Made up addresses funny: Funny Street Names both Real and Made Up

Funny Street Names both Real and Made Up

Okay, let’s face it, from Main Street to Wall Street we’ve all
heard many common and funny street names in our time. I’ve you’ve
driven in America or in any part of the world for that matter
you’ll have a WTF moment when you turn onto some strangely named
road and wonder who gave it that moniker.

So, this page is an exercise in funny street names. First, I
will present those that are real and physically exist somewhere
(or have existed somewhere). For instance, if you’ve happened
to have the fortune of having a street named after yourself, then
the misfortune of going to prison for being a sexual sheep predator
(and having the street sign torn down) then this will qualify
since at one time the street name did exist.

So without further ado here are some funny street names that
happen to be real:

Real Funny Street Names

  Gay Way
Stoner Avenue
Hardup Road
Jive Turkey Lane
Jackass Hill Road
Drury Lane
Farfrompoopen Road
Abbey Road
Peepee Falls Street
Liquid Loco Street
Chicken Dinner Road
Hell for Certain
Candy Cane Lane
Flood Street
Noisy Hole Road
Cannibal Road
Blue Ball Road
Bonar Road
Ha-Ha Road
Big Mama Drive
Lovers Lane
Turkey Cock Lane
Succabone Road
Error Street
Buttram Road
Tapeworm Road
Shoot Up Hill
Dick Drive
Butt Hollow Road
Old Possum Holler Lane
Ragged Ass Road
Butthole Lane
Old Possum Holler Lane
Ragged Ass Road
Butthole Lane
Boulevard Avenue
Slip Inn Lane
No-Name Street
Stair Way
Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard
Booger Branch
Sesame Street
Cockburn Street
Titman Road

Made Up Funny Street Names

This list is made of a funny spin from the most common street
names according to the U. S. Census. First, see if you know the
real street name in each entry, then if you come up with your
own funny take send it in and you may just see it right here on
this page.

  Main Squeeze Street
Not My Church Street
Are U High Street
Chestnuts Roasting Avenue
Nightmare on Elm Street
Dumb Broad Street
Maple Syrup Street
Old Walnuts Street
Underwater Street
Pine In My Pants Street
Union Confederate Avenue
Under River Road
School Crossing Street
Slow Children Avenue
No Prospects Place
Glass Ceiling Boulevard
Spring Forward Street
Fall Back Court
South Park Avenue
Dead Oak Street
Rotten Market Street
Backdoor Place
Central Air Avenue
Spruce Goose Street
State of Denial Avenue
Easy Street
Pleasant Dreams Street
Lincoln Town Car Avenue
Diarrhea Lane
Family Guy Way
No Way
Poopy Pants Place
Jack Me Crack Circle
Up My Alley
Kristi Alley
McGraw Alley
Muhammad Alley
Escalade Esplanade
Chi Chi Street
Hysteria Lane
Yellow Dick Road
Peter Parker Parkway
No Friggin Way
Law Court
Lois Lane
Nathan Lane
Less Traveled Road
Beaten Path
Fornication Freeway
Banger Alley
Bump Uglies Pass
Bearded Clam Passage
Cream Highway
Dip Wick Drive
Toad Road
Funky Chicken Pass
Hanky Panky Thoroughfare
Hide The Sausage Bridle-Path
Nookie Court
Pickle Tickle Parkway
Pop The Cork Alley
Colonoscopy Circle
Shag Boulevard
Winkie Dink Street
Wonder Waffle Way
Stroke Me Hill
Hooters Highway

Okay, these are but a few examples of funny street names. Make
up your own. Brainstorm and send in a few. Tell your Facebook
and Twitter friends. And if you’re bored on a Saturday night then
perhaps doing a little graffiti to a street sign is just up your

22 Funny Street Names You Won’t Believe Are Real

The main aim of a street sign is to identify the street names of a road, court, place, lane, or any other type of area a person can drive a vehicle down. They have been in existence for centuries, with the Romans erecting the first street signs along the famous Appian Way in 312 B.C. Now, these were just markers and not exactly what you would call a street sign.

It wasn’t until the late 1800s when the first automobile was invented that street signs became a thing. The early street signs were named after landmarks, monuments, locations, topographic features, and famous people. As cities grow and more roads are built, the need for more unique names has increased, leading to some very funny street names.  

