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Relaxed Elegance in a Chic Sitting Room

In this post: Looking for small living room ideas? This update moved our French inspired living room toward more relaxed elegance and rustic chic.

It’s not that I don’t love French decor anymore.

Quite the contrary. It is still part of my aesthetic and will likely be part of my decor for a long time to come. It’s what adds character to my spaces and sets them apart from all the me-too’s out there.


It definitely needs updating. Like most design styles, French Country decor can look out of step with the times if you’re not careful. I’ve been modernizing my look for some time, but some of my rooms were being held in the past by one element or other, and in some cases they were among my favorite aspects.

My living room, a rather small and hard to decorate space to begin with, was one such space that didn’t feel as current as I’d hoped, despite several attempts at refreshing. So I thought long and hard about what was holding it back and took an honest look at the room.

Then I made 6 pretty important changes that I think made all the difference. Without losing its identity and its French influence, it now feels a lot more relaxed and as close to on-trend as I’m willing to go… 😉

Small Living Room Ideas

Before I get into the changes, let’s talk about decorating a small space.

Not only is this room on the small side, but it also is somewhat open-concept, with most of two walls opening to the entry foyer. This leaves very little wall space to work with.

The key challenge in any small room is that there’s not enough room to pull the furniture away from the walls, leaving you to decorate the perimeter, so in a room with very little perimeter, it’s all the more difficult. You always want to avoid that ‘perimeter-only’ look, where the pieces don’t relate to each other in a connected, cohesive way.

If your living room is too small to anchor your decor in the center of the space, here are my tips for creating an intimate space using the perimeter.

  • Pick one wall as the focal point and create an intimate conversation area around it, as if it were in the center of a larger room.
  • Consider the coffee table one of your most important pieces, as it will fill that empty interior space.
  • As counter-intuitive as it sounds, use larger pieces of furniture so they feel more united within the layout.
  • An area rug will help define your conversation area.
  • Use light, neutral, tonal colors to pull the disparate pieces together and make the room appear larger and cozier at the same time.
  • Take a less is more approach when it comes to decorative objects (and it goes without saying to keep the room clutter free).
A New Sofa

So what are those 6 changes that I made to my small living space? While they were not all new furniture pieces, I did get a few furnishings and my very first purchase was a sofa.

For my small living room design, I wanted a light and airy feel, with relaxed, breezy linen as the dominant fabric in the room, and this was the driving force behind this first change. While the previous matelassé couch was very pretty, it was feeling too tailored for my new direction. I was going for a casual, rustic feel and the drape of linen did the trick.

With plush cushions and bench seating, I was willing to embrace the wrinkles and imperfections of linen. In fact, it was kind of the point.

This wall is my chosen focal point, set beneath a lovely piece of artwork and vintage French sconces, to keep that European influence present. Subtle, but not gone… 😉

Repurposed Coffee Table

Next I moved the Swedish coffee table in from the family room to replace the tufted ottoman that was here before. I did this for a few reasons, most notably because this charming cane table has a lighter feel than the bulky ottoman and works better with the ethereal sofa. (The ottoman now sits in the entryway.)

I stayed very intentional and understated with the accessories on the coffee table to allow breathing space around it, topping a tray with a layer of interior design books, and a distressed vase functions as the cherry on top.

The table is also not as long as the ottoman was, freeing up precious floor space, allowing easier access to the sofa, and opening up the small living room feel.

Cozy Accent Chairs

On an adjacent wall, there’s a bay window that lets in plenty of natural light. It is framed by softly draped linen curtains and it was previously home to two gilded French chairs.

In an effort to draw this space closer to the sofa, I decided to go bigger on the seating and began looking for the perfect armchair. Again I went with linen slipcovered pieces and got a pair to fit neatly in this space. It’s now a delightful spot to sit and read or to have a quiet conversation. (I’ve purposely avoided window shades, preferring warmth and light in this sun-drenched spot.)

The French Louis chairs were moved to the stairway landing, so they are still on hand for a lovely dose of French style.

Subtle Area Rug

Quite possibly, the most significant change was the addition of a new area rug. I’d been avoiding changing out the aubusson rug that was the previous underpinning of this space. It was beautiful and authentic and ever-so-french.

