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Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Small Spaces You Need To Try

Maximize every area in your garden by using space-saving decorations. Here are some backyard landscaping ideas you can try if you have limited space.

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1. Vertical Garden

Use a vertical garden when you really have limited space. You can grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, and succulent. The sky is the limit and you just have to attach it to a wall.

2. Container Gardening

You can also try container gardening to bring out the colors through flowers when you only have a patio. You can use different kinds of containers like bowls, pots, or wooden boxes for your plants.

3. Convert Your Frontyard to a Backyard

This is for those with really small backyards but has a lot of space in the front. You can convert your front yard to a living area.

Place wood decks and add a fire pit in the middle. This is a great way to add an outdoor room where you can also invite guests for barbecues.

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4. Create a Centerpiece

Add a pergola or a beautiful bench in the center of the garden as a centerpiece. You can also use a shrub, a tree, or garden art. This will allow your eyes to focus on the centerpiece of your space and forget about the small area you have.

5. Create Zones in Your Yard

Creating zones or different sections in a yard can make it look larger. You can add benches on one side for a resting spot and a lounge chair on the other side. You can also create a walkway made from planks and add sand in between to divide the entire space and give the impression of a large space.

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6. Create a Cozy Spot

Embrace the small space and create a place where you can relax by yourself, read a book alone, or meditate. Add a chair and a table to have your own spot. You can also divide the space by adding a fence or a hedge to separate that portion from the rest of the area.

7. Maximize Space With Colors

Use plants with bright and eye-catching colors and place them in front of your garden. Use greens at the back. This will create the illusion of a big garden space because you’ll have the attention more on the front side rather than the back.

8. Use Straight Lines

Use the power of perspective and utilize straight lines from tall fences or long flowers like giant hyssops to make your space look bigger. It will create a focal point, especially when the lines are slanted toward the center, to make a small backyard look spacious.

9. Mix Hardscaping and Softscaping

Hardscaping is the use of stones, bricks, concrete, or metal on your landscape. Softscaping, on the other hand, is the use of living elements on your landscape.

Some of the examples are soil, trees, plants, grass, and flowers. To make space look larger, create a paved space and create a “room” in your backyard.

Accent everything with shrubs or flowers in containers.

10. Use the Background to Your Advantage

If your neighbor has high trees and high bushes, you can use that as a background of your small area. It will help create an illusion that you have more space than what you actually have. It creates an “endless garden” and makes you think you have a forest in your backyard.

11. A Welcoming Place

A firepit can be placed in the middle of your small space and create a welcoming place by adding chairs close to each other. Surround the spot with grass or flowers for a more intimate space. This will give an illusion of a bigger area where you can comfortably fit a group of people.

12. Use Big Plants

Use big plants to create an impression of a larger space. Tropical plants with large leaves create a lush and cool factor in your area.

13. Keep it Neat

Keep your garden neat with a minimalist design and use lightweight furniture to maximize the space. Add green to the area by using an artificial lawn to complement a simple design. This is also a great way to incorporate a vertical garden. Place it on your high fenced-walls.

Watch this video from Top Home and Gardening Ideas for more backyard landscaping ideas:

There are millions of backyard landscaping ideas you can try on your own garden. These are just the easiest ways to turn your small space and make it look big. You just need to maximize the area and create the illusion that your garden is bigger than it actually is.

Do you have other backyard landscaping ideas in mind? Share it with us by leaving a comment in the section provided below.


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16 Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas | DRC Landscaping

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: an impressive backyard doesn’t need to be gigantic. Small yard space can seem like a problem for avid gardeners and new homeowners, but it doesn’t take a major landscaping overhaul to add space and make your yard breathable. With a little bit of backyard planning and some gardening savvy, small yards can feel just as large, textured, and lively as big ones. 

