Do grey and green match: 5 Grey & Green Living Room Ideas – Colour Schemes

5 Grey & Green Living Room Ideas – Colour Schemes

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Is green & gray really a bad color combination?

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    Asked by kevbo (25672)
    August 22nd, 2007

    from iPhone

    a comic on Whose Line is it Anyway? said never wear green & gray during the course of an improv skit, and it has stuck with me for like 10 years but never really goaded me into getting a definitive answer. Now that I’m looking at green & gray through the train window from PDX to SEA, I need to know. Thanks!

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    14 Answers

    Green is yellow and blue mixed. Gray is black and white. So gray is a cool tone and green is primary. I’m not sure since I never finished Theory of Colour by Goethe. I’ve never seen a clown wearing green and gray..Do people with gray hair look washed out in green apparel? I don’t think seascape applies to any rules of fashion or comedy.

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    Yes!!! It is a terrible combination! They are from two different color families green is normally considered a warm color and grey is a cool color. They clash.

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    Many many men wear gray suits and ties in them. Day-glo kelly or 60s avocado probably not a good idea, but there are many subtle hues of greyed-greens. And I saw a new Honda wagon today in a very nice green; I am going to try to dupe it for kitchen tile backsplash.

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    Sorry ladies and gents, this is one of my pet peevs:
    I am going to have to respectfully disagree with Adina1968. Its not true that green is normally considered a warm color. Firstly, there is no “green” there are hundreds of greens , not to mention all of their associated tints and shades. A green can be cooled if its heavy on blue content, or warmed if its heavy on red content. Grey is similar in that it can be either cool or warm, depending on the proportion of colors within. Grey is not actually just black and white, if not only because blacks come in warm and cool shades (peach black, ivory black, mars black)–this is why there are so many greys in any line of paint. Lastly, I say, matching and clashing is all about style, if it feels wrong to you, then it very week might be wrong. It depends on your skin tone, hair color and all the rest–I have a dark olive green suit that wear with a neutral shirt and a cool grey each their own.

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    Awww, you beat me to it mistermister

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    Yall know too much about color! I wear clothes and my wife and kids usually picks them out because I don’t even like to shop. People usually say I have great style so I thank my family.

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    Think of this, light grey Zegna suit, and green shirt, a discrete green, not like lemon green, but a soft one, it looks awesome!!! never wear red and green, that looks terrible!

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    I think it is all about your personal taste, personal style and coloring. Sometimes a color combination looks horrible on you, and then you see someone else wearing it and they look great! Down in south Louisiana you see some strange color combinations especially during football season. You see businessmen, attorneys etc. wearing purple and gold together even to work. Now that is a color combination. A professional guy in a purple suit with a gold ( yellow) tie all because it is football season and they are rabid LSU tiger fans! Like I said….it’s all about individual style preferences, and I guess…having fun with fashion!

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    Purple suit? Gold tie? I think all can agree that a businessman who wanted to be taken seriously could save the flashy collegiate colors for the weekend. Unless, of course, his potential client was a huge LSU fan.

    Of course, who am I to talk? I’m rarely seen outside a pair of flip flops. Gotta love the Sunshine State!

    (7808)“Great Answer”

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    @Poser: Most people live and breathe LSU football down here. I would say that any businessman would feel proud to wear those colors to a business meeting and would be taken very seriously, (maybe even more seriously…this is Louisiana….) wearing the purple and gold. Baby boys don’t wear blue here…at least not in football season…it’s the purple and gold…hahaI Seriously, I don’t mean they wear those colors everyday or even throughout the whole football season, but you do see those color combinations quite often. The purple may not always be bright purple, and the gold may not always be bright gold…but they are there. As for myself…I am a Tulane fan……I don’t mean any disrespect to the Tiger fans………….but I support Tulane! And yes….I am in a very small minority!

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    I guess it’s no different than seeing the Orange and Blue around here. Go Gators!

    (7808)“Great Answer”

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    @Poser: LOVE the Gators! I play fantasy football in a league against my husband, cousin, brother and their friends. I am the only female player! My team’s name is Acadiana Alligators….my logo is the Florida Gator. My nickname is Mzgator, because my first year playing…I beat them all and went to the Superbowl. I have the tshirt, cap, etc…..Needless to say…they were not happy that I beat them and especially not happy that I did it with a Gator logo.

    (4158)“Great Answer”

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    OK, let’s conceed that wearing team colors has nothing to do with dressing tastefully and get back to the original question.

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    @kruger; that was asked over a year ago. I like a long, careful discussion, but even I am ready to move on…to this perhaps.

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    Combination of colors: gray and green in clothes

    The color of clothes carries a certain message, energy and tells a lot about the owner. Choosing the right colors is not easy. In order not to be mistaken, it is important to know certain features of the combination. Next, consider one of the fashionable combinations – a combination of gray and green.

    Green and gray: psychology

    Gray and its shades are considered clean, faceless and do not carry emotional overload. Often it serves as a background. He is chosen by people who prefer not to share their emotions with others .

    Green has a large number of shades.

    Green is usually associated with nature, peace and harmony . It relieves stress and irritability, gives energy and cheerfulness. Combining gray with green is quite difficult, as it is easy to create a boring and dull look.

    Who is it for?

    When selecting shades should take into account the appearance color type . For “winter” and “summer”, , first of all, a cold palette is suitable.

    People with blond hair will suit shades of marsh and moss, and brunettes – coniferous and light notes, as well as jade and emerald. A soft and cute look will turn out using the color of lime and pistachio.

