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How to Order a Kit

We encourage you to work with us now, to plan your kit, get your design done, start your permit process and place your order. We recommend that you get all your planning and permitting done early, to avoid the typical backlog and long lead times.
Call us or send an email to discuss your plans in more detail.

How to Order
Ordering from Shelter-Kit®  is easy. After you have selected one of our Popular Kit Plans or your custom design has been approved, we will send you a completed order form for your signature.

​Planning and ordering suggestions

  • Talk with your local building or zoning officials to see whether you will be permitted to build on the site you have chosen, and to determine what information they will require for a Building Permit. Ask if there are unusual local conditions such as high snow, wind or seismic loads. We can design for high wind, snow loads, and seismic conditions.


  • Contact your local building officials to determine what technical information or drawings they will require. We can also provide engineer-stamped drawings, specific to your building site for the lower 48 states. Engineer-stamped drawings may be ordered when you order your kit, or at a later date. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your plans and we will provide you with a quote for a Drawing Package and/or engineer-stamped drawings. Drawing prices will vary based on the complexity of your building. All of our drawings are copyrighted, and may only be used for the construction of one building, purchased from Shelter-Kit® ​. Our house kits meet the current International Building Code, and local variations of the code.

Our standard payment schedule is:
​25% of total order, plus engineering fees if required by your building officials,
due with your order.
60% of the total order, due before we begin production. This is typically 4-6 weeks before we ship the kit.
Final Payment:
15% of the total order, plus shipping charges, due in Warner, NH ten business days prior to the shipping date.
​*All payments should either be sent by the U.S. Postal Service to PO Box 111, Warner, NH 03278, or by wire. We will send wiring instructions if requested. Please do not send payments by package delivery services, such as UPS or FedEx.
We’re willing to work with your bank to comply with their loan disbursement schedule.

1 East Main Street – P.O. Box 111 – Warner, NH 03278
Email: [email protected]
​Phone: 603-456-3801 

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20 Best Kit Homes with Prices 

By Katie Barton

Katie Barton Home Improvement Expert

Katie Barton is a home improvement freelance writer. For as long as she can remember, she’s had a passion for making homes beautiful. She specializes in cleaning, organizing, and home improvement projects.

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Reviewed by Stefan Gheorghe

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A kit home provides a quick and, sometimes, less expensive way to build a house. You can order these do-it-yourself home-building packages, and the kit company will deliver them to your site with pieces labeled for assembly.

Small kit homes are ideal for those with some DIY or construction experience, while large builds may require a contractor. Since they come in many sizes and styles, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best kit homes available today.

What is a Kit Home?

A basic house kit contains material to build the shell of a home, including exterior walls and roof trusses. You can find many kits equipped with framing material, siding, a complete roof system, interior walls, staircases, flooring, porches, and decks. 

Since there’s a wide variety in kit contents’ from company to company, it’s essential to understand what you’re getting before you make a purchase.

Kit homes don’t include interior finishes such as cabinetry, plumbing, countertops, or drywall. (Although some contain interior wood walls.) You’ll also need a site with a proper foundation to get started. After constructing the home, you’ll need a professional to hook up the electrical and plumbing work.

20 Kit Homes You Can Build Yourself

  • Sonoma – $8,396
  • Writer’s Haven – $21,276
  • The Tiny – $25,213
  • Getaway – $33,001
  • Solo+ 75 – $33,550
  • The Cottage – $37,000
  • Meadow View – $41,163
  • The Morgan – $44,300
  • Classic G70 – $53,889
  • The Contemporary – $55,533
  • Mountain Brook – $58,726
  • The Emily – $67,700
  • Santa Fe – $74,058
  • The Patrick – $81,900
  • Classic G118 – $85,760
  • Vermont Cabin – $106,448
  • Susquehanna – $112,717
  • Bozeman – $112,850
  • Rainier – $136,586
  • Rockport – $245,774


Sonoma from Summerwood – $8,396

The Sonoma is a small home kit available in sizes ranging from 4′ x 4′ to a more spacious 24′ x 44′. The 11′ x 12′ cabin kit is $8,396. The Sonoma features three floor layouts, including one large room or a room and bathroom. Summerwood offers an online home kit customizer so you can experiment with the floor plan before buying.

Other features of the Sonoma include a hip roof, arched windows, french doors, cedar shingles, and storm shutters.

