How to price up an extension: Extension costs 2022: Plus 30 ways to max out your budget

10 Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Home Extension

Nowadays, the cost of your home extension does not have to cost the earth. And home extensions are being fast-tracked under new planning regulations. Non-functioning and abandoned retail or commercial properties on the high street will no longer need full planning permissions to be turned into flats or houses. Homeowners will soon be able to add 2 extra storeys to their homes without a complete planning application. 

New planning permission regulations

The new rules mean that a full planning application will no longer be required to tear down and reconstruct unused buildings. Rules have been revised to speed up the process of new homes being built and repurpose properties quickly to reinforce the need for housing. 

Take a look at our 10 top tips on how to cut the cost of your home extension.

1. Plan ahead 

Start by making a list of the costs of your extension, then trim the budget. When considering your extension budget, begin by listing everything you need to go ahead with it and include the costs of materials and labour and any other necessities. This way, you will be able to see where you can trim off and save on your extension.

When you are happy that your plan can be achieved, go to an estate agent to see how much your property could potentially increase with the plan to extend your home. Preferably the value of your home should increase more than your project costs.

2. Keep it simple

Curves and corners can be costly in comparison to square or rectangular designs. This is an easy way to keep your costs budget-friendly while maintaining the quality of your extension. Interior designs can be kept simple too! Shop affordably from flooring to lighting to even the units you choose for the space.

3. Stick with the plan!

Stick with the design plan from the get-go! Any changes you decide to make during the process will cost you a lot more. Get a building contract and budget ready from the start and it will help you save and keep costs at a minimum in the long run.

4. Use affordable cladding 

Create your modern design for less, be smart with your cladding and in return, it will cut your extension costs. Cladding the exterior of your extension with timber frames or blocks will be a lot more budget-friendly than facing it with bricks. This is great for both period and contemporary properties.


Avoid complicated groundwork

When possible avoid complicated groundwork, this will include building close to trees, sewers and any other services that are buried in the ground. This will save you a lot of time and is a great way to cut the cost of your home extension.

6. Get the timing right!

If you have decided to order your own materials or to take on the position of project manager, getting the timing right is a must! Getting the delivery times right will save you money on wasted labour. Materials need to be on-site ready for the day, otherwise, you will end up paying for a site with no one working on it.


Cut back on labour costs

Builders tend to add on their own costs for materials and labour, so taking on a contractor’s responsibilities such as communicating your plans with your designer and supplying the necessary materials will help you cut costs. This will mean hiring tradesmen, arranging skips and directing the work, which may be time-consuming and you will need to be flexible but in return, this will save you a small fortune. 


Party wall agreement waiver

When building on or near the borderline of your neighbour’s property, you will need to obey and respect the party wall agreement waiver. Part wall settlements can cost nearly £700 for each neighbour or more depending on the situation. We suggest writing to your neighbours to let them know the plans for your extension around 8 weeks before anything begins. In doing so your neighbours will be more likely to permit you to go ahead with your plans.

9. Reuse and recycle

Why not think about using existing materials to keep spending at a minimum? Existing materials in your home may include old doors, floorboards, rails, units and even radiators. These materials can all be saved and recycled with just a simple clean or new finish, and then reused in your extension. This will also reduce costs for skip hiring and wastage.

10. Maximise your space!

Providing your ceilings are high enough a mezzanine area could create another space for either sleeping or snug, with a room below for either a lounge or a home office. Loft designs can be installed and customised to fit your design.

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How To Set The Price For Your Hair Extension Service

If you are a hairstylist building your hair extension business and want to price your service for your clients, read on! For hairstylists, especially new hairstylists who are new to this industry, price is essential.


This piece wants to talk to you about how much to charge for your service–it’s entirely up to you, but it does not hurt if we get you prepped up.

Choose the type of extension services you offer and price your hair.

Choosing the type of extension service is one of the most complex parts of starting your hair extension business when you are in the planning stage because you do not know what your clients will buy the hair? At what price is going to be best? Is it going to be too high? Is it going to be too low? Are you making a profit? So here, Hairlaya gives you three rules to live by when it comes to pricing your hair extensions.


Number one is to know the cost of your business and make sure your prices are covering that. So you need to know what your hair extension business expenses are. For example, how much your wholesale price for each hair extension product is, and what it will be, including the shipping.


If you have a website platform or have different email marketing systems or subscription services that you are paying monthly, make sure you know your monthly costs.


Make sure the prices are included in there when it comes to the cost for your business and make sure that your expenses will cover that. Because you want to make some money, right? Make sure you take that into account and know the cost of your business, so you know how to price your hair.


Number two is to look at the competition. It does not mean you know, look at going online and googled hair extension companies. Look specifically in your area in your city and see who’s selling hair extensions to the locals? Who are people buying hair from, and how much are they selling it for? What is the feedback? What are people saying about the hair? And how can you be better? Whether that’s going to be pricing your hair a little lower or a little higher? Whatever that needs to be, you need to do that. That will help you to stay in competition with those shops, salons or stylists. Because at the end of the day, that’s how you differentiate your hair extension installation service. You have to know the positioning of yourself to sell some hair extensions and get the business moving. You want to see what those prices are if you are going to price a little higher by ensuring that your product is worth it for your clients.