    For representatives of “autumn” and “spring” , warm tones with yellow tints will come in handy. It can be olive or khaki.

    Important! Grey-green is practical, versatile and almost always suitable for older women.

    Shades of Grey-Green

    The palette of shades has many options, which makes it possible to choose and use it for absolutely different life situations. There are cool, neutral and warm tones. Delicate variations can be found in the wardrobes of many girls, regardless of age and build. The dark emerald color has become a symbol of restraint, stability, prudence.

    Bottle and malachite are also in trend. Their variations with gray are often used by many business women to create business bows.

    Help. Light salad gives carefree, youthful and playful notes. But rich green is very much appreciated in luxurious Asian clothes. Europeans look more emotional, cheerful and positive in it.

    Warm shades of green look great with darker grays. The darker the grey, the more saturated tones will blend better with it.

    Combinations of gray-green tones with other shades

    Knowing the right color combinations, you can create a win-win look for all occasions. It is important to know with which colors gray-green will give spectacular combinations.

    One of the win-win options is white. It is ideal for creating a business and casual wardrobe. But gray-green and apple with black will give the appearance of conservative notes. This applies to casual wear. For an evening out, dark green is a kind of sign of elegance and sophistication.

    There are other interesting combinations. For example, tandem with yellow will add brightness, cheerfulness and optimism to .

    You can consider various variations: mustard and emerald are suitable for the autumn-winter period , and mint and sunny – for the summer. The original evening look can be made with blue and sky. Brown shades carry calmness, tranquility and conservatism.

    Best looks

    To create a festive bow in a gray-green version, it is better to make the bottom steel, and choose a blue-green tone for the top. This combination of a blouse made of material with metallic threads will enhance this combination, which will add shine, shine and chic.

    For example, you can choose a turquoise turtleneck and a dark gray or metallic skirt.

    For the office, you can buy a gray-green suit and a snow-white blouse . A gray pencil dress with dark emerald shoes looks stylish. A pine-colored dress goes well with a graphite coat or raincoat.

    Help. Exquisite accessories will help to complete the bow. It can be malachite or emerald, as well as jade jewelry.

    A huge range of shades of gray and green allows you to create unique and unexpected combinations. Combining these shades is not easy, but if you choose the right one, the resulting image will be extremely successful. The main thing is to follow your own mood and not be afraid of experiments.

    Winter is coming – it’s time to think about cashmere underwear

    David Beckham’s style secret

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    Article author:
    Zhanna Lyubarskaya

    Being an author is not just writing letters and putting them into understandable words, phrases and sentences. To be an author is to make the lives of others a little easier and easier, to tell complex things in simple words, to dilute information with life and colors. I really like creative topics related to needlework, because I myself am fond of this business.

    Ask the author a question

    Brown-green color and combination with it

    Brown-green color belongs to marsh tones. Combinations with it are unobtrusive, soothing, which are used in clothes and interiors.

    This color can be called marsh, khaki or protective.
    Green has many shades. We see them all the time, since our planet is all covered with plants. Warm, complex tones are much more common than pure and cold tones. The forest is always a mixture of trunks and leaves, brown-green shades in it are as natural as blue for the sky.
    Brown-green shades, in addition to their significance in military equipment, are the heritage of rich antiquity: serious, prosperous, weighty.
    If brown can be attributed to the mob, people close to the earth, in constant labor, then dark green is the color of fortune, gambling, complacency. Combining these shades, we get the color of the family estate, the inherited state. No wonder it was popular in English interiors. Today, this tone is rarely found in the interior, but fashion trends for 2015 recommend us to try a shade of brown-green in our environment (honeysuckle color).
    Another side of brown-green is fabulousness. Fairies can be imagined in these colors: this is both vintage and the fulfillment of all desires, which are very often directly or indirectly related to money.

    Shades of brown-green

    Brown-green shades are built on the basis of yellow-green tones with a significant admixture of red. Their range fluctuates in a slight change in the balance of blue-yellow and red-green, as well as a small admixture of gray. In the Pantone color system for textiles, these shades would look like this:

    Brown-green color matched

    – with Alizarin (17-1553 TCX) (2) – Vibrant contrast of complementary colors. Green with red is a combination of “pull out your eyes”, but if you muffle the green and reduce the ardor of red, then this combination will not lose its expressiveness, but it will be much more pleasing to the eye. In addition, the vintage brown-green shade is much better friends with muted colors.

    – Rosewood (17-1230 TCX)(3) – Soft contrast that barely draws attention. In combination with alizarin and brown-green, rosewood is the best choice.

    Complete the combination with milk coffee, Inca gold and black tones.

    Brown-green color in clothes

    The most common use of this shade is in military echoes. It is mostly informal wear, but if you omit this, then the brown-green hue is a very favorable tone. Discreet, but expressive, it is good in the office and in an informal setting. Brown-green creates a confident, prosperous image, disposes to oneself, leaves a feeling of comfortable communication.
    This shade will suit representatives of the spring, summer and autumn color types.

    The color is successfully combined with many complex shades.

    Brown-green interior color

    The English style differs from the modern one by intimacy, an abundance of carved wood, fabric wallpapers, a lot of bookcases, souvenirs, and comfortable elegant upholstered furniture. If we shift this style to a modern twist, then we will have to abandon most of the wood carving and reduce the abundance of accessories. However, comfortable upholstered furniture can become a central part of the “picture”, especially if it is highlighted with color (which is rarely done, in fact, in traditional options).