There are three ways to add a feeling of space to your small backyard. You can clear up the current space, structure your yard to have more room, or trick the brain into seeing a larger yard. So, whether you’re looking to boost your curb appeal or make your home more livable, here are 16 ideas for landscaping your backyard, brought to you by Northern Nevada’s landscaping experts, DRC Landscaping,

Ways To Clear Up Space 


To make a small space look bigger, creating simple zones can be an effective way to organize and add space. Dedicating a certain plot of land to the patio, a different plot to the garden, another for the fire pit, and so forth will make your backyard tidy and easier to tackle.

Use Mobile Furniture

Having furniture installed in an outdoor living space is great, but it can take up valuable square footage. A simple folding table and chairs might be all you need for when you use your backyard as a dining area. And don’t worry, folding furniture doesn’t have to look “cheap” – there are many options out there that have a nice wood design and finish, complementing your backyard when you need it.

Use Garage Space

Though the garage might be a few feet away from the backyard, storage space is storage space, and to keep a tidy backyard, sometimes you have to put the clutter somewhere else.

Furnish to Scale

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is going for the large outdoor dining set, fancy swing, and extravagant lighting. Buy furniture that fits into a certain zone, and don’t overdo it on the decor – we’ll go over some ways to decorate in style, without overwhelming your space.

Use the Side Lawn

Optimizing your outdoor space means using every square foot available, and that includes the side yard. This is the perfect space for a small herb garden or a morning coffee table, and your landscaping projects can incorporate this area to make the entire yard look larger and more cohesive.

Speaking of landscaping projects, let’s dive into ways to structure, landscape, and terraform your yard.

Ways To Structure Your Backyard

Create Hanging Space

You can fit much more plant life into your yard by installing an arbor, trellis, or pergola. Not only will these structures expand the amount of greenspace in your yard, but it will add a sense of depth and dimension that makes the space feel larger and more vibrant.

Create Levels

Raising or sinking the land can add an additional sense of depth. Whether you raise the porch and add steps to the rest of the yard, or whether you simply heighten a few planters with a raised bed, a three dimensional walking space broadens your yard’s possibilities.

Use All Three Dimensions

The best landscape design thinks upwards. By hanging string lights, installing a vertical garden, and using your walls effectively, you can use your vertical space to clear some yard space and make your yard more verdant.

Create a Path

Sometimes, all you need is a stone walkway. By giving your backyard a space to walk along, the rest of the yard will feel larger, and you’ll have more space to play with plantlife and other backyard ideas.

These landscaping ideas help create space, but there are also ways to trick the brain into seeing a larger backyard. With this last set of tips, your yard will look, feel, and be more spacious.

Ways to Trick the Brain

Textured Plants

Diverse plantlife makes the backyard more lush and inviting. Using a mix of thin grasses, broad leaves, and different colored florals, a small garden patch can feel much larger.

Organized Plants

Don’t just use diverse plantlife, organize your plants to make the space feel larger. Place plants with thinner leaves, including grasses and reeds, near the borders of your garden. Plants with large leaves, like palms and elephant ears, should be placed near entryways and focal points to naturally draw the eye. This tricks the brain into visualizing more space, adding movement and texture to the yard.

Install a Focal Point

A focal point will draw the eye to a specific space in the yard, usually at the center or back. This can be a sculpture, a wall design, or a central feature of your landscaping. As long as it draws the eye and fits into your yard’s aesthetic, the rest of the space will feel larger and more varied.

Lay Diagonal Pavers

The pavement and decking you use should cut the yard diagonally and, if possible, point back towards your house. This makes the yard feel more dimensional, since you’re encouraging the eye to experience the yard vertically, horizontally, and obliquely.

Use Curves

In the same way that diagonal pavers add a sense of dimension, curves also coax the eye. Installing a curved path, curving the borders of your garden, or even installing an arched hedge will satisfy the eye with additional shapes and movements.

