room bed and breakfast. Fourteen ghosts are rumored to haunt the premises, including a midwife called Mary who likes to comfort guests by sitting on their beds.

Six of the most haunted houses in the U.S.

Picasa 3.0

Joshua Ward House, Salem, Mass.

This brick mansion was built for merchant Joshua Ward in the 1780s on a foundation that had previously been owned by Sheriff George Corwin. Corwin, who became known as “the Strangler,” was responsible for the killing of many accused witches during the Salem trials of the 1690s. The spirits of his victims are said to still reside in the house today.

Six of the most haunted houses in the U.S.

Dock Street Theatre, Charleston, S.C.

The building that stands on Charleston’s Church Street today is not the original Dock Street Theatre, though it may be haunted by some of its original actors and theater-goers. It is unclear what happened to the first structure in the 18th century, but Christopher Parham, Dock Street’s managing director, told the Charleston City Paper that many assume it burned in a fire that claimed other buildings in the area.

The Planters Hotel was built in 1809 to replace the building, and it became a theater again in the 1930s. The most sighted ghost at Dock Street is that of Junius Brutus Booth, an actor and father of President Lincoln-assassin John Wilkes Booth, who stayed at the hotel and is said to return to watch rehearsals from the balcony.

Six of the most haunted houses in the U.S.

Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, S.C.

The Boone Hall Plantation, founded by Major John Boone and then sold to brothers John and Henry Horlbeck, is another place supposedly haunted by the ghosts of slaves. The brothers expanded the property’s brickyard and set some of their 225 slaves to work operating dangerous kilns for the local building industry beginning in 1817.

According to legend, the numerous spirit sightings at the plantation have all occurred within 20 feet of the kiln, and a slave girl and slave boy are the most commonly spotted.

Six of the most haunted houses in the U.S.

Jennifer Kirkland

Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, Iowa

Guests have the opportunity to stay overnight at the Villisca Ax Murder House, but only if the stories don’t scare them.

The brutal 1912 murders of six children and two adults in the home of J.B. and Sarah Moore were never solved. All members of the Moore family and their two guests were found in bed with an ax wound to the head — and very little other evidence was ever found. To this day, paranormal investigators and novices report hearing the sounds of children crying, lamps falling, ladders moving and doors slamming on their own.

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The Most Haunted Home in Each State

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Alabama: Sweetwater, Florence

Library of Congress

Many legends abound of the supernatural activity at this historic Southern mansion. One witness had seen a soldier in a coffin appear in one of the rooms, then suddenly disappear. There are also regular reports of female visitors being mysteriously locked in one of Sweetwater Mansion’s rooms as well.

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Alaska: Begich Towers, Whittier

Flickr/Jessica Spengler

The Begich Towers (the tall building) is technically a home for most of the residents of the tiny town of Whittier. It also has stores, public utilities, and places of worship. With everything and everyone in town under one roof, there’s bound to be some weirdness (or a few roommate conflicts, at the very least). Residents have heard phantom footsteps and whistling throughout the building. Not up for a ghostly encounter? Visit the prettiest small town in Alaska instead.

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Arizona: The Rosson House, Phoenix

Richard Cummins//Getty Images

Built in 1895, this Victorian home looks pretty spooky in any light. Inside, you’ll find an interesting museum…along with phantom footsteps, which might be from a former caretaker who had been tragically murdered.

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Arksansas: Peel Mansion, Bentonville

Wikimedia/Jerrye & Roy Klotz MD

Historic homes have their charms, but they also tend to have a few ghosts. You might bump into Samuel Peel, the original owner of this handsome mansion, on a tour of the estate. He allegedly haunts the property along with his daughter Minnie Belle, who is usually seen wearing white. She’s also been known to play the piano!

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California: Whaley House, San Diego

Harvey Meston//Getty Images

Now a museum, the Whaley House was once a private home for Thomas Whaley and his family. Unfortunately, the home was built on the site of a gruesome hanging—and the victim was said to have haunted the Whaley family on the regular. Years later, Whaley’s daughter Violet died by suicide. Though her spirit hasn’t been spotted at the home, those of Thomas and his wife have been.

Honorable mentions: The Jean Harlow/Paul Bern House in Los Angeles, California. Listen to season one, episode three of Dark House to learn more. 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles, where Sharon Tate was murdered by members of the Manson Family Cult. Listen to this Dark House episode (season two, episode three) to learn more.

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Colorado: The Molly Brown House, Denver

Flickr/Ken Lund

Yes, it’s that famous Molly Brown—the one who survived the Titanic. Now a museum, visitors have spotted the ghosts of Molly, her husband J.J., and their guests smelled phantom cigar smoke (thought to be J.J.’s) and felt odd cold spots.

