Hallway storage ideas: 16 Hallway Storage Ideas to Try Yourself

16 Hallway Storage Ideas to Try Yourself


Kate Van Pelt

Kate Van Pelt

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Published on 12/21/22

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This article is part of our series, The 7-Day Spruce Up: Your Ultimate Guide to Home Organizing. The 7-Day Spruce Up is your destination for whole home happiness, curating our very best tips and product recommendations to help you create your tidiest, coziest, most beautiful home yet.

Hallways can sometimes feel like wasted space. They’re awkward and skinny and typically serve as little more than a passage from one room to another.

However, hallways deserve much more credit than we give them. You can dress up a hallway with pretty prints, of course, but it’s also ideal for shoe and sweater storage or even extra pantry space. If you have a closet to work with, the possibilities are even greater.

The trick is learning how to address your unique storage needs within the space allotted. So we’ve gathered 16 creative ways to transform your hallway into a pretty and practical storage solution.

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    Straighten Up Your Linen Closet

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    If your hallway comes with a simple linen closet, odds are you’ve already made the most of this space for storage. However, it’s easy to neglect your linen closet over time, and eventually it becomes an unsightly mess of towels and toiletries. Start fixing up your hallway storage by organizing your linen closet into groups. Sort linens into piles of like items. Do the same with toiletries, dividing them into plastic bins.

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    Create a Stylish Built-In

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Depending on the location of your hallway and your storage needs, you might benefit from a stylish built-in. This is an especially ideal solution for families, as each cubby can belong to a specific individual. Use this space for everything from shoes and backpacks to sweaters and baseball bats.

    The 10 Best Shoe Storage Benches of 2023

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    Make a Mini Mudroom

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    If your hallway is situated near an exterior door, the most fitting storage solution for your home could be a mini mudroom. Create space for items like boots, umbrellas, dog leashes, and other everyday items with a simple adjustable shelf system. You can dress up the look with a set of pretty baskets or keep the storage ultra-practical with heavy-duty plastic bins that can withstand ample dirt and debris.

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    Construct a Hallway Pantry

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Have you every considered transforming your hallway into extra pantry space? For families who spend lots of time cooking and gathering in the kitchen, an open-shelf hallway-style pantry system makes for an excellent addition to the home. Be sure to incorporate practical storage solutions like shelf risers and lazy Susans, as well as more aesthetic options like wicker and wire baskets.

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    Utilize Crates and Containers

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    One of the quickest ways to organize your hallway closet, no matter its contents, is with a collection of crates and containers. You can pick out a set of stylish baskets from your favorite store, but basic, plastic bins will get the job done just fine. We recommend clearing the closet completely, organizing the items into groups, then returning each set of belongings back to the closet in labeled, storage containers.

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    Add a Minimal Shelf

    @estherbschmidt / Instagram

    Not every hallway has the square footage to accommodate a built-in pantry or a mini mudroom. If you’re working with less real estate, why not add a petite shelf. You can use this space for smaller items like keys and credit cards and dress it up with a pretty portrait. This is also an excellent spot for a candle or diffuser to keep the entryway smelling great.

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    Hang Some Pretty Baskets

    @estherbschmidt / Instagram

    As an alternative to the minimal shelf proposed above, another way to increase storage space in your hallway is with hanging baskets. This idea is especially eye-catching and may allow for more storage than the shelf option, depending on the size baskets you select. Use them for cozy items like blankets and books or miscellaneous needs like gloves and hats.

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    Beautify With a Tiny Table

    @estherbschmidt / Instagram

    One way to add a little extra storage to your hallway is with a small table situated at the end. This is a great way to add some aesthetic appeal to a boring hallway, while also addressing your storage needs. You can create a designated spot for spare change, for instance, or accessories like earbuds, but you can also spruce up the zone with a plant or framed photo.

  • 09
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    Design a Practical Pit Stop

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    If your hallway extends from the front door, there might be room to design a brief pit stop on your way in and out of the home. You can purchase a pre-made entryway hutch with hooks, a bench, and storage for shoes, or you can construct your own to fit the space. This attractive solution can meet multiple storage needs all at once.

