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How To Decorate A Small Living Room – Forbes Home

If a small living room is cramping your style and has become a place in your home that really isn’t utilized, there are some design tips and tricks to make even the smallest of rooms seem larger. From where to place your furniture to the right kind of lighting, and how to use every inch of the floor and walls so there’s no wasted space, we’ve rounded up 10 small living room ideas that will help you make the most out of your available square footage, no matter the dimensions of your room. If you need small living room design ideas that make a compact room seem spacious and ready for some living, here are ten of our favorite tips for how to decorate a small living room.


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1. Go High

Hilarey Ball / thenewsmallhouse

One of the easiest ways to maximize space in a small living room, and to give the appearance that the room is much larger, is to design up. This means taking your curtains and the curtain rod close to the ceiling instead of right above the window. Make sure to add extra inches to your curtains to avoid an awkward length.

When it comes to your artwork and wall decor, go beyond eye level and build up towards the ceiling. Design your gallery wall to extend to the ceiling or add shelves that are stacked higher than the middle of the wall. When you walk into your living room, these design strategies will pull your eyes upward and give your room the appearance of being larger and more spacious.

2. Go Low

Joi Svezia/ joidan82

Contrast the higher decorating details with lower stylings. From couches and chairs that sit close to the ground, to coffee tables and ottomans that are designed to be low, the contrast of high and low designs will stretch your space and give the illusion of a larger room.

3. Skip the Sofa

Nicole Maxon/ cole.maxon

Instead of crowding your small living room with multiple sofas or a large sectional, make a seating area with two smaller chairs. You can create a cozy space that is welcoming and stylish without shrinking the room. Position the chairs towards the focal point in the room-the fireplace, entertainment center or coffee table- to make the chairs feel connected to the rest of the space.

4. The Right Size Rug

Deb Monroe/ Beacon Valley Home

In a small living room, you’ll want to avoid large pieces of furniture that can crowd the space, but when it comes to the rug, bigger is better. A large rug that fills the space will anchor your room and give the appearance of a much larger living room. A smaller rug can look like it’s floating in the middle of the room and make your space look choppy and small. Not sure what size rug will work in your space? Grab a roll of painters tape and map out the outline of a rug on the floor. Choose different sizes so you can see what size and shape rug will best fill your space and leave your room looking larger.

5. Add Mirrors

Deb Monroe/ Beacon Valley Home

A favorite trick of designers is to add mirrors to a small space to make the room appear bigger. Mirrors add light and dimensions to any room and can be an inexpensive way to create the look of a much bigger space. However, not all mirrors are created equal. Since the goal is to add space, skip mirrors with very large and ornate frames. These frames cut down on the actual mirror and can seem overpowering in a small room. Instead, opt for a small frame around your larger mirror. To boost the reflective powers of your mirrors, pair them with a light source like a table lamp or sconce that is placed close to the mirror. If you are creating a gallery wall, consider adding a mirror into the mix.


THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT EDITORIAL CONTENT. Please note that we do receive compensation for any products you buy or sign up to via this advertisement, and that compensation impacts the ranking and placement of any offers listed herein. We do not present information about every offer available. The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary.

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6. Go Vertical

Lizzie Green/ popixdesigns

Use the vertical space in your living room for styling and storage. If your room doesn’t have builts-ins, a floating storage unit can be added to the wall to hold your favorite pieces of decor as well as the TV and other items you’ll want in your living room. Since space is limited, decorating vertically gives you more options and gives the room the appearance of being more spacious. Be sure to decorate from bottom to top in order to pull your eyes up when in the room. A vertical storage unit or shelves are great options if you have an alcove or angled wall that you aren’t sure how to decorate.

7. Bring in the Light

Katie and Stefan/ DoorNumberEleven

Light is a key design feature in any room, but it is essential in a small space. Skip the heavy window treatments that will block out the natural light and choose curtains or shades that will let the light in. Add interesting lamps and light fixtures to your room that go beyond just a lamp on an end table. Brighten a wall and add a fun design detail with wall sconces. Add a light behind a couch or in a corner with floor lamps of varying heights to brighten the room. Don’t forget about the ceiling. A light fixture on the ceiling will draw your eyes up, add interest to your room and lighten your space.