But I think I knew for a while, it was time for it to go.

If you want to draw attention to a small living room look, put a large colorful rug in it. Replace the rug with a neutral one with lovely textures and you’ll open up your space.

The new rug cemented my tonal color palette, softened the room, and enlarged it all at once. It pulled all the elements together and gave it a calming and peaceful vibe.

Exactly what I was going for.

(I did not get rid of my beloved aubusson rug. I’m just giving it a rest… ;-))

Side Table Upgrade

With all soft, light colors in my neutral palette, I was planning to paint my dark wood side tables and I think the room would have been just as nice if I did. But then I saw these elegant, simple, Swedish inspired tables and I loved that they included shelves, so I opted to replace the old tables.

In keeping with my less-is-more styling, each table gets only a table lamp and a couple of family photos, plus some hidden storage via a rattan basket on the shelving. It’s a neat, clean look with hints of French style, but updated for the modern home.

*TIP for small living room lighting ideas: If your living room is really small, you can forego the end tables and use only floor lamps for reading.

A New Location for the Bookcase

Next to our bay window, is one of the partial walls and this has always been a tricky spot to decorate. This is where I kept a writing desk with hutch and the cutest of stools, but it had too many tchotchkes on it. The look was both too small and over-decorated, not to mention the styling was outdated.

I painted the desk and moved it upstairs and replaced it with this antique bookcase. The bookshelves had been in the entry foyer, a placement that never made any sense. So when I moved the unit out, to re-do our entryway floor, I placed it in this corner and it stayed.

A single vintage bucket of flowers is all that was needed on top.

Rustic Vases

On the wall opposite the bay window is a large burled wood chest with a French trumeau mirror above it. There’s probably still a little too much gilding in this area, but I’ve tried to balance it with an assortment of distressed vases.

At some point you can expect another update here, possibly more casual sconces or something along those lines.

In a small room, each decision makes a big difference and I feel my little living room is getting closer to my vision. It still reads as French-inspired, yet it’s not uptight and bears the relaxed elegance that I so desire in my home. The pale tonal palette, carefree fabrics and soft textures all contribute to deliver the serene, informal vibe of rustic chic.

Resource Guide

To get the look, click on the items below for direct links to the products. Where actual items were no longer available, I’ve provided similar options. If an item is out of stock but may be restocked, I left it on the list.

(This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.)

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    How To Decorate A Small Living Room – Forbes Home

    If a small living room is cramping your style and has become a place in your home that really isn’t utilized, there are some design tips and tricks to make even the smallest of rooms seem larger. From where to place your furniture to the right kind of lighting, and how to use every inch of the floor and walls so there’s no wasted space, we’ve rounded up 10 small living room ideas that will help you make the most out of your available square footage, no matter the dimensions of your room. If you need small living room design ideas that make a compact room seem spacious and ready for some living, here are ten of our favorite tips for how to decorate a small living room.


    THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT EDITORIAL CONTENT. Please note that we do receive compensation for any products you buy or sign up to via this advertisement, and that compensation impacts the ranking and placement of any offers listed herein. We do not present information about every offer available. The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary.

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    Go High

    Hilarey Ball / thenewsmallhouse

    One of the easiest ways to maximize space in a small living room, and to give the appearance that the room is much larger, is to design up. This means taking your curtains and the curtain rod close to the ceiling instead of right above the window. Make sure to add extra inches to your curtains to avoid an awkward length.

    When it comes to your artwork and wall decor, go beyond eye level and build up towards the ceiling. Design your gallery wall to extend to the ceiling or add shelves that are stacked higher than the middle of the wall. When you walk into your living room, these design strategies will pull your eyes upward and give your room the appearance of being larger and more spacious.

    2. Go Low

    Joi Svezia/ joidan82

    Contrast the higher decorating details with lower stylings. From couches and chairs that sit close to the ground, to coffee tables and ottomans that are designed to be low, the contrast of high and low designs will stretch your space and give the illusion of a larger room.

    3. Skip the Sofa

    Nicole Maxon/ cole.maxon

    Instead of crowding your small living room with multiple sofas or a large sectional, make a seating area with two smaller chairs. You can create a cozy space that is welcoming and stylish without shrinking the room. Position the chairs towards the focal point in the room-the fireplace, entertainment center or coffee table- to make the chairs feel connected to the rest of the space.

