House abandoned: 50 Abandoned Houses That Would Look Great Restored

50 Abandoned Houses That Would Look Great Restored

If you think these abandoned houses look cool now, just imagine them restored!



Castle Fit for a Noble

This property likely held some one of noble class at some time. It’d be a real wonder if it got restored to what it used to be.



Norwegian Village

It’s already got that rustic farmhouse charm that everyone’s after so this little, abandoned house in a Norwegian village would look amazing restored. You can get after it by creating a rustic barn wood door real quick.


Alicia Shields/Shutterstock

Prairie Land

This house looks like a scene in the prairies of the heartland. Imagine watching a storm roll in from the front porch if this home got fixed up. One of the most immediate fixes would need to be the roof. Find out the 15 silent signs your roof is failing.


Stephen Orsillo/Shutterstock

Eastern Seaboard

An abandoned beach house on the Gloucester shore in Massachusetts could be the perfect piece of property for a rehab project. Just make sure you’re cleaning windows like the pros if you’ve got a view of the water.



Farmhouse Charm

This old farmhouse needs some TLC but if it got a coat of paint and some other features it’d be really eye-catching. Get a sense on how to add farmhouse charm to your place easily.


Natalia Bratslavsky/Shutterstock

Queen Anne Restoration

A Queen Anne style home complete with a turret would be a great renovation project once it was done. Check out a place with an incredible turret for … chickens.


Petr Malyshev/Shutterstock

Treehouse Resort

This home looks like it’s in great shape and with a second-story porch it’ll feel like hanging out in a treehouse a little. If you want the real deal, check out these incredible DIY treehouses. Some are more resort than treehouse.



Royal Treatment

This place looks big enough to be part of a castle. Though the exterior is weathered it would surely stun if it were cleaned up a little, like one of these 50 extremely remote castles.



Haunted House

A place like this one looks pretty creepy on the outside and it’s probably not much better inside. Don’t worry about having to clean this place, but get an idea on how to tackle your dirty home with these 100 awesome hacks.


Rolf E. Staerk/Shutterstock

Beautiful Landscape

A little landscape work would improve the view of this property set in Langoelan, Brittany in France. Get a grip on landscaping with 12 incredible tips.


Vjacheslav Shishlov/Shutterstock

Latvian Fixer-Upper

This little project place in Latvia is set in Dobele, a town of about 10,000 in central Latvia. It could be a cool European getaway!



Lots to Fix

Busted out windows all around, siding missing in spots, as much as this house would look cool restored, it’d be a ton of work. Who knows, maybe you can throw a few tiny homes on the same spot.


Ram Kay/Shutterstock

Tudor Style

This place looks like it draws some style from the Tudor period and could make for a great haunted house. Instead it might be best to restore it and be able to host more than one event a year there.


Creative Lab/Shutterstock

Wowza Walls

The walls of this abandoned house make it worth saving. The intricate design and the wainscoting make this place a treasure. Get some stunning wall accents you can do yourself.


Lasko Dmitry/Shutterstock

Minsk, Belarus

This house looks like something more like a hospital from a century ago. Located in Minsk, Belarus, it could be a stunning residence.


Kris Mari/Shutterstock

A Stately Rehab

Over in Belarus again, this manor would seem like a nice house to renovate. Up on a little hill in the countryside sounds kind of nice.



Russian Countryside

The Novgorod region in northwest Russia has a rich history as a trade route and this older home would shine if it were restored to its former look. The intricate woodwork makes it an interesting place. Get into woodworking with one of these 40 easy projects.


Russian Village

Also set in the Russian countryside, this little place could be a vacation getaway if you lived in Russia. It could be on par with these 16 cabins you have to see to believe.


Vladimir Mulder/Shutterstock


An old mansion in Abkhazia, which is a region next to Russia and Georgia along the Black Sea, with overgrown plants could be a prime rehab project. The high ceiling and loads of windows likely made for a striking image in a past life.



Horror Movie Set?

