Long lasting air freshener: Best air fresheners: 15 approved buys to improve your home

Best air fresheners: 15 approved buys to improve your home

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The importance of a good air freshener is often understated — but it is arguably the home fragrance you’ll use the most. Yes, we all love a cute candle or a chic reed diffuser, but the convenience of an air freshener when a not-so-nice odor is hanging around your home is second-to-none.

You might have gathered that I am not that person who just throws any air freshener into their cart. I’m quite picky about scents for my home, and I like them to match the season. Fresh for spring, woody and warm for winter. .. you get the idea. An air freshener is no exception. Below, I’ve compiled air fresheners that have either been reviewed by someone on the Real Homes team or have been included because of their incredible customer reviews. Think of everything from solid air fresheners to air purifying bags — even a portable essential oil diffuser and eco-friendly options are listed.

Whether you’re trying to scent your small apartment in the city or your spacious pet-friendly home in the suburbs, you’ll find something that smells good when you scroll.

The 10 best air fresheners

Why you can trust Real Homes
Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

The prices in this guide were correct at the time of publishing.

1. Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray

The best air freshener for home
$26. 25

+ 100% natural
+ A little goes a long way
– Can’t be sprayed around babies
– Aerosol

Made with no synthetic chemicals but from a unique blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils, this herbaceous air freshener has been a firm favorite of mine for years. One spray in every corner of a room will immediately banish odors and refresh a space, no matter its size. With notes of tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus, it’s also great for stomping out cooking smells, just be aware that a little goes a very long way. Don’t spray it in a room with pets or children inside either as it’s powerful.

Real Homes rating: 5 out of 5 stars

2. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener Spray

Our fave non-aerosol air freshener

+ Made with essential oils
+ Cruelty-free
+ Recyclable bottle
+ 7 scents

Anyone who’s eco-conscious will love this hardworking spray since it’s non-aerosol, all-natural, and scented using essential oils. I’m not usually a fan of lavender, so this one surprised me. I actually really liked it for refreshing my upholstery. The scent is light, fresh, and inviting, just like all of the fragrances from Mrs. Meyer’s. There are so many other ways to use this spray, too.

Real Homes rating: 5 out of 5 stars

3. Neom Wellbeing Pod Mini

A luxe air freshener

+ Luxury
+ 3 modes
+ No spray
+ Inconspicuous
+ Great for bathrooms
– Expensive
– Compatible only with Neom essential oils

It’s actually wild how many people ask me about this little thing. Whether it’s by your toilet or desk, it’s an easy way to make your home smell nice. The compact essential oil diffuser doesn’t need to be plugged in, and it comes in a range of colors. It doesn’t require water either, instead, oil vaporizes directly from the bottle and scents the air. You can pick from three intensities too so you don’t overdo it in a tiny room. It’s great for bathrooms but can also fit inside your car’s cup holder. Refills are expensive though, so don’t leave it on all day long.

Real Homes rating: 5 out of 5 stars

4. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

The best air freshener for bathrooms

+ Great for disguising odors
+ Lots of scents
+ Handbag friendly
– Small bottle
– Only for use in the toilet

This little bottle is a lifesaver. What it lacks in size it makes up for in power. You’ve probably seen it before; it’s the one you spray into the bowl before you go. Available in plenty of scents and in a pretty-looking bottle, your guests will thank you later. If you’ve got a windowless bathroom like me, then it’s perfect as it doesn’t clog the air like other air fresheners.

Real Homes rating: 5 out of 5 stars

5. Airwick Essential Mist Kit

The best automatic air freshener
$11. 98

+ Automatic
+ Easy to hide
+ No spray
+ Cord-free
+ Range of scents available
+ 45 days longevity
– Not the best looking

Another favorite of mine, this budget-friendly Airwick Essential Mist Kit is simple to use. Place it anywhere and it’ll ooze scent on its own. I used to have mine in my living room, but then I moved it to my bathroom, and now I’ve given it to a friend. It turns essential oils into a mist, so you get a decent number of scent options to choose from. It has three settings and you can switch your scent with the seasons. Buy the diffuser once and the refills again and again.

Real Homes rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

6. Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Fragrance Spheres

The best cotton air freshener

+ 100% recyclable with TerraCycle
+ Range of scents
+ No spray
– Can’t control
– Short lifespan of 30 days

I haven’t tested this one (yet) but reviewers say it’s great to keep in a closet, locker, or any room that tends to get a little smelly. It’s also not overpowering and has more of a generic “clean house” scent. The beads knock out nasty odors rather than mask them for around a month. It’s better for the environment than a spray and subtly releases fragrance as you do your day-to-day activities. The beads dissolve over time, and when the jar is empty, you can recycle it. The Fluffy Towels fragrance is also a popular one.

7. Diptyque Baies Scented Oval

The best solid air freshener

+ 3-month lifespan
+ Eco-friendly & plastic-free
+ No spray
+ Range of scents
– Not the strongest
– Can’t control
– Spendy

I’ve had plenty of Baies candles in my time, but never tried the scented oval. If you’re a fan of Diptyque’s other scents, then this would make the perfect air freshener for your home according to reviewers who really love it. Where to put it? In your bathroom! Though the French word for berries is baies, it has more of a floral than a fruity scent. This Diptyque Baies Scented Oval in particular smells of roses and blackcurrant. It’s encased in ceramic, which is ideal for hanging in smaller rooms, as the fragrance slowly emits over time. 

8. Standard Moso Air Purifying Bag

An air freshener bag

+ No spray
+ Chemical free
+ Works on its own
+ Pack of 4
– Can’t control them
– Unfragranced

I always see people rave about air purifying bags, not only because they’re eco-friendly but because they’re fragrance-free. This one is great for asthma or allergy sufferers since it’s void of artificial chemicals. The Moso bags are unscented and filled with bamboo charcoal, which absorbs odors and pollutants. They work wonders in small spaces — musty closets, pet areas, or powder rooms. In large rooms, you’ll need more than one bag to tackle lingering odors. Each pouch lasts up to two years, but they need to be “rejuvenated” once a month by placing them in the sun for a couple of hours.

9. Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser

A great plug-in air freshener

+ Control from your phone
+ You can create a schedule
+ Built-in light
+ Holds two fragrances
– Wastes a plug socket

We’re still getting around to testing the highly-rated Pura air freshener, but we’ve only heard good things. It plugs into any available wall socket and fragrances your home with essential oils. It’s super easy to use and you can store two different fragrances in there at one time. Connect it to your phone to control it from far away and use the app to create a scent schedule, too. Fragrance intensity can be adjusted based on the size of the room it’s inside, and we’re kinda obsessed with its plain ⁠— yet elegant — look.

10. Glade Solid Air Freshener

Amazon’s favorite air freshener

+ No spray
+ Scent level is adjustable
+ Lots of scents
+ Budget-friendly
– Packing isn’t eco-friendly

This solid air freshener from Glade has 40,000+ five-star reviews behind it on Amazon. It’s the highest-rated air freshener that you can buy on the site, and all you need to do is open it up and let it do its thing. It’s not the best looking, but you can hide it away. Nest it behind a bookcase, atop your wardrobe, or hidden in a bathroom corner. It comes in a range of scents from fresh to floral, and it’s super budget-friendly.


3 things to think about when buying an air freshener

An air freshener is designed for daily use, whether to mask bathroom odors or to give your sofa a spritz after you’ve watched an entire season of something on Netflix. With this in mind, I’ve only featured solutions on this list that won’t be super harmful if ingested. Here are some things to think about when choosing a new air freshener for your space:

1. Which type of air freshener do you want?
There are lots of air freshener types to choose from. Spray, aerosol, and solid are the most popular. Candles, reed diffusers, and essential oils differ slightly and aren’t as powerful but can help make a home smell nice, too.  

2. How often will it need to be replaced?
Sprays and aerosols are different, as this will depend on how often you use them, but solid air fresheners and essential oil diffusers usually come with a lifespan. Keep this in mind when choosing so you’re not overspending or over-replacing. 

3. Are you able to control it?
This one’s a biggie! Because we’ve all been in a situation where someone is coming over and you or a roomie decided to microwave something pretty pungent. You’ll need a plug-in you can turn on (or spray) to work instantly. So while air purifying bags, solid air fresheners, and fragrance spheres are great, they’re more for background use. 

4. What does it smell like?
Don’t go against the seasons. Much like you would with any other home fragrance, match it to the time of the year. Go floral in spring and warm in colder months. No one wants a cinnamon-scented entryway in the middle of July. But in December? I’d be all over that.

What is the most powerful odor eliminator?

The most powerful air freshener I’ve used is Puressential’s, which is number one on our list. It banishes smells instantly, replacing the odor with a herbal scent from essential oils. 

Which air fresheners are most effective?

From experience with testing home fragrances, I would always say that a spray is the most effective type of home fragrance. A spray is great if you want an instant odor eliminator or an instant fragrance boost. Other air freshener types such as solids, gels, or plug-ins are great for subtly fragrancing your home all day long.

Which type of air freshener should I buy?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to air fresheners. In fact, this will hugely depend on where you want to use your new air freshener, and whether you want something that you can control — or if you’d rather have an automatic air freshener.

Here are the main types of air fresheners:

  • Spray air fresheners are great for using anywhere, especially on fabrics and upholstery. You can control how much scent they emit, and when they work. Opt for a mist for a lighter fragrance.
  • Plug-in air fresheners are automatic so you don’t need even need to think about if your home smells nice. Just choose your fragrance and plug it into a socket.
  • Diffuser air fresheners also work on their own, with no need for a human to press go. These can sit atop a table or cabinet, hidden or on display. Essential oil diffusers are different and you will need to turn them on.
  • Gel air fresheners tend to be compact, and you just need to display them up high on a surface so that they emit scent.
  • Solid air fresheners might need to be hung, or they will need to be placed away from things to ooze fragrance.

How to make your own air freshener

Not a fan of strong commercial fragrances, or simply want to make a cheaper version of one of the all-natural room fresheners on our list? This couldn’t be easier.

You will need:

1. Distilled water — this is important to make sure your spray lasts
2. Rubbing alcohol, which you can buy from Amazon or cheap vodka
3. An essential oil of your choice (we like this highly-rated set from Amazon)
4. A spray bottle, like this one from Amazon.

  1. Mix the vodka/rubbing alcohol and distilled water in a ratio of 1:4 (this is approximate, nothing bad will happen if it’s not exact).
  2. Add about 10 drops of your essential oil.
  3. Pour into the spray bottle, and shake well. This works a treat as ironing water, too. If using citrus oil, avoid spraying directly on fabrics. 

Bad smells at home — what’s the biggest offender?

Carpets are the worst culprits for spreading those nasty smells, but curtains and upholstery are close behind. The best way to tackle them (other than introducing air fresheners) is to pay them a visit while armed with an amazing vacuum cleaner. This will help out your air freshener’s effectiveness, too.

Find out more in our guide to cleaning a carpet.

Real Homes review process

Eight out of 10 of the air fresheners in this guide have been tested by a member of the Real Homes team. We’ve given the reed diffusers we love a rating out of five, and we’ve included them purely based on their customer reviews.

For the air fresheners we’ve tested, we’re always sure to use them until they are at least half empty. The majority of these have been reviewed by me, Annie, head ecommerce editor at Real Homes. I also test scented candles and reed diffusers for our guides, too.

Up next: All of the clever hacks we swear by to get rid of common household smells

Best Long-Lasting Air Freshener for Bathroom of 2023 – Cleanary Reviews

You could notice an unpleasant odor as soon as you open the restroom door. Not only is it embarrassing for you, but it also turns off your visitors. You must locate the ideal toilet air freshener if you want to guarantee that your bathroom consistently has a pleasant, fresh scent.