8. Choose Furniture That Moves

Char and Jack/ LittleAvonHouse

From small end tables that can scoot from one end of the room to the other, to an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table, seating or storage, and chairs that can be easily moved around your space, choose furniture that doesn’t have to stay in one spot. A bar cart on wheels means when it’s not cocktail hour, the cart can pull double duty as storage or make room for more seating. By creating a flexible space with furniture that can be moved and rearranged easily, you’ll do a lot more living in your living room.

9. Pop With Color

Brad and Natalie/BradWillBuildIt

A lighter color palette will make your living room look bigger and more spacious, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip on all colors. Instead, add pops of color in a couch, pillows, rug, artwork, or a connecting room that has a bold accent wall. Keep your walls and ceilings light and neutral in a small living room to give the appearance of being larger, but get creative with color in your accent details.

10. Float Your Media Center

Sara Khayatian /nextleveldesigning

If you are looking for a solution to free up floor space, avoid a big and bulky media unit, and create something that is eye-catching, consider a floating media center. Start by mounting your TV to the wall and attaching floating shelves above and below the television. Now you have a place to hide wires and cords but also a spot to add touches of decor and more storage. Slide ottomans under the bottom shelves or transform the lower shelf into an at-home workspace. This is a space you can personalize and make it totally your own.


THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT EDITORIAL CONTENT. Please note that we do receive compensation for any products you buy or sign up to via this advertisement, and that compensation impacts the ranking and placement of any offers listed herein. We do not present information about every offer available. The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary.

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15 Best Small Living Room Ideas

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Choose an airy white palette.

Cody Ulrich

For some reason, a white palette always makes a room more airy. Test the look by mixing various shades of white for a picture-perfect living room.

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Let patterns overflow.

Tria Giovan

If your tiny space is on the neutral side, weave in a mix of timeless patterns (stripes and animal prints are good options) to maintain visual interest.

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Double up on mirrors.

Brittany Lauren

Create the illusion of more space by layering mirrors on top of a small cabinet. It’ll also give your living room a more lived-in feel.

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Outfit your space with a settee.

Max Kim-Bee

A small living room calls for a petite sofa style such as a settee. Consider a tufted version to make your interior feel even more inviting.

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Incorporate seating with storage.

Monica Wang

Don’t overlook the opportunity to incorporate seating with storage, as seen in this 362-square-foot California bungalow. A sofa that features baskets in cubbies, for instance, is a brilliant way to keep things like linens and reading material under wraps.

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Weave in dining chairs.

Jason Hartog

Rather than struggling to squeeze an upholstered armchair into your cozy living room, choose a dining chair that’s less bulky to free up more space.

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Purchase a versatile bar cart.

Emily Johnston

A bar cart is ideal for a small space. While it’s great for serving up drinks to guests, you can also use it to show off a floral arrangement, artwork, or a selection of books.

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Create a focal point.

Designers at Home by Ronda Rice Carman; Photo: Nancy Nolan

Any small space can benefit from a focal point like a standout gallery wall or single piece of art that holds special meaning to you.

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Experiment with double-duty furniture.

Brian Woodcock; Styling by Thea Beasley

Multipurpose furniture, like a coffee table that doubles as storage, is a smart way to add style and function to your small living room.

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Try to conceal your TV.

Mike Garten

If you have room for a bookcase, why not make a spot for your TV among the rest of your decor? It’s a great way to camouflage it and add more visual appeal to the room.

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Go green.

Mike Garten

Whether you opt for an assortment of succulents or a lush fern, greenery is an easy way to breathe life into your compact space.

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Try cozy fabrics.

Trevor Smith

Play up your living room’s relaxed vibe by decorating with textured fabrics. Placing a few on a side chair is a great way to pack a dose of personality into your living room.

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Hang sheer curtains.

Courtesy of The Turquoise Home

Sheer drapes allow more natural light to pour in, which is key for ensuring your small living room doesn’t ever feel too cramped. This design from The Translucent Home, which features sheer patterned window treatments, is perfect for perching up with a good book.

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Think of unexpected decor hacks.

Lara Resen

You have to be strategic about using every inch of a small space. The perfect example? Putting throw pillows and a cushion right on top of a radiator can provide extra seating (as long as the radiator has a proper and safe cover, of course).

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Purchase a lucite coffee table.

Flavio Coelho//Getty Images

Along with lending a modern touch to a living room, lucite furniture can make it appear more spacious. For instance, try a lucite coffee table rather than a traditional wood design that takes up more visual space.

Small living rooms for outdoors and in the garden – 135 best interior design photo ideas for the hall Avec ce projet, j’ai participé une émission télévisée sur la chaîne russe TNT.