2. Writer’s Haven from Jamaica Cottage Shop – $21,276

The Writer’s Haven is a 12′ x 18′ precut kit with a whimsical design. It includes the floor system, walls, siding, porch, and roof system. You can choose from a 3 or 4 seasons package, but if you plan on living in the home or using it as a guest house, opt for the insulated 4-season package. 

You can make many customizations, including the wood on the porch, roof color, and siding.

3. The Tiny from Might Small Homes – $25,213

The Tiny is a 192 sq. ft. small house kit with a customizable floor plan. The sample floor plan makes space for a Murphy bed, bathroom, washer and dryer combo, seating, and table. 

The kit comes with exterior walls, roof panels, house wrap, roofing felt, wiring chase, and interior walls. There are many upgrades available.

4. Getaway from Conestoga Log Cabins

The Getaway is a two-room cabin kit with space for a full bathroom and living space. The cabin is 195 square feet, appropriate for use as a tiny house, hunting cabin, or backyard guest house.

The Getaway cabin kit comes with all precut materials to build the home, a roof system, doors, windows, and electrical wiring. It’s one of the most complete house kits on the market.

5. Solo+ 75 by Avarme – $33,550

The Solo+ 75 is an A-frame house kit that boasts 1.5 stories and 365 square feet. The floor plan features one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room area, and space for a small kitchen. The second floor is a loft area.

The kit includes all precut materials to build the exterior of the home as well as interior and exterior doors, windows, painted interior cladding, and ladder stairs for the loft.

6. The Cottage from Mighty Small Homes – $37,000

The Cottage from Mighty Small Homes comes in three sizes, including 480 sq. ft., 600 sq ft., and 864 sq. ft. The smallest size clocks in at $37,000 for the base kit price but offers many customizations that increase the cost. The main floor provides space for a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room. There’s an optional loft addition on the second floor.

The base kit contains exterior walls, roof panels, ridge beams, house wrap, roof underlayment, plate lumber, and wire chase. You can upgrade to include windows, doors, metal roofing, and more.

7. Meadow View from PMHI- $41,163

Meadow View is a panelized home kit that’s 616 square feet with space for one bedroom and one bathroom. The living room and dining room feature a vaulted ceiling. There’s also space for a kitchen, washer, and dryer. 

The home kit comes with roof trusses, panelized walls, and materials to build the frame of the house. 

8. The Morgan from Shelter Kit – $44,300

The Morgan is a 14′ x 24′ kit boasting 330 square feet, a porch, a deck, and a small loft area. Because of the shed roof and simple layout, Shelter Kits claim this is one of the easier-to-build house kits. 

The kit contains the precut and labeled pieces to build the home and a detailed construction manual. The kit does not include windows and doors, but the Morgan comes with ten rough openings.

9. Classic G70 from Avarme – $53,889

The Classic G70 is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom family house kit. It features a large open living/dining/kitchen combo and a utility room. Avarme has designed this home for warmth and energy efficiency. 

The price we’ve quoted includes the structural kit, exterior kit, and interior kit, although you don’t have to purchase all three.

10. The Contemporary from Mighty Small Homes – $55,533

The Contemporary is a modern kit home that comes in sizes ranging from 900 sq. ft. to 1,500 sq. ft. Each kit comes with a customized floor plan so you can determine the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the size of common rooms.

The base price for this DIY house kit contains materials to complete the exterior framing. There are many upgrades, such as windows, doors, electrical wiring, and metal roofing.

11. Mountain Brook from Summerwood – $58,726

The Mountain Brook is a cabin-style cottage kit in sizes that range from 12′ x 12′ to 24′ x 36′. The house’s framing is spruce, while the siding, trim, and porch are Western Red Cedar. You can customize the floor plan of this home to fit your liking. There are many upgrades, including dormer windows, pine floors, double cedar doors, and an enhanced siding package.

You can purchase Mountain Brook as a kit or as a pre-assembled prefab cabin. The prefab modular cabin option is more expensive than the kit.

12. The Emily from Shelter Kit – $67,700

The Emily is a 24′ x 24′ house with rows of windows and a dormer on the second floor to maximize natural light. The two-story home features many layout options and is well-suited to work as a full-time home or vacation dwelling.