While modern street names are normally chosen by real estate agencies and developers in conjunction with the local government, there are still street sign names that get approved despite being absolutely hilarious. Considering the number of streets there are across the country, it’s no surprise that strange, weird and funny street names are being used. Some of these street names are from decades ago and might not have been seen as funny back then. Then there are those that seem obviously like joke names but somehow still made it through the selection process. 

Whatever the reason, these signs provide some giggles and make driving a little bit more fun. Read on and discover some of the funniest street names and the cities where you can find them. 

22 Funny Street Names You Won’t Believe Are Real

1. A Dog Will Lick His Butt But Won’t Eat A Pickle Road, Fountain Colorado 


Yes, this is an actual street sign. But according to Snopes, it was erected by a family on their property and is not recognized as an official street name. Pity. 

2. Fanny Hands Lane, Ludford, Lincolnshire

When this lane was first named Fanny Hand Lane, it probably wasn’t a big deal, considering fanny was commonly used to describe a person’s rear. But these days the word has a different meaning, making it a little rude for a street sign. 

3. Bucket of Blood Street, Holbrook, Arizona

This is not the type of street you want to be walking down at night. According to Atlas Obscura, the town of “Holbrook, Arizona was a wretched hive of scum and villainy where outlaws and cowboys could indulge their drinking, gambling, whoring, and general rakishness” during the 1880s.

Gunfights and violence were a common occurrence and it was said that the floorboards of Terrill’s Cottage Saloon were slick with a “bucket of blood,” hence the street name. 

4. Zzyzx Road, California 

Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock

If you can pronounce this street name then you are doing well. 


Titty Ho, Raunds, Northants


The name Titty Ho doesn’t really suit the town of Raunds, known for its prehistoric finds and ancient English history. Funny sign though. 

6. Cock Lane, Smithfield, London


It’s funny how you only find street sign names like this in England. It was the sight of several brothels during Medieval times, so the name does make sense. There’s also meant to be a ghost that inhabits the lane. 

7. I Dream of Jeanie Lane, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wikimedia Commons

This street sign is an ode to the popular show of the same name that was set in Cocoa Beach. 

8. Minge Lane, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire

Jabba MTA/YouTube

Why is it no surprise the worst (funniest) street names are often found in the United Kingdom? Do they have dirtier minds than everyone else or just think it’s funny to create street names with rude words? Whatever the reason, they do provide plenty of laughs.  

9. Booger Branch Road, Six Mile, South Carolina

Adriana Minadi/YouTube

This a reminder to always carry a handkerchief or tissue with you when traveling. You never know when a booger might appear. 

10. Crotch Crescent, Marston, Oxford

Brownie Bear/Flickr

This might not be the most flattering street name but it is apparently named after William Crotch (1775–1847), a Professor of Music at Oxford from 1797.

11. Bell End, Wollaston, Northamptonshire

Gareth Bellamy/Flickr

Another name for the tip of the penis, it is easy to see why residents of Wollaston aren’t fans of the street name Bell End.

12. Farfrompoopen Road, Arkansas 

Photo Tonic/YouTube

When it comes to naming streets, whoever came up with this one must have been having an enjoyable day on the turps. 

13. Ha-Ha Road, Greenwich, London

Photo Tonic/YouTube

This street sign knows it’s funny and is laughing at itself. 

14. Smellies Lane, Dundee, Scotland


Not hard to know how this lane got its name. Make sure you hold your nose while walking down it. 

15. Sluts Hole Lane, Attleborough, Norfolk


It’s believed this name came about due to a clerical error. The actual street name is Slutch Hole Lane, which is much better. 

16. Psycho Path, Traverse City, Michigan

Adriana Minadi/YouTube

Although this is on private property, it doesn’t make it any less of a funny street name. Fun fact: Psycho Path was once voted America’s most bizarre street name. 

17. Ham Sandwich, Finglesham, Kent

The Poke

This sign just makes you hungry. 

18. Toe Jam Hill Road, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Adriana Minadi/YouTube

Hopefully this road isn’t as disgusting as its name. Strange street names like this one just make you wonder what people were thinking when they came up with the names. 