Number three: Identifies a reliable hair extensions supplier with stable and good quality products that outperform the market. And a flexible return policy to allow you to return or exchange for new ones if not satisfied. It will enable you to offer your clients some quality guarantee, which will help them rests assured and willing to decide between buying. Whether that be a hair extension return or exchange or something that you will be offering the clients. Or maybe free shipping or move-ups, something it is different than whatever your competition is offering. 

Hairlaya promises a 6-Month Warranty on all hair products, which could be the best supplier you can rely on. 


Price your service

Brand your hair extension services. You want to start by pricing your products a bit lower and gradually over the years increase it as your experience and skills enhancement to reflect your efforts.


Have confidence in your product and price it to sell because we want to profit at the end of the day. That’s how you are going to make your money. So you want to have confidence in what you are selling and the hair extension services you are offering. Honestly, believe that your clients are going to love it and then price it to market. Do not cheapen yourself if that’s how to put it just because you have no confidence in starting this business.


Be excited about this and be confident about this and price your hair to sell okay at some point. You will probably have different sales and things so that you can fluctuate the price here and there. Of course, don’t do that often regularly. You want to make sure that your hair will sell and that you are going to make enough profit. The average markup percentage is about 100% than the hair extension price, but you can go up much higher depending on the market you will be reaching. So keep that in mind when it comes to pricing your hair service and charge a competitive rate for your area while still making a profit.


Leave some room for discounts and vouchers. You want to make your clients feel special and become your loyal customers!


An example: How much to charge for installing Hand-tied Extensions

Take hand-tied extension as an example. For a full head of hand-tied extensions, the cost of the top-quality hair itself is about 400-700 US dollars. Since you are a stylist setting out doing the long-term business and building up your reputation and good review, you need to use good hair extension to retain clients and make money in the long term. Our experience interacting with hair extension clients and beauty stylists tells us that this is not an industry that makes quick money.

There are two different price offers. One is all-inclusive, such as hair + service fee + styling + coloring. If clients want these services, they will be charged at a one-stop price, and then discounts will be given on this basis; The other way is all separate. Hair, service, coloring, styling items are all listed at a different price to let the clients pick and choose at will.

Get a Stylist insider price by registering Hairlaya StylistPRO. 


I hope this gives you some ideas of how to do so. If you need some additional help, of course, you can come and join Hairlaya’s community!


Sign up for one of our hair extension courses, and we can help you with your price list. We’ll go over it and make sure that it fits your target market. Go ahead and click the link below and check us out and see what we have to offer if you need additional help starting your hair extension business.

Garage Expansion – GTA 5 RP


The increase in garage spaces in houses and apartments allows their owners to have more vehicles than they originally had. The expansion of the garage takes place through the information menu of the apartment / house, each subsequent improvement costs a certain amount of money, while the state. the value of the property remains unchanged.

From inside the dwelling: F10 › Apartment/house menu › double green up arrow

All prices in the tables are in dollars ($).


Basic cost (state)

900 21 Comfort

Class Economy Standard Comfort+ Business Premium Elite Luxury Platinum

327.5K 385K 442.5K 500K
Tax per hour 35 37 40 45 50 55 60 75 90

Extension cost

Class Extension cost (tax per hour)
Number of garage places
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 18 20
Economy (basic 1) 50K (55) 100K (55) – 9 0024

Standard (base 1) 50K (57) 100K (57)
Comfort (base 1) 50K (60) 100K (60) – 9 0024

Comfort+ (base 2) + 100K (65) 200K (75) 400K (85) – 9002 4

Business (base 2) + 100K (70) 200K (80) 400K (90)
Premium (base 2) + 100K (75) 200K (85) 400K (95)
Elite (base 2) + 100K (80) 200K (90) 400K (100)
Lux (base 4) + + 200K (105) 400K (115) 600K (125) 90 024

800K (135) 1. 2KK (145) 1.6KK ( 155) 2KK (165) 2.5KK (175)
Platinum (base 4) + + 200K (120) 400K (130) 600K (140) 800K (150) 1.2KK (160) ) 1.6KK (170) 2KK (180) 2.5 KK (190)


9002 1 –

900 21 –

Class Expansion cost (tax per hour)
Number of garage places
4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Standard (base 2) (55) 100K (75) 200K (85)
Standard (base 6) (55) + + 400K (95) 600K (105) 800K (115)
Comfort (base 2) (70) 100K (90) 200K (100)
Comfort (basic 6) (70) + + 400K (110) 600K (120) 800K (130) )
Prestige (base 6) (90) + + 400K (130) 600K (140) 800K (150)
Prestige (base 10) (90) + + + + 800K (150) 1. 2KK (160) 1.6KK (170) 2KK (180) 2.5KK (190)
Luxury housing (base 10) (110) + + + + 800K (170) 1.2KK (180) 1.6KK (190) 2KK (200) 2.5KK (210)

( 63 estimates, mean 4.81 out of 5 )

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Increasing the size of the wedding ring if it is too small

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Enlarging a wedding ring is not such a rare situation. The problem arises precisely with rings, no other jewelry should match the parameters of a person so precisely. But these parameters can change, which causes discomfort.