The kit comes with everything to build the home’s frame but doesn’t come with windows or doors. You can contact Shelter Kit for customizations.

13. Santa Fe from PMHI – $74,058

The Sante Fe is a family home kit with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage. The home is one story and 1,148 square feet. The home design is narrow – perfect for small tracts of land. 

The kit contains the wall panels and roof trusses. It also includes instructions for the foundation design.

14. The Patrick from Shelter Kit – $81,900

The Patrick is a two-story home with an option for a full or partial loft. The design features a full loft and includes two bedrooms and one bathroom on the main floor, with a bedroom, bathroom, and office space on the second floor. The Patrick is the most popular house kit from Shelter Kits, with homeowners building it in several states.

You can use this kit as a family residence, lakeside home, or vacation rental.

15. Classic G118 from Avarme – $85,760

The Classic G118 is a two-story kit home that you can separate into two apartments or use as one large family home, depending on your needs. The layout is customizable, with each unit being a small two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment if you wish.

The kit includes everything to complete the home’s exterior, including the framing, roofing system, windows, and doors. The interior kit includes mdf doors, a staircase, and finished interior cladding.

16. Vermont Cabin from Jamaica Cottage Shop – $106,448

The Vermont Cabin is the most popular DIY home kit from Jamaica Cottage Shop. It’s a 24′ x 40′ four-season kit, ideal for use as a full-time home. The kit includes thermally insulated windows and doors, a corrugated metal roof, and a full loft. 

The kit home boasts 960 square feet. They recommend a compacted 12” crushed gravel foundation.

17. Susquehanna from Conestoga Log Cabins – $112,717

The Susquehanna is a DIY log home kit that contains 1,143 square feet. The floor plan features two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen area. The second floor includes a loft that you can use as a sleeping room or for storage.

The Susquehanna home kit contains everything you need to build the exterior, a roof system, windows, doors, an electrical package, and many optional upgrades.

18. Bozeman from ZipKit Homes – $112,850

The Bozeman is a modern DIY house kit that can be one large unit, two units, or split into four spaces. If you choose to build this model as a family home, it can contain four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a washer and dryer space, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and two car garage.

The Bozeman is a panelized kit that includes all materials to complete the shell of the home. They also offer a window package to go with the house.

19. Rainier from Conestoga Log Cabins – $136,586

The Rainier is an ideal DIY kit home for the outdoor enthusiast. The home boasts 1,448 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a covered front porch and wraparound deck, adding 400 square feet of outdoor living space.

Rainier comes with all materials to complete the framing and exterior of the home, including windows, doors, a roof system, and an electrical package.

20. Rockport from PMHI – $245,774

The Rockport is a large house kit at 3,025 square feet. The floor plan features four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a half bath. The Rockport is a modern farmhouse-style house kit with a covered front porch and attached two-car garage.

The kit contains the wall panels, roof trusses, and instructions for the foundation design.

How to make a gift box with your own hands and what to put in it

  • What is a gift box and why is it better than a regular gift
  • 5 reasons why a gift box is better than any other gift
  • What to put in a gift box for a friend
  • What to put in a gift box for mom
  • What to put in a gift box for your daughter

Gift box sales are increasing by 5% annually, and for good reason: they allow you to give different gifts at the same time. This approach facilitates the choice of a suitable present and allows you to please the hero of the occasion, because in the gift box there will definitely be something that he will like. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your next holiday, a “gift box” might be the perfect option. They are very popular for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, March 8th, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary and Housewarming.

In America and Europe, you will not surprise anyone with gift boxes. Abroad, there is a “beauty box” service by subscription. You choose a brand and every month you receive a gift box from it, which includes about 6 products from skincare and color cosmetics. The brand also regularly releases limited edition and holiday boxes that fly off the sites like hot cakes from the bakery shelves.

In Russia, beauty boxes have become incredibly popular thanks to Instagram, as they are an effective marketing tool for growing sales of skin care and color cosmetics. In order to introduce new products to the audience or quickly sell stale products, brands collect beauty boxes from several commodity units, set attractive prices and go with them to a famous blogger. He announces a tempting offer to his multi-million audience and voila – everything is sold out. The secret of the popularity of beauty boxing lies in the price. Buying a box of cosmetics is much more profitable than buying all the units separately. Gift Boxes have become so popular in the beauty world that online retailers have moved them into a separate category and sold everywhere. Sensing a great demand for this position, manufacturers of other goods also began to sell gift boxes.

