Laundry room countertops: 8 materials and layouts to inspire |

8 materials and layouts to inspire |

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The right laundry room countertop ideas can offer a handy place to spot-treat stains, a surface for delicates to lay flat to dry, or a clean area to fold clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer (no more wrinkled heaps left in the laundry basket for days on end). In other words, having countertops in the laundry room makes the process of washing your clothes a lot smoother. 

At the same time, counters can bolster your laundry room ideas from a style standpoint, bringing a finished look to the space and enhancing laundry room organization.  

Feel like your laundry room could benefit from a countertop? Keep reading. 

Laundry room countertop ideas

We’ve rounded up the best types of laundry room counters to use, layouts that will help you maximize your counter space and more, below. Should you match your laundry room countertops to your kitchen countertop ideas? If the rooms are adjacent, it’s a definite yes, though you may choose a real stone for the kitchen and a less expensive lookalike for the laundry room, which will really only be seen by you and your family.

1. Add a butcher block countertop

(Image credit: Rebecca Hay)

A butcher block countertop can be part of a larger laundry room makeover if you’re adding in new cabinetry, but it’s also an easy standalone project that provides a major upgrade to your space. For the latter, have a sheet of butcher block cut to fit over the top of your washer/dryer, like in this space by Rebecca Hay Designs, then fasten it to the surrounding cabinetry or mount it to the wall.

‘Counters provide a functional worktop to fold clothes before transporting them,’ says interior designer Julie Khuu. ‘A great place to carve out space for one is beside the washer/dryer with another section right above it if you have front loading appliances.’

2. Try a quartz laundry room countertop

(Image credit: Kate Lester Interiors / Lauren Pressey Photography)

If you’re looking for a high-quality, long-lasting laundry room countertop be inspired by one of the best countertops for a kitchen: quartz. The engineered stone offers all the beauty of natural stones like marble or granite, but it’s a much more low-maintenance option because it’s non-porous. This is especially important for laundry room countertops since there’s a good chance they’ll be splattered with detergents and cleaners on a regular basis. 

Quartz is one of the most expensive laundry room counter ideas, not only because of the price of materials, but because it’ll need to be cut by a stone fabricator and installed by a professional.  

3. Tuck the dog bed under the laundry room counter

(Image credit: Elizabeth Gill Interiors)

If your laundry room doubles as your pet’s room, try making space for Fido’s bed underneath your laundry room counter. You’ll love this laundry room storage idea because the bed will be out of the way, and your pet will love it because the semi-enclosed space creates a cozy, denlike feel.

The design above is by Elizabeth Gill Interiors. 

4. Include a laundry room ‘island’

(Image credit: Obelisk Home)

Whether your laundry room is wide open, like the one above, or it’s a small laundry room idea you’re after, placing a table or island in the center of the room is a versatile way to add utilitarian surface area.

‘Under the spherical fixture is a round table with a stainless-steel top for folding laundry, doing craft projects with the grandchildren, wrapping gifts, or just stacking up laundry,’ says Nathan Taylor, whose firm, Obelisk Home, designed the room above.  

5. Install a counter above the washer and dryer

(Image credit: Rebecca Hay Designs)

One of the most convenient laundry room countertop ideas is to install it above your washer and dryer. This creates a useful surface for folding clothes when they come out of the laundry, and you can use it to stash laundry baskets or lay clothes flat to dry in the meantime.

6. Run a counter along an entire wall

(Image credit: Stephanie Brown Inc.)

If your laundry room cabinet ideas are long and narrow, take a cue from designer Stephanie Brown, and install a narrow countertop along the length of the room. Use it to queue up your laundry baskets, stack each family member’s laundry pile, or if the surface is durable enough, a place to iron clothes. 

7. Use counters to create laundry bin storage

(Image credit: Swan Architecture)

If you’ve got enough space for a standalone laundry room countertop, consider leaving the area beneath it empty, instead of adding a cabinet. The storage space you’ll create underneath the counter will become the perfect place to park a pair of rolling laundry carts, like in this laundry room by Swan Architecture. 

8. Create a luxe laundry room with marble countertops

(Image credit: The fox Group / Lindsay Salazar Photography)

If laundry closet ideas or appliances are taking up most of your potential countertop space, take a cue from this room and install the equivalent of a kitchen island. This room by The Fox Group is full of high-end details, including marble countertops, though note that your island countertop ideas needn’t match the rest of your room’s materials. The sleek stone is hard to beat from a tactile and aesthetic standpoint, but if you’re looking for a lower-maintenance option, a marble-look quartz achieves a similar result. 

What can I use for laundry counters? 

There are lots of materials suitable for laundry room countertops. A few top choices include:

  • Butcher block. Butcher block or wood countertops are durable, readily available, and easy to cut and install. Wood can warp in warm, high humidity areas, so it’s important to seal butcher block counters. When properly treated, they offer longevity and durability.
  • Solid surface. Solid surface countertops, like those made form acrylic, are smooth and non-porous, which means they won’t absorb heat or moisture from your laundry room like a wood countertop can. Still, you should avoid ironing on the countertops as this can melt the surface. 
  • Quartz and engineered stone. Quartz countertops are a premium laundry room countertop choice. The material is one of the most expensive countertop options, and it will require custom fabrication to fit your space. However, quartz is also incredibly durable and will last a lifetime. 

