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How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Dreaming your tiny bedroom had space for more than a bed? Or your guest room was more than a dumping ground? Then read on

Small bedrooms can be tricky to decorate. They often end up as unloved spaces with little personality because we’re worried that too much stuff will “shrink” them visually. Conversely, small spare rooms can end up as dumping grounds for old fitness equipment, packaging or clothes-drying racks.

While a typical master bedroom is usually large enough to accommodate cabinets and chests of drawers, a second or third bedroom may be big enough only for a bed and little else. How can you make the most of every square inch, and ensure that a small bedroom is both stylish and functional? Here are some clever ideas for decorating a small bedroom.

Cochrane Design

Do copy hotel style. Many boutique hotels have tiny bedrooms, but they are so carefully decorated that guests hardly notice. Copy some of the tricks: A padded headboard, plush throws and multiple pillows offer a similar scaled-down luxury at home.

Try to slot in bedside tables, even if they’re just small shelves, for somewhere to set down a morning cuppa.

Search our photos for more compact bedroom ideas

Structures Building Company

Do build around the headboard. In this small bedroom, a built-in unit around the headboard makes great use of the limited space without impinging on other walls, keeping an open feel.

Also, as this blue-and-green scheme demonstrates, adding bright colors to a predominantly white room injects energy and life without closing things in. Stick to one or two hues so that the room doesn’t get too busy.

Browse headboards and beds

PAD studio

Decorate a small bedroom with two beds. Even small guest rooms can often accommodate two single beds; consider extra-narrow designs if necessary.

This chic room doesn’t compromise on style, with painted brickwork and a graphic rug adding industrial attitude. Wall lights are a terrific space-saving solution, but if they’re not an option, try reading lights that clip on headboards.

If conventional bedside tables aren’t possible, repurpose something else. Here, two logs do the job.

Egue y Seta

Make a small bedroom look larger with a feature wall. Painting all four walls the same color can exaggerate the boxy feel of a small square room. Instead, create a focal point by adding a wall of luxe paper, textured paneling or, as here, an interesting paint effect.

Next to the white walls, the darker shades and ombré effect on the back wall lead the eye to it, creating a depth of field. This bedroom may be compact, but it’s far from a featureless box.

Maxwell & Company Architects

Go dual-purpose with big furniture. Multifunctional furniture is your friend in a small bedroom. Here, a bookcase works as a headboard, bedside table and home for books all in one. Stylistically, a piece like this also helps transform a plain white cell into a Zen-like getaway.

Ceiling-mounted spotlights are another smart move in rooms with low ceilings.

Union Adorn

Don’t underdecorate. The temptation in a small space can be to pare back. But that can end up looking dull and undesigned. Don’t be scared to decorate a small bedroom with some of the elements you might find in a larger room, including pictures, rugs and decorative lighting. The result is a “proper” room — a cozy retreat to which you’ll enjoy escaping.

Find an interior designer to decorate your small bedroom

Don’t choose closets with fussy handles. In this snug sleep space, the cabinet almost disappears, thanks to its minimal, hardware-free doors. A glossy finish also bounces light around the room.

A bed with a simple frame is another trick for a small room since it appears to take up less space

Malcolm Davis Architecture

Combine a small bedroom with a home office. Is it a bed, is it a desk … or perhaps it’s a “besk”? Our homes are getting smaller, so in the future, all bedrooms might look like this one. The smart integrated bureau is a good idea for an older child’s room, providing a place to catch up on social media or do homework, while the pullout bed underneath is just the ticket for sleepovers with friends.

In general, going custom may be the answer to suit your exact needs and dimensions, so talk to a carpenter or builder about the possibilities.


Use mirrors to make small bedrooms look bigger. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but a wall of mirrored closet doors will help a small room feel larger. But ensure that the room is just as chic, simple and tidy as it is here — reflected clutter and “floordrobes” can look twice as bad!

See 11 tips for avoiding a “floordrobe”

Terrene Homes

Do copy houseboat style. A lot of inspiration for small-space living can be gained from houseboats. Here, a low unit around the edge of the room provides storage and a bedside table without taking up an entire wall, as a closet would.

Tell us: How did you decorate a small bedroom? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments below.

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15 Best Small Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Install a floating shelf.

Joanie Boney

Rather than dealing with a bulky nightstand, install a small shelf directly next to your bed. It’ll have just enough space for a table lamp, book, and a small vase.

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Weave in color.