5 reasons why a gift box is better than any other gift

There is nothing worse than buying a gift that the hero of the occasion will not like. With a gift box, you can be sure that you will not go wrong with the choice of present. Whether your friends love to play sports, eat delicious food or just dream of a spa day at home, a gift box will satisfy their every desire.

#1. Individuality. By assembling a gift box with your own hands, you give a special present, which was created especially for a certain person. Emphasize special attitude and attention because you think through everything to the smallest detail: you select packaging, filler, postcard, box contents.

#2. original presentation. Giving a box full of surprises is much better than giving one boring gift that you might not like. With gift boxes, you have little chance of missing out as it includes multiple products. In addition, the presentation of the present plays an important role: a beautiful large box that can hold several gifts at once, a bright filler and small pleasant things in the form of flavored postcards and chocolate bars.

#3. Good mix. The main advantage of gift boxes is the ability to give several things, which makes it easier to find gifts. So, for example, you can put an original notebook, a sleep mask, a package of her favorite chocolate and fragrant bath bombs in a box for a friend.

#4. Give what you want. You can order a ready-made gift or assemble a gift box with your own hands. Why is the second option better? Ready-made offers are often overpriced and necessarily include a product that is 100% unnecessary. When you make gift boxes with your own hands, you put only what you really need into it.

#5. It’s fashionable. Yes, beauty boxes and boxes with surprises are the main trend of 2020-2021, and therefore we offer you to keep up with the times and learn how to assemble gift boxes with your own hands.

What to put in a gift box for a friend

We have prepared some gift box ideas that you can easily make yourself. These are gorgeous and truly girly gifts to give to a friend on March 8th, her birthday, or just because you love her so much.

No. 1. Relaxing SPA set

This set includes everything you need for home relaxation and spa-style body care:

  • sugar or salt body scrub
  • natural bristle brush for dry massage
  • bath salts and scent bombs
  • bouquet of soap petals for flavoring water
  • cosmetic headband
  • face mask set
  • nourishing body cream
  • aroma diffusers with sticks
  • candles in glass or set of candles in capsules
  • soft terry towel made of cotton or bamboo
  • Sisal washcloth for light massage and exfoliation.

Set of microwave containers “CASCADE 2” QUADRO 1.0l (3 pcs) art.67001, Polimerbyt

0₽ /piece

Effervescent salt SPA care, 40g, gift box, 3 types, art. 15351

43.75₽ /pc.

UniLook gift set: body scrub “Strawberry” 200 g + cream “Banana” 150 ml

LADECOR Aroma diffuser with sticks and decor, with tester, 100ml, 4 fragrances

Set of scented candles in capsules 12pcs, metal, paraffin, 6 colors

Textured candle, 9.6x5cm, paraffin/stearin, 2 designs

Gift set Spa by Lara (Bath salt 2x80g + Bath pearls 2x50g)

No. 2. Gift box “Spring”

If your friend loves girly cute things, you can find useful and practical things for her in unusual designs, such as spring pastel colors. The trick of this set is to pick up things in the same color scheme with cute images of cats, flamingos or unicorns.

  • ceramic coffee mug
  • original soft toy
  • Provence jewelry box
  • scented candle in glass with wishes
  • aroma sachet that will make the gift box smell delicious
  • flamingo style notebook
  • fancy pen with feathers or colorful fur
  • donut or unicorn notebook

Jewelry box, 10. 5x15x4.5 cm, 4 designs, polyester

347.18₽ /pc.

Notebook, 60 sheets, color sheets, 3 designs

166.25₽ /pc.

MILLIMI Irina Mug 400ml, ceramic, 3 colors

Ceramic mug, 340 ml, 4 colors, “Murmur”

GIFT BAG Flamingo soft toy, 45-48cm, polyester

GIFT BAG Soft toy in the form of glamorous dogs, 35-40cm, polyester, 3 colors

Jewelry box, 4 designs, 11x10x7 cm, MDF

Ballpoint pen 6 colors, rainbow “fur” holder, figurine tip, 17cm, 3dis., PVC box

No. 3. Gift set “Cosy”

If your friend is a homebody who loves to spend all weekends in bed watching Netflix series, then you can put the following things in the gift box:

  • original house slippers
  • plush microfibre blanket
  • scented candles for a peaceful environment
  • aroma diffusers with sticks
  • book that became the top bestseller of the year
  • large mug for tea or coffee
  • avocado soft toy
  • snack tray or breakfast table
  • sleep mask.

