Fall ideas for porch: FALL PORCH DECOR IDEAS story

Outdoor Fall Décor Ideas for the Front Porch & Patio

Make the most of the crisp, autumn weather by creating inviting spaces outside your home. In this article, we share tips to help you refresh your fall porch décor, including ideas for Halloween and outdoor entertaining.

Fall Decorating Ideas for the Porch & Patio

When to start decorating for the autumn is a matter of preference. You can begin within the first two weeks of October or wait and observe the weather changes and redecorate accordingly. Here are some fall front porch ideas to inspire you this season.

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Hang a Fall Wreath

Hanging a wreath is one of the easiest ways to update your porch for fall. Lean into the season’s rich, dark hues and choose greenery with deep reds, oranges, and yellows. A harvest-themed wreath is another great option – think pumpkins, apples, and pears.

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Go All Out With Autumn Foliage

If you have a big porch, go all out and hang matching wreaths, garlands, and hanging baskets. Group several potted flowers or plants and arrange them on the porch steps or to the sides of the front door. If you only have a stoop, a matching wreath and garland will also do the trick.

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Pile on the Pumpkins

Pumpkins and gourds are quintessential harvest decorations that add rustic charm to any fall front porch décor. Mix and match assorted sizes and colors to create visual interest, then place them on top of hay bales, wooden carts, or galvanized buckets.

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Showcase Fall Blooms

Think mums, daisies, petunias, and sunflowers. Whether in pots or hanging baskets, these autumn blooms add beautiful pops of color to the front porch. They also provide great curb appeal and will surely delight neighbors and passers-by.

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Bring Out the Candles

Candles add warmth, light, and movement to any setting. To instantly set the mood and make the space feel cozy, group several candles of different heights and place them on a side table or the porch steps. Choose flameless candles so you don’t have to worry about leaving them around.

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Light the Way With Lanterns

Lanterns are versatile accents that can be decorated in many ways. On their own or decorated with fall foliage, they illuminate spaces and create a comforting ambience. If the lantern is big enough, place a few candles inside or some LED fairy lights for a whimsical glow.

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Use Soft Furnishing

Arrange plush pillows on benches, sofas, and other outdoor lounge areas. Add in some throw blankets or place them inside a wicker basket so guests can easily take one when it gets chilly. Choose coordinating colors so they match your fall foliage.

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Paint Your Door Blue

While not a traditional fall color, blue makes a beautiful backdrop for the orange and golden hues of autumn. Keep it simple by hanging a matching wreath and garland, then flank the door with boxwood topiaries in rattan baskets. Complete the look with a welcome mat with natural fibers.

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Outdoor Halloween Décor Ideas

Incorporate Halloween into your fall décor to add a playful touch to your porch display. Here are some ideas to try.

Spooky Spirit

Arrange some Jack-o’-lanterns on the steps to greet eager trick-or-treaters and set out a candy bowl filled with sweets. To create a spooky ambience, string up orange LED lights. Drape a fall-themed garland along the rails and hang a matching wreath to complete the display.

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Pumpkin Patch

Build your own pumpkin patch that both adults and children will adore. Choose different colors and sizes of pumpkins and arrange them on the steps along with hay bales. Line the pathway with orange lights, then dress up the front door with a matching harvest wreath and garland.

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Create an eerie display by using silhouettes that come to life at night. Witches, haunted manors, cats, and bats are classic decorations that will delight Halloween lovers. Add a few pre-lit twig trees, pumpkins on hay bales, and flameless candles to set the scene.

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Outdoor Entertaining Décor Ideas for Fall

Look beyond the porch and patio when refreshing your décor for autumn. If you have the space, set up an outdoor dining table where you can entertain guests and enjoy the crisp fall weather.

Fall Garland Centerpiece

Instead of floral arrangements, use a garland as your centerpiece or runner. Lay down a blue tablecloth to make the fall colors pop and use coordinating tableware for your place settings. To keep with the harvest theme, choose greenery decorated with maple leaves, apples, or pumpkins.

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Pumpkins & Candles

Arrange several pumpkins and candles in varied sizes to create visual interest. If you have a covered patio, suspend a couple of autumn-themed hanging baskets from the ceiling along with some string lights to create a cozy atmosphere.

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Magnolias Under the Stars

Magnolia leaves are versatile decorating accents that can be used any season. Lay down a garland along the length of the table or leave at least 6 inches to cascade down both ends for a dramatic effect. You can also tie wreaths at the back of the chairs to spruce them up.

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Illuminate With Lights and Lanterns

Extend your celebrations outdoors and enjoy the company of guests around the fire pit. Hang café or fairy lights from trees and set out several lanterns to illuminate the area. To keep yourselves warm and cozy, arrange pillows and throw blankets on chairs.

