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A studio apartment is a standalone living quarter that often consists of a single room serving as the kitchen, living area, and bedroom. Studio apartment design calls for careful planning to maximise the available space while assuring comfort and utility.

Eclectic studo apartment design by Decorilla interior designer, Sarah O_©httpswww.decorilla.comonline-decoratingstudio-apartment-layout-ideas

It might be difficult to create a studio apartment that is both practical and visually beautiful due to the constrained space. But there are many inventive methods to maximise the small space in a studio apartment.

Various design strategies and techniques may be employed when working with a tiny space to generate visual interest and make the most of a constrained area. Using multi-functional furniture, creating discrete zones within the space, and incorporating storage solutions to maximise storage are some decorating suggestions for studio flats. A studio apartment may be a comfortable and elegant place to call home with the appropriate design strategy.

Define Different Areas | Studio Apartment

Small elegant studio space with a glass partition_©httpshouse-diaries.coma-tiny-but-beautiful-studio-with-a-glass-partition

Even though a studio apartment is one large open area, it’s crucial to designate specific places for various activities, including sleeping, cooking, dining, and relaxing. Using furniture, rugs, curtains, or screens can achieve this. 

In a studio apartment, installing room divider drapes is an easy way to split the space. Sliding doors look elegant while giving a sense of privacy in a studio apartment. They only occupy a little space, unlike regular doors. Avoid clutter because it will get in the way and make it difficult to move about in the studio apartment because the area is separated into different functionalities. Moreover, a disorganised home will look crowded and difficult to live in.

Controlled clutter for aesthetic appeal_©httpswww.thenordroom.comhow-to-design-a-studio-apartment_IKEA

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture ideas_©httpswww.ikea.comesenideasseven-transformable-multifunctional-furniture-solutions-for-small-spaces-pub254a6490

The selection of multifunctional furniture aims to increase flexibility, allow various activities to occur in the same space, and offer a personal touch. Making it more easily reachable for more individuals.

An Under-Bed Storage that also functions as a bedside table accomplishes two tasks simultaneously: a bedside table and a place to store clothes, books, or other goods.

A sofa bed offers a cosy spot to sit in during the day and a bed to sleep on at night, making it the ideal furniture for tiny flats or guest rooms.

Nesting tables may be kept inside one another when not in use, which is a terrific way to maximise space in a living room or bedroom.

A storage bench is a piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes. It can serve as a seat, a table, or a storage space.

Employ Light Colours

A light-filled Scandinavian studio apartment decorated in neutral colours, pastels, and a few prints_©httpswww.shelterness.comstudio-apartment-design-tips

A small space can feel bigger and brighter by using light colours. A neutral colour scheme would be a good strategy to add colour pops to the walls and flooring.

Darker colours tend to absorb light instead of neutrals, which reflect it, making spaces appear smaller and darker. Lighter colours are a better option for filling a tiny space with colour. A bolder colour scheme might be used for all the walls or just one statement wall in a larger area.

Maximise Storage | Studio Apartment

Maximising storage_©httpswww.ikea.comesenideasseven-transformable-multifunctional-furniture-solutions-for-small-spaces-pub254a6490

In a studio apartment, storage is crucial. Furniture with built-in storage, such as a bed with drawers underneath, and vertical spaces with shelves or cabinets are amazing space savers. Investing in furniture with concealed storage choices is one of the finest methods to increase storage space. Using hidden storage furniture is a clever and useful approach to organise a home while retaining a classy and stylish appearance.

Hidden storage furniture can do wonders, whether a little apartment or a decent-sized house. One may store their stuff out of sight using hidden storage choices, making the area look orderly and clean. Items not frequently used but must be kept on hand can be stored in hidden storage furniture. The ottoman is also a common choice for furniture with concealed storage. 

Let In Natural Light

Natural light in small spaces_©httpswww.clutter.comblogpostsnatural-light-tips-small-apartment

A room may appear larger and airier when it has natural light. Using sheer curtains or shades may be preferable to utilising thick, light-blocking blinds and curtains. Another tactic is to select doors with windows, allowing more light into the space. Lighter hues, such as light greys, can help open up a tiny area and make it feel bigger.

Another fantastic way to bring natural light into small rooms is through mirrors. They increase the sense of space by reflecting light. Lamp shades should be kept straightforward, and dark colours should be avoided because they can absorb light and make a room appear smaller.

Create Visual Interest | Studio Apartment

High bookshelf for visual interest_ ©Bjurfors

Creating visual interest is vital, even in a tiny area. Consider putting up some artwork, buying a piece of statement furniture, or getting a striking rug to give the room character and flare.

All the unique accents and accessories that entice guests into each section of the little space could occupy and amuse them.