BAG OF GIFTS Soft toy in the form of fruit, polyester, 27-30cm, 2 designs

413₽ /pc.

Plaid 180×200 cm PROVANCE Wave, microfiber, 280 g/m, 2 colors

1053.82₽ /pc.

Sleep mask 18.5×9.5 cm “Colored dreams”, 8 designs

51.48₽ /pc.

Round tray, Fantasy-2, plastic, 27.5x2cm, 4 designs

LADECOR Scented candle with decor, in a glass holder, 16.5 cm, 4 types

LADECOR Scented candle with in a tin box, 11.5x8x4.3, 170g, 3 types

What to put in a gift box for mom

Moms are different. Some love to take care of themselves, while others are practical housewives who love useful gifts. If your mother is a real mistress and keeper of the hearth, then the next set will suit her.

No. 1. Gift box for Mom hostess

  • Set of ceramic dishes for the kitchen (storage jars, coasters for kitchen sponges, stand spoons, original salt shakers and sugar bowls
  • Soft cushions for chairs and new cushion covers for decorative cushions
  • Spunbond shopping bag for shopping
  • Storage baskets
  • Silicone cake molds
  • Delicious tea package and tea set
  • Interior perfume with rattan sticks
  • Spectacular country key holder
  • Pill remover.

Key holder closed, with 6 hooks, MDF, 26x20x6.5cm, 2 designs

695.73₽ /pc.

Chair cushion 40×40 cm PROVANCE, polyester, 4 designs

366.9₽ /pc.

MILLIMI Roskosh Tea set 14 pr., cup 290ml, teapot 1150ml, sugar bowl 380ml, bone frf

Key holder closed with hooks, (7 hooks), MDF, metal, 2 types, 19×26.5×5.5, art.1107-7

VETTA Shopping bag, spunbond, 22x30x12 cm

VETTA Universal basket “Verona”, 23x22x13cm, plastic, 2 colors

Pillowcase decorative matting PROVANCE “Gold” 40x40cm, polyester, 4 designs

№2 Gift box for Mom gardener

  • Rosewood pruner
  • Gardening gloves for gardening
  • Solar garden lights
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Garden and lawn LED figures
  • Grass shears
  • Pots for indoor and outdoor plants
  • EVA rain cover
  • Hose Spray Gun Multi-Run
  • Decorative flowers and birds on the pond
  • Mini flower bed set

A set of garden tools INBLOOM: scoop, ripper, rooter, metal with a layer. handle, 21 cm

106.25₽ /pc.

Raincoat EVA 80mcr 100x70cm, 3 colors INBLOOM

262.65₽ /pc.

Watering kit (spray gun, 8 dir + 2 conn. 3/4″, nipple connector) plastic INBLOOM BY

342.76₽ /pc.

INBLOOM Garland el. sun loach, 100LED, 12m, champagne, 2 modes, PVC, IP44,2V120mA,1.2V800mAh

491.72₽ /pc.

INBLOOM Lantern on a rod 67cm, 1LED, RGBYW0 (7 V 1), solar. battery 2V/50mA, 1.2V/600mAh, steel

293.75₽ /pc.

INBLOOM Pond rose, PVC, 10cm, 6 colors

68.75₽ /pc.

№3 Gift box for mom cook

  • Kitchen scale for weighing ingredients
  • Immersion blender with multiple attachments
  • Ceramic baking dish or baking pots
  • Metal cookie tray
  • Grill pan for roasting meat with a golden crust
  • Set of kitchen textiles: apron, towel, potholder
  • Silicon Cooking Sets
  • Fruit and vegetable peeler
  • Various useful tools: egg cutter, pastry decorating roller, etc.

Piller stainless steel/plastic, Premier SATOSHI

95.39₽ /pc.

Blade-knife 33x5cm, silicone, SATOSHI “Malibu”

214.22₽ /pc.

Electronic kitchen scales up to 5 kg LEBEN round

504.44₽ /pc.

LEBEN Electric blender 600W, chopper, whisk, measuring cup, speed control

2035.54₽ /pc.