A poor air freshener might not be able to cover scents effectively or it can even make the restroom smell worse. Before making a purchase of an best long-lasting air freshener for bathroom, it is wise to read customer reviews. As a result, you may anticipate finding an air freshener that will get rid of unpleasant scents and leave your bathroom feeling wonderful.

Why Does the Bathroom Smell Bad?

The restroom smells awful for a number of reasons. The airborne accumulation of microorganisms is the most frequent cause. There are a number of potential causes for this, including improper cleaning or failing to open the window to let fresh air in.

If there is a plumbing leak, it might also be the cause of the strong odor in the restroom. This may result in sewage backing up into the restroom, which would smell awful.

What might not smell horrible to one person may smell really nasty to another since some people have greater senses of smell than others.

Do Toilet Fumes Pose a Risk?

Toilet fumes are primarily a problem because they can be unpleasant and give people headaches. When taken in excessive doses, toilet odors can be harmful. Large volumes of toilet fumes inhalation might cause nausea and vomiting.

It is crucial to ventilate the bathroom and apply an air freshener to cover up the unpleasant odor because of this. Fumes will be decreased in this method.

Do Toilet Air Fresheners Really Work?

Toilet air fresheners do a good job of disguising bad odors. The correct product must be chosen in order to get the greatest outcomes. Some air fresheners cover up scents, while others eliminate them.

Before making a purchase, make sure to check the product reviews to ensure that the item you choose will fulfill your needs. You’ll see a huge change if you use an air freshener in the bathroom.

Are bathroom air fresheners secure?

Toilet air fresheners undoubtedly offer a much-needed service, but are they safe? Depending on the air freshener you’re using, the answer to this question varies. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are commonly found in air fresheners can be harmful to your health.

When you apply an air freshener, VOCs are released into the air and can result in a number of symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, and vertigo. Phthalates have been connected to reproductive and developmental disorders in children and are present in several air fresheners.

In order to deliver a nice scent without the dangers associated with chemical-based products, several natural toilet fresheners on the market employ essential oils and other harmless substances.

Only safe and natural materials were used to create our list of the top bathroom air fresheners. You might want to take one of these items into consideration if you’re seeking for a secure air freshener for you and your family.

Different Types of Air Fresheners and How They Work?

Gel air fresheners, electric air fresheners, diffuser air fresheners, and spray air fresheners are just a few of the several varieties of air fresheners available. Gels, diffuser kinds, and spray air fresheners are frequently utilized in relation to toilet air fresheners.

Essential oils are added to an absorbent gel to create gel air fresheners. The gel is exposed to the air when the bottle is opened, which causes the essential oils to begin to evaporating. The aroma softly disperses into the air as the gel dries off.

Electric air fresheners heat the essential oils before releasing them into the air. These air fresheners are excellent for folks who desire a stronger scent or for larger rooms. Toilets shouldn’t use electric air fresheners since they need an electrical outlet.

Similar to gel air fresheners, diffuser air fresheners operate in the same way. The essential oils are put in the diffuser, which also has rattan reeds. The essential oils go up the reeds during evaporation and are then released into the atmosphere.

The most popular kind of air fresheners are sprays. They may be sprayed directly into the toilet bowl and are simple to use. Your bathroom will smell clean and fresh after the scent has been spread throughout the air.

Image Product Name Editor’s Rating Price
Clear Air Odor Eliminator Gel Beads Check Price
Positive Essence Natural Air Freshener for Bathroom Check Price
Smells Begone Essential Oil Air Freshener for Bathroom Check Price
Air Jungles Essential Oil Bathroom Air Freshener Check Price
The Crown Choice Essential Oil Air Freshener for Bathroom Check Price

5 Best Long-Lasting Air Freshener for Bathroom

In terms of air fresheners, there are a lot of choices. There are several types of air fresheners. Some are even capable of causing issues with your toilet. Some are more efficient than others.

It is therefore crucial to check product reviews before making a purchase. A product’s efficacy, fragrance, and suitability for use in your toilet may all be learned via product reviews.

There is no need to choose an air freshener without first reading the reviews when there is so much information at your fingertips. The best five toilet air fresheners that we recommend are listed below, along with thorough assessments of each.

1. Clear Air Odor Eliminator Gel Beads

You may use this gel bead air freshener in a variety of locations, such as homes, restrooms, closets, and workplaces. Along with other places, it may be utilized in boats and RVs.

You may breathe clean, fresh air for up to 90 days thanks to these tiny yet powerful beads that work to remove any unpleasant scents. It works well in spaces up to 450 square feet, which is big enough to cover an entire bathroom or a room, such a living room or a bedroom.

This bundle has two air freshener packets, each with 12 ounces of gel beads. The beads are ecologically beneficial because they are created from plant-based materials. You may also like some of the Air Freshener for Allergy Sufferers from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Motives for Needing This Product

Without using harsh chemicals, Clear Air’s gel beads catch and eliminate scents fast and efficiently. Use of these non-toxic beads is safe around both people and animals. It will provide a decorative element to your bathroom because it is also extremely pleasant to look at.

This product’s distinctive scent will fill your house, office, or bathroom with a clean, appealing scent. Additionally efficient in removing wet, motionless air are its gel beads. You’ll be able to breathe more readily as a result.

They don’t produce a mess or any residue. Being recyclable and reusable makes the container a very eco-friendly choice, which is important to know.

Check Latest Price

2. Positive Essence Natural Air Freshener for Bathroom

This concentrated spray’s all-plant formula provides a clean aroma and eliminates odors from the bathroom. Additionally, it efficiently purges smoke from the air.

The spray bottle is 100% constructed of recyclable materials and was not subjected to any animal testing. The box contains 4 Fl Oz, which will last for a very long period. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Toilet Bowl Cleaner for Calcium Buildup.

Motives for Needing This Product

This air freshener is incredibly simple to use thanks to its handy spray container. It may be used as a toilet spray, linen spray, and house scent. Your bathroom will smell clean and fresh after a few spritzes.