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We hope these fall porch décor ideas inspired you to transform your outdoor areas into cozy spaces for your loved ones. Browse our selection of outdoor fall decorations by clicking on the link below.

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100 Cozy Front Porch Fall Decor Ideas


Hey there friends! Today we are talking all about front porch fall decorations that are affordable and stylish! In fact, I am sharing over 100 different options! We are talking fall wreaths for the front door, fall flowers, faux pumpkins, signs, and so many other options that will add some fall flare to your front porch this fall.


Lets talk about how to add affordable front porch fall decorations!

Make your own wreath (yes it can be done affordably!)

Yes this can be done! You can make a beautiful fall wreath for your fall front porch. I am going to share a ton of affordable wreaths for purchase in this post, but I want to talk about a couple tips and tricks on how to make one that is more affordable. First, shop the sales. Many craft stores have their faux flowers and foliage on sale even during specific seasons.

Often you can get them for 50 percent off and they often offer coupons for 50 percent off on item. You can use this on the wreath form. I like to use the grapevine wreath form which is more organic looking and more affordable.

Check out your nearest craft store to see if they have any deals going on. You can also check out dollar stores for faux flowers at amazing prices.

You can also forage in your own backyard or get permission from someone you know to get some foliage from them. This is something I do quite often. Since I like to sometimes only keep a wreath for one season I will use a wreath form and use dried foliage that I can discard later.

Use foliage in your backyard or get permission from someone you know:

Like I said above, do not sleep on weeds/plants/and trees in your own yard. Often times my most beautiful flower bouquet or fall decor is from foraging plants from my own backyard. Natural elements are my favorite kind of seasonal decor. Fall foliage is so beautiful and a great way to add some fall to your porch.

Purchase items that will be versatile and useful through many seasons:

I cannot stress this enough. Try to stick with a color scheme that makes it easy to add and take away items or leave them the entire year without being obviously fall, Christmas or spring decor. By simply adding or taking away one or two items, it can totally transform you look for the fall season. I love adding warmer colors to my porch during the fall months.

Purchase pillow covers instead of new pillows

Its funny how this often times does not get even thought about. My mom said it was like a revelation to her. Instead of purchasing more pillows, at a higher price point, purchase pillow covers. You can get these on Amazon, Walmart.com, Ikea, and so many other places. Its definitely more affordable as well as stops you from having to store a hundred pillows.

I love the IKEA down pillow forms and use those as my foundation for all my pillows. Pillow covers are a great idea. All the pillows on my cozy porch swing on the porch have pillow covers because then it easy to wash and maintain them.

Corn stalks and hay bales

Since we grow our own of both of these we can easily get access to these items to use as decor. If you do not grow corn, maybe find a farm that does and see if they would be willing to let you have some once they are past their prime and are ready to be fed to the animals. You can also find straw bales or bales of hay at local feed and farm stores for a good price.

Grow your own pumpkins

This is what we have always done. Some years we have a great crop and some years we don’t get many and I have to purchase a couple, but the fun of growing them and being able to use them as decor is unmatched! We often grow traditional orange pumpkins, white pumpkins as well as some fun cinderella type of pumpkins. Also check out pumpkin patches for great pumpkin options.

DIY decor such as signs:

This is something I love to do. I love creating my own artwork or signs for different seasons. You can make tons of different seasonal signs for your front porches or other outdoor spaces. A fall sign is a great way to add a touch of fall to your front porch. There are also so many easy DIY projects that you can do yourself that can help you to personalize your space.

Fresh flowers for less:

I always get my colorful mums from Walmart. At 5 dollars a plant its a great price and a simple way to bring fall to your front porch.  Also make sure to check out your local grocery store or Trader Joes for affordable fall foliage.

Hit your local thrift store:

You can find some amazing items to repurpose or keep as is at thrift stores. Definitely make sure to check these out!

Other fall porch decor ideas for fall are: add a wicker basket, bushel baskets, outdoor rugs, vintage items, string lights and more. Get into the spirit of the season! Small changes can make a big impact, I promise. It doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars to have a beautiful porch any time of year.

Affordable Front Porch Fall Decorations


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Now lets check out some stylish and affordable front porch fall decorations that you can do yourself!


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I hope you have enjoyed all these front porch fall decorations that I have rounded up for you!  There are so many inspirational pictures and products  to create your own cozy fall porch.


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How to update the veranda by autumn in a country house

Ahead are several months of calm, during which nature rests and recovers. But until the evenings become so cold that people have no desire to take long walks or meet the day on the cozy veranda of a country house. We will tell our readers about simple but effective ways to transform terraces and small verandas in the autumn, which every owner of private housing can use.

