Installing dishwasher cost: How Much Does Dishwasher Installation Cost?

2023 Dishwasher Installation & Replacement Costs

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Dishwasher installation cost

Dishwasher installation costs $600 to $1,700 on average, including a new unit. The cost to replace a dishwasher is $200 to $500 for labor only. The labor cost to install a dishwasher is $300 to $1,300 where there was none before. A new dishwasher unit alone costs $400 to $1,200.

Dishwasher installation cost
Job type Labor cost to install
Replace dishwasher in the same location $200 – $500
Install dishwasher where there wasn’t one $300 – $1,300

Cost data is from research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members

Average labor cost to install a dishwasher

  • Appliance installation costs $150 to $350 on average for basic installation labor.

  • A plumber costs $45 to $150 per hour for jobs that require modifying the water lines.

  • Handyman prices are $50 to $80 per hour for a simple replacement.

Average labor cost to install a dishwasher
Installer service Installation labor cost*
Plumber $150 – $350
Handyman $120 – $250
Home Depot $130 – $220
Lowe’s $200 – $230
Best Buy $200 – $215

*Removal and disposal fees of the old unit cost $50 to $150 extra.

The following factors affect the cost of installing a dishwasher:

  • Delivery fees – Companies charge extra for delivery outside their service area.

  • Stairs – Installers charge more for labor to carry units up or down stairs.

  • Dishwasher relocation work – Installing the unit in a new place in the kitchen costs extra for cabinetry changes, plus extending water and electrical lines.

  • Plumbing repairs – Old plumbing sometimes needs upgrading during installation.

  • Circuit upgrades – The cost to install a new electrical circuit is $250 to $900, depending on its location. Licensed electricians add them for units that use more power.

  • Outlet installation – The cost to install a new electrical outlet is $150 to $350.

  • Permits – Some cities require permits that cost $25 to $100, depending on whether new electrical or water lines are part of the installation.

  • Garbage disposal – Garbage disposal installation costs $250 to $650 on average.

Cost to install dishwasher plumbing

The cost to install dishwasher plumbing alone is $150 to $250 to run a water-supply line from the dishwasher to the sink drain or garbage disposal. Rough-in plumbing costs $400 to $600 minimum for putting in new water connections and drains for a dishwasher, excluding cabinetry work.

Cost to install dishwasher where there wasn’t one in existing cabinets

The cost to install a dishwasher in a new location is $300 to $1,300 for labor, cabinet modifications, water-line extensions, and a new electrical connection. Total costs depend on the dishwasher type and installation location.

Typical first-time installation costs include:

  • Cabinet removal costs $150 to $400.

  • The cost to install a new electrical outlet is $150 to $350.

  • The cost to install a new electrical circuit is $250 to $900.

Brand new stainless steel dishwasher install clean dishes

Cost to replace a dishwasher

Dishwasher replacement costs $600 to $1,700 on average, including materials, installation, and disposing the old unit. This price range is for replacing a built-in, standard 24” wide dishwasher mounted below cabinets.

Cost to replace a dishwasher
Factor Average cost*
New dishwasher unit $400 – $1,200
Removing old dishwasher $50 – $150
Installation labor $150 – $350
Total cost to replace $600 – $1,700

*Prices for replacement using existing electrical and water connections only.

Cost to remove old dishwasher

The cost to remove an old dishwasher is $50 to $150 on average, including disposal. Some companies include this service in the installation-labor fee. Junk removal costs $70 to $100 for a separate company to haul away the old dishwasher.

New dishwasher cost

Dishwasher prices are $400 to $1,200 for an average unit or up to $3,000 for high-end models. Expensive dishwashers can require more watts and electrical circuit upgrades.

Dishwasher prices
Type Average price Features
Good (Basic entry-level) $400 – $800
  • Front controls
  • Standard capacity
  • Average noise level
  • Low durability
  • Plastic interior tub
  • Minimal adjustment options
  • Standard wash cycles & heated drying functions
Great (popular mid-range) $800 – $1,200
  • Front or top controls
  • Large capacity
  • Quiet High durability
  • Stainless steel interior tub
  • Adjustable racks, extra 3rd rack, & storage options
  • Bottle wash & sanitize functions
  • Heat or evaporative drying
  • Smart features & Wi-Fi connectivity
Excellent (high-end) $1,200 – $3,000
  • Front or top controls
  • Extra-large capacity available
  • Quietest High durability
  • Stainless steel interior tub
  • Adjustable racks, extra 3rd rack, & storage options
  • Wash, sensor dry, steam clean, & sanitize functions
  • Smart features & Wi-Fi connectivity

*Unit prices for common 24-inch built-in dishwashers

Bosch dishwasher on display in a store

Dishwasher installation FAQs

How long does it take to install a dishwasher?