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    Choose Functional Furniture

    @milkandhoneylife / Instagram

    Some hallways can make room for large built-in cubbies and entryway hutches, but others may require smaller storage options. Nevertheless, functional furniture exists in all shapes and sizes. This hallway, for example, features both a slender bench and table, perfect for taking off your shoes at the end of a long day and setting down your purse or wallet before continuing into the home.

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    Install a Pretty Set of Hooks

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    Another way to add extra storage space to a skinny hallway is with a set of hooks that fit both your design style as well as your storage needs. This custom, wall-mounted coat rack provides a home for totes and jackets as well as a stylish divider between wallpaper and paint.

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    Add a Standing Mirror

    @wilsonaesthetic_ / Instagram

    If you’re the type who likes to check your outfit one last time on your way out the door, you’ll love this hallway storage idea. Create a vanity-style space in your hallway with a full-length, floor mirror and some final outfit additions, like hats and jewelry. The addition of a mirror in your hallway can also create the illusion of more room.

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    Label Your Closet Storage

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    One of the most widely accepted tips from professional home organizers can be summarized in one word: labels. Whether you choose to fill your hallway closet with sheets and pillows, assorted cooking oils, or everything from medicines to tape measures, be sure to label your storage baskets and bins to stay organized.

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    Incorporate a Decorative Ladder

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    Another simple storage idea for skinny hallways is to add a decorative ladder for your collection of comfy blankets. This is another option that is both stylish and functional. Additionally, if you’re crafty and motivated, you can even create the ladder yourself with a set of dowels and nails.

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    Select a Sleek, Slender Cabinet

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    If you have the room, consider adding a cabinet or two to your hallway for storage underneath and pretty decor on top. Cabinets can be particularly useful for hallways, since they hide all your storage behind closed doors. Stick with a neutral wood tone or color palette for your cabinets, so as to not overwhelm the small space with bold colors or designs.

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    Create Clean Lines With Storage and Decor

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    Hallways are the perfect place the incorporate storage solutions alongside aesthetic additions, but it’s important to make sure the two complement one another. This hallway, for example, pairs a skinny black floating shelf with a simple gallery wall of black-framed photos. The clean lines of the shelf and framed prints match beautifully, creating a cute and cohesive look as you enter the home.

45 Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home

9 hallway storage ideas to slay entryway organization

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No matter how big or small your space is, with the right hallway storage ideas in place, you can organize your entryway effectively. Hall storage is a must in every apartment, especially if you have a busy shared household with various sets of coats, keys, and mismatched shoes to stow away.

For the record, organizing a small apartment doesn’t have to be boring, and we promise this is a clear storage box-free zone. Stylish and functional, the days of a messy greeting on arrival are done, and no more tripping over shoes when you only wanted to reach the bedroom…

Prices were accurate at the time of writing this article.

Hallway storage ideas for an entryway overhaul

1. Go preppy chic with a locker

(Image credit: @letsgotopoppys)

If you’re “clueless” about what hallway storage ideas to introduce to your entryway, then I’m here to help you pass your styling exam with flying colors. This locker idea is super cute and many of today’s designs come in some dreamy pastel schemes to show off your personality from the get-go!


Mustard Made The Shorty Locke



Realrooms Shadwick 2 Door Metal Locker



Ameriwood Home Novogratz Cache Single Metal Locker


2. Consolidate clutter with a console table

(Image credit: @interior_in_oslo)

Consider your hallway console table as the preview playbook to give guests a li’l taster of what to expect. An aesthetic amuse bouche. An entrance entree, if you will. Here, Maria Skranes aka @interior_in_oslo has displayed colorful glassware and bowls (decluttering her kitchen in the process).

Tempered glass

Zipcode Design™ Edwin Console Table

$106. 99

Faux marble accents

Willa Arlo™ Interiors Leiston Console Table


Chrome finish

Wrought Studio™ Arlayne Console Table


3. “Shoo” away ugly footwear with stylish shoe storage

♬ original sound – el ✨

It’s fine to exert that quiet luxury look with a pair of cute Birkenstocks or UGGs on display. But no one wants to see those nasty sneakers you sweat in at the gym, week in, week out — OK?! Pop those eyesores out of sight with a concealed shoe rack. I like the Ikea TRONES cabinet that’s all over TikTok, but there are other alternatives out there.