This old house seems like a perfect setting for a horror movie but it might make for a better renovation project. A couple of balconies and porches with lots of windows make this a unique place to revamp.



Rusty Farmhouse

The corrugated steel roof has quite the patina on this old farmhouse. But imagine what it might look like fixed up a little bit. Add a little screened-in porch?


Roberto La Rosa/Shutterstock

Borgo Schiro, Italy

On the island of Sicily near Palermo sits the abandoned village of Borgo Schiro, which was built during the agricultural reforms of Mussolini. It’d be a great spot to retool.


John Arehart/Shutterstock

Victorian Restore

The large porch area of this Victorian house would be especially fun to restore. The witch’s tower also makes this home standout and could be a really lively house if fixed up.



Vlasina Lake, Serbia

A little lake cottage in Serbia could turn into a really lovely retreat space. Set on Vlasina Lake, which was created by the crossing of the Vlasina and Vrla rivers, it’s known for its floating islands. The floating islands are formed by peat bogs.


Lunteren, Netherlands

A pastoral setting is great to get away from the bustle of city life so this little place in the center of the Netherlands would be great tot rehab. The brick exterior might make the project a little less taxing.


Ilja Krahman/Shutterstock

Beachfront Possibility

The possibilities are intriguing with an abandoned house sitting on a lake. A large porch would be great for sunsets though there might be some tree removal necessary to open up the view.


Michi Hayashi/Shutterstock

Pretty Picture

You couldn’t paint a prettier mountain scene than this view from an abandoned house at the foot of a mountain range. It’d be something special to wake up to every day.


wernerimages 2018/Shutterstock

Farmhouse Fixer-Upper

This big farmhouse has some character to it and it’d be nice to see it again after a coat of paint and other repairs.


Josef Zima/Shutterstock

Knock Down, Drag Out

This house might just be a knock down with a collapsed roof but it’d be a shame to lose some of the great craftsmanship of the stone exterior. It might be more of a knock down, drag out fight of a remodel. Plus: Check out the 50 coolest tiny homes in each state.


Spiroview Inc/Shutterstock

Decrepit Dream

This boarded up beast needs some serious work but once it was fixed up, it could become a masterpiece.



Zakopane, Poland

It’s hard to believe that building sits empty in Poland but apparently it’s waiting for renovation. It looks pretty good now but it’s a wonder to see what it will look like renovated.


Amoniak Studio/Shutterstock


Detroit has had its woes economically the past decade and many abandoned homes are simply getting knocked down. The city had 70,000 vacant buildings in 2012, according to the New York Times. As Detroit continues to rethink its city, it’d be nice to see some of the houses remodeled if possible. Plus: Check out these 10 things your neighbor will never tell you.


Corey B Stevens/Shutterstock

Ohio Farmhouse

Out in the rural Ohio landscape rises an old farmhouse near the Kentucky border. It features pillars of Greek revival and looks like it’s standing tall.


Doug McLean/Shutterstock

Renovation Revolution

An old farmhouse in need of some serious attention. It needs new windows in several spots as well as replacement parts for the porch railing. It would, however, look real pretty fixed up.



Grand Remodel

Replacing a roof and pressure washing the stone of this run-down house would likely just be the start but there’s some beauty to this house. Some restoration work would reveal its former magnificence.


Adinda Zeij/Shutterstock

Porto, Portugal

Porto, much like Detroit, experienced tough economic times and approximately 20 percent of the buildings in the town’s center sit vacant. Now tourists can tour buildings like this one in the town, which dates back to 300 BC, though it’d be nice to imagine what it’s like fully restored.


Jorge A. Russell/Shutterstock

Osorno, Chile

An architectural sight in Osorno, Chile, this place might look even more magnificent. As it stands now it looks like a fine mansion, almost out of the movie, The Birds.

Keep the birds around your home well fed with one of these seriously cool birdhouses.



Russian Manor

This former Russian manor would look regal again with a massive overhaul. The old pillars restored and the fine brickwork would make it a jewel once more.