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300-sqft Studio Apartment Layout Ideas with Plans and Tips
– Diyversify

How to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment and Get the Most Out of It

Living in a big city with rents shooting through the roof, we’re often left with no choice but to go with a tiny box of a studio apartment. While you may feel like you’ll never be able to make a home out of a 300sqft space, we have a few tips that might change your mind.

Your studio may be tiny, but it doesn’t actually have to be cramped. With the right layout, organization and décor, you could make it not only practical and functional, but also charming, lovely and cozy. That 15’x20’ box could actually become more than just your ‘humble’ abode!

Here are a few examples of different studio layouts within the same 300sqft space but for different use cases. Use them as inspiration to make your own custom layout that suits your specific needs. It’s important to keep in mind that because space is limited, reflecting on what your space needs are would be a great place to start.

Different layouts in the same 15’x20’ (300sqft) studio apartment

Bedroom-focused studio apartment layout

What’s wrong with wanting nothing more than a glorified bedroom out of your studio! Especially if you’re out working and traveling most of the time, and you use your studio as just as a place to crash, right? Why not make your studio like a warm and lovely luxury hotel room?

For the perfect R&R zone, prioritize a nice, big and cozy bed with layers of bedding, high thread-count sheets and covers, blankets and pillows of all sizes. While you can eliminate the sofa altogether, you may still benefit from a small corner table and a kitchenette with a breakfast bar.

Living room focused studio apartment layout

On the other hand, if you’re a total homebody who loves to spend time in your studio flat, it might be a good idea to separate out the bed from the living area. Do you love having friends over? Is the whole binge Netflix-and-chill your thing? If yes, this layout might suit you better.

While the bed takes up a corner, most of your studio space could be well-utilized with comfy sofas, recliners, bean bags and chairs. You could also take the separation a level further with a divider, temporary wall, or even a curtain.

The kitchenette could flow freely into the living area (yes, you’ll have to be extra careful about the clutter!) While it might not be big enough for an all-out cooking scene, it’ll sufficiently house all the essentials and even double up as the bar for those party nights. Add a few big plants in the corners for that added softness and coziness to your studio.

Studio apartment cum home office

If your studio apartment also doubles up as your remote workplace, it goes without saying that you will need to dedicate some of that precious real estate to a work station. Since we’ve all been through the WFH during the pandemic, we now know how staring at the bed all day long can be detrimental to work productivity!

Set up your work desk in a quiet corner of your studio – away from the clutter and temptations of the bed. It might even be a good idea to set up a solid separation with a temporary wall partition to add a clear workspace definition. This can be especially useful if you share your studio with your partner or a pet, and you want to keep all distractions away.

Rent-sharing focused studio apartment layout

Sharing a studio is a great hack to save on expenses, especially for college students and young professionals for whom finances is always a struggle. Rents can be a true nightmare in areas near colleges and city centers that house most offices.

However, sharing a small space of 300sqft is easier said than done. Constantly being in each other’s space and hair can get tricky and feel even oppressive and frustrating at times. Who hasn’t had to deal with an annoying roommate!

Dividing the studio into common and private areas can be a saving grace. Temporary partitions and dividers can be really useful in creating physical barriers to define private zones for a more peaceful studio apartment rent-sharing experience.


Design tips to make the most of your studio apartment layout

Designing your studio’s layout can be a tricky affair given the space limitations. But on the bright side – limitations also drive us towards creative solutions. Here are a few handy points that can help you maximize your 300sqft studio apartment space so that it never feels too tight.

1. Divide up your spaces

While it’s great to have all spaces flowing into one another for a roomier feel, it’s also essential to demarcate zones for better functionality and a cleaner aesthetic.

Your dividers don’t have to be real hard walls though! Let your furniture do the dividing. Place your sofa or storage units to automatically define movement. Plants could also serve as soft dividers. You can even use something simple like rugs and carpets to demarcate zones.

For a visual divide, consider moveable modular room dividers like this Abstract Room Divider. Simply assemble it in a couple of minutes to add privacy or divide work and living areas. When you want it out of the way, dismantle and store it for future use.

A modular temporary wall like this Pony Wall can also be immensely useful if you’re looking to create a clear separation between your bed and living area.

If you’re looking for more solid dividing – like real walls to create that privacy for work or to hide away from that annoying roommate – consider temporary walls like this L-Shaped Partition with Door. Yes, you can actually create a room with it! And that too within minutes! They’re also usually not a problem legally (but best to check with the landlord, always).


2. Downsize and declutter

Clutter can make small spaces look even smaller and more haphazard and disorganized. Studio apartments suffer from bad rep because they’re often associated with clutter and mess. Get rid of all your extra possessions – furniture, clothes, décor items, kitchenware, etc. and strip your apartment down to the basics. With every single item you keep, ask yourself – do I really need this?

