How to stop ants from coming into house: How to Keep Ants Away Naturally

How to Keep Ants Away Naturally

How to Keep Ants Away Naturally – Ant Prevention

Like humans, ants also seek shelter indoors to escape the heat, as well as seek food and water—that’s why multiple types of ants are so common in Florida homes. If you’ve ever played host to these unwanted guests, you understand how difficult it can be to get rid of ants.

Lucky for you, with some careful planning, it’s possible to have an ant-free home. Here are some natural methods to ward off and prevent ant infestations.

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How to Keep Ants Away Naturally

The easiest way to keep ants at bay is by taking some simple precautions. Make these suggestions part of your regular routine in order to keep ants away:

  • Put away dirty dishes. It’s best to wash dirty dishes and put them away right away. If you use a dishwasher, shut the door tightly to keep ants out.
  • Clean with a vinegar solution: Mop floors and clean counters with a 50/50 vinegar/water solution.
  • Sweep and vacuum. Removing crumbs and mopping up sticky spills is the key to an ant-free environment. Clean the kitchen every day.
  • Don’t leave food out. Keep all food that you want to store in cabinets or on your counters in air-tight containers. If possible, keep fruit and vegetables in your fridge.
  • Pet food. Don’t let your pet’s food and water stay out all night.
  • Standing water. Fix any leaky pipes or faucets so there isn’t any standing water inside.
  • Garbage. Take the garbage out at least once a day and use a trashcan that has an air-tight lid. 

Does Vinegar Kill Ants?

While vinegar itself will not kill ants, you can kill ants with vinegar by drowning them in it. We recommend using a 50/50 vinegar/water solution when cleaning or spraying ants because they do not like the smell, making vinegar a natural way to get rid of ants.

DIY Ideas – How To Repel Ants

Because ants are so small, there are a thousand different ways they can get inside if you don’t use professional treatments. Try these helpful DIY ideas to keep ants away:

  • Seal cracks and crevices. Caulk cracks and crevices in windows and doors. Another option is to fill a syringe with a vinegar solution and inject it in these hiding places.
  • Natural deterrents. If you know where ants are getting in, you can line these entryways with things that ants hate. Salt, baby powder, lemon juice, chalk, vinegar, bay leaves, cinnamon, or peppermint oil are a few items that you have around your home that will stop ants from coming inside. Lay these out in areas where you see ants, and they’ll stop using that area as an entrance into your house.
  • Landscape buffer. Have at least 3 feet between your home and any vegetation. Ants love using plants as bridges into your home, so make sure to properly maintain your lawn and clean up any debris.
  • Empty coffee grounds on colonies in your yard. Coffee grounds confuse ants so that they end up losing track of scent trails. Spread fresh grounds where ants congregate and reapply once a year.

If the Problem Persists, Get Professional Help

Of course, no matter how many steps you take to prevent ants or even get rid of ants with DIY attempts, they may continue appearing. The most effective way to keep ants away once and for all is with help from a seasoned professional. Here at Paul’s Termite and Pest Control, we take a serious and strategic approach to Integrated Pest Management. We use fewer chemicals to powerfully eliminate pests permanently. Our science-based, eco-friendly practices naturally create a barrier against ants and other pests, so you can enjoy a pest-free home without worrying about harmful chemicals.

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  • Jacksonville
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This blog was written by Kent D. Edmunds, CEO of Paul’s Pest Control. Kent has been working with Paul’s Termite & Pest Control since 1989 and is a certified pest control operator in both Georgia and Florida.

8 Ways to Prevent Ants from Entering Your House

Spring and Summer time are a welcome change for just about everyone.  The weather starts getting warmer, we get to enjoy more outdoor activities and of course, everything starts turning green again.  The one major downside to this wonderful time of years is that it brings the bugs back out creating new pest control problems. One of the more troublesome and annoying common household pests in the south is the ant.  During the late spring and early summer, these critters begin building their mounds and start searching for food, and if we’re not careful they may start taking up residence in our homes.

Fortunately, there are a lot of easy and effective methods for preventing ants form entering your home, simply follow these easy tips and you can enjoy an ant free household.

Take Notice of Scout Ants

One of the first signs of ants making their way into your home are scout ants.  These rogue ants take their “scout” name very seriously, and their entire job is to find sources of food for the colony.  Should you notice one of these ants scouring about in your kitchen or other living areas, it’s a definite sign that you may have more ants coming.  Should you come in contact with scout ants, it’s a strong sign that you need to take action with the remaining steps in this article.