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Connecticut: New London Ledge Lighthouse, Groton


The former residence of a number of lighthouse keepers, this home has been featured on several ghost-hunting shows. There seems to be only one spirit here, named “Ernie”—but he’s got a very strong presence. He likes to turn televisions off and on, take sheets off beds, and generally cause a ruckus with knocking. If you prefer your haunts on dry land, make sure to visit Connecticut’s ghost town.

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Delaware: Woodburn Mansion, Dover


This stately Georgian home was built in 1790 and bought by the state to use as a governor’s residence in 1965. The home’s a particularly active site for ghostly encounters, from the mysterious little girl who appeared floating in a fountain at a 1985 inauguration to the boisterous Revolutionary soldiers who allegedly drink any wine left out. After taking a peek at the estate, stock up on (non-haunted) antiques in a famed Delaware town.

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Florida: The Riddle House, West Palm Beach


This property was once a funeral home, so it almost goes without saying that there’s a lot of mysterious (and ghostly) activity here. One of the more famous ghosts is named Joseph and worked for the home’s owner, Karl Riddle. Joseph had sadly died by suicide in the home. Allegedly, his spirit occasionally attacks those he feels are on his turf.

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Georgia: Rhodes Hall, Atlanta

Barry Winiker//Getty Images

Though Savannah is famous for its ghost tours (especially through the town’s gorgeous town squares), Atlanta isn’t lacking in haunted homes. Rumor has it that Rhodes Hall, which was once the stately home of furniture magnate Amos Rhodes, is haunted by the former Mrs. Rhodes along with an evil spirit called the “Shadow Man.” Apparitions of children also have been seen around the stately building. Today, Rhodes Hall serves as the headquarters of The Georgia Trust For Historic Preservation.

Honorable Mention: The Mercer-Williams House Museum in Savannah, Georgia. Listen to season one, episode four of Dark House to learn more.

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Hawaii: The Volcano House Hotel, Volcano

Flickr/J. Stephen Conn

This former private home-turned-hotel is where you might see the ghost of an older woman, along with the spirit of a white dog. Or maybe you’ll want to stick to touring one of Hawaii’s most romantic beaches instead.

Honorable Mention: The Kasha House of Kaimuki, which will be featured in this episode of House Beautiful’s haunted house podcast, Dark House.

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Idaho: “The Murder House,” Boise

Local Wiki

A brutal murder in 1987 gave rise to local lore for this unassuming home. Some say the victims still haunt the ground today, and some locals even refer to it as the “Chop Chop House,” which is perhaps a little brusque considering the backstory.

The full story of the Boise Murder House is be featured in season 2 of Dark House, House Beautiful’s haunted house podcast.

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Illinois: McPike Mansion, Alton


The accounts of hauntings for this former boarding house go all the way back to the 1940s. Back then, boarders would hear children playing (when no children lived there). Though it was abandoned for decades, passersby would see faces in the windows. The ghostly presence of a former owner was also seen wandering the grounds. You can continue your Illinois ghost tour by traveling to Chicago to see a very haunted cemetery.

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Indiana: Nicholson-Rand House, Indianapolis

Wikimedia Commons

Accounts of hauntings of this historic home didn’t start until 1997 when the structure was moved for preservation purposes. That year, a ghostly figure was spotted looking out a window when the home was photographed during the move. This prompted others to reveal their accounts of other paranormal encounters with the home, ranging from seeing multiple apparitions to blood pouring from the walls.

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Iowa: Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca

Flickr/Jo Naylor

Iowa has a rich history, but some of it is a little unsettling. As the name suggests, this unassuming home was the site of a gruesome murder. In 1912, six members of the Moore family (who owned the home) and two visitors were bludgeoned to death. Axe wounds were also found on each, giving rise to the home’s name. The murderer was never found, and today, visitors report bedroom doors opening and shutting on their own, unexplained sensations of being slapped or pinched, and odd chills.

Listen to season one, episode two of Dark House to learn more.

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Kansas: The Sallie House, Atchison

Flickr/Jennifer Kirkland

This infamous house is haunted by Sallie, a young girl who had entered the home around the turn of the 20th century. At the time, it was the home of a physician who unsuccessfully tried to treat Sallie for appendicitis. Sallie is known as an angry spirit and became known for terrorizing a family during the ’90s. Some say she attacked the father and set fires throughout the home.

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Kentucky: Liberty Hall, Frankfort

Stephen Saks//Getty Images

Three spirits famously haunt this circa-1796 home. One is called the “Gray Lady,” who had died of a heart attack after traveling to the home for a funeral. Another is a Spanish opera performer, who had mysteriously disappeared from the house during a visit. Both have been seen roaming the property. The other spirit is that of a young soldier, who can be seen looking into the ground-floor windows.

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Louisiana: The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville

Stephen Saks/Lonely Planet//Getty Images

As with any former plantation, this home has a violent origin story. The most famous ghost on the property is Chloe, who was enslaved and murdered after a tragic accident in which the overseer’s wife and children died after consuming Chloe’s meal that had a high dosage of white oleander in it.