When it comes to tight studio apartments, remember – less is always more.

3. Put furniture on double-duty

Dual-purpose furniture can be a life-savior in small spaces. For example – a sofa that opens up into a bed or foldable tables that can be used as shelves, pull-apart cabinets that can be used as stools, tables with hidden storage, etc. Get creative with your furniture use. Minimize the number of items and maximize the use from each of them.

4. Use large mirrors

One of the best ways of making a small space look larger is by using the magic of mirrors. Set up huge mirrors to reflect the natural light in your studio flat to make it look roomier and more spacious.

5. Use light colors

Did you know that the color of walls can play a massive impact on the way we perceive the space? Light colors make spaces feel larger and brighter by reflecting more light and making the walls recede.

If you want to do more than playing it safe with the classic white, go for pastels or light-neutrals with undertones of blue, pink or even green.

6. Maximize space with storage

Storage can be especially crucial in tight spaces like small studios. It isn’t just practical but also helps keep the space more organized, neat and clutter-free.

If your apartment hasn’t come with enough built-in storage, make the most of your furniture instead. For example, use the space under your bed and tables and go for vertical storage on your walls. Get over-the-wall organizers and hanging shelves for personal items. Rent a storage unit if needed.

7. Decorate with peel-and-stick wallpaper

Don’t let the limitations on renter renovations hold you back from giving yourself the perfect studio. If you’re not allowed to paint, simply go with peel-and-stick wallpapers. They come in thousands of colors, patterns and designs, and are super easy to use.

Decide a theme for your studio and go crazy! The best part? You can peel the wallpaper and take it with you when it’s time to move. No damage, no threats to your security deposit.

Set up your studio apartment with the right layout

It may seem like a mighty task setting up a small studio apartment, but it doesn’t quite have to be! The above layout ideas and tips should give you a great starting point to sketch out your own layout with your specific space needs. Once you have the general layout in place, then comes all the fun with decorating your studio to personalize it and make it your home.

Stuck with the layout planning of your studio apartment? Can’t figure out the perfect layout to fit your needs? Reach out to us! Our space design experts will be more than happy to help you with personalized layout solutions. Need help dividing your studio for better functionality? Our modular temporary walls and room dividers will offer all the creative solutions you need!


Studio apartment design in St. Petersburg with implementation

Our studio has been developing design for apartments for more than 13 years, professional designers and architects work in our team. Discuss the desired design of the studio apartment by phone (812) 385-54-47.

The studio apartment is an open-plan space, which means there is a lot of potential for design – there are no main walls.

With a competent approach, the lack of a clearly defined space is more of a plus than a minus, and with a strong desire, you can turn the studio into an ideal and comfortable space for living, working and relaxing.

Interior design features of the studio apartment

Despite the fact that the area of ​​the apartment is small and there are no visible boundaries of the premises, it is necessary to delimit the space into zones: living room, bedroom, kitchen and work area. The distinction is achieved through the competent use of color and lighting, various finishing materials, as well as furniture and interior items.

If you are lucky enough to have a studio apartment with high ceilings, you can create useful living space by organizing the second level of the apartment. There you can arrange a bed, a mini-office or a place to store things.

The usable living space can also be increased by redevelopment of the loggia or balcony, if available. However, in this case, do not forget about high-quality insulation and sound insulation.

Studio apartment design photo – 2020 modern ideas A fashionable design studio apartment is a place of strength and comfort.

If we are talking about a small apartment, then the main focus of interior design is the functionality of the space and the ergonomics of the apartment. In this case, multifunctional transformable furniture, movable interior elements and wardrobes come to the rescue.

Walls should be smooth and uniform, preferably in light shades. This will help visually expand the space and add light and air.

Furniture, ideally, should not contrast with the color scheme of the walls.

If you want to dilute the monotony and add accents, then opt for one or a maximum of two bright saturated colors.

Prefer straight lines and even corners. This choice harmonizes the space.

There should be plenty of light, both natural and artificial. With this technique, the apartment will be perceived as larger than it really is.

In order for your apartment to have a lot of natural light, the windows should be as open and large as possible. Avoid thick curtains in dark shades and draperies.

For artificial lighting, choose spotlights or concealed lighting elements.

By following these simple tips, you can easily turn your modest studio into a “delicious candy” with its own unique style, atmosphere and unique charm. And if you are not sure that this task is within your power, professional interior designers will come to the rescue.

Cost and quality of studio apartment design

“SK Golden Stroy” offers its services in creating interior design projects for studio apartments and their implementation. You can find out more about prices for design projects at the link. In addition, we provide you with access to our portfolio.