19. Capt Bacon Road, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts

Photo Tonic/YouTube

Combining the words capt and bacon to come up with a road name is not something you would expect, but that’s exactly what the folk in South Yarmouth did.  

20. Meth Bible Camp Road, Blountville, Tennesse

Photo Tonic/YouTube

Yes, this is a real sign. Apparently, there really is a bible camp for former methheads in Blountville, with this handy sign directing them in the right direction. 

21. Broomrape Lane, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Photo Tonic/YouTube

Whoever decided to name this lane really needs to have a long hard think about the job they are doing. It’s incredible to think it got the nod of approval from the local council. 

22.  Big Beaver Road, Troy, Michigan

Photo Tonic/YouTube

We assume this is named after the furry creatures with the big teeth that build dams and not the other furry creature. 

The funniest names of cities and towns in Russia

Home Buying and selling Funny names of cities and towns in Russia

Funny names of settlements in Russia

Internet portals “” and “VKontakte” held a competition for the most funny and amazing names of cities, villages, villages and towns. In total, the Russians identified one hundred unusual names. These settlements are located in 83 subjects of the country. According to the well-known travel service, people have voted 307,000 times. The vote went on for several months.


  1. Winners – funny cities
  2. What other funny place names are there in Russia
  3. Examples of strange place names

Winners – funny cities

First place in the competition “Funny city names” took Muddy Continent . This settlement is located in the Komi Republic. The village is located near the Pechora River. According to the latest data, less than 1,000 people live in the village. He scored the votes of 28,000 people participating in the competition. In honor of the victory in this competition, a memorial plaque was installed in Mutny Continent. The head of the settlement received a commemorative cup as a reward. In summer, the point can be reached by river. In winter, helicopters from Usinsk fly there. The village has a big problem – unemployment. Young people do not want to live here and move to the city.

Second place – Laugh . This village is located in the Trans-Baikal region. The population is only 1406 people. It stands on the banks of the Khokhotuy River. It takes its name from the Buryat language. It has nothing to do with the word laugh. From Buryat it is translated as birch. There are many birch trees around the village. 26 thousand people voted for this settlement.

Third place – Freezer . Gained about 12 thousand votes. The village is located in the Arkhangelsk region, in the Mezensky district. In the semi-finals, he won over 20% of the votes.

What other funny place names are there in Russia

Bukhalovo . The village is located in Yaroslavl Oblast. About ten thousand people voted for him.

Flycatcher . The settlement is located in the Belgorod region. More than 9 thousand participants voted for it.

Scrotum . The settlement is located in the Kaluga region. This settlement with an unusual name scored 8400 votes.

Loch . This settlement lagged behind fifth place by only two thousand votes.

Sugar Loaf . The settlement is located in the Crimea, near Sevastopol. The number of people who voted for him reached 6800 people.

The ninth place is Svinogorie . There is a city with such an unusual name in the Republic of Tatarstan. 5000 respondents chose him.

The city Palevo completes the top ten funny names. This settlement is located in the Far East, on Sakhalin Island. According to the jury, 3,200 respondents voted for him.

This was the first ten settlements with unusual and funny names. In general, there are a lot of strange names in our country. You can make a trip from the village Nachala to the village End. Along the way, you will meet Zhadina, Bottom and Sausage.

Examples of strange place names

Here are some more examples of unusual names.

  • Farm Cheerful life . Located in the Krasnodar Territory. Notable for being located next to the churchyard. The federal highway runs across it.
  • Ends . The village is located in Leningrad Oblast. At the end of the 19th century, about 90 people lived there. Today there are only 20 left.
  • Beginning . Village in the Voronezh region. In Soviet times, it was a large agricultural village. During the perestroika, everything fell into disrepair. Now the young farmer is restoring and establishing agricultural production.
  • Women . The village has now gone to New Moscow. Previously, there was a large-scale production of children’s toys. It is noteworthy that before the revolution the village had the name Babinki.
  • Bottom . Urban-type settlement in the Pskov region. The regional city is 100 kilometers away. Located in the Shelon lowland. That’s where the name comes from.
  • Good Bees . A village in the Ryazan region. It got its name from the bees, which were bred by local monks.
  • Sausage . Village in the Novosibirsk region. The village was founded in 1890. Tatars lived in it, then Belarusians. In the Turkic language, the name means wild garlic and water.
  • Dudes . Village in the Perm region. It originates in the 17th century. Maksimov Ivashka, the founder of Chuvakov. By the way, did not find out why it is called that.
  • Varvara Nut . Village in the Saratov region. It got its name in honor of its founder Barbara. The shape of the settlement is similar to an ordinary nut.
  • Greedy . Such a village is located in the Novgorod region. So named because its inhabitants were very stingy. In the time of Peter the Great, they helped repair ships that were rafted down the Msta River. The merchants paid them well. But the residents were still dissatisfied. They asked for even more money. In Soviet times, they wanted to rename it, but they left the original name.

