House extension permission: Do I Need Planning Permission in LA?

Do I Need Planning Permission in LA?


  • Why Should I Consider a Basement Expansion?
  • Do I Really Need Planning Permission?
    • When You Don’t Require Planning Permission?
    • When You Need Planning Permission For Basement Extension?
  • Does a Basement Extension Need Building Regulations Approval in Los Angeles?
  • What Other Permissions Are Required For a Basement Extension?
  • What Are The Planning Rules For Basement Extensions?
    • Consider Light Well For Basement Expansion
    • What Should Be the Maximum Extension?
    • What Should be the Maximum Head Height For a Basement Room
  • How Much Does Basement Extension Cost?
  • Find The Right Contractor for Your Basement Extension!
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What could be more hectic than having a confined living space, which is crammed with a lot of stuff, kids are running around, or the loft is unsuitable for conversion?

In such situations, we prefer to move to a new place. However, there is always a second alternative option available. Considering a basement extension or basement conversion is an effective choice to gain and extend the space from a basement.

A basement expansion service in Los Angeles is a more ambiguous project, which is an excellent way to expand your existing living space by creating an additional bedroom, living room, office space, or any other required room. With the assistance of professional construction contractors in Los Angeles, CA, this type of project won’t only add space and value to your house, but also potentially transform the space.

Well, basements are slowly becoming more popular in Los Angeles as people look for more space and can’t extend wider, longer, or higher. However, creating a basement involves major construction work, a new separate unit of living space, and/or changes to the internal appearance. These all are possible with basement expansion planning permission.

This could be a challenging job. Don’t worry, our well-trained and qualified contractors will help in doing this. Lux Construction Group’s estimating service will help you plan your project by providing an accurate cost of the proposed construction.

Even our following write-up will help in detail about planning permission for a basement extension, why you need planning permission, what regulations need to follow, and what are planning rules for basement extension. So, let’s learn more information about it.

Why Should I Consider a Basement Expansion?

Your home should reflect your lifestyle and interests – after all, this is where you relax after a long day at work. In this way, you have every right to indulge in the comfort of your home while also hosting guests in Los Angeles.

In order to achieve this goal, we have to think about the many ways we can extend our property and take into account the many aspects that need to be considered, such as design, obligatory consents, budgets, and planning permission.

These above-mentioned factors are simple ways to realize that extending your home through a basement extension is a great option. In addition, there are other various considerations that you must take into account while planning for basement extension in Los Angeles:

    • Estimate the construction cost with your hired contractors.
    • What is the potential value added to the housing that would cover its construction costs? Consult local estate agents to estimate the value-added.
    • Study your property from a desktop perspective. What lies on or below your site? Are there any nearby watercourses? Has flooding ever occurred in your area?
    • On narrow properties, retaining walls can be as thick as 700 mm, which may restrict basement floor space.

Do I Really Need Planning Permission?

Yes, in some cases, you might apply for planning permission in Los Angeles for a basement extension by the Los Angeles county government. In any permitted development project, there are a number of rules to follow. Being a professional contractor, Lux Construction Group help you in knowing where and when you need planning permission. So, take a look!

If you’re planning to convert your existing basement and don’t want to make any changes to the external appearance of the building, planning permission isn’t required.

Depending on the size, You don’t need planning permission for all extensions. Without planning permission, you can build up to 6 or 8 meters if your house is detached. At the same time, there are other rules where you don’t require permission:

However, you certainly need planning permission:

    • If you’re making any modifications or altering the external appearance of the property. And planning permission is also required if the building is in a conservation area or creating a separate unit of accommodation.
    • If you’re planning to add a lightwell, railings, or skylight at the front of your property (or anything that affects the external appearance of your house), you would need to apply for planning permission.
    • If your basement extension requires excavation to create more room which involves major work, you still also need planning permission for extension.
    • While making alterations, such as lowering the floor level to increase head clearance, contractors are likely to consider the extension plan. This is where they ask for planning permission.

A building construction in Los Angeles that violates any of the following conditions would also need planning permission and not be eligible for permitted development.

    • You’re building a new separate residence.
    • You live in a conservation area or your property is listed.
    • Your property is exempt from permitted development rights, for example, a flat, rather than a whole dwelling.