PROVANCE Spring Kitchen towel, matting 100% cotton, 35x60cm, 4 designs

Kitchen pot holder PROVANCE Fleur 27cm, polyester

№4 Gift box for Mom beauty

  • Facial roller reduces puffiness and improves blood circulation
  • Jade massager with guasha scraper prolongs skin youth
  • Set of sheet face masks and eye patches
  • Sugar Scrub & Nourishing Body Cream Set
  • Bath salt and foam
  • Face care cosmetics
  • Manicure set
  • Vanity mirror with LED light.

Salad bowl Boat 1200ml Chrysanthemum 21

2 FV

0₽ /pc.

Set of microwave containers “CASCADE 3” KVADRO 1. 4l (3 pcs) art.68001, Polimerbyt

0₽ / pcs

UniLook eye patches, with orange extract and vitamins C and E, 6 mlx5 pairs

UniLook body scrub, 4 types, 155 ml

Face mask UniLook, 3 types, 155 ml

UniLook “Vitamin Detox” Sheet Mask, 22 g

UniLook gift set: body scrub “Almond” 200 g + cream “Coconut” 150 ml

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• Which aroma diffuser for the home is better – with rattan or fiberglass sticks

What to put in a gift box for your daughter

Surely, your daughter has talked about what gifts she dreams of more than once, but if not, try to bet on a mix of innovative technologies and bright design.

No. 1. Gift box for a teenager girl

  • Wireless headphones with charging case
  • Wireless power bank to charge your phone anywhere
  • Wireless speaker to arrange a disco wherever you want
  • Selfie ring on your phone to take beautiful pictures for Instagram
  • Smartphone lens kit for more photography
  • Stylish diary notebook
  • Flamingo soft toy because everyone loves pink flamingos these days
  • Socks with funny print
  • Fashionable ceramic coffee mug
  • Glamorous purse or handbag.

FORZA Mobile battery, 8000 mAh, 2xUSB, 2A, with wireless charging, rubberized, 3 colors

917.83₽ /pc.

MILLIMI Smile Mug 340ml, ceramic, 4 designs

GIFT BAG Flamingo soft toy, 45-48cm, polyester

Selfie light ring FORZA plastic, 4 colors

No. 2. Gift box for daughter of preschool or school age

  • Baby cosmetics set with her first lip gloss and eye shadow
  • Flamingo, Unicorn or Avocado soft toy
  • Hair accessories – funny hairpins and rubber bands
  • Bright jewelry – rings, pendants, bracelets
  • Soft plush blanket with a toy
  • Original keychain with unicorn or fluffy pompom
  • Colored braids and crayons for coloring hair
  • Aqua make-up for creating fabulous images.

BERIOTTI hair coloring crayons, 4 pcs, round, 4 colors

165₽ /pc.

Braid colored BERIOTTI, 60 cm, nylon, 4 designs

205₽ /piece

PAVO Children’s shoulder bag, PU, ​​20x14x5cm, 4 designs

BERIOTTI Headband with decor, d15cm, decor 9. 5cm, polyester, plastic, PVC, 3-6 designs, PR

A set of children’s cosmetics in the form of an elephant: shadows 6 colors 3.5g, lipstick 1 pc 0.5g

BERIOTTI Keychain pendant, faux fur, alloy, PU, ​​8cm, 3-6 designs, BP19-2

How to make a DIY gift box

Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s important to pick the right attributes. You will need a stylish gift box of the right size. It is important to correctly calculate the dimensions of the presents so that you can arrange them beautifully in the box. Be sure to use gift box filler. It can be wood shavings for eco-style gifts, colored sisal or corrugated paper shavings. Be sure to add a special scent to the gift. Aroma sachet will help you with this. Sachets with fragrant compositions can smell like flowers, fruits or oriental incense. And finally, add three small, but such soulful details – a charming figurine figurine, a postcard with a handwritten signature, a dried lavender sprig or a mini-bouquet of wildflowers. Be sure that even the most demanding and capricious person will be delighted with such a gift.

does not mean expensive: we make a bathroom set with our own hands; original ideas and execution

Home Bathroom Making a bathroom set with your own hands: beautiful does not mean expensive

It is worth remembering that beautiful does not mean expensive. Making a bathroom set with your own hands, it is not at all necessary to use any special materials. There are many master classes for every taste and color, with which you can quickly and easily create accessories that can change the bathroom beyond recognition at minimal cost.