Moscow also has streets with unusual names. One of them is Old Guy, Zhuzha.

Such funny settlements are found in the vastness of our Motherland.

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Real life is always rich in funny, funny and funny humorous stories. This section contains cool real stories, tales and stories from life that have been selected and adapted for online reading.

Persuading the little ones to eat

A cousin asked to sit with her son on Saturday. The boy is 5 years old, he saw me at most twice in his young life.

In the morning they brought him in and told him what to feed him. The quiet child did not even cry, in the morning he sat assembling his designer, did not utter a sound. He offered to watch cartoons, he refused.

It’s time to feed him, he won’t eat, he refuses. An hour has passed, he also refuses, the designer collects a small engineer.

I call my sister and explain the situation. She said to give the phone to her son. She told him something, he agreed. He came up to me and said he wanted to eat. I already have a mountain off my shoulders.

The kid ate everything and asked for more. An hour later, he asked for food again. I had to cook the porridge again. An hour later, his appetite again made itself felt. “Well done,” I think. And so a couple more times.

In the evening, my sister came to pick it up, but the boy was lying on the floor full and even the designer did not want to assemble it. I say: “Tanya, why did you tell him this? He was blown up to eat everything. =)”.

She neighed and said: “I told him that we lost him at cards to you. And now he will stay with you. But if he eats well and asks for more, then I will think that he is gluttonous and I will give him back” .

Apparently the boy really wanted to go home.

Dreams are different

I have a big dog (labrador). In the mornings before work, we walk at the same time with a bunch of small dogs, which, when they meet, begin to tear off the leash and in every possible way portray that they will tear it right now.

In general, a year in the gym and I finally fulfilled my dream – I picked up the dog in my arms and dragged it away with the words “Let’s get out of here, these terrible animals will eat us right now!”.

Yes, not far (almost 40 kg after all, and I am a fragile woman in some way), but the faces of the owners of these mutts were worth it!

Russian writers are difficult to read

Oddly enough for us, Americans do not feel the slightest need for diminutive forms. Cheese – always only “cheese”, no “cheese” and even more so “cheese”. The same is with names. Paul – she is “Paul” for mom, and for children, and for the boss, and for subordinates. This is a saying, and a fairy tale will come.

I have an American friend with Russian roots. In Russian, she knows only a few words, but she feels deep reverence for Russian culture and tries to join. Complains that Russian writers are difficult to read.

– No way, – he says, – I can’t get used to the fact that Mikhail Petrovich, Misha, Mishka and Mishenka may very well be one and the same person.

If you really want a dog

Today I was on the bus and heard a conversation between two little boys sitting next to me. One of them looked out the window somewhere and said that his parents did not allow him to get a dog, so he would look at the sun until he was blind, so that they would give him a guide dog.

This is not a shampoo

This long weekend was going with friends. I hear from the corner of my ear how the wife enthusiastically tells her friends:

– I bought such a good shampoo! I’ve been using it for a month now and my hair doesn’t fall out at all. I used to get a tuft of hair out of the tub drain every weekend, but now there’s nothing!

Girlfriends vying with each other start asking what kind of shampoo and where you can buy it.

Leaning towards them:

– It’s not a miraculous shampoo, it’s me who cleans the drain every morning after you.

I have never seen such disappointment in my wife’s eyes. Yesterday I met Lena Lenina mounted everything.

An appointment was made at the “Fig” restaurant….