Keep Surfaces in and Around Your Home Clean

What’s the one thing no creature can live without? Food, of course!  While you and your family need to eat, that doesn’t mean you need to leave evidence of your meals around the house, as this is exactly what ants are looking for!  The biggest thing you can do to prevent ants from entering your home is to make sure you keep it clean, and to make sure food items are cleaned up and stored in sealed containers.

  • Clean Up Dirty Dishes: The last thing we want to do after a big delicious meal is get up and start cleaning, but that’s exactly what needs to be done!  Leftover food and dirty dishes left around the house are an instant attractant to ants, and can become an ant buffet if not cleaned up in a timely manner.
  • Sweep & Vacuum Regularly: Keeping a swept floor can make a major difference as it eliminates stray food crumbs that may go unnoticed.  Keeping your floors clean in areas where food is consumed is essential in preventing those scout ants from finding a food source.
  • Wipe Down Common Surfaces: While ants are attracted to food, they are also attracted to sweet/sticky substances resulting from spills in and around our home.  Wipe down counters, workbenches and other surfaces with cleaning products or vinegar/water to ensure that ants aren’t attracted by spills.

Store Food in Sealed Containers

As with most common household pests, it’s essential to store food (for both people and pets) in sealed, air-tight containers.   Restricting access to food sources means that ants won’t be able to gain access and will steer away any other pests who may be looking for a food source at the same time.

Seal Off Cracks & Entrances to Your Home

Once you’ve completed removing food items and preventing access to them, it’s time to start preventing ants from entering your home.  Act as your own scout and search for areas in and around your home that could be potential entrances for ants.  Sealing cracks around windows and doors and the foundation of your home with caulking can eliminate many of the obvious entrances for ants to use.  These sealants will degrade over time and with exposure to the elements, so it’s best to keep an eye on them and reapply as needed.

Remove Ant Trails

If you’ve already developed an ant problem, it’s important to identify where they’re coming from and eliminate their trails to prevent them from continuing to enter your home.  A simple application of a vinegar/water mix along the length of the ant trail will disrupt the ants and force them to find a new path to their food source.

Ants leave scent trails for other ants to follow, and where you find one trail you’ll likely find others.  It’s important as you’re spraying down ant trails to keep an eye out for deviations from that trail to other locations in your home and to spray them down as well.

Deploy Ant Baits around Active Areas

If you’ve been noticing scout ants around your home, it’s a good idea to start placing bait traps in the areas you’re seeing scouts.  Instead of immediately killing the scouts, you can.  While these baits may attract more ants temporarily, their toxic baits will be carried back to the colony and can help to eliminate the colony itself, not just the few ants that find their way into your home.

Control Ant Colonies around Your Property

If you’re finding ants in your home, then you’re certainly going to find a colony (or multiple colonies) around your home.  In order to control ants in your home, you also have to make efforts to control them in your yard.

When you notice mounds developing around your property, take action and apply exterminating products to the colony itself and the area immediately around the colony.  Wiping out these colonies properly will eliminate the entire colony and prevent them from spreading out and creating a new home elsewhere.

Spray an Ant Barrier around Your Home

Proper application of an ant barrier (insecticide) around the perimeter of your home’s foundation will help to steer scouts away from your home and prevent ants from entering in search of food.  While there are products available from local hardware stores that can help, this is best left to professional pest control companies as they have products that are more effective than those available commercially.

How to get rid of ants in a private house: effective ways



How to get rid of ants: Unsplash / Peter F. Wolf

If red or black ants have occupied your home, do not rush to call special services: their services are not cheap, and the substances used are not always safe for humans. You can get rid of insects yourself. Experts Victor Grebennikov, Yaroslava Lim and Lisa Jo Lupo will suggest effective methods.

How to get rid of ants in a private house forever? Folk remedies, liquids and essential oils will come to the rescue. Let’s talk about each method in more detail.


Ants can get into the dwelling through windows, cracks and holes in the walls, as the author of the book “Secrets of the World of Insects” Viktor Grebennikov notes. Destroying crawling individuals is not enough. As Yaroslav Lim tells in the book “How to get rid of ants in the house?”, In places inaccessible to humans, ants set up large colonies, and only working individuals come out to get food for the rest.

