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4s”>We have earned the trust of our partners through outstanding service and fair business practices. The Renozee™ App raises the bar and sets a new standard for the property renovation industry. Imagine a platform that actually cares about the success of home improvement contractors. Your success is our success.

Bidding on the app was pretty smooth. I will definitely continue using it for obtaining future work.

Tom Williams

Master Plumber

The ability to manage all of my bids in one place really helps me to stay organized.

Rich Jones


I love that there are small and large size projects available that seem hand picked for me to bid on.

Jose Martinez


The freedom of managing my customer’s payments off the platform enabled me to offer cash payment options.

Dan Hust

General Contractor


Most commonly asked questions

Renozee™ was built to enable both property owners and independent contractors to achieve the common goal of having a successful property renovation. In support of this common goal, we’ve created Renozee™, an online platform enabling property owners to post renovation projects and contractors to bid directly on those projects in real-time.

Winning work is crucial to building a thriving independent contracting business for home renovation projects. Today’s independent contractors must find every opportunity to maximize their time and resources.
One of the best ways to do this is to utilize Renozee™. Some of the benefits of Renozee™ include:

  • A more streamlined bidding process
  • Helps to provide more competitive bids that are more likely to win. All contractor bids are sealed to help maintain a competitive advantage and as to not have bidding wars.
  • Helps to foster new relationships with real estate investors that lead to repeat business
  • Track bidding communication and information all in one place
  • Helps you to follow up on bid communication quickly
  • No lead or finders fee of any kind. Keep 100% of the jobs you win.

It’s free to sign up, create a contractor profile, and view project postings. To chat with property owners or to place bids on projects, a subscription purchase is required. There are three subscription options to choose from. You can view subscription plan options by clicking on the bid or the chat button on project postings inside Renozee app.

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Renozee™ enables you to receive property renovation projects delivered directly to you via SMS notifications on your phone. We’ve made it easy to win jobs as soon as they become available. Here are some of the most sought-after requests in Renozee™ from property owners this season :

Lawn Care
Commercial & Residential Cleaning
Bathroom Renovation
Kitchen Renovation
Roofing & Gutters
Painting & Staining
Flooring Installation & Repair
AC Installation & Repair
Garage Services
Home Security Service
Deck & Patio installation
Debris Removal
Foundation Repair
Real Estate Photography
IsoKlean Air & Surface Disinfection

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Solved! Who Do You Hire to Remodel a House? 4 Pros to Consider


Q: I’ve been in my house for a couple of decades, and I think it’s time I did a large-scale remodel. But with such a big project, I have no idea who to call first to do the work. Who do you hire to remodel a house? 

A: Many homeowners have been confused about who to hire to remodel a home. While it is intuitive to call a plumber to replace a toilet or an electrician to add an outlet, you may still wonder, “Can you hire someone to renovate a house?”

In truth, the answer can depend on the size and scope of the remodel. Most of the time, homeowners hire a remodeling contractor to remodel a house and coordinate hiring additional subcontractors as needed. However, if the project will include major changes to the home’s layout, an architect and an interior designer can be valuable assets as well. Read on for more details on who you might need to hire for a remodel and why.

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General contractors can handle most remodeling jobs. 

For just about any major remodeling project, homeowners will need a general contractor to oversee and carry out the work. A general contractor handles the logistical aspects of the project such as hiring subcontractors, obtaining the proper permits, and sourcing any necessary materials.

Homeowners can look for remodeling contractors who specialize in renovating rather than new construction. If any friends or neighbors have remodeled recently, homeowners can start by asking who they hired and whether they were happy with the work. It may also be helpful to search online for “home improvement contractors near me.”

It’s a good idea to have a general idea of what will need to be done to the space before contacting the contractor. The more information a homeowner can give them, the more likely they will be to provide an accurate quote and timeline for the remodel.


You can hire a handyperson for jobs like laying flooring or hanging doors. 