Russian Revamp

This grand-looking manor could look great with some careful attention paid to it. There’d need to be a massive amount of concrete work but that’s easy once you know how to pour a concrete slab.


Elena Tiniakou/Shutterstock

Greek Revisited

This old Greek place has a utilitarian charm to it, though stay away from any geometry debates in Greece.


Alex Marakhovets/Shutterstock

Muromtsevo, Russia

This Gothic castle in Russia has slowly started to fade away through the past four decades and sits between Vladimir and Moscow, next the Golden Ring. The manor dates back to 1884 and belonged to Count Vladimir Semenovich Khrapovitsky. After Khrapovitsky left for Germany in 1921, the estate started to fall into ruin. These 50 remote castles are pretty cool, too.

Originally Published: July 09, 2021

What to Know About an Abandoned Home

When driving around neighborhoods, every so often, you might see what looks like an abandoned house. The signs of abandoned houses are blatantly obvious.

The windows being boarded up, the overgrown landscaping, the peeling paint, and the crumbling driveway are dead giveaways.

Sometimes when looking at abandoned houses, you are left speechless. How could someone let a lovely property go by the wayside? What would cause them to abandon their home?

Many people are interested in abandoned houses, including the cities and towns that deal with them, the neighbors, real estate investors, or other potential buyers.

We will take an in-depth look into everything you need to know about abandoned houses. Let’s dive in.

What is an Abandoned Property?

An abandoned house is one that an owner has voluntarily left behind. Usually, a home is considered abandoned when the owner has not occupied it for several years.

In order for abandonment to be considered, there must be clear evidence that the owner has given up their rights to the property. There also must be a demonstrable intention of the owner to relinquish their control.

When the state cannot reach the property owner after a certain period, they can seize the property through legal action.

A house that is abandoned usually is one that has been left unoccupied and vacant due to foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other financial or legal reasons. Local governments are usually not collecting property taxes anymore from the original owner.

Since most homes are abandoned for financial reasons, they typically need significant renovation and repair.

One specific type of abandoned property is a condemned house. Condemned properties are vacant homes that typically have structural damage and several necessary repairs.

Common Reasons People Abandon Houses

You may be wondering why some folks desert their homes. There are common denominators in what causes many abandoned properties. These are some of the most likely reasons.

  • Financial distress culminates in an inability to pay the mortgage. Missed mortgage payments occur, which leads to the foreclosure process.
  • Unpaid back taxes.
  • The owner passes away.
  • Unwilling or unable to make repairs to the property.
  • An unsafe area.
  • Not wanting to sell an inherited home.
  • Natural disasters.
  • An unexpected quick move out of the area.

Abandoned Properties Condition Continues to Get Worse

One of the most significant problems with vacant houses is the condition continuing to deteriorate over time. It typically will start with an old roof that starts to leak or a basement that floods.

Without proper heating and cooling, pipes can burst to create a cascade of problems.

Water damage is one of the most significant detriments to any home. With nobody there to remedy these problems, mold will quickly settle into the home. Once floors and walls are soaked, mold will quickly spread like wildfire.

The other problem that is a constant threat to an abandoned home is vandalism and squatters. Theft becomes a huge issue. There will be people who will steal anything of value left in the home, including all of the copper piping, appliances, HVAC, etc.

Sometimes the homeless or squatters will take over a property.

Problems With Abandoned Housing

There are many problems associated with an abandoned home beyond it being tough to look at every day. Some of the issues that abandoned properties create are the following:

  • Health Hazards – abandoned properties become a health hazard to the public. Someone can get seriously injured by being curious and entering the property.
  • Public safety – it is not unusual for abandoned housing to pose a public safety threat due to crime, drugs, and homelessness. Criminal activity is expected, and the local police department may know the property well. Crime rates are these homes are almost always higher.
  • Squatters take over – when a home becomes abandoned, they are a magnet for a squatter to occupy.
  • Unpaid expenses – costs continue to accrue without payment, including utilities, taxes, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Property values diminish – the surrounding properties and areas suffer from vacant property. Abandoned housing lowers the property values of other owners in the general area. Nobody wants their market value to decrease, so addressing these homes becomes paramount.