If you decide to use traps, discard this idea – it is of little use. Do the following:

  1. Look for pests. Follow the ants, they will lead to their nest.
  2. Fill the nest with boiling water (continuously pour in 2-3 liters of hot liquid). To enhance the effect, add liquid soap.
  3. If you have kerosene on hand, smear liberally several times around the anthill, soak a swab and place it near the place where ants enter the walls or under the floor.

Use vinegar to keep new guests away from your home. Ants, when creating paths leading to food, secrete certain pheromones, which later help them find their way. Due to the pungent smell of vinegar, insects lose their usual landmarks.

To treat the room, dilute 9% table vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:1. Dampen a sponge or cloth in the solution and thoroughly wash the floors, work surfaces in the kitchen. Pay special attention to food cabinets.

Wash floors and work surfaces in the kitchen: Pixabay

Pharmaceutical and culinary products

If you can not find the habitat of ants, change tactics. The goal is to poison the food that the insects will transfer to their nest and poison all the inhabitants of the anthill.

How to get rid of black ants in the house? You can use boric acid with an egg, soda with sugar, or repellents with a strong odor. Let’s talk in detail about each method.

Boric acid and egg

According to pest control expert Lisa Jo Lupo, the safest and most effective folk method is to use boric acid. Proceed as follows:

  1. Boil the egg.
  2. Mash the yolk with a fork until smooth.
  3. Add 1 tbsp. l. acids and 1 tsp. sugar or honey.
  4. Mix the ingredients and make small balls. Be sure to wear rubber gloves.
  5. Place the bait in areas where you often encounter small pests.

When setting up an ant trap, make sure the boric acid balls are out of the reach of children and pets.

Sugar and soda

To kill ants, mix a tablespoon of sugar or powdered sugar with the same amount of soda. Pour the resulting composition onto a paper sheet and place it in the places where the ants move. Insects will drag the bait into their nest and die from soda after use.

Place sugar and soda where ants move: Unsplash / Kier In Sight


Use herbs, flowers, and strong-scented foods to kill insects: chamomile, lemon balm, mint, rosemary, parsley, dill, anise, cilantro, citrus, garlic. Place fresh or dried food in bags and place on ant paths, near air vents, behind furniture. You can make a steep decoction and periodically spray abundantly on the habitats and promotion of ants.

Essential oils

Essential oils will be effective in the problem of insects in a private house. How to poison ants in the house? Pomace from needles, cedar, cinnamon, juniper, lavender, cloves, mint, orange and lemon will come to the rescue.

Choose the flavor of the oil you like, mix 10 drops with 200 ml of water. Pour the liquid into the spray bottle and treat all surfaces in the house. Spray baseboards and vents thoroughly, paying special attention to the kitchen and bathroom.

Essential oils can be used in another way – drip them on aroma stones and leave them in places where ants like to be. You can also soak cotton balls or small pieces of cloth with fragrant products and place them on the trodden paths of insects.

Essential oils to help get rid of ants: Unsplash / CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Getting rid of ants in a private home can be difficult. To cope with their invasion, use the suggested tips and do not forget about preventive measures. Keep your home clean by closing taps tightly, sealing cracks, and checking purchases after coming from the store to prevent ants from entering the house.

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asked in the Community T⁠—⁠F

I have the same problem. We bought a country house and in the very first summer we noticed several anthills on the site. I moved the anthills onto the road with a shovel, but soon they reappeared. I waved my hand, as autumn was approaching and we left the dacha.

This summer the ants attacked the house again. My wife and I tried to poison them with dichlorvos – it was useless. In late autumn, the ants subsided. But I’m afraid we’ll see them again in the spring.

How to get rid of these insects? We have sandy soil, so there are a lot of anthills.

I know that there are ants even in apartments. It’s totally amazing. Where are they from? How to deal with them?

Andrey Nenastiev

lives in a private house

Author profile

You started right: to kill the ants, you need to find their lair and destroy it. But just moving the anthill or digging it up is not enough.

I’ll tell you what are the methods of extermination of ants and whether they are the same for a private house and apartment.

What are ants

Ants are domestic and forest. Forest is sometimes also called garden. They are easy to distinguish by size and color. Domestic ants are small, up to 3 millimeters, and red. Wood ants are up to a centimeter long, and they are mostly black.

Wood ants bite, especially near an anthill. Domestics, on the other hand, are not aggressive.

Wood ants can build nests up to 2 meters high. They are reluctant to move from place to place. These ants feed on other insects and substances that aphids secrete.

Domestic ants eat only leftover food, migrate easily, can establish several colonies.

The methods of dealing with all ants are the same for houses and apartments.