In almost 15 years in the construction industry, of course, I met many different people. Basically, these are decent people, but the family has its black sheep, what is there to hide. However, I thought I had already seen the bottom…

The meeting began with undisguised rude flattery towards me, emphasizing my position, and so on. All this I calmly listened to with interest, waiting for what will happen next. After the story about the “new ruble” and the obvious elite location of the house, Madame moved on to the essence of the proposal.

It is simple: We do installation for her, for a total cost of about 15 million rubles, free of charge, and in exchange she offers her advertising services and entry of our organization into the “elite club” of Russian capitalists. And there she will trample, she guarantees ….

To say that at first I could not believe in the reality of all this nonsense is to say nothing. I even had to ask a couple of clarifying questions and pinch my leg. But the self-described writer continued to chirp and chirp, saying that now is a crisis and you shouldn’t break down….

Finally, as a nail in the coffin, the assistant led me to the waiter’s counter so that I myself would pay for two sips of the consumed tea.

Finally, I asked how many fools there were before me. There were four of them.


I remembered that a fellow programmer told me 15 years ago how he called on the ad “Required programmer. C ++, Visual Basic, SQL”, asks what kind of work. He is answered:

– Faxes need to be programmed.

– What do you mean?

– It is necessary to drive numbers into the fax memory before sending to customers.

– And you call this programming?

– Well, yes.

– Why C++, Visual Basic, SQL then?

– What is this?

– This is written in your ad in the requirements for a programmer.

– Well, I don’t know… We told the secretary – look at how others write job advertisements for a programmer and write by analogy.

Department store in Berlin

Berlin, Kurfürstendamm, department store KDV. Married couple. Our.

Wife, in English saleswoman:

— How much?

Husband behind in an undertone:

— Olya, I don’t have any money anymore. 05


Robovac is the theme. I have a Chinese version of this monster and it’s fucking awesome. It has fall sensors on the bottom in case your house is multi-storey, and this leads to a situation that would please Nietzsche himself. I don’t have steps, but in the hall there is a carpet with small patches of black (well, that’s the coloring). He runs into them, stops dead and starts yelling that he won’t budge because he sees an abyss below him. He, a small round piece of plastic and iron, looks at such a banal thing as a carpet and sees the Great Nothing there. Technical support advised to glue the sensors with a little white and he happily drives around the carpet. But I know that I blinded him and deprived him of something existentially important.

An unchewed story

She happened to me on a cruise. In the middle of the Caribbean, right between Jamaica and the Caymans.

Near the elevators, on the eighth, restaurant floor of a ten-story liner, I accidentally ran into an elderly Mexican couple.

Energetic grandfather elegantly supported grandmother under her elbows. And that one, throwing out her little blue tongue to one side and wildly bucking her shoulders, something inside herself read more


What do you know about anti-theft. In the mid-90s, when my dad bought a pretty used Audi, the first thing he did was swap the gas and brake pedals. Summer went only to the country, got used to it, then came to the city. They tried to steal a wheelbarrow 15 times in all 6 years while we had it.

Ask, how did she pass the inspection? Remember, it was the 90s. Finding the right person in the traffic police was not a problem. The only negative is that after this machine went for scrap to the mournful music, dad again “retrained” for a month in order to get used to the normal arrangement of the pedals again.

“Rice Pie”

Evening. Call of the ambulance crew.

Reason: single woman, 25 years old, burning sensation in the genital area.

Further from the patient’s words: “On the advice of a friend, I bought condoms. I stuffed one with rice, pulled the second one on top, it turned out something in the form of a phallus. Well, I decided to be satisfied…”

As a result, the condoms broke, part of the rice remained in the genitals and swelled.

They brought me to the gynecology department with the words: “Take a pie with rice”.


Very talented old men from some competition rode with me on the bus. At first, two grandmothers were gossiping, and closer to Moscow, one of them decided to discuss the work of the old man and sat down with him.

She read printed verses from a piece of paper and commented in an undertone. Basically, “blood” and “love” rhymed there.

– Well, here, Kolya, you write

“The days go by in succession.
All plans are covered..”

Can I have some other rhyme?

– Is it my fault? – the author is outraged.