Color the Entryway

Cool colors tend to recede into the background and merge with the plantlife. Warm colors – reds, oranges, and yellows – pop out to the viewer, adding a sense of dimension and space. Use warm colors near entryways and focal points, and consider balancing your use of cool and warm colored plantlife.

Install Mirrors

Lastly, you can trick the brain into perceiving more space by hanging mirrors near decorative spaces. A mirror helps reflect light in your backyard and provides the illusion of additional space, making your property feel larger and more inviting.

Landscape architects rely on these same ideas to make yards feel more welcoming: texture, color, and dimension. These tips are certain to add space to your yard, making your family and guests feel right at home. If you’re looking for additional landscaping tips, or if you want help from Northern Nevada’s landscaping professionals, contact DRC Landscaping today, and let’s build an inviting home together.

150 photos of original solutions, how to equip the area around, the rules for decorating the yard, decor ideas

Reviewed by: Terrari Design School

A beautiful well-groomed yard next to a private house is an element of landscape design. A neat courtyard with flower beds, flower beds and decorative elements always pleases the eyes of households and guests. You don’t have to be a landscape designer to bring your creative landscaping ideas to life.

Yard design can be done with your own hands, following some rules and tips. In this photo, the landscape design of the house.

Overview Content

  • Landscaping Basics
  • Yard Design Plan
  • Lot Vegetation
  • Zone Dividing Ideas
  • Walkways and Pond
  • Zone recreation
  • Photo of the courtyard of a private house

Fundamentals of Landscape Design

Starting the design of the courtyard of a private house, it is necessary to begin with the study of the site, since its features play an important role in choosing the design style. The disadvantages of the local area can be turned into advantages with the help of the design of a private courtyard.

If the site is uneven, you can compensate for this by creating an alpine slide, cascading flower beds, vertical gardening, a terrace attached to the house. Taking into account the area of ​​the plot, the size and number of significant zones are calculated. It can be: a recreation area, a zone of outbuildings, a playground, a garage, flower beds and much more.

If the site is small, you can allocate one zone for several functionalities. For example, combine a playground with a recreation area or a recreation area with a summer kitchen.

Yard design plan

Before proceeding with the implementation of ideas for landscaping the yard, it is necessary to draw up a plan of buildings and make a diagram-drawing on paper of the design of the yard of a private house. Draw the location of the necessary tracks that will connect the planned zones.

Plant in a well-lit area, as many vegetable crops love sunlight. For a garage, plan a place in front of the house or under the house.

The playground should be located near the house, in a place that will be clearly visible. Nearby, you can arrange a recreation area, preferably in the shade of trees with a dense crown, so that you can hide from the summer heat. Make a beautiful design of flower beds and flower beds on the site.

Vegetation in plot

An important aspect is the type and composition of the soil. This will determine which plants will grow on the site. If the soil is not fertile enough, you need to “feed” it with useful substances.

Plants for planting should be selected taking into account the climate. If there is a place on the site where water is constantly collected, you can organize a small reservoir there and plant plants that are very fond of water.

At the same time, natural material at hand can be used to create a reservoir. For example, fence the edges of a reservoir with stones of different sizes or make a wooden bridge.

It is necessary to determine what style will be used in creating compositions from vegetation: flowers, ornamental shrubs, trees.

Zone delineation ideas

There are various ways to delimit zones on a site:

  1. The arch will help to give the yard an elegant luxurious look, especially if you plant weaving plants with beautiful flowers next to it, which will ennoble the arched structure. Most often, an arch delimits the main space and a recreation area or a playground.
  2. Green fences of small shrubs and flowers are a great way to delimit any areas on the site.
  3. A low, brightly colored fence or a fence along which plants with flowers will weave can be used to enclose a children’s play area or a garden.
  4. Screens made of bamboo or wicker will be an excellent protection against drafts and provide shade in the summer heat.

Walkways and decorative pond

Linking areas of a section of a path or path must be safe for movement. The width of the paths should be such that, if necessary, a garden cart can be placed on them. You can make them from various materials.