    4. The Right Size Rug

    Deb Monroe/ Beacon Valley Home

    In a small living room, you’ll want to avoid large pieces of furniture that can crowd the space, but when it comes to the rug, bigger is better. A large rug that fills the space will anchor your room and give the appearance of a much larger living room. A smaller rug can look like it’s floating in the middle of the room and make your space look choppy and small. Not sure what size rug will work in your space? Grab a roll of painters tape and map out the outline of a rug on the floor. Choose different sizes so you can see what size and shape rug will best fill your space and leave your room looking larger.

    5. Add Mirrors

    Deb Monroe/ Beacon Valley Home

    A favorite trick of designers is to add mirrors to a small space to make the room appear bigger. Mirrors add light and dimensions to any room and can be an inexpensive way to create the look of a much bigger space. However, not all mirrors are created equal. Since the goal is to add space, skip mirrors with very large and ornate frames. These frames cut down on the actual mirror and can seem overpowering in a small room. Instead, opt for a small frame around your larger mirror. To boost the reflective powers of your mirrors, pair them with a light source like a table lamp or sconce that is placed close to the mirror. If you are creating a gallery wall, consider adding a mirror into the mix.


    THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT EDITORIAL CONTENT. Please note that we do receive compensation for any products you buy or sign up to via this advertisement, and that compensation impacts the ranking and placement of any offers listed herein. We do not present information about every offer available. The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary.

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    6. Go Vertical

    Lizzie Green/ popixdesigns

    Use the vertical space in your living room for styling and storage. If your room doesn’t have builts-ins, a floating storage unit can be added to the wall to hold your favorite pieces of decor as well as the TV and other items you’ll want in your living room. Since space is limited, decorating vertically gives you more options and gives the room the appearance of being more spacious. Be sure to decorate from bottom to top in order to pull your eyes up when in the room. A vertical storage unit or shelves are great options if you have an alcove or angled wall that you aren’t sure how to decorate.

    7. Bring in the Light

    Katie and Stefan/ DoorNumberEleven

    Light is a key design feature in any room, but it is essential in a small space. Skip the heavy window treatments that will block out the natural light and choose curtains or shades that will let the light in. Add interesting lamps and light fixtures to your room that go beyond just a lamp on an end table. Brighten a wall and add a fun design detail with wall sconces. Add a light behind a couch or in a corner with floor lamps of varying heights to brighten the room. Don’t forget about the ceiling. A light fixture on the ceiling will draw your eyes up, add interest to your room and lighten your space.

    8. Choose Furniture That Moves

    Char and Jack/ LittleAvonHouse

    From small end tables that can scoot from one end of the room to the other, to an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table, seating or storage, and chairs that can be easily moved around your space, choose furniture that doesn’t have to stay in one spot. A bar cart on wheels means when it’s not cocktail hour, the cart can pull double duty as storage or make room for more seating. By creating a flexible space with furniture that can be moved and rearranged easily, you’ll do a lot more living in your living room.

    9. Pop With Color

    Brad and Natalie/BradWillBuildIt

    A lighter color palette will make your living room look bigger and more spacious, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip on all colors. Instead, add pops of color in a couch, pillows, rug, artwork, or a connecting room that has a bold accent wall. Keep your walls and ceilings light and neutral in a small living room to give the appearance of being larger, but get creative with color in your accent details.

    10. Float Your Media Center

    Sara Khayatian /nextleveldesigning

    If you are looking for a solution to free up floor space, avoid a big and bulky media unit, and create something that is eye-catching, consider a floating media center. Start by mounting your TV to the wall and attaching floating shelves above and below the television. Now you have a place to hide wires and cords but also a spot to add touches of decor and more storage. Slide ottomans under the bottom shelves or transform the lower shelf into an at-home workspace. This is a space you can personalize and make it totally your own.


    THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT EDITORIAL CONTENT. Please note that we do receive compensation for any products you buy or sign up to via this advertisement, and that compensation impacts the ranking and placement of any offers listed herein. We do not present information about every offer available. The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary.