What Happens to an Abandoned Home?

When a house is abandoned, a process must occur before the home can be seized or liquidated. Usually, the first step when a property becomes abandoned is a neighbor making a complaint to local officials in the city or town hall.

A code violation complaint is usually filed in either the building department or zoning office. The code enforcement officer will then try to locate the property owner. At times locating the owner can be challenging.

If the homeowner is not paying taxes, eventually, the property will be taken via a tax sale.

Frequently abandoned houses find their way to foreclosure. The lender holding the mortgage will put it up for auction. The home will go to the REO division within the lending institution if it is not sold.

When the property is habitable, it will often be listed with a local Realtor who will try to sell it. If the home is not habitable, it will be demolished and sold as a building lot.

Given these homes are usually eye soars, other homeowners will want to protect the value of their own property. Empty homes can impact the entire neighborhood, especially with an unkempt yard.

How to Find Out if a House is Abandoned

The best way to find out if a property has been abandoned is to go directly to the local city hall. Ensure the address is handy, so the clerk can quickly look it up.

Unless the abandonment just happened, they will likely know if the owner has deserted the property. They will be able to tell you the owner of an abandoned house. Their public records may provide you with the owner’s phone numbers or other contact information.

In some financially stricken areas, you might find a list of homes that are vacant.

How to Buy Abandoned Houses?

Lots of folks ask if you can buy abandoned homes. The answer is yes.

They also want to know how to find abandoned houses. Locating an abandoned home isn’t always easy. Abandoned homes end up being cheap due to the nature of the property and the likely deplorable condition.

Many folks want to buy an abandoned house in order to get a good deal. Fixing up one of these abandoned properties could potentially provide a significant profit. They are often the ideal properties for investors and contractors to purchase.

Several ways exist for finding abandoned houses nearby your location. Abandoned houses for sale can be found on local government websites. Many areas have a list of abandoned properties. Usually, you can find them at the clerk’s office at the city or town hall.

You can also search for abandoned houses for sale by looking for them at auctions. Most abandoned homes are liquidated in this fashion.

Believe it or not, some abandoned houses have been sold for free or at massive discounts.

Abandoned Houses Near Me

While finding an abandoned house in a more affluent area is more challenging, you may get lucky. One of the better methods, when you live in a lower-income area, is to drive around looking for these types of properties.

Investors like to call this the “driving for dollars” approach. The tell-tale signs, as mentioned previously, are homes that have been boarded up, have tall grass, peeling paint, and rotted wood. They generally look like they are a disaster.

It is not unusual to see trash in the yard or mail overflowing out of the mailbox. Ask the mailman, and they will usually be able to tell you where to find a deserted home.

You might also want to try to locate the owner yourself. Having a look at our helpful guide on how to find property owners. You may be able to strike a deal with the owner of the home before ownership is taken away.

The last method is to use Google for an online search. The search term abandoned houses near me or abandoned houses near me for sale could lead to some potential results. You may pick up upon some of the government properties taken for taxes or potential auctions taking place.

There may even be a real estate agent advertising abandoned houses for sale if they have been chosen to market a foreclosure.

If that is the case, it will likely be posted on the many popular websites for home buyers. Ask your real estate agent to check current real estate listings. Local Realtors may know if there are any vacant properties.

Abandoned Haunted Houses

One of the eeriest forms of an abandoned home is a haunted house. There are homes across the country that their owners have deserted because of paranormal activity.

If you are into this kind of thing, you can see why someone would skip town and leave behind their home. Looking at popular TV shows like Paranormal Activity, Ghost Hunters, and others like them, you can see why property owners would want to pack their bags and not return.

Abandoned haunted houses have become more commonplace due to what took place on the property and the torturous activity of the remaining spirits.

Looking at these pictures of some of the more frightening haunted houses, it is not hard to understand why. If the thought of buying an abandoned haunted house is intriguing, you can probably find one.