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Maryland: Hager House, Hagerstown

Flickr/Andrew Aliferis

Dating back to 1739, this historic house is believed to still be the home of two families. ..of ghosts. Visitors have heard disembodied voices and witnessed items move on their own. And you thought you were stressed out when visitors came over to your house.

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Massachusetts: Lizzie Borden House, Fall River

Dennis K. Johnson//Getty Images

You’re probably familiar with the story of Lizzie Borden, who was tried for killing her family with an ax. But that’s not the only possible spirit that haunts the now-bed & breakfast. Before Lizzie and her family moved in, a distant relative occupied the home and murdered her children in the property’s well. Some have reported hearing the kids playing on the top floor of the home, while others have experienced their sheets flying off their beds.

Honorable Mention: The S.K. Pierce Mansion in Gardener, Massachusetts. Listen to season one, episode five of Dark House to learn more.

Bad Purchase: How to Get Your Money Back for a Haunted House

Illustration: Pravo. ru/Petr Kozlov

Haunted House

Immediately after moving to the village of Nyack, New York, USA in the late 1960s, the Ackley family discovered that their new home is haunted. “Poltergeists”, as their mother Helen Ackley called them, behaved friendly: they brought coins and jewelry as a gift to children. Daughter Cynthia recalled that as a child, otherworldly forces shook the bed every day and woke her up for school. And when the holidays began, the schoolgirl announced this out loud and asked the ghosts not to disturb her. They obeyed.


Helen Ackley loved to talk about her unusual home to relatives and neighbors. She even wrote several articles about it: for the popular American magazine Reader’s Digest and small local newspapers Nyack News and Views. According to her, three ghosts lived in the house: a woman in a red cloak, a sailor and an elderly man who looked like Santa Claus. In her texts, the American noted that the spirits were always kind and attentive: when the family made repairs, the ghosts approved the new color of the walls in the living room.

But sometimes the ghosts frightened the inhabitants of the house. One such case was told by Mark Kavanagh, Cynthia’s husband.

“That night, when Cynthia was asleep, I heard the creak of the bedroom door and the floorboards. Then I felt something touch me. I was speechless and could hardly move. But I managed to turn my neck so that through the moonlight I saw a female figure in a dress. I thought she was looking straight at me. After about a minute, the woman got up and left the room. I woke up my wife and told her everything, ”recalled Kavanagh.

Although the haunted house in the American village of Nyack became famous thanks to the Ackley family, rumors about its mystical residents have circulated before. So, one of the plumbers who worked on the estate claimed to have heard footsteps, although there was no one else in the room except him. And the villagers also told each other stories about how the doors of the dwelling opened and closed by themselves.

These village legends have an explanation. The fact is that not far from the house is Sleepy Hollow – an area that became famous thanks to Washington Irving’s mystical story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” about a headless horseman.

Surprise Property

The Ackley family had lived in the haunted house for about twenty years and had no intention of moving. But the real estate tax in the area was constantly growing. And then the head of the family died, and Helen Ackley, who became a widow, began to complain about the harsh climate and dream of warm winters in Florida. So the house was put up for sale for $650,000.

The 1,500 m² old estate on the banks of the Hudson River attracted the attention of a young New York family who knew nothing of the house’s reputation. The hostess did not tell potential buyers about the ghosts either. So Geoffrey and Patrice Stambowski decided to buy the property and even gave Ackley $32,500 as a down payment.

But then one of the locals told the couple that their new home was haunted. Then they refused to sign the contract of sale and demanded the money paid back. Ackley refused to return them, the trial began.



During the trial, Stambovsky said that he and his wife were victims of fraud. He clarified that he does not believe in rumors about ghosts and considers them fairy tales, but he worries about his pregnant wife, who takes such stories to heart.

Despite this, the court sided with the seller. He pointed out that, according to American law, the Stambovsky family had to inspect the house in advance and check its condition. If necessary, buyers could hire experts to draw up opinions on real estate (the doctrine of caveat emptor – “cautious buyer”). But the applicants did not do this, therefore they cannot demand a refund.

The Stambovskys appealed this decision to the New York Supreme Court. There, the case was considered by five judges, three of whom sided with the plaintiffs. Helen Ackley promised the Stambowskis that the property would be free of residents, but this turned out to be untrue, because the place is haunted, Judge Israel Rubin noted: “To get rid of such neighbors, buyers will have to call ghost hunters.

The court emphasized that Helen Ackley actively maintained the reputation of the haunted house and published several articles on the subject. But for some reason, she did not tell real estate buyers about such features of the property.

“Helen Ackley has written about her haunted house in the press, so she can’t deny the existence of ghosts in court. From the point of view of the law, spirits live in the house. And the court made a decision in favor of the Stambovskys at the request of the spirit of justice, ”the court noted.