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    50 photo ideas – INMYROOM

    If the room
    is small in size, then make it functional and not overloaded
    furniture is quite difficult. Especially when it comes to the living room. After all, this
    the room is the center of the living space and has several purposes.
    First of all, it should be suitable for receiving guests, as well as become a place
    comfortable stay for all family members. Often this room is also a dining room.
    zone. Therefore, in order to design
    small living room is ideal for your family, you need
    work out certain details.

    design rules

    When creating
    harmonious interior, you need to take into account the purpose of the room, its size, configuration
    and illumination. As for the small living room, it is important to adhere to such
    1. Only the most
    necessary things so that it does not become cluttered;
    2. Interior
    a small living room is created using a compact
    3. Furniture and accessories must have simple
    shapes, as they leave much more free space than
    artsy or multi-level products;
    light colors;
    complement it with bright accessories, for example, it can be indoor plants,
    carpets, decorative pillows or paintings.

    and zoning

    Create a functional
    and a comfortable living room without the correct arrangement of furniture is impossible. One of
    The biggest mistakes to avoid when decorating the interior of a small living room is the desire
    place the so-called “wall” or “slide”. You also can’t force
    large objects the passageway of the room.

    Compact basic kit
    furniture for the living room may look like this: sofa, coffee table
    with a glass top, small shelving (it is desirable that their height be
    about 70 cm below the ceiling level), two armchairs or poufs. As seen from
    of this list, the most voluminous items are the sofa and armchairs. Therefore the choice
    furniture should start with them.

    If purchased
    double sofa and two armchairs, then a lot of free space will be lost in the room
    space. However, there are more opportunities to create a comfortable design for a small living room.
    If you buy a corner sofa, there will be more free space. But at the same time
    rearranging furniture will become almost impossible.

    Very successful, maybe
    be the layout of a small room using the space near the window. Interior of a small living room
    plan in such a way that in the area next to the window there is a low
    cabinet with TV. But to make the room look more spacious, near the window you can
    arrange a bed or chairs. Do not be afraid that the furniture can
    deteriorate due to proximity to the battery. To protect a sofa or chair,
    it is enough to move it about 30 cm from the window.

    Another original
    the layout option involves placing the sofa in the center of the room. In such
    case, all attention is focused on the window, so it is worth decorating
    drapery with the addition of tulle and light curtains. And here is the furniture next to it
    should not be placed.

    color range

    If you pay attention
    small living room design
    rooms in Khrushchev in the photo,
    you can see the predominance of light, pastel shades. Thanks to this
    the design of a small space visually increases. While
    the use of dark or too bright shades will make the living room look more like
    to the pantry.

    White color is certain
    leader in the design of small spaces. If the ceiling, walls and floor are
    white, it will add lightness to the living room and make it more spacious. But to
    the room did not look boring, it definitely needs to be decorated with bright accents
    yellow, pink or green.

    Original solution
    can become white furniture. With it, the interior of a small living room will not look cluttered. However
    keep in mind that the white color gets dirty quickly, so the furniture is better
    choose with removable covers or one that can be easily cleaned.

    use in the design of the living room and cold pastel shades. For example,
    the combination of green and blue will give the room freshness. You can stop your
    choice and on grey. But in this case, so that the interior does not look
    detached and uninhabited, a few warm accents are sure to be placed.

    one interesting technique is the monochrome design of the living room. Small living room design
    in this case is based on the use of white and black. To the living room
    did not look like an office, in this case it is also necessary to complement the interior with bright

    should there be trim?

    Ideal for a small room
    a design option can be both painting the walls and using light
    wallpaper with a miniature pattern. If a decision is made to wallpaper the living room, with
    their choice must take into account the configuration of the room. For example,
    to divert attention from low ceilings and small spaces, you need
    use wallpaper with vertical stripes. Visually lengthen the square
    the room will help photo-wallpaper with picturesque landscapes. You can also come up with
    interesting design for one wall, so that all attention is concentrated only
    on her.

