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Water Seal for Brickwork, Sandstone and Slate

  • Stop penetrating damp with our 100% breathable brick and stone sealer
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Reduce thermal loss by up to 30%
  • Reduces condensation and black mould
  • Rated 5 Star’s

Extreme Climate ONE COAT Water Sealstops penetrating damp using the latest fluorocarbon technology. This helps to create simply the best performing (100% breathable) brick and stone sealer available today. With a lifespan of up to 10 years and no surface darkening, this water seal for brickwork halts rainwater absorption offering truly exceptional hydrophobic or bead up water repellency. Kingfisher Approved contractors can offer a 10-year re-pointing guarantee, incorporating Extreme Climate, Kingfisher pointing mortar and pointing solution.

This water seal for brickwork prevents damaging moisture ingress which causes masonry to spall in the freeze/thaw cycle. It inhibits moss growth by robbing it of water and nutrients drawn from the damp mortar. Using this brick sealer to dry out a damp wall can also reduce thermal loss by up to 30%. This is because a wet wall is a cold wall and “bleeds” heat to the atmosphere at an accelerated rate.

Brick Water Repellent

Drying out with Extreme Climate has even more benefits. It reduces the problem of condensation and black mould which develop on the indoor side of exterior walls when rain saturation cools the wall temperature such that warm moist indoor air condenses on the cold surface. On a related issue, if you have problems with efflorescence or salting, the unsightly, white staining we see on so many new build walls. Then Extreme Climate Water Sealcan help by limiting the moisture absorption/evaporation cycle which leaves mineral salts deposited on the surface. Please call us for detailed advice on treating efflorescence.

Extreme Climate Water Sealalso helps to keep buildings clean by forming an effective barrier against airborne dirt and other contaminants, which would otherwise be dissolved by rainwater and leach into the substrate where they inevitably stain the surface. Protect your building now.

Finally, if you have previously applied cheaper masonry sealant products which may have worked for a year or less. Then this product is for you. Save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on remedial re-pointing, re-plastering and re-decoration by treating your external walls, facades and gables with Extreme Climate. The ultimate water seal for your masonry in extreme weather. Extreme Climate Water Sealcan help by limiting the moisture absorption/evaporation cycle which leaves mineral salts deposited on the surface.

King Decorators has a wealth of experience applying masonry sealant products and ensure we supply only the highest quality. For more information regarding how our brick sealer can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.






EPOXY FLOOR PAINT              



  • Flexible and durable waterproof coating
  • Guaranteed total protection against all types of weather conditions for up to 15 years
  • Ideal for applications to brickwork, stone, masonry and most rendered finishes
  • Range of colours inspired by our factory’s Lakeland location
  • Rated 5*’s
  • Apply with brush or roller

    Smooth Masonry Paint

    Kingfisher’s premium grade breathable Weatherflex Masonry Paints have been protecting Lakeland homes in all seasons and weather conditions for over twenty years. This Masonry Paint was originally developed as a flexible, waterproof coating, sympathetic to our unique Cumbrian fell stone. Due to its quality, Weatherflex has earned a national reputation for durability, weather protection and depth of colour.

    Exterior walls are regularly being exposed to the British climate so they can look untidy and unloved. For long term quality, our Smooth Masonry Paint will ensure your exterior surfaces will look outstanding for many years. The protection that this paint provides is second to none and will guarantee to give you fantastic coverage.

    Our broad expertise in the field of structural waterproofing has always been heavily influenced by our Lakeland location. This which has been so instrumental in the continuous testing and improvement of our products. However, our Masonry Paint in particular has benefitted from years of development in this harshest of nature’s proving grounds.

    Our latest range of Exterior Masonry Paints therefore represents a culmination of incremental technological progress. Our selection of Masonry Paint features new colours inspired by the Lakeland landscape. The demanding climate and raw beauty have been so integral to the development of the Weatherflex range. From the coastal sands of Silverdale to the depths of Wastwater, there are colours to inspire any project.