Available in black or white

Ikea TRONES shoe cabinet

$39. 99

Mid-century modern

ZeHuoGe Natural Rattan Shoe Cabinet


Holds 18 pairs

Foundstone™ Wood Shoe Cabinet


4. Brighten up a dark hallway with a light colored ottoman

♬ CAP – Burrell

“To get the best storage on a budget, you need to have a plan,” says Amber Dunford, associate art director, and lead stylist at Overstock.com.

“Know what items you’re looking to store. Depending on how you want to showcase those items, you may want to look at multi-purpose furniture like a storage ottoman or a storage cube.”

As seen on TikTok

KIVENJAJA Pouf Ottoman


On trend

Opalhouse™ Jungalow™ Maddalena Mushroom Stool

Removable lids

Mercury Row® Callum Upholstered Storage Ottoman

$151. 99 for 2

5. Pop a mirror above your storage to trick the eye

(Image credit: @_hhinteriors_)

A quick and easy way to upgrade your hallway storage is to use a mirror on top of it. By doing this, you can instantly create the feeling of more space than there actually is. It’s a common trick used by real estate agents and interior designers alike.

 If you want to reflect on how to recreate this in your own home, be sure to check out our respective buying guides — especially our Target mirrors edit.

Style steal

Room Essentials™ Framed Door Mirror


CONGUILIAO Irregular Wall Mirror


Anthropologie dupe

Fleur De Lis Living Anglo Arch Metal Wall Mirror


6. Maximize space with hallway seating benches with storage

tiktok.com/@home.at.number.ten/video/6954617765676223750″ data-video-id=”6954617765676223750″>
♬ Levitating – Dua Lipa

If renting prevents you from drilling into walls, or if you want to create a more relaxed feel to your space, an unfitted storage unit is worth a thought. Opting for an all-in-one unit that combines a coat rack with hallway shoe storage and a spot to sit down maximizes space while functioning as an attractive addition.

Fancy a challenge? Buy or thrift a bench from the charity store and have a go at DIYing your own. Not enough time on your hands? Take a look at the trio below.

3-in-1 hallway storage

VASAGLE Coat Rack, Hall Tree with Shoe Storage Bench


Space saving

17 Stories Ceilean Freestanding Coat Rack


Concealed storage

Mercury Row® Hanner Steel Hall Tree with Shoe Storage

$273. 99

7. Prop a ladder shelf against the wall if you have a narrow hallway or studio

♬ som original – crz

If you like the idea of a console table but your narrow hallway doesn’t allow for it, propping a rustic-looking ladder shelf against the wall is a great alternative. 

With shelves for displaying your top indoor plants, book storage, or storing everyday essentials; a hook to keep keys at hand and a ladder rung for hanging light coats and jackets.

Here’s an apartment decorating hack — paint the ladder in the same color as your walls to camouflage it. 

Wall Mounted

Karl home Ladder Shelf 5 Tier Wall Mounted Bookcase



UO Levi Storage Ladder

Five tiers

17 Stories Kanissa Ladder Bookshelf

$219. 99

8. Pick out wall hung hallway storage units to max out on space

Coupling a functional fitted coat storage unit with a stylishly decorated shelf (styled with zen-enhancing house plants, perfectly displayed pictures, and other attractive bits and bobs) is a great hallway storage idea if you’re looking to add interest to your space. 

Marble effect

Latitude Run® Floating Shelves



Gillian Sliding Door Wall Shelf

9. If in doubt, add storage baskets!

Baskets are really handy for items you want to grab as you’re going out of the door, like tissues, sunglasses, or wipes. Look for baskets with lids as they’re great for stacking and also those that come with reusable labels — they take the guesswork out of reaching for items when you’re in a rush.


Xhwykzz 4 Pack Mini Pastel Crates

$7. 95 for 4


Threshold™ Woven Natural Decorative Cane Pattern Small Basket



H&M Cotton Storage Basket


How do you build storage in a narrow hallway?

Narrow or small hallways in particular are clutter magnets. Be ruthless about what lives in your hallway and limit it to the items you use regularly every day. Try to reduce what is visually on display to make the space feel bigger.