Here are even more pictures of some downright spooky abandoned homes. Old abandoned houses tend to pique your curiosity about what took place to cause the owner to leave.

If you like looking at creepy abandoned houses, you’ll love some of the pictures of these properties.

You can search abandoned haunted houses for sale near me to see if you find any results.

Selling an Abandoned House

Sometimes a homeowner will run into a problem in their life and, at a moment’s notice, snap out of it. It is possible that they will come to the realization that deserting their home was not a good idea.

They will want to get their financial life back on track in times like these. If you are the owner of an abandoned home, you should first contact a real estate attorney and get professional advice.

One of the many things a real estate attorney does is provide sound guidance.

Has the government started the process of taking the home? Has the mortgage lender posted a foreclosure? It is possible you may be able to stop these proceedings.

You may still be able to sell your abandoned home. If things can be worked out, it will make sense to contact a local real estate professional and have them list the property for sale.

The real estate agent can guide you on what to do. Are you able to make any improvements, or do you need to sell as-is?

Listing the home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the way you will sell for the most money. However, if time isn’t on your side and you need to sell quickly, contacting a company like We Buy Ugly Houses or other investor companies like them may be more prudent.

These companies will pay cash for your home and close very fast. With a cash offer, they can take immediate possession. The exact kind of situation a real estate investor looks for.

Final Thoughts on Abandoned Houses

According to the National Association of Realtors, as of March 2022, there are 16 Million vacant properties across the United States. Of course, not all of these homes will turn into abandoned housing, but some of them will.

This resource shows the vacancy rates in states across the country.

Whether you are buying or selling abandoned property, it is essential to do proper due diligence. Connecting with a qualified real estate attorney will likely be valuable in these situations.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed what you need to know about an abandoned house. If you have any questions or have an abandoned home you would like to sell, feel free to reach out.


About the Author: The above Real Estate information on abandoned houses is provided by Bill Gassett, a Nationally recognized leader in his field. Bill can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at 508-625-0191. Bill has helped people move in and out of many Metrowest towns for 36+ Years.

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Abandoned House (2007) – Film.



The Abandoned


horror spain




spectators | 8

my mark

Rate movie




1 hour 34 minutes


Nacho Cerda


Nacho Cerda
Karim Hussain
richard stanley


02/23/2007 (worldwide)

04/05/2007 (Russian Federation)


3000000 $


$2 822 441 (worldwide)
$1,331,137 (USA)

film distribution



Castelao Producciones S. A., Filmax International S.A., Future Films Ltd.

other names

Abandonados, Los, Bloodline


Official website (Spanish/English) American site for wide release

Creators and actors

About the movie

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Film in collections





Creators and actors


Nacho Cerda

Anastasia Hill

Karel Roden

Valentin Ganev

Carlos Reig

About the film

The American Mary returns to her homeland, to Russia, where her mother’s corpse was found under strange circumstances. Mary never knew her real parents, as she was adopted by an American family as a baby.

There is only one clue to the mysterious death. This is an abandoned house in the Russian outback, left to her as a legacy.

No one, except for a random stranger, is taken to accompany her, because according to folk legends, this place is cursed. Arriving at their destination, the mysterious companion suddenly disappears…

After exploring the house, Mary discovers that she is not alone in it. A man named Nikolai claims that he also ended up in this house because of an inheritance. They suddenly realize that they are connected by a common past that keeps its secrets.

Ghosts roam the abandoned house. And these ghosts… THEY ARE.

Pictures of the past appear before their eyes. They see their own death in the smallest detail… Nikolai and Mary understand that they did not end up in this house by accident, behind all these horrors lies a terrible secret of their family. ..

Directed by

After death


Europe – Films for ninety-nine euros 2

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Movies about stalkers

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13 films


Movies like Abandoned House



The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh


The Skeptic

Endangered breed

Dying Breed









How can one become the owner of abandoned real estate

Fresh number



Thematic applications


Fresh number


24. 12.2020 19:08


Olga Ignatova

According to the Russian Union of Gardeners, today in gardening associations 10-15% of abandoned land, in some SNT – up to half plots are abandoned.