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Eco-activists covered the face of wax Charles III with a cake at Madame Tussauds: News ➕1, 24.10.2022

Activists of the Just Stop Oil organization carried out another hooligan action. They threw a cake in the face of the wax figure of King Charles III at Madame Tussauds (London). As it turned out, some environmentalists are paid for such antics.

20-year-old Eilid McFadden from Glasgow and 29-year-old Tom Johnson, a decorative artist from Sunderland, bought tickets to the museum. There they approached the wax figure, took off their jackets hiding their Just Stop Oil T-shirts, and slammed a couple of chocolate cakes into the face of the wax replica of the monarch. One of the protesters preliminarily shouted: “Now is the time to act.”

Eilid McFadden spoke about climate change before both were arrested. They were charged with damaging someone else’s property. Representatives of Just Stop Oil explain their actions as follows: “We strive to protect our freedoms and rights. We want to protect this green and pleasant Earth, which is a heritage for everyone who lives on it.”

King Charles III is known as a passionate environmentalist who has long spoken about the dangers of global warming. In a statement, Just Stop Oil even quoted the monarch as warning audiences in New Zealand three years ago about the appalling frequency and intensity of climate change-related disasters. Environmental activists once again called on the government to stop all new oil and gas production.

Over the past week, Just Stop Oil participants have already declared themselves to be provocations in museums several times. Previously, they had blocked Dartford Bridge, poured tomato soup over Van Gogh sunflowers, spray-painted the famous glass facade of Harrods orange, and glued themselves to London’s Abbey Road junction. Today they also threw mashed potatoes on a painting by French artist Claude Monet. By the way, the paintings were not damaged because they are under glass.

Just Stop Oil was recently revealed to be funded by a coalition of wealthy people in California, USA, including Eileen Getty, granddaughter of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. This does not prevent environmental activists from using oil money to stage barbaric protests. Based in the US, Eileen Getty is worth $5.4 billion and funds the Emergency Climate Fund (CEF), an American nonprofit that provides grants and funds to activists around the world, including Just Stop Oil. Eileen Getty donated at least $1 million to CEF.

Previously, reported that representatives of Just Stop Oil glued themselves to a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper at the Royal Academy in London. Later, they held an action with pouring tomato soup on the painting “Sunflowers” by Vincent van Gogh.

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Poster City: Guide: Scotland – Archive

John Aberdein writer

wildlife observation. The Isle of Mull is full of whales, dolphins and fur seals during the summer, and seals are plentiful at any time of the year. If you are lucky, you will see a white-tailed eagle and a red deer.

Catriona Anderson

The Crannogs are prehistoric lakeside structures. The Scottish Crannog Center is a reconstruction of an Iron Age dwelling, surrounded by landscapes of Loch Tay that really seem to take you back in time. There you can practice making fire, sharpening hunting tools and spinning wool. Or, sitting in a crannog, drink mead and listen to legends about how life was 5000 years ago.

John Welwood

If you find yourself in Fife, take a look at the environmentally friendly house “Ship-to-Earth”, which exists due to wind and solar energy. To keep warm all year round, the building is dug into a hill – the slope protects from the wind and allows solar panels to accumulate heat. The builders tried to dispose of the harmful waste of mankind: the fence was made of tires, and aluminum cans were used in the construction. The house is three years old and seems to fit perfectly in our climate.

Andy Greaves

There is such a company – Walkabout Scotland, they organize excellent hikes in the Highland mountains. It all goes something like this: at eight in the morning the guide meets you in Edinburgh, takes you to your destination, there you make an easy climb, enjoy the views – the mountains in the Highlands are simply breathtaking! – have lunch, go down and return to Edinburgh by seven in the evening. Equipment and warm clothes included: £40. If you are not a hiker in principle, but just want to spend a busy day in nature, this is quite a suitable option.

Corey Jones

From the town of Oban you need to go sailing around the islands. Na Iona is the extreme island of the Scottish land, off the coast of which the Atlantic Ocean splashes and on which the graves of forty-eight ancient kings are located. Or to the island of Staffa – there are caves and colonies of amusing dead ends. But before traveling to the islands, you need to see the most beautiful sunset in Scotland. They should be admired at the abandoned Dunolly Castle on the northern outskirts of Oban or from the main city embankment. If it’s a Friday or Saturday evening, then on the way back you will see how the town turns into one big party – join in.

