Loft conversions victorian terrace: Victorian Terrace Loft Conversion – Terraced House Loft Conversions Ideas

Victorian Terrace Loft Conversion – Terraced House Loft Conversions Ideas

August 9, 2017

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Almost a quarter of all UK homes are terraced. If you are living in a Victorian build, you might find that the current layout does not necessarily work as a modern family house and may consider a Victorian terrace loft conversion or standard terraced loft conversion. After all, these houses were built to service a different time with different needs; outside toilet anyone?

Now, in the 21st century, many homeowners need their terraced house loft conversion to let in light, provide space for ideally more than one bathroom, a study and preferably for children to not to need to share bedrooms at some point. That can be a lot to ask of a dwelling that may have started life as a two up, two down.

The best way of gaining more space is extending into the loft space with a Victorian terrace loft conversion. Many terraced houses were built with a generous an attic area; so, opting for a terraced house loft conversion could be a viable way of gaining an extra bedroom, bathroom or study.

Before you embark on your terrace loft conversion design plans & ideas, you need to ensure that is it’s viable. As stated above, while many terraces do have a decent attic space, not all will have. You will need at least 2.3m of height at the highest point for the loft area to be considered usable. You will also need to take the space needed for a staircase into account. At Simply Loft, we can come to your terrace property and conduct a free site survey to ensure your home’s suitability to create a terraced house loft conversion.

Case Study – Bryanstone Road

Lofts and attics have, for a long time, been used for storage and hiding the house’s essential utilities. If you have large boiler or water tank in your loft, it may be possible to rectify this by getting an efficient combination boiler in the kitchen. If you are worried about losing storage, it is possible to reclaim some storage space in a loft conversion by creating cupboards in the eaves. However, if you have lots of stuff in the attic that you’ve not looked or even thought about in years, then it could be a good opportunity for a clear out.

Using a loft conversion to add a bedroom can be an effective way to add value to your terraced home – especially if it has an en suite.

Terraced houses are not generally known for being light filled spaces; however, loft rooms can be flooded with natural light with the installation of skylights. You can also infuse more light into your house overall by adding strategically-placed light wells into floors and staircases.

Adding an en suite or another bathroom to your house can also help boost its value. Bathrooms can usually fit well in lofts and even small spaces can often be configured to create a space that will take a shower, toilet and sink unit. To keep costs down, it usually better to put a bathroom at the back of the house or above the kitchen as this is where the soil pipe is most likely to be.

Victorian Terrace Loft Conversion Cost

How much does a Victorian terrace house lost conversion cost?

A Victorian terrace house loft conversion can cost between £27k to £50k depending on the scale of the project involved. Simply Loft are London’s leading loft conversion specialist, so Get a Free Quote Today.

Common Victorian terrace loft conversion ideas

A Victorian terrace house loft conversion can have a few different styles and decorations to suit your preferences and property. Take a look at our wide range of Victorian Terraced House Loft Conversion Ideas.

Victorian Terrace Loft Conversion Ideas

If you think a terraced house loft conversion will make your terraced house more liveable, then contact Simply Loft. We are specialists in London Loft conversions and have worked across a range of properties throughout the capital.

Victorian Loft Conversion Hackney | Absolute Lofts East London

London Victorian terraces are ideally suited to loft conversions. As well as having a sizeable loft which can be turned into extra rooms, a terrace attic conversion often falls under ‘permitted development’ rights. This means you can extend the existing roof space up to 40 cubic metres without having to apply for planning permission. Depending on the terrace’s position, you may be able to opt for a Dormer loft extension – a roomy box-shaped structure built into the roof. This has the advantage of creating ample headroom and letting in plenty of natural light. 

 With this mid-terrace conversion, we were able to build a spacious, split-level L-shaped Dormer, comprising two box-like structures joined together.

Although it wasn’t necessary to gain planning permission, we advised our clients to get a ‘lawful development certificate’ LDC) from the local planning authority.

The certificate confirms that the alterations carried out satisfy legal requirements. This is valuable as it proves to potential buyers (and anyone else who wants to know) that your loft conversion was legally constructed.

We applied on our client’s behalf early in the design process, with the certificate granted a few weeks later.

To protect our client’s and their neighbours’ interests, neighbours either side had Party Wall Award documents drawn up by a surveyor.

A Party Wall Award (also known as a Party Wall Agreement) sets out details of the proposed work and steps that will be taken to safeguard the party wall – the wall shared between the properties. This gives peace of mind to all parties and, as everyone understands their rights and responsibilities before work begins, helps prevent disputes arising.

Victorian Loft Conversion Ideas 

 After discussing what our clients wanted, we set about planning their perfect loft rooms.

Keen for their loft lounge to maximise natural light, we installed three Velux windows and stylish French doors. The feature Juliet balcony gives splendid views and allows the double doors to be opened safely to let air in.

The new master bathroom replicates a swish 5-star hotel en suite. Lavish ‘His and Hers’ showers provide an indulgent showering experience. Large marble tiles – with distinctive grey patterning – enhances the decadent interior.

The addition of an oval bath – positioned under the impressive full-width window – is ideal for long, luxurious soaks.

The final touch was to give the little ones a space of their own. We converted the front gable into a cosy den. A low door accesses the room for extra ‘secret squirrel’ appeal!

On-Trend Black Finishes

 The conversion is the perfect mix of old and new. On-trend black aluminium windows and grey exterior tiles give the period conversion a crisp, contemporary edge.

Smaller elements, like the matt black radiators, taps and shower heads, create a sense of luxury throughout.

 To stamp our clients’ style on the new space, we decorated using limewash paint. The paint’s textured, aged appearance adds interest to block coloured walls.