Pour mettre en valeur les meubles rétro que j’ai conservé j’ai joué avec les couleurs et la lumière ce qui a permis d’allier ancien et modernité, de rénover en préservant l’âme de l’appartement. Tableau de Albert Soldatov From the Pic Related series 2018.

By the bluest black sea

Shakirova Ksyusha

Fresh design idea: a small living room in Mediterranean style with tulle on the windows for outdoors and in the garden – a great photo of the interior

Apartment 70 square meters


Elegant solid oak TV stand with built-in Monacor speaker system and bluetooth receiver. Equipped with 2.1 speaker system.
5 speakers, 2 high-frequency, 2 mid-range and a subwoofer – with a total power of 120W. The practical layout solution provides space for installing an additional AV system (receiver, amplifier), and flush wiring. Two compartments and two hinged doors on gas lifts. Provides passive cooling. Three colors of facades: white, beige, anthracite. Comes with one piece legs. It can also be suspended.
Dimensions: Length – 180 cm / Depth – 45 cm / Height – 50 cm

TV zone

Tatyana Voevodina

Looking through the many options for buying my apartment, I really liked the view from the window in one of the apartments on Basseinaya Street, which was the decisive factor for the purchase. The project has already been and participated in the competition, and it would be a pity not to use it!
The house is good – brick and new, but the apartment needed some work: thus, they demolished the wall between the kitchen and the living room. We changed the location of the bathroom (by moving the wet area to the place of the large hall) and this became possible, since this is the first floor. They changed all the glazing to panoramic windows, which gave even more light to the apartment. In general, this idea was the first when I saw a live view with access to the terrace (my area includes an additional outdoor terrace with an area of ​​40 square meters).
The concept of glass, brick and concrete with the main material wood in cognac color. Having made redevelopment, we got a sleeping area, a hall, a bathroom and a combined kitchen with a living room.
All things were filled gradually, the concept is different from the original idea that was at the competition. Now this is my cozy home corner and workplace, and a place where you can observe nature and relax.

Elegant apartment 60 sq. m in the center of Moscow

Olga Dolidze

In the photo: a small living room in a modern style with beige walls, porcelain stoneware floors, a horizontal fireplace, a wooden fireplace front, a TV on the wall and white flooring for the plot and garden from

Attic with a mesh bar for TV program “Dachny otvet”

Architectural Bureau LOFTING

Our attic project for “Dachny otvet” combines industrial style and home comfort. The openwork bar counter, located against the background of panoramic windows and perceived as a silhouette, forms a single composition with the second visual dominant – the rack. You can watch the episode at the link –

Industrial Living Room

Stylish design: small split-level living room:: loft-style lighting with bookcases and shelves, white walls, concrete floor, hidden TV and white floor without fireplace for on-site and garden – last trend


HW Interiors

Fresh design idea: small front, open living room: neoclassical (modern classic) lighting with gray walls, standard fireplace, concrete floor, tile fireplace front and beige floor without TV for on the plot and in the garden – excellent photo of the interior

Hampstead Artist’s House

Paul Craig Photography

Paul Craig ©Paul Craig 2014 All Rights Reserved
Photo of a small isolated fusion living room with white walls, medium hardwood floors and a standard outdoor and garden fireplace

Bondi Palm Springs Apartment

KCreative Interiors

Palm Springs Vibe with transitional spaces.
This project required bespoke open shelving, office nook and extra seating at the existing kitchen island.
This relaxed, I never want to leave home because its so fabulous vibe continues out onto the balcony where the homeowners can relax or entertain with the breathtaking Bondi Valley and Ocean view.
The joinery is seamless and minimal in design to balance out the Palm Springs fabulousness.
All joinery was designed by KCreative Interiors and custom made at Swadlings Timber and Hardware
Timber Finish: American Oak

Classic Modern – Den

Mia Rao Design

This family room space feels cozy with its deep blue gray walls and large throw pillows. The ivory shagreen coffee table lightens up the pallet. Brass accessories add interest.

