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Gray and Neutral Bedroom Ideas, Photos and Tips


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Updated on 05/23/23

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Decorate a room entirely in neutrals, and while it will likely be attractive, it may also be a bit dull. Choose a palette of all gray for your bedroom and again, you’ll probably end up with a space that looks nice, but might also be somewhat chilly or grim. But marry the two together, and you’ll love the results: a room that is warm and yet not dated, tranquil but not cold, elegant but not stuffy, contemporary but not stark. If you’re looking for an extremely versatile—but still fairly safe—palette for your bedroom, it’s hard to go wrong when you mix gray with whispers of white, cream, and tan.

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    Gray and Neutral in a Teen’s Room


    It’s not only adults who love the calm and contemporary combination of gray and soft neutrals. Many preteens and teens also love the look. The room shown here gets it right: the star-spangled gray-and-white bedding is lots of fun, but the simple, rustic wooden bedside tables, nubby cream area rug, and industrial-inspired lighting fixtures all combine to create a definitely grownup vibe.

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    Mixing Patterns

    House Beautiful

    When you’re working with a very simple palette of soft color, it’s much easier to go a little bold with your pattern play. In particular, if you love the look of patterned carpet, sticking to soft gray, brown, cream, or tan allows you to go bold on the floor without visually overloading the space. For proof, just check out the bedroom featured here. Along with the striped carpet, the patterned bench at the foot of the bed, the fabric-draped bedside table and the stunning wood-plank ceiling add a lot of patterned punch to the room, but because of the carefully controlled color scheme, the result is still soothing—not stimulating. That’s the beauty of gray and soft neutrals in the bedroom. (Love the whispery-soft gray wall color? It’s Gray Owl from Benjamin Moore.)

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    Gray and Neutral Goes Glamorous


    Never let it be said that neutrals can’t be glamorous. When you stick with colors of the same intensity throughout a room, you end up with a quietly elegant glamour that makes a statement without making a fuss. Here, the luxurious upholstered bed piled high with cozy bedding is set off by the unexpected touch of the dual-tone curtains and the lovely drum chandelier with its crystal drops. Sedate and yet stunning.

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    Clean and Serene

    Astronaut Images / Getty Images

    Want the clean, serene look of minimalism without going to an extreme? Then choose a palette of soft gray, natural wood, and off-white like the bedroom shown here. Sweep it free of excess adornment or clutter, but that doesn’t mean any personality or comforts; for instance, the soft gold mid-century modern chairs in the sitting area of this bedroom are on mark style-wise and comfortable, to boot.

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    Rustic Beauty

    Hero Images / Getty Images

    Do you love the casual vibe of rustic, weathered wood, but want to avoid a country look? Then choose furniture with clean lines such as the simple gray upholstered headboard shown here. Add in a pile of various-textured throw pillows for elegant style, then finish the scene with a distressed wooden bench at the foot of the bed, along with faux (or real, if you’re so inclined) wooden planking on the walls, and the result is a bedroom that is both rustic and sophisticated.

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    Gray and Neutrals Get Eclectic

    Trevor Richards / Abode / Getty Images

    A bedroom with a rough brick wall could easily adopt an edgy, industrial or goth style, but if you prefer a softer look, just contrast the brick with a gentle palette of gray, eggshell white, and black. Add in a touch of quirky personality with leopard print—or whichever animal print is your favorite—and voila! You have a wonderfully eclectic decorating statement that showcases your unique personality.

    21 Amazing Bedrooms With Exposed Brick Walls

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    Lighten up Traditional Style

    Abode / Getty Images

    While traditional decor is classic, it does run the risk of looking humdrum. Instead of a bedroom that feels stuck in the past, give your traditional room a touch of the present day by choosing contemporary darlings gray and white for your palette, and then go dramatic with a headboard that says, “Look at me!” Bold stripes are perfect in such a space because while they are a very classic pattern, they are also attention-grabbing enough to make a statement when they cover a large surface like the oversized headboard shown here.