  • Attach a welcome wreath

Well-groomedness of all adjacent areas testifies to the well-being of the house, but the main entrance deserves special attention. In autumn, you can make a bright wreath to decorate your front doors, which will welcome your guests and speak of the hospitality of the hosts. There are a lot of options for autumn wreaths, for example, using coniferous branches, juniper berries, cones, seasonal flowers, dry branches and more.




  • Set swing

We are sure that many of you have long dreamed of a comfortable swing with a soft seat and back, where you can enjoy warm tea, latte and your favorite book while swaying, or have a pleasant conversation with family members and friends. Try to make this dream a reality, and the veranda will be transformed, especially if you complement the swing with soft pillows and a colorful bedspread.



  • Privacy fence

With the arrival of autumn, we inevitably feel its cold breath, and therefore, we hurry to put on warm clothes, shoes, and at night cover ourselves with a warm blanket. The veranda or terrace should also be fenced off by installing an openwork partition or tubs with green spaces, which, moreover, will close you from prying eyes, because every day the trees and shrubs are thinning, opening the courtyard, veranda and other areas to the gaze of passers-by and neighbors. your home.


  • Seasonal update

The flowers and plants that thrived during the summer are now wilted and should be replaced with autumn chrysanthemums, asters or late roses. The variety of their colors, sizes and textures helps to advantageously color the space of the veranda when everything around is dimming. We recommend planting plants in simple pots and tubs in terracotta or white.

  • Emphasis on comfort

The veranda of a country house is a great place for breakfasts in the open air, so it is appropriate to arrange a lounge area here, including a table and chairs (armchairs). Morning tea brewed in an elegant teapot, a favorite book and warm blankets are the components of a beautiful veranda renovated in the spirit of autumn.


  • Brighter light

Daylight is getting shorter, which means that you can not do without additional lighting for the veranda if you want to ensure complete comfort during evening friendly gatherings. So, in addition to stationary street lamps at the entrance to the house, floor lamps with large candles can be placed on the terrace. Soft warm light will create an inimitable atmosphere and, perhaps, the autumn cold will become less noticeable.

autumn wedding decoration and decoration ideas, photos and colors

Close your eyes and imagine: warm colors of nature, light wind and golden rays of the sun. Flocks of birds are flying high somewhere, and Sinatra’s songs are heard in the distance… What if it rains? Believe me, the weather will not spoil your holiday! It will be a rainy, but no less beautiful day filled with feelings and events. The article described all the nuances.

Gatherings for young people

The morning of the bride and groom begins with fragrant coffee or delicious hot tea. Everyone in their own way tunes in to the celebration in the rhythm of autumn … And then, according to the plan, pleasant preparations will begin. A make-up artist and a hairdresser will help create a beautiful image for the bride. At this time, the groom puts on a stylish suit and is also very excited, anticipating the beginning of family life.

Bridal bouquet

In this colorful and vibrant season, you are allowed to experiment and be different from everyone else. The autumn theme is good for any ideas – they are more appropriate than ever. You can decorate a wedding bouquet using non-standard materials and the most daring details. Show creativity and choose unusual shades, or still stick to the classics? Elegant roses or sunny sunflowers? It’s up to you to decide!

Autumn Ceremony

Ideal for an autumn wedding, this is an outdoor ceremony. Scenic views delight with warm and cozy accents. Such an atmosphere has its own special charm, which was awarded precisely to the autumn months of the year. This is an opportunity to get married and pronounce touching vows not in the usual registry office, but against the background that you and your half like.

For on-site registration at the “House for wedding” wedding venues, we can offer several locations, depending on the venue you choose:

  • on a small pond overlooking the forest, in the “House by the Forest”;
  • on a snow-white pier, overlooking the water and a birch grove in “Ryabina House”;
  • autumn colorful forest in the estate “Forest Coast”;
  • light and airy veranda in the “House by the Lake”, the estate “Forest Coast”, “Ryabina House”;
  • specially created zones in the form of walls with gates in the Lesnoy Bereg estate;
  • on the observation deck overlooking the river and forest in “Panorama Wedding House”

Add details to your taste or let us think over all the necessary nuances and conditions of the wedding.

Autumn photo shoot

House for Wedding has a lot of wonderful locations to take outdoor photos.
We promise that it will be beautiful, because autumn itself is a real artist. Perhaps even more inventive than spring, summer or winter.

A landscaped area allows all guests to find a place to their liking, and your photographer to organize an interesting shoot.