As planning rules are constantly changing and they can vary considerably from one area to another, it is a good idea to contact your local planning authority well in advance of any work.

Are you concerned that your basement conversion might require planning permission? Ask our Lux Construction Group’s professionals.

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Does a Basement Extension Need Building Regulations Approval in Los Angeles?

Doesn’t matter – whether you need planning permission or not, you always certainly consider building regulations approval. By following these guidelines, your basement extension or conversion in Los Angeles, California will be guaranteed to meet a minimum standard of safety, health, and welfare conditions, including ventilation, fire safety, foundations, and energy efficiency.

When it comes to planning a basement extension, it may seem like there are countless professionals to consult. But, the best place to start is by speaking with a reputable local builder who has experience with similar projects. Where to ahead? Tell us, we, at Lux Construction Group, we’ll help in choosing a reputable contractor for you.

Our builder, architect or planning consultant should be able to provide you with a package of plans and structural drawings. As part of the approval process of building regulations, we’ll also work with local authorities. At Lux Construction Group, we also provide the structural drawings along with technical drawings.

So, let’s speak to our professional contractor to get the best advice when it comes to handling and adding any sort of basement extension. Contact us to unlock all insights about what you should and shouldn’t do. If you’re still thinking about building regulations, reach us today and get information over it.

What Other Permissions Are Required For a Basement Extension?

For example, if your basement extension requires structural modifications to the building, such as excavation, you need a party wall agreement. Here are the following criteria for requiring a party wall agreement in Los Angeles with neighbors. It includes:

    • Excavation within 3 meters of your neighbor’s property and to a lower level than their foundations.
    • Excavation within 6 meters of the neighboring structure and which also lies within an area defined by a 45-degree line from that structure.
    • Placing beams or flashing into a shared wall of drilling holes.

The overall aim of the party wall agreement is to protect neighboring property during and before construction. In some cases, it’ll serve relevant notice and legal agreements to neighbors. In order to get more information on party wall agreements on building regulations and planning, feel free to reach us today.

For leasehold properties, you must obtain permission from the freeholder. Many residential leases in Los Angeles require some form of permissions from the landlord to make changes.

What Are The Planning Rules For Basement Extensions?

In the above sections, we’ve discussed in detail the basement extension planning permission. Now, we’re going to discuss some planning rules that every basement owner must take into account.

While planning for basement extensions, every homeowner must think about light wells. These are common features, spreading natural light and ventilation to the space- those are necessary for rooms like a bedroom or study room. So, before proposing a new light well or planning to extend the existing one, you need planning permission for a basement extension in Los Angeles.

Such interventions visible from the outside require a proper planning process. So, if possible, we recommend locating the light well to the rear or side of the house as there will be more design flexibility with regards to railings, appearance, and size. The light wells installed to the front will need to follow specific design rules where the size should be minimized and it may be necessary to install skylights or grilles instead.

Following a good landscaping design can minimize or soften the impact of a light well.

The basement size depends on your council. That’s why it’s important to determine their certain design requirements and guidance.

There are strict limitations on the size of basements created in certain Los Angeles areas, where basement development is common. Standard criteria are now being applied by many Los Angeles areas, creating better policy consistency throughout the city.

Rules for maximum head height also depend on the council.

    • Every basement shall be in every part at least 2.5 meters in height from the floor to the underside of the roof slab or ceiling and with a maximum height of not more than 4.5 m.
    • To stay within building codes, you need at least 2 meters over the stairs. Remember to include in your calculations the height of your flooring.
    • Adequate ventilation shall be provided for the basement. One exhaust fan for a 50 sq m. basement area or air-conditioning system, etc.
    • The minimum height of the ceiling of any basement shall be 0.9 meters and a maximum of 1.2 mt. above the average road level on the front side of the building.

Before you begin your basement extension, you should always seek advice from your local planning authority. However, if you’re working on a complex project, you’ll need to hire well-professional contractors. They’ll know best how to approach them and present your ideas. A team of design professionals will likely be needed to help you prepare your planning permission.

From Lux Construction Group, you can hire a contractor, who will help and ensure you meet the appropriate statutory obligations. So, give us a call today!

How Much Does Basement Extension Cost?

If the house already has a basement, a basement extension could just be a case of remodeling. So, how much does a basement conversion cost?