    7 Soothing Bedroom Color Palettes

Grey Bedroom Ideas | Valspar Paint

The versatility of grey as an interior shade is especially wonderful in a bedroom setting as there are so many tones and combinations to work with.  

Grey is a naturally calming colourway that can be tranquil, soft, and comforting if styled with the right furniture and accessories – therefore perfect for a sleep environment. 

To help you with ideas for your bedroom décor, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite grey bedroom ideas in the hope that one pops out for you…


Almost black and white

Using a grey that is almost black is a top choice when you want to achieve a chic monochrome look in your boudoir. Monochrome works especially well in a smaller bedroom and offers a contemporary, hotel-like feel. Opt for a single accent wall in a midnight shade, such as Nevermore, and pair it with crisp white bed linen and metallic accents for a décor that’s sophisticated and timeless.

Credit: @littlehomediaries

Cosy Industrial

Industrial grey doesn’t instantly conjure up thoughts of comfort and cosiness, but when you offset a shade, such as Secret Mission, with a contrasting white surround and some earthy soft accessories, you can create a space that is both modern yet soothing. The subtle touches of yellow and terracotta in the bedroom also help to add depth and softness to the overall look.

Credit: @design____story

Sultry and warm

Everything about this bedroom is warm and cosy. Even the dog seems to think so! The dark charcoal feature wall in Black Bean sets off a sultry and seductive feel around the bed, accentuated by the leather buttoned headboard and the rich, burnt orange bed throw. Exposed bulbs give off an added warmth, which further reflects the rich colours in the space.

Credit: @our.home.and.hound

Soft & Airy

Pale grey offers a gorgeous, gender-neutral décor idea for a child’s first bedroom. This Basket of Bobbins wall shade is soft and subtle, offering the most harmonious and soothing backdrop for further grey accents. Everything appears calm and collected here, which is just the right environment you want to create and nurture as you bring your new family member home.  

Credit: @ourbensonabode

Small accents of grey

Small accents of grey are great when you don’t want the colour to feature too heavily in your room, but still want to benefit from its versatility against other shades. Here the grey voile curtains, the lighting panel, and the picture frame add pops of grey that strengthen and balance out the neutrality of the burnt yellow Frontier Paradise shade which adjoins it.  

Credit: @athomewithaysha

A spa-like sanctuary

Your bedroom should instantly help you to feel relaxed and soothed after a long day, and this calming interior theme will certainly do just that.  The dove grey and fresh white combo is reminiscent of a serene day spa setting and also benefits from the access to the natural daylight perfectly from the bedroom window.

Credit: @awv_home

Eclectic chic

Contrary to what many people believe, grey doesn’t have to always be so serious and stark. In this Bohemian bedroom, the backdrop of pale grey Home and Hearth gives an earthy stone feel, which combines beautifully with the natural textures of the wooden drawer unit and the bamboo mirrors. The fireplace is painted in a darker shade of Greenish Grey, which offers another depth of colour, and the rustic green and terracotta tones from the soft furnishings give a distinctly Mediterranean feel

Credit: @bryonycritchley

Nordic chic

This stunningly designed space has a distinct accent of Nordic beauty. The Winged Victory wall colour offers a decadent backdrop for the pieces of sophisticatedly styled furniture, which although highly creative, appear effortless and cool. That highly desired Hygge vibe is perfected here with the layering of cosy blankets over faux sheepskin seating, and the piles of neatly chopped logs in the fireplace.

Credit: @homes_and_renovations

 What colours go best with grey in the bedroom?

As we mentioned above, one of the best features of greys for bedrooms is that they are so flexible and versatile. Here are some of our favourite grey colour combinations…

Grey and green bedrooms

When teamed with the right greens and blues, grey can have a calming effect, which is perfect for a child’s bedroom décor. Stone greys, woodland greens and ocean blues (such as State Secret) are nature’s neutrals and have inherently nurturing and soothing qualities. This feature wall of juxta-positioned coloured shapes is a lovely idea to create interest in a small bedroom and is perfectly balanced out by plenty of white wall space and white carpet flooring. 