Dustin Walker

If you’re not ready to part with neutrals, bring thoughtful pops of color into the mix. An accent wall or bold accessories can add visual interest to your space in an instant.

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Experiment with a folding screen.

Nicholas Scarpinato

Make your room even more cozy with the addition of a folding screen—a great accessory to add texture to your space.

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Buy mirrors.

Hearst Magazines UK

Mirrors never fail to make a room feel brighter and more spacious. Set one on top of your dresser to help light flood into your bedroom throughout the day.

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Consider graphic wallpaper.

Mary Costa

Fearful of committing to wallpaper? Try a removable design that can easily transform a drab wall into a focal point.

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Invest in a built-in bed.

Matt Albiani

A comfy captain’s bed—ideal for lovers of coastal decor—is the perfect design to store your belongings in style.

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Try a petite nightstand.

Max Kim-Bee

When it’s done right, weaving in petite furniture can make a small space even more charming. Try a narrow nightstand, like this Ikea version, to keep clutter at bay.

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Let two-tone walls make a statement.

Annie Schlechter

If your small bedroom has a low ceiling, highlight it with contrasting paint colors. Balancing a neutral with a color like blue is guaranteed to boost your room’s visual appeal.

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Add a built-in bookcase.

Brian Woodcock

In lieu of a side table, why not try a built-in bookcase? The sleek look maximizes space and gives you the opportunity to spruce it up with your favorite decor accents.

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Use standout curtains.

Annie Schlechter

Make your sleeping quarters more stylish by going for flowy curtains in an eye-catching print. Any room can benefit from a dose of pattern.

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Don’t be afraid of an all-white palette.

Victoria Pearson

Don’t stress if color is far from your aesthetic. Keep it classic with a crisp, all-white palette that can make a small space feel more airy.

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Embrace natural light.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

With every decorating choice, consider ways to bring more light into your small sleeping quarters. Placing your bed directly in front of the window is just one option.

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Go for moodiness.

Adam Macchia

While white spaces will always be on-trend, there’s something about dark paint colors that breathes life into a small room. Pairing white accents and wood tones with moody hues, including black, can make your bedroom feel more sophisticated.

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Bring in oversize art.

Lisa Romerein

Set the tone of your space with oversize art, whether it’s a unique photograph, one-of-a-kind painting, or striking illustration.

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Include multipurpose furniture.

David Hillegas

Consider incorporating furniture that has multiple uses. A desk that can double as a nightstand, for instance, is the perfect choice for a compact design scheme.

4 cool tips from professionals

We’ll tell you and show you the great possibilities of arranging your small bedroom. How to make the bedroom more comfortable, more functional and more spacious!

How to furnish a small bedroom

A small bedroom is a reason not for sadness, but for pride. Just imagine: in it you will never feel uncomfortable, because the whole situation here resembles a secluded corner. If you are a little embarrassed that you can jump onto the bed in your bedroom right from the corridor, then we recommend reading our today’s article. In it, we will share the secrets of how to make a small bedroom more comfortable, more functional and even bigger!

Light colors

The main rule to keep in mind when designing a small room is that light colors visually expand, while dark ones, on the contrary, narrow the space. A Scandinavian-style solution would be a great idea – it is easy to combine the most diverse decor with it and it can “stretch” even a bedroom meter by meter. In addition, the white bedroom will be perfectly combined with the semi-annual winter landscape outside our windows.

If you don’t like this option, use shades of blue, mint or pale lilac. You can also play with the wallpaper pattern: vertical lines will make the room appear taller, and a bright accent wall will allow you to decorate the bedroom without taking up precious meters. We also recommend using snow-white bedding: with it, the bed will look not only larger, but also more attractive. Worried about frequent washing? Buy a bright contrasting blanket.

Functional use of space

Every corner of a small space should be used to the maximum. This does not mean that you need to stuff all the cabinets to the top (which, by the way, are not recommended for such a bedroom at all) or build mountains of books and things. However, using walls, corners and window sills is a must! Instead of bulky bookcases, you can use hanging bookshelves, organize a secluded “boudoir” in the corner with a screen, and use a built-in bed to easily free up space during wakefulness.

If your small bedroom has very high ceilings, then you can take a bold step and organize a “second floor” under the ceiling: we recommend arranging an office or just a cozy place there, and leave the bed and heavier objects on the floor below.

Compact furniture

Every bedroom, even the tiniest, has at least some furniture. If you are a supporter of minimalism, then the problem of arranging a small bedroom obviously does not bother you. But what about those who have an extensive wardrobe, and even an impressive library to boot? First of all, forget about the big closet.

