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Hey guys, It’s been awhile since we’ve got to writing a blog post for home decor. We have been creating recipes like crazy so be sure to check them out! I am so excited to share with you all today our tips and Small Bedroom Ideas For Renters, we know it’s hard to decorate when you can’t change any of the walls, flooring or lighting!

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In this post we will cover our best ideas for opening up bedroom space, how to get your room styled when you can’t repaint, and all the shopping we did for this room.

This is my daughter, Alea’s bedroom and get this, this room used to be a dining room and look how this turned out. My daughter rents a house with a couple of her friends in town and was told that they can’t repaint or change any of the flooring. The lighting is also terrible in this house so we had a ton to work on to make this space cozy.

Shopping with ikea for small bedroom

When Alea first moved in, the dining room and living room were connected downstairs. She had this great idea to turn the dining room into a bedroom and put up a wall in between the living room. My hubby said yes he would make a large indoor barn door and Alea got to work.

First stop, Ikea! We grabbed curtains and shelves, plants and organizing boxes. I then gave Alea one of my rugs and basically all my tools. We placed the rug in the room first and started to hang the window curtains to make the room more cozy. I strongly suggest hanging your curtains near the top of the ceiling to give your room more height.

Space Saving Decorating Ideas

Once the rug and curtains were in place, we moved the bed into the room underneath the window and curtains. Grabbed the floating shelves and hanging lights, measured, and hung them in place. Add more lights to your room with lamps and hanging lights to brighten the area up! Floating shelves are also a great way to hang your decor up and store your stuff.

Space Saving Ideas For Dorm Room

Alea had this white dresser for her accessories and extra clothes but a great idea is to get a bed frame that holds storage underneath. You can also use small wood boxes and stack them for a bedside table and place shoes or books on them.

Color Inspiration For Room

Make sure you are careful with your furniture and decor colors! lighter colors such as cream, white and pastels will brighten and lighten a room for more open area. Add mirrors to your room as well to create that open space look as well. To keep your space a little more clear, I strongly suggest keeping clothes, towels, shoes, laundry, makeup all put away in cabinets or on shelves. Add plants for a fresh look to!

DIY Clothing Rack

We hand made Alea’s clothing rack. Hanging it from the ceiling made more room down below for shoes. This idea is great if you like to hang all your clothes. Be sure to ask us any questions about the space on any of our socials. We would love for you to take a look around the blog for more room ideas with modern farmhouse style to boho!

Small Bedroom Ideas For Renters

I have a lot more tips around the blog for all room ideas so be sure to look them up on the blog!

Cool Bunk Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

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19 cool bunk bed ideas to add wow factor, function, and personality to a small room for kids and teens with a basic store-bought bunk.

This week, we are cranking away at a small shared bedroom for our three neighbor girls who live down the street. Remember the cottage style shared bedroom we did for their two sisters several months ago? It’s time we even the score so that all five sisters get a newly finished pretty space.

But we have to get a little extra creative considering we have to work around bunk beds for these three girls in a rather small space. I have been saving tons of cool bunk bed ideas for months and found SO many good ones!

The problem is I kept finding a lot of great inspiration for massive, pricey custom built-in bunk beds, and a DIY project that large isn’t on our radar this time (we want this room done fast so we don’t have to kick these girls out of their room for longer than 5 days).

So if you’re working around a basic, store bought bunk bed in your child’s or teen’s room, here are lots of cool ideas to style it.

Cool Bunk Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

1. Accessorize the Bunk Beds

This is so simple but so adorable! Add small accessories to the bunk bed rails like these equestrian ribbons Joni added from Lay Baby Lay.

Source | Lay Baby Lay

2. Go Minimal

Sometimes bunk beds can feel cramped and cluttered, but by going clean and simple with monochromatic walls and bedding, a small room can feel open and airy.