Credit: @our.home.atno50

Grey and blue bedrooms

We’ve already established that grey and blue colour combos are calming and cool, but when you team them with warming metallics like copper and brass the mix instantly becomes grown-up and sophisticated. The Shale Blue wall colour in this beautiful bedroom gives just the right depth of colour to compliment the grey painted bedside unit and is complimented perfectly with a pop of pink as a bed accessory.

Credit: @sarah_dreamofhome

Grey and white bedrooms

A grey and white monochrome décor is another great colour scheme for a small child’s bedroom. A crisp white shade against a dark grey paint, such as Cadet Song, offers a carefully balanced mix of dark and light: the white helps to reflect the natural light around the space, while the dark grey offers a perfect backdrop for the cute artwork to really stand out.


Grey and yellow bedrooms

There’s something about a clash of dark grey and mustard yellow that is intoxicating and full of class. The golden tones of the bed linen stand out against the dark backdrop of Shady Lane wall paint – which combines tones of both dark grey and green. The grey headboard drops effortlessly into the interior mix and the copper tones only add further to the all-around sophistication of the setting.

Credit: @thegothsnextdoor

Grey with a pop of colour

Sometimes all you need is a very small pop of yellow in your grey bedroom to add a striking effect, which is exactly what has been achieved here. There is a sense of real luxury in this bedroom, using Elephant in the Room wall paint and textured beading to give depth and character – a look that wouldn’t be out of place in a five-star boutique London hotel. 

Credit: @manchester_midterrace

Grey and pink bedrooms

Pinks don’t always have to be brash and garish. A warm shade, such as Serengeti Fire, will help you to achieve a comforting and elegant feel when paired with accents of grey and charcoal in a bedroom space. Bring out the natural qualities of your colour with plenty of greenery and floristry to really bring your bedroom to life.

Credit: @thewrightrenovation

Grey and orange bedrooms

When you want to make a statement in your bedroom, choosing an eye-catching bright orange against a deep dark shade of grey will help to offer a real focal point. Here the walls are painted in sultry Carriage Wheel grey while the painted fireplace pops out in Mimis Kimono. When combined with bold furniture, plenty of greenery and some contemporary artwork, the final result is a Bohemian chic bedroom fit for any fashionista. 

Go grey with Valspar

Inspired by our grey bedroom ideas? View our grey wall and ceiling paint online today to begin your interior transformation.

Gray Bathroom Ideas (Color Matching Guide)

Here we share our gallery of gray bathroom ideas, including recommended matching colors and ideal shades that work for light, dark and small gray bathtubs. Gray bathrooms are still popular in modern bathroom design because of their versatility. If you’re not a fan of the all-white aesthetic and can’t put up with a darker bathroom, gray bathrooms are a good in-between option, providing the best of both worlds.

However, just like any other space, there are many different ways to decorate it, with many color combinations to help make it more lively and personal.

Gray is considered a neutral or achromatic color; this makes it relatively easy to pair it with any accent color, be it muted or bright.

Gray, however, also comes in different shades and tones, so you can experiment with accent colors that work best with the shade of gray you are using.


What color goes with gray in a bathroom

If you’re looking for specific colors that work best with gray bathrooms, there is no definitive answer to this question. As mentioned earlier, this depends on what shade and tone of gray you are using.

But overall, gray is a neutral color, so it should work well with whatever color you choose. If anything, it’s an accent color that you probably need to coordinate – if you have accent color curtains, make sure they match with the towels and rugs you use in the bathroom.

Light Gray Bathroom

Light gray bathrooms are easy to style as they go well with almost any color. It is important to determine whether the gray tones of the bathroom tend to be warm or cool.

This will make it easier for you to choose an accent color.

This bathroom uses cool gray as the base color and a subtle cool green on the wall. Glass door. Most of the other elements in the bathroom are white to make it look light and balanced.

In this bathroom, you will see that a very muted cream color is actually the main color of the bathroom, with light gray tiles serving as an accent.

But because it’s the darkest color in the space and it’s in the center, it definitely grabs attention and makes it the focal point of the space.

Another color that goes very well with light gray is gold. Subtle gold accents add a more elegant touch to any contemporary bathroom.