Its calming and sedative properties are designed to help you fall asleep again more easily. Significant benefits will accrue to insomniacs from this.

The earthy sweetness helps to stabilize your attitude, while the uplifting citrus, grassy, and light aroma creates a calming environment. You may benefit from aromatherapy while using the restroom if you place this air freshener on the toilet or in the bathroom. You should pick this all-natural air freshener for the restroom.

With the crisp, clean aroma, you can count on your bathroom to smell fantastic whether in the warm and winter months. This product is safe to use around family and friends because it doesn’t include any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Check Latest Price

3. Smells Begone Essential Oil Air Freshener for Bathroom

You can rely on the fact that this air freshener is manufactured with natural, plant-based components to not endanger your family or pets. This product comes in a 4-ounce container, which is more than enough to clean your bathroom.

Motives for Needing This Product

It is a potent bathroom refresher that efficiently gets rid of unpleasant smells. This solution will solve your bathroom’s odor issues, whether they are mild or overpowering.

This product can help get rid of pet odor molecules. You do not need to repeatedly spray it because it lasts for a long time. Your bathroom will constantly smell fresh because it just takes a few sprays to obtain optimum freshness.

The special combination of organic essential oils produces a calming and unwinding sensation. You do not need to be concerned about impurities being drawn to the surface since the fine mist spray leaves no sticky residue on the floor.

It comes in a handy spray container that fits into any bag or handbag with ease. It is portable, so you won’t ever have to be concerned about odorous restrooms again. You can find it advantageous to select this bathroom air freshener made with essential oils.

Check Latest Price

4. Air Jungles Essential Oil Bathroom Air Freshener

Lavender aroma oil makes up 100ml of this Air Jungles air freshener, which is ideal for revitalizing tiny spaces like restrooms. Because the reeds absorb the aroma, there is no need for a flame.

The space will be filled with the aroma evenly thanks to the diffuser’s six 10-inch long rattan reeds. You may enjoy a pleasant smell in your bathroom for up to 720 hours with this excellent diffuser.

Motives for Needing This Product

It is a fantastic option for individuals who are sensitive to odours because of its moderate and unobtrusive aroma. This will prevent you from being overpowered by a strong aroma while using the restroom or any other tiny location.

Your bathroom will be completely immersed in a beautiful and extremely soothing smell after using this product. Simply switch the sticks every two weeks or so to extend the scent’s life.

Utilizing lavender essential oils contributes to the creation of a revitalizing and calming smell that will transform your bathroom into a spa. If you put it in your bedroom, you’ll be able to sleep better at night as well.

The installation of this device is simple. Insert the sticks after removing the plastic lid. The diffuser may also be used as decoration because of its elegant design, which makes any space look attractive.

You can be sure that this natural, chemical-free essential oil bathroom air freshener will be gentle on your skin because it is made of all natural materials.

Check Latest Price

5. The Crown Choice Essential Oil Air Freshener for Bathroom

This spray bottle-sized, oil-based air freshener is available. Having a citrus lemon perfume will keep your bathroom or area smelling clean and fresh. The product comes in a handy 4-ounce container that is easy to tote around in a handbag or backpack for a quick refreshment.

Consider that you are allergic to strong chemicals and scents; this chemical-free and vegan product is right for you. You may relax knowing that no animals were injured in the development of this product because it was developed without using animal testing.

Motives for Needing This Product

Upon application, it immediately gets rid of unpleasant odors while leaving a tangy lemon flavor behind. You may use it to deter cats off your mantle, as well as in restrooms and garbage cans.

Since mosquitoes are known to be attracted to the aroma of lemons, this solution is also good in keeping them away. This air freshener may be applied to numerous situations in addition to improving the bathroom’s odor.

It’s easy to use this product; simply spray it in any area to enjoy its clean scent. You may breathe easy knowing that your bathroom will be odor-free and hygienic by quickly eliminating smells. You might want to give this bathroom air freshener a try.

Check Latest Price

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Quality Air Freshener for Toilet

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a high-quality air freshener for your toilet in order to locate the best air fresheners for your requirements.

By doing so, you will be able to focus your search and locate the product that best suits your needs. It’s also important to keep in mind that various people have distinct smell preferences.

One person’s favorite scent might not be as appealing to another. Following that, the following are some of the most crucial aspects to take into account while picking the finest toilet air freshener.

1. Air Freshener Type

The kind of air freshener you wish to use should be your first priority. Gels, diffusers, and spray air fresheners have consistently ranked among the most well-liked air freshener varieties on the market.

Choose the sort of air freshener you want to use before you start your search, since this will enable you to select the product that best masks bathroom odors.

Look for the words “gel air freshener” or “air freshener gel” in the description to recognize a gel air freshener. Another way to recognize gel air fresheners is by their thick, jelly-like consistency. Be on the lookout for air fresheners with diffusers that are referred to as “essential oil diffusers” or “aromatherapy diffusers.”

On diffuser air fresheners, which allow the essential oils to be spread into the air, you can see the essential oil reservoir and a few rattan reeds. You may recognize spray bathroom fresheners by their pump-action spray top.

2. Scent

How do you pick a bathroom freshener when they have different scents? Pick a perfume you like while shopping for the greatest bathroom air freshener for your requirements.

If you have allergies or are sensitive to specific odors, check the ingredients list to prevent any adverse effects. There are several alternatives available when selecting new smells for your air freshener.

If you’re not sure which smell to go with, you could want to think about a neutral scent like lemon or lavender.

3. Protection

Another important consideration is how long the air freshener will last. There are several methods to evaluate a toilet air freshener’s coverage.

Utilizing the product’s brochure or website would be the first step. Usually, the product description will provide this information.

You may also choose a bathroom freshener with a similar coverage by measuring the size of your bathroom beforehand. The suitability of your selected product to completely cover your bathroom may then be determined.

4. Period

Before making a purchase, it is crucial to confirm the air freshener’s duration. This will make sure that the performance of the product does not disappoint you.