For a light renovation in which only a few updates are being implemented, a handyperson may be able to handle the bulk of the work. A handyperson can carry out tasks that do not require specific permits or licenses, such as painting, building shelves and cabinets, installing fixtures, or laying flooring. Hiring a handyperson can be a useful way to accomplish smaller-scope projects where homeowners aren’t planning to reroute any plumbing lines or change a room’s layout. Homeowners will want to be sure to inform the handyperson ahead of time of what jobs need to be done and confirm that they have the appropriate experience and qualifications.

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An architect may be required for any structural or layout changes to the home. 

For remodels in which walls are knocked down, plumbing is rerouted, or changes are made to the home’s electrical system, there are structural concerns that must be addressed. For example, a homeowner may need to know whether a beam is a load-bearing one or if an exterior wall can support a new window before getting started with construction.

This is where an architect comes in. Architects are trained in building technology and can verify that any changes will be structurally sound and up to code. They can also help formulate blueprints, weigh in on design choices, and advise on how to make the most strategic use of the space. In some cases, they will even oversee the entire project from start to finish.


Interior designers can also be part of the remodeling process. 

Homeowners who would like expert advice on what design choices to make for their remodel may want to begin by speaking with an interior designer. Designers will devise a plan for the layout of a room and the placement of any appliances, cabinets, and other built-in features. A full-service designer will go the extra mile with ideas for materials, paint colors, and fixtures. While the homeowner may already have strong aesthetic preferences and have an idea of how they would like the room to look, a designer can leverage those ideas to design a cohesive and visually appealing space.

The cost of remodeling a home significantly depends on the extent of the project.

Remodeling projects can vary widely in price. But it stands to reason that the larger the scope of the remodel, the higher the home renovation costs will be. In addition to more labor and materials, large projects can require more than one professional’s expertise. For example, a homeowner may only need a single handyperson for a small-scale bathroom renovation. But if they’re converting the kitchen and living area to an open floor plan, they’ll probably need to hire a contractor and an architect at the very least. It may also be necessary to bring on an electrician, a plumber, or other subcontractors for various parts of the project. This should not discourage anyone from hiring the proper professionals—homeowners will just want to be sure to budget accordingly.


Ensure any contractors hired are properly licensed and insured. 

When hiring for any service, it’s important to ensure that the professional is qualified for the job. While researching “general contractors near me,” homeowners won’t want to hesitate to ask prospective home renovation contractors for their license number and whether they have any additional certifications. Also, homeowners will want to verify that the contractor is insured and carries workers’ compensation—if this is not the case, the homeowner could be held liable in the event that something goes wrong on the job. Additionally, it’s a good idea to ask for references and some examples of past work to make sure that they are a good fit for the project.

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Where should a novice designer look for clients? — INMYROOM


They say that there is no better method than word of mouth, but this is not always the case. Designers share their experience and explain why even advertising doesn’t always help

It’s hard for many novice designers to find clients these days: the level of competition is too high. We learned from the pros how they coped with difficulties. And at the same time they were asked to share useful tips.

Olesya Berezovskaya


Founder of DesignStudio13

I found my first client on an ad site, although my colleagues tried to dissuade me. I added visualizations and drawings of my graduation project to my portfolio. I was lucky: the customer participated in all stages of the project and agreed to shoot the interior. It was published in one of the leading interior publications.

I advise beginners to look for clients on non-core sites. Register on a forum for young mothers or residents of a residential complex and write that you are ready to take on a design project. Let it be one room, but a good experience.

What should not be done while searching?

  • Be afraid. Do not hesitate to say that you do not know something, and feel free to ask colleagues for help. By the way, all the necessary knowledge can now be obtained at online webinars.
  • To deceive. Never place other people’s projects in your portfolio. Let it be your thesis, collages, sketches and sketches.
  • Work for free. Don’t do projects for relatives and friends without compensation. Let it be small money: always respect your work.