Rubin stressed that the dissemination of information about ghosts in the house would attract all the thrill-seekers who would intrude on the privacy of the Stambovskys, and reduce the value of the house as a whole. As a result, Ackley had to return part of the money to the plaintiffs (the exact amount is unknown, according to various sources, it ranged from $5,000 to $15,000).

Later, the defendant found other buyers and moved to Florida, while her daughter and her husband moved to Oregon. The new owners of the Nyack home reported no ghosts. According to the Toronto Star, the estate is now owned by American musician Matisyah and is valued at $1.85 million.

Significance for legal practice


The court’s decision in this case became significant for American legal practice. And the case itself entered the textbooks of students of law faculties. If we superficially interpret the conclusions of the court, then it follows from them that sellers must tell potential buyers all information about real estate, including its mystical features.

But the legislator decided to take a different path. Shortly after the court’s decision in the case, New York State passed a law popularly known as the Haunted House. Despite the name, the document does not talk about casts, but specifies what information the seller must provide to the buyer. So, it is not necessary to report what happened on the property in the past (for example, if a person was killed in the house, suicide occurred, or mystical events occurred). For non-disclosure of such information, the buyer cannot file a claim against the seller. Other US states followed suit.

Free abridged translation of article Helen Ackley’s Haunted House on the Hudson with additions.

6 luxurious houses that no one wants to buy :: Housing :: RBC Real Estate

The rich and famous do not save on real estate by purchasing estates and palaces. It is all the more strange that these luxurious unique houses have been empty for a long time without new owners. We tell you why

Photo: Lifestyle Production Group/Youtube


The appearance of the palace on the real estate market in 2010 became a sensation. House with an area of ​​more than 2. 7 thousand square meters. m put up for sale for $ 68 million. The mansion, located in the former estate of “Frick”, is surrounded by gardens, on the territory there is a swimming pool with sea water, a tennis court, a jacuzzi, parking for 11 cars and an underground basketball court. Richard Kurtz, the owner of the castle, noted that there is no second such mansion: it is located near Manhattan, the interior is decorated with gold, and the rooms are equipped with modern appliances. For nine years, Kurtz met with many potential buyers, but not a single deal went through: some refused to buy, others did not like the owner. It is important for Richard that the new tenants love the mansion in which he has invested his strength and soul. As a result, the price of the house is reduced by $30 million, but he never found a new owner.


Colonial-style mansion built in 1749 and renovated in 1994. Now it is a modern house with an area of ​​2. 3 thousand square meters. m, equipped with all necessary amenities. Seven bedrooms, seven fireplaces, a garage and a separate guest house – nobody needs this mansion because of … ghosts. Its first owner, Henry William Stiegel, died in 1785, and since then people have claimed that his ghost lives in the house. He appears at night without a head, wandering the corridors and slamming doors. Sometimes the spirit is kept company by an invisible weeping woman in the upstairs bedroom. In a couple of years, the cost of the house was reduced from $825,000 to $650,000, but there are still no people willing to live in it.


43,000 sq. m is located in a private area with its own forest park. The house was sold in 2007 for $35 million. The owners spent another $25 million on the reconstruction of the mansion, and in 2014 they began to look for buyers. The palace was put on the real estate market for $195 million, but five years later there was not a single person who wanted to live in it, and the price had to be reduced. Advertisements for sale were repeatedly removed and returned. Now the estate is worth $129million; it has 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, a wine cellar and an entertainment complex with a swimming pool and a waterfall.


There are many expensive houses in the suburbs of New York, but real fortresses are rarely found among them. French country estate built in 1926 with a terraced garden, whimsical turrets and oak floors, has been on the market since 2009. The building was designed by famed architect Frank Forster in 1926 and has only gotten more attractive with time. The house has been overhauled, all five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a garage have been restored. The future owner is waiting for a large library and kitchen; terraces surrounded by perennial gardens lead to the street. The castle is located in one of the highest points in New York, not far from Manhattan. But for ten years, no one wanted to become the owner of luxury real estate for no apparent reason. Now the price of the mansion is less than $3 million.


The largest private wooden structure in the United States is located on Lake Superior. The mansion is surrounded by 2 km of forest. There are 23 bedrooms inside the house, as well as four additional guest apartments in the annex. On the territory there is a pier for yachts. The home was owned by one of the co-founders of General Motors and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was put up for sale for $40 million, but no one was interested in the estate even after the price was halved. Despite the rich environment, the old log mansion is not bought because of the remoteness from the central infrastructure.


Built for the city’s first doctor in 1852, the Georgian mansion includes a living room, music room, library, swimming pool, study, terrace and large greenhouse for plants. It is located near the center of Canton and was put up for sale for $1 million, but the price had to be reduced due to lack of demand.