Why do you have to resize the ring?

Throughout life, the human body changes. It rarely happens that over the years the figure has not changed, so almost everyone faces the question of the need to change the size of the jewelry. The most common reasons may be:

  • changes in body weight, weight loss or weight gain, affect the size of the fingers;

  • a family jewel inherited from a close relative;

  • a gift from a person who does not know the exact size.

The ring is not the right size to wear uncomfortable. Even if you manage to put it on your finger, it will either press or will strive to fly off. Therefore, if you like the decoration, it is better to increase it in size. In most cases, this is a simple and affordable procedure.

Enlarge the ring at home: an effective way

In some cases, it is possible to enlarge the ring on your own. There is a way to solve the problem at home, including several steps:

  1. Pick up a metal cone that matches the size of your finger.

  2. Wrap the cone in foil to protect the jewelry from damage and scratches.

  3. Heat up the ring and put it on the cone.

  4. Gently tap on the product, expanding to the desired measurement.

The process is laborious, it must be done carefully so as not to damage the ring. Therefore, it is not advisable to increase the size of the “engagement ring” at home.

How to enlarge an engagement ring by a master jeweler?

In order not to take risks and not worry about the safety of valuable jewelry, it is better to take the product to a jeweler. This will guarantee that the process of increasing the size will take place quickly and efficiently, and expensive jewelry will not lose its original beauty.

Jewelers use several methods to increase the size of an engagement ring:

  1. Stretch. This is the easiest and cheapest option. It consists in the use of a special metal cone, on which the ring is put on after annealing. The device is gently rotated, which stretches the jewelry. Upon reaching the desired size, it remains to rinse and polish the product.
  2. Insert. When choosing this method, the ring will have to be finished with a small amount of metal. The master cuts the shank and finishes the product with the necessary amount of gold or silver.
  3. The method is not suitable for rings with a wide rim and for products with openwork inserts and large stones.

  4. Insert. When choosing this method, the ring will have to be finished with a small amount of metal. The master cuts the shank and finishes the product with the necessary amount of gold or silver.
  5. It is important to choose the sample and color of the precious metal correctly so that there are no differences in color and seams on the finished product. The method is expensive, since the price includes not only work, but also the cost of the finished material. Professional work will keep the perfect look of the product even with a significant expansion of the ring.

  6. Boring. This method involves removing a small amount of metal inside the rim of the jewelry. Boring will allow you to increase the size without external changes to the product. The method is suitable only when you need to widen the rim quite a bit.

Depending on the problem and the type of ring, the jeweler will select the ideal option for enlarging the product.

Which rings cannot be enlarged?

The problem of a small ring size is not always solved. Some jewelry will still have to be postponed until weight loss or passed on to the younger generation. Unable to increase:

  • jewelry, because jewelers do not risk working with alloys whose composition is unknown. It is not clear how this or that metal will behave when heated and mechanically acted upon.

  • engraved rings, under the influence the inscription will deteriorate, lose its beauty.

  • openwork rings, because patterns can “float”, which definitely does not make the product better.

Difficulties arise with platinum rings and jewelry with stones. Platinum is a very demanding metal that requires special equipment.

Special attention requires working with stones. They do not always retain their ideal appearance when heated, so they are removed before work. For products with a scattering of minerals, it is better to use the expansion by insertion. In any case, the work is carried out carefully and exclusively by professionals who have the necessary equipment and are familiar with the specifics.

Wedding ring extension: risks

Modern jewelry workshops deal with the issue of increasing the size of the ring in just an hour or two. Most often, problems do not arise, but their risk is not excluded. The worst thing that can happen to jewelry when expanding is:

1. Change the color of the metal. This can be a problem when enlarging alloy and plated silver rings. If a silver product, with proper processing, can be restored to its former form, then jewelry behaves unpredictably.

2. Tarnishing of the stone. This can happen when heated. To avoid this, you can remove the stone from the ring before working or try not to heat it.

3. Imperfect shape. Enlarging the ring “in haste” can lead to the fact that as a result, not a round ring, but an oval-shaped product will show off on the finger.

Do not want to face such nuances? Look for a proven jewelry workshop and craftsmen with extensive experience.

Signs associated with increasing the size of the wedding ring

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and fidelity, a kind of amulet of a family idyll. There are a large number of beliefs and signs about the accessory. One of them predicts trouble in case of breakage or damage to jewelry. And this prompts reflections: is it possible to increase the engagement ring, especially by inserting it.

Remember, if the wedding ring is not enough for you, you should not consider this a problem. Because there are always professional jewelers who will solve this problem in an hour or two.