    A special approach is also needed for
    ceiling decoration. White gloss – fits perfectly into the design of a modern living room in a small apartment.
    It will give it extra lightness and help visually increase its size.
    premises. As an alternative, especially if the ceilings are in
    the room is low, you can make the decoration with mirrors.

    over the expansion of space

    There are many
    tricks that can visually increase the size of the room:

    • active use of glossy
    • mirrors also visually add
      room additional square meters, so they can successfully
      used in the design of walls and ceilings;
    • if when zoning a room
      it is planned to install partitions, it is best that they be glass;
    • placement of multifunctional furniture with
      glass or mirror design;
    • so as not to interfere with getting into
      natural light room, windows should be decorated with airy, light
    • studying the design of a small living room in the apartment in the photo, many do not pay attention
      attention to such a great idea as expanding the doorway with the installation
      mirror doors, or by replacing it with a through niche or arch.


    Good natural
    and artificial lighting, small rooms always look bigger. To start
    the window needs to be correct. The main rule is the absence of pretentious
    elements, ruffles and draperies. It is enough to curtain the window with tulle or
    light curtains. A good option for modern apartments can also be
    Roman or Japanese curtains.

    Need to take care of
    additional lighting for a small living room. The best option is point
    lighting, with the location of lamps on the ceiling and walls. This will give the room
    additional volume and will help to divide it into zones.


    What will be the design of a small living room, largely depends on the style of decoration.
    Choosing options that best emphasize the individuality of the room and
    will help create maximum comfort, special attention can be paid to
    several design directions.


    His advantage
    is the possibility of visually increasing the space due to
    using large mirrors. To enhance the desired effect will help a huge panoramic
    window. If the apartment is located on the upper floors, then such a window is not necessary
    even hang up.


    This direction never
    does not go out of fashion, but choosing it you need to take into account some of the nuances. So,
    creating the interior of a small
    living room, you can not clutter it with palace sets and decorate
    intricate drapes. It is better to focus on a few classic
    parts such as lamps.

    Eco style

    For decorating a room
    gray and beige shades will go well in this direction. Special attention
    should be given to the choice of furniture. It must be wooden and shaped
    as close to natural as possible. Curtains can be an additional accent
    from natural fabrics, such as linen.


    Even in a very small
    living room without furniture is impossible. However, you need to put only the most
    necessary items. It is also important to adhere to some selection criteria:

    • furniture should be small and
    • fit well into the design of a small living room
      transforming options, for example, a folding table and chairs, modular
    • the smallest one looks the most impressive
      a room furnished with light furniture;
    • glass elements, e. g. elegant
      coffee table, give a feeling of lightness and airiness;
    • mirror panels and high-gloss fronts
      help to visually expand the space;
    • it is worth using the principle of “big –
      small”, for example, pick up a miniature sofa and a large armchair.

    living room

    For maximum
    expansion of space is often used to combine different rooms. At
    such redevelopment in most cases requires the dismantling of one or
    several walls. However, such changes should be carefully considered,
    so that the load-bearing wall is not accidentally removed.

    In small apartments
    the living room, especially after redevelopment, can become a walk-through.
    equip the interior
    a small living room is needed in such a way that there are no
    extra things. Items that can be easily hooked should also be positioned
    away from aisles.

    an option for such a room would be the choice of transforming furniture, since
    it can be assembled as needed, and there will be more free space. AND
    do not forget that one of the main purposes of the living room is a reception
    guests, so you need to decorate it in a fairly seasoned style.


    If apartment
    limited not only in square meters, but also has few rooms, you can
    consider the option of combining a recreation area with a sleep area. When arranging such
    rooms the most practical solution is to place the sleeping area as far as possible
    from the door, in that part of the room where there will be less noise. To divide a room into
    zones, you can use screens or curtains. Often used in zoning
    shelving with books or drywall partitions. Another division option
    – the use of a different floor covering or design in each area
    multilevel floor.


    Below is a gallery with original photo design ideas for a small living room.