Female logic

It is impossible to explain female logic. Here is the case. We go with my wife to the economic department, she says to the saleswoman:

– Give me, please, these things.

– Available in blue and green. What do you want?

– I’m four.

She gives her two blue ones, two green ones, takes the money, we leave. How did they understand each other?

Mom, uncomfortable

Musicians remember the name of the once famous violinist Busik Goldstein. In 1934, he was 12 years old, and this boy in Moscow, in the Hall of Columns of the House of the Unions, received an order from the all-Union headman Kalinin for winning some international competition.

Before the ceremony, his mother says:

– Busya, when grandpa Kalinin gives you an order, say loudly: “Grandpa Kalinin, come visit us.”

Busik tries to object:

– Mom, it’s embarrassing.

Mom confidently:

– Busya, you say!

And so the ceremony begins. Kalinin pins him an order, and the obedient Jewish boy says loudly:

– Grandfather Kalinin, come visit us!

And then a well-rehearsed wild cry of Bead Mom is heard from the hall:

– Busya, what are you talking about!! We live in a communal apartment!

And what do you think? The next day they were given a warrant for the apartment.

Censored curse

The World Team Chess Championship was held in Astana the other day. In the online broadcast, according to local laws, tie-ins with a commentary in the Kazakh language were inserted.

As a result, by the 9th round, viewers of the broadcasts had a new censored curse – “Ke5”, because, as it turned out, in Kazakh “knight e5” sounds like “at-e-bes”.

Clearly explained

The child is 16 years old. The Russian language is excellent, without an accent. But some proverbs, sayings and expressions sometimes need to be “chewed”.

Literally in the morning, we Kostya had a discussion of the saying “Better a titmouse in the hands than a crane in the sky.” It was necessary to explain who the tit is (everything was ok with the crane), but why is it “in the hands” and what about the crane in the sky … why, for what ?? Logical, humanistic, economic, physical and allegorical comparisons, etc.

But.. the joke explained everything in 10 seconds. “It’s better to have small tits in your hands than big ones on a porn site” Everything became clear and understandable.


One American went on vacation to Hawaii with friends to scuba dive and was taken to the hospital with a giant clam on his penis. The patient had severe breathing problems, vomiting, a severely swollen face and low blood pressure.

The guy came to his senses and said: “My friend filmed the dive with a camera, but I decided to make a joke and put my penis into the shell, but the clam squeezed it and didn’t let go. It didn’t hurt and even pleasant. After a while I felt bad and only with the help of a partner was he able to get ashore.

The allergy developed a little later, because the body reacted to the digestive enzymes of a giant mollusk, which may have been trying to digest the penis.

Moral: don’t stick it anywhere!


One of the partners has a colleague who is very partial to women. The son of a colleague is all into him. The blockhead is 16 years old, but taking the fortresses and fortifications of the enemy is clearly his favorite profile. From the story:

In the evening I decided to talk to my son – to tell him our family tradition. Everything is as it is, nothing is hidden – yet read more

A person who did not work up

In every family there is a person who did not work up. In ours, this is a grandmother. After the death of her grandfather 6 years ago, we moved her to our place.

My parents say that it is fate that takes revenge on them for the absence of obvious teenage problems in both children, that is, me and my sister.

For example, in July, having received a pension, she rushed to the sea with her best friend for a week, turning off the phone and called when the money ran out. Mom went a little crazy. I had to go pick them up. At the same time, the father neighed and asked his mother-in-law to just take him with him next time.

She has diabetes in the initial stage, and when the district doctor with a serious look began to list what she shouldn’t, she interrupted him:

— What will happen if I eat this?

“You may die,” the doctor said with the most tragic and menacing air.

– Come on! Seriously? That is, at the age of 86 there is such a possibility?

In short, we inject insulin and eat what we want.

She plays chess on the boulevard with men and wins!

She sings in the “Merry Old Women” choir, goes to the theater and attends all free city events and concerts.

And recently got a widowed boyfriend 8 years younger than herself. Now they are rocking out together. Last weekend, he spoiled her with quad bike races. And then they drank 2 liters of homemade wine at dinner and fell asleep in front of the TV in an embrace on the sofa in the living room, where we caught them, returning from the dacha, like a couple of teenagers.