Lizzie Grant, founder of Declutter on Demand, a national professional organizing service provides her tips for keeping a clean and tidy space. She advises that: “Skinny storage in narrow hallways is best to give the impression of space. Try a shoe storage cabinet where shoes can be stored vertically rather than horizontally.”

“Store coats in shallow cupboards with forward-facing rails instead of the usual left to right. If you do not have space for this, use wall pegs to keep coat clutter to a minimum and make your hallway look bigger. Extra coats can be kept in your wardrobe or in a coat cupboard under the stairs and swapped out as the seasons change.”

Hallway storage – useful ideas and life hacks

The hallway is a special place in any apartment. Do you know why? This is the first room you enter when you come home. This means that it should be the most comfortable, bright and clean, so that you would like to return to the house.

But it often happens that when we come home, we quickly run through the hallway, literally closing our eyes and firmly believing that we are wearing an invisibility cloak. Run to the room and here it is, salvation. Why is the hallway often not the most comfortable room in the house? Firstly, it is most often very small and cannot accommodate all those things that we have. This results in clutter. Secondly, there is no natural light in the hallway. Because of this, if you do not take care of competent artificial lighting, it will be dark in it, which means uncomfortable.

And third, storage! Is it possible to organize a good storage system in the hallway with your own hands? Of course, but for this you need to know the ergonomics of space and life hacks, how to store things in a small space without littering it either inside or on surfaces. It is these life hacks that our today’s article is about, read to the end!

Article content:

  1. What can and should be stored in the hallway
  2. Shoe part
  3. Outerwear piece
  4. Hats
  5. Various accessories: umbrellas, bags, gloves, scarves
  6. Care products for clothing and footwear
  7. Other household items
  8. What can be used to organize a storage system in the hallway
  9. Compact wardrobes
  10. Special foyer cabinets
  11. Small storage boxes
  12. Ottomans with storage box
  13. Small benches
  14. Hanging shelves
  15. Small boxes
  16. Small baskets
  17. Key holders
  18. Organizers
  19. Wall hangers and hooks
  20. And, of course, shoe racks
  21. A few tips for compact hallway storage
  22. Everything superfluous – to the Attic
  23. Benefits of storing things in the attic rather than in the hallway
  24. Allow yourself comfort

What can and should be stored in the hallway

1. Shoe part

Why exactly a part – because in our climate all shoes are strictly divided into 2 categories: winter and summer. There are also demi-season models, but they, as a rule, are suitable for all seasons at once – the so-called “universal soldiers”. And a smart decision is to store in the hallway only those shoes that are suitable for the current season. This will allow you to always have twice as much free space in the hallway for actual shoes.

2. Part of outerwear

The same with clothes as with shoes: in summer you can safely get rid of storing fur coats, hats and down jackets in the hallway, and in winter we put away trench coats, windbreakers and straw hats. It is especially important to remove winter things in summer, because, due to their materials and size, they take up a lot of space.

3. Hats

It is convenient to store them in the hallway in order to choose the right model right before going out.

4. Various accessories: umbrellas, bags, gloves, scarves

You will have to master discipline with these things, because they tend to crawl into all rooms and corners. But they are all part of the outfit, so you should put them on just before going out.

5. Care products for clothing and footwear

These are various bottles, tubes, brushes, sprays, sponges. It is also best to keep them on hand so that you can put your clothes, shoes or accessories in order before going out.

6. Other household items

This includes keys, small tools, a folder for bills and receipts, a comb, a mirror.

What can be used to organize a storage system in the hallway

All the things listed in the previous block require a certain storage system, otherwise there will be chaos and disorder in the hallway. Different devices and methods are intended for different types of things. We list the most effective.

1. Compact sliding wardrobes

The sliding wardrobe allows you to save a lot of space, which would be intended for the opening radius of a classic door. This means that the coupe can be placed even in the narrowest and smallest hallway.

2. Special cabinets for the hallway

They can combine closed and open storage. Such systems are convenient when you want to hide shoes or some visually unattractive things (for example, household items), but at the same time maintain a sense of spaciousness. You can put something beautiful on open shelves – your favorite accessories or decor.