Also take into account how long you plan to use the goods. You might not need to worry about the length if you only need it for a little while.

Choose a long-lasting product if you intend to use it for a prolonged period of time. Look at the package or ask the salesperson for the product’s shelf life information.

5. Security

The safety of the product should always be verified before choosing the best air fresheners. If you live with young kids or animals, this is especially crucial.

Usually, a product’s label will indicate if it is safe to use around kids and pets. Picking biodegradable air fresheners without dangerous ingredients is crucial.

In order to find out if other customers have had any bad experiences with the goods, you could also want to read internet reviews.

Where Do I Put the Air Freshener in My Bathroom?

There are several places you may put bathroom fresheners. You may put gel air fresheners and diffuser air fresheners on top of your toilet or vanity, beneath a basket or tray.

This will enable the air freshener to continue working while keeping it out of the hands of young children. Another alternative is to put it somewhere with adequate ventilation, such on a shelf next to the toilet tank.

The fragrance will fill the bathroom uniformly in this manner. Your bathroom will smell fresher more soon if you let the air freshener sit out there.

You may target the specific areas that require freshening with an air freshener spray. Spraying the air freshener into the toilet bowl before and after each use is the best method to keep it smelling fresh. Alternately, you may spray it all about the bathroom. The air will remain cleaner thanks to it.

For an additional fresh smell, sprinkle your bathroom mats or towels with the spray. Before using an air freshener, please make sure it won’t damage your clothes. If in doubt, it’s better to try the restroom freshener first in a discrete location.

How to Fit a Toilet Air Freshener?

The fitting procedure may change significantly because there are several different kinds of air fresheners. In the case of gel air fresheners, just take off the lid and set the product where you want it.

To place the reeds into a diffuser air freshener, unscrew the cap. Start with a few reeds and add more as needed to get the appropriate level of smell strength. Toilet fresheners that are sprayed don’t need to be installed. Simply take off the top and spray the appropriate amount.

How Often Should I Use My Toilet Air Freshener?

The brand of air freshener you’re using and the size of your bathroom are among the variables that affect the outcome. You might need to use the air freshener more regularly in a tiny bathroom than in a bigger one.

It is advised to apply the air freshener as often as necessary or after each bathroom visit to retain freshness. Depending on the product, the frequency of applying an automated air freshener, such as a gel or diffuser, will change.

Throughout its useful life, you might need to refill this kind of air freshener because it progressively releases its smell over time.

How Long Does a Toilet Air Freshener Have a Shelf Life?

The normal shelf life of unopened air fresheners is two years. The aroma will start to fade as soon as the air freshener is opened and will only persist for a few months.

The shelf life of an air freshener might be shortened by a few different factors. Extreme heat or cold might hasten the bathroom freshener’s degradation.

Be cautious to check the expiration date before loading up on toilet fresheners. Keep your air freshener in a cool, dry place to extend its life. The scent will be preserved as a result.

What to Do If Your Air Freshener Is Not Working?

A broken air freshener may be fixed by trying a few different things. Check the nozzle of any spray air fresheners to determine if they are blocked. If so, use a paperclip or needle to remove it. If you’re using a gel air freshener, try turning the lid over.

This will provide greater aroma dispersion. Every time you use your diffuser air freshener, always check to see whether the reeds need to be changed. To make the scent revive the reeds, you may also try flipping them over. If none of these work, make sure the space is well aired.

Keep Your Toilet Smelling Fresh With Quality Air Freshener

We hope that after reading our evaluations you will be able to choose the best long-lasting air freshener for bathroom. Before making a final choice, you may evaluate the advantages and characteristics of several products.

To obtain the best value for your money, keep in mind the elements listed in our buyer’s guide. We hope the information provided will help you choose the toilet air freshener that best suits your requirements and price range.

To get the most out of your air freshener, it’s critical to use it appropriately and when it’s needed.

Rating of the best air fresheners (flavors). Choosing the best air freshener for your home



Toilet air freshener is used to eliminate unpleasant odors. High-quality compositions instantly fill the room with freshness and a pleasant aroma. Some air fresheners can also act as a disinfectant by killing harmful bacteria in the air. The properties of the agent are primarily affected by its chemical composition.

Air fresheners have different operating principles. Allocate flavoring, deodorizing and combined products. Flavorings do not kill the unpleasant odor, but only hide it. Such products, as a rule, have a persistent and strong aroma that affects the olfactory receptors, which allows you to mask bad smells in the room.

Deodorant air fresheners act on the very molecules that are responsible for the formation of bad odors, neutralizing them. Deodorants are usually unscented. Scented deodorant fresheners belong to the category of combined products.

Types of air fresheners

Many types of air fresheners have been invented today. According to the principle of action, these products are of several types:

  • aerosol or spray;
  • microspray;
  • electronic or automatic;
  • electric;
  • plates: sticks and suspension blocks;
  • natural fresheners.


The most popular type of freshener. It is used for household purposes for the home. It works simply: through the sprayer, the liquid from the bottle enters the room. At the same time, the room is filled with a refreshing aroma.


The principle of operation is exactly the same as in the previous case. The only difference is that the liquid is more concentrated. The effect after application lasts longer. The design is also slightly different. It’s not just a spray bottle. In a microspray, the can is placed in a case. When the contents of the container are finished, a new cylinder is filled into the case. This option is more economical.


It is a gel cartridge. It is placed in a transparent frame in the form of a crystal. When the gel is completely dry, it is replaced with a new refill. A simple device keeps the room fresh for 1 to 2 months.

According to customer reviews, aroma crystals may stain white surfaces. This must be taken into account when placing the air freshener.

Electronic or automatic

This is essentially an electronic mechanism into which the aerosol is placed. The design includes a timer. With its help, the spraying interval is adjusted – from 5 to 36 minutes. The device also has a cartridge replacement indicator. The device consists of a mini electric motor and a gearbox. Due to them, the sprayer is pressed. A container with liquid is inserted inside the body. The device is powered by replaceable batteries.