Andrey Zharkov
Attaché of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Edinburgh

The best beer place in Edinburgh is the Jekyll and Hyde pub. It looks like an alchemy laboratory – red leather chairs, animal skeletons, stained glass windows. A separate entertainment is to watch how visitors after the nth pint are desperately trying to find the entrance to the toilet, disguised as a rack.

Eliza Kitten
BBC Scotland

For evening tea in Glasgow, go to Tchai-Ovna, on the wooden terrace by the river. There are 80 varieties of tea – from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Turkey: before ordering, tea can be examined and smelled. It is good to drink it in the house itself on the terrace or going down the stairs to the water.

Julia Kovanova
Marketing Director

Edinburgh is a place for gourmets. Firstly, marine reptiles are full of them, and they are always fresh. For example, a great fish restaurant is Fishers Bistro in the trendy Shore area. The next must-have item is haggis: The Witchery by the Castle or Martin Wishart are especially good for getting to know these ingeniously cooked giblets. And for dessert, Plaisir du Chocolat, a cafe founded by a Frenchman: an incredible selection of chocolates to die for! Try dark chocolate with chili.

Rachel McDonald

A great way to goof off in Glasgow is to wander down Byres Road, the bohemian West End, where night is as bright as day and always full of dressed-up citizens bustling between bars and clubs. The calm here comes in the afternoon, so you can safely go to Heart Buchanan, an amazing delicatessen and restaurant that specializes in organic food. Explore antique shops looking for trinkets, then head to the newly opened Kelvingr Gallery for a huge collection of coats of arms and armor.

Robin McKelvey

Orocco Pier is my favorite restaurant in Edinburgh. It is located at the wide mouth of the Forth River, just 15 minutes from the center, and boasts magnificent views of the bridges – amazing pieces of engineering, a must see! One of them looks like the Golden Gate in San Francisco, although it dates from the 19th century. The food at Orocco Pier is excellent – first of all, try salmon in dill and lamb stewed in red wine. At night, there are very noisy parties. During the day, you can relax on soft sofas and enjoy the views and free Wi-Fi, remembering that one of the most beautiful European cities is right next to you.

Alistair MacLachlan

Birdwatching is one of my favorite things to do in Scotland. Just an hour’s drive from Edinburgh, St. Ebb’s Nature Reserve has a great bluff spot from where you can watch colonies of kittiwakes, loons and gannets. If you don’t like birds, but let’s say, fish, there is everything for diving here: boats take divers, since St. Abbs is also a marine reserve. The water here is incredibly clear.

Fiona Marr and Martin McNulty

There is a bus in Edinburgh that will take you around the city’s best galleries for free. They don’t talk about it in guidebooks, and there are no signs in the city, but you can find a bus, for example, at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery – the first in the world for which a building was specially built. Here, all Scottish history and culture are in faces: two floors are occupied only by portraits. The bus runs every 45 minutes, so you can easily see all the main galleries in one day.

Stephen Muirhead

Drovers Inn is one of the few remaining inns in the Loch Lomond area. Rob Roy and Stevenson have been here in their time. Now you can try the most traditional food here: for example, sweet ribs with whiskey roasted in the oven or a dish called “Drunken Haggis”. Wash it all down with whiskey, ale or wine, sitting by the fireplace. And spend the night in a natural Scottish apartment with a huge wooden bed and a deer head on the wall.

Elena Muravieva
PR manager

In the United Kingdom, castles, palaces, abbeys and other places of interest usually belong to an organization. In Scotland, these are Historic Scotland and the National Trust: it is very convenient to buy a membership card from them for £30–40 and walk around the castles for a year without buying a ticket each time for an average of £7. They will also send you brochures about palaces and invitations to balls and other entertainments that take place in them. I personally like ruined castles most of all, where the caretakers boast of ghosts and allow climbing on the fortress walls. Therefore, I prefer Stirling Castle to Edinburgh Castle: there you can sit on real thrones, explore the newly opened part of the castle and look at the orchestra with bagpipes not through the crowd, but sitting quietly on the lawn. Some of my favorites are Dune Castle with sword marks on the walls, the difficultly named Linlithgow Palace, and Campbell Castle.