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How ants get into the house

Ants love to live outdoors in sandy soil. Anthills appear in children’s sandboxes or, for example, in heaps of sand and gravel that were brought for construction. If the house stands on piles or a strip foundation, and during construction the spot under the building was covered with sand, then anthills may appear right under the house.

Ants appear in the apartment for several reasons. It can be an anthill in the basement, an elevator shaft, a garbage chute, a long-closed store on the first floor, or next to the house. You can also bring ants with you after a walk in the forest or park – insects will crawl around the apartment and lay a nest somewhere. Ants can also come along with old things: a used refrigerator or second-hand clothes. If the house is damp and dirty, they will quickly breed.

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From the anthills, insects begin to spread everywhere. Like cockroaches, ants first send scouts – one or two ants, who must examine the area and understand whether it is possible to move around it and where to equip new nests.

It is difficult to notice such scouts. However, flying ants may appear a little later. These are males and females during the mating season. Once the male has fertilized the female, the worker ants will bite off her wings and the female ant will become a queen. She will move into a new nest. Flying ants usually circle around him.

Once the queen has settled in the nest, she will never leave it again. Worker ants will deliver food to her – they will crawl for food. Bread, cereals, leftovers of other food will do for them.

If only worker ants are destroyed, new ones will come in their place: the queen will produce new insects in the same or even greater numbers.

The life of ants is very organized and subordinated to the work of reproduction. Source: Sitekid Online Encyclopedia

Ant Prevention

If you know that ants are crawling in the area with the house or in the neighbors’ apartments, it is better to take measures in advance so that they do not climb into the living quarters. To do this, you can use essential oils, vinegar, alcohol, plants, fuels and lubricants, orange peels and cigarette infusion.

Essential oils. Ants avoid juniper, fir, orange, eucalyptus and mint smells. Essential oil with any of these odors is poured into a spray bottle for spraying flowers at the rate of 10-20 drops of oil per container. And then they spray the whole house or apartment.

The essential oil can also be added to the water used to wash floors. It is also allowed to moisten pieces of cotton wool with it and spread them along the walls near the baseboards and on the window sills.

Essential oil can also be evaporated using an aroma lamp with a candle inside or a diffuser.

Essential oil can be bought at any pharmacy. These are offers on the Apteka-ru website

Vinegar, ammonia and household liquids. Vinegar, ammonia, camphor and birch tar are used to repel ants.

The technology is the same: the products are diluted in a sprayer, added to water for mopping or moistened with pieces of cotton wool, which are laid out on window sills and along walls. The proportion is taken by eye.

Fuels and lubricants — fuels and lubricants. If ants need to block access to non-residential premises, for example, to a basement or an attic, they use gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and denatured alcohol. Fuel is sprayed with a sprayer or from an airbrush, or plates with it are placed near the cracks.

When using fuel and lubricants, you need to make sure that there is no fire and work in a respirator: fuel vapors are toxic to humans. For the same reason, it is better to leave the house for at least a few hours: even from the basement, couples can enter the premises.

In apartment buildings, the use of fuels and lubricants for baiting insects is prohibited. Fuel vapors through ventilation and through cracks can penetrate to neighbors.

Plants. Plants for repelling ants can be planted in an apartment, house or on a plot, or you can find their leaves. Ants come in different species, and different plants act differently on them. If the spread out leaves do not help, then there is no point in buying such a plant.

Flycatchers and indestructible flowers: where to buy unusual plants for the house

  • wormwood;
  • mint;
  • lavender;
  • geranium;
  • oregano;
  • sage;
  • chamomile.
  • Plants are planted around the perimeter of the house or bought in pots and placed in rooms in places where ants have been noticed.

    Other methods. They also use a decoction of bay leaves. A pack of bay leaves is boiled in a saucepan, and then the house or apartment is treated with the resulting infusion.

    You can try tobacco. The cigarette is infused for a day in a liter of water, and then the water is sprayed around the house.

    Orange peels also keep ants away. They are laid out around the house or apartment, or crushed in a blender and made into an infusion, which is sprayed all over the premises.

    Chalk also helps. It contains calcium carbonate, which ants cannot tolerate. Thick lines are drawn with chalk on the path of the ants, so a magic pentacle drawn in chalk on the floor may well help to cope.

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    Ants do not tolerate the smell of smoked meats, so you can take smoking liquid and spill it on ant paths. You can soak sawdust with it and lay out barrier paths around the house.