Electronic sprayers can be supplied with additional functions:

  • Motion sensor. Turns on when a person enters the room.
  • Light on/off sensor.
  • Door sensor.
  • Clock showing the time on an electronic display.
  • Spray schedule programming.
  • Cartridge replacement indicator.

One of the latest innovations is an electronic air freshener with a USB port. Such models work when connected to a computer or battery.


The principle of operation is similar to electronic. The only difference is that the device is powered by the network. Connects to an outlet. Allows you to adjust the intensity of the fragrance.

Plates: sticks and hanging blocks

There are two types of toilet plates:

  1. Sticks. They are glued to the inside of the toilet bowl.
  2. Hanging blocks. Mounted on the rim of the toilet. Outwardly, they resemble plastic baskets with holes on the body. On top of the “basket” there is a hook with which the device is attached to the toilet. Refreshing tablets, sticks, balls, gels are placed inside.

The principle of operation of such devices is simple. They work by foaming. When the water flow from the drain tank passes through the stick or basket with the freshener, a large number of air bubbles are formed. Soap foam along with water washes the inside of the toilet bowl. This method helps to remove limestone, fungus, dirt, bacteria.

Toilet blocks should be installed in the place of the most intense flow of water.

Attach and remove the plates with special household gloves.

Natural fresheners

Replace chemical home sprays with natural air fresheners. They are sold in eco-shops. Their price is slightly higher than that of a standard aerosol, but there is no harm from them, either to human health or the environment. The formula is based on essential oils. Their only drawback is that they cannot be sprayed close to fabric, leather, suede surfaces. The oil base leaves stains on them.

Aroma diffusers have become popular lately. This is the simplest device. It consists of a bottle of flavored liquid and reed sticks. The fragrant liquid penetrates the porous texture of the sticks and gradually evaporates into space. Diffusers use natural ingredients: oily esters and herbal extracts.

The best air freshener sprays

These products are mostly used on their own, without an automatic dispenser. It provides a dry spray method, so they are safe for furniture, floors, walls. The top 3 air freshener sprays have been ranked based on their safe composition, effectiveness of use and affordability.

AirWick Pure Fantasy Flower

This aerosol is designed to be used on its own without a dispenser. When spraying the contents of the cylinder in the air, only a pleasant smell remains, water splashes do not appear, which allows not to contaminate the surface. It also helps to avoid marks on floors and upholstery. Compared to wet aerosol, this product has a more stable aroma, which means it is somewhat more economical. At the same time, it contains no more than 5% flavors, so the air freshener is not harmful to health.


  • Can be disposed of with household waste;
  • Shelf life 2 years;
  • Easy to spray;
  • Simple instructions;
  • Does not stick when the dispenser is pressed.


  • Keep strictly away from fire;
  • Must be sprayed with can upright.

AirWick Pure Floral Fantasy is generally safe, but people with sensitive perfumes should use it with caution.

Grass Fresh

This is an affordable air freshener for washrooms and living areas that starts working immediately after use. The container is equipped with a convenient sprayer, with one click on which the contents come out. It is very convenient that for this it does not need to be held at a large slope. The composition has an optimal consistency, due to which, when using a freshener, the surfaces do not become wet. No less important is its safety for health due to the absence of chemical propellant gases and many other dangerous components.


  • Fresh aroma, light and unobtrusive;
  • Suitable for use in car interiors;
  • Non-staining;
  • Non-allergenic;
  • Perfumes the air for a long time.


  • Not very effective on large areas.

Grass Fresh has a transparent color, which is considered a sign of the safety of the composition. Its volume of 400 ml is enough for about 1.5 months of daily use.

Glade Ocean Oasis

…We tested Glade Ocean Oasis and it must be said that it really fights even strong odors. However, it cannot be called the most stable, the aroma gradually becomes weaker … Expert opinion

This is the most affordable air freshener in the rating in the form of an aerosol. The container has a convenient sprayer for use, which allows you to control the consumption of the product. Its volume is as much as 300 ml, which is enough for at least one month of regular use. Among the features of this option are a transparent color, indicating the absence of dangerous dyes in the composition, and low foaming, which also indicates the high quality of the product. In the reviews, buyers note that it does not mask unpleasant odors, but rather eliminates them.


  • Long lasting scent;
  • Convenient spray;
  • Does not cause sneezing attacks;
  • Not very runny consistency;
  • Effective instantly.


  • Do not dispose of with waste;
  • Opaque packaging.

Automatic air freshener rating

Air Wick Waterfall freshness

Automatic spray will fill your home with a pleasant, fresh scent. There are three spray intervals: 9, 18, 36 minutes. If necessary, additional gas can be sprayed by pressing the button. Works up to 60 days. A wide selection of different flavors are available. To do this, it is enough to buy a certain replacement cylinder. The product is suitable for both the bathroom and the living room.

Type Refill
Smell Natural
Volume l 0.25
  • good smell;
  • long lasting;
  • economical.
  • not found.

The device really eliminates unpleasant odors, especially tobacco. It lasts for a long time, it is spent economically.

Air Wick Softness of silk and lilies automatic

The product effectively removes unpleasant odors from rooms and saturates them with a delicate, floral scent. It is enough to insert the aerosol into the holder, and it will automatically spray the gas. Funds are enough for 30-60 days, depending on the intensity of spraying. The set includes a dispenser, a replaceable cartridge and batteries.

Type Aerosol
Smell Floral
Volume, l 0.25
  • pleasant, mild odour;
  • stylish design;
  • neutralizes tobacco smoke well.
  • not found.

Automatic aerosol is a very handy thing. It has a pleasant, delicate, fresh aroma. Even at the longest interval, the smell lasts for a long time, so the consumption is quite economical.

It is recommended to install the automatic air freshener in a room taller than human height, somewhere at a height of two meters from the floor.

Glade Ocean Oasis

The aerosol effectively removes unpleasant odors and saturates the room with a marine scent. It can be installed for deodorization in any room of your apartment or house. The replaceable cartridge is valid for up to 60 days, depending on the intensity of spraying. The automatic freshener contains no ozone-depleting ingredients.