You can also organize a themed photo shoot in your home. If you wish, we will work on the autumn decor. Namely: garlands, soft fabrics, candles, foliage, pumpkins, apples, berries, forest gifts, twigs and flowers.

Veranda & Banquet Hall

This is where the main part of your party will take place. Guests will have fun here, make sincere toasts and give you gifts. All invitees will associate this location with your day.

In the autumn season, our couples still have a choice of where to hold a banquet: in a warm, cozy or spacious hall or on a snow-white veranda.

On the verandas in the “House by the Lake”, “Ryabina House” and the Manor “Forest Coast” it will be comfortable even in bad weather and on a cool day up to 10 °. We achieve this through glazing and additional gas heaters. Comfort and warmth provided. The capacity of the verandas is up to 80 people.

The elegant banquet hall in the “House by the Lake” for a wedding is made in a classic style, dominated by shades of beige and cream. Thanks to its neutrality, it is universal, but at the same time it looks solemn.

The hall in the “House by the Forest” is perfect for a family chamber celebration. It is not large, but due to the high ceilings it has a lot of air, and panoramic windows add volume and closeness to nature.

“Panorama Wedding House” – ideal for a larger celebration – up to 80 guests. A bright hall with a balcony and incredible windows overlooking the river and the forest will not leave your guests indifferent.

The estate “Lesnoy Bereg” has two panoramic halls in a similar design: panoramic windows have a wonderful view, the walls are finished with wood. The large panoramic hall was created for magnificent celebrations for up to 120 guests, and the small panoramic hall for cozy holidays – up to 40 people.

In a nice and hospitable “House by the River” you can hold a family celebration for up to 20 guests and spend the second day here with a sauna, indoor pool and barbecue.

Neutral décor and light-coloured walls in all halls. The base of light color combinations will perfectly complement any of your ideas. We are always for original design ideas! After all, then the decor will convey the character and mood of the young, and the holiday will become truly personal. If you choose pleasant soft shades, the wedding will be gentle and romantic. Still chose saturated and contrasting colors? Well, it will be a celebration in a modern style and with a twist. Take your time to choose which decor will decorate your celebration. After all, it is he who will give the evening a special atmosphere.

The festive table itself can be complemented with original seasonal snacks, spicy mulled wine and fragrant tea. Additionally, you can use the services of lighting artists.

You will find all the details about our menu in the “Kitchen” section.

Wedding cake

Here the couple can be guided both by the season and personal preferences. In any case, autumn is a time of magic and creative ideas! A cake with autumn elements will look especially atmospheric. For example, with twigs, berries, seasonal flowers and fruits. The color scheme of such a cake can also be both warm and cold! For example, a white cake with red seasonal berries perfectly conveys the autumn mood. The same goes for gold plating. Do not forget that a large cake is no longer a mandatory rule for a wedding dessert. Instead, you can surprise your guests by preparing cupcakes or mini cakes for each of them.

The end of the celebration

By evening, the atmosphere will become truly charming and romantic. Time to light candles or sparklers, dance among the twinkling lights and try to remember every second of this extraordinary holiday.

And you can arrange a real show of cold fountains. Such a spectacle will cause unforgettable emotions!

You can approach the choice of a future wedding date rationally or not, but autumn is a good period from any point of view. A family holiday at this time of the year has many advantages:

  • Natural gilding of tree leaves will become a luxurious backdrop for your photos. It is at this time of the year that unforgettable and original pictures are obtained – photographers will confirm.
  • Autumn is the time of bright accessories and attributes. For example, an umbrella contrasting with a dress and burgundy boots as actual shoes will become spectacular details of a walk. Warm checkered blankets and a fireplace flame will create a unique mood and beauty of a festive evening.
  • The fruit and vegetable season is in full swing. Dishes from the fresh harvest on your wedding table will be extremely tasty, healthy and varied.
  • Since ancient times in Rus’, it was often decided to play a wedding in the fall. This tradition was considered a good sign of a strong union, a calm and harmonious family life.
  • The high summer season is over, the excitement of popular summer dates subsided. Therefore, you can significantly save money when preparing for a family celebration. Organization of a banquet, rental of a location and services of contractors – you can get excellent discounts on all these budget items. This is an opportunity to arrange a rich holiday, which will cost less than similar in the summer.

You just have to choose the month when your marriage will take place. Sunny September is an Indian summer, when the background is still quite green, and the warm air allows you to wear open outfits. Bright October – when the golden autumn is already in full swing. Or fresh November – when there is a chance to complement the atmosphere of late autumn with the contrast of the first snowflakes.

In addition to pluses, the autumn season can also have minuses – a possible strong wind or other vagaries of the weather.