How do you support a countertop for a laundry room?

The configuration of your space will determine the best way to support a countertop for a laundry room.  

The simplest method is to install a countertop over your washer-dryer, and secure it to the surrounding walls or cabinetry using L-brackets. If you’re using a butcher block countertop, this is a straightforward job you can do yourself. If you’re opting for a hard-surface counter, you’ll want to leave this task to the pros.

Laundry Room Countertop Options

One of the appeals of a fully built-out laundry room is countertop space. If you have ever sorted and folded clothes on beds, tables, and other makeshift areas, you will know the convenience of a large, smooth surface dedicated to only one thing: clothing. But which countertop material is best for your laundry room?

   Laundry Operations  Durability  Cost
Laminate Smooth surface, good for folding May chip Low cost
Solid Surface Smooth but not for ironing Can melt Mid-range cost
Tile Not smooth; has seams Heat-proof Lowest cost
Quartz Flat, smooth Heat-proof Highest cost
Wood Smooth if finished; grainy if not finished Can splinter, chip Low cost

Laminate Countertops

Clothing Operations

Smooth and mostly seamless, laminate countertops work well for sorting and folding clothing. The only seams you will encounter with laminate countertops is where the counters make a 90-degree turn.


Laminate on countertops can chip, peel, and flake. Never cut directly on the laminate. Hot irons may singe the laminate.


Laminate countertops are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, from solids to faux stone. Premium, designer-grade laminate has sharper graphics.


For the budget-sensitive laundry room remodel, laminate countertops are a wise choice. Laminate can be one of the least expensive countertop material.


Laminate countertops have a limited lifespan, especially with hard use. Colors may fade. Expect to change out your laminate counters at least once with moderate use.


  • Can chip, peel, and flake easily

  • Hot irons can singe the material

  • Limited lifespan

Solid Surface Countertops

Clothing Operations

With smooth surfaces and invisible, flat seams, solid surface countertops provide a reliable space for most clothing operations, except ironing.


Solid surface is made from polyester or acrylic. Acrylic countertops can be damaged by solvents such as glues, ketones, acetones, and thinners. Solid surface scratches relatively easily, but scratches can be sanded out with fine-grit sandpaper. Hot irons may melt solid surface materials.


Solid surface comes in a wide range of solid colors or stone looks. While solid surface’s faux stone does not have the depth of quartz countertops, still it is reasonably attractive and home buyers tend to covet solid surfaces.


Solid surface is a moderately priced countertop material. Rarely is solid surface installed by the homeowner, so labor costs must be figured into the total price.


Solid surface materials last long, and scratches can be sanded down numerous times, extending the lifespan of solid surface.


  • Can be easily damaged by glues, irons, scratches

  • Can be expensive with labor costs

Ceramic Tile Countertops

Clothing Operations

Some homeowners may find ceramic tile countertops’ numerous seams and grouting annoying when dealing with clothing. However, as long as you are doing nothing that requires a perfectly smooth surface, ceramic tile can provide an adequate surface.


Ceramic tile is durable, especially with hot irons. But ceramic tile also will easily crack or chip.


While ceramic tile counters are utilitarian, they have limited aesthetic value for many homeowners.


Ceramic tile is one of the cheapest laundry room countertop materials, particularly since do-it-yourselfers can install their own tile countertops.


Well-maintained ceramic tile countertops can last for decades. Do not store heavy items like large containers of laundry detergent or irons in cabinets above tile countertops.


  • Durable with hot irons

  • One of the cheapest options

  • Can last for decades if well-maintained

Quartz/Engineered Stone Countertops

Clothing Operations

Quartz, or engineered, stone countertops are excellent for working with clothing. This material is flat, smooth, and seam-free.


Quartz countertops are highly durable. Even though they are created from engineered stone, they behave much like natural stone—and with the durability of natural stone.


Lush, sleek, and displaying unparalleled visual depth, quartz countertops are highly desired by new home buyers.


All factors about quartz countertops make them perfect for laundry rooms except for one thing—price. Quartz is one of the highest-priced countertop materials, except for outliers like stainless steel and custom concrete.


Expect your well-maintained laundry room quartz countertop to last for more than 25 years. Quartz countertops typically come with long limited warranties.


  • Highly durable and can last decades

  • Excellent flat surface for working with clothes

  • High aesthetic value

Wood Countertops

Clothing Operations

Wood countertops are flat and seam-free. Raw, natural wood that is untreated is not smooth and makes folding operations difficult. For this reason and for moisture protection, always seal your wood countertops. If wood is left unsealed, it can become grainy. Heat and steam will adversely affect wood countertops.


Wood is durable, though it can burn if a hot iron is placed on it.


Depending on the type of wood you choose, its looks can range from functional to stunning.


Wood countertops are usually moderately priced. Since wood countertops can be installed by do-it-yourselfers, labor costs are eliminated if you go that route.