Victoria Zolina


Graduate of the British Higher School of Design, founder of the design studio Zi-design

I assembled my first website on one of the designers, studied the work of search engines and launched advertising. It didn’t give any results. In the future, I didn’t try anything: I tried to make acquaintance with realtors, developers, builders, placed paid advertising on bulletin boards and resources for freelancers, participated in competitions.

But in the end I found the first client through the publication on INMYROOM. The same method still works today, along with word of mouth, of course. Therefore, I can advise you not to spend money on advertising.

What should not be done when searching?

  • Afraid to work independently. Of course, at first you can find a partner, but perhaps you will be more comfortable working alone.
  • Give unrealistic deadlines. It’s better to tell it like it is. No one will want to contact a designer with a bad reputation in the future.
  • Give up. It is always difficult to start, but in the future you will thank yourself for your patience and work.

Julia Fambulova


Member of the Union of Designers and Architects

My practice began in the 90s with the repair of a communal apartment with relatives. It was in a terrible state, but the volume, proportions and height of the ceilings then seemed impressive. Later word of mouth worked. I was sure that my client would find me himself, he only needed help in his search.

There are now a huge number of competitions, magazines and online publications through which you can express yourself. Just always work with those who are interested in you.

What should not be done when searching?

  • See only financial benefit in the customer. You need to love and understand the client, then you can build the right communication.
  • Refuse to work remotely. Try to work remotely: this is also a good experience, and any issues can be resolved even at a distance.

Pavel Gerasimov


Co-founder of Geometrium studio and
Basic course in interior design

At the beginning of my career, I took design courses, but soon realized that there was not enough practice. I posted an ad on social networks and found my first customer. I took the job for free and consulted with my teacher. However, I did get paid in the end. Then I met a partner with whom we developed a joint project and posted visualizations on all Internet portals.

Look for clients among relatives and friends. When you have at least one project or visualization, you can start searching the Internet. You can offer cooperation to architects who work in the same style as you.

What should not be done while searching?

  • Upload interior photos without description. Tell us for whom you did the project and what tasks you faced, how you coped with the difficulties.
  • Add to the portfolio all the projects that you have done. If you want to work only in a modern style, you do not need to leave classic interiors in your portfolio. Immediately decide which styles and projects you are interested in, and show only them.

Tatyana Bezverkhaya


Graduate of the Stroganov Moscow State Art Academy, founder of the TB.Design studio

The very first project I completed was for a student competition for young designers. Later I used it for advertising on social networks. Mostly on Facebook*. True, my friend became the first client: I designed the apartment of my classmate.

I would advise young designers not only to contact their acquaintances, but also to register on the freelance exchange and offer their services for a small price.

What should not be done when searching?

  • Being too intrusive. This is intimidating.
  • Fear of author’s supervision. Everything can be learned in the process – verified.

Sasha Mershiev


Decorator, interior designer, workshop owner MERSHYHOME

My first clients were my friends. It’s funny that at the stage of fine finishing, when almost all the furniture was bought, the customer asked me where the collages had gone. It was embarrassing to admit that the drawings were ready even before the repair began and I simply forgot to send them.

Then I looked for clients through social networks. I advise you to have a beautiful profile on Instagram, be active and communicate with professionals. One did not answer, the second, third or tenth will answer.

What should not be done when searching?

  • Work with those in doubt. Most likely, you will not work together in the future.
  • Taking on too complex projects. You will deal with them in the future, but now work with what you can definitely handle.

On non-core sites, any forums.

In social networks.

Online interior design sites.

On freelance exchanges.

Among friends and acquaintances.

* Meta Platforms, Facebook and Instagram have been recognized by a Russian court as extremist organizations whose activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

How to do a designer renovation on your own: step-by-step instructions — INMYROOM


How to start preparing a design project, what materials to order in advance, and what can be postponed until the last moment – ​​together with a professional we talk about the stages of self-repair

To make a design project on your own, to find competent specialists, to purchase materials on time – in order to be in time, you need a clear plan. We met with the pros to find out everything about the stages of repair and creating a project without involving a designer.