Source | Chelsey Freng

3. Give Bunk Beds a Color Pop

Go bold and paint the bunk bed a vibrant color made even better in contrast from the rest of the room. And also, this DIY cactus “wallpaper” A Beautiful Mess put up is too darn cute. Can you believe it’s actually made with a stencil?

Source | A Beautiful Mess

4. Add Wall Lights

It makes total sense to hang a couple of plug-in wall sconces on the wall beside each bed, perfect for reading… or just straight up being awesome.

Source | Willow Street Interiors

5. Surround a Bunk Bed With Antiques

Bunk beds can be instantly charming with vintage art and antique finds. Stef M Turner is so good at mixing in her thrifty finds.

Source | Stef M Turner

6. Frame a Window

If you’re lucky enough to have a small room with a window in the center of a wall, flank it with bunk beds to make a big statement.

Source | Cotton Stem

7. Go Rustic

The wood ceiling and floor in here adds great texture and warmth to make this bunk bed feel so cozy against the plaid for a rustic cabin style. Get creative by hanging an object on the wall based on your child’s interests.

Source | Talk of the House | Brie Williams | Elizabeth Demos

8. Embrace Symmetry

Adding matching bedding on all of the bunks and keeping the rest of the room simple makes this small room feel clean and inviting.

Source | Melissa Ervin

9. Play Up Patterns on Bunk Bed Bedding

Don’t be afraid to go wild with mixing and matching patterns, colors, and textures. The more you mix, the more eclectic it will feel for a small room that’s full of charm. Kelly from Hartley Home MADE that adorable gingham bed skirt.

Source | Hartley Home

10. Set Off a Bunk Bed With Wallpaper

This room is so simple save for the wow-factor wallpaper that completely steals the show. Love!

Source | In Honor of Design

11. Go Coastal

Calming hues of gray, blue, beige, white, and tan come together to make this room feel like calming waters are washing right over you. Total zen moment.

Source | Pure Salt Interiors

12. Let Colorful Bedding Shine

Keep the rest of the room neutral but with a pop of color in the bedding to make the bunk bed the focal point.

Source | Home of U and Me

13. Add Bunk Bed Curtains

This is perfect for a small room where one person might want to sleep while the others need the lights on. Add blackout curtains and run curtain rods along the ceiling. Plus, the look is so vintage and sweet!

Source | Heather Chadduck Hillegas | Jacksonville Magazine

14. Have Fun With Pillows and Layers

Layer, layer, layer bedding and make it a luxe experience with good quality pillow inserts and a comfy duvet. Who said bunk beds have to be uncomfortable?

Source | Pure Salt Interiors


Go Natural

Add depth and texture to a room by embracing natural wood bunk beds. It adds a layer of coziness without any extra effort.

Source | Julie Blanner

16. Hack an IKEA Bunk Bed Into a Built-In Style

If you love the look of custom build-in bunk beds but can’t commit to the time, expense, or effort involved, this IKEA bunk bed hack is a great DIY to try!

Source | Hana’s Happy Home

17. Embrace a Modern Style

If you want a small room to have a little edge, go with a modern bunk bed with clean lines; pair it with an ultra modern light fixture.

Source | J Kurtz Design

18. Add Board and Batten

Give a small room character by adding wall molding as a feature. Also, how cute is this ceiling?

Source | House Mix

19. Upholster a Bunk Bed

Can you believe this bunk bed is a DIY upholstery job?! If you can wield a hot glue gun and sew a straight line on the sewing machine, this would be so cool to pull off.

Source | Jeweled Interiors

I honestly don’t think I could pick a favorite out of any of these bunk bed ideas. They are all so inspiring!

So now we have our work cut out for us as we assemble bunk beds, haul in a ton of storage, and zhush up all the things. You can follow along on Instagram Stories as we make progress!