Type Refill
Smell Natural
Volume, l 0.269
  • pleasant aroma;
  • long enough;
  • effectively masks unpleasant odors.
  • expensive.

I bought this freshener because of the pleasant smell. I will buy more, especially since it is economical. I bet on the longest interval.

Master FRESH Fusion Flower Paradise

Automatic spray gives a pleasant, floral scent. The action of a replaceable cylinder lasts up to 60 days. The air freshener will keep your home feeling fresh for a long time. The composition does not contain harmful compounds, aggressive chemicals, therefore, it is absolutely safe to use.

Type Refill
Smell Floral
Volume, l 0.25
  • persistent fragrance;
  • inexpensive;
  • good quality.
  • not available.

Excellent automatic air freshener, a good alternative to expensive aerosols. Budget, for such a price, a very pleasant, persistent fragrance. It takes two months.

Chirton Fresh line Citrus fresh

The agent reliably prevents unpleasant odors in the house. The automatic air freshener has a stylish design, and therefore will fit perfectly into any interior. A replacement bottle lasts about two months. It also fits dispensers from well-known brands AIRWICK, GLADE, TORK and NOVA.

Type Refill
Smell Citrus
Volume, l 0.25
  • reasonable price;
  • pleasant smell;
  • high quality.
  • not found.

I think this is excellent value for money. The citrus scent is quite persistent and lasts a long time. In my house now it is always fresh, there is the longest interval of time.

Beurer ultrasonic LA20

The fragrance will create a pleasant atmosphere in the house, thanks to the saturation of the air with a gentle fragrance. It is important that the device works silently, which does not interfere with sleep at night and will not frighten others. To create a pleasant smell in the room, you can fill it with aromatic oils that are soluble in water. By means of ultrasound, their particles will spread throughout the apartment and at the same time humidify the air.

This device does not use much electricity. It has a strict, stylish design that allows you to fit into absolutely any interior. In addition, the automatic humidifier freshener is small in size, so it does not take up much space on the nightstand or table. It is enough to fill the container with water and this is enough for six hours of continuous aromatization and humidification of the air in the house.

Type Fragrant humidifier
Volume, l 0.1
  • stylish design;
  • auto-off;
  • compact;
  • quiet operation.
  • not available.

I have been wanting to buy this fragrance model for a long time. My family and I live in a private two-story house. Naturally, there are many rooms. But, after a couple of hours, a pleasant, barely perceptible aroma spreads throughout the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe house. I like that it is consumed slowly, it has a stylish design, so it fits perfectly into the interior.

When inserting the can into the dispenser and checking its operation, never point the aerosol at your face.

Provence Oriental fairy tale

The replacement bottle lasts about a couple of months of active use. The device effectively eliminates unpleasant odors. Thanks to dry spraying, the product does not leave marks on furniture, wallpaper, tiles. The freshener effectively fights tobacco smell.

9022 5

  • sprays well;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • is long enough.
  • smell too sweet.

Cool automatic freshener. I love sweet scents so this is my favorite. Consumption is economical, enough for 1. 5-2 months. The price is acceptable.

Symphony Mountain air

Automatic freshener will create comfort in the house, thanks to a pleasant, natural aroma. The composition uses natural ingredients that can fight unpleasant odors. Thanks to dry spraying, the device will not stain walls, floors, furniture. The freshener has an economical consumption, it is completely safe to use.

Type Replacement bottle
Smell Special
Volume, l 0.25
Type Refill
Odor Natural
Volume, l
  • pleasant fragrance;
  • budget;
  • quality.
  • not found.

I have been using this product for a month. It sprays well, I’m used to the fact that it works. At first, she was frightened by surprise. Pleasant mountain, natural aroma. The cylinder can be changed, I advise everyone.

Best air freshener sticks

This is a decorative fragrance for bathrooms, lavatories, living spaces. It can be used both once and constantly, it is not dangerous for health. There are not very many such offers on the market yet, and only one option can be called the best. It was selected from 5 positions based on flavor stability, application safety and ease of use.


This product comes from a well-known and reputable company. In fact, it is a fragrance that maintains a pleasant smell in rooms, including restrooms. It is very convenient that it does not need to be hidden from the eyes of guests, since the air freshener is also an interesting element of decor. The only thing not very happy here is that it must be immersed in essential oil for effective use. Brait sticks fill the room with spring freshness of flowers.


  • Original;
  • Natural composition;
  • Health safety;
  • Delicate scent;
  • Long lasting fragrance.


  • Not cheap;
  • You need to put something into it.

Reviews indicate that Brait sticks scent rooms well, but they are more difficult to cope with large rooms. Therefore, the larger the area, the more they should be.

Aroma diffusers, aerosols and crystals

Aerosols are the most common type of air freshener. They are affordable, quickly spray liquid and neutralize unpleasant odors. Such tools can be found in every home.

Aromatic crystals are most often used as laundry sachets. They are absolutely safe for humans. The main disadvantage is the high price.

Aroma diffusers are glass containers containing an aromatic liquid that evaporates without heating thanks to bamboo, reed or rattan sticks.

Oregon Scientific HWI0003 Nebula

This product is more than just a diffuser. With its help, 3 types of therapy are provided at once: aromatic, sound and visual. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, water with essential oils is broken up in a container into tiny particles that freshen the air and fill it with aroma. In addition, there is also room humidification.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Good fragrance
  • Humidification
  • Economic consumption


  • High price

Glade Aromacrystal

Air freshener will fill the room with a pleasant, fresh and peaceful smell . Aromacrystal can be used alone or as a replacement cartridge for a branded holder. It is convenient to use, can be placed anywhere in the apartment or office. One gel square is enough for about two months.