Olimpiada 80

Irina Chertikhina

Sideboard (1969-1970) – varnish was removed (“polishing”), veneer toning, restoration.
Photo: Mikhail Pomortsev
Painting: Kirill Borodin
Fresh design idea: small living room:: fusion style lighting with porcelain stoneware floors, beige walls and a home bar without a fireplace for the yard and garden – great interior photo

A Sophisticated Boston Living Room

Décor Aid

This was the case with our client, a young professional in his early 30’s who purchased his first apartment and tried to decorate it himself. Short on interior décor ideas and unhappy with the results, he decided to hire an interior designer, turning to Décor Aid to transform his one-bedroom into a classy, ​​adult space. Our client already had invested in several key pieces of furniture, so our Junior Designer worked closely with him to incorporate the existing furnishings into the new design and give them new life.
Though the living room boasted high ceilings, the space was narrow, so they ditched the client’s sectional in place of a sleek leather sofa with a smaller footprint. They replaced the dark gray living room paint and drab brown bedroom paint with a white wall paint color to make the apartment feel larger. Our designer introduced chrome accents, in the form of a Deco bar cart, a modern chandelier, and a campaign-style nightstand, to create a sleek, contemporary design. Leather furniture was used in both the bedroom and living room to add a masculine feel to the home refresh.

LOHAS studio(ロハススタジオ)

Design ideas for a small oriental living room with white walls, medium hardwood floors, freestanding TV and brown outdoor and garden flooring

White Mountain Hearth Gallery

Country Hearth

Original design example of a small front, modern style open plan living room with medium hardwood floors, horizontal fireplace, brown floor, beige walls and fireplace front from tiles without TV for outdoors and in the garden

East Village Built-in

Spectra Design Build

Stylish design: small isolated neoclassical (modern classic) living room with white walls, medium hardwood floors, standard fireplace, tiled fireplace front, bookcases and shelves, freestanding TV and brown sofa for outdoors and gardens – the latest trend

Furniture for a small living room

A small living room is not a problem at all, because even in a small area you can easily place the necessary furniture. Of course, you will have to pay more attention to the layout and dimensions of each item, but in most cases this will not affect the functionality and convenience of the room.

Let’s see what items are required in the living room, and what can be discarded.

How to start the arrangement?

First, decide what will be present in the interior. In a small living room, oddly enough, you can use a large number of multifunctional products:

  • Coffee table.
  • Pouf-box or cabinet with a compartment for things.
  • Folding table.
  • Mini wall or cabinet.
  • Shelves with built-in drawers.
  • Sofa, sofa or several armchairs.

You can make the necessary list of furniture, based on the area and layout of the room. Do not forget that in a studio apartment, the room must be combined with a kitchen or bedroom.

Living room style

Before buying a furniture set, decide on the style of the interior. This will help you choose products with the same design and make the room harmonious and stylish.

The Art Nouveau style is the most popular today. Its key features are the use of wooden elements, minimalism in details and the functionality of each item. This option is the best suited for small rooms, because their area is limited, which means there is no room for extra accessories.

If you stick to the classics, then use case products in this style. Similar items will look advantageous in light brown tones. As for upholstered furniture, choose models in beige shades.

Country and Provence styles remain popular today. For them, you can choose sets with wood veneer facades and rich design.

Color range

Choosing a palette for a small living room is an important process, as using the wrong colors will visually reduce the space. It is best to choose 2-3 light shades, preference is always given to white and gray.

These colors are best used in the design of cabinet products. White shelving and cabinets look great in the interior, allow you not to overload the design and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Products are made with facades made of veneer, plastic or chipboard, so there are models at a fairly affordable price.

A bright sofa or armchair is often used as a bright accent in a room. Such upholstered furniture will be advantageously combined with light cabinets and will avoid boring design.

Basic Rules and Recommendations

Before choosing the necessary goods, analyze the availability of storage areas throughout the apartment. It is possible that they are not enough, so the living room will require the installation of an additional chest of drawers or a full-fledged closet. In this case, a small wall can be a good alternative – it will have the necessary racks and drawers, as well as a convenient place for a TV.

Another great solution would be to use small-sized transforming furniture: folding tables, modular sofas, etc. And for cabinet products, you should choose glossy or mirrored facades – they will help visually increase the space.

If you plan to install shelving or a wall, then find products with a maximum height – this way you will increase the useful area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room and eliminate clutter of space.

Contrary to popular belief, it is better not to push objects close to the walls. This is especially true for tables – they need to be placed in the center of the room. Shelving can also be placed not against the wall – with their help, you can divide the room into several functional areas.

To save space, order corner cabinet furniture. For example, it would be practical to buy a corner cabinet or shelving unit. If you need more storage space, choose modular systems with shelves and drawers. Their main advantage is in the variety of equipment and installation methods.

And in order for you to decide on the required furniture set, we have selected several interior photo ideas.