Design project of a studio apartment in St. Petersburg ✔ Order a design project of a studio apartment

Benefits of studio apartments

  1. Organization of space: minimalism and functionality.
  2. Ability to create a single style solution.
  3. Open and translucent.
  4. Significant savings when buying a home and carrying out repairs.

The planning organization of studios, regardless of their area, is similar in structure to the layout of ordinary apartments. The studio apartment includes an entrance area, a living area, a cooking and eating area, and a bathroom. If there is a loggia or balcony, and almost all studios have them, an additional chamber zone is formed, which can be arranged based on your own wishes.

An integrated approach to the design of a studio apartment

The interior design of a studio apartment should be developed taking into account integrated architectural design. The principles from the general to the particular and from the particular to the general are inextricably linked in the process of forming a design idea.

Design is not only a color scheme, furniture and decorative elements, but also the development of a scheme of electrical sockets, switches, and, if necessary, the transfer of communications of water supply and heating systems. In the conditions of a limited area of ​​\u200b\u200ba small apartment, the issue of saving space is most relevant. Most often, the bathroom is combined with a toilet, and the kitchen is combined with a common room. It is here that it is necessary to think over the location of pipes, gas and electrical equipment as much as possible.

Repair of a studio apartment may include a change in layout and design. The use of partitions, thin-walled or made of permeable materials, allows you to clearly zone the room and separate the processes of activity in the apartment: rest, cooking, work at the computer.

A systematic approach to the interior design of a studio apartment allows you to avoid mistakes during repairs and inconvenience in further operation. Initially, it is necessary to think over the general concept, identify key elements, and then connect engineering and lighting equipment to them. The design project of the studio will help to solve the main tasks.


Zoning issues in the studio at first glance have a simple solution. It seems that everything is clear: all the zones in the apartment were already initially determined by the planners. However, for the rational use of limited space, it is necessary to clearly imagine where and what will be located.

Apartment zoning is divided into two types:

  1. Horizontal.
  2. Vertical.

Horizontal zoning of the apartment is clear to every person. This is the usual principle of division: kitchen, living room, etc. Vertical zoning is a slightly different definition. The basis of vertical zoning includes a system for storing and distributing objects in a particular horizontal zone. Simply put, vertical zoning is the distribution of space in each individual zone. Again, the principle is from the general to the particular.

Partitions are vertical planes that can delimit an area. They also serve as additional panels for placing decor items (paintings, expositions, flowers) and equipment (TVs, screens). The presence of partitions is determined based on the preferences of the owners and the footage of the apartment.

Depending on the area, the quadrature of each zone is calculated, respectively – their subject content. This is especially true for the recreation area. In the studio, either a bed, or a sofa, or an ottoman is planned here. And it is here that you can use the partition to create a boudoir atmosphere.

Additional elements are of great importance: balconies and storerooms. From the balcony you can make a separate room with the organization of the working area or a place to relax. Storerooms, if necessary, can be converted into dressing rooms. Studio apartment design 25 sq. m. just the same and involves these transformations. In such an apartment there is enough space for the implementation of the most original ideas.

However, small studio apartments can also be refurbished. Design studio apartment 20 sq. m. allows you to use the balcony area. Modern construction standards require the presence of a large balcony in such apartments (balconies, as you know, are not included in the living area).


Perhaps this is the most interesting and creative part of the studio apartment. Style in the local sense implies a combination of zoning, coverings, furniture, equipment and textiles.

Recently, the principles of minimalist design of studio apartments have been relevant. Each item has its specific place. At the same time, the finish corresponds to minimalism. The color scheme is chosen according to the principle of composition, i.e. an odd number of colors are used. Often three colors are enough. For example, the white color of the walls and ceiling is set off by the gray color of the floor and furniture made of gray spectrum materials. These colors are universal. You can choose any other color for them. They go well with: red, turquoise, lavender, yellow and other colors. A classic design technique is the use of shading color spots. These are small accessories, edging, textiles of other harmonious colors.

White-gray gamma is the main one for designing a loft style in a studio. It is characterized by industrial content and good lighting. The interior design of a loft-style studio apartment looks modern and advantageous in a small space. Loft implies a functional content, where there are no unnecessary details and objects with an indefinite function.

Rich lighting at different levels: ceiling, illumination of decorative elements and kitchen set, soft lighting of the private area, makes the apartment visually spacious, multi-level in perception.

A harmonious combination of the above elements contributes to the psychological comfort of people living in the studio.

Studio apartment interior design project

Thanks to the design project, you can make your wildest dreams of studio arrangement come true. The design project includes measuring plans for the premises, a space-planning solution, color and style solutions, furniture arrangement plans, diagrams of electrical sockets and switches, and lighting planning. The main visual representation of the project is its three-dimensional visualization.