The cost of remodeling an existing basement into a living space can range from $12,000 to $70,000, but generally averages around $21,500, says Bailey Carson.

Your basement renovation costs will vary depending on what you intend to do with it. Adding a bedroom to a basement may cost between $3,000 and $10,000, while adding a bathroom may cost somewhere between $6,500 and $16,500, says Bailey.

Basement bar ideas average about $8,000, and a home gym ranges from $300 to $15,000, depending on equipment and other components.

Depending on the lighting, framing, flooring, doors, furniture, and more, an office can cost from $500 to $3,000.

Find The Right Contractor for Your Basement Extension!

In the above article, we’ve discussed all the necessary constraints regarding planning permission of basement extension, why you need it, what building regulations you need to follow, and what factors matter for a basement extension. So, you can prepare yourself in advance while planning to renovate a basement area.

With Lux Construction Group, you can quickly find the right professional contractor for your basement foundation construction, Medical Clinic Remodeling, Dental Office, Soft Story, Seismic Retrofit projects in Los Angeles. So, choose the right contractor for your project with us and give your area a new stylish look whether it’s about constructing a new space or making modifications to the existing ones.

For getting more ideas or information about basement extension and planning permission, send us an email or call us and let’s watch how we can make it happen!

Prior approval Extension to a house – Braintree District Council

Planning document information


You can perform some types of work without needing to apply for planning permission.  These are called permitted development rights. 

Permitted development rights are granted under an act of Parliament and not but us. 

However, different types of development have different limitations and conditions that your proposal must comply with. 

If your proposal falls under permitted development, you will need to submit an application so that we can give our prior approval.  

Your application for prior approval allows us to: 

  • consider your proposal 
  • its likely impact on things like transport and highways 
  • understand how you might mitigate any impacts 

You must not start work on your development until we have issued our decision. You can also start work, if we haven’t made a decision within eight weeks of receiving your valid application. 

You can find out more about prior approvals on the Planning Portal. 


You can get help and advice from our Duty Planner on permitted development, prior approvals and other types of planning applications. 

You can get detailed feedback on your proposal by using our pre-application advice service. 

Documents that are always required

To make a valid prior approval  application you must submit: 

  • an application form or written description of your proposed development including; 
  • how far the extension goes beyond the rear wall of the original house  
  • the maximum height of the extension  
  • the height of the eaves of the extension  
  • a  location plan  showing the proposed site  
  • plans showing the proposed development 
  • the addresses of any adjoining premises 
  • the developer’s contact details  
  • Application fee

On your application you must tell us if you are a Member of Braintree District Council or employed by us. Any applications from Members or employees will be determined at Planning Committee. 

Documents that are sometimes required

When you may have to supply this information 

Depending on the details of your proposed work, we can ask you to supply further information to 

  • support your prior approval application 
  • help the public to understand your proposal 

Before submitting your application for prior approval you should read: 

  • regulations 73-76 of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010  
  • the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 

Both of these pieces of legislation refer to applications for prior approval. Based on how this legislation affects your proposal, we may ask you to submit an environmental statement as part of your application. 

  • Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) You will need to make a HRA RAMS contribution if your proposed development is for:

    • a residential development for a net gain of one or more new dwellings
    •  in our zone of influence

Real estate agency Istrariel | Registration of houses apartments of land plots in the Moscow region

Provision of legal services for the design and registration of real estate

  • Real estate transactions

    • Lease agreement
    • Gift agreement
    • Cadastral valuation
    • Transaction support
  • Registration rights

    • Lease of forest plots
    • Amendments to the USRN
    • Gasification
    • Privatization of an apartment
    • Assignment of an address
    • Projects of houses
    • Registration of a house
    • Registration of apartment
  • Geodetic services

    • Land surveying
    • Topographic survey
  • Cadastral engineers

    • Measurement work
    • Change of VRI
    • Technical plan
  • MinStroy and MinZhil

    • Building design
    • Reconstruction permit
    • Building permit
    • Approval of the building appearance
    • Construction expertise

Real estate agency performs:

  • Registration of an apartment

    Before a transaction, a lawyer checks counterparties and real estate. Verifies data received from Rosreestr. Orders USRN statements.