3. Small storage boxes

If there is still no place to put a wardrobe (even a compartment), then in combination with a regular wall hanger you can pick up a couple of drawers. Storage boxes can be wooden, plastic, wicker or fabric, and they can also form a bookcase if there is an option to stack them on top of each other.

4. Pouffes with storage

Even the smallest hallway should have a place where you can sit down and comfortably put on your shoes. An ottoman with a storage box is a great life hack that allows you to combine convenience with functionality, because inside you can store shoes, care bottles or umbrellas.

5. Small benches

A bench with a storage box in the hallway is an option when you have enough space and want to maintain visual space. By the way, it is quite possible to put actual shoes under the bench itself, but only literally 1-2 pairs, so as not to litter the space.

6. Hanging shelves

Their huge advantage is that they can be used in a hallway of absolutely any size, since there is always a free wall. Shelves can be near the mirror or above it, they can be short or long, narrow or wide. It all depends on what you are going to store on them. Choose shelves in such a way that it is convenient for you to get objects from them and at the same time they do not interfere with the passage. If in doubt about the quantity, then do not hang more than 2 shelves. And always leave free space for them.

7. Small boxes

For example, small boxes made of cloth or rattan can be hung on the wall or stored above the dressing room. It is convenient to store household items, hats, accessories in boxes.

8. Small baskets

Small baskets can be very functional! For example, store shoes or umbrellas. And they can perform a decorative function – you can add various small items or receipts there.

9. Key holders

If there is not enough space in the hallway, use a wall-mounted key holder. If there is a cabinet in the room, then you can put a beautiful decorative key holder in the form of a statue or some object.

10. Organizers

They help to store all types of things at once in one place without losing anything. For convenience, you can beautifully sign each pocket.

11. Wall Hangers and Hooks

Hooks are the savior of your square centimeters, if there are so few of them. Remember that if you plan to store clothes on hooks, then in the store choose those models that do not require coat hangers.

12. And, of course, shoe racks

Keeping shoes in a closed shoe rack visually makes the hallway look neater. On the floor, it becomes easier to keep clean – you clean and mop the floor less. And the shoes will keep their neat appearance longer. After all, if you store it without a shoe rack, then dust will constantly settle on it. If it seems to you that the shoe rack does not fit all the shoes, then remember one of the first life hacks – to store only seasonally relevant shoes in the hallway.

A few tips for compact storage in the hallway

  • Use any niche, even very small ones, if you have them – you can hang a beautiful basket there and put receipts, gloves, keys or umbrellas.
  • Actively use mezzanines – it is convenient to store archives, personal belongings, small sports equipment there.
  • Be sure to use the corners – you can put narrow open shelving up to the ceiling in them, and they will accommodate everything you need.
  • If there are interior doors in the hallway or a door to the pantry, use them to place mirrors, small shelves, hooks – this will expand the storage area.
  • Use different storage formats, such as a combination of open and closed systems.
  • Be sure to provide lighting – your perception of the room depends on the lighting, and it will also be easier to clean up and find the right things.
  • And don’t forget about decor for comfort – in the hallway it would be appropriate to hang a knitted panel, a picture, a poster or a planter with succulents.

Everything superfluous – to the Attic

The hallway is clearly not your warehouse, so seasonal and temporarily “extra” things have nothing to do there. What to do with skis, bicycles, scooters, out-of-season clothes and shoes, and especially car tires? To the attic! We are ready to give you the missing square meters and free your hallway from what gets in the way, gathers dust and spoils the view of the whole apartment. Consider that now you will have your own personal warehouse – after all, we pick up and deliver things right to your home!

How does the Attic work? Very simple: you form a list of things that you temporarily do not need for any reason. Then, literally in one click, you place an order on our website, in social networks, instant messengers or by phone (depending on where it is more convenient for you) – just tell us how many things you have so that we understand how many movers and packaging will be needed for your order. Then we agree on a time convenient for you – the movers come home and the fun begins! We work and you rest. Yes, now you don’t even have to think about packing things – we will do everything ourselves, because the movers will have 15 types of packaging materials so that things reach the warehouse safe and sound. We will mark everything and take it to the warehouse – on the same evening, things will appear in your virtual warehouse in your personal account on the website or in the mobile application. You can breathe easy – no clutter in the hallway, only space, cleanliness and comfort.