As long as they are kept sealed and dry, wood countertops will last for decades.

Which Countertop Should You Buy?

For laundry room countertops, laminate and solid surface materials strike a perfect balance—looks, durability, availability, longevity, and especially, economical pricing.

Unless you own a premium home that demands the highest grade of all materials—namely, quartz countertops—laminate and solid surface will work for a majority of laundry room countertops.

Laundry tables, laundry tables

Laundry tables are used for sorting and temporary storage, as well as for the convenience of folding laundry before moving it to storage on racks. Laundries use tables with stainless steel tops reinforced with OSB. If a wall-mounted option is planned, then we recommend a table with a side. The height of the table for linen is optimal and is 870 mm, the width to choose from is from 600 to 1800 mm, the legs of the table in the form of a corner can be made of galvanized or stainless steel, also with conventional strapping or equipped with a lattice shelf or a solid shelf.
Tables are delivered disassembled in a cardboard box.

Demountable table
tabletop – stainless steel AISI 430
(OSB reinforcement)
binding from 4 sides
corner frame galvanized steel
warehouse – Moscow
without bead
with edge
600*600*870 8 778 8952
800*600*870 10 146 10 386
900*600*870 10 836 11 100
1000*600*870 11 520 11 820
1200*600*870 12 894 13 242
600*700*870 9 384 9 564
700*700*870 10 146 10 350
800*700*870 10 908 11 142
900*700*870 11 664 11 928
1000*700*870 12 426 12 720
1200*700*870 13 950 14 304
Demountable table
table top – AISI 430 stainless steel
(OSB reinforcement)
lattice shelf
corner frame galvanized steel
warehouse – Moscow
without edge
with edge
600*600*870 9 276 9 450
800*600*870 10 650 10 884
900*600*870 11 334 11 598
1000*600*870 12 018 12 312
1200*600*870 13 392 13 746
1500*600*870 15 618 16 056
1800*600*870 17 844 18 372
600*700*870 9 984 10 164
700*700*870 10 746 10 950
800*700*870 11 508 11 742
900*700*870 12 264 12 534
1000*700*870 13 026 13 320
1200*700*870 14 544 14 904
1500*700*870 17 028 17 466
1800*700*870 19 512 20 040
Demountable table
table top – AISI 430 stainless steel
(OSB reinforcement)
solid shelf
corner frame stainless steel
warehouse – Moscow
without edge
with edge
600*600*870 12 144 12 324
800*600*870 14 340 14 586
900*600*870 15 444 15 714
1000*600*870 16 536 16 842
1200*600*870 18 732 19 098
1500*600*870 22 032 22 488
1800*600*870 25 326 25 878
600*700*870 13 080 13 260
700*700*870 14 310 14 520
800*700*870 15 540 15 786
900*700*870 16 770 17 046
1000*700*870 18 000 18 306
1200*700*870 20 466 20 832
1500*700*870 24 156 24 618
1800*700*870 27 852 28 404

The indicated price does not include the cost of delivery and assembly (if necessary) of the goods.

Terrazzo Top Laundry Rooms – 55 Best Laundry Room Design Ideas in Apartment and House razzo, white walls, limestone floor, with tumble dryer on washer, beige floor and white countertop


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Rustic Home Remodel

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Laundry Room with front-loading under counter washer dryer and a dog wash station.
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Marie Hebson’s interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.

custom designed opaque glass inserts say “WASH SORT DRY”
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905 07 Jessica Chloe Photography

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Pictured: Medium sized, modern corner laundry room with sink, flat cabinets, gray cabinets, terrazzo countertops, gray splashback, ceramic tile splashback, white walls, ceramic tile floors, washer and dryer beside, gray floor and gray worktop with 9 0003

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Laundry Splashback


Production of hand-made MOSAIC ARTISTIC TILES that are of artistic quality with a touch of variation in their colour, shade, tone and size. Each product has an intrinsic characteristic that is peculiar to them. A customization of all products by using hand made pattern with any combination of colors from our classic color palette.

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Oakes Laundry Room 01

Classic Carpentry

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Northern Beaches Kitchens and Bathrooms

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Narooma St, Moorabbin

M. J.Harris Group

A bathroom and laundry renovation showcasing the perfect balance of colorful and calm, with curves throughout accentuating the softness of the space tsso, green backsplash, white walls, with tumble dryer on washing machine and white worktop – great interior photo


Putman Builders

Pictured: Neoclassical (modern classic) mid-sized straight line laundry room with sink sink, recessed panel fronts, white fronts, terrazzo countertops, gray walls, light parquet flooring, with washer and dryer side by side, gray floor and gray worktop with
90 004

Hillside Hideaway : Mudroom Laundry Room

Sarah Barnard Design LLC

A matching cabinet features one side with hidden storage, with the other open to provide seating. The bench is upholstered in soft bouclé, perfect for removing or putting on shoes. The hand-blown wall sconce is suspended by a leather strap above this bench, illuminating the space. The bench toss pillow made from wool fabric features a digital print that looks like marble, adding comfort to the area while echoing material elements throughout the house.