Unusual paths will help transform the yard. On concrete paths, you can create stains or engravings, you can lay them out of tiles of different sizes stylized as natural stone, you can make paths from wood, they are gaining more and more popularity in modern courtyard design.

The landscaping of the yard depends on the imagination of the homeowner. The most popular are paths strewn with gravel or pebbles. Strong and durable paths are obtained from paving slabs or concrete. They will harmoniously fit into the overall design of the cobblestone or wood track section.

An artificial reservoir will help create a harmonious atmosphere of naturalness. If the area of ​​the site is small, it can be a small pond, in vast areas it is possible to build a pool. To create a small pond, you will need to dig a shallow hole, the bottom of which can be covered with a film.

The banks of the reservoir can be reinforced with bricks or boulders. Plant reeds and flowers, other water-loving plants nearby.

This composition will bring beauty to the landscape design of the site. Also, next to the pond, you can arrange a waterfall, which you can do with your own hands by placing the pump in a container of water.

Recreation area

One of the favorite places in the local area is a recreation area. For its arrangement, there are a lot of different ideas that you can implement yourself.

To give the recreation area a natural flavor, you can make a hearth in it. A fireplace or a place for a fire near which it is pleasant to sit around on summer evenings can act as a hearth. If you use a barbecue or stove as a hearth, then the recreation area can be combined with a kitchen where you can cook food.

You can make a gazebo that will protect from rain and heat, or you can just make a canopy over the recreation area. Put a sofa, armchairs, a table and chairs, any furniture that will ensure a comfortable stay in the recreation area.

The most comfortable furniture made of plastic, it is easier to take care of it than furniture made of wood or metal. The recreation area can be fenced with concrete or ceramic blocks, or you can use flower beds of multi-colored flowers or a hedge of ornamental shrubs.

Place decorative elements around: plaster statues, clay pots, wicker baskets and much more. The process of decorating your own site is a creative and very exciting activity in which the whole family can participate.

Photo of the courtyard of a private house

Landscape design, design of a small summer cottage, courtyard of a private house

Home » Services » DESIGN AND PROJECT

Author: Novy Sad new design in the Novy Sad company. Services for the design of courtyards of private houses, small garden plots – prices for projects.

Landscaping is a key stage in the development of the territory, which determines the design concept, the main accents and the viability of the future garden. And if you are looking for a specialist who will develop a project, please contact us. The Novy Sad Center in Stavropol provides comprehensive design services. We will definitely take into account:

  • site conditions – soil composition, shade, area;
  • current and current trends, fashion trends;
  • customer wishes and budget.

You can choose a standard solution or develop an exclusive project that will allow you to ideally equip the courtyard of a private house, a small summer cottage, an extensive garden, a park, a square, etc. Ideas will be implemented quickly and efficiently.

When drawing up garden and landscape design, we think through all the moments and perform the work carefully, conscientiously, in stages. The steps are as follows:

  • general planning of landscaping activities;
  • development of a layout plan for water bodies;
  • planning garden paths and decorative structures;
  • preparation of an area lighting plan;
  • arrangement of the object’s drainage system.

Each stage of work is agreed with the customer. The implementation of the project begins only after it is fully completed and approved.

Original and practical ideas

If you want to get a well-designed territory, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail, trust trusted companies and qualified specialists. There are several reasons why you should contact our center:

Experienced and talented specialists work here, behind whom there are many projects – from standard to unusual;

  • we follow the development of current trends in landscape architecture, develop ourselves and are not afraid of any challenge;
  • an individual approach to each object, thanks to which we create beautiful, original compositions that do not require laborious maintenance;
  • customers are provided with detailed diagrams and drawings, which will show plants, paths, arbors, etc. from different angles;
  • the customer receives a guarantee of compliance of the designed site with the technical specifications and the wishes put forward.