Catriona Matthew
professional golfer

Golf is a must in St. Andrews. There are ten pitches here, and there are always people on the field looking after the holes. And, of course, the atmosphere is completely unique – an old university town with the ruins of a castle on the shore and huge golf courses that go straight into the sea. For beginners, there is the Golf Academy, where you can safely take lessons: real pros teach.

Jacqueline O’Donnell

St Monans is my favorite fish restaurant. There is a delightful garden with one of the best views in Scotland – the sea horizon, Bass Rock and the harbour. I don’t know anything better than their lazy lobster lunch on a sunny Sunday.

Ignacio Ramis-Conde
PhD student

Before heading to the fishing villages of Cullen, Portnoki, Findochti or Baki, stop at a B&B. For example, in Bryden. In a house on a hill in the middle of idyllic landscapes, you will find yourself the only guest, and bored hosts will welcome you cordially: get ready for tea parties and heart-to-heart talks, agree to dinner – they cook unpretentiously, but tasty. And then, on the master’s bike, go down to the sea with a breeze. In the evening you will fall asleep in absolute silence, and in the morning a cow will look in your window.

David Robertson

Rent a castle, such as the luxurious Myres between Edinburgh and St. Andrews. Per person they ask from £295 to 350 per night: the more guests, the cheaper – call your friends. At your disposal will be the castle itself, the surrounding land and the garden. Breakfast, lunch, evening tea and a five-course dinner are included in the rental. The interiors, atmosphere and service are such that you will quickly feel like a member of the royal family. From entertainment – tennis, golf, picnics, trips to the Abbey of Balmerino, the British Golf Museum, the Falkland Palace. You can also take a mountain bike – in the Highlands there is an easy and scenic Laggan Wolftrax route.

Scott Robertson
Sales Director

There are hundreds of distilleries in Scotland. One of my favorites is Glengoyne, on the west coast of Scotland, where you can even blend your own whiskey and give it a name. If you get a Scotch Malt Whiskey Society membership card, you will have access to Edinburgh’s unique bars. For example, The Vaults is an 18th century cellar with fireplaces and leather sofas. Or a beautifully restored Georgian townhouse on Queen Street. Before the trip, do not forget to learn the word: SlaintО! (“Slancha!”), which means “Your health!” in Gaelic.

Don Taylor
theater decorator

Glasgow’s most interesting shops are in the West End, on Byres Road. Must-see vintage shops are Starry Starry Night and Circa in the alleyways of Downside Lane. There are just deposits of old jewelry, brooches, silk scarves, hats from the beginning of the 20th century and a wonderful selection of clothes. The choice is excellent, and the prices are nicer than London ones. There is also a flea market with records and cameras, which works on weekends right next to Starry Starry Night.

Blair Howarth

People come to Glencoe for outdoor recreation – mountain biking, hiking, sailing, horseback riding, fishing. Any of the mountain scenery in Glencoe is simply breathtaking – it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. You, I think, understand what kind of landscapes we are talking about: the third Harry Potter film was filmed here.

Ben Eliot

Scotland is half of Europe’s wind supply, amazing coastline, clear water. It’s great to sail here. The industry is established: there is something to do for both experienced yachtsmen and beginners. You can rent a yacht with or without a skipper, and all companies have courses where you can qualify as a crew member, there are even programs designed specifically for women. I can recommend Alba Sailing Charter, a sailing company in Argyll. There is something to see there: the islands of Mull, Threshnish, Staffa, and for risk lovers – Outer or Barra.

Saramary Anson

Glasgow is a forge of great rock bands. Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, Travis are all from here. Which club do you go to for sure to hear something young and worthwhile? I can recommend three establishments: 13th Note, Nice’n’Sleazy, Mono.