    Registration of an apartment in ownership
    • Registration of redevelopment
    • Initial registration and transfer of ownership
    • Legal due diligence
    • Support of purchase and sale transactions, donation, exchange, etc.
    • Recognition of property rights through court

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  • Registration of a private house

    Lawyers draw up notices of the beginning and end of construction of private houses and send them to local governments.

    Registration of a private house in ownership
    • Submission of notification of the start and completion of construction
    • Formation of the technical plan of the building
    • Checking the parameters of the house for compliance with building codes
    • Collection and submission of documents to local authorities

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  • Registration of a land plot

    Lawyer Istrariel checks counterparties before the transaction and it is important to note the legal purity of transactions made with real estate.

    Registration of a land plot in ownership
    • Measurement and determination of the boundaries of plots
    • Surveying, geology and ecology
    • Establishment of limited use easement
    • Determination of the boundaries of plots, registration of land surveying, assistance in the allocation, redistribution of plots
    • Cadastral registration

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Why is it good to work with us?

Since 2011, we have been providing legal assistance in real estate registration. We represent the interests of customers in court, government services, the cadastre, Rosreestr for construction registration services. The agency works with problem transactions and provides real estate services.

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  • Reliability

    “Istrariel” – an individual approach to each client. Legal cleanliness of transactions and their conduct in strict accordance with the law. Before concluding a contract, we thoroughly study the information about the object and provide it to the client.

  • During the 9 years of its existence on the market, AN Istrariel has earned several dozens of grateful customer reviews. The qualifications of employees are confirmed by the relevant licenses and certificates. The practice of our lawyers can be found on the website.

  • Turnkey solution

    We offer a full range of services: from inspection of the site to the assignment of property rights. Control over all stages of work and provision of a package of documentary acts containing comprehensive information about the property.

Our services

Our services

Real estate transactions

Lawyers of the Academy of Sciences of Istrariel provide professional assistance in drafting legally competent contracts for the sale, exchange, donation of houses, office and industrial premises, apartments, cottages, land plots and other private and commercial real estate. They also help to officially register such transactions or challenge previously concluded real estate contracts in court.

  • Purchase of a plot from the state
  • Lease agreement
  • Donation agreement
  • Mortgage agreement

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Registration of rights

Lawyers of the Academy of Sciences “Istrariel” collect the necessary documentation for cadastral registration and registration of apartments, houses and plots. We draw up plots, even if the documentation confirming the ownership right is lost. When registering apartments in a new building, we check whether the house has been put into operation. Property rights are registered for commercial facilities, apartments, land plots, houses, structures, etc.

  • Lease of forest plots
  • Amendments to the USRN
  • Gasification
  • Cadastral registration

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Geodetic services

We provide geodetic services both at the stage of construction planning during surveys, and at the stage of construction and installation works. We carry out topographic survey and determine the features of the relief, the location of buildings and engineering networks. The information obtained is taken as the basis for the preparation of the project. Geodetic measures allow you to determine the shape and area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe site, the structure of the soil …

  • Allocation of plots
  • Stakeout of plot boundaries
  • Stakeout of building axes
  • Geodetic survey

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Cadastral engineers

Cadastral engineers of the Academy of Sciences of Istrariel provide services to owners of land plots, capital construction projects, apartments and other real estate for setting property on cadastral registration. If information about real estate is not contained in the unified state register of real estate (EGRN), then the owner will not be able to fully dispose of it and carry out notarial transactions (sale, donation …

  • Conclusion of the cadastral engineer
  • Correction of cadastral errors
  • Cadastral works
  • Measurement works

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MinStroy and MinZhil

During the construction of commercial facilities, we carry out geodetic, geological and environmental surveys, prepare a town-planning plan, SPOZU and a project. We directly interact with Minzhil and Stroynadzor when issuing a building permit and putting the facility into operation. Engineering survey for section

  • Commissioning
  • Commissioning of part of the building
  • Geological survey
  • Geobase

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Building permit

We draw up permits for the construction and reconstruction of individual housing construction objects: we prepare notices, after the construction of the house we form a technical plan, submit it to the USRN and register the building. We obtain approval from organizations that have imposed restrictions on the use of the site. Private house in Istra

  • Construction deviations
  • Connection of utilities
  • Deregistration of houses
  • Construction support

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Testimonials from our customers

Lukina Tatyana Petrovna
Registration of the house

“I turned to Istrariel for help with the design of buildings and land. Everything is 100% done. Employee Natalia, responsible and friendly. I am grateful to your company. I will recommend you. 03.04.Expand”


House registration


Registration of land plots


Land surveying


Transaction support


Boundary plan


House registration


Land surveying


Representation in court


Land surveying


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  • How to obtain a building permit for a store up to 1500 m2

    To obtain a building permit for a store, you need to change the VRI of the site . ..