Do you have a favorite of this bunk bed bunch? Can you say “bunk bed bunch” 5 times fast? 😉

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From this article you will learn:

  • What rules to follow when renovating a small room
  • How to make repairs in various small rooms
  • What furniture to choose for a small room

When carrying out repair work in a small room, there are often difficulties with the design of the space. If everything is done correctly, then your home will become not only beautiful, but also comfortable, and the finish will be durable. From our article you will learn how to make repairs in a small room and what nuances you should pay special attention to.

Small room redevelopment ideas

1. Make a studio apartment

More and more popular are studio apartments, in which there are practically no partitions. Separate only a bathroom, on request – a bedroom. The remaining walls are dismantled partially or completely, provided that they are not load-bearing.

How to make repairs in a small room correctly if you want to convert it into a studio?

  • Specify which walls are load-bearing. This can be done in the operating organization, where floor plans are stored, they contain the information we are interested in. It is forbidden to dismantle load-bearing walls completely, only partially destroy them, while simultaneously reinforcing the remaining parts. In this case, the apartment redevelopment project will have to be ordered at a specialized bureau.
  • Dismantling kitchen walls is allowed if you have an electric stove. Is there gas in the apartment? Then the partitions cannot be destroyed. How to be in this case: install a sliding partition that can be easily removed.
  • It is possible to expand the area of ​​wet rooms at the expense of non-residential spaces: a corridor, a pantry, closets. The use of living space is prohibited.

One way or another, in Moscow, the redevelopment of the apartment with the dismantling of the walls must be approved. First of all, you should order a project, then sign it in the architecture department. Only after that you can start repair work. This way you avoid all sorts of complications.

So you’ve decided to redecorate a small room to turn it into a studio. What benefits will you get:

  • Your home will be large enough compared to the small rooms before the makeover.
  • The usable area will be increased. At first glance, it may seem that the walls do not eat up the area. But after making simple calculations, we get: a narrow wall 3.5 meters long and 20 cm wide takes 0.7 m 2 from the usable area (3.5 times 0.2). And we have considered an example with the smallest wall.
  • Knowing how to make repairs in a small room, you can create any interior in a spacious studio.

Thus, by turning a small apartment into a studio, you will increase the usable area of ​​your home. This will make your stay more comfortable.

Of course, there are also disadvantages. For example, you will not have a separate room to relax and be alone. It is clear that if you live in an apartment alone, you will not encounter this problem. However, when two people live in the studio, you have to be together all the time.

Another disadvantage is that during cooking, aromas will spread from the kitchen area throughout the dwelling. Since the partitions have been dismantled, not always pleasant smells from the kitchen will be felt throughout the apartment. The way out of this situation is a well-functioning ventilation system, an effective exhaust hood.

2. Bathroom and toilet combination

Do not know how to make repairs in a small room in Khrushchev? Usually in such apartments the size of the bathroom and toilet is small, while the rooms are separate. Therefore, being in the bathroom may not always be comfortable, and placing household appliances there, a boiler can be problematic. Solving this problem is simple: we dismantle the partition by combining the bathroom.

How to make repairs in a small room depends on the layout. Your task is to dismantle the partition, remove one door. Sometimes you can expand the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bathroom using part of the corridor area.

The advantages of a combined bathroom are as follows: the usable area is expanding, there are fewer doors. Increases the functionality of the room. To combine a bathroom or not is up to you.

3. Insulate or attach a balcony (loggia) to the room

Using modern materials for thermal insulation, you can make a balcony or loggia insulated, glazed, dismantling the window unit and expanding the living area. To make it warmer on the balcony, heating should be carried out. Remember that you cannot place a battery on a balcony or loggia. The way out of the situation is to equip a warm floor there. Since the area of ​​the former balcony is small, electricity costs will be acceptable, of course, if you have properly insulated the balcony.

In addition, it is forbidden to place plumbing equipment, a gas stove on a balcony or loggia (if you planned to make a kitchen there). On the former balcony, you can place kitchen cabinets, a refrigerator, a dining table, but a sink, a gas stove should be in the room.