Geometrium creative workshop creates interiors in a modern style from environmentally friendly materials. Designers of the studio decorate apartments with an area of ​​80-150 square meters and country houses from 150-400 square meters. The workshop also designs eco-interiors for bars, hotels and showrooms.

Creating a design project

1. Make a detailed statement of work

Start by making a list of functional areas: living room, kitchen, dining room, work, bedroom, storage areas, personal hygiene. Analyze what each family member will do in them: for example, in the living room you can sit and watch TV, work, play board games, consoles or any other outdoor games. The better you understand this issue, the more convenient and comfortable it will be for you to live in an apartment.

Design: Geometrium

2. Consider zoning

You need to understand which zones can be combined: for example, in a small apartment you can combine a dining room and a bar area, use a dining table as a workplace. A spacious wardrobe-rack is suitable for storing household items and documents.

Design: Geometrium

3. Create a selection of “favorites”

When you have decided on the zoning, start looking for interiors that you like. Collecting such a database is not difficult: with the help of magazines, blogs, websites. This will be a portrait of your future apartment. Be sure to discuss the options with each family member so that everyone is happy. It will be problematic to change something during the repair.

4. Write down the dimensions

When the terms of reference are drawn up, proceed to the creation of the layout. It is important to determine the dimensions of walls and openings, the location of furniture, lighting, and equipment. Compliance with the rules of ergonomics will make your life in the interior more comfortable. For information, look in the Neufert handbook.

Design: Geometrium

If you are planning to do a redevelopment, make sure that it does not violate existing norms. You can find them on the Internet or check with professionals.

6. Go beyond the plan

To visualize the interior, use special 3D design programs such as Sketch Up or Sweat Home. You can also make collages of finishing materials.

Design: Geometrium

7. Find a reliable team

The design project is ready – now you can find a construction team. Before signing the contract, specify the terms, methods of payment, whether the removal of construction waste is included. If possible, visit the implemented object to see the result of the work.

Let’s start the repair

1. Order finishing materials

When the planning solution is ready, materials and furniture are selected, you need to take care of the purchase of materials, the delivery of which will have to wait. Usually the terms are from several days to three months. The most long-awaited, as a rule, is the tile.

2. If you need replacement windows

While the builders are tearing down the old walls and building new ones, it’s time to arrange for replacement windows and the front door. Also order radiators for heating.

Design: Geometrium

3. Invite an electrician

After the floor screed is poured, the dismantling and installation of the walls is completed, the doors, windows and heating radiators are installed, you can start wiring the electricity.

Show the electrician a blueprint with marked points for sockets, switches, and light outlets. Check with your kitchen supplier for the correct location of sockets, electrical outlets and plumbing outlets.

4. Don’t Forget the Plumbing

Plumbing equipment doesn’t have to be brought to the site during the first days of the repair: only the hidden elements are required to start with. But before starting plumbing work, you need to decide on the models – it is important to know this in order to draw conclusions in the right place. Write down the size of the bathtub, faucet models, sinks.

Design: Geometrium

5. Proceed to finishing

When the wiring of electrical and plumbing is finished, you can start finishing, preparing for painting / wallpapering, laying tiles, which should already be on the site by this moment.

After that, you can invite a measurer of doors and custom-made furniture, select and purchase flooring and lighting (some products may have a long delivery time: check this in advance).

Design: Geometrium

6. Do not rush to buy paint

Before buying the required amount of paint, be sure to paint. For each color, you need to choose 2-3 shades and buy a jar of the minimum volume. Then, with each of the options, paint a sheet of drywall (60 by 60 cm) and see how the color will change depending on the lighting – it is important to do such a check directly on the object.