    How to get rid of ants on your own

    When ants have already entered the house, you need to fight not with those that crawl, but with the source of their appearance – an anthill.

    If you find a nest, you need to destroy it: spray it with dichlorvos, dig it up, fill it with gasoline if possible. If everything happens in the open air, the absorbed gasoline is set on fire.

    When gasoline cannot be used, the anthill is poured with boiling water or hot water with soda. You can also point an industrial hair dryer or steam generator at it and turn on the maximum temperature.

    After destroying the anthill, you need to wait a couple of days, and then inspect the nest again. If the ants are still crawling, the procedure is repeated until they are completely destroyed.

    It can be difficult to find an anthill in a private area. In an apartment building, its location can be clear, but it’s not always possible to get there: you can’t get into the elevator shaft without an elevator service, you can’t open the basement without the participation of the UK or HOA. In such situations, the anthill is fought remotely: instead of food, poison is slipped into the worker ants, which they carry into the nest, and it affects the rest. The goal is for the ants to feed the queen with the bait. Then the reproduction of insects will stop, and their complete destruction will become a matter of time.

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    Ant baits. Bait is a mixture of poison and insect-attractive food.

    Ant Bait Options

    Poison Food Mixing ratio
    Boric acid Honey, sugar syrup, egg yolk, jam, peanut butter, applesauce, jelly 1:3
    Soda Powdered sugar 1:1
    Yeast, starch Minced meat balls, jam, flour Eye
    Feverfew – powder from dried Dalmatian chamomile flowers Flour, powdered sugar Eye

    Boric acid


    Honey, sugar syrup, egg yolk, jam, peanut butter, applesauce, jelly

    Mixing ratio

    1: 3


    Powdered sugar

    Mixing ratio

    1: 1

    Yeast, starch 9 0022


    Minced meat balls, jam, flour

    Mixing ratio

    By eye

    Feverfew – powder from dried Dalmatian chamomile flowers


    Flour, powdered sugar

    Mixing ratio

    By eye

    For the bait, it is necessary to use powdered sugar, and not ordinary sugar, since the ants will separate its crystals from the poison, and the bait will not work.

    Jelly-like mixtures are rolled into balls and laid out along the paths along which the ants run and in places where they steal food. Loose mixtures are laid out along the baseboards. If a liquid concentrate is obtained, it is poured into a saucer and placed in the same places.

    Egg yolk and boric acid balls. Source: “Anteater”

    Funds from the store. Ants do not develop immunity to insecticides, so you can use any product from the store. Medilis Ziper, Zifox, GET, Dobrokhim Micro and others are on sale.

    One of the cheapest and most proven means is Masha’s chalk. It contains chalk and insecticides. You can check whether “Mashenka” will help you as follows: they track down an ant and draw a circle around it with small pieces. If the insect cannot get out and dies sooner or later, the crayon works. Sometimes ants try to jump over a line of chalk: if the insect succeeded, be a man – let him run away.

    Gels have proved to be the most effective. The worker ants will transfer the gel to the anthill. When the poison accumulates, everything will reach the uterus. If aerosols are used, they will only kill the worker ants, and the insects will soon reappear.

    If the ants like the bait, there will be even more of them. This does not mean that the poison does not work. On the contrary, the worker ants signaled to the colony that the food was delicious and that it needed to be moved quickly.

    Prepared ant treatments are available as powder, gel, aerosol or granules. Gels help best

    Exterminator call. If you can’t deal with the ants yourself, they call the pest control service. It is better for the exterminator to order the processing of the house and at least the soil around it. And better – the whole area.

    300 R

    per hectare, on average, it costs to treat a site from ants

    Specialists will probably use the same chemicals that are sold in the store, or a mixture of them. But they will be sprayed by an industrial installation that will effectively cover a large area. On average, the exterminator will charge 5,000 R for the treatment of ants in a house up to 100 m². You will also have to pay for the road to the cottage if the ants have wound up there, or bring a pest control in your car.

    If you need to treat an apartment from ants, the price will be around 2000 R for each room.

    It’s good if the exterminator has a cold fog unit. It turns chemicals into fine dust that penetrates into any gaps. Hospitals are treated with the same devices from coronavirus.

    Exterminators rarely call for ants

    Alexander Kirillov


    Orders for processing from ants are rare. Mostly, people manage on their own. In such cases, summer residents sometimes call who have sandy soil in their area. Earth ants start up there – they are big, and there are whole heaps of them.

    Summer residents order the processing of the site.