The addition of hand-painted floor tiles also adds a fun element to the space, adding more texture and dimension.

Color is not the only important element to consider when choosing materials for any room. Texture also plays an important role in the design of a space.

The rough texture of gray wall tiles is balanced by plain white cabinet doors and smooth wood floor tiles.

The color combinations used in this bathroom are reminiscent of De Stijl colors. The light gray tiles with accents of bright yellow and bright blue create a really bold and fun look.

White marble, especially varieties like Carrara with bright grains, is a really nice and easy way to add subtle gray tones to any bathroom design.

In this particular design, the highlight of the bathroom design is the elegant Carrara marble used for the walls, floor and countertop.

The use of mostly white and silver fixtures and dark wenge wood for the vanity helps draw attention to the elegant material used.

This bathroom has only a walnut cabinet as an accent color. But what makes this gray bathroom idea interesting is the use of pattern in it.

Use a chevron pattern on wall tiles to add texture and dimension to your wall tiles by drawing attention to the surface of the wall.

Dark gray bathroom

Concrete or plaster walls have become very popular in recent years. If you love the rough, industrial vibe it creates, it pairs perfectly with black light fixtures and some woodwork for extra warmth.

Precast concrete wall panels can be left in their natural finish to give your bathroom a very raw and industrial look. Paired with a smooth porcelain tile floor, it adds shine and contrasts with the rough wall finishes.

You can use a dark gray finish in your bathroom without actually making the entire space dark. Use dark tiles with white marble for a nice contrast.

Massive vanity mirrors also help brighten up the space by reflecting light throughout the space. Due to the achromatic scheme, the addition of plants makes the bathroom feel more alive.

When you use a lot of the same material in your bathroom—in this case, tiles on walls and countertops—try adding different textures to the space for variety.

In this design, sleek chrome metal finishes, a sleek mirror and a unique limestone sink help add a wide variety of textures to this contemporary bathroom design.

This is one of the gray bathroom ideas that creates a totally modern rustic feel. It has a nice mix of concrete finishes, dark gray tiles, wood finishes, black finishes, as well as dark brown accents, making it look elegant. See more photos of concrete countertops in the bathroom here.

Adding plants and greenery to a space also adds a natural and relaxing vibe to the space.

The unique grungy texture of the dark gray tiles used in this bathroom, combined with the smooth white finishes, gives this space a unique contemporary urban feel.

The dark gray marble tiles used on this bathroom wall scream luxury and elegance. The grains of gold on natural stone are really gorgeous and placing it in this place really does justice to its beauty.

Paired with black Galaxy counters and black flooring, this contemporary bathroom design has a mysterious appeal.

Small gray bathroom

The warm tone of the light gray tiles used in this bathroom complements the warm tones of the wood used in the vanity.

If you’re worried about making your small bathroom look smaller but love dark gray, consider applying this finish to your nightstand. This is a nice and easy way to introduce color into your bathroom.

The use of dark gray hexagonal floor tiles combined with gray and white subway tiles on the wall makes this interior very modern and unique.

Lines and patterns help make this small bathroom look bigger. These details are some of the modern and stylish gray bathroom ideas that you can use. Read more about dressing table sizes here.

This small bathroom design is a nice mix of cool grays, whites, with some blue accents and wood accents that give the space a homely feel.

The layout is well planned so it feels very spacious while still providing plenty of storage space.

A concealed wall-mounted toilet is ideal for this small bathroom. A small space uses a combination of warm gray ceramic tiles with a concrete texture and rustic wood-look wall tiles.

To make the space look and feel bigger, a massive mirror was also added that ran the entire length of the small room.

If you have a small closet like this, consider using Grasscloth instead. They usually come in a wide range of colors and textures that you can use and make a great backdrop for any small washroom space.

Concrete sinks combined with solid teak are also in vogue now, so this combination is sure to impress your guests. See more related content in our article on different types of bathroom sinks on this page.

115 photos, design styles, color combinations

Gray is the perfect base color for any room. It goes well with various additional shades, allows you to create an interesting neutral or bright eye-catching design. How to equip a stylish bathroom in gray tones, we will discuss below in the article.