Sergey Mikheev / RG

How many abandoned houses in Russia may become known after the 2021 census. But in any village, settlement, village, dacha association, there are houses in which no one lives. The reasons may be different: there are no owners and no heirs. Or there are heirs, but their hands do not reach the site. But when the hands reach, it may well turn out that someone already lives in the house.

How is this possible? Maybe! And quite legally, Russians can occupy empty and abandoned houses. Experts from the Federal Cadastral Chamber of Rosreestr wrote a step-by-step guide specifically for RG on how to become the owner of an abandoned house.

Step one. The first step is to find out whether the house you like and the land on which it is located really does not have an owner. How to do it? Contact the chairman of the garden partnership on whose territory the property is located, or to the local government if the site is located in the village.

You can also search for real estate owners through the public cadastral map using the cadastral numbers of the plot and house. It does not hurt to make a request for information from the Unified State Register of Real Estate (EGRN).

Experts of “RG” analyze the legal aspects of SNT in the heading “Legal consultation”

If the house still has an owner, but he is ready to get rid of him, then in this case the house will become the property of the one who liked it, only under a civil law transaction, that is, under a contract of sale. The Cadastral Chamber reminds that according to the Land Code, the fate of a land plot and objects firmly associated with it is the same if both the land plot and the house located on it belong to a person by right of ownership. In this case, it is necessary to register ownership of this house simultaneously with the purchase and registration of rights to the site on which such a house is located.

If the owner could not be found, then most likely it is ownerless property. Therefore, you can move on to the next step.

Step two. It is quite complex and can take a long time. Experts emphasize that according to the law, an ownerless object is understood as an object that has no owner, it is unknown or has renounced ownership rights.

If a person is determined to buy a house that does not have an owner, you need to be patient. The application process can take over a year.

To begin with, such a house as ownerless property must be registered in the Unified State Register of Real Estate. “The municipal authority on whose territory such a house is located applies for registration of an ownerless property to the rights registration authority. The procedure for registering an ownerless property takes a maximum of 15 working days from the date of receipt of documents by the rights registration authority,” they say in the Cadastral Chamber.

After a year has elapsed from the date of registration of an ownerless immovable thing, a municipal body may apply to the court with a demand to recognize the right of municipal ownership of this thing. Further, the municipality applies to the rights registration authority with an application for state registration of the municipal property right to this object. And the court decision that has entered into legal force will serve as the basis document. Only after the state registration of the right of municipal property, this object can be the subject of bidding.

Land plots, including abandoned ones, can be put up for auction by the municipality. To purchase them, you need to win such auctions. But you can buy a plot with a house, including a “ownerless” one, without bidding. This is possible if the land plot is intended for individual housing construction, personal subsidiary farming within the boundaries of the settlement, gardening, was initially provided to citizens or peasant (farm) households for the relevant activities.

Step three. If local authorities or SNT are ready to sell abandoned property without bidding, and this is quite possible, then you just have to wait for the registration of ownership and an extract from the USRN.

According to the law, an ownerless property is understood as an object that has no owner, is unknown or has given up ownership rights

How much will the legal acquisition of ownerless real estate cost? The biggest costs are for buying it from the municipality and for subsequent development. You may have to demolish and rebuild a lot of things. There may be additional costs for notary services when concluding sales contracts.

In rare cases, a situation may arise when you have issued a “ownerless” property and registered the right to it, but the previous owner suddenly showed up. In such a scenario, litigation is inevitable. It is important to remember that if a person who is not the owner of the property in good faith, openly and continuously owns it as his own for 15 years, then he acquires the right of ownership of the property.

The Cadastral Chamber pays attention to such a curious moment. Any owner of an ownerless house, the rights to which he previously refused for some reason (perhaps just in a rush!), But their action was not terminated, can apply to the rights registration authority with an application to take this property back into possession.