  • Pleasant unobtrusive aroma
  • Attractive appearance
  • Ease of use
  • Huge amount of flavors
  • Reasonable price

Cons 9 0003

  • Perfume Fragrance

Air Wick Pure

Unique air fresheners. Thanks to a special formula without adding water, they effectively eliminate unpleasant odors and allow you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of pleasant aromas. Active substances have prolonging properties and provide a long-lasting effect of room aromatization. In addition to their unique properties, aerosols have bright and unusual packaging, which makes them stand out on store shelves.

Cons 0003

  • Chemical fragrances included

Chirton Light Air

pleasant and rich aroma.

Air fresheners are designed to eliminate unpleasant odors and flavor the air in residential and non-residential premises. The composition of the product does not contain water, thanks to this, dry spraying is ensured, after which no water splashes remain in the air, but only a pleasant aroma. When hit on walls and interior items, it leaves no traces.


  • Pleasant aromas
  • Reasonable price
  • Dry spray
  • Economical consumption
  • No water in the formulation

Cons 9000 3

  • Inconvenient spray button


Despite the low price, Symphony air fresheners are in great demand and have won a lot of positive reviews. With their help, you can always create coziness in the house and give it individuality.

These products contain high quality, exclusive perfume compositions. Made using natural ingredients. Quickly and effectively eliminate unpleasant odors. Economical and convenient to use. The dry spray system will not stain the surface.


  • Dry spray
  • Pleasant fragrances
  • Cost effective


  • Chemical fragrances in

Tips for choosing

To make the right purchase and not regret it after some time of use, a few tips from experienced buyers and connoisseurs will help:

  • .
  • For home use, an aerosol can will suffice.
  • In places with high traffic, it is better to install powerful automatic devices.
  • When choosing a toilet freshener, you should pay attention to citrus or pine aromas. Sweet and chocolate aromas are better felt in the kitchen. The smells of the forest, the sea breeze are suitable for placement in the living room.
  • Expensive aerosols from well-known manufacturers are reliable in use and eliminate odors for a long time.
  • The composition of the spray deserves special attention, especially if there are allergy sufferers and small children in the house.
  • Remove unpleasant odors from furniture, carpets and curtains with special aerosols, tested by experts and fully guaranteeing the safety of the processed materials.
  • Without a doubt, automatic models are convenient for home use.
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Reviews for Grass Spring Air Freshener, spray, 400 ml

Back to product 31 reviews

Highly rated first

  • All whole, not spilled . Has a pleasant persistent smell

    Denis, January 27, 2022

    Review useful?

  • Good freshener, smells delicious

    Anonymous, September 12, 2020

    Review useful?

  • Non chemical fragrance, long lasting. Now I only use water-based air fresheners.

    Dulko Alina, March 21

    Review useful?

  • Lasts a long time. Like. I ordered a second time.

    Anonymous, March 2

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  • Cool, smells good, easy to use. Satisfied with the purchase)

    Julia, February 6,

    Review useful?

  • Pleasant aroma

    Daria Burnina, January 6

    Review useful?

  • A very good air freshener…. It kills smells instantly…. It smells delicious…. I am delighted…. I will order more)

    Love, December 26, 2022

    Review useful?

  • The goods came whole. Smells like peach, helps to neutralize unpleasant odors. Good freshener.

    Pulnikova Natalya Evgenieana, November 7, 2022

    Review useful?

  • Very pleasant smell, puffs in small parts. Much better than conventional fresheners with a chemical smell.

    Golinka Yulia Sergeevna, October 22, 2022

    Review useful?

  • I order not the first time I like the aroma and very economical use

    Drobyshevskaya Anastasia, August 14, 2022

    Review useful?

  • In general, it smells great and the smell lasts

    Usoltseva Natalya Alekseevna, March 9, 2022

    Review useful?

  • I really liked the scent, it’s divine.
    Home smells of comfort.

    Kononova Elena Nikolaevna, December 8, 2021

    Review useful?

  • Pleasant light fruity aroma. Everything is well packaged.

    Rodionova Alexandra Yurievna, November 29, 2021

    Review useful?

  • The product corresponds to the description. There are no defects.

    Anonymous, November 10, 2021

    Review helpful?

  • Pleasant, not sharp smell, remains for a long time. We treat them with curtains, sofas, carpets after cleaning. Recommend

    Cherepanova Alexandra Sergeevna, October 14, 2021

    Is the review helpful?

  • Good afternoon.
    An excellent brightly scented freshener-spray (not for a restroom, just for an apartment and linen, curtains, in particular), I liked all kinds of airviks a lot more (the latter have a very high consumption, when compared, and the collection of fragrances didn’t stand nearby, very much “chemose”, but this, of course, is a matter of taste, I am for more natural options).
    One of my favorites (to be honest – just a favorite), was very upset when I stopped seeing it in retail stores, I was very happy to find it on sale here.
    The aroma is delicate, fresh, fruity, similar to a children’s fruit shampoo, something close to a peach, but not a peach, but not a tutti-frutti either, there are still children’s chewing gums with a similar taste. )
    The aroma is persistent, the freshener does not stain or stain fabrics, after using the entire bottle, you can fill the bottle with water – and the aroma will be with the first portion of water (less strong, but still bright, this is doubly captivating). Consumption – economical, two months is enough.

    Kaftan Karina, August 5, 2021

    Review useful?

  • Excellent. Nice smell. Finely sprays, does not flow.

    Anonymous, March 5, 2021

    Review helpful?

  • The smell is cool. And the range of the sprayer is large. And the handle is comfortable.

  • I really liked the freshener, I bought it at a joint purchase with a friend. Now I only use them. Nice scent, long lasting. And there is no chemicality, as in conventional sprayers.

    Maria Tinaeva, November 22, 2020

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  • Anonymous, February 16

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  • Svetlana, November 5, 2022

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  • Shustova Albina, August 23, 2022

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  • Victoria Kravchenko, July 2, 2022

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  • Alina Marchenko, June 29, 2022

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  • Ekaterina, June 13, 2022

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  • Savvina Natalya Alekseevna, January 30, 2022

    Review useful?

  • Received a whole one, but a bit of a smudge, it was a little hyped.