  1. Advantages and disadvantages of gray in bathroom design
  2. Which shade of gray to choose
  3. What colors go with gray
  4. Gray bathroom furniture selection
  5. Sanitary ware and accessories
  6. Modern bathroom styles in gray
  7. Loft
  8. Scandinavian
  9. Hi-tech
  10. Minimalist 90 115
  11. Neoclassic

Gray is great for bathroom decoration . It is often chosen by designers when decorating a room in different styles.

The main advantages of the discussed color include:

  1. Versatility. Gray can harmoniously fit into the design of any style. It goes well with most complementary colors and shades.
  2. Neutrality and psychological stability. Gray color is not striking, does not tire. It can be successfully combined with discreet shades, as well as with bright contrasting ones. At the same time, the color soothes, does not overload the nervous system.
  3. Low eye strain. It is comfortable to stay in a gray bathroom even for a long time. There will be no color saturation effect.
  4. Feeling of freshness, purity, abundance of air. This is true for spaces of any size.
  5. Good reflective effect.

Thanks to gray as the main color in the interior, it is easy to make it chic and rich. This effect allows you to achieve even a minimum of expensive parts.

But the color also has some drawbacks when used in the bathroom:

  1. Boredom, monotony, banality. This result can be obtained if there is too much gray in the room.
  2. The need to choose the right lighting. Even a small mistake in the arrangement of fixtures can spoil the whole design idea.
  3. Visual coldness. It prevents you from creating a truly comfortable, cozy space.
  4. Possibility of visual reduction of the room when using too dark shades.

To neutralize the visual coldness of a gray bathtub, it is worth using a warm tone of lighting. It will help to fix the problem and mother-of-pearl in the finish, as well as wooden structures.

Which shade of gray to choose

When furnishing a bathroom in gray tones, you can choose from a variety of shades of color. But you need to take into account the main features of the room – the area, width, height of the ceiling. After all, correctly selected shades of gray for decorating a room can help visually narrow or expand it, increase or decrease it, and correct various minor flaws.

So, to expand the room, you can choose a silver shade. Visually, the room will appear larger. This color option gives a feeling of calmness, and also helps to neutralize small mistakes in the organization of lighting.

A dark gray tint is suitable for visually reducing the size of the bathroom. It also creates a sense of stability and comfort. Among the disadvantages of this option is the need to carefully organize the lighting system of the room.

It is possible to choose other shades of color for the bathroom:

  • gray-blue looks elegant and noble, but is not suitable for small rooms;
  • pearl visually expands the space, looks interesting framed in dark tones;
  • mouse is the most popular option for decorating a bathroom, requiring a contrasting addition.

What colors go with gray

A gray bathroom can be decorated with complementary colors. Gray, as the main option, is combined with almost all shades – from pale to bright.

Designers often choose blue-gray combinations for apartments. But it comes out pretty cold. If it is still used, you need to take care of lighting in warm colors, as well as cozy accessories.

Gray in the bathroom goes well with pink. This combination is considered a win-win for those options when you want to make the design of the room at the same time stylish, bright, unusual. It is perfect for family bathrooms.

Another successful combination is gray and white. The design is very modern and neutral.

Photos of popular gray and white bathrooms suggest that designers like to add an additional third to two colors. For example, brown, green.

When designing a grey-white bathroom, it is important to choose a warm gradation of both shades. Then it will turn out to make the room cozy, warm, without feeling cold and empty.

The neighborhood of gray and yellow looks good. But it is important to carefully select in this case the saturation of both tones. They should be warm, not too flashy.

With the addition of red, the bathroom turns out to be refined, bright, bold. But the design of such a room is best left to an experienced specialist.

It is important to remember that red against gray looks richer than it really is. Therefore, an excellent solution for some cases would be to replace it with burgundy, wine.

Green in a gray bathroom should not be too much. It is best to choose bright accessories. For example, light green towels, hooks for them, soap dishes, rugs.