Please note: it is possible to make repairs in a small room with a balcony (loggia) merging only by dismantling a part of the wall under the window. It is forbidden to destroy the remaining parts of the wall: otherwise the structure of the house may collapse.

The advantages of this solution are the expansion of the living space of a small apartment, which is important in a small-sized dwelling. For example, your miniature six-meter kitchen can become eight meters or even more.

But there are also downsides to such a repair: you will have to spend a lot of money. After all, the balcony should be well insulated. And in order to save the usable area, it is worth using high-quality materials with a small thickness and high thermal insulation performance. For example, extruded polystyrene foam is suitable.

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  • Arrangement of a small apartment
  • Stages of renovation in apartment
  • Turnkey cosmetic repairs

The same applies to glazing. Most often, plastic (PVC) windows are installed. It is recommended to choose high-quality, three-chamber double-glazed windows, while the profiles must have at least 5 chambers. Such glazing is considered premium, so the price for it will be appropriate. Making a choice in favor of budget materials, you risk getting a cold room in the winter.

4. Other redevelopment options

How else can you make repairs in a small room? It will be possible to increase the functionality of a small dwelling with the help of other repair measures. It is possible to describe specific changes only based on the plan of the apartment, but there are several general points:

  • Moving the door. Most often, the doors in the room are equipped in the middle of the wall. Their location makes living in a room not very convenient. But the door can be moved to one of the walls. Such changes are not considered redevelopment, which means that coordination is not necessary.
  • Elimination of built-in wardrobes, pantries. Instead, you can make a spacious dressing room, install a new wardrobe.
  • Make two rooms out of one. Ideal for corner apartments with two window openings. So you get two, albeit small, but separate rooms.
  • Divide walk-through rooms. Of course, the living area will become smaller, but in some cases it is more important for the owners to get separate rooms.

These are usually the most efficient and popular options. Combine them to get what you need. Seriously approach the issue of alteration: you must know the exact dimensions that will be indicated in the plan. Take advantage of special design programs. With their help, you can design a three-dimensional space by placing furniture there. As a result, you will clearly see what should happen after the repair.

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Helpful tips for renovating a small room

    1. Use color

How to make repairs in a small room (in Khrushchev, for example) to expand the space? Designers recommend choosing light colors. If you like, use shades of cool colors – gray, blue, green, as well as pastel colors. So visually you will make the room bigger. Due to the right color, you can raise the ceiling, and the room will become visually more spacious.

Feel free to choose warm shades: red, yellow, orange, delicate peach and others. The main thing is that the color should not be too bright, you don’t want to make the room visually smaller, do you? In addition, it will become unpleasant to be in such a dwelling, because the bright walls and ceiling will seem to put pressure on you.

What other color scheme can you choose to make a good renovation in a small room? Stick to monochrome colors in space. And we are talking not only about choosing the color of finishing materials, but also about curtains, furniture, textiles and other interior elements.

    1. Space zoning

If you want to know how to make the space cozy and functional during the renovation of a small room, then divide the room into zones. For example, in the bedroom it will be a sleeping area and a relaxation area with armchairs and a table; there may also be a work area with a computer desk.

How to differentiate between two zones? Use a shelving unit, a chest of drawers, or a small couch. A screen is perfect – you can remove it if you need to.

Space can be zoned by using different shades in the floor and wall decoration, as well as by organizing the right lighting. However, the uniform color scheme of the space should not be violated: different zones are performed in shades of different saturation.

    1. Use of mirrors and proper lighting

Sometimes choosing the right color is a whole problem, but how else to decorate the backlight? Here your imagination is not limited by anything. The only rule is that you can’t place a bulky chandelier: it will eat up space. It is best to choose small spotlights. How to arrange them correctly? Lighting should focus on different functional areas of the room.

In addition, you should not install too many spotlights: this way you can get the effect of a huge chandelier. The best solution is to hang a sconce on the walls, put a compact floor lamp.

Large mirrors complement the space well. They will reflect light, visually expanding the room. Therefore, it is recommended to place them opposite the window opening.