Installing a dishwasher takes 1 to 2 hours on average or up to 6 hours when there are no existing electric or water connections. Total labor time includes removing the old unit and installing the new unit. Complex installations with cabinet modifications take longer.

How long does a dishwasher last?

A dishwasher lasts 8 to 15 years on average, depending on the brand, usage frequency, and maintenance.

Proper maintenance includes:

  • Scraping leftovers off dishes before loading

  • Cleaning filter and door seal monthly

  • Adding dishwasher salt if you have hard water

  • Loading dishes without cramming them together

  • Inspecting and repairing the unit immediately when needed

Can a dishwasher be repaired?

A dishwasher can often be repaired. Dishwasher repair costs $100 to $300 on average, depending on the brand and work needed. However, some manufacturers stop making replacement parts for units more than 4 to 7 years old.

Who installs dishwashers?

A plumber, handyman, or appliance technician can install a dishwasher. Home improvement stores and appliance suppliers offer basic installation on delivery.

Can I install a dishwasher myself?

You can install a replacement dishwasher yourself in most cases if it’s the same size and type as the old one. However, a licensed contractor is necessary for adding new connections or upgrading old utilities.

To install a dishwasher:

  1. Shut off water and electricity to the old dishwasher.

  2. Disconnect and remove the old dishwasher.

  3. Unpackage the new dishwasher.

  4. Remove the front-access panel to reach the connections.

  5. Attach the water-supply and electric lines to the new unit.

  6. Slide the dishwasher in place.

  7. Turn on the water and check for leaks.

  8. Level the unit and secure it to the countertop and adjacent cabinets.

Only a licensed electrician should work on your electrical panel.

Getting estimates and hiring dishwasher installers

Before hiring an appliance installer near you, be sure to:

  • Compare 3 detailed estimates from different companies.

  • Make sure the companies have a business license, surety bonds, and insurance.

  • Ask if the installer is a licensed plumber or NASTeC-certified appliance technician.

  • Read their reviews on Google and HomeGuide.

  • Look for companies with more than 5 years of experience and good references.

  • Get a signed contract and warranty copy before installation starts.

  • Remember that low estimates can signal low-quality work.

  • Only give the full payment when the job is complete.

Questions to ask

  • How long have you been installing dishwashers?

  • Are you familiar with all local building codes for this installation?

  • Is there free or discounted installation if I buy specialty dishwashers?

  • Does this fee include delivery, labor, cleanup, and removing the old dishwasher?

  • What type of electrical connections do I need installed first?

  • Do you use subcontractors to help install one where none existed before?

  • If I get a bigger unit, can you recommend someone to modify my cabinets?

  • Should I do anything to prepare the house for installation?

  • What factors can change my dishwasher installation price?

  • Will you pull permits if necessary?

  • Do you offer floor repair if damage occurs during installation?

  • Will you offer an installation labor warranty?

  • How do I maintain my new dishwasher?

Dishes Piling Up? See the Average Cost to Install a Dishwasher

Americans bought more than seven million dishwashers in 2015, say the folks at Statista. As professionals, we hope all of those were installed by trained technicians. The average cost of professional dishwasher installation is very small compared to the risks of doing it yourself. Continue reading to see how much a pro’s install dishwasher cost is.

Here are the factors that will affect the average amount it will cost to install kitchen appliances such as a dishwasher.

Factors to Consider



New dishwashers can be wonderful work-savers. If you already have one, you know how effortless and enjoyable washing dishes can be with an automated mechanical marvel. Toss in a detergent pellet, set the controls and close the door. A short time later, your dishes are clean, germ-free and sparkling.

When the old machine breaks down, inconvenient as that is, at least you have all the pipes, wiring and space for a new unit. The professional installer will have little trouble removing the old unit and going through the connections to install a dishwasher.

If, though, you never had the luxury of a machine to wash dishes for you, installation becomes a bit more involved. You must pay for wiring to be run (this usually involves a dedicated circuit breaker added to your house panel), pipes to be installed, and, possibly, space to be carved out from your counter and cabinets. All of this adds to installation cost.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install A Dishwasher?

Asking yourself how much does Home Depot charge to install a dishwasher? The cost to install a dishwasher by Home Depot can vary because of the wide range of circumstances an installer might face, the “average cost” of installation can vary greatly. The experts at Home Depot’s Pro Referral site peg it at $112 to $210 dollars for a dishwasher installation, not including any cabinetry modifications. This is, of course, in addition to the cost of the machine itself.

Should You Do it Yourself?


At Ace Home Services we strongly recommend against amateurs installing their own dishwashers, for several reasons. Consider the risks of plumbing or wiring the new machine incorrectly.