    Small living rooms for on the plot and in the garden – 135 best interior design photo ideas for the hall

    Attic with a mesh bar for the TV program “Country Answer”

    Architectural Bureau LOFTING

    900 02 Our attic project for « Dachnogo otvetka combines industrial style and homeliness. The openwork bar counter, located against the background of panoramic windows and perceived as a silhouette, forms a single composition with the second visual dominant – the rack. You can watch the episode at the link –

    L’appartement bleu

    Polza Design

    Conception d’un projet à Moscou dans un appartement soviétique. Avec ce projet, j’ai participé une émission télévisée sur la chaîne russe TNT. Pour mettre en valeur les meubles rétro que j’ai conservé j’ai joué avec les couleurs et la lumière ce qui a permis d’allier ancien et modernité, de rénover en préservant l’âme de l’appartement. Tableau de Albert Soldatov From the Pic Related series 2018.

    tv zone

    Tatyana Voevodina

    Looking through the many options for buying my apartment, I really liked the view from the window in one of the apartments on Basseinaya Street, which was the decisive factor for the purchase. The project has already been and participated in the competition, and it would be a pity not to use it!
    The house is good – brick and new, but the apartment needed some work: thus, they demolished the wall between the kitchen and the living room. We changed the location of the bathroom (by moving the wet area to the place of the large hall) and this became possible, since this is the first floor. They changed all the glazing to panoramic windows, which gave even more light to the apartment. In general, this idea was the first when I saw a live view with access to the terrace (my area includes an additional outdoor terrace with an area of ​​40 square meters).
    The concept of glass, brick and concrete with the main material wood in cognac color. Having made redevelopment, we got a sleeping area, a hall, a bathroom and a combined kitchen with a living room.
    All things were filled gradually, the concept is different from the original idea that was at the competition. Now this is my cozy home corner and workplace, and a place where you can observe nature and relax.

    By the bluest black sea

    Shakirova Ksyusha

    Fresh design idea: a small living room in Mediterranean style with tulle on the windows for outdoors and in the garden – a great photo of the interior

    Apartment 70 square meters


    Elegant solid oak TV cabinet with built-in Monacor speaker system and bluetooth receiver. Equipped with 2.1 speaker system.
    5 speakers, 2 high-frequency, 2 mid-range and a subwoofer – with a total power of 120W. The practical layout solution provides space for installing an additional AV system (receiver, amplifier), and flush wiring. Two compartments and two hinged doors on gas lifts. Provides passive cooling. Three colors of facades: white, beige, anthracite. Comes with one piece legs. It can also be suspended.
    Dimensions: Length – 180 cm / Depth – 45 cm / Height – 50 cm

    The Loft


    Stylish design: small open loft-style living room with music room, white walls, dark parquet floors, multimedia center, brown flooring, tiered ceiling and wallpaper on the walls for the yard and garden – latest trend

    90’s Townhome Makeover

    1st Impressions Design, LLC

    Black and white trim and warm gray walls create transitional style in a small-space living room.
    Original Design Example of a Small Neoclassical (Modern Classic) Living Room with Gray Walls, Laminate Flooring, Standard Fireplace, Tiled Fireplace Front and Brown Flooring for Plot and Garden

    Bailer Hill

    Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

    Eirik Johnson
    Design ideas for a small retro living room with bookcases and shelves, white walls, light parquet floors and brown flooring for outdoors and gardens

    Palmetto Bluff Cottage/Design Studio, SC

    lisa furey interiors

    Our goal on this project was to create a live-able and open feeling space in a 690 square modern foot farmhouse. We planned for an open feeling space by installing tall windows and doors, utilizing pocket doors and building a vaulted ceiling. An efficient layout with hidden kitchen appliances and a concealed laundry space, built in tv and work desk, carefully selected furniture pieces and a bright and white color palette combine to make this tiny house feel like a home. We achieved our goal of building a functionally beautiful space where we comfortably host a few friends and spend time together as a family.
    John McManus

    LOFT | Luxury Industrial Loft Makeover DTLA


    LOFT | Luxury Industrial Loft Makeover Downtown LA | FOUR POINT DESIGN BUILD INC
    A gorgeous and glamorous 687 sf Loft Apartment in the Heart of Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Small Spaces…BIG IMPACT is the theme this year: A wide open space and infinite possibilities. The Challenge: Only 3 weeks to design, resource, ship, install, stage and photograph a Downtown LA studio loft for the October 2014 issue of @dwellmagazine and the 2014 @dwellondesign home tour! So #Grateful and #honored to partner with the wonderful folks at #MetLofts and #DwellMagazine for the incredible design project!
    Photography by Riley Jamison
    #interiordesign #loftliving #StudioLoftLiving #smallspacesBIGideas #loft #DTLA
    Dwell Magazine