Gray bathroom furniture selection

A gray bathroom allows you to experiment with different styles of furniture. These can be modern laconic headsets or designer options for unusual massive cabinets, sinks, benches, and shelving.

If you plan to combine gray finishes and the same furniture in the room, then their shades should be very different. For example, a light background and darker objects on it. Gray furniture is practical and looks stylish. Facades for it are allowed to choose both matte and glossy.

An interesting option is the use of gray wood furniture. For example, walnut, oak or other moisture resistant material. Wooden furniture allows you to add warmth and comfort to the room.

A combination of gray finishes and snow-white furniture in the bathroom is considered a win-win. In this case, it is better to choose a tile matte. You can additionally use a variety of bright stylish accessories.

Plumbing and accessories

Chromium-plated sanitary ware with an unusual design looks great next to gray walls and linens. The sink for the room can be any. The same applies to the mixer, shower. Today on sale it is possible to find many interesting options for colored plumbing.

Even gold-coloured parts for a gray bathroom can be purchased. For example, a mixer, a lamp or a mirror with such a shade.

When decorating a room, it is important to pay special attention to accessories. For a bathroom in gray, this is not at all necessary. Thanks to bright interesting details, it will not turn out boring, dull, cold.

An easy option is to purchase accessories of your favorite bright juicy shade for the room. For example, yellow, purple, blue. These can be towels, rugs, shower curtains, soap dishes, containers for cosmetics.

Don’t combine accessories in more than 2 bright colors in one room. Otherwise, the details will turn out to be too colorful, spoil the impression of the design of the room.

If you want to add decorations in natural natural shades to the room, wicker baskets, stone figurines, candles, dried flowers in glass vases are perfect for this. You can also add furniture with wooden or clay inserts.

Modern bathroom styles in gray

A gray bathroom can be designed in almost any style that interests its owner. But most often it is a loft, Scandinavian, hi-tech, minimalism or neoclassic. It is permissible to experiment and carefully mix the details of two different styles at once.


Gray color is suitable for decorating a room in today’s popular industrial style. It can be used in different quantities – even as a base, against which details of bright colors will already be located.

The imitation of bricks or concrete blocks on the walls and ceiling looks interesting in the loft bathroom. As well as metal and chrome structures of different sizes.

If possible, it is worth ordering a sink in the form of an unusual open bowl with smooth walls. And leave the bathroom itself on iron legs, without closing it with anything.


Gray color in different shades meets the requirements of the Scandinavian style. With it, you can organize a concise comfortable room.

It is best to use light neutral finishing materials for the room. And accessories should also be chosen in calm, discreet shades.

If there is a desire to deviate from the generally accepted rigor in design, you can use wood for this. Provide inserts on furniture from it or purchase such details – jewelry, stands for brushes, soaps, shampoos, hooks for towels and a step in front of the bathroom bowl.


When decorating a room in hi-tech style, you can make both walls and furniture gray at the same time. This neutral color emphasizes the tightness of the forms of all used objects, adds the desired rigor, and helps to emphasize texture.

Chrome-plated sanitary ware, plastic or glass (dark) furniture will look great against a gray background. Elements with a steel sheen will help to dilute the picture.

Wide, flat washbasins with sloping edges have become popular among high-tech fans. These in a dark color will fit perfectly into a gray bathroom of any size.


Two colors can be used for a minimalist bathroom. For example, a combination of gray and white.

Furniture for such a room should be chosen as simple, strict and concise as possible. If this is a wooden set, then it should be painted with matte white paint and not contain bright artsy details. The main rule for the selection of all items, details is their practicality and functionality.

It is important to provide for closed spaces in the room. They will hide everything superfluous from the eyes. For example, assorted bath accessories. After all, minimalism implies perfect order.


Neoclassic style is best suited for large spacious bathrooms. The walls in the room can be finished in light gray, and the floor and walls in white.

Large slabs with marbled imitation, active use of glass, addition of accessories of unusual shapes (for example, lamps and soap dishes) will allow to complete the interior.

If the floor and ceiling become gray in the room, then it would be appropriate to complement them with metal parts with a slight sheen.