  • A flooded kitchen and, if the kitchen is above another living area, flooded rooms below
  • An electrical short, which can cause a fire
  • Annoying knocking, bumping or chatter if the dishwasher is not properly anchored

Your homeowner’s insurance probably will not pay for your installation error. With fast, professional installation, you protect your investment in a new machine, plus you protect your home, your warranty and your family.

ACE Home Services

Even if you consider yourself a handy person, installing a dishwasher can be difficult. The consequences of getting it wrong are unpleasant. Contact ACE Home Services today at (602) 428-3341  to learn how we can help you avoid a flood or other problem with our expert installation dishwasher service.

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Dishwashers are becoming more and more popular
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daily cleaning and tidying of dishes.
All well-known manufacturers try to have in their products
range of dishwashers, so now there is no shortage of
devices of this category and you can choose a model for yourself
based on your individual needs.
Dishwasher, like any other type of household appliance
must be properly installed and connected to systems for
ensuring uninterrupted operation throughout the entire service life.
Among other things, if you are going to embed
dishwasher, you need to make the connection more
compact, which also requires professional knowledge and tools.

If you are thinking about installing a dishwasher, then
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Our company distinguishes between three types of dishwasher installation
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  • Fully built-in dishwasher installation
  • Installation of a partially built-in dishwasher
  • Freestanding dishwasher installation

Each of these types
installation has its own nuances, so it is important that the installation
dishwasher, regardless of its type
competent specialist. In our company we offer services
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We can offer several installation options
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  • Installing the dishwasher on ready-made communications

  • Dishwasher installation with plumbing preparation
  • Dishwasher installation with sewer preparation
  • Dishwasher installation with plumbing and sewage preparation

  • Installation of a dishwasher with the preparation of all communications and the output of a separate outlet for the dishwasher

  • To your
    the machine served for a long time, we recommend installing
    water softener filter for
    You can also check out
    to install a dishwasher, which
    may come in handy.

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    Installing a dishwasher is a step that can make your life easier and add a little extra comfort to it. The advantages of this piece of household appliances are obvious: saving time, water and detergent, preserving the beauty of your hands, sterility and neat appearance of dishes. Having decided to install a dishwasher, you will ask yourself the question – “How to choose a dishwasher?” It all depends on your needs and financial capabilities. In general, dishwashers are divided into 2 main types, these are built-in models, and freestanding. The former will harmoniously fit into any interior, but will cost more, the latter are more cost-effective and easier to install, but take up more space. As for the rest of the characteristics, the required capacity of the dishwasher must be calculated from the number of people in your family, so for a family of 4 people, a model for 15 sets is suitable, because. it is assumed that the machine will turn on at the end of the day, having accumulated dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Turning it on after every meal is not advisable in terms of savings. The next thing to decide on is the set of programs for your dishwasher, as a rule, the basic set includes the following washing modes: normal, intensive, fast, with soaking, economy mode for lightly soiled dishes, washing fragile dishes. Models with additional features such as drying, sterilization, wash delay, leakage protection system, etc. will cost a little more than standard models. If you decide to purchase a freestanding dishwasher, then you also need to decide on its dimensions in accordance with the size of your kitchen. There are models: full-size, narrow and compact.


    Having chosen the model of the dishwasher that suits you, you will proceed to the installation stage. Sometimes it seems that installing a dishwasher with your own hands is an elementary matter, especially when it comes to a freestanding model, but this process has many nuances and requires a number of related work. So, for example, for any dishwasher, you definitely need a 16A socket with a grounding contact, if there is none, you must first install it, also for the safe operation of the appliance and its safety, it is necessary to install a 16A circuit breaker in the electric meter. Connecting the dishwasher to the water supply and sewerage is also a laborious stage, here it is necessary to install a special water filter, a stopcock, in order to avoid leaks, as for water drainage, a siphon with an additional outlet and a special valve is mounted for this, while providing for the location of the drain hose. Only a professional with experience in this field can take into account all the features when connecting a dishwasher, do the job accurately and safely for subsequent operation. Moreover, a malfunction of household appliances due to incorrect connection, as a rule, is not a warranty case; this unit is not cheap, it is better to install the dishwasher professionally, connect it to an outlet with the appropriate power and be sure that it is connected and configured correctly for its further operation. Therefore, with the issue of installing a dishwasher, you should contact only qualified specialists. Our master will install and connect the dishwasher in Yekaterinburg efficiently, accurately, safely and as soon as possible, and our company will provide you with a guarantee for the work performed. A dishwasher installer will come upon request free of charge, evaluate the scope of work, and give you a price for installing a dishwasher.

    Why is it better to order a dishwasher installation service in Yekaterinburg in our company?

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