Mirrored wardrobe will fit perfectly into the new interior. In general, you should choose furniture with glass doors, countertops and glossy surfaces – they reflect light well.

    1. Ceiling design

So, you started renovating a small room, but how to make a ceiling? Do not use bulky decorative elements. For example, give up a multi-level ceiling that draws attention to itself, hanging and pressing on household members.

However, if you still decide on such a ceiling structure, do not use wide or long elements. An overly voluminous cascade of ceiling steps can visually narrow the space, making a small box out of your apartment.

PVC film, that is, a stretch ceiling, is ideal for repairing the ceiling. Give preference to light colors, traditional white is best. At the same time, no matter what color you choose, the ceiling should not be matte, choose a gloss. So you visually make the ceiling higher.

How to make repairs in a small room so that it would be pleasant to be at home? Create a new interior in beige and white colors. By the way, several decades ago, space explorers made a discovery: the average galactic color, that is, the color of our Universe, is beige-white.

    1. Floor finish

When renovating a small room, it is also important to think about how to finish the floor. It is not recommended to choose dark shades, as well as materials with a rough texture. The optimal solution is light, smooth finishing materials. Do you have a patterned floor finish? Let it be diagonal: this way the room will appear larger.

Another secret: in a small apartment you can make a warm floor. Due to this, you will be able to dismantle the battery, which means that the space under the window opening will be freed. There you can place something useful.

  1. Other interior features:
  • Curtains for a window in a small room choose light textiles or tulle and chiffon. The shade of the curtains should match the color of the walls. So visually the window will merge with the walls, creating the effect of a single space. It is forbidden to use lambrequins. A suitable solution is roller blinds: they will lighten the window opening.
  • Be careful with accessories, keep everything minimalistic. By placing figurines, photo frames, flower vases, souvenirs everywhere, you will turn your home into a cluttered room.
  • How to make repairs in a small room to make it comfortable to live in? Choose a laconic style of interior design – Japanese, Scandinavian or minimalism.

By following these guidelines when renovating a small room, you will understand how to make the space bigger. And even a miniature apartment will become functional and spacious, but most importantly, cozy.

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What furniture to choose for a small room

How to make the right choice of furniture when renovating a small room? Give preference to compact but functional models. The shade of the furniture should be in harmony with the color of the interior. Stick to light colors: again, this will visually expand the space.

Place a tall wardrobe with mirrored doors. You can hide all things in it. Please note that its insides – shelves and hangers – are ergonomic, so everything necessary and unnecessary will be successfully located in the closet.

Mirrors will also help visually make the room more spacious. However, there should not be too many glossy surfaces: they should be used carefully in a small area.

The space under the bed, in the sofa, above the door and on the walls must also be included. Here you can add all the things that are scattered around the room. Install wall shelves with hidden fasteners and put things from the floor cabinets there. Remember that the space should be as free as possible, and all unnecessary things are hidden from prying eyes.

When choosing furniture for a small room, give preference to corner models. In general, in small apartments it is worth having multifunctional modular furniture. It is placed along the walls and can be transformed. Another option for those who want to save space is to buy a built-in wardrobe.

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How to make repairs in a small living room

Are you planning to update the interior in a small living room? The main thing here is to choose the right color for the walls, ceiling and floor. It should be light shades. It’s great if there is a bright window in the room, but natural light is not always enough. You will need to equip the backlight.

Bulky chandelier will eat up space, as well as large-sized furniture. Small armchairs, a coffee table or a small sofa are the best solution.

Want to hang pictures on the wall? One large one in a light palette under glass or a couple of small ones in white frames will do.

Roman blinds, light fabric or bamboo blinds look good in a miniature living room. Do not hang long curtains or curtains with a large pattern on the window.

If the area of ​​the living room is very small, the furniture should be multifunctional, folding. Purchase:

  • folding tables;
  • pouffes, sofas and armchairs in which things can be stored;
  • tables with drawers;
  • folding chairs – after the guests leave, they can be removed so that they do not get in the way.