How can I return things if they are needed? Exactly the same – in one click. Press “return” opposite the position you need in your personal account and the next day the item is already at your home. Comfortable? Not that word!

Benefits of storing things in the attic, not in the hallway

  • Things do not get dusty, as they are securely packed.
  • There is a lot of space in the hallway, as everything seasonal is stored with us.
  • You don’t need to deal with packing and delivery of things – the movers will do everything.
  • It’s convenient to store seasonal clothes – donate what is out of season and pick up the latest.
  • Ideal conditions in the warehouse – at any time of the year +20 degrees Celsius, a constant certain level of humidity, as well as regular ventilation and cleaning.
  • Complete security: CCTV cameras without blind spots and 24/7 security.
  • Service: our support works every day, you can call us at any time and clarify your question.

Treat yourself to comfort

Leave the idea that the hallway is a secondary room in the apartment. Even if you spend almost no time there, the hallway sets the mood for you when you first enter the house. Be sure to take the time to choose the right decor, arrange lighting, if necessary – spend more lighting. And try not to store in the hallway what should not be there: bicycles, exercise equipment, clothes “for growth”, things that you plan to take to the country and everything else can stand in the hallway for years and suck out your energy. Make the hallway bright and spacious – and things can be deposited in the Attic at any time!

25 good examples — INMYROOM


Wardrobes, chests of drawers, hangers and drawers – someone already has a favorite way of storing in the hallway, and someone is just looking for fresh ideas. Sharing current options from Russian designers

The hallway can be narrow or wide, roomy or uncomfortable: in any case, it should have storage space. We made a selection of ideas from Russian designers. Hanger on the wall, chest of drawers or several storage options together – the choice is yours.

1. Mirror cabinet

The good old mirror wardrobe does not lose ground: it saves space and makes the space wider and brighter. And in general, the mirror in the hallway is the place. By the way, it is not necessary to make cabinet doors completely mirrored: combine the mirror with wood, plastic, opaque glass.

And for those who can’t fit a large closet in the corridor, a mini-locker with a mirrored door will suit: it will be convenient to store small things, cosmetics and some clothes in this.

Design: Co:Interior

Design: Tatyana Kuptsova

Design: Zhenya Zhdanova

Design: Anna Ilyina, Anton Ramazanov, A-Remstroy

Design: Olga Ulyanova, Yury Gritsenko, design organization « Unicum»


Built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes with hinged doors will suit owners of spacious hallways, conservators and lovers of eco-style. Such a cabinet will successfully fit even into a narrow niche, which is beyond the power of a wardrobe, and its appearance can fully match the interior of the hallway.

By the way, cabinet shutter doors are gaining more and more popularity: they are responsible for ventilation and look great thanks to their unusual design.

Design: Margarita Repina, OM Design

Design: Margarita Melnikova, Tatyana Nikitina, Marion Studio

Design: Anna Serskova, YOH architects

Design: Irina Legotkina, Boris Komarovsky, Timur Abdrakhmanov, Studio 3.14″

Design: Ludmila Krishtaleva

3. Spacious chest of drawers or narrow shoe rack

If there is no place for a closet in your hallway, a chest of drawers can live there. Wide with drawers is suitable for clothes, umbrellas and even documents, but, like a closet, it will require space. But a narrow and high chest of drawers for shoes can be placed even outside the front door, and more than one pair will fit in it.

Design: Nadya Zotova, Enjoy Home bureau

Design and photo: apartment owner Alexey Gurkin

Design: Yulia Chernova

Design: Nadya Zotova, Enjoy Home

Design: Maria Makhmudova

4. Console

The console is good because it will fit even 20 extra centimeters along the wall. It is convenient to use for storing keys, money and cosmetics. In this case, a mirror in a pair of consoles will come in handy. And although you can’t call a roomy console, its advantage is in design: original models will decorate your interior.

Design: Natalia Sorokina

Design: Valeria Stennikova, Insomnia studio

Design: ID project studio

Design: Evgenia Matveenko, architectural bureau FlatsDesign

5. Clothes hangers

An open hanger is convenient because it takes up minimal space with great functionality.