Stylish DIY jewelry

A little imagination and creative thinking will help you create spectacular sets, decorations and holders for towels and toilet paper while fully preserving their functional component. The designers themselves provide many useful life hacks, the implementation of which will be possible even for an inexperienced beginner.

Holders and vanity sets

Of course, the easiest way is to buy ready-made bathroom accessories, which will save your personal time and effort needed to make useful decor on your own. However, in such products, as a rule, there is nothing special, and if you want to create a truly original set or towel holder, then it is better to make them yourself, guided by your own taste preferences.

Among the most interesting ideas worth highlighting:

  • Set of containers in loft style. There is a certain charm in the brutal interior of the bathroom, which will be emphasized by the accessories that match the chosen style. Round transparent jars attached to a solid wall wooden plank with metal clamps are a great and very affordable option. You can store anything in such jars – from toiletries and hygiene items to cosmetics.
  • Banks with colored sand. It cannot be said that this decor carries some kind of useful load, but from an aesthetic point of view, it is really very valuable. And all because the sand of different shades laid in layers in a large glass vase or flask looks very stylish and unusual, especially if it was brought by the owners from the sea coasts of different countries. In order not to get confused in the types of sand, small stickers with the designation of the coast and the year of its visit should be attached to the outside of the flask. In addition, it is possible to provide for each such souvenir a separate vial with a wooden stopper on metal clips.
  • Homemade soap. Perhaps one of the most useful types of decor, which, in addition, acts as a natural flavor. Using the simplest materials and different dyes, you can make several colorful bars of soap in the form of a seashell, a star and a fish, laying them beautifully on an oblong Japanese-style wooden or ceramic platform.

There are many other interesting ideas, such as tall papier-mâché sea lighthouse-shaped toilet paper racks, hanging hooks on thick string for towels, an hourglass filled with gel with microscopic shells, and other beautiful and useful little things.

Textile accessories

Bathroom sets and decorations can be made not only from ceramics, glass, wood and metal, but also from textiles. We can talk about rugs, panels, handmade towels, fragrances and other elegant decorations. Using the household materials and tools at hand, it is quite possible to create such interior features for the personal hygiene area:

  • Lace bathroom curtains . An exquisite set that you can create with your own hands in just a few hours. So, it’s enough just to measure the desired length and width of future curtains, sweep and stitch their edges around the entire perimeter, sew on beautiful beads or braid and hang them in the bathroom so that they separate the font from the rest of the space, providing a chamber effect of a kind of boudoir. Crisp white terry towels with lace trim and personalized embroidery complete this sophisticated set.
  • Flavor . Small linen bags in the bathroom with some kind of incense inside, coquettishly tied with a silk ribbon, are another versatile option for useful bathroom decoration. Inside such bags, you can put dry lavender (great if you can collect it yourself), roasted coffee beans, dried orange zest, cinnamon, a vanilla pod cut lengthwise, fresh sawdust and other natural odorous components.
  • Pebble rug . A waterproof textile base can be used as a substrate for a very effective decorative element – a textured mosaic lined with pebbles collected on some picturesque seashore. To do this, degrease the pebbles and attach it to the substrate using a common building sealant or silicone, making sure that the structure remains mobile and can easily bend in different places.

A pair may be provided for any such accessory, and it is not at all necessary that the items be identical. For example, complete with a pebble rug, you can lay out pebbles on a shower tray, creating a spectacular composition.

Making a gift set

A bathroom set can be made not only for yourself, but also for someone close, complementing it with a beautiful gift box. As the latter, you can choose from a small wooden box lined with odorous sawdust, an elegant Provence-style basket with lace and ribbons, or a stylish black square box.

Crocheted sets look very cool, which include washcloths of various shapes with and without handles. They can be packed in one large set with a bed of natural hay or paper tinsel, supplemented with a jar of sea salt, bunches of dry lavender or small cotton flowers.

Fragrant bath bombs — effervescent balls with all kinds of hypoallergenic cosmetic additives — will be one of the best gifts for kids. Typically, such products are made from soda, citric acid, essential oils and milk powder, complementing them with some cute decor (a plastic watering can, a family of rubber ducks, a toy fish, etc.