This approach will free up space.

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How to make a small office functional and cozy

Each of us needs a space where we can retire to do important work. To equip a workplace, often only a small area is required, but at the same time such a room must be functional and comfortable. Before you make repairs in a small room, determine how it will be used. Do you work in the office on weekends? Will you read books there, check e-mail? Study magazines? Then a small table and an easy chair will suffice, as well as a small bookcase.

A home mini-library can also be located here – equip shelves on the wall from the very bottom to the top. On the lower shelves you can store any things. Will there be business meetings in the office? You will need small cozy chairs or a mini sofa, as well as a table for drinks.

Renovation in the small bedroom and nursery

The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed. How to make repairs in a small room, if nothing fits except for it and bedside tables? Let the wardrobe be built-in. To save space, you can make a bed that will hide in a closet, or arrange a hanging bed.

Making repairs in a small bedroom, how to make it as pleasant as possible to be in it? Choose calm, warm shades: peach, pale pink.

Also a good solution – blue, lilac, if you like cold shades. You can hang small curtains, veils, Roman blinds on the window.

As for the children’s bedroom: if there are two children in it, then the walls can be more catchy tones. Install a children’s sliding bed with a ladder: the lower tier in this model rolls out on wheels. The bed will not take up much space that your children will use to play.

You can store children’s things in drawers, clothes in a small built-in wardrobe. If desired, install a bunk bed.

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What repairs to make in a small kitchen

The following tips will help you renovate a small room:

  1. make a detailed plan of the kitchen area in advance with a sketch of the kitchen set, indicating the placement of sockets, household appliances;
  2. discard bulky materials such as drywall, they will make the kitchen visually smaller;
  3. in a small kitchen, the ceilings are most likely already low, which means that a multi-level ceiling is definitely not what you need;
  4. Even a small kitchen can be made attractive with the right lighting. Spotlights should be placed both on the ceiling and above the hob, sink, dining area;
  5. you can expand the space of a miniature kitchen if you make an arched doorway by dismantling the door or moving the dining area and refrigerator to the next room;
  6. how to repair a window sill in a small room? Perform it in the form of a countertop, dining table or placing a sink in it.

Wall decoration, the color of the material to a greater extent affect how a person will perceive the space. You can stick wallpaper on the walls, lay them out with ceramic tiles, textured plaster in light colors. The use of bright solid colors is also allowed, but they should not be catchy or dazzling. A vertical pattern visually makes the ceiling appear taller, while a horizontal pattern expands the room.

Most often, ceramic tiles are laid out on a kitchen backsplash, which can also be mirrored to increase space. You can make it in tone with furniture, floor, or, conversely, focus on contrast.

Many people like it when all the walls are covered with tiles.

Also consider the following tips on how to renovate a small kitchen:

  • the kitchen will appear deeper if you use shades of the same color, you should not make a dark top and a light bottom;
  • elongated tiles allow you to make the space larger, square tiles will help expand the kitchen;
  • to add light and eccentricity to the interior of the kitchen, use mirror inserts.

Laying large ceramic tiles will be easy and cost less. A small tile will be more expensive, you are unlikely to be able to lay it yourself. However, she is able to make the space light and elegant. You should buy only high-quality tiles, because in the kitchen it is subject to moisture and mechanical stress.

Which wallpaper to choose for the kitchen? Washable, water-resistant products are ideal. The material of such wallpapers can be vapor-proof, with increased strength, fireproof, such wallpapers do not fade. Vinyl wallpaper, silk-screen printing will protect the surface of the walls from dampness.

How else can you repair the walls in a small kitchen? You can paint the surface of the walls or use liquid wallpaper. So you quickly update the interior in a small kitchen.

To visually make the kitchen look bigger, opt for light-colored flooring. In addition, smudges and stains that appear during cooking will not be very noticeable on such a surface. Expands the kitchen space with a single floor covering with a corridor or living room.