Even if you manage to fit all your treasures into it, nothing else will fit into your bedroom. Therefore, limit yourself to a floor clothes hanger, and arrange books on shelves or use them as decoration. The ideal solution would be a built-in mirror cabinet, which will not take up much space and help visually expand the space.

You can also use the space under the bed as storage space, preferably in the form of drawers or opaque boxes. As for the rest of the furniture, try to abandon bulky bedside tables or armchairs: give preference to light consoles, as well as transparent “ghost” chairs that will be almost invisible in a bright interior. If you definitely need a bedside table, then we suggest you look for an interesting and compact replacement here.

Inconspicuous decor

Decor is an important detail in the design of any room. But it is vital for a small room that it is not too noticeable. We have already said that in a small bedroom it is desirable to use the walls as much as possible. However, this does not mean at all that you should hang them with bright paintings or posters. Moldings are perfect for white walls – they will add texture, but will not hurt the eye. You can also make a bright wall with fantasy wallpaper; if the bedroom has a niche, then this will additionally zone the space.

It would be appropriate to use soft decorative pillows, which can also be poufs for guests. If you really want to hang a bright poster in the room, then let it be alone and made in some interesting artistic concept. A bright detail can be placed right in front of the door – this way it will draw attention to itself right from the entrance, therefore, the bedroom will seem longer.

It is highly recommended to avoid petty shabby chic or eclectic decor, because your bedroom will look like a small attic littered with old things. But it is desirable to decorate the windows with Roman blinds, which will not take up much space, but at the same time will successfully complement the style you have chosen.


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    Small bedroom design photo 2018 | About construction and repair. Interior design photo. 2023

    Do you want to create a luxurious small bedroom design? Or are you just looking for creative approaches and ideas for interior decoration? Together with some expert advice and design photos, we will try to help you decorate and design your small bedroom in the right way.

    Regular color set will make a small bedroom visually large and spacious. Light shiny curtains create the effect of an open and spacious space. They will transmit light well during the day, and they can cover the window at night.

    A beautifully decorated small bedroom , can look very attractive. Stylish curtains and linens in the sleeping room can turn a small cramped space into a luxurious and compact bedroom design that will shine with style and class.

    If you surround yourself with your favorite things and decorate your bedroom with them, you will feel happy. We are not in a position to suggest which jewelry should suit you, as you must choose what you like.

    Even from the smallest bedroom, you can create a beautiful and cozy space. Use bright and velvety reds to decorate the walls in a small room. Red velvet curtains in the bedroom will look very attractive as in the photo below.

    Even if you have a very small sleeping room, it should not skimp on luxury. The beautiful design of a small bedroom can be made of plum-colored satin fabric with decorative soft pillows in velvet dark purple. Lay a beautiful and delicate bedspread on the bed and hang a stylish curtain on the window.

    Regardless of the size of the room, black and white or gray and white pastel furnishings, combined with bright decorations and stylish beds, look very stylish even in small spaces.

    Don’t be afraid to use bold colors and decorations in small bedrooms. You can put a blanket with an unusual pattern on the bed. Put apple green lamps on the bedside tables. On the ceiling you should hang a beautiful and stylish chandelier. All this will create a unique and unique interior in your “cramped” bedroom.

    White color in bedrooms looks very stylish. If you can keep the white walls, bed and bedding clean all the time, that will be great. White color will make your small bedroom open, bright and airy.

    To decorate a small bedroom, a bright lamp is perfect to create the illusion of space and comfort.

    To visually enlarge a small bedroom space, use interesting architectural details that will create a unique and creative design from a limited space.

    If you have a small room and do not have free walls for decoration, you can use the bedroom ceiling for decoration.

    Looking for ideas for practical small bedroom furnishing, see the photos below, they should help you. For storage, you can use the space under the bed. There are special beds for small bedrooms with various shelves and storage cabinets. Built-in clothing modules will help you hide various things, blankets and pillows.

    You can expand the space in a small bedroom by removing unnecessary things, bedside tables, furniture and accessories. Leaving the minimum amount of equipment and furniture, you can achieve a stunning effect.

    Neutral and soft colors in small rooms will help you feel calm and peaceful.

    What wall color, design, decorations, equipment and furniture to put in your small bedroom is up to you, we just provided you with some ideas for decorating small rooms, we hope they inspired you and helped you with your bedroom design.