  • Changing the category of the land plot in 2023

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  • Cadastral engineer forged signature in the Boundary Accordance Act

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  • How to get approval from the Federal Agency for Fishery

    To register construction within the boundaries of the water protection zone, the owners need to…

  • Garage in the area of ​​power lines

    To register a garage near power lines, you will need permission from MOESK and a topographic . ..

  • Coordination of construction with the Federal Security Service (FSO)

    Coordination of construction with the Federal Security Service. Preparing kit…

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registration and registration of an unauthorized extension

A private house is a good opportunity to live comfortably and tastefully. Large area, private plot, the possibility of major repairs and renovation of the appearance of the building. However, it happens that you want to attach a beautiful veranda or make a kitchen with panoramic windows that stands out from the common house. Then it must be remembered that any actions must be officially registered, otherwise problems may arise.

How to arrange an extension to the house, what problems may arise and in which case, we will understand in the article.

Contents of the article

  • Unauthorized extension
  • Possible consequences
  • The process of registration of an unauthorized extension
    • How to register an extension to a private house
  • Conclusion 9 0012

Unauthorized extension

Annex is an addition to the building, not intended original plan. There are capital (intended for housing) and non-capital (in which it is impossible to live). And if the second type of problems never arises, then the first must be treated very carefully.

Unauthorized extension is considered to be an extension that has not been agreed in advance with the local municipality , and it is extremely dangerous to deal with it, since it will be difficult to register it later, and it itself can be demolished on the very first lawsuit.

Therefore, first of all, if you decide to add something, do not forget: first – permission to build an extension to a private house and only then – work, and not vice versa.

Possible consequences

In fact, there are no catastrophic consequences, except for the demolition of the building and the loss of a large amount of money. They won’t put you in jail for it. But claims will be:

  1. Illegal extension, not agreed with the municipality, may interfere with neighbors, which will be a good basis to win the case in court.
  2. Arbitrarily built, it can block the path to important communications (water, electricity, etc.), which is more serious than the usual desire of a neighbor in the country. In this case, what you have built will definitely be demolished.
  3. For any reason, any state structure (sanitary and epidemiological station, etc.) can give a ban on the existence of an extension. And here you understand everything.
  4. An extension can greatly increase the living space, which must necessarily be reflected in various documentation, including tax documentation.

Important! Problems due to unauthorized extensions may not arise immediately, but in the future. For example, when the owner wants to sell the house. It will be simply impossible to do this with an unregistered extension. And there is only one way out – to do everything in advance.

But what if everything is already built? Of course, one should not demolish it on their own, but also hope for an ordinary Russian “maybe” too. It won’t carry. It is urgent to collect documents and register your creation. But how to legalize an unauthorized extension to a private house?

Unauthorized annex process

First, you will need to collect the following package of papers:

  1. Any paper that says that you own the house.
  2. Help from the house magazine.
  3. Consent of the housing estate for the construction.
  4. Documentation relating directly to the home.
  5. Written consent from neighbors, consent from service organizations.
  6. Photographs of the house and outbuildings, layouts, sketches of it, etc.

If the situation is not the best, the local administration will put an end to your extension. With a refusal order, you will need to go to court , submit the same package of documents and wait for its decision. Then it’s up to the court. If the grounds for registering the extension are found, you will win the case, calmly register the extension, while paying the state fee.

However, it is impossible to predict the consequences. The court may not find sufficient grounds to register extension , and then the bailiffs will not care that she does not interfere with anyone and generally stands in her place for many years. Also, at any time, neighbors can complain, to whom, probably, she “blocks the view of the sky.” Therefore, everything needs to be done in advance.

How to register an extension to a private house

How to do it right? To save yourself from problems, you need to remember a few simple tips that will make your life much easier:

  1. Before starting any construction work, need to talk to all the neighbors and get a written receipt from them that they have no claims .