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Dismantle the batteries and make a warm floor instead. If the kitchen is combined with another room, heating is enough.

To choose the right material for finishing the ceiling, consider its height. Is he tall enough? Then make a stretch glossy ceiling to add airiness to the kitchen space. But how to repair the ceiling in a small room in Khrushchev, because it is very low there? Just level the surface and apply water-based paint on it: the option is simple and budget.

If possible, mount as many spotlights as possible in the ceiling space. A bright room will appear larger.

When renovating a small kitchen, how to make it more spacious? As mentioned above, use the kitchen window sill – this will save usable space.

First of all, you can place a countertop on it, and below you can put a cabinet in which kitchen utensils, a small refrigerator or a miniature washing machine will be stored.

Also on the windowsill you can equip a dining area for a small family, this option is also budget.

Note that a sink can also be placed on the windowsill. The lower cabinet will contain communications, household items, which will also free up space.

Now let’s talk about curtains. In a small kitchen, you can not hang heavy curtains with tulle. The best option – roller blinds, blinds, muslin. A variety of designs and materials will allow you to choose a model even for the most sophisticated taste. Roller blinds can be made from wood, especially if the kitchen is Japanese-style. Plastic blinds will complement the laconic style of minimalism.

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How to renovate a small bathroom

For a miniature bathroom, shallow cabinets and pencil cases are suitable – they do not take up much space. Of course, you should not place a urinal and bidet. Decide if you like a bathtub or a shower. The second option is practical and compact. However, if you like to relax in a hot bubble bath, then choose corner models with a curtain.

A small shower room with a niche can accommodate the most necessary household appliances, as well as a wardrobe with sliding doors. A large mirror will visually make the room bigger. The color scheme is the most important component in the repair of a small room. It is recommended to stick to light colors.

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Cooperate with the company “My Remont” is reliable and prestigious. The specialists working here are professionals of the highest level. The company “My Repair” operates throughout Moscow and the Moscow region.

Photos of cool small room interiors

Ideas for a small room – House No. 30

Of course, each of us dreams of free spacious rooms, whether it is a private house or an apartment. But dreams do not always come true quickly, so sometimes, while you are moving towards their fulfillment, you have to be content with a little. And these are, for example, small rooms in standard apartments.

However, a small room is not always a bad thing, especially if it is a nursery for a baby or a room for creativity. At the same time, limited space allows you to create an intimate, protected from all sides, atmosphere.

But in any case, small rooms require very careful planning, thought out in advance. Furniture selected according to special sizes and the correct arrangement of lamps.

The following are options for smaller rooms. All of them are united by a pleasant environment created on the basis of certain rules.

Let’s talk about the walls first. The main rule of small rooms is the absence of solid dark walls. By themselves, dark colors do not have to be excluded from the interior, but they should be rather an element of decor, but not the basis. You can highlight the space near the desktop or sofa with dark wallpaper. You can use the interior drawing of a dark color. But, in turn, an alternative to the dark one can be a bright, colorful element.

For example, in a room with light-colored wallpaper and furniture, hang bright green curtains and sew the same pillows. They will draw attention to themselves, thereby shifting the focus from a common small space.

Walls can be designed with stripes – horizontal or vertical, depending on what imperfection you need to hide.

Now pol. Here it can be any shade that you like best. Do not neglect carpeting, especially if you do not do it on the entire floor, but leave the edges. In this case, there will not be a feeling that the entire space, down to the last millimeter, is occupied by something.

Traditionally, mirrors enlarge the space, which, in principle, is correct. The mirror not only carries functionality in itself, but also brings some depth to the room and erases clear spatial boundaries. Just do not put or hang a mirror in front of a bed or sofa – the reflection of a sleeping person is considered unfavorable.

It is better to use built-in furniture, and make decorative shelves the same, having thought over their location and purpose in advance.